Phyllis strikes a deal with Christine
Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Kyle waited anxiously at the hospital. Arturo arrived with Rey, and Kyle reported that the doctors had just taken Lola for more tests. Rey protested that he couldn't just wait, since he had to know his sister was okay. Kyle indicated that Lola was as good as she could be, but she was still unconscious, and there might be a problem with her liver. Kyle bemoaned that all they could do was sit there and hope.

Mia and Abby arrived at the hospital, and Abby pointed out Lola's room. Mia burst in and gasped in horror when she discovered an empty bed, and she panicked about where Lola was. Rey appeared and mentioned that Lola had been taken for tests, and a sobbing Mia threw her arms around him and begged him to tell her that Lola would be okay. Rey recoiled from her embrace and stammered that he'd just found out himself.

Mia recalled that she'd been looking everywhere for Rey, and he explained that he'd been working on a case. Rey revealed that Lola was unconscious after hitting her head and falling into the pool, and they didn't know how long she'd been in the water before Kyle had found her. Rey added that Kyle had spoken to the detective on the case, and Mia became alarmed. Rey informed her that the police didn't think it had been an accident, and Mia stressed that they needed to be together. Rey insisted on tabling their talk until later, since they had to focus on pulling Lola through it.

A distraught Rey considered the possibility that the doctors couldn't help Lola, and Mia started to say he had to listen to her. Arturo interrupted, and Rey prompted Mia to finish what she'd been about to say. She simply pledged to be there for Rey and Lola until Lola opened her eyes. Mia looked at Arturo as she hugged Rey.

Arturo mentioned that he'd asked a nurse to tell the doctor that Rey wanted to talk to him. Rey lamented that he just wanted someone to tell him that Lola would be all right, and Arturo empathized that the waiting was tough. Rey thanked Mia for being there, and she swore that she wouldn't be anywhere else. Arturo moved to leave, but Rey insisted that they unite as a family for Lola, since she was all that mattered.

In the waiting area, Abby assured Kyle that Lola would pull through. Kyle blamed himself, since Lola never would have been hurt if she hadn't gone looking for him. He remembered that Lola had been upset and angry, and he would have felt the same way if he'd witnessed what she had. Summer rushed in and rambled that Mrs. Martinez had filled her in on everything. Kyle testily demanded to know why Summer had thought it had been her place to show up there, and he dragged her aside.

Summer claimed that she'd been worried, but Kyle pointed out that she didn't even like Lola. Kyle barked that he didn't want Summer there because she was nothing but a distraction, but she pleaded that she just wanted to help. He snapped that the only way she could do so was to leave. Summer wondered why Kyle was so mad, and he told her to "cut the crap" because Summer had always gotten between Kyle and Lola at the worst times. Kyle imagined that he and Lola would be celebrating at the cabin if it hadn't been for Summer, but instead, he was in a hospital waiting room while Lola fought for her life.

Summer incredulously asked if Kyle thought it was her fault, and she reiterated that she was there because she cared about him. He spat that she only cared about herself, and he speculated that she'd been the one who'd attacked Lola because Summer couldn't stand to see him happy with someone else. Kyle pictured Summer following Lola back to town to confront her about how Summer and Kyle were meant to be together and how Lola couldn't make him happy, and he envisioned Summer shoving Lola. Summer maintained that she was there out of concern because she was a good person, yet he was accusing her of assaulting his ex. She asserted that the only one acting crazy was him, and she stalked off.

Arturo coolly commended Kyle for doing a good job getting rid of people who didn't belong there, and he growled that Kyle was next. Kyle refused to leave, and Arturo threatened to help Kyle leave if Kyle didn't go of his own volition. Abby intervened before Arturo and Kyle got into a scuffle, and the men argued. Kyle insisted that he loved Lola, but Arturo barked that Kyle had a funny way of showing it, since Lola had walked in when he'd been on the verge of having sex with someone else.

Arturo lectured that people didn't put themselves in that kind of situation when they loved someone, since love meant showing devotion and respect. Kyle ranted that the whole town knew Arturo's backstory, but Rey interrupted and reminded them that the last thing they needed was more chaos. Rey encouraged Kyle to let Lola's family take care of her, and Abby promised to call with any updates. Kyle reluctantly departed.

Mia cried as she stared at Lola's empty bed, and Abby gently asked if she was okay. Mia replied that she was worried sick, and Abby urged her to join everyone else in the waiting area. Mia thought it was best if she stayed away to avoid making things more tense than they already were, but Abby suggested that they put their issues aside and focus on Lola. The women walked away together.

Over the phone, Rey told someone to call him the second they found out anything. Mia asked if it had been one of Lola's doctors, but Rey said the waiting had been driving him crazy, so he'd called the detective on Lola's case. Rey reported that they were still going through everything found at the scene, and he vowed to find out who had attacked Lola. Mia pointed out that Rey hadn't been assigned to the case. Rey explained that he couldn't be because of his personal involvement, but he was determined to make sure that whoever had done it paid.

Kyle entered the Abbott mansion and plopped down despondently in a chair. He gazed at a photo of him and Lola on his phone.

At the police station, Nick barked that he knew Phyllis was there, but an officer informed him that Phyllis wasn't allowed visitors. Nick spotted Michael and asked him what was going on, and Michael revealed that the authorities had interrogated Nikki again and had hauled Victoria and Sharon in for questioning. Nick asked what information they had to justify arresting the women, and Michael explained that the police suspected Victoria had been present when J.T. had been killed. Michael expected them to interrogate the women until they had a winning case.

Michael added that he'd talked to Nikki and Victoria, but he didn't know what Sharon had said because she'd hired Brittany to represent her, and he didn't know if Phyllis had a lawyer yet. Nick proposed that they go back to his place to figure out a way to help them before things spun out of control. The men departed.

In an interrogation room, Christine offered Phyllis a lesson on how deal-making worked. Christine explained that she cut deals with criminals like Phyllis when they had something Christine needed, and she highly doubted Phyllis did. Phyllis taunted that Christine had no idea, and Christine replied that it would have to be pretty spectacular to keep Phyllis out of jail. Phyllis crowed that it was "fireworks on Fourth of July" spectacular and that Christine would want it bad -- which was why it was going to cost the D.A. plenty.

Christine huffed that Phyllis was in no position to bully her, and she was in no mood for games when she had three others she could make deals with. Phyllis called the other women's stories unreliable, and Christine wondered how Phyllis' was different. Phyllis announced that she was prepared to provide evidence that would solve the case for Christine very easily. Phyllis was confident that her evidence would make an otherwise fragile case a slam dunk, and she imagined that Christine would prefer to walk into the courtroom without worrying about being humiliated when her case fell apart.

Christine presented Phyllis with a pad of paper and ordered her to write down her evidence. Phyllis pushed the pad back toward Christine and demanded full immunity before she gave specifics. Phyllis recognized that Christine would love to send her to prison, but it wouldn't happen anytime soon because what Phyllis had to give her was gold. Phyllis was adamant about getting an immunity deal in place first, and Christine reluctantly agreed to draft the paperwork. Christine warned that if Phyllis made even one misrepresentation or if something didn't check out, the deal would go in the shredder, and Phyllis would go straight to jail. Christine walked out.

Later, Phyllis read through the agreement and remarked that it looked like everything was there. Christine handed her a pen and told Phyllis not to make her regret it. Phyllis signed the document, and Christine turned on a voice recorder and instructed her to start at the beginning. Phyllis promised to give an accurate report of what had happened that night, but she wanted to make it clear that J.T. had been dangerous and out of control. Phyllis swore that she, Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria had done what they'd had to do.

Phyllis recalled that the evening had started as a girls' night with margaritas and gossip, and Mariah had consumed one too many and passed out. Phyllis recounted that the night had taken a turn when Victoria had confessed that J.T. had emotionally and physically abused her for months, and afterward, Victoria had gone upstairs to rest. Phyllis continued that J.T. had broken in and had gone after Victoria, and the other women had heard things crashing and Victoria screaming at him to get away from her. She added that they'd found J.T. pinning Victoria against a dresser and shaking her violently, so there had been no doubt Victoria had been in imminent danger.

Phyllis asserted that Nikki had done what any mother would have by grabbing a fireplace poker and swinging it to stop J.T. from attacking her daughter, but Nikki's intent hadn't been to kill him. Phyllis said they'd panicked when they'd discovered he was dead, and they hadn't known if the police would believe them. Phyllis contended that J.T. had been at fault for what had happened to him, since he'd broken in and attacked Victoria, and they'd only reacted. Phyllis declared that she would go to her grave, believing their actions had been justified, but Christine advised her to stick to the facts.

Phyllis described how they'd rolled the body in a rug and buried it in Chancellor Park, and they'd made a pact to stay quiet and protect one another. Phyllis admitted that it had been "nothing but hell" for months, and Christine reminded her that she'd promised to provide evidence. Phyllis divulged that the poker existed, as did the clothes J.T. had worn that night, and there was a videotape of the women dragging J.T.'s body from Victoria's house.

Phyllis explained that she'd been tasked with the job of getting rid of the poker, so she'd tucked it away in a storage locker, but it had been stolen and had ended up at the Newman ranch. Phyllis implied that Christine would find it along with the clothes J.T. had been wearing when he'd died if she conducted a search of the ranch. Phyllis added that J.T. had set up hidden cameras at Victoria's home to spy on his ex, but the footage had ironically captured the women dragging his body to the car. Phyllis divulged that the video had found its way to the Dark Horse server and had been erased, but she was sure forensic experts could find it.

Christine inquired about where J.T.'s body was, and Phyllis replied that none of them knew. Christine worried that the other women wouldn't back up Phyllis' story, and Phyllis suggested that Christine talk to Mariah. Christine intended to verify that Phyllis had told the truth, and she instructed an officer to take Phyllis back to her cell and make sure she didn't talk to the other women. After Phyllis was led away, Christine made a call to request a search warrant.

At Nick's house, Nick told Michael that Phyllis had called to tell him not to worry, but he didn't see how that was possible. Michael complained that he was working with incomplete information, since he didn't think Nikki or Victoria was telling the whole truth. Michael noted that he had no clue what Sharon's testimony was because she'd hired her own lawyer, and Nick had no idea why Phyllis had used her one call to contact him instead of Michael. Nick surmised that Phyllis had a plan.

Summer called out for her dad and walked in on him with Michael. Michael received a notification that his car had arrived, and he told Nick and Summer to hang in there, since it had been an upsetting day for all of them. After Michael left, Summer voiced surprise that Michael had known about her and Kyle. Nick pointed out that he didn't even know himself, and Summer babbled about how she'd tried to be a good friend, but Kyle had blamed her for Lola getting hurt. Summer realized that Michael hadn't been talking about Lola being in the hospital, and Nick informed her that her mom had been arrested.

Summer exclaimed that the police had lost their minds to arrest the four women as if they'd all been in on it together. Summer prepared to go talk to them, but Nick told her he'd already tried, and Phyllis couldn't have any visitors. Summer assumed that Michael was representing Phyllis, but Nick revealed that Phyllis hadn't hired a lawyer -- and he had no idea why. Summer hugged Nick and imagined that her mom's arrest had been a shock for him. He hoped there weren't any more surprises that day.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah told Tessa that she had nothing to report, since the police hadn't let her see her mom. Mariah relayed that Brittany had said no official charges had been filed against Sharon or the others, and Tessa guessed that the police were holding them so someone would crack. Tessa fretted that everything would get out, and she and Mariah were also in jeopardy because they'd been part of the cover-up. Tessa wished that she'd never seen the videotape, and she worried that she and Mariah might be the next ones in handcuffs.

Tessa figured that she and Mariah could do little else but wait, and she suggested that they head to the hospital to see if Kyle had any news about Lola. Mariah's phone rang as they headed out, and Mariah answered a call from Christine, who said she had some questions for Mariah. Mariah agreed to go to the police station and hung up. "Oh, my God, this is it," a stricken Mariah muttered.

Christine thanked Mariah for joining her, and Mariah pointed out that it hadn't sounded like she'd had a choice. Mariah inquired whether she was under arrest, but Christine simply hoped Mariah could corroborate other people's statements. Mariah asked if it included her mom's, but Christine refused to say. Mariah pushed to see Sharon, but Christine prompted her to spill everything she could remember after J.T.'s arrival at Victoria's house on the night of the party. Mariah maintained that she'd passed out, so she didn't remember anything. Christine insinuated that Mariah had learned something after the fact or knew about a recording of some kind -- like a video.

Christine observed Mariah's reaction to the mention of the video, and she warned that Mariah's silence might hurt more than her talking. Mariah stated that she'd heard about a video of the women putting a body into a car, but she didn't know where it was or how to get a copy. Mariah inquired whether it would help her mom, and Christine replied that it might. Mariah insisted that Sharon hadn't been a willing participant but that she'd only gotten caught up in a situation she'd had no control over. Christine referred to Mariah being passed out, but Mariah contended that she knew her mother; she bet that Victoria had pressured Sharon into doing whatever they'd done.

Later, Mariah told Tessa that Christine had already known about the tape and that Mariah had confirmed it existed. Mariah swore that it didn't mean it would affect Tessa, and Tessa wondered if anything Mariah had said would help Sharon. Mariah anticipated that the "terrible, awful thing" would swallow them whole.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Christine confirmed that Phyllis' story had checked out. Christine indicated that a search at the ranch had turned up the clothes and poker and that Mariah had verified Phyllis' claim about the video. Phyllis asked about her deal, and Christine deliberately took her time reviewing the paperwork. Christine admitted that she was enjoying making Phyllis wait, but she ultimately declared that Phyllis was free to go.

Phyllis took the documents and started to leave, but Christine cautioned that not everyone would be as happy about the agreement as Christine was. Phyllis expected people to understand that she'd had no choice, but Christine clucked that Phyllis had made the choice to roll over on her friends to save herself. Christine proclaimed that she would see Phyllis in court as her star witness.

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