Friday, December 12, 2014

At the cottage, Sharon greeted Nick at the door, and he asked if Faith was ready for school. She invited him to wait inside, and he saw David Sherman sitting on the couch. Nick couldn't believe Sharon was meeting with her lawyer there, and he accused them of brainwashing Faith and coaching the girl to say that she wanted to stay with Sharon. Sharon pointed out that Nick had initiated the custody suit, but unlike him, she'd never cut a parent out of Faith's life.

Nick wondered if Sharon and David were plotting to trash Nick in front of the judge, and he maintained that it was his job to do what was best for Faith, no matter what. Sharon questioned whether it was fair for Nick to rehash all the ugly details about her past but not his own, and he barked that what she'd done to him and Summer had shown the kind of person she was. Nick condemned David for how he'd treated Nikki on the stand, and Sharon sent David to the kitchen for more coffee. Nick berated Sharon for hiring the man who'd defended Ian, but Sharon countered that she'd contacted an attorney who wasn't afraid of the Newmans, and the suit could go away with one word from Nick.

Faith descended the stairs and whimpered that her parents were fighting again, but Nick assured her they were just talking. He asked what Faith wanted for dinner, and Faith asked if she was sleeping over at his house. Nick said it was also Faith's house, but she declared that she wouldn't sleep there, since he couldn't make her punish her mommy, too. Sharon helped Faith put on her coat and mentioned that Faith loved spending the night at her daddy's, and she was sure Nick would make Faith pancakes. Faith grumbled that Nick didn't want to be a family with them, and Nick explained that families sometimes changed.

Sharon promised she didn't mind Faith spending the night with Nick, since Faith and Nick deserved to have special time together, just like Faith and Sharon deserved theirs. Nick said Faith had to get to school, and Sharon instructed her daughter to go out to the car, but Faith stopped and glared at Nick before she walked out. Nick sternly questioned whether Sharon had told Faith that he was punishing Sharon, and Sharon explained that she'd told Faith that she was facing the consequences for something she'd done. Nick worried that his daughter hated him, and Sharon contended that no one was forcing him to sue for custody, but he was acting like he'd already won.

Nick couldn't imagine losing in court, but Sharon anticipated that the judge would understand she'd been ill when she'd done something she regretted. Nick accused her of playing the innocent victim, and Sharon asserted that she had her illness under control, despite the pressure she was under. Nick hissed that she'd known she'd done something evil and that she'd worked hard to cover it up, and her choices had caused people to suffer. Sharon accepted that her actions had cost her Nick, but she wouldn't give up her daughter in order for him to get even. Nick said he'd see her in court, and he walked out. David returned to the room, and he asked how dirty she was willing to fight.

Sharon said she wanted to be with Faith, but she refused to believe she needed to tear Nick apart, especially since she still loved him. David noted that the feeling hadn't sounded mutual, and Sharon conceded that she couldn't change how Nick felt, but she questioned what kind of mother would attack her child's father. David contemplated whether Nick and his family felt the same way about her, and he advised that her only shot was to fight even harder than the Newmans by striking first. She hoped something could be done before things got worse.

At Crimson Lights, Adam and Sage bickered about her constantly looking over his shoulder. She noticed when he looked down at Gabriel's watch, and she urged him to pay attention to his new life and forget about the old one. He slammed her for not having her own life, and he explained that the coffeehouse was a local hangout, so it was a good place for him to practice being Gabriel on an unsuspecting friend or enemy. Sage noted that his own widow hadn't recognized him, but Adam pointed out he'd been across the room, and it was time to see what happened if he was up close and personal. He spotted Noah, and he announced that his first guinea pig had just walked through the door.

Adam pointed out Noah to Sage, and Sage commented that Noah was cute. Adam revealed that Noah was his nephew and Nick's son, and Sage remarked that Nick was the brother Adam had wanted to leave for dead in the woods. Adam retorted that Nick would have done the same thing to him, and Sage asked how Noah felt about Adam. Adam explained that Noah had also once been his stepson, and he'd saved the kid's life once, but it hadn't mattered in the end. Adam urged Sage to leave, but she snapped that she could take care of herself if things got messy. Adam sarcastically said it was adorable she thought he was concerned about her, but he didn't want her to slow him down if he had to bolt.

Sage guessed that Adam loved the challenge, but he said his reasons didn't concern her. She contemplated what would happen if he crashed and burned, and he quipped that he'd already done that. He pointed to his face and told her to look at how it had turned out, and she warned him to be careful. She got up to leave, but she accidentally dropped her keys on her way out. Sharon entered, and Adam stared at her and froze. Sage watched his reaction.

Sharon spotted Noah, and they hugged. Sage returned to the table and asked Adam who Sharon was, and Adam nervously eyed Sharon and disclosed that she was his ex-wife and Noah's mother. He wondered if he could fool Sharon, but Sage protested that the idea was insane. Adam observed that Sharon looked upset, and Sage ordered him to get out of there, but Adam retorted that Sage should have left. Sage threatened that Adam's true identity would be the least of his problems if she had to tell Constance that her grandson had died in the river, and she warned him not to blow it.

Sharon told Noah that Faith had been confused after seeing Nick angry, and Noah pointed out that the girl had thought her family would reunite, but instead, she had to deal with visitation and custody issues. Sharon proposed that they handle it inside the family, and she asked for Noah's help to protect Faith and to keep Sharon from losing her daughter. Adam approached and asked if one of them could hand him some sugar, and Sharon politely obliged. Adam remarked that she looked familiar, and he asked if they knew one another.

Noah snapped that he had been trying to have a conversation with his mom, and Adam apologized, but he maintained that he felt as if he knew Sharon. She guessed it had probably been from some scandalous tabloid story, and Adam said he was sorry for being nosy, but Sharon acknowledged that she'd been the one to immediately think the worst when he'd thought he recognized her. Adam claimed that he was new in town, and he mentioned that he was looking for a hotel. Noah curtly recommended the Athletic Club, and Sharon raved about the club's renovations. Adam thanked them for the sugar and the suggestions, and he returned to his table.

Noah found it gross that a man had hit on her in front of him, but Sharon returned to the topic of Nick. She thought Noah could make the all-out war go away, but Noah contended that the only ones who could fix things were Sharon and Nick. Sharon said Nick had either shut down or gotten angry when she'd tried to talk to him, but she thought perhaps Noah could get through to him. Noah relayed that Nick was convinced he was doing the right thing for Faith, and although Noah didn't agree, he didn't think he should fight her battles for her. Noah recalled that on the day Nick and Sharon were supposed to have gotten married, he'd told Nick he felt like he didn't have to worry about her anymore.

Sharon recognized she'd been a burden, but Noah opined that she was stronger than she'd been in a long time. He said she didn't need him to be her champion anymore, and he thought that Nick and Sharon had gotten to a bad place together, so only they could find their way out of it again. Sharon complained that Nick hadn't listened, and she was afraid things would get ugly and hurt all of them in many ways. Sharon pledged to give Faith a good life by co-parenting, and she understood it wasn't Noah's job to intervene, but she begged him to do it for the sake of their family.

At Victoria's house, Victor held Katie and admired her pretty face. He remarked that he could hardly wait for her to run Newman-Chancellor, and Victoria wondered if he'd already had a nameplate printed for the baby. Victor declared that Katherine would have been proud, and he asked what was in store for Victoria's future. Victoria said Katie needed her mommy, but she suspected Victor was fishing for details about her love life. Victoria declared that she was deliriously in love, and he realized she meant with the baby.

Victoria stated that men weren't her top priority and that they shouldn't be for Victor, either, but she thought he looked adorable with an infant. Victor inquired what she planned to do about work, and she referred to the excellent maternity leave policy she'd implemented at Newman-Chancellor. He swore he wasn't trying to push her back into the business, but he thought that she added value to the company, and it had warmed his heart to see her in the office every day. Victoria good-naturedly scolded him for not giving up, and she promised she wasn't retiring, but she'd only return to work on one condition.

Victor recognized that Victoria was a new mother with a beautiful baby, and he offered to renegotiate her salary or title. Victoria called Katie a gift she'd never thought she would have, and she'd stopped hoping because it had hurt too much, but she'd known she'd had more love to give. She continued that she didn't want to miss a single second with Katie, so when she returned to work, she wanted to have a full nursery next to her office. Victor promised she could have everything she needed, and Victoria asked if he'd obtained any information about Ashley's project and what they were up against. Victor replied that the question was whether the Abbotts fully realized what they were up against -- them.

In the Jabot lab, Ashley asked Stitch if he'd completed his measurements, and he reported that the formula wasn't ideal for evaporation. Ashley was relieved when Tobias stepped out, and she wondered why there was tension between her and Stitch, since she'd thought they were two adults who'd simply spent one night together. Stitch handed Ashley some coffee, and she sensed that he wanted to talk. She reiterated that she didn't think less of him, and he informed her that some things had happened since they'd spent the night together.

Stitch divulged that Jeffrey had dropped his lawsuit, so the D.A. was no longer pressing charges, and Ashley asked if Stitch got to keep his medical license. He replied that he wasn't sure yet, but practicing medicine was his whole point in life. She imagined that developing fragrances paled in comparison, but he said working at Jabot had been the first thing he'd been proud of in a while, and he gave his word that he wouldn't leave until they finished their project. She inquired about what else was looking up, and he admitted he'd seen Victoria and that he'd been wrong about the door being closed. Ashley surmised he regretted their shower and what had happened afterward.

Stitch swore he had no regrets about being with a beautiful woman like Ashley, but he recognized that it could get complicated personally and professionally. She called their encounter a one-time thing that was best forgotten, and he agreed it had been an isolated incident, but he doubted he'd forget it. Ashley said she couldn't help but root for Billy and Victoria, but she conceded that perhaps they'd moved on, and Stitch hoped he was part of the next chapter of Victoria's life. Ashley was glad that Jack and Abby hadn't suspected anything, and Stitch promised he would never mention their night together to anyone. Ashley swore she wouldn't say a thing because if Victoria found out, the door Victoria had kept open would probably shut for good.

Later, Stitch asked Tobias to check some labels for him, and Stitch headed out. Tobias answered a call, and Victor asked if he was alone. Tobias reported that Stitch had just left for lunch, but he wasn't sure when Ashley would be back. Victor ordered him to make use of the lab while Tobias had it to himself, and he met Ashley for lunch at the Athletic Club.

Ashley remarked that it had been a long time since she and Victor had lunched together, and he asked how Abby was doing at Jabot. Ashley called their daughter very passionate once pointed in the right direction, and Victor recalled that Ashley had left town because she'd been disappointed with her prior role at Jabot. Ashley suspected he was fishing for information, and she asked if Victor really thought she would divulge trade secrets. He acknowledged that they understood one another, and he handed her an envelope with a compensation package for when she joined him at Newman-Chancellor.

Ashley found it interesting that Victor thought he could buy her, and Victor recalled that they'd made a good team in the past. He asked if she'd returned to Genoa City because she'd missed her family or because Jack finally valued her contribution to Jabot, and she called Victor's power games tedious. Victor recounted that she'd left town because Jack hadn't paid her what she'd deserved, but Ashley replied that she'd left for a lot of reasons. She refused to even read the employment agreement, and she turned down the offer without opening the envelope. She told Victor not to contact her again to play games because she was busy, but it had been wonderful to see him.

Ashley returned to the lab and spotted Tobias taking photos of her files. Stunned, she stared at him through the window, and she silently walked out.

Adam got on elevator at Newman-Chancellor, and he looked at the inscription on Gabriel's watch. An oblivious Victor boarded the elevator, and the doors closed as Adam stared at him.

Nick visited Katie and Victoria, and he wished Faith had joined him so she could have seen that someone liked him. Victoria assured him that Faith loved him, but he groused that his daughter hadn't said two words to him in the car. Victoria reminded him that they knew what it was like to be caught up in their parents' drama, and Nick wondered if he was making a mistake by adding to the drama. Victoria said she was too tired to smack him upside the head, but she believed that he was protecting Faith from a mother with a history of destructive behavior, and she urged him not to back down.

Nick asked if Victoria had been getting closer to Billy in the course of co-parenting, and Victoria said things were going well with Billy on that front, but things were changing with Stitch. Victoria confided that she and Stitch had been getting closer, and she hoped they could make it work. Victoria said she could trust Stitch, and she trusted herself because she hadn't fallen for a liar. Nick pointed out that Stitch had lied, but she defended that it had been to protect his mother, and Nick agreed Stitch deserved a pass.

Nick advised Victoria to keep her eyes open so bad stuff didn't sneak up on her, but she commented that Stitch wasn't Sharon. Victoria asked what had happened to Nick's leg, and he told her the story of how he'd snagged it in a bear trap in the woods. She inquired about how he'd gotten out, and he said an angel of mercy had rescued him, but he hadn't had any luck tracking her down. He added that he would have written it off as a dream, except 9-1-1 had verified that a woman had called for help.

Nick told Victoria to get some rest while Katie slept, and they hugged goodbye. Stitch arrived as Nick opened the front door, and Nick mentioned that Victoria had said she and Stitch were on better terms, but he warned Stitch not to hurt her again. Stitch swore that was the last thing he'd ever want, but Nick remarked that people found ways to hurt one another. Nick left, and Stitch asked Victoria how she was doing. She reported that she was messy and tired but happy, and she suggested that they go on a date when she could get a few hours away. Stitch half-heartedly said it sounded great, and she was surprised that he didn't sound convinced.

Victoria wondered if something had changed, and Stitch proclaimed that he wanted a million dates with her. Victoria recognized that he had wanted that when there had been a possibility Katie was his, but she was just a lady in sweats with a lot of baggage. He assured her that it was everything he ever wanted, including spending time with Katie, but Victoria questioned why he'd seemed hesitant. He admitted there was something he had to talk to her about -- Ashley.

At the Underground, Nick called Avery to schedule an emergency meeting. As he stood with his back to the door, Sage entered and inquired whether the bar served food. Nick turned around, and they recognized one another. "It's you," he said.

. . .

On the next The Young and the Restless...
  • Mariah tells Nick that he is a hypocrite.
  • At Victoria’s, Billy finds Stitch holding Katie. Billy says, “This is getting to be a habit.”
  • Jack finds Adam in the Abbott mansion living room and says, “Who the hell are you?”
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