Monday, November 17, 2014

In a locked maintenance room inside the parking garage at Jabot, Victoria moaned as she experienced sharp labor pains. Upstairs, Billy and Ben frantically searched the lab and several offices before heading back down to the garage, where Victoria had left her car. Ben placed a call to Victoria's cellphone. The men were shocked to hear a faint ringtone, and they later discovered the phone in a trashcan after Ben disabled the noisy exhaust fans. He and Billy heard Victoria's cries and used a fire extinguisher to break the padlock on the door.

Once inside the room, Victoria announced that her baby was about to be born. Ben phoned for an ambulance. Billy raced upstairs to the lab to retrieve a medical kit and some blankets. Ben moved Victoria out of the cramped storage room. When Billy returned, Victoria asked Ben if he was aware of how she'd gotten locked inside the storage room. Ben didn't respond, but Billy said he also wanted to know what had happened.

Ben cleaned his hands with antibacterial gel and said they should instead concentrate on the baby. Ben promised Victoria that he and Billy wouldn't let her lose the baby. Billy acted as a birthing coach while Ben prepared to deliver the baby. Victoria complained of exhaustion, but Ben coaxed her to push. The child arrived crying. Victoria beamed. The men looked relieved. Ben, cradling the newborn, announced that the girl was healthy. He placed the infant in Victoria's arms. The elated mother cooed to her baby and kissed the newborn's pink forehead.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Jeffrey stopped by unannounced. When Chelsea opened her front door, she expected to find Billy and blurted out that Billy had to have found Victoria. Jeffrey muttered, "Is Victoria lost?" Chelsea asked why her father had stopped by. Jeffrey replied, "Can't a father watch out for his daughter's well-being?" Chelsea mistakenly believed that Jeffrey had planted the tiny hidden camera she'd recently discovered in Connor's nursery. Jeffrey examined the camera and said, "Glad I'm here to help." Chelsea vehemently refused Jeffrey's offer to contact the police.

Jeffrey admitted to Chelsea that he'd stopped by because he needed money. Chelsea asked about the lawsuit Jeffrey had filed against Ben. She explained that it was important to Billy for Jeffrey to drop the lawsuit against Ben. Jeffrey said, "I get it. What's important to Victoria is important to Billy. You know, Adam had his flaws, but at least he was clear about who it was he loved."

Jeffrey reminded Chelsea that Billy might be the father of Victoria's baby. Chelsea noted that a baby couldn't magically mend a damaged relationship. Chelsea said that she, too, shared a biological child with Billy. Chelsea offered Jeffrey a lucrative deal to drop his frivolous lawsuit. Jeffrey laughed and said he'd have to think it over. After Jeffrey left, Chelsea phoned and left a message for Billy to return her call.

At a stately home, Adam, masquerading as Gabriel, admired his altered facial appearance. Addressing a young woman named Sage, Adam said, "When I walk back into Genoa City, no one will suspect for a minute that I'm Adam Newman -- not my close friends, not my family, not even Chelsea." Hobbling with the aid of a cane, Adam took a seat behind a desk. Sage insisted that Adam couldn't yet return to Genoa City because he hadn't fully recovered. Adam glared at Sage.

While Adam devoured his lunch, Constance, confined to a wheelchair, encouraged "Gabriel" to continue regaining his strength. Sage cleared her throat to prompt Adam to speak a kind word to the older woman. Constance noted that Gabriel hadn't touched the spinach on his plate. Adam replied, "I don't care for it." Sage cringed, and Constance said, "It's always been your favorite. You always loved spinach even when you were a little boy."

Sage interrupted the awkward conversation between Adam and Constance. Sage recalled that Gabriel's doctor had mentioned the possibility of altered taste as a side effect of medications. Constance noted that she'd always maintained hope that her grandson would recover. Constance noted that her grandson had inherited her fortitude along with her good looks. Adam nodded.

Sage panicked when Constance began coughing and choking. Constance dismissed Sage's concern. Constance said she was brimming over with good health, thanks to her grandson's ever-promising recovery. Constance assured her grandson that something valuable could be gained from his harrowing ordeal if he learned to appreciate the bigger picture.

Adam admitted that he'd made mistakes. Adam said that he'd been irresponsible and had taken things for granted. Constance claimed that her grandson was being too hard on himself. He added that his near-death experience and long recovery process had given him a glimpse of a better life. Adam expressed his desire to put himself in a new place, so he could be a better man. Sage seemed apprehensive as she studied Constance's reaction.

Constance asked Gabriel how he planned to accomplish his goals. He said he would be less self-serving and would venture out into the world to work. Sage warned Gabriel that he might not be fully recovered. Constance praised her grandson for attempting to save the life of a despicable man who was the son of Victor Newman. Constance became agitated, and Sage attempted to comfort her, but Constance cried that Adam Newman had killed an innocent little girl, so he hadn't deserved to be saved.

After Constance left the room, Sage pointed out that Adam hadn't said a word about the hit-and-run the entire time he'd lived at the house. Adam reminded Sage that before Constance had entered the room, Sage had pleaded with him not to leave. Sage said, "It's dangerous!" Adam replied, "It's risky, and we both knew that going in. As far as I'm concerned, nothing has changed at all." Sage, frustrated, noted that she'd gone along with their arrangement so far. Adam reminded her that they were both getting something out of the agreement, so she had no right to alter the rules.

At the Underground, Phyllis berated Summer for wasting her time with Austin by hanging around the bar while he cut lemons and mixed drinks. The tables soon turned, and Summer lashed out at her mother for not immediately notifying her and others that Nick was her biological father. Summer cried that Phyllis' only concern was punishing Sharon. Phyllis quickly shushed Austin when he attempted to defend his wife. Summer scowled at her mother.

Phyllis seemed unfazed when Summer insisted that she'd grown up a lot during the year her mother had been in a coma. Phyllis asked to speak to Summer privately. Summer, agitated, replied, "Stop treating Austin like that. He is my husband! Don't you love us anymore?" Phyllis asked if either Summer or Jack had paused to consider that she might need reassurance. Austin left so Summer could talk to her mother.

Phyllis noted that "so much" had changed while she'd been away. Summer admitted that she'd gone on with her life. She added, "You were always there with me in my head. With everything I did, I would ask myself if you would approve or not." Phyllis apologized for having made mistakes when she returned to Genoa City. Phyllis cried that Jack seemed to no longer feel the same way about her as she did for him.

Summer told her mother that she feared losing Jack as a father figure. Phyllis assured Summer that Jack wouldn't turn his back on her. Phyllis vowed to remind Jack how much they both loved each other. Summer asked Phyllis what she planned to do to mend her relationship with Jack. Phyllis gently patted her daughter's hand and told her not to worry. Phyllis' directive seemed not to quell Summer's concerns.

After Phyllis left, Summer seemed uneasy. Summer told Austin that she was worried about how her mom would react when she found out about Jack's involvement with Kelly. Summer, considering her awkward situation, said she wasn't sure which of her families to visit on Thanksgiving. Austin suggested they eat turkey and watch football games all day. Summer admitted that she no longer thought only of herself. She credited Austin with helping her forge a new outlook on life. The couple shared a passionate kiss.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack returned and called out to Phyllis, who didn't respond. Jack spied a ring box sitting on the mantel. He opened the box and saw Phyllis' engagement ring nestled inside. In a flashback, Jack recalled the day at the clinic when he'd slipped the ring on Phyllis' finger and pledged to wait for her indefinitely. He seemed lost in thought when he heard a noise at the front door.

Phyllis returned home. She told Jack that she'd placed the ring back in its box, so they could announce their engagement at a party. Jack said he wasn't sure they should throw a huge party. Phyllis apologized for jumping ahead and noted that she remembered the words Jack had spoken even though she had been comatose at the time. Jack replied, "I was terrified that I'd lose you, and my heart was so full of love for you."

Phyllis asked Jack if he still desired to place the ring on her finger. Jack replied, "I feel our love. I feel our connection and the same lightness of heart and ease I had when I stuffed that ring box in my tuxedo jacket, so I could meet you at the benefit eager to pop the question." Tears of joy filled Phyllis' eyes when Jack opened the lid of the ring box and said, "Red, will you marry me?" Phyllis cried, "Yes!"

Phyllis asked Jack to make love to her, and the couple went upstairs. After Phyllis and Jack made love, Phyllis asked about Jack's life during her year-long absence. Jack claimed that it had been a terrible, joyless year. Phyllis demanded to know if Jack had been with anyone else. Jack nervously replied, "Yes, there was someone." Jack refused to name the woman he'd dated. Phyllis said it was best that she didn't know because she might kill "the bitch."

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