Friday, April 18, 2014

Sharon asked what Nick thought about what she'd chosen to wear to the engagement party, and he replied that he couldn't think when she looked that amazing. He found it hard to believe that she had been in the hospital not long before, and she marveled that her treatment had worked. Nick stated that he would be proud to walk in with her on his arm, and Sharon wondered if they were ready to show up as a couple in front of his family. He asked if she was having second thoughts.

Sharon admitted that she'd reconsidered going to the party, but someone had convinced her to stick to the plan. She reached for an open photo album that displayed a picture of Cassie, and Nick looked alarmed, but Sharon assured him that she had only been reminiscing about happy times, including some that they'd had with Victor. Sharon flashed back to Cassie asking Nick if she could call him "Daddy," since Cassie had always wanted a real dad. Nick remarked that it was nice to be able to talk about Cassie, and Sharon said that it had felt like her life had shattered when Cassie had died, but she got to decide how the pieces fit back together, starting with going to the party with him.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci helped Jack get ready, and she warned him to play nice with Victor for Tyler and Abby's sakes. Billy entered in casual attire, and he declared that he wasn't going to the party. "The hell you're not," Ashley announced as she appeared in the doorway. Jack hugged Ashley, and Traci pointedly commented that it had been generous for Victor to invite all the Abbotts, but Billy countered that Victoria needed space.

Traci, Ashley, and Jack presented arguments about why Billy should attend to show that he hadn't given up on Victoria. Traci pointed out that everyone knew that Billy and Victoria still loved one another and that the night was about celebrating love. Billy was afraid of what he'd do if Victor provoked him, but Ashley insisted that Victor wouldn't ruin Abby's big night. Jack contended that if Victor could suck up his animosity for one night then Billy could, too, and Ashley assured Billy that his family would be there to support him.

Tyler met Leslie for a drink at the Athletic Club, and he contemplated taking his boxing gloves to the party in case Victor wanted to go a couple of rounds. Leslie imagined that Victor would toast to Abby and Tyler's long, happy future, and she gushed that Tyler had gone from tagging buildings to marrying into a "family of one-percenters." Leslie acknowledged that despite Abby's privileged upbringing, Abby was the real deal, whereas Mariah had never been good enough for Tyler. Abby showed up and asked where Tyler had disappeared to.

Tyler said that Abby was killing him with how gorgeous she was, and he asked if it was bad luck to see one another before the party, but she informed him that the superstition only applied to the wedding. Abby congratulated Leslie on getting married and said that she couldn't wait to meet Leslie's husband that night, but Leslie explained that it wasn't the best place to introduce Barton to Neil's friends. Abby admitted that she'd been surprised to hear that Leslie had gotten married, and Leslie acknowledged that it seemed hypocritical, but Abby argued that Leslie had just followed her heart and that some people were meant to be together.

At the ranch, Nikki searched for something, and Victor handed over her phone and claimed that he'd thought it had been his. She asked if there had been any calls about the party, and she noted that the guests should start arriving any minute. Victoria entered, and Victor went upstairs to get ready. Victoria worriedly questioned what he was really getting ready for, and Nikki hoped that he would be on his best behavior, since it had been his idea to have a party with all of the people Abby cared about in the house. Victoria asked if Billy planned to attend, and Nikki inquired whether Victoria wanted him there or not.

Victoria said that she was just curious whether Victor had invited the entire Abbott family, and Nikki remarked that they would find out soon enough. Summer, Courtney, and Noah arrived, and Summer informed Nikki that Courtney was actually a police officer. Nikki left to speak with the bartender, and Noah followed to get some drinks. Courtney chided Summer for mentioning that she was a cop, but Summer implied that they might need Courtney's services, since anything could happen when the Abbotts and Newmans got together.

The Abbott family arrived, and Ashley implored Jack and Victor to keep the bloodsucking to a minimum. Victor glared when Billy appeared in the doorway, and Billy and Victoria locked eyes. Victor grumbled that he'd hoped that Billy wouldn't show up, and Ashley warned Victor not to make trouble that night. Nikki pulled Victor aside to say hello to Traci, who said that she was looking forward to an enjoyable evening, and Nikki replied that she'd be satisfied with an uneventful one. Billy tentatively greeted Victoria, who said that she was glad he'd shown up because it would mean a lot to Tyler and Abby. Victor offered Jack a drink, and Jack credited Victor with agreeing to coexist under the same roof for a happy occasion.

Ashley remarked that Tyler was special if he'd talked Abby into settling down, and Abby praised Ashley's recent efforts to raise funds for charity by getting millionaire celebrities to show up at exclusive events. Meanwhile, Jack commented to Leslie that Tyler seemed nervous, and she explained that Tyler wasn't accustomed to socializing with the upper crust. Abby told Traci that she and Tyler might still live at the house for a while until they found a place of their own, and Traci said that where they lived wasn't as important as finding the right person. Traci advised Abby not to get sucked into any family drama. Tyler said that he appreciated Victor opening his home to them, and Victor stated that he took his family's happiness very seriously. Victor spotted Nick enter with Sharon.

Noah thought that his parents were making a statement by showing up together in front of the whole family, and Nick said that everyone had to accept it. Sharon hoped that no one would throw eggs at her, and Abby pulled Nick aside and admonished him for inviting Sharon. Abby accused Nick of upstaging her celebration, but Nick defended that he and Sharon were together and happy, and he didn't care what people thought. Abby pointed out that Sharon had hurt him, and he countered that he had hurt Sharon, too. Nick said that all relationships had rough patches, and he hoped that Abby and Tyler got through theirs with less pain than Nick and Sharon had experienced.

Nikki remarked that Abby had "come a long way," and Abby recalled when she'd ridden in naked on a horse. Nikki fondly remembered the creative wedding ceremonies that Abby had planned when Nikki had been in the hospital, and she gushed that she was very happy that Abby had found love with Tyler. Abby said that she might have played Lady Godiva, but she had been a poor imitation of the real warrior that Nikki was, and she wished that she had half the strength and courage that Nikki had displayed when battling her multiple sclerosis. The women hugged.

Ashley raised her glass to Abby and Tyler, who she said were about to plunge into matrimony despite having questionable role models. Ashley said that she was thrilled for them and that she knew Brad and Colleen would have been, too. Ashley continued that it wasn't easy to find someone to connect with, but Victor and Nikki had demonstrated that it was possible to overcome life's obstacles, and three families with differences had joined together that night to celebrate the irresistible force of love. An emotional Victoria quietly ducked out, and Billy followed her as Ashley toasted to her daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law. Ashley hoped that Abby and Tyler cherished what they had and fought for it, and the guests clinked their glasses together.

Victor remarked that it took more than love to sustain a marriage and that some people in the room knew what it took to have a successful union -- commitment, loyalty, mutual respect, and forgiveness. He said that he wished Abby the greatest happiness, and although he didn't know Tyler well, he respected Tyler for making his way under difficult circumstances. Victor counseled that no matter how much a man and a woman loved one another, they would be tested, and he hoped that Abby and Tyler would rely on the support and wisdom from people in that room, especially his beautiful wife. Victor wished all the happiness in the world to Tyler and Abby, and everyone raised their glasses as the couple kissed.

Abby called Victor the best dad ever, and Victor proclaimed that he would do anything for his family. Traci asked Summer if things were settling down, and Summer confided that she wasn't sure whether she should accept Jack's job offer at Jabot. Traci opined that Summer had plenty of time to worry about a career, and she encouraged Summer to enjoy her youth by traveling and meeting new friends. Summer asked how she was supposed to do that when Phyllis might never wake up again, and Traci said that Phyllis wouldn't want Summer to put her life on hold. As Summer glanced at Jack, she replied that it didn't feel right, at least not for her.

Courtney asked if Tyler felt intimidated, since as Noah's girlfriend, she was freaked out by the Newmans' stories about corporate jets and private islands. Noah approached and inquired whether Tyler was ready to run for the hills, but Tyler swore that Abby was worth sticking around for. Abby thanked Ashley for the beautiful toast, and she wished that Kyle could have been there, but she understood that someone had needed to hold down the fort at Jabot. Abby continued that she was happy that Billy had shown up, and the women agreed that they were glad that he'd gone after Victoria.

Billy chased Victoria outside and asked if she was okay. She said yes and then no, and she admitted that it had been hard hearing Ashley's toast. Billy suddenly pulled Victoria into a kiss, and she responded. Victoria eventually pulled away and said that she had to go home, and Billy offered to take her, but she refused and walked away.

Nikki commended Victor for hosting a successful evening, and Victor wondered where Victoria had gone, but Nikki said that they had to trust that Victoria knew what she was doing. Victor grumbled that he'd trusted his son to escort a pyromaniac who had burned down the whole house, and Nikki urged Victor to try not to think about it. Nick and Sharon approached and complimented Victor's speech, and Nick applauded Victor for getting the families together without starting a war. Nick remarked that it was a new beginning for all of them.

Courtney asked Summer about the fashion show, and Summer replied that it had been different to be on the other side of things. Courtney asked if drugs had been involved, and Jack overheard and insisted that no Jabot model would get her hands on any illicit drugs, especially from Bonaventure Industries, which was in the process of being shut down. Victor reiterated that he'd had nothing to do with the drugs, and Jack huffed that they'd see. Victor ordered Jack to stop riding in like a white knight to resolve the problem Jack had created, but Nikki intervened and ushered everyone to the dining room for cake. Tyler told Abby that they'd dodged a bullet, and they kissed as someone peered in through the window.

Sharon realized that she'd left Abby and Tyler's gift in the car, and Nick went to retrieve it. After he left, Sharon heard footsteps behind her, and she saw Victor glowering at her. Meanwhile, Nick heard a rustling noise by his car, and he called out to ask if someone was there. He was stunned when he encountered Cassie's look-alike.

Victoria returned home, and there was a knock at the door. She asked who it was, and Billy called out that he needed to speak to her. She hesitantly opened the door, and he said that he wanted to talk about what had happened. She insisted on showing him something instead, and she told him to wait there. Victoria went upstairs and returned after she'd changed into a sleek black dress.

Billy said that Victoria looked even more beautiful than she had before, and he suggested that he make a reservation for dinner to live it up, since it wasn't every day that he got back together with the love of his life. He reached for her, but she pulled away, and she said that she shouldn't have let the kiss happen. He argued that she'd wanted it as much as he had, but she called it a mistake, and she couldn't pretend that he wouldn't hurt her again. He promised that he wouldn't, but she countered that he'd done so every time, and she hated him for it. She added that she hated herself for not being able to break free of him.

Billy asked why Victoria had dressed up for him, and he suddenly realized that she was going out with Stitch. He asked if she was throwing it in his face, and Victoria explained that she'd wanted to show Billy that she was moving on, since he might believe it if he saw it. Billy thought that she was trying to make herself believe it, but she flatly told him goodbye. Billy declared that she could go on as many dates as she wanted or that she could even marry Stitch, but what Billy and Victoria had would never be over. She struggled against tears as he headed for the door. Victoria called Stitch to confirm that their date was on, but she sighed heavily as she hung up.

At the penthouse, Chelsea gazed at Adam's death certificate, and she answered a knock at the door. Jeffrey hugged her and groaned that his poor little girl was suffering, and Michael suddenly appeared. Chelsea asked what Michael was doing there, and Michael replied that Jeffrey had summoned him on Chelsea's behalf. Jeffrey said that Chelsea could use help from someone trustworthy to deal with life's details, like bills and life insurance policies. Chelsea realized that Jeffrey meant Adam's estate, and she accused Jeffrey of trying to cash in on her husband's death.

Chelsea ranted that she hadn't even buried her husband, yet Jeffrey had already hired a lawyer to finagle a payday for himself, and she called him a selfish, insensitive ingrate of a man who she was embarrassed to call her father. Jeffrey asked Michael to call him later with an update, and he left. Chelsea apologized that Jeffrey had dragged Michael in, but Michael said that he was glad to see how she was doing, and he mentioned that he'd heard that the fashion show had been a huge hit. Chelsea asked if Lauren was feeling better, and Michael replied that Lauren was fine.

Michael spotted Connor's favorite toy on the couch and said that the boy had great taste, and Chelsea said that Connor was like his dad. Michael sympathized that she was dealing with conflicting emotions, and she lamented that she and Adam had been "to hell and back," and they'd finally committed and built a family, but it had all been a lie. Chelsea said that the only thing she was sure of was that Adam had loved her, but she didn't know if she'd ever be able to reconcile it.

Michael recognized that Jeffrey's motives had been self-serving, but he didn't think Jeffrey was wrong about settling Adam's estate. Michael offered to handle it for Chelsea, and she said that she could use all the help she could get. Michael mentioned that he knew that things were strained between her and Chloe, and Chelsea revealed that they'd talked things out at the fashion show. Chelsea added that she was grateful to Jack for stepping up as Connor's godfather and legal guardian, and she said that Victor had been more of a father to her than Jeffrey ever had been. Michael was surprised, considering Victor's history with Adam, but Chelsea mused that Adam's death had devastated Victor, and she believed that Victor's priorities had become clearer.

After Michael left, Jeffrey reappeared on Chelsea's doorstep, and she coolly asked if he'd forgotten to steal her wallet. He apologized, but she snapped that there weren't enough days left in his life to apologize for all the ways he'd hurt her, starting with abandoning her mother. Jeffrey said that he shouldn't have left back then or that night, and he agreed that he was a lousy father. He realized that he couldn't do things over, but he asserted that he could do things better by being there for Connor in a way he hadn't been there for Chelsea. Chelsea said that she wanted to believe him, but her instincts told her that she couldn't.

Jeffrey said that he couldn't blame Chelsea for doubting him, and he confessed that he'd been a coward who had wanted to run away when he'd found out he had a daughter. Jeffrey begged for another chance to try to get it right or to at least screw up less, and Chelsea asked if he would go home if she said yes. He wished her sweet dreams, but before he headed out, he asked for money for a cab. She groused that he would never change, and she handed him some cash and ordered him to go. Moments after Jeffrey departed, there was another knock, and Chelsea yelled about what it would take to get rid of him, but she found Billy at the door.

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