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Matt appeals to Victor to take a DNA test
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Friday, September 21, 2018

At the police station, Rey told someone over the phone that a new employee would be starting that day, and he wanted to be sure that Sharon's desk was assigned near his. Meanwhile, at the cottage, Nick asked if Sharon was excited, but he noticed that she was on the phone. She informed him that she was on hold with the police station, since she'd decided that taking the job wasn't such a good idea. Sharon decided to call back in a few minutes, and Nick wondered why the great new job that she'd been handpicked for wasn't so great after all. She complained that it was happening too fast, but he chalked it up to first-day jitters.

Sharon groaned that she'd barely taken her cap and gown off when Rey had dangled the job in front of her, and she didn't trust him. Nick reasoned that she couldn't hold a grudge against a cop who had been doing his job, and he pointed out that Sharon would be working for Paul, who she did trust. Sharon snapped at Nick for pushing it, and he apologized. She worried that dealing with crime victims was sensitive work, and she might say the wrong thing and make a terrible situation worse.

Nick countered that Sharon could save people's lives, and he questioned what a certified counselor with a brand-new diploma would tell her to do. Sharon recognized that there were people who needed help, and she shouldn't let old anxieties creep in, because she was a more capable and confident person than she had been. She owed it to those people to show up for them. She declared that she didn't want to be late for her first day of work, and they kissed. She looked uncertain as she headed to the door.

At the Athletic Club, Jack thanked Matt for meeting him again, but Matt warned that he wasn't there to give Jack the answers he wanted to hear. Jack figured that Victor had gotten to him, but Matt revealed that Victor had been avoiding him by refusing to accept his calls. Jack swore that he didn't want to cause a rift, but he needed answers, and Matt was his last resort because Victor wouldn't provide his DNA. Matt sympathized, but he maintained that Jack had to get his answers elsewhere.

Matt explained that helping Jack felt like betraying Victor. Jack scoffed at the idea that Victor had been good to Matt, but Matt insisted that Victor was still his brother, and any DNA Jack got would have to be from Victor. Nick interrupted, and Jack was surprised that Nick didn't recognize Matt. Jack introduced Nick to his uncle, and Nick felt like they should have met at Thanksgiving dinner instead. Matt indicated that he'd been living in Oregon, and Nick asked why he was in town. Matt deferred to Jack, and Jack quipped that he was trying to figure out whether Nick should start calling him "uncle," as well.

Jack and Matt updated Nick about Jack's plea for assistance, but Jack understood that Matt didn't want to go behind Victor's back. Nick stated that he was the polar opposite, and he wondered if he could provide a DNA sample. Jack indicated that he could only get a definitive sample from Matt or Victor, and Nick asked if Matt was sure he didn't want to help. Matt recalled that Victor clearly hadn't liked being surprised, but he volunteered to try to strike a compromise with his brother. Nick cautioned that he didn't know anyone who could talk Victor into anything, and he advised Jack to be careful what he wished for.

Sharon arrived at the police station and found a congratulatory balloon and a plant delivery on her desk. Rey informed her that the balloon was from him to show her how glad he was that she was there. She thanked him, and she read the card on the plant, which was from Phyllis, Nikki, and Victoria. Sharon forced a smile and claimed that Nick had sent it.

Sharon had her employee photo taken and groused that it looked like a mug shot. She protested that Rey hadn't needed to go with her to HR or buy her a balloon, but he was determined to chip away at her anger and create a conducive working environment. She lectured that he had a long way to go, and he asked who was running Crimson Lights. She explained that she'd prepared her staff because she'd anticipated stepping back when she got her career up and running, but she could always fall back on it. Rey called her a natural, and he offered to get her anything she needed.

Rey greeted a woman named Ivy and led her into Paul's office. He privately informed Sharon that the woman was connected to a drug gang in the city, and Sharon observed that Ivy looked like a victim. Rey remarked that sometimes people could be both, and he mentioned that Ivy had just been released because the charges against her had been dropped. He hoped to get Ivy to testify against the gang, and Sharon questioned why he was involved in cases other than J.T.'s. Rey claimed that Paul was just getting his money's worth, and he didn't mind chipping in. He added that he could use Sharon's help.

Sharon briefly reviewed a file before stepping into Paul's office. Rey began to introduce Sharon to Ivy, but Sharon cut him off, shook Ivy's hand, and explained that her job was to be an advocate for people whose lives had been affected by crime. Sharon added that she was there to look out for Ivy because she was on Ivy's side, and she pulled up a chair. Rey said they'd just been talking about Ivy helping the police by testifying, and Sharon urged Ivy to remember that she didn't have to do anything she didn't want to do, including testifying.

Sharon imagined that Ivy was relieved to have the homicide charges dropped, and Rey contended that Ivy had been defending herself, so it didn't matter that she'd been at the scene to get drugs. Sharon explained that Ivy was being asked to testify against the man her drug dealer had worked for, and Rey assured Ivy that the police protected their witnesses. Sharon confided that she knew someone in witness protection, and no one had ever found him. Sharon understood that it was difficult for Ivy to let go of her fear after years of being terrorized by her dealer and his friends. Sharon shared that she'd had a friend who'd been abused, so she knew from experience that the most important thing was that no one would ever harm Ivy again.

Rey promised that he would never put Ivy in danger, and he took pride in keeping his word. Ivy worried about her family, and she revealed that her husband had taken her kids from her to protect them. Ivy confessed that she'd gone to rehab but still kept doing drugs, and she'd broken her husband's trust by lying to him. Sharon stressed that what happened next was Ivy's decision, and Ivy asserted that she wanted her husband and children to be proud of her. Sharon pointed out that Ivy could have that by helping the police make sure the dealers never did to another family what they'd done to hers.

Sharon completed some paperwork at her desk, and Rey emerged from the office and announced that Ivy had agreed to testify, thanks to Sharon. Rey marveled that Sharon had spoken Ivy's language, and he thought it was rare to see the empathy Sharon had shown. Sharon teased that he hadn't liked it at first, and he admitted that he'd almost lost it when she'd said Ivy didn't have to testify, but Sharon had gotten her to sign on the dotted line. Sharon applauded Rey for being nice to Ivy, and he confessed that his old chief had told him that he had a soft touch because he'd taken in a witness who hadn't had a roof over his head for months.

Rey conceded that he sometimes got too personally involved, but he didn't know any other way to work. Sharon told him about how she'd taken in a homeless woman and her kids, and Rey imagined that Nick had gotten a kick out of it. Rey figured that they had some things in common, so maybe working together would turn out okay. He commended her for a job well done on her first day. Later, Rey sent a text message to Paul and reported that he and Sharon had built trust, so everything was going according to plan.

Sharon returned home and informed Nick that her first day had been very eye-opening. She cited one case in particular, where there had been lots of collateral damage because of lies. He mused that it was a good lesson about honesty. They both struggled with the secrets they were keeping.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle sent a text message to Ashley to ask where she was, since it was important that they talk. Billy entered and asked if Kyle was communicating with Ashley, but Kyle reported that he'd had no luck reaching her. Ashley returned home, followed by Traci. Billy was surprised because Traci was supposed to be on a book tour, and Ashley shot Kyle a knowing look. Traci stammered that she'd decided to visit home for a while, so Ashley had picked her up from the airport.

Traci reported that she'd had an awesome turnout at her venues, and Billy questioned why she'd returned early when she'd still had a few weeks on her tour. Traci divulged that she'd had a long talk with Ashley about their mother's decline. Traci recognized that Jack had moved back in to help, and she'd felt that she needed to be there, too. Billy hesitated to go to the office when Traci had just gotten there, and Ashley suggested that they all have breakfast together.

Traci stepped out to say hello to Mrs. Martinez, and Billy joined her. Kyle doubted that Ashley had just happened to call Traci about Dina when they were relying on Traci to take over from Billy, but Ashley insisted that she'd wanted to reconnect with her sister. Kyle griped about Ashley sidelining him even though she'd claimed to believe he'd had nothing to do with Billy's gambling, but Ashley thought the real question was why Kyle kept forcing it.

Over the phone, Billy blasted someone for losing $50,000 of his money in less than 48 hours when the idea was to minimize risk. He complained about there being no payout that week, and he warned that it better not happen again. After he hung up, Kyle asked if everything was all right, and Billy claimed that a supplier had missed a deadline, so he had to get to the office. Ashley declared her intention to work from home, and Billy left. Ashley offered to join Traci for her visit with Dina, but Traci insisted that she would be fine because Dina always liked her, even if she didn't remember that Traci was her daughter.

Traci thanked Ashley for calling and getting her home, and she headed upstairs. Kyle wondered if Ashley had noticed Billy's mood, since Billy usually didn't get that tense with suppliers. Ashley testily theorized that Billy didn't like having his addiction manipulated by a family member, but Kyle took credit for uncovering that Billy's gambling had led to him stealing from his own company. Ashley conceded that she had an obligation to Jabot, and she vowed to put Jabot first. Kyle proclaimed that he'd always been in her corner and still was, and she mumbled, "Good to know."

Later, Traci returned downstairs and bemoaned that Dina seemed disconnected. Ashley hated to add to the burden, but she revealed that Billy's demons had resurfaced. Ashley divulged that she'd seen documentation of him buying into a high-priced gambling syndicate with a six-figure price tag. Ashley asserted that she had an obligation as COO to protect Jabot, and she thought Billy had to step aside to deal with it, but they'd have to use other means if he refused to do it voluntarily. Traci argued that she wasn't qualified to run Jabot, but Ashley assured her that it would only be long enough to get rid of the blood Abbott clause and appoint someone else to take over because of their skills and not their DNA.

Traci thought that helping Billy couldn't wait, and Ashley excitedly asked if Traci would help the company. Traci maintained that she had no place running Jabot, even temporarily, but she knew of something else that might work better that they could implement right away. Traci suspected that taking Billy's job away might make things worse, and she recommended that they stage an intervention instead.

At Jabot, Billy hissed over the phone that it had better be a one-time thing. Kyle entered and asked if Billy wanted him to deal with the supplier, but Billy snapped that he didn't need help. Kyle recognized that being CEO was a demanding job, and he cautioned that it would be rolling the dice with the company to pretend otherwise. Billy said Kyle reminded him of the old stories about Jack, who hadn't had any check on his ambition. Billy warned that Jack had only found pain and disappointment, since Jack had ended up working as a subordinate for a Newman.

Billy advised Kyle not to end up just like Jack -- on the outside, looking in. Kyle found it odd that Billy was accusing him of being blindly ambitious when Billy had screwed over his brother to take over the place. Kyle argued that Jack would still be there if Billy hadn't decided to keep the blood Abbott clause, and he insinuated that actions had consequences. Billy demanded to know what that meant, but Kyle wordlessly walked out.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor poured a cup of coffee in the break room, where Abby tracked him down. She wondered how he was doing with everything that was going on with Jack, and he huffed that he wanted nothing to do with the search to find out if they were brothers. Abby reported that Jack wasn't about to give up.

Abby voiced concern about Jack's search causing Victor unnecessary stress when her father had recently been seriously ill. Victor invited her to join him for his physical therapy session that day to put her worries to rest. Abby noted that she still had lot to learn, so she needed him healthy and strong. He assured her that working out took his mind off all the nonsense, especially Jack trying to get Victor's DNA. Victor headed out, and Abby thoughtfully stared at his coffee cup before she set it in the sink.

After Nate examined Victor with Abby present, Victor thanked Nate for reassuring his daughter. Nate reported that everything checked out fine, but he inquired whether there was any new stress Victor was dealing with. Victor indicated that there was nothing out of the ordinary, and Abby promised to try to contain her concerns. Victor insisted that he was in perfectly capable hands, and she headed out. Nate sensed that Victor hadn't been truthful about there not being any new stress.

Matt appeared at the door, and Victor introduced Nate as a friend of the family. After Nate left, Matt apologized if his arrival in town had caused tension. Victor recalled that they hadn't talked much over the years, but he'd thought he could rely on Matt's understanding and loyalty. Matt insisted that Victor could, and he thought they'd hashed out their feelings about Albert years earlier. Victor thought they'd agreed to never talk about their father again, but Matt doubted that it was a workable solution to pretend Jack's questions didn't exist. Victor stated that Matt was the only brother he wanted.

Matt found it sad that he'd been as close as Madison and never thought to stop by and say hello, and Victor acknowledged that closeness between brothers depended on both sides. Matt inquired whether it was an accusation or a confession, and Victor commented that sometimes even the relationships with people he lived with weren't what he'd envisioned. Matt considered it all the more reason to give Jack the information he needed, since maybe it would turn the page for Jack and Victor. Victor barked that he had zero interest in establishing a relationship with Jack, who had no spine.

Matt asserted that it took a strong man to overcome his past and look toward an uncertain future, just like Victor had. Matt recounted that Victor had changed his name and made a new name for himself, but Victor thought he and Jack couldn't be compared on any level. Matt suspected that the reason Victor couldn't entertain the idea that he and Jack might be related had to do with their father, but Victor firmly stated that Albert was no longer a presence in his life. Matt agreed that they were better off without the "bastard" in their lives, and he thought Victor had a chance to prove it.

Later, Jack arrived at Newman in response to a vague message from Matt. Victor appeared and declared that Nate would take samples from their cheeks to submit for a DNA test. Jack was amazed that Victor had found reason, but Victor clarified that he was only doing it to prove once and for all that they weren't related. Jack asked how long it would take, and Nate anticipated getting the results as early as the next day. Nate handed swabs to Jack and Victor.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Billy realizes that his family has dragged him into an intervention.

• Victor requests the DNA results.

• Lily and Cane learn that their daughter has been arrested.

• Nick and Sharon separately grapple with telling the other the truth.

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