Thursday, October 16, 2014

In New York, there was a knock at Hilary's hotel room door, and Devon assumed it was room service. He started to get out of bed to answer it, but she purred that she had him right where she wanted him, and she got up to handle it. She put on a robe, and she was stunned when she opened the door and faced Neil and Cane. Cane glared at Devon.

Neil asked if Hilary had a room with a view, and he said that he hadn't been able to stand being apart from her. He moved in close to kiss her, and he realized she was wearing a robe. Hilary claimed that she'd been about to shower, and Neil jokingly warned Cane to cover his eyes. Hilary inquired why Neil hadn't called first, and he explained that it had been a surprise to show that he would do anything for her. Cane suggested that he and Neil go downstairs for drinks while Hilary got ready, but Neil told Cane that he wanted to spend some time with his wife. Cane, Hilary, and Devon exchanged panicked looks.

Hilary led Neil to a table as Devon quietly gathered his clothes, and Cane said that Neil had been on a mission to do whatever it took to get to his wife. Cane offered to leave to give Neil and Hilary some privacy, and he roughly led Devon out. In the hallway, Cane hissed that he'd kept his mouth shut for Neil's sake. Meanwhile, Hilary wondered if Neil had arranged for Jack to send her away, since the conference hadn't been important. Neil confessed that she'd caught him, and he explained that he'd asked Jack to help give him some time to think. Neil added that things hadn't been right between him and Hilary for a while, and he needed to change it right away.

Neil said that he'd been foolish and indecisive to push Hilary away and then pull her back in, and she sympathized that his whole life had changed. He pointed out that hers had, too, and he'd been wrong to ask her for a divorce. Neil recalled that when he'd been in jail, he hadn't been able to stop thinking about his wonderful wife who deserved trust and respect, and he'd realized that he needed to step up his game. He swore that they'd have "a hell of a life together," and he didn't want to do it with anyone but her. Neil begged for Hilary's forgiveness for pushing her away, and he professed his love.

Hilary said that Neil wasn't the one who needed forgiveness, and Neil hoped she'd had time to think about how much he loved her and how good things could be for them. She noted that he'd described her as brave and strong, and he kissed her hand and said she was. She said that she wanted to be the woman he thought she was, and he gushed that she was his wonderful woman. Hilary threw her arms around Neil, and he swore that he was there and that he would never let her go. She suggested they go out to get something to eat, and she handed him his cane and his coat, but she didn't notice a cell phone that had been left among the rumpled sheets.

Cane chided Devon for not being a good man or son by not staying away from Hilary, but Devon argued that he and Hilary loved one another, even though Neil was the last person he wanted to hurt. Cane sarcastically asked if Neil wouldn't get hurt if he didn't know, and he snarled that Devon and Hilary had put Cane in the position of lying to Lily and Neil. Cane ranted that Devon thought it was okay as long as Devon got what he wanted, and Devon retorted that he didn't want any of it, but he couldn't walk away. Cane clarified that the problem was that Devon didn't want to, and Devon defended that what he and Hilary had was real. Cane snapped that the only real thing going on was between Neil and Hilary.

Neil and Hilary exited the room, and she saw that Cane and Devon were still there. Cane said that he'd returned to check on them, and Neil thanked Cane for helping him get there. Cane planned to fly back to Genoa City to be with Lily and the twins, and Neil announced that he and his wife were going to have the most fantastic meal they'd ever had. As Hilary and Neil departed, Cane glowered at Devon.

Victor called out to Nikki at the ranch, but he received no answer. He left her a voicemail message to let her know that he was home and that he hoped to see her. He examined the bottle of vodka.

Later, Victor thanked Mariah for stopping by, and she asked if he had the DNA test results. He reported that her assumption about Faith not being Nick's daughter had been incorrect, so he wouldn't provide a payout, even though he was aware Mariah wanted to leave town. Mariah said that she could suffer without a paycheck if it meant that Faith hadn't become a casualty, since she liked Faith, and she knew what it was like to be lied to for her entire life. Victor questioned whether Mariah wanted to stay, and Mariah replied that she wasn't sure why he cared, since he had a new secret weapon -- Phyllis.

Victor said that he'd heard Phyllis was out of her coma, and Mariah crowed that he would have loved Phyllis' grand entrance into Nick and Sharon's wedding. Mariah called Phyllis an evil genius, and she figured that Phyllis and Victor were either best friends or mortal enemies. Victor asked how Nick and Sharon had reacted, and Mariah reported that Sharon had bolted out of the church and that Sharon and Nick had later gone to visit Phyllis in the hospital. Mariah griped that Sharon's secret had been all anyone had talked about, and Nick thought that it was no big deal, while Sharon believed it could ruin their love affair.

Mariah relayed that Sharon hadn't gotten any information out of Phyllis, and even though Nick had wanted to forget about the secret, she had sensed that Nick and Sharon were both freaked out about it. Mariah added that she'd be scared, too, but Victor noted that she didn't run on emotions, even when Ian had died. Mariah wouldn't discuss Ian with Victor, but she said that she wouldn't say no to gas money. Victor asked if she considered the conversation worthwhile as long as she got paid, and she countered that they hadn't chatted because they were friends. He handed her some cash, and she headed out.

At the police station, Nikki ignored Victor's call and popped a breath mint into her mouth before she entered Paul's office. Kevin asked if Ian had contacted her, and she was surprised Kevin knew about the plan. Paul explained that they needed Kevin's computer skills, but only a very small group of people knew that Dylan's arrest was a setup. Nikki fretted that Ian would deliberately avoid taking the bait to ensure that Dylan was convicted.

Paul swore that Dylan wouldn't go down for murder, and Nikki asked how he could be sure. She complained that they'd underestimated Ian's lies and manipulations, but Avery promised that Dylan wouldn't pay for a crime he hadn't committed. Nikki pointed out that they couldn't force the D.A.'s office to drop the charges, but Paul reminded her that Christine was in on the plan. Nikki argued that Christine wasn't convinced that Dylan was innocent, and she suspected that Christine would let the charges stand and send Dylan to prison.

Dylan said that he wasn't the issue, since Nikki's safety was on the line, and Avery suggested that they abort the plan. Paul insisted that they just had to work together, and Kevin observed that Ian was getting inside their heads, but they couldn't vanquish the villain if they were fighting one another. Paul agreed, and he noted that Ian was obsessed with Nikki, but Ian's ego was also at play. Dylan asked if Paul was having second thoughts, since Paul's credibility could be ruined, but Paul said that he could handle his career and keep Dylan out of harm's way. Paul was determined to wait until Ian contacted Nikki, and Kevin declared, "And then we vanquish his ass."

Later, Paul returned with a deck of cards to pass the time, and Dylan reported that Avery had left to visit Phyllis. Nikki declined the offer to play cards, and Dylan understood that she felt like the walls were starting to close in, but he assured her it wouldn't be much longer. Dylan asked if Nikki wanted something to drink, and she seemed surprised by the suggestion. Kevin joked that they could send Detective Harding to France to get some fancy bottled water, and Nikki got a call from a number she didn't recognize. Kevin prepared to trace the call, and Nikki answered. Ian said that it was lovely to hear her voice.

Ian declared that he'd known years before that his and Nikki's connection would span a lifetime, and he'd been right. Nikki stammered that he was alive, and he asked if she'd mourned his passing. She replied that she'd wondered if he'd received her message, and he was pleased that he'd surprised her. Nikki barked that she didn't want to play games, but she just wanted to end things, and she ordered him to tell her what he wanted. He said that they had time, but he preferred not to speak on a line with the police listening, so he'd left a disposable phone in her glove compartment.

Nikki looked horrified as she realized Ian had been in her car, and he said that he'd speak with her again soon. Ian hung up, and Paul said that Nikki had done great, but Kevin reported that the trace hadn't worked, since they needed more advanced technology to track a burner phone. Paul noted that Ian was close if he'd put the phone in her car, and Nikki was relieved that Ian's call had proven that Dylan was innocent. Dylan suggested that Nikki go out of town while they executed the rest of the plan, but Nikki contended that she was the one Ian wanted, and she vowed to stay until the end.

Nikki ignored another call from Victor, and Dylan asked if it was Ian on the line, but she replied that it was nothing important. Paul said that Nikki had done her job, so she didn't need to physically be in Ian's line of sight. Paul saw that she was shaking, and she claimed that she was upset because Ian had tried to destroy her family and to hurt the people she loved. Nikki echoed Paul's words that she wasn't in danger, so there was no reason for her to leave. Kevin worried that Ian was also focused on Mariah, but Paul said that he had people watching Mariah to keep her safe. Nikki promised that the ordeal would be over for all of them soon.

Kevin found Mariah at Crimson Lights, and he warned her that she wasn't safe, since Ian was alive and nearby. She asked if he knew for sure, and he insisted that they had to go as he took her hand and dragged her out.

Nikki returned home and called out for Victor, and she eyed the bottle of vodka. She answered a burner phone and said she was there, and Ian praised her for being ready for him. He taunted that their connection couldn't be broken, but Nikki snarled that she knew him, and she asked how much money he wanted. Ian lectured that cash was nothing more than a tool, and she knew him well enough to know it wasn't just about the money. She surmised that he wanted her to deliver it in person, and he said that was a key part. She agreed, but she demanded that after he got what he wanted, he had to let the police know that Dylan wasn't guilty of murder, or he wouldn't see her or the money. Ian gave her his word and said that he'd do anything for her.

Nikki phoned Paul and told him about Ian's call, and she spat that she'd heard the glee in Ian's voice. Paul told her to hustle over to the Athletic Club and to keep her location under wraps until Ian was in custody, and Ian smiled wickedly as he listened in on the conversation.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis demanded to know what else Jack hadn't told her, and she noticed the booklet of fabric swatches and asked if he was redecorating. He agreed that it was time to talk about what had happened during the past year, but he implored her to understand that life was complicated, and some things would be hard to say and even harder to hear. He mentioned that Kyle had moved back to New York, Ashley had returned home, and Billy was living there again. Phyllis realized that Billy and Victoria had broken up, and she assumed that Billy had blown it.

Phyllis asked if the problem had been gambling or other women, but Jack hesitated to provide all the details. Phyllis questioned whether he wanted to wait for her sake or for his own, and he replied that there were other things they needed to talk about. Phyllis concluded that it was about the pills, but Jack was adamant that he wasn't on drugs. She asked if he'd thought about it, and he admitted that he had, but she realized that he'd kept his word and stayed clean. Jack revealed that he'd had moments of self-pity and loneliness while he'd been waiting for her, and he'd looked for a sign that things would go back to normal. He continued that he'd shut down when it had never happened, but then everything had changed.

Jack explained that he hadn't been alone anymore, since there had been a light at the end of the tunnel. Phyllis surmised that he meant her waking up, and she got choked up and said that he'd freaked her out, since she didn't like the idea of him being off the wagon, especially without her there. She said that she should have known he'd hang tough, since the love of a good woman did that for a man, and the same thing could happen for Billy. Phyllis contemplated talking to Victoria about addiction, but Jack revealed that gambling hadn't ended Billy and Victoria's marriage. Phyllis guessed the reason had been a woman, and she called Billy an idiot for blowing up his life by stepping out on a woman who'd loved him.

Jack explained that Billy had been in a bad place when he'd found someone who'd understood him, and Billy hadn't intended to cause Victoria more pain when she'd been hurting over something else. Phyllis suspected that Jack was holding something back, and he said that it wasn't fair to anyone to sum up a year in one conversation. Phyllis stated that she didn't like not knowing, but she agreed that taking things in slowly was a good idea. Phyllis asked Jack to tell her small stuff, and she inquired about who had been sitting in her chair at work. He informed her that Billy had been filling in, and Phyllis proclaimed that she was motivated to boot her competition out of her spot. Jack looked uncomfortable.

Avery arrived, and Phyllis admitted that her head was spinning, since Jack had been telling her about what had happened, like Billy cheating on Victoria. Phyllis asked if she knew the tramp, and Jack quickly answered no, but Phyllis guessed that he did. Phyllis concluded that the woman Billy had cheated with was new in town, and while she wasn't surprised Billy had blown it, she refused to throw stones. Jack pointed out that they'd all done things they weren't proud of, and Phyllis chirped that it was good news that her sister hadn't married Phyllis' ex.

Phyllis rolled her eyes at the idea that Nick and Sharon were destined to be together, and she mentioned that Sharon had copped to being psycho. Phyllis added that she'd appreciated the honesty, and she made the point that not everything had to be whitewashed. Avery agreed, and she said that she wanted answers about why the clinic hadn't called to let them know that Phyllis had awakened. Jack reported that he'd tried to call Nurse Hathaway, but he'd learned that she had been transferred. Avery turned the topic to how wonderful Phyllis looked, and Phyllis replied that being home agreed with her. Phyllis added that a lot had changed, but her kid, her sister, and her fiancé were constants in her life.

Phyllis looked at photos on the mantel, and Jack asked if she was remembering things. She mused that a year was gone from her life, and maybe she wasn't as tough as she thought she was. Jack asserted that the fact she'd returned showed that she was tougher than they'd ever given her credit for, and she wished she'd done it sooner so he wouldn't have had to be alone. She moved in close to kiss him, but he got a call from Nurse Hathaway.

Jack reported that Nurse Hathaway had revealed that Phyllis had had a visitor who hadn't been on the approved list, and the nurse had described him as tall and brooding with a moustache. Phyllis guessed it had been Victor, and she found the thought creepy. Jack wondered what Victor had been trying to do, since his visit had supposedly been top secret. Jack imagined that Victor would never volunteer an answer, and the doorbell rang. Victor announced that he was there to see Phyllis.

. . .

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