Friday, January 23, 2015

At the Abbott mansion, Jack stared at Kelly and repeated her assertion that Phyllis had poisoned her. Phyllis called Kelly insane, but Kelly insisted that it was true. Jack barked that Kelly had no right to walk into his home uninvited, throwing around accusations, but Kelly maintained it was what had happened. Jack ordered Kelly to leave, but Kelly proclaimed that she'd just been released from the hospital, and the doctor had said she was lucky to be alive. Kelly claimed that she'd almost died because of Phyllis, and she pulled out her release papers and swore she was telling the truth.

Kelly suggested that Jack call the hospital if he didn't believe her, and Jack asked how the alleged poisoning had taken place. Kelly explained that she'd sat down with Phyllis over tea, thinking they could talk like civil adults, but she'd had to leave the table for a few minutes. Kelly assumed that had been when Phyllis had put the poison in Kelly's cup, and she'd collapsed in front of witnesses a few minutes later. Kelly was thankful Stitch had been there, and Phyllis inquired whether the fake doctor had helped falsify the test results. Kelly presented a disposable cup with what had been left of the tea she'd consumed, and she dared Phyllis to take a sip. Jack protested, and Kelly thanked God that he believed her.

Jack asserted that he wasn't taking sides or accusing anyone, and Phyllis speculated that Kelly had poisoned herself to set Phyllis up. Kelly revealed that it was actually just plain tea in the cup, but she'd challenged Phyllis to drink it to prove a point. Jack grumbled that Kelly wasn't winning any points with him, but Kelly said she'd taken the high road, since the doctors had urged her to press charges. Kelly argued that she could have gone to the police, but she'd decided to make a personal appeal to stop the madness for Jack's sake. Kelly added that if she'd wanted revenge, the cops would be leading Phyllis out in handcuffs.

Kelly recognized that Jack had deep feelings for Phyllis, but she contended that Phyllis was no longer the woman he'd fallen in love with. Phyllis blasted Kelly for making baseless accusations, but Kelly countered that someone had put the poison in her tea, and it had been only the two of them there. Phyllis suggested that it was possible someone else had wanted to get rid of Kelly as much as Phyllis did, and Kelly pointed out that Phyllis had just admitted she wanted Kelly gone. Jack repeated his request for Kelly to leave, and Kelly warned him to be careful. After Kelly left, Phyllis quipped that the encounter had been fun, and she offered Jack a drink -- perhaps some tea.

Jack said he wasn't amused, and Phyllis wondered if he honestly thought she was capable of murder. Jack replied that he didn't think the poisoning had been intentional, and he mentioned that Dr. Cutler had admitted his treatment had sometimes caused negative consequences in other patients. Phyllis queried whether he really thought she had gone to the Athletic Club in an altered state to poison Kelly, and she yelled that Kelly was the one who was desperate and deranged. Phyllis questioned whether Jack believed she'd turned into a "freaky psycho killer," and she admonished him for taking the word of a lunatic who wanted to break them up over hers. Phyllis screamed and smashed a vase of flowers, and she looked down at her bloody hand.

Jack wrapped Phyllis' hand with a bandage, and a teary Phyllis admitted she'd always had issues with self-control. She asked if he thought it might be different that time, and Jack said he would give anything to be wrong. Phyllis wondered if the drugs she'd had while in a coma had made her angry and untrusting, and she sobbed that breaking the vase hadn't seemed like something she'd do. She worried she was losing her grip, and she contemplated whether she could have poisoned Kelly and not remembered it. Jack kissed her hand and said he'd be by her side no matter what they found out, but she needed help.

Cane arrived at Joe's hotel suite, and Joe asked Cane to make it short, since he had somewhere to be. Cane suggested that Joe seek out another property for the redevelopment project, and Joe imagined Cane wanted him to find something that Victor didn't own. Cane admitted he'd be happy if the sale didn't go through, and Joe recognized that Victor would be forced to sell Chancellor if he needed the cash. Cane urged Joe to consider the idea, since the community didn't want to lose Crimson Lights and other small businesses, but Joe replied that the warehouse district property stood to get him what he wanted.

In Chicago, Devon and Hilary cuddled in bed after making love, and she murmured that she didn't want the night to end. Devon said he could spend the night there, and she purred that it sounded like heaven. He suggested Italian food for dinner, and she offered to call room service, but he preferred to go out somewhere together, since they were far enough away from home to not worry about anyone seeing them. He envisioned having some wine and holding hands across a candlelit table, and she got out of bed to get ready. Devon reached for his phone and spied a text message from Colin, saying that hide-and-seek was his favorite game, and Colin invited Devon to play.

Hilary emerged from the bathroom and was surprised to see Devon packing. She asked what had happened, and he claimed that he had to tend to an emergency. She didn't believe him, and he promised he would make it up to her, but she complained that they already had enough secrets between them. Devon showed her Colin's message, and she groaned that she'd known it would happen, since blackmailers always wanted more. Devon said he had to find out what Colin wanted, and Hilary suggested that they call Colin together.

At the Athletic Club, Jill contemplated what she could sell to raise enough money to buy Chancellor, but Colin told her he hadn't been joking when he'd said he could find the funds for her. She reminded him that it was a huge amount, but he swore he was good for every penny. Jill suspected he was involved in something dodgy, but Colin assured her that he'd simply taken advantage of a business opportunity, and no one had been hurt. He added that he was working with a legitimate businessman with no criminal record or ties to organized crime, and Jill said she trusted him. Colin told her to sit back and let him provide her with her heart's desire, and she inquired how long it would take for him to get the money.

Colin excused himself to take a call, and he cheerfully remarked that it was nice of Devon to call while he was out of town. Colin surmised that Devon and Hilary were enjoying the spa, and Devon put the call on speakerphone and asked who had told Colin they were there. Colin said he'd figured it out, and he demanded that Devon get back to town with his money. Hilary sternly stated that it had been a one-time thing that wouldn't happen again, but Colin ominously stated that he was at the club, staring at Hilary's husband, and he thought the news might crush Neil. Devon reminded Colin that they'd made a deal, but Colin said their arrangement had expired, and it was time for a new one.

Colin wondered how Lily would feel when she discovered her brother had been sleeping with her daddy's wife, and Hilary spat that all Colin cared about was the money. Colin instructed Devon to meet him in Chancellor Park with the money in an hour, and Devon argued that he was out of town. Colin suggested that the man with millions hire a helicopter -- unless Devon preferred that Colin tell Neil that Devon was hanging out with Neil's wife at a swanky spa on Neil's dime. Devon asked how much Colin wanted.

In the foyer, Lily caught Neil leaving, and he announced that he was heading to the spa to surprise his wife. Cane overheard and asked if Hilary knew Neil planned to join her, but Lily contended that it wouldn't be a romantic surprise if Hilary did. Cane pointed out that it was a long drive when Neil had a big day the next day, and Neil told Lily he had a meeting with a local business group about the warehouse project. Neil decided against surprising Hilary, and Lily excused herself to check on one of the rooms.

Cane praised Neil's cover story, but Neil said it had been the truth, even though the biggest part of the next day would be his eye exam. Neil admitted he'd considered telling Hilary about the flashes of light, but Cane urged him to stick to the plan and not get her hopes up. Neil agreed that he didn't want to disappoint his wife, and he pledged to wait until he had definitive news before he said anything. Neil headed home.

Jill contemplated ways to get the money, but Cane warned her that Victor might not sell, even if they found the funding. Cane thought the best bet was to stop the redevelopment deal from going through because if Victor lost the sale, he would be strapped for cash and might lower the asking price. Cane lamented that although they didn't have the funds to acquire Chancellor, they could do the company much more justice. Lily asked Cane to check on a room with her, and they headed upstairs. Colin returned to Jill's table, and she surmised that his colleague had turned down his request for money. Colin wished she had faith, and he swore he would be the good husband she wanted him to be.

Lily and Cane entered a hotel room, and he realized there had been no emergency. She cooed that he'd needed a break, and she planted a passionate kiss on him, but she sensed his hesitation to respond. She asked if the situation with Chancellor was bothering him, and he said he hated feeling powerless. She seductively suggested that he take charge with her by telling her what to do, and he told her to slowly unbutton her blouse. She loosened it around her shoulders, and he instructed her to take it off and signaled for her to step closer. He guided her to the bed, where they kissed and made love.

Cane and Lily agreed the sex had been amazing, but she said she wanted to be the boss the next time. She asked if he was feeling better after her distraction, and he said he'd stopped thinking about Chancellor for a while, but he thought he saw things from another angle. Cane realized that no matter what happened with the warehouse project, Victor would have a plan, but Cane was prepared to have an even better one.

Lily approached a clearly upset Kelly in the dining room, and she asked what had happened. Kelly revealed that Phyllis had tried to kill her by poisoning her tea, and she'd spent most of the day in the emergency room. Lily thought Phyllis had gone way too far, and she hoped Phyllis had been arrested and finally held accountable for something. Kelly disclosed that she hadn't wanted to go to the police, since she'd thought it would be better if Jack handled it privately. Lily cautioned that Jack might not reunite with Kelly even if he saw how disturbed Phyllis was, but Kelly said all that mattered was getting Phyllis away from him.

Colin and Devon met in the park, and Colin asked if he had the money. Devon pointed out that he was the godfather to Colin's grandkids, and he questioned why Colin would threaten to hurt Neil, since they were all family. Devon warned that everyone would blame the messenger, and Colin would never be welcome at family gatherings again. Devon noted that after all the "unforgivable crap" Colin had pulled, he'd been welcomed back into the fold, and he had all the things a man needed to be happy. Devon added that he wanted to be with the one person who made him happy, and he and Hilary had enough obstacles to get through without Colin's interference. Devon asked if Colin could find a way to drop it and to leave them in peace.

Colin swore that he was on Devon and Hilary's side, since others would have told Neil the truth. Devon scoffed at the idea that blackmail was the right thing to do, and Colin thought it paled in comparison to cavorting with Devon's blind father's wife. Devon said he hated being in that position, and he would give all his money away to protect Neil. Colin contended that he wasn't asking for all of it, but he wanted a small portion in order to protect the secret. Colin equated it to buying a license to be with Hilary, and he reasoned that Devon could look at himself in the mirror and think that he wasn't such a bad guy when he compared himself to Colin. Devon spat that it was still blackmail, and Colin said he still wanted the money.

Neil read a book in Braille, and Hilary entered and called out that she was home. Neil said he hadn't expected her back until the next day, and he asked if she'd missed him. She said of course, and she sat down next to him. He informed her that he'd considered surprising her at the spa, and she said he really needed to stop, since she knew how much he loved her. Neil amorously said he wanted to show her, and he kissed her and suggested they take it to the bedroom.

Hilary pulled away and claimed she was exhausted from her trip, and Neil teased that the facials and pedicures had taken it out of her. She said she hadn't been able to sleep in a strange bed, and he said he just wanted to be there with her and be close to her. He added that it meant something that she had missed him that much, and he'd missed her even more.

Later, Hilary quietly sobbed as she sat with Neil on the couch, and he heard her sniffle and asked if it was a sad part of her book. She replied that she'd put it down, and he asked if she was crying. Hilary insisted she was fine, and she got up to make some tea. He reached for the throw pillow, and he felt that it was wet from her tears.

Devon entered the club, and Cane hoped Devon's departure hadn't had anything to do with Hilary, since Neil had almost paid her a visit. Cane remembered how Neil had almost walked in on Devon and Hilary in New York, and he surmised that wouldn't happen again, since Devon was with Gwen. Lily approached and judged from the uncomfortable look on Devon's face that Cane had asked him for the money to buy Chancellor. Cane divulged that he hadn't pitched the idea yet, but Devon informed them that all of his money was tied up.

Colin pulled Jill over to a private table and proclaimed that they had something to celebrate. He presented her with a serving tray and lifted the lid, revealing stacks of money. He declared that it was a special delivery of Chancellor Industries on a silver platter.

At Crimson Lights, Avery asked if Dylan intended to ignore the threatening calls, but he didn't want to go to the police. She warned that taking action on his own would be worse, and she didn't want him to end up in the hospital again. Dylan promised not to put her through anything like that again, but she worried that people were threatening his life. He declared that he was ready for them, and he showed her a gun he'd stashed under the counter as backup.

Avery couldn't believe Dylan had bought a gun, but he argued that it was legal, and he knew how to use a firearm to protect himself. They argued, and Joe walked in, but Avery reiterated that he wasn't welcome there. Joe suggested they call a truce, but Dylan huffed that it wouldn't happen, and he received another call. A man warned Dylan to give it up, or the business wouldn't be the only thing to get demolished.

Dylan growled that the caller's threats didn't scare him, and Joe asked who was on the phone. Dylan hung up and mentioned that he'd received some threatening calls, and Joe pointed out that he couldn't have done it, since he was standing right there. Avery contended that Joe could have hired someone, but Dylan thought the calls had Victor's name all over them. Joe asserted that it wasn't the type of business his investors partook in, and he departed. Avery believed that Joe was trying to play them and that he really had been behind the call, but Dylan replied that he'd just played Joe.

Dylan told Avery that it was obvious Joe had been behind everything, and the timing of Joe's latest visit had been too convenient to look innocent. Dylan resolved to handle it once and for all, and he vowed, "Your ex won't see it coming." Avery recommended that he contact Paul, but Dylan didn't think going through legal channels would help, and the situation couldn't get more personal. They bickered, and Dylan promised to put an end to it that night, but he didn't want Avery to be any part of it. She grabbed her coat and stormed off, and Dylan went behind the counter and picked up the gun.

Joe met with a man in the park, and he praised that his cohort couldn't have timed the phone call any better. Joe crowed that Dylan had fallen for it, and he handed over a cash payment and said the man knew what to do next.

Later, there was a knock at Joe's door, and he smiled when he peered through the peephole. Avery stormed in and ranted that he'd gone far enough with threatening and intimidating Dylan. Joe swore he'd done nothing, but she accused him of lying, and she insisted that they settle things right then, or someone would get killed. Joe pointed out that Avery's fiancé believed Joe was innocent, but Avery said she was worried about Joe, since Dylan was ready to kill him.

Joe smugly considered himself warned and offered Avery a glass of wine, and she suggested that they find a way to work things out. She asked what he wanted, and he replied, "You know exactly what I want." She spat that she despised him, but he was confident that her ire wouldn't last for long. Avery maintained that her heart was completely with Dylan, and Joe would never have her, but he countered that it didn't mean she couldn't spend one night with him. A seething Dylan suddenly burst through the door.

. . .

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