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Monday, December 15, 2014

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Adam stepped into the elevator and glanced at the engraved band on his watch. "With much love, Dad" was inscribed in script font. As the doors were closing, Victor reopened the door and stepped inside as his phone rang. Adam quietly stood behind his father. Victor berated the caller for not getting a job done as Victor had instructed. After the call ended, Adam said, "Looks like you have a bit of a problem on your hands." Victor turned and glared at the young man and asked if they'd ever met. Adam said they'd never met, though he noted that everyone knew Victor Newman.

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Cane assured Joe that the cocktail event planned to woo investors would be handled with utmost professionalism. Joe suggested that Cane was underutilized in his position as a party planner. Joe added, "I'm giving you an opportunity to make a difference in the town's future. You on board?" Lily overheard Joe's offer and instructed Cane not to reply. Lily glared at Joe and said, "I'm onto you. You can schmooze my husband all day long, but he is not going to help you carve up this town."

Joe told Lily that his goal for the warehouse district was revitalization. Lily said that Joe's goal was to make money. Losing something irreplaceable, Lily noted, was bad for business. Joe, addressing Cane, said, "Is she speaking for you?" Cane replied, "Lily and I are a team, and you should never forget that." Joe said it was nice to see a couple that loved and respected each other.

After Victor took a seat at the bar, Joe enlisted Cane to invite Victor to the investors' gathering. While Cane visited with Victor, Lily told Joe that Cane was going out of his way to help. Lily added, "There's a lot of bad blood there. Victor practically forced Cane to quite Chancellor." Joe admitted that he'd hoped to recruit Cane and Lily. Joe added, "Behind every good man is an extraordinary woman."

At the bar, Cane extended an invitation to Victor. Cane said, "All we ask is that you come to the cocktail party and hear to the sales pitch. Victor replied, "I thought you said you have no interest in this, yet you include yourself in that statement." Victor admitted that he had some interests in redevelopment of the warehouse district, so he'd consider attending the event. Jill entered the club and paused in a dark corner when she saw Cane hobnobbing with Victor.

After Cane left, Jill joined Victor and said she'd overheard his conversation with Cane. Jill warned Victor that he might find himself on the wrong side of history. Victor replied, "Well, I haven't yet been on the wrong side of history, and I don't plan to be." Jill explained that tearing down the old structures owned by local businessmen would destroy part of Genoa City's identity. Victor replied, "Since when have you become such a sentimentalist?" Jill replied, "Since Katherine died."

Jill told Victor that people and what they left behind were what mattered. Jill asked Victor how he might feel if someday someone tore down Katherine's plaque at Chancellor Park or forgot Newman Enterprises. Victor assured Jill no one would ever remove the plaque or forget his company. Victor mentioned Cane's involvement. Jill said she wasn't concerned about Cane, but she urged Victor not to become involved. Victor replied, "This conversation is finished."

Cane rejoined Lily. Looking around the room, Cane asked where Joe had gone. Lily said, "I don't know. Probably to reel in some other victim. He tried to seduce me again. From the looks of it, it seems he's doing the same with you." Cane just grinned.

At Crimson Lights, Avery admired her engagement ring. She told Dylan that she'd considered hiring a skywriter to announce their engagement to the world. Dylan agreed and said he wanted everyone to know that Avery had said, "Yes!" Avery said she'd once believed that she'd lost Dylan. Avery tightly embraced Dylan and said, "I wish everybody could be as happy as we are right now."

Paul walked in the door at the coffeehouse. Paul congratulated the betrothed couple when Avery displayed her ring. Dylan said he and Avery would have everything they wanted if they could shut down the revitalization project. Christine arrived, and Paul cued Dylan and Avery to announce their engagement. Christine was elated.

Paul announced that he and Christine were expecting a baby. After Avery left, Dylan served hot beverages in holiday-themed mugs and toasted Paul and Christine's good news. Christine was hesitant to celebrate until a doctor confirmed her pregnancy. Dylan said he hoped they would all have much to celebrate at Christmas. Paul said, "Let's hope Santa gives us everything we want." Christine, barely concealing her uncertainties, replied, "Right." Paul later apologized and told Christine that if the test was incorrect, they could keep trying.

At the Underground, Nick immediately recognized Sage when she stopped inside to inquire about the bar's menu. Nick's eyes widened, and he said, "It's you. You got me out of that bear trap. You saved my life." Nick said he'd remembered looking into Sage's eyes and feeling incredibly grateful. Sage claimed that she'd merely done what anyone would have done. Sage added, "I'm very glad that the paramedics came and found you in time."

Sage asked Nick why he'd been walking in the woods. Without elaborating, he said he'd been searching for something. Nick asked Sage why she'd been in the woods. Sage claimed she'd been jogging. She stammered when Nick said he'd remembered seeing a dog. Sage suggested that the dog had to have been a guardian angel.

Nick said he'd searched for Sage and had happened upon an old mansion. Nick added that a woman in a wheelchair had answered the door. The elderly woman, Nick recalled, had insisted that she didn't know anyone fitting his description of the woman who'd saved him. Sage explained that she knew the elderly woman, who often became confused. Sage added that she lived near the old woman and often helped her.

Sage suddenly remembered that she was supposed to meet someone. Nick inquired about the man who'd been with Sage in the woods. Sage seemed taken aback. Nick said he wanted to thank the man. Avery arrived. After Sage left, Nick explained that the woman who'd saved him in the woods had walked into his bar. Nick said he didn't know the woman's name.

Nick invited Avery to sit with him in what had been their designated booth. Avery praised Nick when he said he'd refrained from lashing out when he'd discovered Sharon and her attorney, David Sherman, discussing their custody case while Faith had been present. Nick suddenly noticed Avery's engagement ring. Avery said she hoped she and Dylan had Nick's blessing. Nick replied, "Of course you do, but I do think my brother is punching way over his weight." Nick agreed when Avery said that both she and Dylan were lucky.

Avery changed the subject. Nick assured Avery that she had no reason to feel guilty about her happiness just because his relationship with Sharon had failed. Nick added that Dylan and Avery's relationship had been duly tested, so they shouldn't let anyone or anything get between them. Avery embraced Nick and thanked him. Joe sneaked in and said, "Well, if this is a stroll down memory lane, you mind if I join?" Avery grimaced at Joe.

Addressing Joe, Nick said, "You're interrupting an attorney-client conversation, slick." Joe invited Nick and Avery to stop by the cocktail party to hear about the redevelopment plans. Joe added that Victor might be present. Nick explained that he and his father rarely shared the same views. Nick added that in his world, people came before profits.

Dylan arrived at the Underground and said Joe was the person he'd hoped to see. Avery seemed apprehensive. Nick piped up and congratulated Dylan. Joe asked what he'd missed. Avery held up her hand to show off her engagement ring. Joe wished Avery and Dylan all the luck in the world.

At Victoria's house, Ben attempted to discuss Ashley with Victoria. Victoria couldn't understand why Ben was hesitant when she offered to resume their relationship. Ben explained that he'd been working crazy hours at the lab. Victoria interrupted and suggested that Ben decrease the number of hours he was expected to work each day. Ben noted that he was grateful to have a job.

Ben's attempt to discuss Ashley was foiled again. Victoria again offered advice. She said, "You could go back to work at the hospital now that the charges have been dropped. You could be doing something that might give you a whole new outlook on things." Ben seemed exasperated, but when he attempted to respond, the doorbell rang. Victoria jumped up to answer the door.

Billy and Jill pushed their way inside. Jill said she couldn't wait one more minute to meet her new grandbaby. Victoria explained that the baby was asleep, but Jill insisted on seeing the baby. Victoria escorted Jill upstairs to the nursery. Alone together, Billy told Ben that Chelsea had convinced her father to drop his lawsuit against the hospital. Ben said he was grateful that Chelsea had defended him to her father. Ben seemed taken aback by Billy's kindness. Billy said he hoped the holidays might inspire everyone to make a new start.

Jill and Victoria returned to the living room. Jill was cradling Katherine Rose. Jill admired the newborn and said she hoped the baby had inherited Delia's joy and enthusiasm and Katherine's strength and courage. Jill enlisted Ben to snap a family photo while Billy, Victoria, and Jill, holding the baby, posed. Jill stepped away and instructed Ben to photograph the baby with her parents. Ben stood by while Billy, Victoria, and Jill admired the photos on the screen of Victoria's smartphone.

Billy claimed that his infant was smiling. Jill said, "Well, I don't know if Katie is smiling, but look at the two of you. You're sure smiling." Victoria hinted that it was time for Jill and Billy to leave. Ben offered to help Victoria with the baby. Jill said, "There's nothing like a father's touch." Billy promised he'd stop by to see his baby again soon. Billy addressed Ben and said, "I guess that goes for you, too." Jill added, "Not necessarily."

After Billy and Jill left, Ben said all he could think about was seeing Victoria, Billy, and Katie together. Victoria assured Ben that Billy's presence had no bearing on her relationship with Ben. She pulled Ben close to kiss him and insisted that they could make it. Victoria added, "Now, what did you want to tell me?" Ben told Victoria that he couldn't share details about his secret project, even if Victor pressured her to question him. Victoria replied, "Is that what you're worried about?" Victoria assured Ben that she could separate her personal and professional lives. Victoria locked her arms around Ben's neck and invited him to spend New Year's Eve with her.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Jill scolded Billy for not insisting on staying at Victoria's with the baby because he, not Ben, was the father. Billy noted that Victoria didn't act as if Ben was butting in where he wasn't wanted. Jill said that Victoria wasn't thinking clearly. Jill pressured Billy to do something to rectify the situation. Billy said, "Victoria divorced me. There is no future for us." Jill said that Katie's birth had changed everything.

Addressing Billy, Jill said, "If you don't watch out, both of you are going to end up with the wrong people." Jill added that Ben wasn't the right choice for Victoria, and Chelsea wasn't the right choice for Billy. Billy glanced at his watch and remembered that he was supposed to meet with Chelsea and Connor in the park to visit Santa. Jill protested, but Billy noted that though the children he shared with Victoria would forever bond them, his life was with Chelsea.

At Chancellor Park, Chelsea sat with Connor on a bench near the entrance to Santa's Village. Pointing to direct Connor's attention, Chelsea marveled at the holiday décor. Chelsea said, "We are going to have a good Christmas, buddy. I never would've believed that a few months ago, but now we're going to be a real family, thanks to Billy." Adam strolled through the park in search of Sage. Adam placed a call and left a message for Sage.

Adam became distracted when he saw Chelsea and Connor. Adam watched and listened as Chelsea gently rocked her child. Chelsea told Connor that Christmas was about family. When Chelsea saw Adam, she said, "I know you. I've seen you somewhere before." Adam walked toward Chelsea and Connor and said, "You're right. We have seen each other before." Adam said that they'd seen each other at the Genoa City Athletic Club.

Adam told Chelsea that he wasn't from the area. Adam remarked that Chelsea's baby was very handsome. Billy arrived, apologized for his tardiness, and kissed Chelsea. Billy took Connor and asked if the tot was ready to visit Santa. Chelsea noted that Connor had already visited Santa. When Chelsea turned to thank the stranger for his nice compliment, she discovered that he seemed to have vanished.

Billy explained that he'd been detained because his mother had insisted on visiting with her new grandbaby. Billy noted that Ben was with Victoria. Chelsea asked Billy how he felt about Ben's presence. Billy said he was fine with it as long as everyone remained clear about who Katie's father was. As Billy and Chelsea, holding Connor, exited the park, Adam watched.

. . .

On the next The Young and the Restless...
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  • Chelsea asks if Sage is following her.
  • Adam sneaks into the penthouse.
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