Monday, September 22, 2014

At the Georgia clinic where Phyllis had been receiving experimental treatment for coma patients, a nurse told the doctor in charge that Phyllis had somehow slipped past the staff and had exited the facility. Dr. Cutler ordered the nurse to locate Phyllis at once. On the side of a highway, Phyllis shuffled along toward the median and lifted her thumb, indicating that she wished to hitch a ride. A car pulled over, and the male driver told Phyllis to hop in. The man asked Phyllis where she was headed.

At their apartment, Summer was disappointed when Austin said that he couldn't skip work to accompany her to Georgia to visit Phyllis. Austin noted that Nick merely tolerated him, so he didn't want to press his luck by giving short notice for missing work. Summer said she understood. Summer phoned the clinic to let the staff know she planned a visit. Dr. Cutler took Summer's call, but he falsely identified himself as Dr. Penn. The doctor explained that he'd taken over Phyllis' care during Dr. Burnett's absence.

Dr. Cutler told Summer that it would be best for her to wait a few days. Summer replied, "Dr. Penn, is there a reason why you don't want me to come see my mom?" Dr. Cutler said he was trying to do what was best for his patient, who seemed to benefit from sustained isolation. Summer wouldn't back down and told the doctor she was on her way. After Summer hung up, Austin kissed her before heading out the door.

Sharon arrived just as Austin was leaving. Summer embraced Sharon and offered congratulations. Summer admitted that she was sad for her mother. Summer added that she planned to fly to Georgia and share the news with Phyllis in hopes that she might comprehend. Summer was honored when Sharon asked her to be a bridesmaid. Summer said she was certain Phyllis would be grateful to Sharon for looking out for her daughter.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Michael and Avery conducted legal business on Devon's behalf. The two attorneys laughed when they realized they'd read each other's minds. Lauren approached and commented on the partners' ease of camaraderie. Michael greeted Lauren with a kiss and said he hoped to finish work early, so he and Lauren could enjoy a romantic evening together. Avery grabbed the stack of files and told Michael and Lauren to enjoy their date.

After Avery left, Lauren told Michael that she'd be happy just to enjoy a meal with him because she didn't want him to feel pressured. Michael replied, "Everything's going to be fine. I'm feeling well-rested and more like myself." After wrapping up urgent business, Lauren and Michael agreed to meet at their home later. After Lauren left, Michael fished a bottle of medication from his pocket and smiled.

At Paul's office, Christine learned from Paul that blood found on a recovered jacket had matched Ian's Ward's DNA. Christine asked Paul if he believed Dylan might have been involved in whatever had happened. Before Paul could respond, Nikki arrived. Christine glared at Nikki when Nikki asked to have a few moments alone with Paul. When Nikki insisted, Christine stormed out of the office.

Paul quickly picked up bagged evidence off his desk and stuffed the items into his desk drawer. Nikki asked Paul why he'd quickly left with Dylan during the party. Paul said he'd hoped that Dylan could've answered some questions about recovered evidence. Paul didn't elaborate. Paul told Nikki to relax, but she said she hadn't relaxed for so long that she'd forgotten how. Paul glanced into the drawer at the bagged evidence and seemed uneasy, but he hid his misgivings and assured Nikki that Dylan wasn't in trouble.

After Nikki left, Paul summoned Officer Dawkins into his office. Paul asked Officer Dawkins if Ian's insurance company had been able to identify who had phoned asking about the policy's beneficiary. The officer replied, "You thinking it wasn't Dylan McAvoy who made the call?" Paul said he was trying to gather all the facts. Paul made it clear that he would lead the investigation himself.

Michael was nearby, poring over files at the police station, when Paul and Officer Dawkins later discussed additional evidence that had been recovered from the quarry. Officer Dawkins wiped caked mud off his shoes. Paul asked Officer Dawkins to confirm that CSI had found Ian's keys at the quarry. Dawkins replied, "Twenty yards from where his jacket was found." Paul ordered the officer to let him know if the lab recovered any evidence besides mud on the keys.

Michael overheard the officer complaining that his shoes were still caked with mud from the search that had been conducted the previous day. Paul told the officer to order a search for a body in the lake near the quarry. In a flashback, Michael remembered having seen mud on Dylan's boots when he'd stopped by Avery's apartment. After Officer Dawkins left, Paul turned to face Michael and said, "I suppose you heard all that?" Michael said he had.

Paul invited Michael into his office. Paul asked Michael to keep the information he'd overheard to himself. Michael said that he'd seen the same type of reddish mud on Dylan's shoes. Paul replied, "I saw it, too." Michael said, "What are you going to do about it?" Paul explained that he'd had the mud on Dylan's boots tested. Paul added that the results proved that the mud on Dylan's boots wasn't from the same area where the evidence had been collected.

Lauren later met with Christine at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Christine shared her misgivings about Nikki's habit of running to Paul with problems. Lauren said, "Paul loves you. He is devoted to you, and he shares a son with Nikki, but he shares his life with you." Lauren suddenly became tearful and grabbed her drink as soon as the bartender set it down. Christine said, "Is something wrong with you and Michael?" Lauren said she hoped they were over the worst. Christine seemed puzzled about Lauren's vague statement.

Christine and Lauren went to the police station together. Lauren told Michael that she'd finished up her work. Michael said he had one quick task to handle before he could leave. Michael stepped out into the hallway, opened his medicine bottle, and swallowed a blue pill. Michael returned to the office and told Lauren that he was ready to head home with her. The couple walked out together. Christine went into Paul's empty office, but an officer told her that Paul had gone to the Genoa City Athletic Club in search of her.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan congratulated Nick and Sharon on their engagement. Nick, addressing Dylan, said, "I couldn't have done it without you. You closed this place down early and gave us exclusive access to it. If you hadn't done that, this beautiful woman may not have agreed to marry me." Sharon noted that the coffeehouse was a special place for her and Nick, and she added that Dylan and Nick's concerted efforts had made her feel special.

Avery arrived and learned from Nick that he and Sharon would soon marry. Sharon said that she needed to choose a bridesmaid, and she left. Dylan noticed that Avery seemed edgy, so he excused himself to let Avery and Nick talk privately. Nick asked Avery if she was okay. Avery recalled how upset Faith had been the previous year while preparing to be a flower girl at their wedding. Avery apologized for having hurt Nick and said she should've handled the situation better. Nick replied, "I think things are the way they're supposed to be. We're both where we were meant to be."

Summer caught up with Avery at Crimson Lights and asked her aunt to accompany her at once to Georgia to visit Phyllis. Avery explained that she had a lot on her plate with her new partnership. Avery said, "Is there a reason you're going now?" Summer said she just felt the need to visit her mother. Avery urged Summer to wait a few days, but Summer hugged her aunt and said, "I'll tell her that you said hi."

After Summer left, Dylan asked Avery about her conversation with Nick. Avery admitted that she had misgivings about Sharon because Nick deserved to be with someone who was as wonderful as he was. Dylan replied, "Is that what you're saying, or are you bothered that Nick is getting married." Avery assured Dylan that a life with him was all she wanted. Dylan replied, "Before I can take that step, I have to be sure that I'm the man you deserve."

At Victor's office, Mariah offered to share information about Sharon's secret. Victor wasn't initially agreeable to Mariah's terms. Mariah had demanded enough money to allow her to leave town and build a new life elsewhere. Victor's interest was piqued, however, when Mariah noted that what Sharon had done would send Nick running away from Sharon as fast as possible. Victor insisted on hearing the secret before he'd agree to pay Mariah.

Victor seemed surprised when Mariah said, "Sharon has lied to you and everyone else about your granddaughter and who her real father is. It's pretty unbelievable, right?" Victor invited Mariah to have a seat. Mariah explained that she'd overheard Sharon talking in her sleep while napping on the sofa. Mariah recalled that Sharon had cried out begging Nick not to hate her. Victor prodded Mariah to continue. Mariah said, "She was saying that she was so, so sorry that she'd lied to Nick about being her father." Mariah recalled that Sharon had cried, "You're not her father!"

Mariah told Victor that it was no wonder Sharon had been haunted by the secret. Mariah added, "Faith is not Nick's daughter!" Victor acknowledged that Billy and Nick, among others, could've been Faith's father, but a paternity test had determined that the child was Nick's. Victor noted that Sharon could've manipulated the results. Victor said that it would hit Nick hard if he learned that Faith wasn't his child, especially after what he'd gone through with Summer.

Mariah demanded her payment. Victor told Mariah that she'd have to corroborate her allegations. Mariah was miffed, but Victor reminded her that she was resilient. Victor pulled a wad of money from his pocket and handed some to Mariah. Nikki entered the office and was stunned to see Victor handing money to Mariah.

Victor quickly walked behind his desk and sat down. Nikki offered to be supportive to Mariah if the young woman ever decided to turn her life around. Mariah said, "I've been privy to the Newmans' support, so no thanks." Nikki replied, "If that's going to be your attitude, I obviously witnessed some sort of payoff just now, and I would like an explanation." Victor quickly asked Mariah to leave, and she did.

Nikki demanded that Victor explain what had been going on with Mariah. Victor noted that he was doing what was in the best interest of his family. Nikki told Victor that he shouldn't be interfering in the lives of his children. Angry, Nikki told Victor that she'd never understand how his mind worked. Nikki said she was late for a board meeting and left.

Nikki went to the Genoa City Athletic Club. A waiter served a glass of club soda to Nikki and sat down a vodka-tonic for her yet-to-arrive friend. Nikki told the waiter that her friend was running late. Nikki took a sip of the club soda before reaching across the table and picking up the vodka-tonic. She panicked and quickly set the glass down. Paul approached and looked puzzled when he saw Nikki sitting alone with two drinks.

At Sharon's, Nick was pleased when Sharon told him that Summer had seemed pleased when asked to serve as a bridesmaid. Victor stopped by and said he had something to talk about with them both. Nick said, "Dad, if you're here to give us a hard time about getting married." Victor lifted a bottle of champagne from a gift bag and said, "I'm here to propose a toast to both of you." Sharon defiantly crossed her arms and glanced at Nick.

With drinks in hand, Victor said, "As you prepare for your future, may you be guided by your past, and may the bond of your children always be with you." Sharon and Nick smiled and sipped their drink. Victor asked to visit with Faith, but he was told that Faith was with a friend. Sharon noted that Faith had left behind her backpack. Sharon quickly excused herself and went upstairs.

Victor suddenly moaned. He placed his hand on his forehead and claimed that the champagne had given him a headache. Nick seemed concerned when Victor requested aspirin. After Nick left the room, Victor placed the glass Nick had drunk from into a plastic bag. Victor quickly unzipped Faith's backpack and placed her hairbrush into another bag. Victor stuffed the bagged items into his coat pockets before Nick and Sharon returned.

At the Underground, Mariah apologized to Austin after he assured her that he'd kept silent about Ian having drugged her before marrying her. Austin prepared an opaque, green drink and playfully encouraged Mariah to taste it. Mariah winced and cried that it looked too much like pea soup. When Mariah pushed the glass away, it tipped and spilled onto the front of Austin's shirt. Mariah laughed giddily.

Summer walked in and saw her husband horsing around with Mariah. Summer seemed taken aback by her husband's behavior. Austin greeted Summer. She told him she'd decided to postpone her visit to see her mother. Mariah said, "Your mother's not going anywhere." Summer and Austin glared at Mariah.

. . .

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  • Paul discovers that Nikki ordered a drink containing vodka.
  • Victor phones Dr. Cutler and asks if Phyllis has made additional progress.
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