Monday, October 20, 2014

At the Abbott mansion, Victor told Phyllis he'd orchestrated the experimental treatment that had led to her recovery from a coma. Victor added, "Now I want you to do everything in your power to help me." Phyllis said she had fleeting memories of Victor displaying a photo of Sharon. Phyllis asked if the help Victor sought concerned Sharon. Victor told Phyllis that she and Sharon knew important information concerning Nick.

Phyllis demanded that Victor share what he already knew. Phyllis asked Victor what he planned to do if she told him what she knew. Phyllis said she feared that aiding Victor might alienate Nick. Victor replied, "You tell me what you know. I'll blow Sharon out of the water, but your hands will remain clean." Phyllis seemed uneasy.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Summer told Austin she was pleased with her husband's new position as a personal trainer in the gym. Jack phoned Summer and summoned her home. Jack said, "We have a situation." After the call ended, Summer told Austin that Victor was talking to Phyllis at Jack's house. Summer reminded Austin not to mention their marriage or that Kelly had moved in with Jack. Austin, indicating his understanding of the situation, replied, "We can't drop any major developments on your mom until after she's ready."

After Jack ended his call to Summer, Ashley entered the dining room. Puzzled, Ashley asked if Victor's car was parked in the driveway. Jack explained that Victor was talking to Phyllis, who'd been released from the hospital. Jack showed Phyllis' medical-consent form to Ashley. Jack noted that the document bore Summer's signature.

Ashley and Jack walked into the sitting room and interrupted Victor and Phyllis. Ashley greeted Phyllis and said, "I'm so happy you're well." Phyllis quickly noted that she hadn't forgotten Ashley's attempts to thwart her relationship with Jack. Summer and Austin arrived when Jack confronted Victor about his underhanded involvement with Phyllis' experimental treatment. Jack showed Summer the contract and said he assumed Victor had forged her signature.

Jack accused Victor of arranging the art grant for Daniel so he'd be far away from the clinic. Phyllis said, "Did you send my son out of the country?" Summer interrupted and said, "Grandpa didn't forge my signature. I signed it. Grandpa tricked me into signing it myself." Summer noted that the medical document had been hidden among the contracts she'd signed to gain access to her trust fund. Phyllis said, "Why was my daughter signing trust-fund documents?"

Victor said he feared Jack would've objected to the experimental treatment, and Phyllis would've remained in a coma. Victor added, "Instead of accusing me, why don't you all ask Jack why he didn't go to a greater extent to find a cure for the woman he loves." Summer gasped in horror when Jack asked if Phyllis might suffer side effects. Phyllis assured her worried daughter that everything was all right. Jack and Victor exchanged fierce looks. Summer, caught in the middle, seemed hesitant about what to say.

After Victor left, Ashley mentioned that Austin was Phyllis' son-in-law. Summer panicked. Phyllis immediately suggested the possibility of annulling the marriage. Summer insisted that no one would interfere with her marriage to Austin. Jack urged Phyllis to allow herself time to adjust. Summer, Austin, and Ashley left the room.

Jack assured Phyllis that he'd done all he could to help her. Phyllis said she'd never doubted Jack's devotion. Jack mentioned Victor's quest to uncover Sharon's secret about Nick. Phyllis said she doubted that Sharon would forget an important piece of information. Jack assumed that Phyllis was aware of the secret information. Austin returned and asked to speak to Phyllis alone.

Phyllis glared at Austin. Boldly, Austin pledged his love for Summer. Phyllis said Austin could prove his devotion by filling her in about whatever her family was hiding. Phyllis insisted that Austin allow her to access the Internet on his phone. When Summer and Ashley returned, Phyllis said that she and Austin had negotiated an understanding. Austin seemed uneasy.

At the Genoa City Detention Center, Dylan, from his cell, pleaded with Detective Harding to be released. Detective Harding was reluctant, but Dylan noted that Ian was a dangerous threat. Dylan explained that he had information about Ian Ward's secret that could save Paul and Nikki, who were in grave danger. Dylan added, "What happens if Ian gets the jump on Paul and Nikki because you kept me in here? It could already be too late."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club suite where Paul and Nikki had hoped to lure Ian Ward, Paul hid when Nikki responded to a knock at the door. Nikki was surprised to find Maureen holding a paper bag containing a bottle of vodka. Paul overheard Maureen when he said, "No point in being alone! I've got vodka, and we could both use a drink." Nikki, stammering, offered excuses for not inviting Maureen into the room. Maureen said, "Do you have a man in there?" Maureen was persistent, but Nikki managed to shoo her away just as Dylan sent a text message to Paul, alerting him to Ian's presence in the building.

When Ian knocked on the door, Paul drew his weapon and stood behind the door, out of sight. Ian greeted Nikki and said he'd arrived earlier than expected in order to evade the trap set for him. Ian said, "Did you think it would prevent me from getting what I want from you?" Paul appeared and aimed his service weapon at a fleeing Ian. Police officers, Detective Harding, and Dylan trapped Ian in the hallway.

Paul arrested Ian and placed him in handcuffs. Nikki pressed her palm against her chest and sat down. Nikki was surprised to see Dylan. Dylan explained that Detective Harding had enlisted his help to show police the hidden entrance Ian had used to evade detection. Paul turned to Ian and said, "The man you framed for murder is the one who is responsible for bringing you down." Ian told Nikki that he'd be back for her. Dylan said, "No, you won't! It's over."

After Ian was escorted to the police station, Paul assured Nikki that Ian would be put away. Nikki didn't seem relieved. Paul added, "We have him dead to rights for kidnapping and drugging Mariah." Ian told Nikki that Ian was out of her life. Nikki, trembling, replied, "Not quite yet." Paul seemed puzzled.

At the police station, Nikki insisted on having a brief meeting with Ian. Paul and Dylan didn't agree Nikki should face Ian again. Dylan said, "The guy always upsets you, and you shouldn't be stressing yourself out." Nikki said she needed to face Ian after everything he'd done to her. Paul and Dylan stood back as Nikki approached Ian.

Nikki told Ian that he no longer had power over her. Nikki condemned Ian for taking advantage of her and forcing himself on her when she was a naïve, young girl who didn't know better. Nikki added that she, her son, and Paul would thrive while Ian rotted away in a dank cell. Ian replied, "What a lovely family portrait you three make. There's something missing -- your husband, but then you always did love to play the field." Dylan lunged toward Ian, but Paul intervened.

Paul said he knew his son had been framed for murder. Ian taunted Dylan and said Avery would leave him because she knew Dylan was capable of murder. Nikki said that the women Ian had abused would enjoy long-term reconciliations with their family members. Paul escorted Ian to his cell and said it was finally over for him. Ian replied, "Time and the universe moves in a circle that never ends. Nothing is over!"

Paul returned to Dylan and Nikki. She thanked Paul for devising an effective plan to catch Ian. After Dylan left, Nikki sighed. She leaned against Paul and rested her head on his shoulder. Nikki said she was relieved that it was over. Paul replied, "Is it over? Have you been drinking again?" Nikki didn't immediately reply.

Victor entered the lobby of the Genoa City Athletic Club. He stood there and recalled in a flashback how unstable Nikki had been. He remembered that Nikki had insisted that she was fine. She'd cried that her MS had not worsened. Near the bar, Victor called Nikki and left her a message. Maureen overheard Victor and said she knew where Victor might find Nikki.

At Baldwin-Clark & Associates, Michael phoned Dr. Botnik's office. A nurse told Michael that he'd have to meet with the doctor in person to get results of recent medical tests. A distracted Avery entered the office and didn't hear Michael ask questions about depositions. Michael said he knew that Avery was concerned about Dylan's upcoming trial. When Avery turned to respond to Michael, she spotted her ex-husband, Joe, through an office window.

Joe approached and announced that he had an appointment with Michael Baldwin. Joe noted that he didn't realize that Avery and Michael were partners. Michael was surprised to learn that Joe was Avery's ex-husband. Joe explained that Cane, a former business partner, had recommended Michael. Joe said he needed an attorney to help with an offer made to buy a piece of commercial real estate.

Michael agreed to accept Joe as a client. After Michael left, Avery asked Joe why he'd pretended not to know that she was Michael's partner. Before Joe replied, Avery added, "What kind of game are you playing here, Joe?" Joe assured Avery that he hadn't known about her partnership with Michael. Joe added, "Truth be told, I'm not sorry about the opportunity to see you."

Joe said he was concerned about Avery being all alone while Dylan was in jail. Avery insisted that Dylan was innocent, and she vowed to stand by him. Joe replied, "Like you stood by me?" Dylan arrived, and Avery ran to embrace him. Joe glared at Dylan.

At Dr. Botnik's office, Michael stalled the doctor by talking about golf. Dr. Botnik said that all of Michael's tests were fine. Dr. Botnik added that one result indicated a health concern. Michael was shocked to learn that his PSA level was elevated. Michael said, "I have cancer?"

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