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The Dankies for The Young and the Restless
A look at the winners of the Awards, affectionately known as the "Dankies." The nominees and winners are chosen by the fans.
The Awards, known affectionately as The Dankies after founder Dan J. Kroll, honor the best of the best of soaps. Unlike other awards, all of the winners and nominees are selected by actual soap fans.

At the close of each calendar year, visitors are asked to nominate their choices in a variety of categories, including Favorite Character, Outstanding Lead Actress and more than a dozen other categories. Several weeks later, the nominees with the most nominations are placed on a final ballot. Voters are then asked to cast their votes again -- this time having to choose one of the finalists in each category. At the conclusion of voting, the winners in each category are announced.

From there, each of the winners moves to an all-soaps ballot. Each of the other soaps' winners in a given category will compete against each other to determine the best of the soaps for that year. So, for example, the Favorite Character winners from all of the soaps will battle it out for the top prize.

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