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At Sharon's house, Nick tried to explain to an angry Sharon why she couldn't turn her back on Mariah. Sharon admitted that she'd already thrown Mariah out on the street. Sharon cried, "Give me one good reason why I should ever want to see that girl again." Nick said, "There are things we didn't know about Mariah -- things she doesn't even know." Sharon told Nick that he didn't know who Mariah really was. Nick replied, "She's your daughter!"

Sharon, shocked and confused, told Nick that he wasn't making sense. Sharon was stunned when Nick said, "Cassie and Mariah are sisters. Sharon, you had twins." Nick explained that he'd looked into Mariah's history and had discovered that Helen Copeland, an obstetrical nurse, had once been a member of Ian's cult. Nick added that Helen had assisted the doctor when Sharon had given birth. Helen, Nick added, had taken one of the twins and given the infant to Ian.

Sharon learned that Nick had pieced together what had taken place after he talked to Grace. Sharon still didn't believe Nick and maintained that she would have known had she been carrying two babies. Nick explained that Dr. Hill's confession confirmed that Sharon had delivered twins. Sharon recalled that she'd begged to see her baby, but that the drugs she'd been given had clouded her memory. Sharon broke down sobbing and cried that Mariah looked just like Cassie because they were twins.

Sharon felt remorse for having failed to sense that Mariah needed her mother. Nick assured Sharon that she wasn't at fault. Sharon cried that she'd abandoned her child twice and had told Mariah never to return. Sharon told Nick about Mariah's plan to seduce him. Nick insisted that Sharon had to have misunderstood.

Nick was taken aback when Sharon explained how Mariah had dressed in sexy lingerie for him. Sharon noted that Mariah believed she and Nick shared a connection. Sharon cried that she'd felt betrayed by Mariah. Sharon added, "Of course she acts out like that and makes those choices. She was abandoned and unloved. I told my daughter to leave and never come back."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, a sobbing Mariah looked to Ian for comfort and said she couldn't wait to leave town. Ian tried to discourage Mariah from leaving Genoa City. He reminded Mariah that Sharon had opened her heart and that Sharon's love for Mariah was real and honest. Mariah admitted that she'd donned lingerie and had planned to seduce Nick. Mariah added that while wearing the lingerie, she'd greeted Sharon and not Nick.

Mariah, angry, noted that Sharon had a secret that could destroy Nick. Ian again insisted that Sharon truly loved Mariah. Mariah remained unconvinced and sighed heavily. Ian added that the world would soon see Mariah's joy and wisdom. Mariah cried, "You have always been the only person I could trust."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Devon sat alone in a corner, sipping whiskey. Cane stopped by and said, "You know, sitting here staring at drinks has become a thing for you." Cane added that he was headed to Neil's house to enjoy a take-out dinner Lily had picked up from the kitchen. Cane urged Devon to join the family. Devon replied, "Neil and Lily don't need me crowding him." Cane insisted that Devon not sit alone in the dining room all night.

After Cane left, Devon ran into Hilary. She admitted to having stopped by to see Devon because they'd never had a chance to talk after Neil had gotten home from the hospital. Devon recalled that Hilary had made herself clear when she'd told him that the progression of their relationship would have to wait. Hilary noted that Neil might never regain his sight. Devon worried that Neil might find out that his son was in love with his wife.

Devon noted that it would be awkward for him to join Neil and Hilary during family functions. Hilary said, "Maybe if we ignore it, it'll go away." Though Hilary had spoken the words, her pained facial expression betrayed her true feelings. Devon agreed that he and Hilary would be stabbing Neil in the back if they revealed the true nature of their relationship. Hilary nodded and sighed.

At Neil's apartment, Lily cowered in the distance while Neil felt his way through the living room and yelled that he didn't need anyone's help. Neil guided himself along the wall and opened the front door when Jack and Kelly stopped by. Jack immediately began tearing into an envelope and announced that he'd brought Sketches for Neil to see. Neil interrupted and said, "I can't see the sketches. I can't see anything!" Jack, puzzled, paused and turned to face Neil.

After the initial shock, Jack gave Neil time to explain. Neil told Jack and Kelly that he'd lost his eyesight during an electrical malfunction at a house he'd purchased. Neil insisted that he would soon regain his sight. Jack noticed the look of concern on Lily's face. Kelly asked how Neil was adjusting to his surroundings at home. Neil said that Lily and his wife were helping him.

Hilary and Devon arrived and greeted Jack and Kelly. Devon explained that he'd offered to drive Hilary home. Neil kissed his wife and thanked his son. Hilary tried but failed to keep her eyes trained on Neil. Devon bit his lower lip. Jack noticed the uneasiness.

Jack and Kelly agreed to join Neil and his family for dinner. Neil and Lily briefly argued when Neil said he had no intention of selling the house he'd purchased for Hilary. Tension rose to the boiling point when Neil accidentally pushed the serving dish filled with pasta onto the floor. Devon snapped at Lily and said she should have dished out the food in the kitchen. Lily replied, "You could have helped me instead of sitting there sulking."

Lily and Kelly went to pick up another take-out dinner. Neil left the room, so Jack had a talk with Hilary. Jack explained that he'd once been told he'd never walk again, so he understood Neil's impatience. Jack added that Neil's natural instinct was to act out of fear and frustration. Jack said that Hilary should always bear in mind that her husband loved her.

Neil and Devon returned to the living room. Neil told Jack that something good would result from his misfortune. Hilary seemed uneasy when Neil explained that his other senses had sharpened and allowed him to hear subtle nuances in people's voices. Neil added, "In between words and the quiet, I can hear what people are thinking." Devon and Hilary exchanged tense glances.

After Jack left, Jill phoned Devon about Katherine's remembrance ceremony. After the call ended, Devon said he'd rather stay with Neil, but Neil insisted on attending, too. Devon explained that only family had been told about Neil's blindness. Devon offered to contact Jill to let her know, so Neil wouldn't have to respond to questions. Neil remained insistent that he could carry on without assistance.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Kelly told Lily not to worry about the uncomfortable situation that had taken place at Neil's apartment. Kelly assured Lily that her family would muddle through and overcome their difficult circumstances. Lily noted how unusual it had been that everyone but Hilary had snapped at her. Kelly encouraged Lily to lean on her for support whenever needed. Lily said she'd be fine and told Kelly to meet up with Jack.

After Kelly walked away, Nick and Sharon arrived. Anxious, they asked for Lily's help. After Lily went upstairs, she returned and told Sharon and Nick that Ian had checked out. Nick and Sharon grew concerned when Lily explained that Ian had left with a young woman. Frantic, Sharon cried, "Ian's gone, and he took Mariah with him."

At Katherine Chancellor Park, Colin met with Mr. Kurtz. Colin said it was time to discuss terms. Kurtz replied, "The plan is simple enough. Meet your new partner in your wife's clothing business." Kurtz raised his hand to indicate that he was the new partner. Kurtz added, "Move cash through nice and clean." Colin refused and said, "My plan is for you to leave my family out of this."

Colin explained that the husband of Jill's business partner was the former district attorney. Colin added that his extended family maintained a close friendship with the chief of police. Both Kurtz and Colin threatened to murder each other before Colin reminded Kurtz that they were business colleagues. Colin again asked Kurtz not to involve Jill. When Cane showed up, Kurtz abruptly left.

Cane demanded that Colin explain what had been going on. Colin lied and said that the man he'd been talking to was involved with the celebration to remember Katherine. Cane said he knew his dad was lying, which caused concern because he'd let his dad back into his life. Colin insisted that he wasn't in trouble. Cane recalled that he'd taken a risk by defending his father to Victor.

Cane pleaded with Colin to be truthful. Cane added, "You need to tell me, and I will help you, but you need to tell me now." Colin said that everything was right with his world. Cane warned Colin the he'd suffer the consequences of his unfortunate decisions. Colin refused to utter a word, so Cane left.

Kurtz returned. Addressing Colin, Kurtz said, "You don't want junior to know that you're in deep to me." Colin sternly said that his wife and family were not part of the deal. When Colin said he didn't have the cash to pay off his debt, Kurtz insisted that Colin allow him access to Jill's boutique. Cane covertly listened.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Kelly relaxed in bed. Kelly ate bites of cut-up mangoes Mrs. Martinez had prepared and left in the refrigerator. Jack noted that it wasn't the evening he'd planned. Kelly said, "It's home, and it's heaven." Jack said, "Did you just call this home?" Kelly laughed and said that she had.

Jack noted that he and Kelly were lucky. Kelly agreed, and the couple kissed. Jack mentioned Neil. Recalling his own health crisis, Jack noted that after the denial stage, Neil might fall into an emotional sinkhole. Jack added, "Eventually, you have to accept that you can't control everything, and you just put the pieces back together any way you can."

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