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Billy tells Lily about Cane and Victoria
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Monday, January 21, 2019
by Nel

At the Ashby home, Cane asked Mattie to hold down the fort while he went to visit Lily because he missed her, but Mattie didn't believe him. She wanted to know why his visit was so urgent and why he couldn't leave in the morning. Cane replied that he wanted to surprise Lily, but Mattie refused to believe him. She wanted answers and the reason why Cane had to leave that night.

Cane explained to Mattie that something had happened during his last visit with Lily, and he wanted to fix the problem. He wanted to do it face to face because long-distance relationships were very difficult. Mattie decided they should go as a family, but Cane claimed he had to go alone. Mattie asked Cane to fix whatever the problem was and to not return until it was fixed. Cane promised.

Billy arrived at the prison. Lily was surprised to see him and wondered why he was there. She chortled at his awkward demeanor during his first visit. She explained that first-time visitors always wondered whether an inmate looked the same or if they were the same person they'd always known. Billy said she looked great and that his visit was long overdue. Lily wanted to hear about all the scandals and rumors in Genoa City. Billy informed her that Victor had been released from prison and that Fen was becoming a pop star.

Lily asked Billy why he'd suddenly decided it was time for a visit with her. She wanted Billy to be completely honest. She wanted to know what he wasn't telling her. Concerned, she asked if there was something wrong with the kids, Neil, or Devon. Billy assured her that Mattie and Charlie were fine, and so were Neil and Devon. Lily asked about Cane and mentioned that on his last visit with her, things hadn't ended well. She said that Cane loved her, and he'd stepped up as a father and a husband, which got her through every hellish day. Billy said it had been a mistake to visit her, but Lily encouraged him to tell her the truth.

After hesitating, Billy told Lily that he'd walked in on Cane and Victoria on her couch, kissing like a couple of teenagers. Lily was stunned. She said that Cane and Victoria hated each other. Billy assured Lily that things hadn't gone beyond the kissing stage. Lily asked if Cane had been drinking and if it had been a mistake as it had been with Juliet, but Billy said that Cane had been sober and that Cane and Victoria had kissed on one other occasion. Lily felt sick. She wondered how far things would have gone if Billy hadn't walked in on them.

Billy told Lily that he'd been spending a lot of time with Victoria and that she'd told him she loved him. He thought they had been back on track. He asked how Lily had been holding up. Lily said she had a volcano raging inside her, and she couldn't do anything about it. Billy advised her not to let it destroy her. Lily explained that she had to continue being a model prisoner, otherwise her privileges and her teaching job would be taken from her.

Lily thanked Billy for telling her, but Billy regretted his visit. Lily said she would have handled the situation if she'd been at home, but while she was in prison, she had to remain tough as nails. It was about survival, and she promised Billy that she'd survive by any means necessary.

Abby was sitting at a table in Crimson Lights when Arturo arrived with a bouquet of flowers for her. He said he hadn't been able to get her off his mind. Rey arrived and commented that Abby was obviously very special to receive such beautiful flowers. Rey told Arturo that when a man found the right woman, he should never let her go.

Sharon arrived and went behind the counter. While she watched the exchange between Rey, Arturo, and Abby, Sharon received a phone call from Phyllis, who wanted to discuss a lucrative business opportunity. Sharon said she'd pass. Phyllis said that it would be unwise and a huge mistake.

Abby appreciated Rey's compliment, but she didn't appreciate that Rey had arrested Victor for something he hadn't done. Rey said that unless there was new evidence, they would have to agree to disagree, but it shouldn't stop them from being cordial. Abby said she couldn't wait to smile when Rey ate his words. Rey said he hoped Abby was right because no one needed a father with dirty hands. He also mentioned that Victor was out on bail.

Abby was shocked. She was upset that no one had told her about Victor's release. Arturo suggested that perhaps Nikki had wanted to spend some time alone with Victor. Abby said she'd call to make sure Victor was okay.

Arturo was about to leave for work when Rey stopped him and said they needed to clear up a few things. Rey recalled that their father had given flowers to their mother whenever he'd done something wrong. Rey said he was happy for Arturo because Abby was beautiful and smart, and she had a good head on her shoulders.

Rey said that he didn't want his investigation to cause friction between Arturo and Abby. He wanted to make sure everyone was safe and happy, but when it came to family, he wanted to tread carefully, otherwise things would go south very quickly. Rey said he'd understand if Arturo took a step back with him because of his investigation. Arturo assured him that family always came first, and his relationship with Abby was solid. Rey asked if Arturo had been thinking about settling down. Arturo said the thought had crossed his mind.

Rey told Arturo that with a father like they'd had, a man either respected his vows for life, or he couldn't make a commitment. Arturo said he wished he could take back what had happened with Mia the previous year. He apologized and said that he'd been messed up. Rey admitted that Arturo had broken his heart, and he'd believed he'd never speak to Mia or Arturo again, but he'd managed to get past it. He said that he and Mia were stronger than ever. Rey and Arturo were happy to have a united family again.

Arturo acknowledged that Rey had had a lot of courage when he'd taken on caring for him and Lola after their father had walked out. He apologized for not being a better brother. Arturo admitted that Rey had been more of a father and role model than their father had ever been. Rey and Arturo hugged. Mia walked in and saw the brothers hugging, and she asked what was going on. Rey told Mia that Arturo had bought flowers for Abby. Rey left to go to work.

Mia mocked Arturo for buying flowers because he felt guilty about the previous evening. Arturo said he was happy with Abby, but Mia countered that Arturo was only happy because Abby didn't know how bad Arturo had it for Mia. She asked how long Arturo thought things would last with Abby. Arturo told her that he loved Abby. Mia said she loved Rey, but for some reason, whenever she was alone with Arturo, all she wanted was to be with him. Arturo told Mia that she needed to work on her marriage because his future was with Abby; he left.

Mia picked up Abby's flowers and smelled them. Abby returned. Mia said that Abby's flowers were beautiful, and of all the women in Genoa City, Arturo had settled for Abby. Abby said that Arturo had been up to his ears in work, but he still made time to buy her flowers. Mia advised Abby to enjoy it while it lasted because the last thing Arturo wanted was to settle down. Abby informed Mia that Arturo was a different person than he'd been in Miami.

Mia told Abby that Arturo had been in her apartment to fix the furnace, and it had been just the two of them. It had felt like old times. When Mia saw the look of surprise on Abby's face, she said she thought Arturo shared everything with Abby. Mia said it was never a good thing when a boyfriend kept things to himself. Perhaps that was the reason Arturo had bought Abby the flowers.

Abby suggested that Mia needed to spend more time with her man, and she needed to stop concerning herself about Abby's. Mia claimed she wasn't worried, but she warned that Abby should be. Abby asked if Mia didn't have someone's nose hairs to pluck, and she left. Mia smiled like a Cheshire cat, very pleased with herself.

Sharon arrived at Jabot. She had no idea why she and Phyllis were meeting. Sharon asked why Nikki and Victoria hadn't been included. Phyllis said their reality had changed because Victor had been granted bail, and he'd been released from prison. They couldn't trust Nikki and Victoria because trusting them might land her and Sharon in jail. Sharon said that she didn't respond well to threats, especially those from Phyllis. Phyllis claimed it hadn't been a threat.

Phyllis told Sharon that since Victor had been released on bail, the Newmans would present a united front, and that would put her and Sharon at risk. She said Nikki had already confessed to Nick. She asked how long Sharon thought it would take for Nikki to tell Victor everything. She said that Nikki had been ready to spill her guts to anyone who'd listen. The Newmans would do everything they could to keep Nikki out of prison, and that included pinning the murder on her and Sharon. Phyllis pointed out that Victor had been prepared to leave the country with Nikki. Sharon reminded Phyllis that there was no love lost between her and Nikki, but Nikki had only implicated herself and Victoria in J.T.'s death.

Phyllis reminded Sharon that Nikki had recently fallen off the wagon, she lived with MS, she'd almost lost Victoria at the hands of an abusive husband, and her husband had been in jail for something Nikki had done. Phyllis asked if Sharon honestly thought that the Newmans would believe that Nikki and Victoria had moved J.T.'s body on their own. She said that Victor had built a moat around his family, and at the first sign of danger, he'd raise the drawbridge and let her and Sharon flounder in that moat. She asked if Sharon believed that Nick would turn his mother in. Phyllis claimed they needed to protect themselves, and they were their best hope of saving each other.

Sharon wanted to think about their options. She found it ironic that Phyllis had sought her out rather than Nick. Sharon informed Phyllis that if she and Nick had been together, Nick would have immediately talked to her about Nikki's confession, but Nick hadn't spoken to Phyllis about it because the trust wasn't there. Phyllis asked if Sharon intended to put her trust in the Newmans. Sharon said she'd never trust Victor again. She told Phyllis that she'd seen Nick and Victoria's cars at the ranch earlier. Phyllis asked if Nick had been there to welcome home the father he detested. She added that the Newmans were circling their wagons and that she and Sharon needed to act immediately.

Phyllis claimed she was happy Sharon had seen things her way. Sharon said she wasn't certain what Phyllis thought she'd heard. Phyllis asked if she hadn't heard Sharon state emphatically that she'd never trust Victor again. Sharon said that she hadn't included Victoria or Nikki in that statement. Phyllis claimed that she couldn't emphasize strongly enough that they needed to put their personal differences aside, and they needed to form an alliance. It was the only way out of their situation.

Sharon told Phyllis there was no proof that the Newmans had conspired against them. Phyllis said there might not be proof yet, but she asked if Sharon was willing to wait and see. Sharon said she was. Sharon said she might not trust Victor, but there was one person whom she trusted even less than Victor, and that was Phyllis. As Sharon was about to leave, Phyllis said all she'd wanted had been to help Sharon. Sharon argued that Phyllis would double-cross her in a heartbeat if it meant saving her own skin. Sharon said she'd take her chances, and she left.

Abby stormed into Dark Horse and threw the bouquet of flowers on the table. She told Arturo that Mia had told her that he'd been at her apartment to fix the furnace. Mia had made it sound like something salacious had happened. Abby was certain Arturo had been there to perform a good deed. Abby said that Mia would stop at nothing, and she'd implied that Arturo had been keeping a secret from her. Abby acknowledged that Arturo did hundreds of construction-related projects daily, but she didn't need to be included on every detail.

Arturo apologized and advised Abby to ignore Mia. Abby told Arturo that Mia had claimed it had felt like old times. Arturo assured Abby that the past was a dead issue, and his future was with her because Abby was his everything. Abby hugged him.

A short time later, Arturo stormed into Mia's apartment and confronted her about upsetting Abby. Mia shrugged it off. She said she hadn't expected Abby to run to him in a panic. Arturo asked her what he had to do to keep Mia out of his relationship. Mia laughed and said that she'd told Abby that when Arturo had arrived, it had seemed like old times and that they had chit-chatted. Arturo asked why Mia kept doing that to him. Mia claimed she'd been trying to protect him from Lady Fancy Pants.

Mia told Arturo that Abby would cast him aside when she got bored with him. She said that Abby saw him as some kind of novelty item, to be shown off to her snooty friends as the "boyfriend from the wrong side of the tracks." Mia proceeded to taunt and tease Arturo about his connection to her. Arturo denied there was one. Mia warned Arturo that he was making the biggest mistake of his life if he didn't leave Abby. Arturo spat that Mia had been his biggest mistake, not Abby.

Mia walked toward Arturo and pointed out that he could have sent her a text message or email about his issues concerning Abby, but he'd chosen to be face to face with her to see if what he felt for her was real. She reminded him that he'd said there would always be something between them. Arturo said if she kept interfering in his relationship, he'd have a chat with Rey. Mia said if Arturo did that, he'd lose Rey forever.

At that moment, Rey arrived. Arturo said he needed to talk to Rey. Mia interrupted and told Rey that Arturo kept going on and on about the maintenance of the furnace. She led Rey to the couch, and in front of Arturo, Mia gave Rey a long-winded speech about how much she'd always loved him and that she wanted them to renew their vows. Rey said that nothing would make him happier.

Cane arrived at the prison, still agitated. He asked to see Lily, but the guard told him that it was well past visiting hours. Cane claimed it was an emergency, and he really needed to see Lily. The guard advised him that Lily couldn't have any more visitors. Cane said there had to have been a mistake because Lily hadn't had any visitors. Cane was shocked when the guard advised him that Billy Abbott had been in to see Lily earlier.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Phyllis walks a fine line

• Arturo gives Abby quite a shock

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