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At the pool atop the Genoa City Athletic Club, while they towel-dried themselves, Austin and Summer talked about having dinner at the Abbott mansion. Summer assured Austin that her family would be cordial. Austin remained apprehensive and noted that Abby had made no effort to hide her hatred of him. Summer made an offhand remark about her family having no choice but to accept her marriage to Austin after they had a baby. Austin was taken aback by Summer's talk of having a baby. Summer said, "Have you never thought about having a baby?" Austin explained that the only thought he'd had about his future was his plan to attend film school.

Austin and Summer discovered that their ideas of an idyllic honeymoon were radically different. Summer said she envisioned a destination with a nice hotel. Austin said he'd rather enjoy a backpacking adventure in Costa Rica. Austin added that it didn't matter because he'd probably be in prison soon. Summer promised to support Austin, and she assured him that Leslie would do her utmost to defend him in court. The couple embraced, though Summer had initiated the hug.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby helped Traci set the table for dinner. Abby debated about seating Austin and Summer at opposite ends of the table. Traci nixed the idea, but she instructed Abby to place Austin closer to Billy and farther from Jack. Abby noted that Billy would rather sit close to Victoria. Traci said, "I bet Billy would, too. Billy is who is he and does what he does, and right now, he's having to live with the results." After the dining room was readied for guests, Traci gleefully said that she predicted a happy and healing family dinner. Abby seemed unconvinced.

In the living room at Chelsea's penthouse, Chelsea and Billy, who was shirtless, were lying on the sofa, kissing. Chelsea's dress was unzipped. Chelsea was startled by the sudden appearance of a man who'd entered through the front door. The man, who worked for the mysterious person monitoring the goings-on in Chelsea's home, claimed that he was a maintenance man. The man claimed that he'd been told that no one was home. The maintenance man mentioned that other residents had complained about a buzzing sound, so he offered to check it out. Chelsea agreed to let the maintenance worker check out the problem, and she directed the man to the nursery upstairs.

After the maintenance man left the room, Billy complained about the stranger having entered without first knocking on the door. Chelsea admitted that before she'd seen the man's face, her first thought had been that Adam had returned home. Upstairs in Connor's nursery, the mystery man watched the so-called maintenance man enter the room and peer up at a concealed camera mounted in the ceiling. From an unknown location, the mystery man watched the video feed on his laptop screen. The voyeur appeared to vent his anger and frustration by squeezing a small rubber ball in his hand. The maintenance worker went about fiddling with a dresser drawer.

Later, Billy told Chelsea that he was late to a family dinner. The couple kissed, and Billy suggested returning later to share a dessert. Chelsea nixed the idea. Billy offered to stick around until the maintenance worker left. Chelsea said she didn't fear the man. Chelsea recalled what she'd said about imagining that Adam might return home. She insisted that she wasn't delusional. Chelsea added, "That was just me forgetting about the past few months. Trust me, I know Adam is never coming home." Billy left.

Chelsea returned to Connor's nursery and asked the maintenance worker if he'd located the source of the buzzing sound. The man explained that the wiring was in order. The man said that he might have to follow up later if the source of the problem was detected in another unit. Chelsea advised the man to knock before entering her place in the future instead of letting himself in with a key. The man looked around the room and noted that the furnishings had been moved. Chelsea replied, "Yeah. Sometimes change is good." The maintenance man left.

Later, the mystery man watched and listened to Chelsea via the hidden audio and video equipment. The voyeur placed his hand on the screen of his laptop and appeared to be reaching out in a loving manner to Chelsea's image. While Chelsea was arranging Connor's clean clothes into a dresser drawer, she discovered a monogramed, lace-edge handkerchief. She fondled the linen handkerchief and seemed lost in thought.

The maintenance worker, standing in the room with the mystery man, noted Chelsea's reaction to the handkerchief. The maintenance worker said, "You know your wife. That handkerchief is doing the trick. It should remind her of your original wedding anniversary, just like you said. It will kill the mood for her and Billy Abbott."

At Crimson Lights, Avery wasn't pleased when she arrived and found Dylan working. Stitch had been conversing with Dylan prior to Avery's arrival. Dylan assured Avery that his doctor friend supported his decision to return to light duty. Barton Shelby, Dylan's surgeon, stopped by and noted that Dylan was doing well. Avery agreed to back down on Dylan. Barton asked to speak with Stitch privately.

Leslie stopped by and delivered news about Austin's upcoming trial. Leslie explained that Christine wouldn't be able to serve as a prosecutor during Austin's trial, to be held in Genoa City, due to conflict of interest. Dylan didn't take the news well and feared that it might be easy for Austin "to get a pass." Leslie explained that intent, state of mind, and remorse would all matter to a jury. Avery added that the law was designed to make allowances that Dylan might not be able to accept.

Leslie told Dylan that she wouldn't drop Austin as a client just because Dylan disapproved. Angry, Leslie abruptly left. Dylan told Avery that he was really mad at himself. Avery insisted that Dylan wasn't to blame for what had happened. She reminded Dylan that he'd only wanted to save her. Dylan noted that none of his aspirations had turned out as he'd planned. Dylan told Avery that she'd been the only constant in his life.

Barton and Stitch retreated to the patio. Stitch feared the worst when Barton mentioned that he'd heard some things about Stitch. Instead, Barton said that he'd heard positive comments about Stitch, and he asked if Stitch might be willing to assume the position of chief resident at the hospital. Stitch seemed relieved and surprised. Leslie joined her husband and Stitch and congratulated Stitch for being nominated to become chief resident. Leslie briefly mentioned her fray with Dylan. Leslie noted that whenever lies were exposed, the person most deeply hurt and angered was usually the one that was the last to be told the truth.

In Jack's office, Kelly admitted that her brother, Stitch, was a murderer. Jack initially believed that Kelly was referring to combat fatalities or the death of patients under Stitch's care. Kelly replied, "It wasn't an accident or self-defense. My brother killed a man." Kelly was already shivering when Jack asked to hear the rest of the story. Kelly rubbed her face and said, "Telling you who he killed is the worst part of all."

Jack was still in shock when Kelly cried that it had been difficult for her to watch Stitch live a normal life while knowing that he had taken the life of someone else. Jack thanked Kelly for telling him the truth. Jack added, "Billy was right! Stitch was keeping a secret." Jack wanted to share the information with Billy, but Kelly swore Jack to secrecy. Jack voiced his concern about Stitch spending time with Victoria and little Johnny, but Kelly assured Jack that her brother wasn't a threat. Kelly added, "He's different now. He paid for what he did and served his time."

Jack insisted to Kelly that Victoria had a right to know that Stitch was a murderer. Kelly cried that she'd already suffered the losses of her son, her marriage, and her brother, and she begged Jack not to put her into a position to lose her brother again. Jack replied, "I know you're trying to protect your brother, but Billy is my brother." Jack reminded Kelly that even Jenna, Stitch's ex-wife, had moved with her son to another country to get away from her murderous ex-husband. Jack reiterated that Victoria should know the truth.

Jack explained that he and Kelly were late for his family dinner. Jack promised to wait a while before rendering a decision about how he'd handle the matter. Kelly had tears in her eyes as she pleaded with Jack not to disclose Stitch's secret. Jack noted that the revelation about Stitch had changed everything. Kelly seemed brokenhearted when Jack claimed that the revelation about Stitch had changed the way Jack felt about her.

While Traci and Abby awaited the arrival of dinner guests, Abby perused the social media site FacePlace on her electronic tablet. Abby noted that Tyler had changed his relationship status, noting that he was single. Traci took away the tablet and encouraged Abby to concentrate on enjoying an evening with the people who loved and supported her. Abby commended Traci for remaining strong and supportive even though Traci had recently been divorced from Steve. Traci, recalling a quote she'd heard from Cher, said, "Men are a luxury, not a necessity." Traci and Abby shared a good laugh and a warm embrace. Traci gave Abby hope. Traci said that her niece would find the right partner someday.

When Jack and Kelly arrived, Abby attempted to close the front door in Kelly's face. Jack escorted his nervous girlfriend inside. Traci, however, warmly welcomed Kelly. Privately, Kelly petitioned Jack about keeping her brother's secret. Jack whispered that he wasn't sure he could because he was concerned about his family.

When Austin and Summer arrived, Kelly quietly reminded Jack to be supportive for Summer's sake. Summer thanked her family for welcoming Austin. Summer insisted that Austin would soon understand why she loved her family so much. After Summer took Austin on a tour of the grounds, Abby asked if Austin would remain a family member if he went to prison. Looking directly at Jack, Kelly said, "Well, if Austin owns up to what he did, regrets it, and goes on to make a good life as a good person, then I don't think it's fair to judge him anymore."

In the dining room, Abby questioned Kelly. Kelly reacted defensively when Abby noted that Kelly had lied about Stitch being her brother. Kelly seemed to hold her breath when Abby said, "Why did you lie? Why the big secret?"

Back in the sitting room, Jack was alone when Billy arrived. Billy took note of Jack's restlessness. Jack said, "I got some news. Nothing I ever expected." Billy replied, "We'll deal with it together. Tell me what you heard." Jack hesitated and didn't immediately respond.

. . .

On the next The Young and the Restless...
  • At the trial, Dylan tells the judge and jury that the person making everyone suffer is Ian Ward
  • Nikki, testifying, referring to Ian, says that he called it "New World" - she called it "Hell on Earth."
  • Kelly asks Jack to help her make Billy understand. Shocked, Billy turns to Jack and says, "You knew about this?"
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