Sharon's confession results in arrests
Friday, February 15, 2019
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Friday, February 15, 2019

At the cottage, Rey reeled from Sharon's revelation that J.T. had been killed in self-defense. "We had no choice," Rey repeated, and he asked who "we" had been. Sharon claimed that she didn't know what she was talking about, but he guessed that she'd been referring to her and Nikki. Sharon said she couldn't tell him anything more, and he couldn't believe that the last person he'd suspected had known the whole time. Sharon wailed that it had been "hell" on her not to tell him, and he had no idea how many times she'd wanted to. Rey said he needed her to tell him everything.

Sharon worried that no matter what Rey felt for her, his loyalty was to his job. He swore that he could protect her, and he pressed her to let him help her. Sharon rambled about finding oneself face to face with a monster and trying to stop it, but sometimes having to kill it. She lamented that she'd become a person she'd never thought she would be, and she'd done things she'd never dreamed she would do. Sharon reiterated that J.T.'s death had been an accident, and every day since then had been a nightmare.

Rey implored Sharon to start at the beginning, and she explained that no one had meant to kill J.T. -- only to protect Victoria from him. Rey asked who had been there, and Sharon balked, citing the promise she'd made to never tell anyone. He gave her his word that he would take care of her, and she spilled that "everyone" had been there. He assumed she meant Nikki, Victoria, and Phyllis. "And me," Sharon admitted. Rey was stunned that she'd witnessed a murder and never said a thing.

Rey demanded to know why Sharon had kept the secret from him for that long, and she repeated that she'd wanted to tell him many times. He was dumbfounded that she'd actually been there, and he asked her to walk him through the night J.T. had died. She revealed that during the party, Victoria had confided that she and J.T. had split because he'd been abusing her, and Victoria had gone upstairs because she'd been upset. Sharon continued that the rest of the women had heard a noise, followed by Victoria screaming, and they'd run upstairs and found J.T. attacking Victoria.

Sharon contended that Nikki had done what any mother would have done by grabbing the nearest object and hitting J.T. to stop him. Sharon reiterated that Nikki hadn't meant to kill him, but Rey wondered why they hadn't called the police. Sharon reminded him that she'd called 9-1-1, but she'd hung up because she hadn't been the only one involved, and they'd started to have doubts about whether the police would see it as self-defense or not. "It wasn't self-defense. It was murder," Rey flatly stated.

Rey clarified that technically it hadn't been self-defense, but it didn't mean the circumstances wouldn't be taken into account. Sharon argued that it was the reason she and the other women had wrestled with calling the police, since none of them deserved to go to prison for killing a man who might have killed their friend. Sharon cried that they'd suffered for it every day since then, and they'd all made a promise never to tell anyone. Rey asked about what had happened to the body, and Sharon recounted how they'd wrapped J.T. in a rug and buried him in Chancellor Park, but they didn't know where the body had gone. Sharon rambled that the lies had been killing her ever since that night, and she was so sorry. She threw her arms around Rey, and he hesitantly comforted her.

Rey numbly recapped that Sharon had covered up a crime, buried a body, destroyed evidence, and lied to the police. Sharon maintained that Nikki had only been trying to protect Victoria, and they'd panicked. Sharon insisted that she wasn't a criminal, but he pointed out that she'd aided in the commission of several crimes. He recalled that she'd handed him the tape that made it seem like Victor had killed J.T., and he questioned whether she was okay with an innocent man going to prison. She asked what would happen next.

Billy arrived at Victoria's house with Chinese takeout, since he knew the last thing on Victoria's mind had been feeding the troops. He pulled out all her favorites, and she thanked him for everything he'd done, even after she'd shot him down. He compared himself to a phoenix that rose from the ashes, and he swore that they would always be connected. Victoria stressed that it meant a lot that she could count on him, and she wondered if he'd step up to take over caring for the kids full-time if she needed him to. Billy figured that they didn't have to worry about that because she wasn't going anywhere, and she turned away. He asked if she knew something he didn't.

Victoria returned after setting the kids up with a picnic on a blanket on the floor upstairs. Billy prompted her to tell him what she'd meant by her earlier comment, but she wrote it off as just being hungry. He pushed to know why she'd asked if he'd be cool taking care of the kids, and she figured that anything could happen, so she just wanted to know that he'd keep them safe and raise them in a way that would make her proud. Billy assured her that he'd do anything for Johnny and Katie, but there was nothing that would take Victoria away from them. She turned the topic to having their own picnic, but he could see that she looked worried.

Later, Billy noticed how little Victoria had eaten in between her frequent trips upstairs to check on the kids. She explained that she didn't want to miss the kids growing up, since it was all going by so fast. He suggested that she take time off work, but she was committed to filling in for her father. Billy praised her for being a fantastic daughter, and he insisted that the crisis hadn't been her fault. Victoria continued to blame herself for pulling J.T. back into their lives, but Billy reasoned that they couldn't go back in time to change things. He thought the best thing she could do was let him take care of her. He pulled her into his arms and swore that everything would be brighter in the morning.

Victoria again pleaded with Billy to confirm that he'd be with the kids if she couldn't be. He pledged to take care of them in a heartbeat, and he'd make sure they made her proud by doing well in school, treating one another with love, and eating their vegetables. She begged him to let them know that no matter where she was, her heart would be with them. Billy worried that it didn't sound like a hypothetical anymore, and Victoria murmured that she'd thought she would have more time. "Time for what?" he asked, and there was pounding at the front door. "To say goodbye," Victoria replied.

Nick and Phyllis cuddled in bed after making love. He called her a beautiful distraction, since he couldn't remember what he'd wanted to forget. She offered to suggest some ways he could express his deep appreciation, and she tempted him with chocolate-covered strawberries between kisses. They agreed that it was the best Valentine's Day ever, and he exclaimed that the strip memory lane game had been unforgettable. She wished that things were as simple as they had been for them in New Mexico. Nick insisted that he liked complicated, and he loved that she always was.

Phyllis was dismayed that Pepe's Roadhouse was gone, and she fondly recalled having the best steak she'd ever had there. Nick seemed insulted that she only remembered the steak, but she assured him that she remembered other things. They reflected back on how they'd danced, and he remembered holding her in his arms and never wanting to let her go. "Who says you have to?" she asked as the doorbell began ringing incessantly.

Sharon stared tearfully at Rey as he placed handcuffs on her wrists. Meanwhile, Nick watched as an officer led Phyllis away, while Victoria was arrested as Billy looked on.

At the Athletic Club, Abby confronted Mia about Mia not accepting that Abby was about to become Mrs. Arturo Rosales. Abby spat that Arturo had moved on, and she thought Mia should at least try to look less desperate, since Mia was so focused on appearances. Mia suggested that Abby look in the mirror if she wanted to see someone desperate to hang onto a man, and she told Arturo to get his girl out of her face. Abby lectured that she'd tried to be polite and understanding, and she pitied Mia for her lack of self-control and grace.

Abby added that she'd only put up with Mia because Rey and Arturo's relationship was finally mending. Abby had thought Mia renewing her vows had shown dignity and self-respect, but she'd been wrong because Mia was just a spoiled brat who was starved for attention. Abby demanded that Mia look for it somewhere else with her own husband, since Arturo was Abby's man. Mia taunted that they both knew that if she really wanted Arturo, she could have him anytime she wanted. Abby's jaw dropped.

Mariah and Tessa looked on as Arturo intervened, and Tessa expressed relief that she and Mariah were just everyday people in love with no drama or baggage. They agreed that their relationship had become wonderfully comfortable. Mariah swore that her heart still skipped a beat when she looked at Tessa, and she wanted to be wherever Tessa was. Tessa gushed that she was glad they were on the other side of the madness they'd gone through. Mariah hoped it was their first Valentine's Day of many, but she preferred to spend the following year at home in their pajamas, away from the loud amateurs. Tessa said she'd love that, and Mariah toasted to being the boring ones.

Meanwhile, Abby snapped that Mia had to get over her schoolgirl fantasy, since things had changed, and she suggested that Mia do herself a favor and "grow the hell up." Mia ordered Arturo to put a leash on his lapdog, and Arturo suggested that he and Abby leave. Abby asserted that she could handle herself, and it was between her and Mia. Mia counseled Arturo to take a good, hard look and listen up, since a little rich girl was telling him what to do, where to go, how to dress, and what to say. Mia questioned whether that was what he really wanted.

Mia wondered how long Arturo would put up with a princess who treated him like the help. Abby recommended that Mia go home and sleep it off, and hopefully she'd wake up and realize that she was someone else's wife. Abby crowed that Arturo had chosen her, and she made a show of waving her engagement ring in Mia's face. Abby claimed that she was trying to keep Mia from destroying her marriage and embarrassing herself more than she already had, and she clucked that desperation wasn't a good look for Mia. Mia retorted that neither was her fist in Abby's face.

Mia scoffed at the idea of Abby being classy when her claim to fame had been sitting naked on a horse. Abby countered that Mia had dragged herself like a dog in heat from brother to brother, and Mia pointed out that the men had kept returning for more. Mia bellowed that it would take a lot more than Abby to keep a man like Arturo satisfied, and Mariah and Tessa approached to see if they could do anything to help. Abby barked that Mia hadn't been enough for Arturo, and Rey was only with Mia out of obligation, so Mia had no one because she was no one. Arturo declared that it was enough, and he tried to pull Abby away. Abby huffed that she'd been wasting her breath on trash like Mia, who grabbed her by the hair and dared her to say more.

Arturo, Mariah, and Tessa pried Abby and Mia apart. Abby screeched that Mia was crazy, but Mia snarled that Abby hadn't seen crazy yet. Abby ordered Mia to back off, and Mia questioned what Abby would do if she didn't. Abby snatched Mia's necklace off her neck, and an aghast Mia noted that Rey had given it to her. Abby blasted her for showing affection for her husband by panting over his brother.

Abby recognized that Mia loved attention, but she doubted it was the audience Mia had been looking for. The club manager joined them, and Abby asked her to remind Mia of the club rules and general etiquette. The manager asked Mia to follow her out, but Mia protested that Abby had attacked her. Abby authorized a charge to her account for a car to take Mia home. Mia warned Arturo that he'd regret the day he'd met Abby.

After Mia left, Arturo led Abby to a table to sit down, and Mariah and Tessa headed out to finish celebrating Valentine's Day elsewhere. Abby apologized to Arturo for what had happened, and a glum Lola plopped down next to them. Abby asked what was wrong, and Lola recounted that she'd gone to the cabin to make things right with Kyle and had found him with Summer. Lola lamented that they'd been broken up for five minutes, and Kyle had already been planning to have sex with someone else. Arturo became incensed, and Lola bemoaned that it hurt because Lola loved Kyle.

Kyle burst into the club and explained that he'd followed Lola because they needed to talk, but she maintained that there was no way he could explain things. Kyle begged her to hear him out, and Arturo threateningly asked if Kyle had a problem. Kyle insisted that Summer meant nothing to him, and Arturo growled that Kyle hooked up with women who meant nothing. Abby gently suggested that Kyle leave, and Kyle pledged his love and swore that he would do whatever it took to fix things. Kyle headed out, and Lola apologized for ruining Valentine's Day for Abby and Arturo. Arturo grumbled that it had already happened earlier, and Abby inquired whether Lola thought Kyle had been telling the truth.

Lola stood by what she'd seen, and Arturo thought she had enough on her plate with the restaurant. Abby advised Lola to get some sleep and cool off before listening to the whole story. Lola groaned that she was too wound up to drive home, and she planned to take a walk. Arturo worried about the hour, and Lola promised that she'd stay away from dark alleys. Lola realized that she'd left her coat at the cabin, and Abby offered hers. Arturo made Lola agree to call when she got home and said he loved her. Lola hugged him and called him the best brother ever, and he joked not to tell Rey that.

Mia returned home and uttered a primal cry of fury. She grabbed a bottle of liquor and swigged directly from it, chest heaving. She spotted the magazine with Abby and Arturo on the cover and angrily threw it on the floor.

Mariah and Tessa crept into a dark Crimson Lights, and Tessa worried that they'd be arrested for breaking and entering. Mariah pointed out that she had keys, and she put coins in the jukebox. The ladies slow-danced, and Tessa wished the night would never end. "Who says it has to?" Mariah asked, but she spotted a somber-looking Lola outside. Mariah promised that the night wasn't over, and she went to let Lola in. Lola mentioned that she'd seen the light from the jukebox and thought the coffeehouse was open, but she moved to leave. Mariah and Tessa stopped her and prompted her to talk.

Lola revealed that she'd gone to the cabin to tell Kyle that breaking up had been a mistake, but he'd been kissing Summer. Mariah couldn't believe it, since Kyle loved Lola and would never invite Summer up to the cabin. Mariah theorized that Summer had found out that Lola wouldn't be there and had gone up there to throw herself at Kyle. Tessa added that she'd put money on it, yet Summer was the one fighting for Kyle while Lola was throwing in the towel.

Mariah warned that there were always obstacles in relationships, but overpowering them was what made the good times even sweeter. Mariah reiterated that Kyle loved Lola and that Lola had changed him into a better person. Mariah wondered if there was any chance Lola would hear his side of the story, and Lola hugged them and called them the best friends a girl could have. On her way out, Lola wished them a happy Valentine's Day, and Tessa and Mariah resumed their evening with a kiss.

Lola, shivering in Abby's coat with the hood up, pounded on the Abbott mansion door. When she received no response, she headed along the pool to check at the pool house. Her phone chimed, and she saw that she had an unread message from Arturo. Someone approached her from behind and hit her, sending Lola and her phone sprawling to the ground. The attacker smashed the phone with a high-heeled shoe before hurrying away. Lola woozily attempted to stand and tumbled into the pool.

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