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Phyllis stuns Billy as they fight for the spotlight
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Monday, November 12, 2018

At the police station, Sharon arrived for work. Sharon, smiling, approached Rey, leaned close to him, and said, "How are you?" Rey, perusing papers in a file folder, replied, "Um, I'm fine. You know, just a lot going on. Don't have much time to chitchat." Rey walked away as he told Sharon to check with other detectives about assignments they might have for her. Sharon grew frustrated and said, "You talked me out of quitting, and now you pretend that I don't exist?" Nick entered the station. Sharon focused her anger on Nick and warned him not to discuss their personal issues.

Rey interrupted Sharon and directed Nick to an interrogation room. Sharon's eyes widened in shock, and her jaw dropped as she watched Nick and Rey walk away. In an interrogation room, Rey informed Nick that J.T.'s disappearance was being investigated as a homicide. Nick said the last time he'd seen J.T. had been at the hospital, when J.T. had pretended to care whether or not Victor would survive his injuries. Rey asked for an exact date, but all Nick could recall was that his last interaction had occurred just before J.T. and Victoria had flown to Hawaii.

Rey asked Nick if he'd been concerned about J.T. returning to town during the time Nick had impersonated J.T. Nick said he hadn't and recalled that J.T. had been missing for a few months and hadn't contacted anyone in his family. Rey suggested that Nick might have made certain that J.T. had disappeared for good before pulling off his ruse. Nick adamantly insisted he'd had nothing to do with J.T.'s disappearance or his death.

After Nick left the interrogation room, he asked Sharon what she'd said to Rey about J.T. Sharon assured Nick that she hadn't been involved in the investigation. Nick, referring to Rey, replied, "If he keeps coming after me or my family, then we're going to have a problem." After Nick left, Sharon entered the interrogation room. Sharon told Rey that Nick had accused her of implicating him in J.T.'s murder. Rey suggested that Nick had had a motive to murder J.T. because he'd tried to kill Victor. Sharon grew agitated and said Rey should've given her a heads-up before interrogating Nick.

Sharon expressed her confusion about Rey having begged her to stay and then shutting her out. Sharon told Rey she didn't want to lose his friendship. Rey grabbed Sharon and passionately kissed her on the lips. Rey backed off when Nikki entered. Sharon was shocked to see Nikki. Nikki explained that Detective Rosales had requested to speak with her. Sharon reluctantly left so Nikki and Rey could talk.

After Sharon left the room, Rey asked Nikki about Victor. Nikki explained that Victor was in Singapore on business. Nikki added that Victor had traveled to Singapore weeks before Rey had declared that Chancellor Park was a crime scene. Rey requested Victor's travel itinerary. Nikki insisted that Rey's subtle yet pointed accusations against Victor were unfounded. Nikki added that Rey seemed fixated on the Newman family regarding J.T.'s death.

Rey noted that Hellstrom had made life hell for Victoria and had tried to kill Victor. Nikki replied, "And now you're blaming the victims." Rey clarified to Nikki that he understood how a parent might react under extreme circumstances in order to protect a child. Nikki said that if Rey was implying that Victor was a killer, he couldn't be more wrong. Rey strongly urged Nikki to convince Victor to return to Genoa City.

After Nikki stepped out of the interrogation room, she had a brief, hushed conversation with Sharon. Nikki said, "He asked me about Victor and nothing else." Sharon, relieved, replied, "Thank God." Sharon noted that Rey hadn't said anything to her about J.T. Nikki said the closer Sharon remained to Rey, the better. After Nikki left, Sharon entered the interrogation room and said, "What was that before?" Rey admitted he couldn't hide the way he felt about Sharon. Sharon replied, "I can't stop thinking about you, either." Rey invited Sharon to stop by his place later to discuss the future of their relationship.

Phyllis phoned Victoria at Newman Enterprises and told her that the police had questioned Nick about J.T. Victoria reminded Phyllis that they both knew that Nick had had nothing to do with J.T.'s disappearance. Victoria added that Rey had contacted her and that Nikki was already at the police station. Phyllis replied that Rey was already zeroing in on two of the four people who'd been with J.T. on the night in question. Phyllis expressed her disapproval about being left out of the loop. Victoria noted that Rey knew she was the last person to see J.T. before helping him escape, and Nikki was being questioned because she owned the park. Phyllis seemed somewhat relieved that Victoria spoke of helping J.T. escape as if it were a fact. Victoria told Phyllis to relax, as Rey's investigation seemed to be on the wrong track.

At Tessa's cramped studio apartment, Mariah told Tessa she had a meeting to attend. Tessa was disappointed. Tessa kissed Mariah on the lips before sweeping her hair aside and kissing her neck. Mariah winced and explained that she'd developed a crick in her neck from sleeping funny. Mariah promised to unpack her moving boxes and organize Tessa's overstuffed closet after she returned.

After Mariah later returned, Tessa wasn't home. Mariah opened the closet door and removed clothing and other items so she could reorganize. Mariah moved the duffel bag, inside of which Tessa had previously hidden dozens of stacks of banded cash. Mariah unzipped the bag and found only a few items of clothing. Mariah added other items of clothing to the bag.

After Tessa later returned, Mariah proudly showed off the organized apartment and the tidy closet. Tessa was impressed. Mariah told Tessa she'd packed some clothing into the duffel bag. Tessa said Mariah could do whatever she needed to do. Mariah happily announced that she'd purchased a new mattress because the old one had contributed to her neck pain.

Stuttering, Tessa asked what had happened to the old mattress. Mariah replied, "I tipped the delivery guy five bucks, and he helped me pitch it into the Dumpster." Tessa seethed with anger and berated Mariah for throwing out her belongings without first asking. Before Tessa abruptly left, she yelled, "You had no right." Mariah looked dumbfounded.

In Phyllis' office at Jabot, Kyle badgered Phyllis about advertising budgets, noting that research and development expenses had tied up a great deal of the company's ready cash. Phyllis deflected Kyle's questions. After Kyle offered to post ads on social media to maximize Jabot's exposure to Millennials, Phyllis assured him that the company could cover the expenses. Kyle again questioned Phyllis, and she admitted that she'd found a potential partner willing to underwrite Jabot's expenses. Kyle said he was impressed that Phyllis had convinced Nick to fund "Billy's brainchild."

After Mariah's tense encounter with Tessa, she went to the Genoa City Athletic Club to think and drink a glass of wine. Kyle joined Mariah and said she'd sounded upset on the phone. Mariah said she'd made a misstep with Tessa. Mariah cried that Tessa had stormed out and slammed the door. Mariah recalled how angry Tessa had become about the old mattress having been discarded.

Kyle explained that Tessa felt as if Mariah was treating her like a charity case. Kyle added that Lola had refused to accept his help to set up a sit-down restaurant. Kyle encouraged Mariah to consider how Tessa viewed the matter. Mariah said she was surprised to learn that Kyle wasn't an idiot. Mariah thanked Kyle for his advice and kissed him on the cheek before she left.

After Mariah left, Kyle met with Lola. Lola talked about her plans to expand her delivery business. Kyle announced that Phyllis had given him additional responsibilities. Kyle invited Lola to attend Jabot's launch party. Lola was reluctant and cried that fancy events weren't her thing. Kyle seemed disappointed until Lola announced that she had a special dress she hadn't yet worn, and she would attend the party with Kyle.

Mariah returned home. The apartment was dark. Mariah called out. Tessa wasn't home. Mariah found a bottle of wine and two glasses sitting on the coffee table. Tessa had left a note. Mariah picked up the note and smiled. In the note, Tessa apologized and promised they could talk and drink wine later. Mariah seemed relieved.

Victoria arrived at the police station and met with Rey in the interrogation room. Victoria told Rey he should've thought about J.T.'s loved ones before holding a televised news conference. Rey apologized and expressed hope that he could provide justice for J.T. Victoria recalled that the last night she'd seen J.T. had been during the girls' night. Victoria said she hadn't wanted anyone else to see J.T., so they'd gone upstairs. Victoria admitted she'd become furious when she'd learned that J.T. had attacked Victor. Victoria added that she hadn't wanted her son to see his father jailed, so she'd given J.T. $700 of the cash leftover from her brief trip to Hawaii, so he could leave town.

Rey asked Victoria about the others in the house. Victoria explained that everyone except a passed-out Mariah had been in the kitchen. Rey mentioned J.T.'s watch having been recovered at Chancellor Park. Victoria noted that no one knew when J.T. had lost the watch. Rey claimed he'd determined that the watch had been lost after J.T. had left Victoria's, but he refused to provide details. Victoria asked Rey about recovering DNA and whether he was certain that J.T. was dead. Rey said he was certain.

After Victoria left, Rey phoned someone. Rey told the person that Victoria had asked about the watch and J.T.'s DNA. Rey noted that persons associated with crimes usually asked how the victim had been murdered and if they could identify the remains. Rey concluded his call by stating that Victoria knew that a body had been recovered. Rey seemed certain Victoria was hiding information.

Nikki and Nick met with Victoria in her office. Nick expressed anger at Rey for continuing to question him and his family. Nick added that it was ridiculous for Rey to implicate him in J.T.'s murder. Nikki noted that Victor was even higher on Rey's suspect list. Nikki added that Rey insisted that Victor return home from Singapore immediately. Nick expressed doubt about Victor's innocence. Victoria reminded Nick that Victor had remained weak and incapacitated after J.T. had attacked him. Nick said Victor could've hired someone. Nikki adamantly insisted that Victor had had nothing to do with J.T.'s death.

Nick insisted that the family band together and protect themselves. Nick warned that Rey was determined to pin J.T.'s murder on a Newman. After Nick left, Nikki told Victoria it was odd that Rey hadn't questioned Sharon or Phyllis. Nikki noted that Rey hadn't pieced everything together yet. Victoria said that at least the blackmailer had kept quiet. Nikki expressed relief that the blackmailer hadn't demanded more money. Victoria said she hoped the blackmailer would take the money and walk away.

In the alley outside Tessa's apartment, Tessa removed the cash she'd hidden in the mattress and transferred it to a duffel bag. Mariah had entered the alley to discard a packing box. Mariah spotted Tessa and looked surprised. Mariah stepped back, so Tessa couldn't see her. Tessa continue pulling stacks of banded cash out of the mattress and stuffing it in the duffel bag. Mariah remained in the shadows, shocked by what she was witnessing.

Nick stopped by Phyllis' office. Nick complained that Rey was out to nail a Newman. Phyllis declared that Rey was an underhanded moron with no judgment. Nick changed the subject and said Phyllis had summoned him to talk about an idea. Phyllis asked Nick if Dark Horse might co-fund the Jaboutique launch party. Phyllis added, "Honestly, I need your money."

Phyllis admitted that Jabot had been sucked dry. Nick agreed to help and admitted that he'd contributed to Jabot's cash shortfall because he'd raised the company's rent. Nick added that Jack had wanted to stick it to Billy. Phyllis asked Nick to be her date, noting that people would see them as a power couple. Nick closed the blinds and said he was in. Nick kissed Phyllis passionately.

At Rey's apartment, Mia showed up. She told Rey she'd missed him and hadn't expected him to be away so long. Mia added that she'd quit her job, so she could be with her husband. Rey recalled that he and Mia had agreed to separate. Mia said she wanted to be with Rey and was certain he'd missed her, too.

After Mia went to the bathroom, Sharon showed up. Rey told Sharon they couldn't talk. Mia interrupted and said, "Should we order out?" Rey introduced Sharon to his wife. Rey explained that Sharon was his landlord and the owner of Crimson Lights. Sharon claimed she'd stopped by to check on the work order for Rey's oven. Rey thanked Sharon for having the oven repaired. Sharon said she had a date and left. Sharon walked across the alley, entered Crimson Lights, and seemed stunned by Mia's sudden appearance.

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• Nate blasts Devon for bailing on Thanksgiving with his family to hang out with coworkers.

• Mariah tells Sharon that she knows what happened to J.T.

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