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Rebekah attempts to seduce Nick
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Friday, December 7, 2018

At Devon's penthouse, a woozy Devon struggled to see Ana and Rebekah clearly. Ana called his name as he raised his hand to his chest, and he claimed that he'd been distracted for a second. Ana suggested that Rebekah get to know Renee through her songs, and she handed over a thumb drive with the latest tracks Renee had recorded before she'd gone on tour. Rebekah put on headphones to listen to the songs, and Ana pulled Devon aside. He confided that his heart was racing and that he couldn't breathe well.

Ana retrieved Devon's prescription medication and suggested that he take his pills. Devon explained that the doctor had ordered them, but he'd never agreed to take them. Ana lectured that they were for what he was feeling, and she argued that it would be different than the way their mom had taken drugs because the pills had been prescribed by a doctor. Ana urged him to take the medication for the good of the deal if not for himself, and he reluctantly swallowed the pills.

Ana tried to convince Rebekah that LP was a perfect match for Barlow's customers, but Rebekah insisted on talking to Devon. A much calmer Devon explained that he'd worked out the problem of Renee not being there, since he understood Rebekah not wanting to put her reputation on the line without meeting the person who would be representing her company. Devon revealed that he'd arranged for Renee's manager to set up a videoconference right then, and Renee would be ready right after she finished her show. Rebekah went to grab some water, and Devon assured Ana that he was doing much better.

Later, Devon ended the videoconference and asked what Rebekah had thought of Renee. Rebekah agreed that Renee was the whole package, and she couldn't fathom how the singer had sat down for a meeting right after performing in front of thousands of screaming fans. Rebekah noted that Renee had been wearing Barlow's lipstick and had had Barlow products all over her dressing room table, so there would be no hard sell. Rebekah proclaimed that it was what her brand needed, and she instructed Devon to send her the paperwork to strike a deal.

After Rebekah left for another meeting, Ana enthused that she and Devon had done it, but she thought there were some things they needed to talk about. Devon demanded to know how she'd known about his prescription, since he'd wanted to keep it between him and his doctor. Ana explained that she'd seen the bottle when she'd been getting a document out of his briefcase. She continued that she'd recognized the name of the drug because she'd had a friend at school who had taken it for anxiety attacks. Devon denied having an attack, but Ana assured him that it was okay to ask for help and that she would be there if he did.

Ana wished that Devon had told her that he was struggling, but Devon figured that what he'd been feeling was normal. Devon recounted that from the time of Hilary's accident until her funeral, he'd had people trying to lift him up, but everyone had gone back to their lives, leaving him alone to deal with his grief. He'd thought he could handle it, but the walls had started closing in, and he'd felt like he couldn't breathe. Ana asked if it had been why he'd been drinking and partying, and he conceded that it hadn't helped anything. He admitted that he'd pushed away the people who cared about him, like her. Ana credited him for going to a therapist and taking his meds, but she warned that she wouldn't back off.

At the police station, Nikki asserted that Rey's theory that Victor had killed J.T. was absurd, but Rey countered that he had evidence to back it up. Nikki griped that it had obviously been planted to make Victor look guilty, but Rey questioned why Victor had dropped off the radar and refused his calls. Victoria maintained that her father was working abroad, but Rey remarked that those who hid were guilty. He dared the women to tell him who had killed J.T. if Victor hadn't.

Rey wanted to question Nikki and Victoria separately, and Victoria declared that she had nothing to hide. Nikki stepped out, and Victoria huffed that Rey didn't intimidate her. He swore that he respected her loyalty to her father, and he imagined that it was killing her that Victor had gone AWOL. Rey warned that the longer Victor stayed away, the worse it would get for him, and he encouraged Victoria to tell him where Victor was. Victoria reiterated that she didn't know where Victor was or how he could be contacted, but she was sure he'd had nothing to do with J.T.'s murder. Rey sensed that there was something she wasn't telling him.

Later, Nikki insisted to Rey that she and Victoria had already told him everything they knew, and she chided him for going after an innocent man. Rey found her word choice interesting, since he considered powerful, ruthless, and unscrupulous better words to describe Victor. Rey questioned whether she was unaware that Victor had left his ex-son-in-law to die or that he'd kidnapped Jack and tried to kill him. Nikki turned the topic back to her husband's whereabouts, and she confirmed that Victor had been in Dubai when they'd last spoken. Rey mentioned that he knew Victor's phone had been disconnected, and he pointed out that Nikki might have been the last person who'd talked to Victor. She replied that she hadn't been in contact with Victor since before the fire.

At Crimson Lights, Billy ordered black coffee, and Sharon wondered if Phyllis was still pulling rank. Billy indicated that he and Phyllis had reached an agreement that worked for them as well as the company, and a surprised Sharon asked if he was feeling okay. Billy insisted that he and Phyllis had been totally in sync, firing on all cylinders like old times, and they were about to close a major deal. Sharon inquired whether it was in the boardroom or the bedroom.

Billy conceded that Phyllis taking over had been "hell," but putting their differences aside for the good of the company had felt good. Sharon doubted that all he was interested in was peaceful coexistence. Billy confirmed that he hadn't forgotten what Phyllis had done, but he didn't want to hold onto his anger anymore, and he couldn't hate her for cheating on him. Sharon wondered what had replaced his anger, and Billy admitted that he still cared. Sharon understood because she still cared about Nick, but she stressed that she'd made peace with knowing that she couldn't go back to him.

At Victoria's house, Nikki groaned that every day it was something worse. Victoria insisted that the gun and shirt had been planted to frame her dad, and the person who'd done it clearly hadn't known how J.T. had died. Nikki contemplated who would have moved the body and planted evidence to frame Victor, and Victoria thought Phyllis and Sharon needed to know. Victoria offered to contact them after she checked on the kids, and Nikki requested a moment to catch her breath. After Victoria went upstairs, Nikki stared at the bottles of liquor at the bar.

Nikki approached the bar and poured a glass of vodka. She placed it to her lips, but she stopped when she heard footsteps, and she poured the drink into a flower arrangement. Victoria reported that the kids were asleep, and the doorbell rang. Victoria guessed that it was Sharon because she hadn't been able to reach Phyllis. Nikki covertly returned the glass to the bar as Victoria let Sharon in. Victoria and Nikki informed Sharon about the shirt and gun that Rey had found at the stables.

Sharon asked herself how she'd gotten caught up in the insanity, and Nikki reminded her that the party had been Sharon's idea. Victoria scolded the two for arguing, and Sharon considered that maybe Victor really had murdered J.T. Victoria found the idea of Victor killing J.T. and leaving behind evidence for the police to find even more unbelievable than a corpse digging itself out of a grave. Nikki wondered if Jack might have planted the gun and shirt, but Sharon suddenly realized that it was obvious who had done it -- the person who should also be there, worried as much as they were.

Sharon argued that Phyllis could get no better revenge than to see Victor pay for a crime Phyllis had been involved in, and she envisioned Phyllis moving the body right after they'd buried him and saving some of J.T.'s blood in case she'd needed it. Nikki highly doubted that Phyllis had stashed a body somewhere, ghoulishly removed blood, planted it on a shirt, and lit the stables on fire. Victoria added that it had been difficult for the four of them to move the body, so there was no way Phyllis could have done it by herself. Victoria suspected that Sharon was letting hatred cloud her judgment, and Nikki thought only one person could have done it. Victoria vowed to put a stop to it once and for all.

Things remained tense between Mariah and Tessa at their apartment. Tessa mentioned that she'd applied for ten jobs, but employers were done hiring for the holidays. Tessa groaned that Sharon had fired her at the worst time, and she wished Mariah hadn't spilled about Tessa being the blackmailer. Mariah refused to go over it again, since it wouldn't make things any better. Tessa asked what would, and Mariah abruptly said she had to go.

Kyle met Mariah at the coffeehouse and wondered if she'd reunited with Tessa. Mariah bemoaned that she hadn't been able to go through with it, and Kyle wondered if she'd ever be able to. He suggested that it might be time to call it quits, but Mariah hated the thought of ending it after all she and Tessa had gone through just to be together. Kyle imagined that the unforgivable thing that Mariah couldn't tell him about had been bad, and he urged her to walk away. Mariah whimpered that she couldn't, and Kyle pointed out that he couldn't help her without knowing more. Mariah admitted that she couldn't leave because she was scared to death.

Mariah worried about the possibility that there was no one else out there for her, and Kyle called her crazy for being afraid of that. He questioned why someone wouldn't love someone smart, hilarious, beautiful, and real like Mariah, and he thought tons of people would want to be with her. She deadpanned that she was totally beating them away with a stick, and he advised her not to stay with Tessa if the relationship had zero chance of lasting. Mariah realized that nothing else was left if they had no trust, and she accepted that she had to break up with Tessa. Kyle offered to be there as backup, but Mariah felt she had to do it on her own.

Later, Rey spotted a glum Mariah at the coffeehouse and asked if everything was all right. She commented that it had been a rough day, and he replied that his had been the same. She inquired whether J.T.'s case was still messing with him, and he complained that it had gone sideways every time he'd thought he'd been close to solving it. He hoped her night was better than her day, but she didn't hold out hope. After Rey stepped away, Mariah received a text message from Tessa, saying she was on her way. Tessa exited her apartment and locked the door, but someone grabbed her from behind.

At home, Nick reeled from Phyllis' request that he go on a date with another woman. He guessed that it was a test, and he flatly declined, since she was all the woman he could handle. Phyllis informed him that she was close to signing a deal with Rebekah Barlow, but Rebekah wanted to have dinner with him. Nick assumed that Rebekah wanted to talk about the Jaboutique properties, so it was a business meeting and not a date. Phyllis recalled the way that Rebekah had been eyeing Nick, and she anticipated that Rebekah wouldn't be upset if he was on the menu. Phyllis implored him to flash his killer smile and persuade Rebekah to sign on the dotted line. Nick teased Phyllis for pimping him out.

Phyllis covered Nick in kisses, and she contended that it was an opportunity to meet with a smart businesswoman who could be a useful contact. Phyllis appealed to Nick to make Rebekah laugh at his jokes and tell her how great the Jaboutiques were, but Nick questioned why Rebekah was interested in someone who was obviously with someone else. Phyllis revealed that she hadn't made it clear that she and Nick were a couple. Nick wasn't sure whether to feel insulted or flattered, and Phyllis asked if he would help her. He agreed to go on a date with another woman, but he expected some serious quid pro quo in exchange for using his charms. They kissed passionately.

Over dinner at the Athletic Club, Nick told Rebekah about the research his marketing team had done on the properties that were housing the Jaboutiques. Rebekah purred that he knew a lot about women and what they liked, and he mentioned that he had several female relatives, some of whom were working at Dark Horse. Rebekah was impressed that Dark Horse had become one of the top commercial real estate firms in the nation in less than a year, and Nick praised how she'd made a name for her cosmetics company. She asserted that she believed in her product and herself, and she hoped she wasn't tearing him away from his girlfriend to meet with her. He stated that he was where he wanted to be.

Rebekah cooed that she couldn't think of a better way to end an amazing day. Nick remarked that Genoa City was the place to be, and she pointedly replied that she wanted a piece of it. Billy sat at the bar and spotted Nick and Rebekah. Rebekah expressed doubts about hooking up with Jabot, but she called Nick a hard man to say no to. Nick prompted her to close the deal, and she suggested that they do it upstairs in her suite. Billy glowered as they headed out together.

Billy found Phyllis at Jabot and asked her where Nick was. She mentioned that her beau was at a dinner meeting, and Billy inquired whether she'd heard from Rebekah. Phyllis expected good news soon, but Billy suspected that Rebekah had things other than their proposal on her mind. Billy hesitantly revealed that he'd seen Rebekah getting cozy with Nick at the Athletic Club, and he could hardly believe that Nick was already cheating. Phyllis chortled.

Phyllis said she'd offer Billy a drink. but she thought he'd had enough. Billy swore that he was sober, and Phyllis was sure that he'd only seen Nick having dinner with a business associate. Billy questioned what business Nick had with Rebekah, and Phyllis explained that Nick was doing it as a favor to her, using his business savvy and charm to convince Rebekah that the Jaboutiques were good for her brand. Billy wondered what part of it involved Nick going up to Rebekah's suite.

Phyllis accused Billy of trying to make trouble. Billy said he didn't want to see her get hurt again, and he conceded that while he'd done "crap things" to her, he'd never cheated. He admitted that he'd take back sleeping with Summer if he could, and Phyllis testily asked if it was an apology. Billy inquired whether it would make a difference, and Phyllis wondered if he was asking her for another chance. He asked if that was what she wanted, and she told him that she thought he should go.

In a hotel suite, Rebekah fetched a bottle of wine and prepared to begin the celebration. Nick pressed her to sign the contracts, but she preferred not to rush things. He invited her to take as much time as she needed, and she offered to send the documents directly to Phyllis. Rebekah mentioned that she was flying out that night, and she wanted to "do it" before she left. She added that he was the only one she trusted to take care of it for her, and she proposed that a little celebration was the best way to end the evening. Rebekah spilled some wine on her dress and said she'd be right back.

Nick called out to ask Rebekah how it was going, since he had to get going soon. She appeared in sexy lingerie, and he asked what she was doing. She seductively replied that she was celebrating, and she thought he could help her. She tugged at his tie, but he prompted her to sign the contracts. She said it could wait, huskily adding, "This can't." Phyllis hovered outside Rebekah's suite.

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30 Rock star Katrina Bowden joins B&B
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30 Rock star Katrina Bowden joins B&B
Adain Bradley takes break from B&B
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