Thursday, September 25, 2014

At the penthouse, Chelsea and Billy cuddled in bed, and she asked when he'd last been on a first date that had been that weird. He questioned whether playing catch and jumping into bed was strange, and she said that normally, she hadn't jumped into anything on a first date. He wondered if there would be a second one, and she imagined that there would be someday, but he suggested that they start right then. They made love again.

Chelsea declared that great sex didn't keep her from getting hungry, and Billy wondered if she was craving caviar or lobster. She replied that her kitchen was more likely to have macaroni and cheese and graham crackers, and he suggested that he take her out on a date. She accepted, but she wanted to do something else first, and she seductively leaned in to kiss him again. He asked what had happened to her being starved, and she started to get up, but he pulled her back into bed.

At the Dive Bar, Summer arrived with an armload of shopping bags, and Austin offered her a towel. She stared in shock at his lifeguard uniform, and he revealed that his shift started in 30 minutes. She asked why he hadn't told her, and he explained that a customer at the Underground had mentioned that he had just left the job, so Austin had applied for it. Summer gushed that they had to celebrate, and she amorously stated that his outfit was hot. She asked if he would rub sunscreen on her shoulders, and she asked what would happen if someone else asked him to do the same thing. Austin replied that it was part of their vows that he would only rub it on his wife, and they kissed.

Summer hoped that kissing the customers wasn't part of Austin's job description, and he said that he could do what he wanted on his own personal time. She called it the best second job ever, and he hoped that his next one would be even better. She chirped that they could work together somewhere, and he eyed her shopping bags and teased that she'd have an impressive résumé as a personal shopper. Summer reported that she'd picked up some accessories for Nick and Sharon's wedding, and she presented Austin with a tie. He draped it around his neck and asked if it went with his swim trunks, but he saw the designer label and said that she had to take it back.

Summer whined that she'd thought Austin liked the tie, and he said that the cost could feed a family of four. Summer defended that it had been on sale, but he scoffed at the idea of spending a couple hundred dollars for a piece of fabric he wouldn't wear more than once a year. Summer conceded that the tie was a little expensive, but she'd never thought about price tags while growing up. Austin recalled that it had been all he'd thought about, and she said that her family had taken her to fundraisers to make her understand that other people lived differently.

Austin said that he knew Summer's heart, and she argued that her dad's marriage was a celebration, so she wanted to do a nice thing and not fight about it. Austin thanked her for the tie, and she said he looked handsome. They kissed, and he told her not to make a habit out of buying him things, but she could keep giving him kisses. She said it was a deal.

Across the rooftop, Jill suggested that she and Lauren split the target demographic between their boutiques, but she noticed that Lauren wasn't listening, and she proposed that they have totally empty stores. Lauren distractedly agreed, but she suddenly realized she hadn't been tuning in, and Jill guessed that Lauren and Michael had finally gotten lucky. Lauren replied that a lady didn't discuss such things, but she stated that everything was fine. Jill imagined it was better than that based on Lauren's glow, and she offered to tell a story from her own bedroom to get the conversation started, but Lauren teased that people from three counties over had already heard them. Lauren admitted that the night before had been magical, but she was afraid the magic would slip away if she told the world about it.

Jill argued that she was Lauren's sister and not the whole world, but Lauren spotted Billy with Chelsea. Jill pulled Billy aside and chided him for not calling her, and he said he'd been busy. Jill glanced at Chelsea across the bar and huffed that she could see, and Billy explained that he was on a date. Jill lectured that he should pick someone who inspired jealousy if he wanted to get Victoria back, but Billy said that he liked being with Chelsea. Jill recalled that Chelsea had drugged him to trick him into getting her pregnant and had then left him to rot in prison, but Billy countered that Colin had kidnapped his grandkids and had put hits out on people. Billy returned to Chelsea's side, and they decided to go elsewhere.

In the park, Victoria cried that she couldn't handle more confessions and secrets, but Stitch insisted that there was more to the story, and he pleaded with her to trust him. She argued that she had and that it hadn't worked out, but he swore that whether it changed her mind or not, what he had to say was important for her to know. She relented and agreed to hear him out. Stitch wanted to go someplace private, and he assured Victoria that she would understand once he told her everything.

Maureen interrupted and introduced herself to Victoria, and Victoria nervously commented that she hadn't known Stitch's mother was in town. Maureen said that she'd heard many wonderful things about Victoria, and she had high hopes that the baby was Stitch's, since her son was a wonderful father. Maureen added that Stitch protected the people he loved, and there was no man on earth more loyal than her son. Stitch looked uncomfortable, and Victoria stammered that she had to get back to the office. Victoria hurried off, and Maureen surmised that Stitch had been about to tell Victoria everything.

Stitch contended that Victoria deserved to know the truth, but Maureen reasoned that the truth had a million versions, and she advised him to pick one that would cause the least harm. He clarified that Maureen meant the least harm to her, and he said that the version he'd told hadn't done him or Victoria any good. Maureen believed that Victoria cared for him, and she thought that if the baby turned out to be his, it would be all that mattered. Stitch pointed out that the baby could be Billy's, and if it was, any tie Stitch had to Victoria would be gone. Stitch professed his love for Victoria, and Maureen assured him that Victoria loved him, too, whether Victoria knew the whole story or not.

Michael smiled as he looked at the sign on his new office door, and he called out for Avery. He entered her office and caught a box of files as it fell over, and he scolded that he was a fan of organization. She joked that she could "out-neat freak" him any day of the week, and they agreed that they had a great basis for a partnership. Christine stopped by with a plant as an office-warming gift, and she complimented some flowers on Avery's desk. Avery mentioned that they were from Dylan to wish her luck, and she excused herself to get some water.

Christine imagined that Michael was glad to ease his workload a bit, and Michael was thankful that his first case wasn't representing his partner's boyfriend, since Dylan's muddy shoes had turned out to be nothing. A stunned Christine had no idea what he was talking about, and Michael mentioned that Paul had had Dylan's shoes tested, but there hadn't been a match with the mud on Ian's jacket. Christine obviously hadn't been aware of any of it, and Michael theorized that the police had been waiting for more information. A clearly rattled Christine claimed that she was late for an appointment and hurried out.

Avery returned and asked where Christine had gone, and Michael imagined that she'd gone back to the office to knock some heads together over the testing of Dylan's muddy shoes. An equally surprised Avery ranted that Dylan hadn't said anything about a search warrant, and Michael informed her that he'd overheard that Ian's jacket and keys had been found in a muddy quarry. Michael added that he'd mentioned Dylan's muddy shoes to Paul, and Avery asked if Michael thought Dylan had killed Ian. Michael replied that he'd had an obligation as an officer of the court to say something, but the mud hadn't matched. Avery swore that Dylan hadn't been responsible for Ian's disappearance, and she tried to convince herself that it wasn't a big deal.

At the police station, Paul summarized the evidence in Ian's case with someone over the phone, and he mentioned the muddy jacket matching Ian's DNA and the call to the insurance company from Avery's landline. He thanked the person and sighed deeply. "Oh, God, Dylan, what have you done?" Paul muttered to himself.

Nikki arrived at Crimson Lights, and Dylan observed that she looked more like herself than she had the day before. She apologized for having seemed out of sorts, and he told her not to act like he shouldn't worry, since he knew what was up. Dylan recalled that her hands had been shaking and that her speech had been slurred, and he concluded that she had been experiencing symptoms of a multiple sclerosis flareup. Nikki blamed it on a new medication, and Dylan offered to go to the doctor with her, but she assured him that everything was under control.

Dylan stressed that a medical condition was nothing to be ashamed of, and Nikki appreciated his concern, but she griped that she hated being known as "the woman with the condition." She fretted that she felt like a burden, but Dylan swore that he and the rest of her family didn't feel that way, and he encouraged her to ask for help if she needed it. He offered her some tea, but she suddenly said that she had to go and rushed past Paul on her way out.

Dylan imagined that Paul wasn't there for coffee and a doughnut, and Paul asked Dylan if he'd made a call to Ian's life insurance company. Dylan denied it, and he defended that he didn't even know which company it was. Paul recalled that Dylan had mentioned that Ian had put Dylan in his will, so it wouldn't be a stretch if Ian had named Dylan as the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. Dylan maintained that he'd never take money from Ian, and Paul informed him that the call had been made from Avery's landline. Dylan realized that Paul suspected him of murder, but Paul countered that they didn't even know if Ian was dead, unless Dylan knew otherwise.

Later, Dylan said that he'd be right with Billy and Chelsea, who sat at a table and decided that they had good reason to be hungry. They kissed, and Dylan approached and sarcastically stated that the situation wasn't awkward. Chelsea admitted that she and Billy were on a date, and Dylan offered them some coffee. Billy ordered pie, and after Dylan walked away, Chelsea asked if it was possible to go anywhere without hurting people's feelings. She approached the counter and said she needed to talk to Dylan.

Chelsea recognized that the situation was weird, but she didn't want things to be uncomfortable, and Dylan replied that it was her life and that he meant it in a nice way. Dylan added that Billy and Chelsea should spend time together if that was what they wanted to do, and Chelsea marveled at his kindness. She apologized for hurting Dylan, and he said that he had plenty to feel bad about, too, like stealing Connor. Chelsea pointed out that Dylan had been doing great, since he had gotten help and was with the right person, and she was happy that he'd put the past behind him.

As Chelsea finished her pie, Billy teased that it was okay if she licked the plate. She replied that she was savoring hers rather than destroying it in five seconds like he had, and he crowed that he'd earned it. She agreed and looked around to see who else there might know them, since everyone knew how they'd met. Billy said that everyone had their own issues, and Chelsea asked if he could look at Johnny and still want to be with her. Billy called Johnny a gift, and he considered it a bonus that Connor was Johnny's biological half-brother. He assured Chelsea that there were a million reasons why he wanted to be with her, and he was determined to see it through. She declared that she was, too.

Nikki arrived at Victor's office and stared at the bottles of liquor on the table. Victoria asked whether Nikki was looking for Victor or trying to get away from him, and Nikki said that she was looking for Victoria. Nikki implored Victoria to be tolerant and open-minded, and she suggested that they throw a bridal shower for Sharon. Victoria quipped that she'd forgotten it was April Fools' Day, and Nikki conceded that she shared Victoria's opinion, but Nick loved Sharon. Nikki contended that a shower would make Nick happy, and Victoria begrudgingly offered to put together a guest list.

Victoria cried out in pain when she stood up, and Nikki became concerned, but Victoria explained that she'd twisted her ankle, although Stitch had said she didn't need to go to the hospital. She continued that she'd been in the park when she'd injured herself, and she'd ended up meeting Stitch's mom. Nikki flashed back to sharing drinks with Maureen in Maureen's hotel room, and she covered by asking what Stitch's mother was like. Victoria said that Maureen had been very pleasant, but she was almost embarrassed to relay what Maureen had said.

Victoria disclosed that Maureen had given her a hard sell about what a wonderful father Stitch was, and she'd reacted by taking off. Nikki wondered if Victoria had second thoughts about Stitch, and Victoria swore she didn't, but she had actually been relieved by Maureen's presence because Stitch had wanted to make another confession. Victoria speculated that he was a serial murderer, even though his mom had declared that he was loving and loyal, and Nikki pointed out that she would forgive her children for anything. Nikki added that people sometimes hurt one another unintentionally, but in the end, forgiveness and acceptance were what held all families together.

Nikki advised Victoria to keep Stitch and his mother at a distance, and Victoria wished she could do the same with Billy. Nikki asked if Billy was still trying to get back together, and Victoria grumbled that he was spending time with Chelsea, despite everything Chelsea had put them through. Victoria added that she'd also seen Stitch with Abby, and she knew that she shouldn't be upset that they were working together, but it made her wonder if she'd made a mistake by pushing both men away.

Nikki sympathized that loneliness was painful, especially during a pregnancy, and she asked if Victoria wanted a specific man by her side. Victoria said that she didn't know, and Nikki opined that Victoria had done the right thing by forging ahead on her own, but she assured Victoria that she wasn't in it alone. The women hugged, and Nikki's phone rang, but she said it wasn't important. Victoria said that she had a conference call in a minute, and Nikki answered a call from Maureen, who said that she needed a friend and asked to meet for a drink.

Nikki told Maureen that she was on her way, she fibbed to Victoria that she had a charity meeting. Victoria thought it sounded better than a bridal shower, and Nikki told her to take care of her ankle, since most things healed -- even wounded hearts.

At the police station, Detective Harding informed Christine that there was no forensics record of testing any muddy boots. Harding noted that someone could have screwed up while delivering the evidence, and he offered to double-check, but Christine told him not to bother. Paul returned, and Christine confronted him about why he'd never mentioned Dylan's muddy boots. He tried to steer her into his office, but she accused him of concealing evidence from her.

Christine demanded to know about the mud on the boots and why Michael had known about it when she hadn't. Paul urged her to calm down, and she picked up Ian's file from his desk. He protested that it wasn't complete, but she became irate when she read about the phone call to the insurance company. Christine blasted that Paul had kept that from her, too.

Paul defended that he didn't share all the details with the D.A.'s office at that stage of an investigation, but Christine countered that it wasn't like every other case. Harding entered with an update on Ian's case, and he said that there had been no sign of Ian and that no one had been nosing around. Harding recommended that they stop looking for a man who was evading arrest and start looking for his killer.

Avery arrived at the coffeehouse, and she called Dylan to find out where he was. Meanwhile, at Avery's apartment, Dylan frantically packed a duffel bag.

. . .

On the next The Young and the Restless...
  • At a press conference, Paul tells the reporters that Dylan was arrested that morning without incident.
  • Dylan senses that something is going on with Avery. He wonders what it is.
  • Dr. Botnik calls the lab and tells them to rush Michael's blood tests -- the doctor doesn't like some of the levels he is seeing on preliminary reports.
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