Monday, October 27, 2014

At the Newman ranch, Faith found a rhinestone tiara Nikki had once worn to a charity gala. Faith asked to borrow the tiara. When Nikki reached into her purse for a breath mint, Faith pointed out that her grandmother often used the mints. Nikki claimed that her new medication caused a bad taste in her mouth. Nick overheard the conversation about the mints and the medication. Faith hugged her grandmother and said, "I'm sorry you're sick, Grandma."

After Faith went upstairs, Nick cautioned his mother about subjecting herself to stress. Nick said he feared that facing the ugliness of her past had caused Nikki pain she desperately wished to escape. Nikki assured Nick that she was faring well. Nick noted that stress could prevail long after having endured a difficult situation. Nikki said she was fine. Nick admitted that Sharon had suffered a recent setback after Phyllis returned to town.

Nikki asked Nick if he and Sharon had set another date for their wedding. Nick announced that he and Sharon planned to wed on Halloween and focus on their family. He asked his mom how she'd managed to stick by Victor. Nikki admitted that Victor was a complicated man, but even so, she explained, she loved him and couldn't envision herself with anyone else. Nikki noted that she was out of danger because Ian Ward was behind bars, and she insisted that her stress levels had dramatically decreased.

At Sharon's house, Phyllis arrived for a visit and mentioned her accident. Phyllis said, "I remember, Sharon. I remember everything." Phyllis explained that she'd read online accounts about her tumble down a flight of stairs that had resulted in a traumatic brain injury. After confirming details with Jack, Phyllis recalled that she'd been on the phone with Jack when the accident had occurred. Phyllis added that she knew details about the incident the press didn't, and she asked Sharon if they'd seen each other at the event the day of the accident.

In a brief flashback, Sharon remembered having a conversation with Cassie at Cassie's grave. Phyllis had overheard Sharon talking to Cassie. Responding to Phyllis' question, Sharon claimed that she hadn't attended the charity event. Sharon added, "That's not where we saw each other." Phyllis demanded to know where they'd seen each other that night. Sharon said she'd talked to Phyllis at Cassie's grave and that Phyllis had claimed she'd heard everything Sharon had said.

Phyllis, addressing Sharon, said, "I wonder what that meant?" Sharon said she wished she could recall her secret because she feared hurting Nick. Sharon added, "If you know what the truth is, you tell me." Nick and Faith arrived, and Faith greeted Phyllis. Nick said, "What's going on?" Sharon, addressing Phyllis, said, "That's what I'd like to know. You still haven't told me why you're here."

Phyllis told Sharon and Nick that she wanted to discuss the relationship between Sharon and Summer. Nick explained that Summer had weathered difficulties. Nick added that because he could no longer play the same role he had when Summer was growing up, Sharon had stepped up to be a supportive female in Summer's life. Sharon offered to step aside for Phyllis' sake. Phyllis said, "A child needs both her parents."

Phyllis noted that Faith was reading Shadow in the Clearing. Phyllis recalled that the witch in the story stole a little girl and gave her to the woodsmen. Phyllis glanced up at Sharon and said, "The witch gets what's coming to her." After Faith went upstairs, Phyllis admitted how odd it was to see Nick with Sharon together because he'd been involved with Avery. Nick said that his breakup with Avery had been difficult.

Nick told Phyllis he was thankful that Sharon had helped him maintain his relationship with Summer. Phyllis said it was surprising to hear Nick talk about Sharon having helped him get over the shock of learning that Summer wasn't his daughter. Faith called out to Sharon, and she left the room. Nick, addressing Phyllis, said, "What are you up to? What's this really about?" Phyllis said her only concern was Summer. Phyllis added that if Sharon had played a positive role in Summer's life, then perhaps it was time to right some wrongs.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor sat down at Maureen's table and asked why she'd lied for Nikki and claimed that Nikki had been at a charity meeting. Maureen noted that she'd become accustomed to lying to an abusive husband. When Victor pressed her for an answer, Maureen admitted that she'd had reason to believe that a man had been upstairs in a room with Nikki. Victor assured Maureen that he had no reason to doubt Nikki's fidelity. Maureen, assuring Victor that she had no agenda, explained that she and Nikki had easily bonded. Victor warned that the quickest way to become his enemy was to hurt a member of his family. Maureen nodded that she understood.

At home alone, Nikki glanced at a bottle of vodka sitting on the liquor cabinet before turning her attention to a brochure about Alcoholics Anonymous. Nikki quickly hid the brochure in a pile of unopened mail when Victor arrived. Victor and Nikki argued about Paul and Dylan's plan to use her in a plot to capture Ian Ward. Nikki blasted Victor for attempting to ruin Nick's relationship. Victor replied, "Do I have to go through the whole litany of what Sharon has done to this family? I'm trying to protect our son from her."

Nikki told Victor that she'd assisted Paul in order to protect her family. Nikki accused Victor of being jealous of Paul's involvement. Victor warned Nikki not to ever engage in daring covert operations again without his knowledge if she wanted to preserve their marriage. Victor crossly added, "No more secrets!" Nikki asked if not keeping secrets applied to them both or just to her.

Nikki asked Victor if he thought she'd truly wanted to face her tormentor alone. Victor, livid, yelled, "You weren't alone, were you? How the hell do you think I felt when Paul Williams told me that something was wrong with you?" Nikki denounced Maureen's intrusion when Victor said the woman had lied because she'd believed that Nikki had planned a rendezvous with a man. Victor said he'd once trusted Nikki implicitly. Nikki said openness and honesty went both ways.

Nikki claimed she was late for an appointment and left. Victor, glancing at his contact list, considered phoning Nikki. Frustrated, Victor tossed his phone atop the pile of mail and knocked over the stack of papers. The Alcoholics Anonymous brochure landed in a chair. Victor picked up the brochure. He opened the literature, read it, and seemed upset.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria overheard Ben defending himself during a conversation with Dylan. Victoria agreed to sit down with Ben after she heard him explain that there was more to the story concerning his father's death. Ben thanked Victoria for posting his bail, but she said she wasn't the one who'd done it. Victoria recalled how she and Ben had been interrupted each time he'd tried to explain what had happened in his past. Victoria admitted that she wasn't sure she wanted to raise a child with a man who had a violent past. Ben, visibly frustrated, replied, "Give me a chance to make things right." Ben suddenly rose from his seat and left.

In the dining area of the Genoa City Athletic Club, Joe Clark was researching information on his tablet. He read information about Dylan being the owner of Crimson Lights. Cane took a seat at Joe's table. Cane questioned Joe about his extended visit to Genoa City and suggested that Joe was hanging around because of his ex-wife, Avery. Joe insisted that it was pure coincidence that the deal he'd been working on had led him to Genoa City.

Changing the subject, Joe told Cane that Lily had mentioned Cane's decision not to accept an offer from Victor. Cane admitted that there had been some personal complications involved with his decision not to return to the Chancellor side of the business. Joe replied, "Out of the shark tank, and you've got a good thing working here with Lily." Dylan showed up. Joe stood, shook Dylan's hand and said he didn't want their future associations to be awkward. Dylan said he knew that Joe's business dealings wouldn't keep him in town much longer. Joe left to take a phone call.

Dylan thanked Cane for not closing off the old bootlegging tunnel because it had led to Ian's capture. Cane apologized for sending Joe to Michael's office. Cane said he hadn't known beforehand that Joe had been married to Avery. Cane added that Joe seemed to be a good guy who'd put his failed marriage behind him. Dylan seemed uneasy.

After Dylan left, Cane questioned Joe about his business dealings. Joe handed his tablet to Cane. Cane glanced at the screen. Shocked, Can said, "Wait a minute. Dylan McAvoy and his business will be one of the losers in this deal." Joe insisted that it wasn't personal.

Dylan returned to Crimson Lights and sat down to talk to a distracted Victoria. Victoria said she'd attempted to avoid stress by not determining her baby's paternity but had driven herself crazy, nonetheless. Victoria admitted that bouncing back and forth between Billy and Ben wasn't the best plan. Victoria added that she wished Ben would be completely honest with her about his dad because she felt like there was something he wanted to tell her. Dylan insisted that Ben wasn't a murderer.

Victoria became confused when Dylan began talking about a man in a business suit. Victoria noted that Ben didn't even own a suit. Dylan admitted that he'd run into Joe Clark, Avery's ex-husband. Dylan said he was concerned about Clark's intentions. Victoria seemed concerned about Dylan.

Nikki showed up at Maureen's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Nikki said she'd had a difficult day. Nikki's eyes were drawn to a bottle of vodka sitting on a table. Maureen said she'd explained to Victor why she'd covered for Nikki and believed that Victor was glad to know that Nikki had a friend. Nikki explained that she'd lost her dearest friend and had no female acquaintances to lean on. Maureen poured a drink and insisted that Nikki take it. Nikki took a sip and explained that Victor had accused her of shutting him out. Nikki was interrupted by a knock at the door.

Maureen called out to her visitor, and Ben answered. He said, "Ma, it's me. I really need to talk to you." As Nikki quietly retreated to the bathroom, she told Maureen that she'd explain later why she didn't want Ben to know she was there. Ben asked his mother if she'd posted his bail after he'd been arrested for fraud. Maureen said she would've if she'd known because she'd do anything for her son.

Ben said, "I don't need money right now, Mom. What I need --" Maureen interrupted and told Ben that they couldn't discuss the matter. Ben replied, "Yes, we are. I want this over with." Nikki, still clutching her glass of vodka, listened through the cracked-open door. Though Maureen protested, Ben said, "I have to tell the truth about Dad's death."

. . .

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  • Mariah inadvertently informs Victor that Nick and Sharon are getting married that day.
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