Monday, April 21, 2014

At the Newman ranch, Abby's curiosity was roused when Ashley left the engagement party early. In another room, Sharon awkwardly interacted with Victor, who inquired about Nick's whereabouts. Sharon explained that Nick had stepped out to the car to retrieve Abby and Tyler's engagement gift. Sharon cried that she was nervously waiting for the other shoe to drop because Victor had thus far treated her kindly during the party. Victor assured Sharon that she need not wait for the other shoe to drop, but he admitted that he hadn't forgiven her for the emotional turmoil she'd caused him and his family.

Sharon calmly explained to Victor that she had been suffering from the effects of a horrendous bipolar episode, so the awful things she'd done weren't her fault. Sharon noted that even Victor should realize that she hadn't been herself when she'd allowed Victor's family to believe that he had been dead or when she had set the ranch house on fire. Victor replied, "I think it's best if we not bring up all the crimes you committed that went unpunished." Sharon said she hoped to at least ease Victor's mind about her renewed relationship with Nick. Sharon explained that she had undergone intensive therapies to stabilize her condition and noted that she felt much better. Victor defiantly folded his arms across his chest and replied, "Really?"

Noah and Courtney entered the room. Sharon seemed visibly relieved. Noah told Victor that Nikki wanted to include Victor in family photos being taken in another room. Victor asked Noah to stay with his mother, so she wouldn't be left alone. After Victor left, Sharon said she wondered why Nick hadn't returned. Courtney and Noah went outside to search for Nick. Sharon seemed troubled about Nick's extended absence.

Abby later told Victor that she and Tyler had enjoyed their engagement party. Victor asked about Tyler, and Abby explained that he'd left to drive Leslie home. Victor noted that he'd looked into Tyler's work history at Jabot and was considering offering the young man a position at Newman-Chancellor. Abby replied, "No, Tyler's happy where he is." Abby told Victor that he could be loving, caring, and controlling all at the same time. Victor said that he'd decided to let his children make their own decisions. Abby laughed and said she didn't believe Victor would be able to stick with his decision. She lovingly embraced her father.

Outside the ranch house, Nick spotted the Cassie impersonator. The young woman quickly ran away after Nick called out, "Cassie?" The Cassie impersonator returned to her motel room to hastily pack her meager belongings into a duffel bag. When she opened the exit door, Nick was standing before her.

Nick asked, "What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost!" Nick entered the room and demanded to know the young lady's name. She threatened to alert the police because Nick had followed her. Nick told the Cassie impersonator that he could have her arrested for trespassing on his father's property.

The Cassie impersonator told Nick that she'd entered the ranch property by mistake while searching for a friend. When Nick reached for his phone, the young woman panicked and pleaded with Nick not to contact the police. Nick phoned Sharon and explained that something had popped up that was detaining him. Nick told Sharon to have Noah escort her home. Nick assured Sharon that he'd meet up with her soon at her house.

After Nick's call to Sharon ended, he asked the Cassie impersonator if she remembered Sharon. The young woman rushed forward and claimed she had a plane to catch. Nick replied, "You're not going anywhere until you tell me who you are and why you look like Cassie." The Cassie impersonator initially pretended not to know what Nick was talking about, but she later apologized when Nick said that his and Sharon's daughter, Cassie, had been killed in an accident years earlier. Nick began searching through drawers, and the woman again threatened to phone the police. Nick said he wouldn't leave without answers.

After a scuffle ensued when the Cassie impersonator tried to escape, Nick searched through her belongings and discovered photos inside a manila envelope. One of the photos was of Nick, Sharon, and Cassie. Irate, Nick asked, "You still saying this is a coincidence?" Nick told the Cassie impersonator that he knew she'd been the one who'd haunted Sharon. He added, "You weren't a product of Sharon's chemical imbalance. You are an evil person because you were trying to make Sharon think you were Cassie because you look just like her!"

Upset after Nick's barrage of accusations, the Cassie impersonator blurted out, "It wasn't my idea!" The young woman insisted that she would never have dreamed up the idea to trick Sharon. The young woman added that she'd felt horrible when she'd learned that Sharon had become ill as a result. Nick threw the photos on the bed. His faced reddened with fury, Nick looked the young woman directly in the eye and said, "So whose idea was it for you to pretend to be Cassie?"

At Sharon's house, Noah went to make coffee. Courtney browsed through a family photo album and asked about a photo of Cassie. Sharon, smiling, said that her memories of Cassie were very special. Sharon explained that during the height of her mental illness, she'd experienced numerous hallucinations involving Cassie. Sharon added that she hadn't been able to remember the incidences after her recent treatment. Noah returned juggling coffee mugs, so Sharon jumped up to help him.

In a flashback, Sharon suddenly remembered seeing the Cassie impersonator in the living room. Noah realized that his mom appeared troubled and asked if she was all right. Sharon admitted that she'd just experienced a disturbing memory of having seen a grown-up Cassie standing in the room. Sharon explained that her recent treatments had left gaps in her memory, so she wasn't sure if the memory was of something that had really happened or something she'd imagined. Noah replied, "Well, it had to be in your head, Mom, because Cassie never had a chance to grow up." Sharon phoned Nick's assistant at the bar and learned that he hadn't been there all evening. Concerned, Sharon asked Noah and Courtney what might have prompted Nick to leave the ranch so quickly and unexpectedly.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Billy stopped by hoping to spend time with Connor. Chelsea, taken aback by Billy's late visit, explained that Connor was asleep. Billy reminded Chelsea that she'd promised to let him visit Connor any time because, Billy noted, the infant's eyesight had been restored using transplanted corneas from Delia. Chelsea, shaking her head in disgust, replied, "Guilt? Really?" Billy remained outside the door until Chelsea took pity on him after he said that the only good thing that had occurred after Delia's death was the restoration of Connor's eyesight. Billy cried, "Everything that has happened after Delia's death has been crap."

Billy returned from his brief visit upstairs and assured Chelsea that he hadn't awakened Connor. During the course of conversation, Billy twice mentioned that Adam had killed Delia. Chelsea, angry, ordered Billy out of her home. Billy appeared dejected, so Chelsea quickly took pity on him, poured him a drink, and offered to order a pizza. While they awaited the pizza delivery, Billy found Adam's death certificate on a table and said, "So, Victor came to your rescue and found Adam's body. Now you know for sure that your husband's dead." Chelsea changed the subject and asked about Victoria.

Billy told Chelsea that he and Victoria had arrived at the engagement party separately, left together, and even shared a kiss. Billy added that after Victoria had left to meet up with her date, he had realized that his marriage was over. Chelsea cried, "Stop being such an idiot and fight for your marriage." Chelsea told Billy not to turn his back on true love.

Chelsea invited Billy to stay and watch a movie with her. Billy said, "Well, it's not like anyone else wants my company tonight." Chelsea set out a bowl of popcorn and took a seat beside Billy on the sofa. Billy spoiled the movie by revealing its plot. Chelsea playfully slapped Billy on the shoulder, and the couple shared a laugh. Billy pulled Chelsea close and kissed her on the lips.

At the hospital, Stitch was surprised when Ashley showed up unannounced. He inquired about her ankle injury, and she assured him that she'd healed perfectly thanks to his expert treatment. Ashley asked Stitch about his plans after his shift ended. Stitch explained that he already had a date. Victoria approached, and Ashley immediately realized that her brother's wife was Stitch's date.

Ashley said, "This is kind of awkward, isn't it?" Victoria asked Ashley why she'd stopped by the hospital. Ashley voiced her displeasure about Victoria dating another man just one week after filing separation papers. Victoria condescendingly noted that Ashley had once been her stepmother. Stitch was unpleasantly stuck in the middle.

Ashley told Victoria that she'd just stopped by to visit with a friend who wasn't currently available. Stitch left to change into street clothes. After Stitch left, Ashley explained that she'd forced Billy to show up at the engagement party. Victoria cried that she'd already endured too much pain and disappointment from Billy and couldn't handle it anymore. Ashley insisted that Billy had temporarily lost his mind after Delia had died, and she begged Victoria to give him a pass. Victoria replied, "I can't. I just can't." Ashley said she truly believed that Victoria and Billy could reconcile and be happy.

Stitch returned, dapperly dressed in a dark suit. Ashley said she'd contact Stitch again the next time she was in town for a visit. After Ashley left, Stitch told Victoria that he'd promised a young patient that he'd stick around until the boy's surgery was over. Victoria said, "Well, there's no reason we can't still have our date." Stitch seemed eager to spend time with Victoria.

Later, in an exam room, Victoria served Stitch a meal she'd ordered from a nearby French restaurant. Victoria asked Stitch about his relationship with Ashley. Stitch explained that he'd once treated Ashley's sprained ankle and afterward had bumped into her a couple of times. Stitch asked Victoria if she'd noticed his elated reaction to her arrival. Victoria replied, "No, because I was too busy being jealous."

Stitch smiled and said he liked that Victoria was jealous. After they ate, Stitch apologized and said he realized that it wasn't easy to become involved with a medical resident. Victoria said, "Is that what you think we are? Involved?" Stitch stepped forward and kissed Victoria on the lips.

Ashley returned to the ranch and joined Victor and Abby. Victor asked about Ashley's friend. Ashley simply said that her friend was unavailable. Abby went to get her mother a piece of cake. Ashley took a seat beside Victor and asked how the engagement party had gone. Victor noted that there had been a lot of strife, arguments, and conflicts in his family lately. Victor added, "I think tonight we began to pull it together, so in that sense, the party was a success." Victor said he was glad that Ashley had attended.

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