Rey pushes Sharon until she cracks
Thursday, February 14, 2019
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Thursday, February 14, 2019

At home, Nick spoke over the phone with Jack, who assured him that everything was under control at Dark Horse. Jack inquired about Nikki, and Nick reported that only Michael had been allowed to see her. Jack grumbled that Christine was only holding Nikki to make Victor sweat, and he urged Nick to get out and take it easy. Nick anticipated a quiet night at home, and they hung up.

Phyllis appeared in a sexy robe, holding two glasses of wine. She purred that Nick was right about staying in, but she cautioned that it wouldn't be a quiet evening in front of the fireplace. She announced that it was game night, and he guessed that she didn't have backgammon in mind. Nick murmured that Phyllis smelled good, and she mentioned that it was one of Kerry's new fragrances. She seductively implied that if he played his cards right, it was all she would be wearing by the end of the night.

Phyllis pulled out a stack of questions written on pink cards, and she dared Nick to answer things about their past. She explained that if he got an answer right, he got to take off one thing she was wearing, and if he was wrong, she'd take off something of his. He called it a win-win and suggested that they speed things up. She inquired about the name of Summer's favorite stuffed animal, and he named Mr. Ears. He caressed her face and carefully assessed what he should take off first, but she playfully smacked him and announced that his time limit was up. He argued that she was changing the rules, and she mused that they were just getting started.

Phyllis was amazed when Nick remembered her first video game avatar, and he removed her camisole. She noted that she hadn't been wearing much to begin with, and he appreciated her making that choice. She pointedly dropped a card and bent over to pick it up, and he groaned that she'd done it on purpose. He answered the next question incorrectly, and she helped him take his shirt off. She pushed him back down into a chair and told him it was double or nothing.

Phyllis grabbed the last question and asked for the name of the bar in New Mexico where they'd had their first wedding. Nick pondered the answer as he stepped over to the bar, and she incredulously asked if he didn't remember the name of their place. He retrieved a sign from Pepe's Roadhouse and disclosed that he'd heard the place was closing down, so he'd snagged the sign before it had ended up in a trash heap. He wished her a happy Valentine's Day, and they kissed and began to make love.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack helped Kerry remove her coat and admired the way she looked. She wished him a happy Valentine's Day, and he smiled adoringly at her.

At Crimson Lights, Arturo demanded to know why Mia had called out his name during sex with Rey, and she swore that it had just slipped out. Arturo ranted that everything had finally been good with him and Rey, but she'd had to ruin it because it was always drama and chaos with her. She snapped that it was all about Arturo's royal wedding; since she'd seen the photo spread, it had been in her head when she and Rey had been making love. Arturo insisted that she find Rey and apologize, but Mia fretted that Rey wouldn't answer her calls. She realized that Rey might never forgive her for it. Later, Mia left another message for Rey, begging him to join her as planned that evening.

At the Athletic Club, Mariah and Tessa sipped drinks and looked forward to spending Valentine's Day together. Mariah noted that Tessa looked deep in thought, and she guessed that Tessa was thinking about Nikki's confession. Mariah assured Tessa that she was safe, and she mentioned that Sharon had seemed calm earlier. Mariah conceded that Sharon had been putting her affairs in order, but she truly believed that Nikki hadn't implicated anyone but herself. Mariah asserted that she knew the Newmans and that they knew how to keep a secret.

Jack and Kerry arrived at the club, and she figured that she otherwise would have spent the night in the lab. She recognized that she'd missed too many moments because of work, and he remarked that it was fine to work hard, but they had to play hard, too. She wondered if they'd see Kyle and Lola there, and Jack explained that they'd hit a rough patch. He hoped the young couple had a Valentine's Day reunion, since Lola was heading to the cabin to surprise Kyle, and he imagined they were probably making up as he spoke.

Jack and Kerry wished Mia a happy Valentine's Day, and Kerry hoped to say hello to Rey. Mia fibbed that he was stuck at the police station, and Jack invited Mia and Rey to join them, Abby, and Arturo later. Mia declined and told them to enjoy themselves. Mia checked her phone and sent Rey a text message, asking him to meet her at the club. She ordered another drink.

Across the room, Abby anticipated that the next Valentine's Day would be different, since the new restaurant would be open, so Tessa might not have the night off. Tessa gushed that she'd found the perfect shoes to go with her server uniform. Arturo spotted Mia sitting alone, and he pulled Abby aside and suggested that they spend some alone time together on their first and last Valentine's before they were an old married couple. Abby protested that they'd just gotten there, and she spied Mia. Abby refused to run away if Mia had an issue, and she was adamant that they were staying put.

As Jack and Kerry danced, Jack enthused about how well 2019 had begun after all the turmoil in the prior year. Jack attributed his happiness to meeting Kerry, but she regretted that she'd been rude to him when they'd first met. She recognized that work had been a way to distance herself from having a personal life, but her life was much better than she'd ever thought it could be. He commended her for being good at doing it all and making the balance seem easy, and he presented her with a gift box. He explained that it wasn't about the bling, and he wanted her to think about how much he adored her whenever she wore it. She was thrilled when she discovered the bracelet, and they embraced.

Kerry was mesmerized by how the bracelet caught the light, and Jack offered her more wine. He suggested that he have it sent to their room, and he revealed that he'd made a reservation upstairs. She told him to lead the way, but he wanted to share another surprise with her first.

Mariah observed Mia sitting sullenly at a table and remarked to Tessa that it was strange seeing Mia not move or talk. Tessa assumed that Rey was busy after Nikki's confession. Tessa shared that she'd never expected Nikki to go to the cops, and if anyone would have cracked, she'd thought it would be Sharon.

Abby noted that Jack hadn't seemed that happy in a long time. She followed Arturo's gaze to Mia and griped that he couldn't watch Mia all night. Arturo explained that it was a reflex because he couldn't relax while Mia was around, and Abby huffed that babysitting Mia was Rey's job. Arturo divulged that there was a reason Rey wasn't there, since Rey and Mia had fought about Arturo.

After Rey filled Abby in about what had happened, she wondered if Mia was trying to get Rey to divorce her by admitting her feelings for Arturo. Abby snarled that Mia planned everything and just pretended that she'd been caught up in the moment because she loved causing trouble. Arturo thought that was why they should ignore Mia and keep their distance, but Abby sauntered over to Mia's table. "You and I are going to have a little chat," Abby haughtily proclaimed.

At the Abbott cabin, Kyle pulled away from Summer's kiss and told her that it wasn't going to happen. He was stunned when Lola burst in. Lola declared that she'd shown up there to tell him that breaking up with him had been a mistake, but she'd seen him and Summer all over one another. Lola concluded that she'd been right all along, and sex was the only thing that mattered to him.

Kyle insisted that nothing had happened and that he'd just told Summer that there was no way it would. He turned to Summer for support, but she figured that Lola wouldn't believe her, and she taunted that Lola had seen what she'd seen. Kyle blasted Summer for not backing him up after everything she'd just said about being a friend. Lola was convinced that there was something going on between Kyle and Summer, and she blasted him for making her feel paranoid and insecure by denying it. Lola thanked God that she'd never had sex with him.

Kyle shoved Summer's coat at her and barked that she was leaving. Lola groused that she never should have bothered, but Kyle pointed out that she had because they never should have been apart. Kyle shut down Summer's snarky comments and asked Lola to let him explain. Lola hesitantly took off her coat and plopped down on the couch, and Kyle acknowledged that it looked like he'd taken Summer up there after Lola had turned him down. Lola shared that she knew he hadn't, since Jack had told her that Kyle had gone to the cabin alone. Kyle explained that he was there to wallow and feel sorry for himself, and Lola guessed that he'd called Summer.

Summer declared that Kyle hadn't needed to, and she pulled out the formal invitation. Kyle swore that he hadn't given it to Summer, and if Lola had arrived two minutes earlier, she would have seen that it had been purely platonic. Summer referred to the sleigh ride, ice-skating, and Champagne, and Kyle revealed that he'd made those plans for him and Lola. He added that Summer had just been keeping him company. "With her tongue," Lola huffed.

Kyle maintained that he hadn't even been thinking about sex, since it would never happen with Summer because Lola was the only one he wanted to be with. Summer hoped Lola wasn't buying the "load of crap." Kyle ordered Summer to get out, but she cooed that she and Lola had something in common, since Summer had wanted Kyle to be her first, too. Summer recalled that they'd been hot for one another back then, and it had never gone away. Kyle protested that Summer had an agenda, but Lola thought Kyle hadn't insisted that Summer leave earlier because he enjoyed the attention.

Lola groused that she didn't have time for the drama in her life and that Kyle wanted something she couldn't give him -- not the sex but the drama. Kyle questioned why Lola had made a big deal about things if she hadn't wanted the drama of telling him it was over then making him beg. Lola recalled that she'd always taken him back before, but that time, she was gone. She stormed out, and Summer applauded Kyle for standing up for himself. Kyle angrily demanded to know why Summer had done that to him.

Kyle accused Summer of having fun blowing up his personal life, but Summer defended that she'd saved him from misery. Kyle spat that Lola had been there to be with him, but Summer hadn't been able to let it happen. Summer accused him of expecting her to vanish when Lola had been the one creepily peering in the window. Kyle pointed out that Summer could have backed him up, and he bellowed that Summer didn't have feelings, only impulses.

Summer insisted that Kyle had kissed her back because he had wanted her -- and not just because he'd been sad and sexless for months. Summer added that Lola could see it, and Kyle was the only one who couldn't. Kyle growled that Summer wasn't capable of being a friend, since her response to him letting her in had been stabbing him in the back. Kyle added that Lola had loved him and had never tried to hurt him, but that was all Summer had ever done. He grabbed his suitcase and stalked out.

At the cottage, Sharon grappled for an explanation about why a call to 9-1-1 was on her phone bill. She grabbed the bill from Rey and argued that the call had only lasted a few seconds, so it had likely been a misdial. Rey countered that no one dialed 9-1-1 by mistake, and she blamed it on a pocket dial. Rey noted that the call had been made on the night of Victoria's party, which had been the same night Nikki had said J.T. had died. Sharon maintained that she didn't remember making the call, and she speculated that he was changing the subject because pledging his love had been a mistake. She insisted that they work out where they went from there.

Sharon accused Rey of interrogating her to focus on work because the personal side of his life was too painful. Rey considered it all to be tied together, since it was his case, and she was the woman he couldn't get out of his head. He wondered if she'd called 9-1-1 because she'd been worried when Mariah had passed out, but Sharon reiterated that it had either been a pocket dial, or a drunken Mariah had found her phone. Rey pounced on the idea that Sharon had set her phone down somewhere.

Rey envisioned Victoria picking up Sharon's phone when J.T. had shown up and J.T. cutting off the call. Rey didn't think Victoria would leave that out of her statement, and he revealed that Nikki hadn't mentioned it in her confession. Sharon voiced surprise that he'd taken anything Nikki had said seriously. Rey conceded that Nikki had holes in her story, but he held up the phone bill and clucked that she wasn't the only one.

Sharon stood by her story that any 9-1-1 call had been an accident. She questioned the urgency of discussing the case when Rey had shown up there to talk about his feelings. Sharon theorized that he was really there to prey upon her emotions because his real obsession was the case, but Rey thought she didn't believe that for one second. She blasted him for telling her what she thought and felt, and she suspected that they didn't know one another as well as they'd thought they had. She contended that he'd used his charms and friendships to get information ever since he'd arrived in town, and that night was no different.

Rey asserted that the case and his feelings were both real, and neither one would go away if they just ignored them. Sharon apologized for not being able to tell him what he wanted to hear. Rey warned that if she didn't open up to him, other officers would continue to press her about the party because he'd become personally involved. He reiterated that he was in love with her, and she admitted that she'd never let herself think in those terms. She recognized that it was a risk, but the moment they'd confessed their feelings had felt right until everything had changed because of a phone bill.

Rey requested to go over the night of the party one more time, and Sharon reluctantly agreed -- as long as they got back to the reason he was there. He promised that it would only be one more time. Sharon maintained that it had been her idea to get Victoria's mind off J.T. on the night of the party, and she'd purposely intended it to be fun, with nothing serious allowed. Rey mentioned that Nikki had gone upstairs to Victoria's room and found J.T. there, but Sharon fibbed that she'd never heard about it. Rey quizzed Sharon about the events that evening, but Sharon wrote it off as being a blur.

Rey continued to push for details about J.T. being in Victoria's home, and he imagined that someone had found J.T. in Victoria's room and called 9-1-1. Rey surmised that Sharon had seen J.T. there, and he pressed Sharon to tell him what had happened, since Nikki couldn't have buried the body alone. Rey recalled that Victor had been in the ICU at the time, and he assumed others had been involved because Sharon had asked him if anyone else had been arrested. Rey guessed that Nick had helped Nikki, and it made sense that Sharon would cover for him because they shared children together. Sharon protested that it hadn't been Nick, but Rey reasoned that Nick couldn't protect her if he went down.

Rey implored Sharon to tell him what she knew so he could mitigate, and he theorized that she'd made the 9-1-1 call because J.T. had shown up at the house right after she'd found out how dangerous he'd become. Rey peppered her with questions about whether J.T. had threatened Nikki or if Nikki had threatened him, and he wondered if Nikki had taken off after J.T. with a weapon. Sharon remained silent, and Rey realized that Nikki had never left -- and neither had J.T. Sharon blurted out that it had been self-defense. "We had no choice," she insisted.

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