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Ashley reveals the identity of Jack's father
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Monday, October 8, 2018

At Sharon's house, Sharon slipped off her engagement ring and set it on a table. After Sharon wiped tears from her cheek, she sat on her sofa and sorted wedding gifts to return. Mariah arrived downstairs and offered to handle the gift returns for her mother. Sharon explained that she'd prefer to finish the task herself, so the boxes could be cleared out before Faith returned home from school. Mariah was surprised that Faith had insisted on attending school. Sharon sadly noted that Faith had said she'd half-expected that the wedding would never take place. Sharon added that Faith had walked out to meet the bus like it was any other day.

Mariah offered to reschedule her location shoot, but Sharon insisted that Mariah stick to her commitment. Sharon said she didn't want Nick's stupid, selfish decisions to affect anyone else's life plans. Mariah expressed misgivings about having told her mother about Nick and Phyllis' one-night stand. Sharon replied, "I don't want you to feel guilty about that -- not ever. Imagine how betrayed I would feel if I'd found out after the wedding that you'd known and you didn't say anything." Sharon assured Mariah that knowing the truth had made her stronger.

At Jabot, Ashley rushed to find a substitute for an ill Gloria, as Phyllis, dressed head to toe in black, entered the office, hoping her presence wouldn't draw attention. Ashley entered Traci's office and told Traci and Lauren that she'd spotted Phyllis hightailing it down the hall. Traci noted that Phyllis could create a big issue. Ashley replied, "Right. Do we involve her in this, or not?" Ashley admitted that she didn't trust Phyllis because she often couldn't separate her personal and business lives, as evidenced in the past when she'd lock the door to the office and seduce Billy.

Lauren vouched for Phyllis, explaining that though Phyllis had been hurt, she'd shown up on time to attend to her responsibilities. Lauren insisted that Phyllis be given a chance to redeem herself. Traci, saddled with the burden of being the vote tie-breaker, explained that she was concerned about Billy, who'd failed to return home and hadn't been heard from. Traci added, "Did he actually show up at rehab, or is he out on some bender, gambling for even higher stakes?"

Phyllis, having discarded her wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, emerged from the shadows and set a file on the secretary's desk. Her mind elsewhere, Phyllis sent a text message to Billy. Phyllis wrote that she was aware that Billy was furious with her, but she repeated her vow to love him and stick by him through rehab. On the other side of the door where Phyllis attempted to connect with Billy, Ashley phoned the rehab facility and learned that Billy had checked in at 6:00 a.m. Traci breathed a sigh and relief and said, "Oh, thank heaven."

Ashley told Traci and Lauren that it was up to them to move the company forward. Lauren asked about Phyllis. Ashley noted that they had enough votes without Phyllis. Lauren replied, "Then there's no harm in including her, is there?" Ashley forged ahead, immediately relieved Traci of her temporary duties as CEO, and set things in motion to undo the blood Abbott clause. Ashley added that she'd called an emergency board meeting in hopes that Traci would put forth a motion to remove the clause. Traci seemed overwhelmed and cried, "Ashley, slow down just a little bit. I mean, I understand what it is you're trying to do, but technically, I'm still in charge."

At Summer's apartment, Summer awoke alone and called out to Billy. Summer sent a text message to Billy, asking where he was and requesting he spend the night with her again. Summer sat on her bed, staring at the screen of her phone, seemingly willing Billy to respond. Summer phoned Phyllis and said she wasn't sure her call would be answered. Phyllis admitted she'd considered letting the call go to voicemail. Summer asked her mother how she was holding up. Phyllis said she'd gotten up and headed to work instead of staying in bed and sulking all day.

Summer asked her mother if Billy was at Jabot. Phyllis replied, "Why would you even think he was here? He wants nothing to do with me, thanks to you and your big mouth." Summer swore she wasn't the one who'd told Sharon. Phyllis said Kyle was the only other person she could think of because he'd been nothing but trouble since he'd returned from New York.

Summer told her mother that the truth had been bound to emerge eventually and had at the worst time possible. Phyllis berated herself for blowing up everything due to one night of weakness. Phyllis cried that she didn't blame Billy for hating her. Phyllis told Summer that she'd phoned Billy's, spoken to Mrs. Martinez, and discovered that Billy hadn't spent the night at home. Summer assured her mother that Billy could take of himself and just needed time. Phyllis cried, "I hope you're right. I really don't want to believe it's over."

Phyllis ended her phone call with Summer when Ted, Gloria's temporary replacement, rushed in to answer the phone. Ted introduced himself. Ted asked Phyllis if she knew where he could find Phyllis Summers. After Ted learned he'd been speaking to Phyllis, he told her she was wanted in Traci's office. Phyllis put on a brave face and entered the office. Ashley invited Phyllis to have a seat. Phyllis assumed the worst and admitted she'd hurt Billy.

At the police station, Rey greeted Sharon by stating that the station was a sad honeymoon destination. Sharon plopped down in a seat across from Rey's desk and said she'd canceled her time off. Rey was surprised to learn that the wedding hadn't taken place. As Sharon poured coffee, she noted that Nick had hurt her and cheated on her repeatedly. Rey listened sympathetically. Sharon cried that repeated mistakes proved who someone really was.

At Dark Horse, Abby greeted Jack and asked if anyone had been left standing after the fiasco at the church. Jack explained that Billy had kicked Phyllis out of the house. Abby said she hadn't heard from Nick, who hadn't returned her calls. Tessa arrived and said Nick had a document she needed. Nick arrived just as Abby proclaimed that Nick likely wouldn't show up.

Nick marched in at Dark Horse and said, "What did I miss?" Jack said, "We weren't sure you were coming in today." Nick explained that he didn't want anyone feeling sorry for him because his despicable behavior had imploded his wedding. Nick vowed to start again because he had every intention of marrying Sharon. Nick addressed Tessa's request and searched through stacks of files to find the file she needed.

After Tessa left, Jack and Abby commiserated with Nick. Jack noted that Nick's self-punishment couldn't excuse what he'd done to Sharon and to Billy. Jack advised Nick to get his life together. After Jack left, Abby asked about the kids. Nick said Faith was shaken up. Nick added that Christian was too young to understand and was staying with a sitter at their new house. Nick's voice trailed off as the realization set in that the new house was his and not his and Sharon's together. Nick cried that he'd spent his wedding night, rattling around in a shiny, new home alone.

Victoria entered Nick's office, carrying a tray of coffee. Having overheard her brother's comment about being all alone, Victoria said, "How many times have you taunted Dad about ending up that way? It's ironic, no?" Victoria pointedly asked Nick why he'd cheated on Sharon with Phyllis. Nick explained that after he and Sharon had had a major disagreement about Dark Horse, his decision to impersonate J.T., and the rift he'd created between himself and Victor, he'd returned home and found her engagement ring sitting on a desk. Nick said he'd taken the discarded ring as a sign that Sharon had called off their engagement.

Abby and Victoria berated Nick's decision to assume that the ring left on the desk had meant he was free to sleep with Phyllis. Victoria added that it was even worse that Nick had slept with Phyllis because she was involved with Billy. Nick recalled that at the time, Phyllis and Billy had just called things off. Victoria noted that at least Billy's absence indicated he'd gone to rehab as he'd promised. Nick said he didn't know why he'd shown up to work because he needed to fix things immediately. After Nick left, Jack entered and told Abby they'd been summoned to Jabot right away.

Nick showed up at the police station to face Sharon. Nick told Sharon that he would fight for her and never give up because he was certain they still loved each other. Sharon walked into the police chief's office and closed the door. Rey stepped between the door and Nick. Rey asked Nick if he'd simmered down after having behaved like a jerk to Sharon. Rey doubted Sharon was ready to talk, so Nick left. After Rey told Sharon that Nick had left, Sharon said she couldn't believe Nick had thought she would have welcomed him with open arms. Rey said Nick didn't want to lose her. Sharon insisted she would move on without Nick.

At the meeting in Traci's office, Phyllis said she was aware that Ashley was anxious to get rid of the blood Abbott clause. Traci said she was in agreement about the clause, but she proposed waiting until Billy returned from the treatment center. Ashley explained that delaying might unleash bad press if the public discovered the truth about Billy's gambling and embezzlement. Traci requested they at least wait until Jack, Abby, and Kyle were present. Ashley noted that even without them and Billy, they had a quorum and even a majority, if Foster's and Morgan's proxies were unanimous. Traci cleared her throat and called the meeting to order. Traci then made a motion to strike the blood Abbott clause from the company bylaws in its entirety. Ashley seconded. When Traci called for a vote, Phyllis clenched her jaw.

As Abby, Jack, and Kyle headed to Traci's office, Kyle asked if Billy would be joining them. Jack said that Billy had checked in at the rehab facility and wouldn't be allowed to take or make phone calls. Abby added that no one could step up as Billy's proxy. Traci, Lauren, Ashley, and Phyllis were waiting when Abby, Jack, and Kyle arrived. Traci explained that she sought someone with more appropriate credentials to take her place. Abby noted that only Traci and Billy were related by blood to John Abbott, the founder of Jabot.

Lauren announced that they'd already voted unanimously to remove the clause. Jack looked at Phyllis and said, "Even you?" Phyllis replied, "Even me." Abby expressed relief that the clause was history. Ashley stepped up and offered to elevate herself from COO to CEO. Abby seconded and said no one was more qualified than Ashley. Jack and Kyle spoke privately. Kyle urged Jack to step up and claim the top spot. Kyle noted that because Traci and Phyllis might not support Ashley, and he would definitely support his dad, Jack could take the helm. Kyle added that with him by Jack's side as COO, they could run Jabot together.

Before Traci called for a vote, Kyle addressed the assembled board members and nominated Jack. Jack accepted and said Jabot was where his heart was. Jack explained that he was an executive consultant for Dark Horse, thus free to submit his name for a vote. Kyle vouched for his dad. Ashley glared at Jack. After Lauren tallied the votes, Ashley gained the most votes, with Traci abstaining. Traci explained that she wouldn't choose between her siblings. Jack replied, "Yet that, in effect, is precisely what you did. You handed the crown to our sister."

After Kyle abruptly left the meeting, Phyllis followed him. Phyllis said, "Hey, you're not going anywhere until I get some answers." Phyllis wanted to know if Kyle was the one who'd told Sharon. Phyllis added, "Are you the one responsible for all the hell that rained down at that wedding?" Kyle accused Phyllis of screwing up the votes because she thought he cared enough to sabotage her and Billy. Kyle said Summer was the loudmouth that had allowed Mariah to overhear Phyllis' dirty secret.

Traci, Abby, and Lauren stayed behind after the meeting to congratulate Ashley. Lauren noted that it was a good move for Jabot and for Fenmore's because there would be stable leadership. Lauren thanked Traci for stepping up and overseeing the momentous change. Traci asked to speak to Ashley alone. After Abby and Lauren left, Ashley gave Traci credit for leading a smooth transition. Traci admitted that the circumstances she'd been forced to manage had made her uneasy, especially in regard to Billy. Ashley insisted that Billy hadn't been suited to run a large company. Traci made Ashley vow not to squander her opportunity.

After Traci left, Jack returned. Ashley told Jack she hoped he didn't resent her, though she thought he'd moved on to Dark Horse. Jack said a part of his heart would always be with Jabot. Jack added that it wasn't meant to be, as much as he would have liked to take charge at Jabot again. Jack praised Ashley for proving she had the mettle to be CEO. Jack apologized for the blood Abbott clause and the pain it had caused Ashley and their family. Jack kissed Ashley's cheek and said their dad would approve of her taking the helm. After Jack left, Ashley sat in the CEO's chair and breathed a sigh of relief and joy.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Tessa told Mariah she wished she could afford more than drinks and dessert. Mariah said it was a fine and fancy going-away treat. Mariah reminded Tessa that the people shaking her down wanted their money. Tessa said that though she'd been working all she could and saving every dime, she still wanted to show Mariah how much Mariah meant to her. The couple held hands and shared a tender moment.

Mariah brought up her mother's disastrous wedding and lamented that if Sharon and Nick couldn't make their relationship work, there was likely no hope for the rest of humanity. Tessa assured Mariah that their relationship was different. Mariah agreed that their relationship was solid and happy. Mariah cried that while she was away, she'd miss Tessa like crazy.

While Mariah and Tessa were sharing a kiss, Phyllis showed up and said, "Oh, look at you, so happy. You completely destroyed my life, along with a lot of other people's." Mariah admitted that she'd told Sharon about Phyllis and Nick. Mariah added, "If you think that I enjoyed ripping my mother's world apart, you've got more problems than your lack of impulse control and common decency." Phyllis, seething, replied, "You had no right." Mariah bolted upright and boldly insisted that she'd had every right, just like Sharon had had a right to know the truth before she married Nick. Mariah berated Phyllis for blaming others because she'd gotten caught.

Phyllis walked away and took a seat at the bar after her encounter with Mariah. Nick entered and asked Phyllis if they should be seen in public together. Nick took a seat at the bar after Phyllis said they couldn't avoid each other forever. Nick agreed that he might as well face things. Nick told Phyllis that Sharon wouldn't talk to him. Phyllis cried that Billy had packed her bags and thrown them out the front door. Phyllis said she hoped Billy had gone to the treatment facility to seek help for his gambling addiction.

Sharon entered the Athletic Club and was shocked to see Nick and Phyllis seated together at the bar. Sharon approached, leaned toward Nick, and said, "Real classy. Any amount of rejection from me, and you go racing to Phyllis, who's more than eager to give you some of that sleazy comfort that you crave so much." Nick insisted that he and Phyllis had just run into each other. Sharon suggested Nick and Phyllis not hold back and "do it" on the bar. Sharon went a step further and said, "I know. Why don't you take her on my honeymoon? It's a shame to see that go to waste."

Phyllis spoke up for Nick and told Sharon that Nick still wanted to marry her and become a family. Sharon replied, "You conniving tramp. Do you think I'd really believe anything out of your mouth? Do you remember that night -- the special one? Ever since then, you've been trying to convince me that we share a special bond and that we need to stick together. That was nothing more than lies upon lies."

Phyllis reminded Sharon that Nick had forgiven her for far worse things. Phyllis added, "I mean, really, it is no wonder that he spent time with me while you were dithering over whether or not to go through with this wedding." Sharon insisted she wasn't the same woman she'd been in the past and wouldn't turn into a quivering puddle. Sharon told Nick she'd loved him more than anyone in her life. Sharon cried that she and Nick were done. Sharon warned Phyllis that she'd be the one to become a puddle if she even considered messing with her again.

At Crimson Lights, Summer left a message for Billy. Summer said she was aware that Billy had checked in at rehab. Summer said their night together had meant a lot to her, so she couldn't wait to see him again. Summer ran into Victoria on the patio. Summer noticed that Victoria was opening mail. Victoria said she'd wanted to get away from folks asking questions about the wedding and enjoy peace and quiet. After Summer left, Victoria opened an envelope that contained an unsigned, typed note. The note read, "I know what you did, and I'm going to make you pay."

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Nick warns that Rey isnít fooling him.

• Nikki receives another note.

• Jack demands an explanation from Ashley.

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