Rey helps Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon escape
The Young and the Restless Recap for Monday, March 18, 2019
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Monday, March 18, 2019

At the Genoa City detention facility, Sharon, Victoria, and Nikki appeared distraught as a guard fastened handcuffs on each and explained that they would be transported to the Lakewood Correctional Facilities to serve their sentences. The officer added, "Welcome to the rest of your lives, ladies." After Victoria, Sharon, and Nikki stepped into a van, the driver was instructed to take off. Nikki whispered that Victor would ensure that she and Victoria could bunk together, so they could take care of each other. Victoria seemed shaken to her core.

At Rey's apartment, Billy and Nick stopped by to confront Rey. Billy noted that he wasn't surprised that Mia wasn't there after she'd heard Rey admit on the witness stand that he loved Sharon. Nick added that because of Rey, three women with lives, families, and jobs were heading to prison. Nick explained that the three women had done nothing wrong except protect themselves and each other. Rey claimed he'd done his job, and the jury had made their call. Nick accused Rey of having done his job by lying to a vulnerable woman and telling her he loved her in order to squeeze a confession and make his case. Nick said he was giving Rey a chance to make things right.

Nick and Billy told Rey that the fire at the stables, the gun, and the bloody shirt police had later recovered had all been a setup to frame Victor for J.T's disappearance. Nick told Rey about the man who'd installed surveillance equipment inside the walls of the ranch house. Rey asked why Nick hadn't alerted the police. Nick cited Christine's mission to prosecute a Newman and Rey's inability to separate his role as a detective from his desire to fall in line with Christine. Billy said he was certain the man inside the walls was J.T. because the man had once recited a song he'd written to Katie while she'd been visiting at Nikki and Victor's. Rey scoffed at the notion that J.T. had been living unseen at the ranch.

Nick and Billy berated Rey for screwing up the investigation and taking advantage of Sharon's misplaced trust. Billy, further explaining their hesitancy to discuss J.T.'s presence at the ranch, noted that Victoria's testimony should have been the silver bullet to acquit them all. Billy added that J.T., a security expert, was acquainted with every square inch of the grounds. Nick said, "You have no body, no corpse, no J.T." Billy explained that because it was assumed J.T. was dead, Rey had helped J.T. terrorize the Newman family. Nick cried that his mother, sister, and Sharon didn't deserve to be imprisoned for a crime that had never happened, and he begged Rey to help them set things right. Rey replied, "All right."

At Crimson Lights, Nick was biting his nails while he stared intently at his phone. Phyllis approached apprehensively and thanked Nick for putting aside their differences for Summer. Nick said he had a lot on his mind because Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon were aboard a transport van headed to prison, leaving behind their children and other family members. Phyllis cried that she'd never meant for it to happen. Nick noted that Phyllis was always concerned for herself, so he didn't want to hear what she had to say.

Phyllis suggested she and Nick focus instead on their daughter's marriage. Nick noted that Summer had no idea how to make a relationship work. Phyllis changed the subject and said she'd done what she had in hopes of helping Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria. Nick insisted that Phyllis had taken the stand because she'd wanted to help herself. Nick received a text message from Billy, indicating that the plan was in motion. Nick excused himself and left.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby comforted Arturo after he'd endured a sleepless night. Arturo cried that though he'd prayed for Lola's transplant, he was worried that bad things could happen. Abby assured Arturo that she'd look after him while he looked after his sister. Arturo remained tense, and Abby massaged his shoulders. Abby said she'd meet Arturo at the hospital. Arturo left alone.

At the hospital, Nate checked on Lola. Sounding stronger and upbeat, Lola said she felt as though she'd won the lottery because someone had made the choice to give her part of their body. Lola said she wished she could thank the donor. Nate took Lola's hand, and she asked about Kyle. Nate avoided mention of Kyle and focused on comforting Lola.

In their suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Summer awoke and saw Kyle, dressed and carrying his shoes, about to walk out the door. Summer said she had thought she'd wake up next to her husband, and she asked Kyle where he was going. Kyle said he was headed to the hospital to make sure everything was set and had hoped Summer would remain asleep, so she could get much-needed rest. Kyle promised future mornings filled with breakfast in bed and perfect coffee. Kyle reminded Summer that the morning after their wedding had to be different because of the surgery.

Kyle praised Summer's life-changing sacrifice. Summer replied, "What I am doing, I am doing for us. Because I know that this is our story. This is what it takes for us to have the life that we want." Summer acknowledged that Kyle still loved Lola. Summer added that she and Kyle belonged together more than they could ever belong to anyone else. Summer assured Kyle that he'd agree with her in time. Kyle replied, "I'm in, Summer. You're right. Together is the answer. I'm committed to keeping my promise to you." Summer said that their love and the vows they'd taken were more than just words sealing a contract.

In a room at the Athletic Club, Mia twisted her wedding band and recalled conversations with Rey and Arturo. Mia remembered the day Rey had said he was done with their relationship because he was in love with Sharon. In another flashback, Mia recalled the ever-present sexual tension between herself and Arturo. Mia picked up her phone, called Arturo, and insisted he stop by to talk to her. She warned that he'd regret it if he didn't.

When Arturo arrived, Mia cried that Rey had left her, adding that she couldn't believe that "some words and one night" could end a marriage based on real love. Arturo blamed Mia for calling out his name when she and Rey had been making love. Mia reminded Arturo that he was the one who'd returned to her apartment the night of the storm. Arturo replied, "Yeah, it was one night, okay? That's it. It was a mistake." Mia cried that she'd tried to forget, but when she and Rey had made love, she'd said Arturo's name.

Mia told Arturo that she recognized the looks Sharon and Rey exchanged, though both had contended that nothing had happened the night they'd spent at a motel. Arturo suggested that Mia give Rey some time and some space and added that Sharon was no longer an option. Mia said it was worse because Sharon was a princess in a tower. Arturo ended the conversation and said he had to get to the hospital to be with his family. As Arturo walked out, Mia said, "Such a good sibling, except for that time you went into your brother's apartment and slept with his wife." Arturo asked Mia what she wanted. Mia told Arturo that if he didn't convince Rey to take her back, she'd tell Abby they'd had sex.

Mia ran into Phyllis at the coffeehouse. Mia apologized for not being available to do Summer's hair and makeup for her wedding. Phyllis noted that it might have been awkward because Summer had married Kyle. Mia agreed that love could be complicated and confusing. Mia thanked Phyllis for considering her to do the job. Phyllis praised Mia for being tough and willing to fight for what she wanted. Mia replied, "You don't ask, you don't get." Phyllis agreed that one had to move forward without waiting for permission.

Mia expressed admiration for Phyllis having reached a high level of success and living her dream. Phyllis said she was sorry to hear about what had happened to Lola. Mia bristled at the mention of Lola. Pulling herself together in an instant, Mia replied that Lola was strong and would pull through. Phyllis promised to keep Lola in her good thoughts.

After Phyllis left, Abby arrived. Abby asked Mia if she was headed to the hospital to meet Rey. Mia replied, "Rey and his family need some space right now. It's something you might want to consider." Abby said she knew what her fiancÚ needed. Abby became unsettled when Mia said she'd offered the advice from the bottom of her heart to ensure that they all could live good, happy lives.

Summer, wearing a ball cap and sunglasses, tightly clutched Kyle's arm as they entered the hospital to meet Nate. Summer, shivering with fear, said she'd rather not discuss the specifics of the procedure because she'd made the mistake of reading about it online. Nate assured Summer that she'd be fine. Kyle offered to summon Nick and Phyllis, but Summer said she didn't want them to know and only wanted Kyle by her side. Summer suggested that Kyle might leave her after Lola received her transplant. Summer cried that Kyle might consider her to be an obligation. Kyle assured Summer that he'd be waiting for her after surgery.

Arturo arrived and told Lola that Rey would arrive soon. Lola joked that Rey was busy fighting crime and saving the world. Lola asked if Kyle was aware that her surgery was about to take place. Arturo claimed that Kyle was staying away to give the family some space. Lola said that Kyle had been with her when she'd awakened. Lola added that Kyle knew Arturo didn't like him. Lola made Arturo promise not to keep Kyle away. Arturo changed the subject by asking Lola what she'd order when she could eat again. Lola wasn't interested in talking about food and instead wished she could personally thank her donor. Lola begged Arturo to find out who her donor was.

As the transport van continued on its journey, Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon were startled when the van suddenly lurched. Nikki consoled Victoria. The transport van continued for a time before it abruptly stopped, and the driver exited. The guard opened the back door and told the women to exit. Nikki refused and told Victoria to stay put. Victoria cried out that something was wrong. Nick suddenly appeared and said, "It's okay. You're safe. I promise."

At the Abbott cabin, Billy and Rey coordinated their plan. Rey asked Billy if there was a chance that his brother might show up with Kyle. Billy said there wasn't. Billy made Rey promise that the guys he was using wouldn't back out. Rey replied, "No. They want the DOC officers with bad baggage. Them doing this for me is a lot better than me ratting them out." Rey added that he was ready to deal with the fallout.

Nick arrived with Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon. Rey explained that sending them to prison wasn't the answer, so he'd fixed what he'd done. After Rey left, Billy told Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon that Rey had arranged for the driver and the guard to follow instructions. Billy added that Rey had "dirt" on both of them. Nick said the scenario would be explained as an accident and an escape of prisoners. Nick said the next step would involve setting a trap for J.T.

Back at the hospital, a nurse wheeled a nervous Summer into an elevator. Summer told Kyle she loved him. Kyle replied, "I love you, too." Summer looked petrified after she was separated from Kyle. Nate entered the elevator and pressed the button to close the doors. Kyle exhaled deeply and swallowed hard.

In Lola's room, Arturo and Abby were with Lola when Rey rushed in. Abby quietly stepped out. Lola took Rey's hand and joked that he'd taken time out from fighting crime. Arturo and Rey teased each other, and Lola quipped that all it took to get her brothers together was a little organ failure. As Abby waited outside, Kyle appeared. Abby said, "Why aren't you at home with your new bride?"

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