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Jack was ready when Billy's hack triggered alarms in the Jabot server. Victoria continued to ignore the ringing in her ears while Juliet heard wedding bells. Find out who was the belle of the ball in this week's Two Scoops.

Once again, Y&R was interrupted last week with news of unimaginable tragedy. My heart goes out to the American citizens of Puerto Rico, recovering from the latest hurricane, and to all the people affected by the mass shooting in Las Vegas. I am appalled that one human would purposely inflict so much harm on so many other fellow beings. Fortunately, at its worst, Genoa City is a kinder, gentler place to be, and Y&R is still top of the soap food chain after more that 29 consecutive years. I'm ready to settle in for another visit with my nearest and dearest imaginary friends.

A few weeks ago, I berated Cane for his unethical behavior. Now I feel compelled to do the same to Billy, who has also crossed an ethical line, just like Cane did. Stealing a memo from Jabot is not okay, and Billy will pay the price. Jack is already one step ahead of Billy, and now that Jack has spilled all to Phyllis, it's just a matter of time until Phyllis gives Billy the heave-ho. How funny would it be if Billy is forced to move into the Chancellor mansion with Cane?

Frankly, Billy is a loser -- a charming, good-looking loser, but a loser nonetheless. Billy's belief in his own invincibility causes him to be reckless. In the past, Victoria was a moderating force, but since Victoria's ears started ringing, she's put all her faith in Billy in hopes of wresting him away from Phyllis and back into the family fold. This is what I predicted many moons ago, so it's no surprise. I just wonder if Victoria will want Billy back in her life if he causes Brash & Sassy to crash and burn. If there is no justice for Jack, Billy's outrageous idea will work, despite Jack's devious plan, and once again, Jack, a.k.a. Wile E. Coyote, will be victimized by a Newman Roadrunner. (By the way, why did Victoria need a loan from Neil? What happened to her 500 million dollars? Surely, it didn't all go into Brash & Sassy, which Billy originally bought from Newman for a mere ten million dollars.)

As we meander through October, heading toward November sweeps, our various storylines are simmering and getting ready to boil over. Mariah is carrying a big-time torch for Tessa, but will Mariah spill her feelings or equivocate again is the question. I'm expecting Mariah's crush to remain hidden until November. Ditto the sex trafficking story, which now has enough holes in it to drive a train through. I definitely remember Zack introducing himself to Crystal and using his name, so why didn't she mention his name to Paul? I also wonder why no police artist did a composite drawing. Such a drawing would have made Zack instantly identifiable to all.

I predict that the sex trafficking story will drag along until Abby catches on and confronts Zack, who will, of course, take her hostage so that, in true rom-com style, the intrepid hero, Scott, can swoop in and save the day. Abby will once again steal another man from another woman, but it will free Sharon to comfort Nick when he learns that his son is really his nephew, and Chelsea knew all the time. I have to say that I am really glad that Sharon isn't crazy anymore. I like her character as it is now, not like it was a year or so ago.

I'm anxiously awaiting the reunion of Devon and Hilary 2.0. Jordan doesn't cut it for me, and I really don't know why Hilary doesn't let Lily have him. Rivalry over a modeling job is one thing, but over a man? Come on, Hilary, you've got more self-esteem than that. Jordan is no prize. He doesn't even have an apartment, as far as I can tell! Hilary is the latest incarnation of Phyllis and Jill when they were young and bitchy in the best tradition of soap divas. They found love, and I want Hilary to be loved, warts and all, too.

Cane and Lily fans, have no fear. Our dear hearts will be reunited after a brief detour on the Juliet highway to hell. Predictably, Cane will find comfort in Juliet's arms. They will draw closer, maybe even marry, before tragedy strikes and Juliet loses the baby. That will free Cane to reconnect with Lily while Juliet and Jordan will fade away to become forgotten memories.

It does appear that Graham is, indeed, Ashley's brother. I thought they shared Dina as a mother, but it seems that they share Brent Davis as a father. I do think that this decades-old secret will finally be revealed with all its bells, whistles, and repercussions. There should be a whole lot of good acting and emotional moments as these scenes play out in November. What an opportunity for Eileen Davidson to strut her stuff. Can anyone say "Emmy time"?

I enjoyed Gloria's scenes with Victor, and I wouldn't mind seeing how those two worked as a couple. Unlike Nikki, Gloria would support and encourage every scheme that Victor dreamed up. What a devious pair they might be -- perhaps even comedic. I don't know what's up with Victor and his obsessive need to punish his sons, but I hope he gets over it soon. I'd much rather see him working to protect his family than trying to destroy it. Victor says that he doesn't care about Nikki and Jack, but I find that hard to believe. Victor always gets even, so I imagine that Kevin is busily draining Nikki's accounts, just as he has drained Nick's. Nick is a fighter, and he's onto Victor, so I'd bet the farm that Nick will come out swinging now that he's heard the bell ring. Victor had better watch out because Nick might just have what it takes to knock Victor on his ass.

Traditionally, October is the month of flashbacks, and this month is no exception. I do enjoy the look back into the past, but I also recognize flashbacks as filler material, kind of like mini-reruns that help fill the hour without actually advancing the plot. They're tasty, like frosting on a cake.

Take care, my friends, and stay safe. It's been a rough summer for our country, but fortunately, all is well in Genoa City, where a break from reality doesn't get you locked up and only lasts an hour a day. As always, I welcome feedback about this column in the section provided below. I enjoy all your comments, even when you don't agree. Please join me in two weeks for another edition of Two Scoops.

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