Monday, January 26, 2015

At Sharon's house, Sharon comforted Faith after the child cried out from her bed. Sharon asked Faith about her nightmare. Faith cried, "Dad was mad. He didn't want me to come over anymore because I was mean to that lady without pants." Sharon assured Faith that both her parents loved her and were working with lawyers and a judge to determine the best situation for her. Faith said she hoped her family could be together again.

After Faith fell asleep, Noah stopped by. Sharon, agitated, told Noah that she was angry because Nick had invited a woman named Sage to the tack house and had upset Faith. Noah said that Faith had a history of disliking Nick's female friends. Sharon noted that Faith had heard her father ask Sage to remove her clothes. Noah assured his mom that there was more to the story, and he pleaded with his mom to discuss the matter with Nick. Sharon refused and said she planned to use Nick's indiscretion against him in court. Noah left.

In a flashback, Sharon remembered Nick having assured her that he'd win custody of Faith. Nick had said that the court would take his side after he explained how Sharon had switched the DNA test results. The phone rang just as Mariah and Kevin arrived. The phone call was from Sharon's attorney, David, hoping to arrange a meeting. Mariah agreed to stay with Faith.

After Sharon left, Faith bounded down the stairs and said she was thirsty. When Mariah explained that their mother had left for a while, Faith said she feared she might be in trouble. Faith admitted that she hadn't told her mother why the woman was wearing Nick's robe. Kevin stepped out to fetch a glass of water. Faith admitted to Mariah and Kevin that she'd purposely not told her mother the whole story.

After Faith returned to bed, Kevin told Mariah that she should relay the rest of Faith's story to Sharon. Mariah's nonverbal response troubled Kevin. He said he sensed that Mariah didn't plan to share the information with her mother. Mariah explained that Nick had been ugly to Sharon, and the tension had adversely impacted Faith. Mariah added that she wished Nick and Sharon could work things out. Kevin remained uneasy about the situation.

In the gym at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Adam, still masquerading as Gabriel, was unleashing his frustration on a punching bag when Sage arrived. Adam sadly noted that though he'd visited with Chelsea and Connor, Chelsea seemed to be shutting him out. Nick arrived and greeted Sage, and she immediately apologized for the misunderstanding with Sharon. Nick replied, "Sharon overreacted. She's pretty quick to jump all over me since I filed for full custody of our daughter." Gabriel said, "Well, don't blame her."

Nick was taken aback by Gabriel's response. Nick said that Gabriel had expressed a strong opinion even though he knew nothing about the situation or the people involved. Sage quickly noted that Gabriel had spoken out of turn. Gabriel agreed and said he knew from experience that whenever spouses and children were involved, emotions were heightened. Sage apologized again, but Nick said, "No need to apologize. This had nothing to do with you."

Noah arrived, and Nick introduced his son to Sage. Noah asked to speak to his father alone, and Nick followed his son a few steps away from Sage and Gabriel. Noah warned that Sharon planned to escalate the custody case by claiming that Nick had asked a woman to take off her clothes. Adam and Sage overheard, and Sage whispered to Adam that the situation Noah described wasn't what it sounded like. Nick explained to Noah that Sage had spilled water from a vase on her clothes, so he'd placed them in the clothes dryer. Noah begged his dad to stop by Sharon's to explain the situation.

When Nick and Noah arrived at Sharon's house, Mariah and Kevin were still discussing Faith's predicament. Kevin left. Nick said he wanted to clear up an issue and asked where Sharon had gone. Mariah said that Sharon was at a meeting with her lawyer. Faith ran to her father, crying, "I'm so sorry, Daddy." Nick sat down with Faith and explained that telling just part of the story about Sage had led to confusion. He asked Faith not to tell the story to anyone else.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Chelsea told Billy that Gabriel Bingham had stopped by her studio. Chelsea noted that though Gabriel seemed familiar to her, being around him made her apprehensive. Chelsea explained that she'd instructed Gabriel to instead interact with her at her Jabot office. Billy demanded to know what Gabriel had said. Chelsea replied, "He said I'd come a long way from the girl who used to sit in the lobby of the Hotel Athenee in Paris and pretend to be a guest." Chelsea noted that the statement was true and that Gabriel claimed he'd remembered the remark from an interview.

Billy offered to mention Chelsea's misgivings to Jack, but Chelsea declined. Billy suggested that Gabriel might be interested in more than Chelsea's business pursuits. Chelsea assured Billy that she could handle Gabriel. When Adam entered the dining room with Sage, he kissed her on the lips when he saw Chelsea and Billy. Adam told Sage that he intended to make Chelsea feel more comfortable around him by claiming that he had a girlfriend.

Adam led Sage by the hand, approached Chelsea and Billy's table, and introduced Sage. Billy noted that he and Chelsea had already met Sage at Delia's memorial site, shortly before Christmas. Sage quickly explained that she'd had a flat tire and had asked for directions. Chelsea admitted that she'd been unpleasant to Sage because she'd mistakenly believed that the stranger had been following her. Billy invited the couple to join them for a drink.

Chelsea and Billy learned that Gabriel and Sage had known each other for a very long time. Billy asked why Gabriel had chosen to work for Jabot. Gabriel said that he preferred family-owned companies, like the software company his father had owned before Newman Enterprises had taken it over. Billy said both he and Gabriel evidently shared a hatred for Victor Newman. After the couples went their separate ways, Sage told Adam that he shouldn't have identified her as a girlfriend because Nick thought they were platonic friends. As Billy walked Chelsea to the door, he said he planned to find out as much as he could about Gabriel Bingham.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon told David what Faith had said about Nick's woman friend. Sharon said she couldn't allow the disturbing situation to happen again. David said he was glad Sharon had finally decided to proceed aggressively. David added, "No court would grant Nick custody when he's parading half-naked women around in front of your child." Sharon replied, "I'm ready and willing to testify."

David explained to Sharon that Faith would need to take the stand in court. Sharon seemed stunned by David's plan. Sharon explained that she didn't want to testify that Nick was unfit. David explained that Faith would make a great witness and that the judge wouldn't press the child too hard. Sharon noted that Avery, who wasn't one of Faith's favorite people, would be the one to cross-examine. David said, "Avery can't rip into a little girl on cross, so it's a slam dunk."

When Sharon returned home, Nick had just instructed Faith to tell her mom the whole story about Sage. Faith rushed to meet her mother at the door. Sharon asked Mariah and Noah to escort Faith to her bedroom and put her to bed. Faith blamed herself because her mommy and daddy were fighting. Noah and Mariah assured Faith that it wasn't her fault. Faith asked if her parents might get back together. Noah said, "Whatever happens, we're always going to be a family."

Nick confronted Sharon. He said, "You shouldn't have gone running to your lawyer until you knew the whole truth. Sharon said, "Did you ever stop to think how it might affect Faith to see that woman in your robe? Where are your priorities?" Nick replied, "Did your lawyer tell you to say that to build up your case?" Sharon admitted that she'd made a horrible mistake, but she pleaded with Nick to find a way to get past it for Faith's sake. Nick replied, "I can't, and I won't. We're going to trial."

Sharon told Nick that Faith would have to appear in court. Nick glared at Sharon. Sharon added that Faith would have to tell the judge exactly how she felt about Nick and Sage. Sharon added, "I doubt you'll end up with full custody then." Sharon even threatened to petition for a court order to prevent Nick from coaching Faith before the trial. Sharon added, "I just need the judge to ask Faith who she'd rather be with, and I think we both know damn well what she's going to say."

In Joe Clark's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Avery panicked when a furious Dylan confronted Joe. Dylan, his face still bruised and bandaged, accused Joe of having sent the two men to Crimson Lights to threaten and beat him. Joe denied the charge. Dylan cried, "You did it, so you could get Avery back. You're doing everything to drive a wedge between me and Avery, and I'm not going to let it happen." Joe, riled, replied, "You can't control what she does!" Avery, frantic, yelled, "Don't antagonize him. He has a gun."

Avery pleaded with Dylan to leave. Dylan referenced his past military training and said he was capable of taking another man's life. Avery stood by helplessly when Joe taunted Dylan. Joe said that Avery still cared about him because she'd rushed to his room to warn him. Dylan yelled, "Avery's here because she cares about me. She doesn't give a damn about you."

Dylan warned that he'd return if he received another threatening phone call, a visit from hired men, or if he caught Joe approaching Avery again. Dylan added, "If I come back, you won't be taking one more breath." After Dylan and Avery left, Joe placed a phone call. Leaving a message, Joe said, "I need you to call me back. I don't know how much farther I can push this deal through. Dylan's lost it." Joe added that if backing out disrupted the caller's plans for Victor Newman, then they'd have to back out.

Dylan, still reeling from the intense encounter with Joe, arrived at Crimson Lights before Avery rushed in. Avery cried that Dylan's behavior had reminded her of the incident that had taken place at the cabin. Dylan replied, "It was nothing like the cabin. I was completely in control. I'm done with Joe Clark trying to break us up!" Avery, speaking in hushed tones, said she'd feared that Dylan was about to pull out his gun and use it. Dylan retrieved a locked gun safe from that had been stowed beneath the counter and proved that his gun had been locked away.

Dylan asked Avery why she'd gone to Joe's room. Avery didn't answer. Dylan said, "Did you run from here right to Joe to protect him?" Avery said she'd gone to Joe's in order to protect Dylan. Dylan explained that he'd already tried to be polite and had failed in his attempt to handle the situation legally. Dylan warned that he'd kill Joe if Joe pushed him again.

After Dylan stepped away, Avery phoned Joe and pleaded with him to back off. Joe said, "You stopping by and this call means I am right that you still care about me." Avery swore that she'd never choose Joe over Dylan. Joe said that the only reason Avery had left him was because he hadn't given her the attention she'd deserved. Avery sighed and replied, "Don't start that now, Joe. I want this to end." Joe promised to end it if Avery would give him one night without interference from Dylan. Joe added, "Meet me in my suite Thursday night at 9:00 p.m. I'm sure you'll think of something to tell Dylan."

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