Monday, September 29, 2014

In Jack's office at Jabot, Jack found Ashley seated at his desk. Ashley insisted that Jack had betrayed her when he'd taken over total control of Jabot. Jack claimed he'd simply made a straightforward business decision. He denounced Ashley's recent decision to hire Dr. Ben Rayburn as Jabot's head chemist. Ashley smugly announced that she had a revolutionary project in the works that would greatly benefit the company. Ashley told Jack she wouldn't back down until he reinstated her as co-CEO.

After Ashley left, Summer entered Jack's office and complained that she had little time to spend with her husband. Summer explained that Austin was much too talented as a photographer to languish in menial jobs as a bartender and lifeguard. Jack said he'd have to approach his advertising department about open positions. Jack added that Austin would have seek a position for himself. Summer said, "I'm asking you. I know that this is what Austin needs and what he wants."

Jack noted how much Summer was just like her mother. Jack explained that Phyllis was an expert at being an unstoppable force when she thought a change was order in someone's life. Jack added, "It's Austin's choice to make a change now. I know you don't want to hear this, but if your mother was here – and I wish she were – she'd tell you the same thing." Summer appeared to be frustrated and sighed.

At the Abbott estate, Phyllis strode up to the front door, retrieved a spare key kept behind a large planter, and unlocked the front door. Tears welled in her eyes as she stood in the living room and said, "I'm home." After Phyllis went upstairs, Kelly arrived. Kelly set one of Sharon and Nick's wedding invitations on the desk and phoned Sharon to let her know that invitations had been hand-delivered. Kelly made plans to meet with Sharon at her home.

After Kelly left, Phyllis emerged from an upstairs bedroom. Having exchanged a borrowed scrub uniform for black pants and a pullover top, Phyllis stepped out onto the stair landing and called out for Jack. Downstairs, Phyllis looked at the collection of framed family photos on Jack's credenza. She picked up a framed photo of Jack and smiled. After she set the photo back in place, she noticed that her framed photo was missing from line-up.

Phyllis opened a cabinet door and found that her framed photo had been stowed away. Phyllis placed her photo atop the mantle. Noticing some papers on the desk, Phyllis picked up the wedding invitation Kelly had left and read it. When Jack later returned home to his empty sitting room, he immediately spotted Phyllis' photo displayed on the mantle. Shocked, Jack mumbled Phyllis' name.

At Sharon's house, Nick assured bride-to-be Sharon that experiencing jitters was normal just before walking down the aisle. Sharon, holding Phyllis' clutch handbag, couldn't recall the reason she felt uneasy about Summer's decision to carry her mother's handbag at Nick and Sharon's wedding. Nick dismissed Sharon's concern and began kissing her. Sharon pulled away and reminded Nick that plans weren't in place for Faith's birthday party. Nick was still groping Sharon when she noted that some details of their wedding had yet to be finalized.

Sharon picked up her electronic tablet, perused a displayed docucment, and said, "We need to decide where to seat your dad at the wedding." Nick said Victor could sit beside Sharon's mom, but Sharon explained that her mom was away on a trip and would be unable to attend the wedding. Sharon said that Victor should be seated next to someone who could maintain control of him when the time came for someone to object to the union. Kelly phoned and offered to stop by and help with seating arrangements at the reception. Sharon accepted Kelly's offer.

Kelly arrived at Sharon's to work on seating arrangements. Nick picked up his keys and headed for the door, but Sharon explained that both the bride and groom were supposed to plan their big day together. Kelly mentioned that the Athletic Club should host more weddings. Sharon noted that Kelly and Jack might soon marry. Kelly couldn't hide her excitement at the prospect of marrying Jack.

After conferring with her clients, Kelly announced that all plans for Nick and Sharon's nuptials were all set. Nick said he'd already arranged the honeymoon. Kelly congratulated the couple and left. Sharon pleaded with Nick to disclose the honeymoon destination, but he remained mum and suggested she pack a bikini. Sharon handed Nick and beer and admitted that she hoped to loosen him up and get him to tell her about their honeymoon destination.

When Nick refused to spoil their surprise honeymoon, Sharon said she would slip on her bikini. Sharon paused at the foot of the staircase and explained that she could utilize other methods to persuade Nick to share his secret. While Sharon was upstairs, Nick heard a knock at the door. He opened the door but saw no one. He took a step out onto the porch. Someone immediately wrapped a dark cloth over Nick's head.

At the hospital, Victoria and Abby emerged from a birthing class. Victoria thanked Abby for being an attentive birthing coach. When Abby said she was expected at a business meeting, Victoria surmised that Abby would be working with Ben on their top-secret project. Abby left just before Chelsea and Billy arrived with Johnny and Connor. Billy told a receptionist that his son had been bitten.

Victoria scooped up Johnny when she heard that Connor had bitten him. Victoria began rocking Johnny in her arms and promising to protect him from harm. Chelsea shook her head in disgust. Billy and Johnny later emerged from an exam room. Johnny had a small bandage on his arm. Billy assured Victoria that their son hadn't been harmed. Billy went to the hospital's office to handle paperwork.

After Billy walked away, Victoria told Chelsea she was aware of Chelsea and Billy's deepening relationship. Victoria compared Connor to his menacing father, Adam. Chelsea approached Victoria and defended herself. She told Victoria never to speak against Adam again. Chelsea added that Victoria shouldn't do anything to hinder Billy's relationship with Johnny and to remember that both Johnny and Connor had the same biological mother.

Victoria acknowledged that she hadn't forgotten who'd borne Johnny. Victoria took a jab at Chelsea by adding that Billy seemed to have forgotten the circumstances involving Johnny's birth. Chelsea grinned and replied, "It seems to me that Billy remembers everything about the time Johnny was conceived." When Billy returned with Johnny in tow, he immediately noticed the tension between Victoria and Chelsea. Billy seemed exasperated.

After Victoria walked away with Johnny, Chelsea told Billy that Victoria had earlier spotted them together at Chancellor Park. Billy shrugged when Chelsea noted that Victoria had surmised that it was date. Chelsea teased that she had no plans to compete with Victoria for his feelings. Billy pulled Chelsea close and began kissing her. Victoria returned with Johnny and saw Billy kissing Chelsea.

Referring to Billy and Chelsea's public displays of affection, Victoria asked if they'd been too busy kissing to notice when Connor had bitten Johnny. Chelsea claimed that Victoria's angst had nothing to do with the biting incident. Chelsea took Connor and left. Billy reminded Victoria that she was the one who'd insisted on a divorce. Billy added that Victoria would have to get used to him being with Chelsea.

Abby was delighted when she bumped into Ashley at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Abby shared the latest goings-on with her mom. Abby reported that Jack had moved girlfriend Kelly into his home, that Summer had married a felon, and that a pregnant Victoria remained unsure whether ex-husband Billy or murderer Ben was the baby's father. Ashley was stunned when Abby noted that Billy was romantically involved with Chelsea Lawson. Abby happily noted that she was Victoria's supportive birthing coach.

Ben showed up for his meeting and took a seat between Ashley and Abby. Ashley expressed hopes that Ben could get the lab ready for operation soon. Ashley explained that she had uncovered a competitor's plan to set up corporate espionage. Ashley added that the competitor had sent a perfect candidate seeking a job as Jabot's chemist. Abby interjected, "Doesn't surprise me. Our lead chemist, the murderer, was blabbing our secret project to Victoria." Ben's face became flush, and he grimaced at Abby.

Angrily, Ben glared at Abby and replied, "That's it! I've had it with you calling me a murderer! I don't want to hear you use that word one more time, you understand?" Ashley also reprimanded Abby and said it was vital for them to work together as a team. Jotting down a list of organic compounds, Ashley showed Ben a chemical composition she thought might improve their current formula. Ben noted that Ashley's suggestion might weaken the fragrance's staying power. Ashley laughed and said, "Yeah, women really want staying power."

Abby rolled her eyes as she observed her mother's chumminess with Ben. As Ashley and Ben continued to work on the fragrance formula, Abby acknowledged that her marketing skills weren't yet needed. As she rose to leave, Abby promised to stop cheap hurling shots at Ben. Ashley asked Ben to continue working with her while they had dinner. Ben accepted.

At the Underground, Austin was restocking the bar. Mariah offered to help, but she handed him a premium, top-shelf bottle of liquor while he was filling the bottom shelf. When he explained that liquor was stored according to its value, she entreated him to open a pricey bottle of liquor for them to try. Austin refused and noted that he was working two jobs because he didn't want to depend on his wealthy wife. Kevin entered the bar and watched Mariah exchange friendly banter with Austin.

Kevin later told Mariah he was a bit taken aback by Mariah's interest in a married guy who'd shot Paul. Mariah insisted that she wasn't interested in Austin, and she added that Austin and Summer's wedding was bound to end soon. Kevin reminded Mariah of her recent pledge to leave Genoa City. Mariah explained that Michael had yet to arrange an annulment between her and Ian Ward. When Kevin asked if that was the only reason, Mariah added that Sharon was insisting she be part of Sharon and Nick's wedding.

Summer waltzed in to Nick's bar and greeted her husband with a passionate kiss. Mariah turned her head and watched the romantic sparks fly between Summer and Austin. Kevin took the beer Mariah had been holding and quipped, "Well, that marriage you said wouldn't last sure looks like it's on the rocks to me." After Kevin mentioned marriage, Mariah invited him to accompany her to Sharon and Nick's wedding. Kevin flashed a big smile.

Austin asked Summer what he'd done to deserve such a special greeting. Summer said she'd wanted to express her appreciation for his determination to hold down two jobs. Austin teased that perhaps he should add a third job. Summer pleaded with Austin to ask Jack for a job at Jabot. She insisted that Austin would be hired by Jabot based on his own merit and not because of his connections to the family. Austin agreed to talk to Jack.

Summer hugged her husband and kissed him. She assured Austin that a job at Jabot was exactly what he needed. Austin replied, "You always seem to have the answer." Summer laughed and said, "Jack's right. I really am just like my mom." Austin smiled at his bride.

. . .

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  • A man at a bar punches Michael in the face.
  • Sharon prances around her living room in a bikini calling out to Nick.
  • While rifling through Sharon’s belongings, Phyllis gasps in horror when she finds Sharon’s traffic citation dated July 22, 2013.
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