Thursday, November 20, 2014

At the Underground, Nick chugged a drink, and he heard someone enter the bar, but he yelled out that the place was closed. He looked up and saw Grace, who purred that Nick's glass looked lonely, and she thought it would feel better with a companion. Nick poured her a drink, and she divulged that she'd stopped by Sharon's house to meet Cassie's twin, but she'd been shocked when Sharon had told her what had happened, since Nick had seemed ready to make Sharon his wife. He coolly stated that it wasn't going to happen, and Grace imagined he was devastated. She added that she was there because she cared about him, and she asked whether he preferred that she leave.

Grace seductively offered Nick a friendly shoulder to lean on, and she suggested that his alternative was to rely on himself for unsatisfying comfort. Nick asked what Sharon had said about their split, and Grace replied that Sharon knew she had hurt him very badly. Grace surmised that another man had been involved, but Nick said that he could have forgiven infidelity, and Grace asked what had been worse. Nick explained that Sharon had changed the DNA records to make him think Summer was Jack's daughter and that Sharon had pushed Phyllis down a flight of stairs to keep her from exposing the truth.

Grace said she was sorry, and Nick was grateful he'd found out everything before he and Sharon had gotten married. Grace asked if he was sure it was over, and he firmly replied that he was positive. Grace pulled Nick into a passionate kiss, and they began tearing at one another's clothes. They tumbled into a booth and began to make love, but Nick pulled away and said it was wrong. Grace cooed that she didn't throw herself at just anyone, and Nick conceded that she was incredibly sexy and that he'd probably kick himself later, but he thought she should go.

Nick apologized for letting things go that far, and Grace understood that he'd been trying to stop the hurt, but she'd try not to take offense. He realized that he'd been about to do what Victor had accused him of always doing -- jumping into relationships without thinking things through. Grace contended that it had just been a little fooling around, but Nick wanted to break the pattern. She wished he'd waited to have the revelation until after they'd had great sex, and he tenderly kissed her and said it was great to see her. Grace pointed out that all the women in Nick's life weren't going anywhere, and Nick wondered if maybe he was the one who needed to go.

At the penthouse, Billy left a voicemail for Chelsea, explaining that he was home to change clothes, but he was about to head back to the hospital. Jill arrived, and she noted he'd been very busy during the past 24 hours. He assumed she'd heard about the birth of Victoria's baby, and Jill griped that her own son hadn't told her, but she'd give him a pass. Billy tried to make a quick exit, but Jill proclaimed that she had something to say that he needed to hear, and he hoped it wasn't another lecture about what he was doing wrong with his life. Jill replied that she was worried about what he wasn't doing.

Billy informed Jill that Chelsea was trying to let go of Adam, just like he was moving on from Victoria. Jill doubted that Billy's future was with Chelsea, but she thought that no matter who he ended up with, he had to find out whether Victoria's baby was his. She added that she wanted to know if she had a new grandchild to spoil, and Billy said he didn't want to pressure Victoria. Jill lectured that Victoria owed him the truth, and she ordered him to go get it.

Devon set down a briefcase next to Colin at the Athletic Club bar, and he announced that it and everything in it was Colin's. Colin asked if he needed to count the cash, and Devon questioned whether Colin thought Devon would short him, considering what was at stake. Colin said it had been a pleasure doing business, and Devon flatly stated that they were done. Colin warned that Devon and Hilary were playing a dangerous game.

Hilary met Lily for lunch in the dining room, and Lily said that she wouldn't have been surprised if Hilary had stood her up after Lily had erroneously concluded that Hilary was pregnant. Lily apologized if she'd made Hilary uncomfortable, and Hilary continued to blame her nausea on the bumpy plane ride. Lily implied that Hilary would be pregnant if Neil had his way, and Hilary suggested they order. Lily declared that she just wanted her family to be happy, and she mentioned that she wanted to talk to Hilary about Devon.

Lily explained that she could make a big deal out of something, but she wanted to do it in the least painful way possible. She called Devon over to the table, and she announced that she was going to cancel the family dinner she'd been planning for everyone to meet Devon's girlfriend. Lily admitted that a dinner would be too much too soon, so she'd decided to have a casual lunch. Devon groused that she wasn't canceling anything, and Lily argued that Neil had been looking forward to it. Lily contended that they couldn't blame Neil for wanting the people he loved to find love, too, and Hilary protested that she couldn't squeeze in a lunch. Lily was determined to find a date that worked for everyone, and she wondered if Devon wanted to invite Colin, since they'd seemed chummy at the bar.

Devon fibbed that he and Colin had been talking about an investment, and Lily warned that she didn't trust Colin with money matters. Devon assured her that he'd be careful, and Lily left to make some calls. Hilary asked what had really happened between Devon and Colin, and Devon reported that he'd paid Colin off to keep their secret safe. Hilary fretted that it was only a matter of time before someone else found out, and she wondered what Devon intended to do about Lily's lunch. He replied that he had no choice but to invite his girlfriend.

Lily returned, and she announced that she'd talked to Neil and Cane about scheduling a family lunch after Thanksgiving. Devon sarcastically said that was fantastic, and Lily insisted that it was important to her and Neil. Lily pointed out that Devon had changed after Katherine had left him her money, and he had seemed lost until the new woman had entered his life. Lily declared that it showed money couldn't buy happiness, and Devon mumbled that it could buy some things. Lily swore that she wanted to welcome his girlfriend like she'd tried to welcome Hilary, and Hilary said she appreciated it. Lily was sure that Devon's girlfriend would appreciate it, too.

In the foyer, Kurtz complained to Colin that he didn't like meeting in public, and Colin handed him the briefcase and declared that it contained every penny Colin owed, so their business was done. Kurtz reminded Colin about the new business of funneling cash through Fenmore's boutiques, and he reiterated that Jill's life depended on it. Colin ordered Kurtz to take the money and to leave his wife alone, and Kurtz taunted that Colin's threats were idle there, since his network was in Australia. Meanwhile, Jill took a photo of the men from outside the door.

Kurtz commanded Colin to follow his instructions to prevent Jill from having an unfortunate accident, and Jill approached and asked if the men thought they could get away with it. Detective Harding appeared behind her, and Jill demanded that he make an arrest. Harding placed Kurtz under arrest, and he explained that thanks to Jill's photo, he'd discovered that Kurtz had a few outstanding warrants in Madison. Jill was thankful Colin hadn't been hurt, and Kurtz protested that he could prove Colin was the real criminal.

Colin claimed that he'd never met Kurtz before, but Kurtz had tried to draw him into a business scheme. Kurtz cautioned Colin to be careful what he said, and Harding threatened to add intimidation to the list of charges. Harding read Kurtz his rights and led him away, and Colin called Jill an amazing woman. She shook her head and said that Colin never learned, and she said that she'd make sure he was thrown in jail unless he told her what was going on.

Colin questioned whether Jill would really do that to her devoted husband, and she insisted that he tell her what was in the briefcase. He reluctantly disclosed that he had two million dollars to pay off Kurtz, who had discovered that the fake necklace was a dud. He explained that Kurtz had wanted to become a silent partner in the boutique business to launder dirty money, but Colin had refused, and Jill guessed that Colin had tried to buy Kurtz off instead. Jill wondered where he'd obtained that kind of money, and Colin vaguely stated that one of his investments had turned a profit.

At the hospital, Nikki and Victor arrived with flowers to visit Victoria and her baby girl. Victoria said that their granddaughter was anxious to meet them, and Nikki asked about the baby's name. Victoria disclosed that the girl didn't have a first or a last name yet, and Victor proclaimed that all that counted was that the infant was a Newman. Nikki pointed out that the baby had a couple of potential fathers who might have a say in what the girl's name was, and Victoria introduced Victor to the baby as the master of the universe. Victor cuddled his granddaughter and remarked that she was just as beautiful as Victoria has been when she'd been born, and he promised that the tot would have just as good a life.

Victor envisioned teaching his granddaughter how to ride horses, and he contemplated whether she'd attend Wharton or Harvard. Nikki took the baby and said the most important thing was that she would be surrounded by people who loved her very much, and she handed the infant back to Victoria. Nikki gently stressed that after her experience with Dylan, she knew it was important to involve the father in a baby's life from the beginning. Victor asked Nikki to get some water for the flowers, and Nikki exited. Victor noted that Nikki thought with her heart, but he wanted Victoria to think with her head for her own sake as well as the baby's.

Victor said he knew Victoria was more than capable of raising a child without a man, and Victoria replied that she wasn't sure she wanted to. Victor urged her to consider what both Billy and Stitch had done before she made a decision, and a nurse interrupted to take the baby back to the nursery. Victor assured Victoria that she'd have all the help she needed if she decided to raise the baby on her own, and Billy appeared in the doorway and grumbled that Victor would like that. Victoria said she needed to speak with Billy alone, and Victor kissed her goodbye and departed.

Billy thanked Victoria for standing up to Victor on his behalf, and she said it had been the least she could have done, since she owed Billy a lot. Billy joked that he was thinking about quitting his job and becoming a midwife, and she replied that he could deliver her baby anytime. She mentioned that the nurse had taken the baby to the nursery, and Billy planned to check on the infant before he left. Victoria complained that she hated being away from her child even for a minute, and Billy said that he knew the feeling.

A groggy Maureen awakened in a hospital bed, and she asked Stitch how long she'd been out. He reported that she'd been unconscious for a day and a half, but her surgery had gone well. She asked if Kelly knew, and Stitch revealed that Kelly had been there the whole night, so he'd sent her home to get some rest. Maureen muttered that she was tired, but she suddenly started rambling about Victoria. Stitch coldly informed her that he and Billy had found Victoria, but they could have lost Victoria and the baby if they hadn't done so.

Maureen asked if Victoria had given birth, and Stitch snapped that he and Billy had delivered the baby right outside the dirty closet Maureen had locked Victoria in, but the baby girl hadn't suffered any complications. Maureen excitedly mused that it was a girl, and Stitch barked that Maureen had no right to look happy after what she'd done. Stitch demanded to know why she'd left Victoria in the closet, and Maureen whimpered that she'd been scared that Victoria would call the police. Maureen insisted that she hadn't meant to hurt Victoria, but she'd just wanted time to figure out what to do. Stitch told her to relax while he checked on Victoria, and after he left, Nikki entered the room and said she was glad Maureen was all right. "I bet you are," Maureen huffed.

Nikki didn't understand Maureen's attitude, and Maureen said it had started when Nikki had spied on Maureen's private conversation with Stitch. Nikki countered that she'd been in the next room, and it hadn't been her fault that she'd heard Stitch say that he hadn't killed his father. Maureen accused Nikki of telling Victoria, and Nikki asserted that she'd simply encouraged Victoria not to walk away from Stitch. Maureen groused that it had been enough to prompt Victoria to interrogate her, and Nikki ranted that Maureen could have prevented it by vindicating Stitch years before. Maureen spat that she'd thought she and Nikki were friends, but Nikki had thrown her under the bus, and she threatened to tell everyone Nikki's dirty secret, starting with Victor.

In the corridor, Stitch asked if Victor had been visiting his grandchild, and Victor asked what it meant to him. Stitch revealed that he'd delivered the baby, and Victor questioned whether Stitch had caused Victoria to go into labor in a parking lot. After Stitch told Victor about the incidents prior to the birth, Victor was outraged by Maureen's actions. Stitch said that Maureen hadn't been able to deal with the truth, but she'd have to, and Victor vowed that Maureen would pay for her crimes.

Stitch advised that Maureen was recovering and that she couldn't take too much, and Victor snarled that he didn't "give a damn," since she was a killer. Victor started to leave, but he turned back and said that he'd always had admiration for Stitch. Victor added that he admired a man who had sacrificed everything for someone he loved, even if the person hadn't deserved the sacrifice, and he walked away.

Nikki dared Maureen to tell the whole world that Nikki had been drinking, since she had the problem under control. Maureen contended that all alcoholics said that, and Nikki questioned who would believe a woman who'd forced her son to suffer for her own crime. Nikki pointed out that Maureen didn't have much credibility, and it would be her word against Maureen's. Victor stormed in, and Maureen said it was great timing. Victor suggested that Nikki step outside, since he had a few things to say that weren't fit for a lady's ears, and Maureen replied that she might have a story for him, too.

Maureen said she'd been doing Nikki a favor by keeping quiet, but she thought Victor should know something. Victor snarled that he didn't need to know a "damn thing" from her, since he was aware of what Maureen had done to Victoria and the baby. Victor informed Nikki that Maureen had locked Victoria in a closet to keep her from going to the police about Maureen's husband's death, since Stitch hadn't been the one who'd killed him. Victor threatened to use all his legal resources to go after Maureen, and he hissed that he would be Maureen's worst nightmare. Nikki dragged Victor out.

Victor and Nikki returned to the ranch, and he grumbled that he'd never trusted Maureen, but they had something to celebrate. He divulged that he'd asked Bonnie to have champagne and cider ready, and he toasted to their daughter and new grandbaby living a long, happy life. Nikki wondered how he'd found out about what Maureen had done, and he mentioned that Stitch had revealed what he'd endured because of his mother. Victor mused that Stitch wasn't a murderer but a hero, and Nikki pointed out that Billy was also a hero for helping to rescue Victoria and the baby.

Victor asserted that he hadn't changed his mind about Billy, and Nikki asked what would happen if Billy turned out to be the baby's father. Victor hoped Victoria had enough sense not to allow Billy back into her life, and Nikki poured him more champagne. They again toasted to their new grandchild.

Billy said he was grateful Victoria and the baby were okay, and he murmured that he couldn't begin to describe how amazing it had been to watch the child take her first breath, knowing he might have been a part of making her. He said that he had to know, and Stitch entered and agreed that they both needed to know. Stitch argued that every second that passed was a second the baby's father lost with his daughter, and the nurse scolded that she'd given Victoria orders to rest. The men stepped out, and the nurse remarked that both men were very handsome. She inquired which one was the daddy.

Billy peered into Victoria's room and thought to himself that the baby was lucky to have Victoria for a mom, and he hoped he had the chance to be the baby's dad. Meanwhile, Stitch found Maureen's bed empty.

Nick arrived to see Victoria and her daughter, and he said that she'd hit the jackpot by getting her miracle baby. Victoria thought it was a sign to never give up, and Nick said that he'd needed to hear that. Victoria asked if he wanted to talk, but he said no, and she understood how he felt, since everyone had been asking about the baby's father. Nick advised Victoria to find out the baby's paternity so that she'd be free to make her own choices, and not knowing would only put everyone "through hell." Victoria declared that Nick had helped her to make up her mind, and she requested that he find the doctor so she could arrange to have the DNA test done as soon as possible.

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