Friday, August 29, 2014

Jack carried a large box into the Abbott mansion, and Kelly said that he could just put it back in the car if he wanted to postpone her moving in, but he declared that she was where she belonged. Jack answered a call from Summer, who invited him and Kelly over for lunch. Jack happily accepted, and he said they had a lot of catching up to do. After she hung up, Summer excitedly pondered whether to set out placemats or a tablecloth, and she gushed to Austin that it was the first time they'd have people over since he'd become a free man.

Kelly wondered if Jack intended to tell Summer about their moving plans over lunch, and she suggested again that Jack do it by himself. Jack said that Summer knew he adored Kelly and that Kelly had been supportive about Summer and Austin's marriage, and he thought it would help Summer to accept the idea if Kelly was there. Kelly expected Summer to be shocked, and Jack noted that Summer had her mother's fire, but once the flame burned down, he thought Summer would understand. Jack added that nothing would stand in his and Kelly's way.

Jack and Kelly arrived at Summer and Austin's apartment, and Summer hugged Jack hello. Kelly commented that everything looked pretty, and she handed Summer a bouquet of flowers. Jack remarked that Austin looked well, and Austin quipped that Summer had picked out his clothes, although he'd put them on by himself. Summer declared that she'd wanted everything to be perfect, since Jack and Kelly had been supportive of Summer and Austin as a couple. Jack thanked her, and he said that he loved the idea of spending time together, since they had a lot to talk about.

Austin told Jack that the first thing Summer had wanted to do after the trial was introduce Austin to her mom, and Jack was surprised that Austin had agreed to go to the clinic. Austin explained that both he and Summer had wanted Phyllis' blessing, and although it had been weird at first, it had become easy to talk about how much he loved Summer. Jack wished that Austin had gotten the chance to know Phyllis, and Austin relayed that Summer still had hope that Phyllis would wake up. Jack recognized that he'd been rough on Austin, and Austin said that he couldn't undo the damage he'd done, but he could work to repair it. Jack commended Austin for showing remorse, strength of character, and loyalty to Summer, and Austin vowed to make sure she never went through anything else alone.

Kelly was surprised that Summer had a vase, and Summer confided that she'd gone crazy at the store, finding the right balance of masculine and girly after she and Austin had moved in together. Kelly pointedly said that a couple had to do what was right for both of them, since a tough day together was better than any day apart. Kelly thanked Summer for involving her, and Summer said she wouldn't forget that Kelly had fought for Summer and Austin. Summer regretted making things hard for Kelly, since it wasn't easy dating a guy who was engaged to someone else. Summer recognized that Kelly and Jack had a right to enjoy a relationship until Phyllis got better.

Over lunch, Jack remarked that it hadn't been an easy year for any of them, since the bad times had been disastrous, but Summer countered that she'd gotten a new husband and a new dad. Jack added that he'd found a new daughter and someone in his life who meant the world to him, and Summer said that she'd invited Kelly because she'd thought there had been something Jack and Kelly had been trying to tell her. Jack announced that he and Kelly had decided to move forward together, and he'd asked her to move in with him. Summer looked stricken.

Summer said that she'd just introduced Austin to Phyllis, and she asked if Jack had told Phyllis about Kelly. Jack replied that he had been honest with Phyllis, whether she'd been able to hear him or not. Summer thought that Phyllis had heard all of them, and Jack recognized that the situation wasn't easy for any of them, but he asked Summer to try to understand and to accept it. Summer noted that Jack and Kelly had accepted her husband, but she became upset and ran upstairs. Austin followed Summer, and Kelly comforted Jack.

Austin and Summer returned downstairs, and she apologized for being impolite and immature, but she was still clearly upset. She offered Jack and Kelly some dessert, but Jack preferred to give Summer and Austin some time on their own. Kelly said that the newlyweds had a beautiful home, and she could see the love they'd both put into it. Summer thanked her, and Kelly and Jack departed as Austin hugged a tearful Summer.

Summer cried that Jack hadn't meant his promise to never give up on her mom, but Austin said that moving on didn't mean that Jack had given up, since people couldn't plan to fall in love. Summer said that whatever Jack felt for Kelly couldn't possibly be like what he'd felt for Phyllis, and she was certain that Jack wouldn't be with Kelly if he thought Phyllis could get better. Summer refused to give up hope, and she promised to be waiting for Phyllis when she woke up, whether Jack was or not. Meanwhile, Dr. Cutler observed Phyllis, and he said that her family wanted her back. He prepared to find out if she was on her way.

Jack and Kelly returned home, and he said that he'd expected Summer to be upset, but he hadn't been ready for the look on her face. Kelly said that it was hard to let go of the dream of wanting one's parents to be together, and Jack felt that he'd let Summer down by taking away her hope. Kelly pointed out that Summer had her own hope, but Jack questioned whether it was right to let Summer cling to something that wouldn't happen. Kelly suggested that he be there for Summer to prove that he wasn't going anywhere, since nothing would change what he and Summer were to one another.

Abby arrived at the Athletic Club, and Stitch stopped her and asked about Victoria and the baby. Abby spat that he could go to the hospital himself, and she feigned sympathy that he'd been banned from the facility. She noticed Tyler sitting at the bar, and Stitch thanked her for nothing. She acknowledged that Stitch had taken the high road when he'd told Billy about Victoria's condition, but she suspected that he'd done it to get back on Victoria's good side. Stitch grumbled that he should have let her keep walking, and he started to leave, but she suddenly grabbed him and kissed him.

Stitch pushed Abby away, and she claimed that she'd just wanted to find out why Victoria had been interested in him. He spotted Tyler at the bar, and he realized that the buss had been to get back at her ex-fiancé. Abby huffed that it hadn't been like Stitch had suffered, and Stitch warned her not to pull something like that on him again. Abby approached Tyler, and he wished her good luck with her new boyfriend, the murderer. He quickly apologized and said that what she did with her life was her business, and she agreed that Tyler's life was also none of her concern.

Abby assumed that Tyler had heard that Mariah had gone missing, and Tyler mentioned that Paul had questioned him, hoping to get information to track Mariah down. Abby imagined that Tyler was really worried, and Tyler coolly replied that he wasn't in love with Mariah. Abby said that she and Tyler hadn't been meant for one another, and Tyler asked if Abby and Stitch were. Abby revealed that she and Stitch couldn't stand one another, but she'd kissed him to get a rise out of Tyler, and it had worked. Tyler chuckled, and he realized that he and Abby wouldn't ever be best friends, but he hoped she ended up happy. He advised her to pick someone who knew exactly what he was signing up for.

Later, Stitch arrived at Crimson Lights, and Abby remarked that it had taken him long enough to get there. She informed him that she'd learned his routine when she'd tried to fix him up with Ashley, and he groused that he had a stalker. She told him to relax, since she had a message, and she told him that Victoria was home from the hospital and that Victoria and the baby were both okay. A relieved Stitch thanked her for relaying the message, and she clarified that it hadn't been from Victoria. She added that Billy had considered it to be a return favor for Stitch telling him that Victoria had been in the hospital, and the men were even.

Over a call on speakerphone, Sharon ranted that Ian was sick and unpredictable, and Nick said that Clarence was the key to finding Ian. From the police station, Paul said that he was pushing the judge to grant a warrant to search Clarence's records, and the manhunt for Ian was still underway. Paul added that the police were looking into Ian's other followers, and the fake money drop was all set. Sharon said that Mariah didn't trust anyone besides Ian, and she worried that Mariah's life would be turned upside-down once she realized that Ian didn't care about her.

At the ranch, Nikki picked up glass of vodka, but she set it back down, and Victor appeared behind her and asked if Katherine's ceremony had been too stressful. Nikki admitted that she missed Katherine every day, but she wasn't suffering from a multiple sclerosis flareup. Nick and Sharon arrived, and they reported that they knew nothing new, but every moment waiting had been nerve-wracking. Nick announced that they needed to do more, and he asked for Victor's help. Victor offered to add manpower to the search for Clarence, and Nick was grateful that more resources were on it.

Nikki recognized that Ian was sick and twisted, but she couldn't believe that he had taken Sharon's child, and she hugged Sharon. After Nick and Sharon thanked Victor and left, Victor chided Nikki for embracing Sharon, who could still hurt Nick. Nikki sympathized that Sharon's child had been stolen years before and that Ian had taken Mariah again the prior night, and she called Ian a plague on their family that would never go away. She contemplated how much more a woman could take without breaking into a million pieces and never being whole again, and Victor inquired whether she was talking about herself or about Sharon.

Nikki questioned how Victor could have no concern for Sharon after he'd taunted her with her own child's look-alike, and she admonished Victor for not caring about the effect it had had on Nick. Victor pointed out that Nick had asked for his help, and Nikki argued that Nick had asked for a powerful man's help because Nick cared about Sharon and her child. Victor asked when Nikki had started caring about Sharon, and Nikki contended that Sharon had indicated that she was vulnerable when she'd sought professional help, but Victor maintained that Sharon had the power to hurt their son.

Nikki and Victor bickered about Sharon's secret, and Nikki stated that she didn't want to fight. She added that their family needed to band together to help one another, and Victor apologized. He said that he was tired of always being the bad guy, but he only wanted to help their children and grandchildren, and he promised that they would get through it and be better for it. Nikki said that she was late for an appointment, and she left. Dr. Cutler called Victor and reported that Phyllis had shown remarkable brain activity. Victor asked when the doctor thought Phyllis would awake from the coma.

Nikki sat in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and listened to the attendees share their stories. Nikki confided that she'd had two drinks the day before, and the last time she'd consumed alcohol had been on Christmas Eve in 2011. She realized that she could remember the precise moment when the only thing in the world that had mattered had been that drink, and the day before had been a stressful day, but that day was a new one. She pledged to take one day at a time, and she hadn't taken and wouldn't take a drink that day.

After the meeting, Nikki listened to a voicemail from Victor, who had said that he had to go out of town on business, but he loved her and would call when he could. A woman from the meeting commented that it was tough to shove the beast back in the cage once it had been opened, and she asked if Nikki had a sponsor. Nikki replied that she'd had a wonderful friend who had talked sense into her, but the friend was gone. The woman inquired whether Nikki had other friends or family, and Nikki said that she had incredible people in her life, but their plates were full. Nikki refused to whip her loved ones into a frenzy over a one-time thing, and she swore that she had a handle on it.

Nick and Sharon waited at home for an update about the money drop, and Sharon looked at a childhood photo of Cassie and mused that both Cassie and Mariah should have been in the photo. Sharon contemplated what would have happened if Grace had found both Cassie and Mariah, and she wondered if the twins would have spoken their own private language. She recalled stories of twins aching when the other one wasn't there, and she imagined her girls aching and not knowing why. Sharon sobbed that Cassie might not have gone to the party or driven Daniel home, and Nick said that nothing would have changed what had happened on the night of Cassie's accident, but they would get Sharon's daughter back that day. Sharon bellowed that Ian had stolen years from her and Mariah, and she wanted him to suffer.

Sharon fretted that they should have heard something, and Nick assured her that Paul would call with news. He said that it was out of their hands, and the police would make the drop and grab Ian. Sharon rambled that she felt like she had no control over anything, and Nick got a call from Victor's security team.

At the police station, Paul pulled out a black backpack filled with fake cash, and he instructed Courtney to act like a mother about to save her kid and not a cop making a bust. Nick called Paul and reported that Clarence had rented a storage unit near an industrial park just outside town. Paul promised to check it out, and he assigned Detective Harding to check out the unit. Nick prepared to go to the unit to see it for himself, but he warned that Sharon couldn't go with him, since she was supposed to be making the drop. She contended that Ian was at the park and not at the unit, and Nick cautioned that they had no idea what they would find, but she insisted on going with him.

At the storage unit, Mariah incredulously asked why Ian had set up a wedding, and he preached that the path had presented it, so it was their duty to follow it. He reasoned that they'd always been a family with a past, and they also shared a future with entwined fortunes. Mariah murmured that she didn't understand, and Ian told her to trust him, since it would make sense in time. She tried to stand up to leave, but he commanded her to stay. He ominously stated that he was her path, and he warned her not to disappoint him.

Mariah concluded that Ian had drugged her wine, and Ian requested a water bottle from Clarence and urged her to stay hydrated. She sipped the water, and Ian acknowledged that the wedding was a surprise, but she replied that she needed to get out of there. Mariah pleaded that Ian was like a father to her, and he proclaimed that he wasn't her father, but he was her family and her protector. Mariah said that she had loved him, and Ian reasoned that the wedding would just be an extension of their love.

Mariah sobbed that Ian was acting like a lunatic, and everything that people had said about him had been true. He lectured that fate was evolving, and the path was too profound to see all at once, so they could only take in bits and pieces at a time. He assured Mariah that she'd reached a new level of enlightenment, and she asked if he'd done the same thing to Nikki. Ian said that Nikki hadn't been the believer Mariah was, and he ordered Mariah to take the next step with him. Clarence began the wedding ceremony.

Mariah realized that the water had also been drugged, and Ian said he'd done it to help her relax and embrace the moment. She protested that none of it was real, but he asserted that it was as real as anything, since Clarence could perform legally binding marriage ceremonies. Mariah begged Clarence to consider what he was doing, but he resumed the nuptials. She yelled at Clarence to shut up, and Ian pulled her close and hissed in her ear not to diverge from the path, since it would only lead to pain and suffering.

Mariah reluctantly said her vows, and Clarence pronounced the couple husband and wife. Ian crowed that Mariah had made him the happiest of men. Ian and Mariah signed the marriage license to make their union legal, and Ian asked Clarence to stay there with his bride, since there was somewhere he needed to be.

Later, Nick and Sharon arrived at the storage unit, and he whipped open the door. Sharon rushed to Mariah's side, and Clarence barked that it was private property. Sharon asked what they had done to her daughter, but Clarence claimed that Mariah was just tired. Nick grabbed a crowbar, but Harding and the cops entered and told Nick to put it down. Nick demanded to know where Ian was.

Nikki pulled out a recovery brochure and eyed the liquor bottle. There was a knock at the door, and she found Ian standing there. "Hello, Nicole," he greeted with a grin.

Victor arrived at the clinic in Georgia and sat at Phyllis' bedside. He said that Dr. Cutler had administered a treatment for coma patients, and it had achieved a success rate of over 90 percent. He informed her that her change in brain activity had indicated that she might be waking up, and he was sure that he wasn't the first one she'd like to see, but there was something important he had to speak to her about. He mentioned that she was the only one who knew about a secret, and it would help a lot of people if she talked about it. Victor called her name, and Phyllis opened her eyes.

. . .

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