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Thursday, January 29, 2015

At Crimson Lights, Avery helped Dylan fix his tie, and he commented that he wasn't the suit-wearing type. She admired how he looked, and she wished she could join him at the christening, but she claimed she had a meeting for an important case. Dylan said he'd be thinking of her, and he headed out. Avery grabbed her phone and called Joe, who was pleased to hear from her. She informed him that she'd considered his proposal, and she was on her way to his hotel suite. He clarified that he'd requested a night with her, but she replied that she couldn't give him that, so he'd have to take her offer or leave it. Joe said he'd see her soon.

At home, Victoria gushed to Billy that Johnny looked handsome in his suit, and Katie was a beautiful princess in her christening gown. Billy observed that Victoria looked gorgeous herself, and he remarked that it was too bad a cold was keeping Jill from being there. He added that Traci had been caught in the same storm out east that had prevented Reed from attending, but everyone else who mattered would be there. Victoria replied that not quite everyone would be present.

Billy asked if Katie was ready for the big day, and Victoria carried in a suit-clad Johnny, who gave Billy a high-five. Billy became quiet, and Victoria realized that Delia had often made the same gesture. Victoria imagined that Delia would be cheering for them in church that day, and she assured Billy that he'd eventually share secret handshakes and inside jokes with Katie. Victoria declared that they would always be equal partners in parenting, and Billy remarked that even Victor could see that Billy was a good dad. Victoria huffed that Victor didn't get a vote, since she'd cut him out of Katie's life.

At Newman-Chancellor, Nikki scolded Victor for not going to the christening, and he explained that he was just following Victoria's wishes. Nikki lectured that Victoria wanted him to apologize for putting her in an awkward position, but Victor thought Victoria should have left business matters at the office. Nikki chided him for asking Victoria to lie to the man she loved, but Victor argued that Stitch worked for the competition. Nikki demanded that Victor return the stolen formula, but Victor defended that he hadn't stolen anything. They bickered about Victor's history of hiring people to do his dirty work, and Nikki remarked that it was no wonder he'd driven her to such extremes. Victor asked what she was talking about.

Nikki reminded Victor that she'd been sleeping in the guest room, since he'd driven her away, just like he'd done with Nick and stood to do with Victoria. Nikki admonished Victor for claiming to put his family first, and Victor reiterated that he'd done what had needed to be done. Nikki groused that it was his excuse for everything, and he blasted her for trying to pick a fight and ordered her to show herself out. He walked into the corridor and made a call, and he asked someone if they knew what to do.

Nikki poured herself a drink, and she stared at a framed photo of Katherine and asked what her old friend was looking at, since Katherine should know how difficult it was. Nikki recalled that she'd stopped drinking, but everything had gone wrong again, and she sipped from the glass. She savored the liquor going down her throat, and she wailed that she could hear Katherine. Nikki reasoned that she wasn't hurting anyone, and she just needed the alcohol to get her through the day, but she'd stop again the next day. She swigged from the glass again.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley informed Jack that she'd instructed security to review the surveillance footage to determine who had placed the bug in the lab, and Jack worried that Victor would get the product to market before they did. Ashley wanted to speed up production, but Jack said they had to get to the church, and she planned on making calls from the car to ensure Victor didn't win. After Ashley departed, Phyllis descended the stairs in casual clothes and told Jack that she'd decided not to go to the christening. Jack understood she was upset, but he pointed out that there was no evidence to prove she'd poisoned Kelly, and Phyllis questioned whether that meant she hadn't done it or if she had been smart enough to cover her tracks.

Jack vowed to get to the bottom of it, and he declared that he wanted the woman he loved by his side. Phyllis wondered if that woman no longer existed, and she asked if he loved what she'd become. Jack swore that Phyllis was still the woman he'd always loved, and she'd fought her way back against all odds, so he wasn't going to lose her again. Jack asked if Phyllis was ready to get dressed, and she assured him that she was ready to face the future, but she still wanted to sit the christening out. He agreed to let her stay home and rest, and he reiterated that everything would be okay. After he left, she sent a text message, asking to see someone right away.

At the police station, Michael thanked Kevin for pushing him to go the last mile, and Kevin said it was part of his plan to keep Michael healthy. Avery entered and mentioned that she was working on a case that she expected to have settled by the end of the day, and Michael departed. Avery asked Kevin if Paul was in, and she was relieved to hear the police chief was out, since she didn't want Paul to know anything about a request she had for Kevin. They went into an interrogation room, and Avery asked Kevin to set her up with a body wire. He grinned and surmised that she was going rogue, and she explained that she'd do anything to get her ex-husband's confession on tape.

After Kevin outfitted Avery with the wire, she asked if he could see it on her, and he instructed her to keep her blouse buttons closed. She tested the sound to make sure he could hear her, and she thanked him for his help. Kevin offered to listen in case anything went wrong, but she said she would be fine, and she'd return for the audio recording after she got evidence that Joe had been responsible for the attacks on Dylan. Kevin worried about what Joe would do if he discovered that she was attempting to entrap him, but Avery flatly stated that Joe wouldn't, and she knew how to get a confession out of her ex. Meanwhile, Joe ordered Champagne from room service, and he tipped the bellhop to ensure he and his guest weren't disturbed.

Later, Joe offered Avery some Champagne, but she stressed that she was there because she loved Dylan and wanted to keep him safe. She referred to what Joe had done, and he admitted that he hadn't been the best husband, but she clarified that she'd meant what he'd done to Dylan. She recalled that Joe had said he could make it stop, and he wondered if she thought he'd invited her there to have sex with him. She asked if that wasn't in his head, and he confessed that the idea of making love to her was very much on his mind.

Joe said he hadn't forgotten what he and Avery had been like in the beginning, and he recalled their vow to make love on all seven continents. He pointed out that they had four to go, but she snapped that what he'd been doing to Dylan had to stop. She reminded Joe that he'd told her he could make the hurt go away, but Joe explained that he'd meant her pain, not Dylan's. Meanwhile, Kevin eyed his earphones and began to listen.

Joe asked Avery to let him prove he was still the man she'd once loved, and he presented her with a necklace she'd admired on their honeymoon. He mentioned that he hadn't been able to afford it back then, but as soon as he had been able, he'd gone back and bought it. Avery refused to accept it, but Joe asked her to indulge him by at least letting him see how it looked on her. She reluctantly pulled her hair up and allowed him to fasten the clasp. He said he wanted to see it against her neck, and he suggested that she open a button or two.

Avery jerked away and said she wouldn't enjoy Joe's necklace or Champagne, and she accused him of getting her there under false pretenses. Joe swore that she'd misunderstood his intentions, since all he'd hoped for was to be the people they'd been when they'd first met. He questioned when she'd last laughed, and he said he'd love the chance to see it. Avery nervously said it was a mistake for her to be there, and she stalked out. Joe looked down at the necklace in his hand and told himself she was wrong.

At the church, Summer hugged Nick hello, and he asked if Austin was parking the car, but she revealed that her husband was shooting a commercial that day. Nick commended Austin for being responsible, and he grumbled that too many people did whatever they wanted, despite the consequences. Summer imagined it was hard for him to be back in that church, but he credited Phyllis for making sure he'd never finished his wedding to Sharon. Nick said he didn't want to talk about his problems, since they were there to celebrate the birth of a daughter, and he knew how amazing it could be.

Stitch walked in, followed by Chelsea, and she commented that she was sure Billy and Victoria had their hands full. Stitch asked if she was okay with Billy and Victoria arriving as a family, and Chelsea noted that Katie was their daughter, so it was only right they do it together. Chelsea added that she knew how Billy felt about her, and Stitch replied that he was confident about Victoria's feelings for him, but he and Chelsea had to take a back seat to what Billy and Victoria shared that day.

Jack arrived at the church and told Summer that Phyllis had decided to stay home, and Nikki overheard as he mentioned that Phyllis hadn't been untouched by the aftereffects from the treatment Victor had forced on her. As Nikki made her way around the church, she listened as Ashley and Abby discussed finding evidence to prove that Victor had stolen their formula, and she heard Nick tell Noah and Summer that Sharon planned to force Faith to testify against him. Nikki eavesdropped as Stitch asked Dylan about the robbery at the coffeehouse, and Dylan replied that it had been a message to stop the fight against the redevelopment deal. Nikki stepped outside and took a chug of vodka from a water bottle, and Victoria and Billy approached with Katie and Johnny. Victoria suggested they get the party started.

The priest welcomed Billy and Victoria, and Billy cooed to Katie that everyone was there just for her. Billy pointed Chelsea out to Katie, and Victoria warmly acknowledged Stitch's presence. Victor entered, and Victoria demanded to know what he was doing there. Victor declared that he was there for his granddaughter's christening, and he asked if there were any objections. Chelsea said she had a feeling of déj? vu, and Jack remembered when Victor had shown up uninvited at Connor's christening.

Jack received a phone call, and Victoria hissed to her father that he wasn't supposed to be there. Nikki asked Victor not to cause trouble, and Ashley referred to the trouble he'd made for Jabot. Ashley accused Victor of being behind the raid to ensure Jabot's future was compromised, but Jack announced that he'd just talked to the Environmental Security Bureau, and they were returning everything they'd seized. Victor commented that all the animosity had been for nothing, and the priest called for everyone to take their seats. The priest thanked everyone for being there to welcome the newest member of the church.

The priest proclaimed that it was a collaborative endeavor to raise a child, and he looked to Jack and Abby as godparents to provide Katie with guidance and wisdom. Jack accepted the responsibility and offered a red rose of commitment, and Abby presented a white rose to represent purity and innocence. The priest declared that Billy and Victoria had created the miracle of life, and Katie was a bud waiting to open. Victoria told Katie that she had a world of possibilities in front of her, and she promised to work together with Billy to make sure Katie realized all her dreams. Billy pledged to honor and to protect his daughter, whether she wanted them to or not. The guests chuckled, and the priest welcomed Katherine Rose Abbott-Newman to their church and their community. Friends and family burst into applause.

Billy asked if Chelsea was shedding tears, and she said it had been a beautiful service. He told her that she was a big part of the collaboration, and Stitch called Katie a lucky lady with an awesome mom. Victoria noted that Katie had Stitch, too, and she asked him for a moment to talk to her dad. Victor congratulated Victoria, and she thanked him for putting family before business. Victor replied that he always had, even though people didn't seem to believe him. Nikki approached Nick and asked if Summer had left, and Noah mentioned that Summer had needed to run an important errand.

Nikki hoped Summer was all right, and Nick hoped both his daughters would be, since it had really hit home that he had a lot to lose. Victor commented to Jack that it had been a good service, and Ashley assumed that the thought of Victor losing his daughter and granddaughter had been worse than losing to Jabot. Victor proclaimed that he didn't lose to anyone, and Abby complained that he always had to have the last word, but Ashley vowed that he wouldn't that time. Dylan asked to speak to Ashley, and he asked how well she knew Joe. She said they'd dated but that it hadn't been serious, and Dylan advised her to keep it that way, since he believed Joe was dangerous.

Phyllis thanked Michael for rushing over, and he asked what had happened, but she wanted to hear about him first. She inquired whether he'd been feeling the side effects from his treatment, and he joked that he hadn't been glowing in the dark. She wished she could find a sense of humor about her own situation, and he encouraged her to open up, since friendship went both ways. She revealed that she'd asked him there as a lawyer and not as a friend.

Michael scoffed at the idea that Phyllis had turned into someone else, but Phyllis said she might be a jealous woman who had tried to send her competition to the grave. Michael argued that Kelly was no longer competition, since Jack and Phyllis were solid and engaged to be married, so Phyllis hadn't had any reason to go after Kelly. Phyllis asked what her punishment would be if she was convicted, and Michael divulged that under Wisconsin law, intentional first-degree homicide could result in life in prison if the crime had been successfully completed.

Phyllis thought she should have stayed in a coma if the alternative was facing prison time, but Michael warned that she was getting ahead of herself. Phyllis relayed that Paul had already questioned her about the poisoning, and she was sure Christine would wipe the floor with her. Michael countered that there was no proof, but Phyllis suspected Christine wouldn't give up the chance to make her pay, and she wondered what she was supposed to do.

Michael urged Phyllis not to give up hope, since she had a brilliant attorney on her side, and Summer arrived. Summer explained that she'd slipped out of the christening to see how Phyllis was doing, and Michael departed. Summer gushed about how cute Katie had been and how proud Victoria had looked, and she mentioned that Victor had shown up unexpectedly. Phyllis sobbed that Summer had grown up while she'd been gone, and she wished she'd been around to see it, but she knew Summer would be just fine if Phyllis wasn't around for her. Summer asked what her mother was talking about.

Phyllis said the talk about the christening had made her think of Summer as a little girl, and Jack arrived home. Phyllis suggested that Summer go do something fun, and Summer said she had plans with Austin. After Summer left, Jack observed that Phyllis seemed to be doing better, and she said she had a clearer picture of the future after speaking to Michael. She asked Jack to promise that he'd always love her no matter what, and he replied that it was an easy promise to make. He went to ask Mrs. Martinez to prepare a late lunch, and Phyllis scribbled something on a notepad and hurried out.

At the Jabot lab, Abby went through the returned items and couldn't find anything missing. Ashley knew Victor wouldn't have been that obvious, and she theorized that he wasn't done yet. Meanwhile, over the phone, Victor confirmed with someone that the puncture mark in the Jabot sample had been undetectable, and he crowed that they had enough to analyze the contents and to obtain the formula in no time.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin handed over the audio files to Avery, and he admitted that he'd almost raced over to Joe's hotel room when it had sounded like a close call. He acknowledged that she'd told him not to listen, but he cautioned that she should have had a backup plan. She conceded that her plan had been a bad idea, and he advised her not to go it alone if she had another one. She flashed back to Joe asking about the last time she'd really laughed, and Dylan returned. Dylan surmised from her expression that her meeting hadn't gone well, and she disclosed that she'd have to interview the person again.

At Victoria's house, Nikki snoozed in a chair, and Victoria announced that Johnny was asleep. Billy remarked that Katie was a party animal, and Chelsea thanked Victoria for including her. Victoria replied that she wouldn't have had it any other way, and she pulled Stitch aside and hoped he hadn't minded that she'd let Victor stay. Stitch said he hadn't wanted her to fight with her dad, but he was blown away that she'd put Stitch ahead of her relationship with Victor. Victoria said if Stitch hadn't known how important he was to her, he should know by then.

Nick woke up Nikki and asked if she was okay, and she insisted she was fine. Victoria declared it was picture time, and Chelsea offered to take photos of Victoria and Billy with Katie. Victoria requested that the whole family join them, and Nick helped Nikki to her feet. Victoria asked Nikki to hold the baby, and as the group posed, Nikki nearly fell over. Billy caught Katie as Nikki stumbled away, and Victoria worriedly asked what had happened.

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