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Reed and Nikki find themselves on a collision course
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Monday, December 17, 2018

At the Abbott mansion, Billy was vegging out on the sofa, watching movies on television. Jack encouraged his brother to get out of the house. Billy said he was exactly where he wanted to be. After Jack left the house, he went to meet with Nick at Dark Horse. Victoria stopped by and invited Nick to dine with her. Nick said he'd made plans to attend the Jabot Christmas party with Phyllis. Nick left, but Jack stayed behind to chat with Victoria. Jack invited Victoria to attend the party with Billy. Jack explained that Billy had been feeling down. Victoria seemed open to the invitation and expressed concern for Billy.

Victoria stopped by the Abbott mansion to invite Billy to the party. Victoria said she knew it had been tough for Billy to see Phyllis moving on with Nick so quickly. Victoria told Billy not to let his breakup ruin his holiday because he had a lot to celebrate. Billy asked Victoria to explain. Victoria noted that Billy was still contributing to Jabot's success, had a loving family and children that loved him, and a date for the evening. Billy agreed to be Victoria's date and went upstairs to get dressed.

In her office at Jabot, Phyllis read a text message from Nick stating that he couldn't wait to see her at the party. Phyllis smiled as Mia added a few finishing brush strokes of blush. Phyllis' natural blush intensified when she read a follow-up text message from Nick stating that he couldn't wait to have her all to himself after the party. After Mia finished, Phyllis paid Mia for her services. Phyllis mentioned that she and her staff were looking forward to the Jabot office party. Mia invited herself to the party, noting that she felt she was part of the staff. Phyllis said she'd welcome Mia and Rey.

Outside Phyllis' office, Kyle was surprised when assistant Ted announced that he'd planned the office party. As Lauren and Kerry arrived, Kerry asked if Jack might attend. Lauren asked Kerry if she was interested in Jack. Kerry said she and Jack had been spending time together. Lauren winked and noted that Jack knew how to treat a lady, though he could be a handful. Michael arrived, and Lauren eagerly greeted her spouse. Michael had to step away to take a call and left immediately afterward. Lauren advised Michael to drive safely because the roads were a mess.

At the police station, Nikki was frustrated after Rey summoned her to appear. Rey told Nikki she'd approached his wife in an attempt to influence an official police investigation, an act which Rey noted was a serious crime. Nikki refused to say a word without her attorney being present. After Michael arrived, he accused Rey of attempting to win points with the police commission by carrying out a personal vendetta. Nikki defended herself and said that while Mia had been applying makeup, the two had chatted. Nikki denied asking about details of J.T.'s investigation. Rey claimed that Nikki had issued threats by stating to Mia that Rey shouldn't upset Victor. Rey said he was more certain than ever that Nikki knew more about J.T.'s murder than she'd admitted so far.

Rey released Nikki. Rey strongly advised Michael to locate Victor, so he could be questioned. Nikki angrily noted that Victor was innocent. Nikki cried that Rey should instead search for the person who'd burned down the stable and planted the blood-stained shirt and the gun. After Nikki and Michael stepped out, Nikki assured Michael that she had no idea where Victor could be. Michael told Nikki she'd dodged a bullet, and he advised her to keep her distance from Mia.

After Rey returned home, he told Mia about his interrogation of Nikki and Michael. Mia said she wished Rey hadn't, and she insisted that no one had used her to gain information. Mia excitedly announced that Phyllis had invited them to the Jabot holiday bash. Rey was reluctant to attend, but Mia pleaded with him. Rey agreed to attend the party with Mia.

Jabot employees and executives gathered at the Athletic Club. Lola told Kyle that having him as her boyfriend and being named the executive chef at Abby and Devon's new restaurant made her life seem as if everything she'd wanted was coming together at once. At the bar, Lauren, Kerry, and Phyllis drank a toast to friendship and support. Lauren ran into Fen and learned that he'd been hired as a server at the restaurant. Lauren congratulated her son for having landed a job in record time. After Kyle made snide remarks about Fen's new job position, Lola praised Fen and gave Kyle a disapproving look.

At the bar, Nick and Phyllis shared a kiss as Jack approached. Before Jack rushed off, he noted that Billy would make an appearance, though Traci and Abby were away. Jack excused himself to meet Kerry. Kerry told Jack she hadn't stopped thinking about their kiss at Jack's house. Jack said he hadn't forgotten the kiss, either. Michael and Nikki arrived. While Lauren and Michael chatted about Fenmore's upcoming company party, Nikki eyed a tray of Champagne. Nikki excused herself, claiming she had to make a call. Instead, Nikki picked up a glass of Champagne and drank it down.

After Nikki had stepped away, Michael told Lauren that Rey had questioned Nikki. Michael was surprised when he saw Fen working as a server. Michael expressed his desire for his son to return to law school. Fen assured his father that he'd soon sign a recording contract. Lauren urged Michael to support Fen's dreams. As Victoria and Billy arrived at the party together, Phyllis announced that Jabot's profits had risen six percent over the previous year. After Victoria and Billy greeted Phyllis and Nick, Victoria explained that attending the party with Billy had been a spontaneous decision. Phyllis encouraged Billy and Victoria to enjoy their evening together.

Kyle introduced Lola to Jack and Kerry. Lola said that Kerry was a regular visitor to her food truck. After Kerry and Lola stepped away, Kyle said he was glad Jack had taken a chance on Kerry. Jack replied, "Not half as glad as I am." Kyle seemed pleased to see his father happy.

Nikki told Nick and Victoria that Rey had questioned her about approaching Mia. Nikki admitted she'd attempted to form an alliance with Mia to get information about the case Rey was building against Victor. Nikki cried that Rey had become even more determined to pin J.T.'s murder on Victor. Victoria assured Nikki that everything would sort itself out. Both Victoria and Nick expressed concern about Nikki's health. Nikki spotted Mia and Rey and said, "You've got to be kidding me."

Michael approached Rey and Mia and told Phyllis that Rey had hauled Nikki down to the station earlier in the day. Phyllis said they should all try to behave like civilized people. Lauren defended Mia and said her career had nothing to do with Rey's police work. Michael warned Rey not to harass his clients. Mia promised that there wouldn't be trouble.

Victoria and Billy hung around Nikki, but she insisted she'd be fine. Victoria advised Nikki to summon a ride home because the roads were treacherous. Nikki noted that having lived in Wisconsin her entire life, she'd driven in snow and would be fine. After Victoria and Billy walked away, Nikki took a flask from her purse and added booze to her glass of water, topped with a lime. As Nikki sipped her alcoholic concoction, Jack approached and asked Nikki what she was doing alone. Nikki replied, "Talking to you." After they chatted, Nikki encouraged Jack to rejoin his date.

Rey cautioned Mia not to consider the guests at the party to be her friends because they lived in a different world. Mia said she'd been working hard to get closer to that other world Rey had referenced. Mia spotted Lola and Kyle and told Rey to greet them. Mia approached Nikki and apologized for what had happened with Rey. Mia said she couldn't believe that Rey had overreacted. Nikki apologized for having dragged Mia into the investigation. Nikki sipped her drink down as Mia expressed hope that they could be friends. After Mia stepped away, Nikki removed the flask from her purse and drank straight from it.

Ted took the microphone and invited guests to sing karaoke. Fen wowed the guests with a song. Billy and Victoria admired the photo they'd had taken together in a photo booth. Lauren joined her son, their voices blending in perfect harmony as they crooned the chorus. Guests focused on Fen and Lauren and seemed impressed by Fen's talent.

Rey spoke to Nikki as she stumbled toward the exit. Nikki said, "You have a lot of nerve, persecuting my husband and me repeatedly. If you're as smart as you think you are, you'll back the hell off." Rey replied, "Is that a threat?" Nikki said Rey should consider it a word to the wise because he had no idea who he was dealing with. Rey replied, "Believe me, I do. And if you think you intimidate me, sadly, you are mistaken. I'm going to take Victor down, and when I do, you're going with him."

Rey said Nikki could be charged with obstruction, aiding, and abetting, and possibly additional charges. Rey warned that overconfident people often made mistakes. Nikki, desperate to escape Rey, stumbled outside, where heavy snow had blanketed the walkway and the street.

Reed stopped by the Ashbys' house. Charlie told Reed that Mattie had gone caroling with a school group. Charlie was in a bad mood and showed Shauna's personal page on social media to Reed. Charlie noted that Shauna had changed her status, indicating that she was single. Charlie drowned his sorrows, imbibing two bottles of beer. Reed encouraged Charlie to get out of the house. Reed invited Charlie to join him and friends to hang out, watch movies, and play video games.

Reed suggested that Charlie could take photos with girls at the party, post them online, and show Shauna he hadn't been lying around, pining for her. Reed told Charlie he couldn't drive after drinking two beers. Reed insisted on driving and noted that he'd only had soda. Charlie reminded Reed that his license was still suspended. Reed said he'd rather drive than risk Charlie being charged with DUI.

As Reed drove, the snow accumulated on the windshield and obscured his view of the roadway. Nikki, having stumbled out into the roadway, froze in place when she saw headlights. Reed felt the car jolt and yelled, "What was that?" Charlie cried, "I don't know. Did we hit something?" Reed, terrified, attempted to see out of the frosted windshield. The force of the impact had knocked Nikki on her back, where she lay unconscious in the roadway.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Reed phones Charlie and tells him Nikki might die.

• Phyllis watches as Sharon comforts Nick.

• Nate encourages Nikki to keep fighting.

• While Nikki is unconscious, she experiences a vision of being reunited with Victor.

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