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Thursday, December 18, 2014

At the penthouse, Chelsea thanked someone over the phone, and as she hung up, she stuffed some paperwork into an envelope. Billy descended the stairs and commented that she'd been up early, and she claimed it was a busy day with Christmas approaching. He asked if she'd been on a business call, and she reluctantly informed him that her lawyer had called about something to do with Adam. Billy repeated his promise to keep a lid on the smart remarks, and she explained that some assets had been locked in probate, but they'd just been released, so Adam's death felt final.

Billy asked if settling Adam's estate had been why Chelsea had tossed and turned the prior night, and she apologized if she'd kept him up. He wondered if she was worried about anything else, and she said she had a lot on her mind with her new clothing line. Billy offered to hire more help, but Chelsea turned the topic to something that made her happy -- Katie's christening gown -- and she pulled out a gift bag. Billy couldn't help but think that Katie's paternity was the reason Chelsea was keyed up, but Chelsea insisted she was happy for him, since the baby would be part of the new family they were building together.

Victoria held Katie in her arms while she answered the door, and Stitch presented her with flowers and gifts. Victoria remarked that Santa wasn't due for a visit yet, but Stitch thought his favorite new mother could use some pampering. Victoria groaned that she looked awful first thing in the morning, but he called her gorgeous, and he said Katie was as pretty as her mommy. The baby happily gurgled.

Victoria returned from getting dressed, and she realized Stitch had gotten Katie to go to sleep. He joked that he had that effect on women, and Victoria thanked him for the gorgeous flowers. He pointed out that he had a whole goodie bag for her, including scented lotions for foot massages. She realized that she was in need of one, and Katie fussed as the doorbell rang. Stitch volunteered to take the baby, and Victoria found Billy and Chelsea at the door. Billy saw Stitch holding Katie and remarked that it was getting to be a habit.

Victoria divulged that she and Stitch were seeing one another again, and Stitch suggested that he and Billy talk alone, but Billy said he wanted everyone to hear what he had to say. Billy recalled that he'd dug into Stitch's past to save Victoria, and he'd thought Stitch had been someone he'd never want around his child, but he'd been wrong. Billy commended Stitch for doing something selfless to protect his mom, and Stitch recognized that Billy had just been trying to protect his family. Billy announced that he didn't have any objections to Stitch spending time around his daughter, and he considered it none of his business if Victoria and Stitch wanted to start over, since he only wanted Victoria to be happy. Stitch thanked him, but Billy declared that he wasn't done.

Billy mentioned that Chelsea had said something earlier about how they were building something together and creating a family, including Katie. He credited Chelsea with handling a challenging situation with more grace than he ever could have, and he mused that he was lucky to have her in his life. Victoria noted that they'd managed to balance things with Johnny, and Stitch commented that it would be boring if life were easy. Chelsea presented the gift box to Victoria, and Victoria opened it and called the christening gown exquisite. Stitch quipped that they didn't have to look any further for a Christmas miracle.

Later, Stitch rubbed Victoria's feet, and she called it sheer bliss. He explained that he'd taken a course in reflexology, and she was grateful for higher learning. He amorously said he couldn't wait to give her the rest of her full body treatment, but Katie's cries stopped them from kissing. He immediately moved to tend to the baby, and Victoria smiled as she watched him.

Chelsea and Billy returned to the penthouse, and she gushed that she loved him and everything he'd said about her. She asked whether it had been hard for him to praise her in front of Victoria, but Billy assured her he'd been glad to get it out in the open, since Chelsea was the woman he wanted to be with. Chelsea observed that at times he'd seemed distant during the visit, and he confided that he sometimes thought about Delia when he was around Katie. He recounted that Delia had always wanted a little sister, but she'd never get to meet Katie. He suddenly had a brainstorm, and he grabbed Chelsea's hand and led her to the door.

At Crimson Lights, Fen surprised Summer with an invitation for her and Austin to join him on his skiing trip. Summer said she didn't know if Austin skied, and Fen pressed for details about Austin's hobbies, but Summer was offended that Fen thought she didn't really know her husband. Fen suggested that she get to know more about Austin on the trip, and he explained that he was protective because he cared about her. They laughed about the time Fen had tried to start a fight with Kyle, and he revealed that he'd used his protective voice when he'd warned Austin not to hurt her. Fen said he'd been channeling Summer's dad, and she asked which one.

Fen said Nick had always been Summer's dad, but Summer recalled that the last time she'd seen Fen, she'd thought Jack had been her father. Fen assured her that it didn't matter, since all she needed to be was Summer, and she groaned when she received a text message. She complained that Phyllis had been constantly badgering her to stop by or call, and she wished her mother would treat her like an adult.

Summer clarified that she loved having Phyllis back, but her mom was driving her crazy with questions about what Summer wanted to do with her life. Fen reported that his parents had seemed like they hadn't been able to wait to get rid of him when he'd shown up, and he thought they'd been acting strange. Summer told Fen she'd let him know about the ski trip, and she said she'd missed hanging out with him, since they were old friends. They hugged, and he took off.

In a suite at the Athletic Club, Adam looked at a photo of Chelsea on his phone, and Sage pounded on his door and demanded that he open up. He asked if she'd followed him, and she declared that she was there to save him from himself. Adam griped that Sage didn't get to live his life for him, but she scolded him for being reckless by disappearing, since she had to be able to reassure Constance he was safe. Adam suspected that Sage was more concerned about losing her own weird connection to Gabriel, and he flatly stated that Gabriel was dead and buried in a mismarked grave. He ordered her to get over it and move on, and Sage couldn't believe he'd say something that hurtful when she was trying to help him.

Sage cautioned that Adam had made an irrational, emotional decision to return to Genoa City, and she worried what would happen if someone discovered him. Adam proclaimed that he had a choice other than to live the rest of his life as Gabriel Bingham, and he planned to pretend to be Gabriel while getting his own life back. He explained that he'd establish himself as Gabriel, and he'd make Chelsea fall in love with him all over again. He imagined that all the things that had drawn him and Chelsea together would help them to reunite, and when the timing was right, he would tell her the truth and reclaim his life. Sage said he was delusional, since Adam faced serious jail time, and no one would forgive him for running down an innocent girl.

Adam asked if Sage thought he was a monster who had no remorse, and he insisted Delia's death had been an accident. He said he'd had a good life with a new son and a woman who'd loved him, but he'd had to put it on hold because Victor hadn't let him have something of his own. Adam swore he deserved that life, and Sage asked him to name one person in Genoa City who would give him another chance. She noted that Chelsea was with the father of the child Adam had killed, and Adam wasn't close to his family, so Sage was the only person he could trust.

Sage contended that Adam owed her and needed her, and she suggested that he consider that the next time he was tempted to treat her like dirt. She reiterated that he'd get caught and would go to prison if he continued with the charade, so Adam needed to stay dead if he wanted to have a future. Adam said his love for his son wasn't dead, and he told her to pray it worked out for both of them as he walked out.

At Jabot, Jack was surprised to find Sharon in his office, and she replied that she'd taken a chance that he wouldn't throw her out. Sharon reported that Phyllis had fired her without cause, and Jack asked if Sharon felt the action had been unjust. Sharon argued that he knew the quality of her work, and Jack acknowledged he was aware of her efforts. She asked if he also knew that Nick was pursuing full custody of Faith, and she needed a job to show the court that she led a productive, stable life. Sharon wailed that it wouldn't be fair or right if she lost her daughter because she'd been let go, and Jack testily inquired whether she wanted to talk about what was fair and right after what she'd done to him.

Jack growled that he'd lost his daughter because of Sharon, and Sharon reiterated that she hated what she'd done. He blasted Sharon for emotionally devastating Summer and for dragging him into her custody battle, but Sharon thought he could understood what was at stake because of his own custody fight over Kyle. Sharon argued that she'd worked hard to turn her life around after the mistakes she'd made, and she wasn't the same person anymore, just like Jack wasn't the same person he'd been when he'd been hooked on pills. Sharon relayed that Faith had asked if Nick was punishing Sharon, and she questioned whether it was fair that Nick was using the custody war to get back at her.

Jack admitted that he'd done things he regretted, and he could blame it on his disease, but he didn't expect people to forgive him, since he held himself responsible for his actions. Sharon fretted that Nick would use her dismissal to label her unfit because she couldn't hold down a job, and she groused that Phyllis' reasons for firing her had been strictly personal. Jack refused to second-guess Phyllis' decision, and a defeated Sharon thanked him for hearing her out. Jack recognized Sharon was in a difficult position, and he offered to give her a recommendation, although he stressed that he hadn't forgotten what she'd done. She said she'd have to learn to live with that.

At the Underground, Nick asked Noah to work some extra hours as the custody hearing approached, since Nick would have to spend more time preparing with Avery. Noah questioned whether the hearing was really necessary, and Nick reiterated that he was doing it for Faith's sake. Noah proposed that his parents share custody, since a big battle could hurt everyone, especially Faith. Nick stated that he didn't have a choice, but Noah recalled that Nick had taught him that people always had a choice. Noah contended that something Sharon had done over a year before didn't make her an unfit parent, and he believed Faith needed her mom. Noah warned that Faith might wind up hating Nick if he took her mother away, and Nick suspected Sharon had pressured Noah to intervene.

Noah admitted that Sharon had asked him to reason with Nick, and Nick called Sharon irresponsible to put Noah in the middle, but Noah asserted that he was a grown man who didn't want the tension to escalate. Noah pointed out that Nick was being irresponsible by putting his anger before what was best for Faith, and he recounted that he'd tried to convince Nick from the beginning to work something out so Faith didn't suffer. Nick grumbled that Noah was unwilling to see the situation for what it was, and he accused Sharon of using her children to get what she wanted. Mariah overheard and argued that based on Nick's logic, Faith needed protection from Nick.

Mariah sided with Noah, and she believed Nick wasn't considering what the hearing would do to her little sister. Nick pointed out that Mariah had seen how Sharon had acted when she'd lost control, and Mariah questioned whether Nick had a crystal ball to be sure Sharon would lose it again. Nick asserted that he'd fought to keep their family together, and he'd wanted things to work out badly enough to turn a blind eye, despite his family's warnings about Sharon. Mariah huffed that Nick was being a hypocrite, since he'd pretended to welcome her when all he'd wanted had been dirt on Ian. Nick defended that he'd been looking out for his family, and he urged Noah and Mariah to be there for Sharon, since Sharon would need both of them.

Noah noticed that Nick was talking like getting full custody was a done deal, and Nick conceded that he shouldn't have said negative things about Sharon, but he'd been angry when he'd found out she'd talked to Noah. Nick said he didn't want Noah and Mariah involved, but Mariah replied that they already were. She said she'd been raised by a controlling freak who'd messed with people's heads, and she'd learned that forgiving someone, especially an enemy, could "change the fabric of the universe." She conceded that she wasn't great at forgiveness, but she also wasn't a parent, so she didn't have to be a role model.

As Sharon walked in, Mariah proclaimed that Nick didn't have to pursue the custody case, and she encouraged him to just wait and see what was best for Faith instead of deciding that Sharon wasn't worthy of being Faith's mom. Nick approached Sharon, and Mariah asked Noah if she'd overstepped, but Noah appreciated the way she'd been looking out for Faith. Noah wondered where Mariah had gotten the quote about forgiveness, and she informed him that it had been in a story by a fantasy writer named Plato Sphere. Noah hoped it had worked to get through to Nick.

Nick told Sharon there was no reason why they couldn't remain civil, and Sharon said they were two people who had once loved one another who didn't want to subject their child to a fight at Christmas. Nick chided her for putting their children in the middle, but Sharon retorted that he was the one trying to rip Faith out of her life. Sharon asked if his talk with Noah had helped him to see reason, and Nick inquired whether she was in the middle of another manic phase. She barked that his comment was low, but she'd expect that from Victor's son, and Nick realized they couldn't stay civil.

Sharon said she was willing to do whatever it took to keep their family from splintering, and Nick spat that like Victor, she had the ability to justify anything. As Sage appeared in the entryway, Nick bellowed that he didn't know who Sharon was anymore, and he'd be a fool to believe anything he heard from her lying mouth. Sharon wondered when Nick had become solely focused on winning, since the worst thing he could do would be to rip Faith's mother away. Nick snarled that Sharon had repeatedly proven that she was irresponsible, and she accused him of throwing her past in her face when he'd been the one who'd destabilized everything.

Mariah pulled Sharon aside, and she advised that Sharon wouldn't be able to have a rational conversation with Nick and that talking would only make things worse. Meanwhile, Noah scoffed at Nick's idea of trying, and he grumbled that it was "like talking to a catcher's mitt." Nick turned and saw Sage, who stammered that she hadn't been there very long. Nick apologetically explained that he was going through a custody issue with his ex, but he didn't want Sage to think she'd saved the life of a "total jackass."

Nick explained to Sage that it was a necessary battle, and he asked if, by chance, she'd turned out normal after her parents had divorced. She replied that it had been more complicated than that, and he wondered what she was doing there. Sage said she'd been in the neighborhood, and he informed her that he had to pick up his daughter, but he invited her to return another time.

Mariah said Nick wouldn't stop being nasty and unfair anytime soon, and she advised Sharon to toughen up and deal with it. Mariah prepared to head home, and Noah instructed Sharon to breathe. Sharon thanked him, but she thought it was clear Nick was acting like Victor by refusing to work things out. Noah hoped Nick could still be swayed, but Sharon said she couldn't count on that, and she vowed that Nick wouldn't take Faith away, no matter what she had to do to stop him.

Jack returned home and called out for Phyllis. He was startled when Adam informed him that no one else was there, and Jack exclaimed, "Who the hell are you?" Jack demanded to know what the apparent stranger wanted, and Adam calmly replied that what he was about to say was very difficult to believe, but he knew that Jack had seen crazy things happen before. Jack thought it sounded like his uninvited guest knew him, and Adam said he knew things about Jack that other people couldn't possibly know. Jack wondered if it was some sort of shakedown, and he frantically yelled for Phyllis.

Adam stated that Phyllis was fine as far as he knew, and Jack asked if he was working with someone else. Adam requested that Jack calm down and let him explain, but Jack reached for his phone to call the police, and Adam ordered Jack to put the phone down. Adam pleaded with Jack to hear him out, and Jack demanded to know who he was and what he wanted. Adam again requested the chance to explain, and he revealed, "It's me, Jack -- Adam."

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