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Nikki befriends Mia to help Victor
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Thursday, December 13, 2018

At Crimson Lights, Fen asked Lola if his outfit was what she'd had in mind. Lola declared it perfect, and Mia approached, looked him up and down, and agreed. Lola introduced Mia to Fen, and Mia wondered where Kyle was. Lola explained that she was working and that Fen had offered to help. Lola hoped that the dinner she was cooking for Devon would lead to fancier gigs, and Mia suggested that Lola facilitate an introduction for her to assist Devon's singers with their hair and makeup. Mia bragged that she'd be mingling with the A-list that night, as well, since a prominent Genoa City resident had booked a beauty consultation with her.

At the Athletic Club, Abby informed Devon that she'd taken his advice to heart, and she'd found an amazing chef from Miami who happened to be in Wisconsin to check out sites for a potential new venture. She claimed that she'd convinced the chef to give Genoa City a try by cooking a private dinner for Devon that evening at his penthouse. Devon wondered who the chef was, and Abby stated that she didn't want a famous name coloring Devon's reaction, since it should be all about the food. Devon agreed to a blind tasting, and he instructed Abby to let herself in early to allow the chef to prepare. He wanted Ana to be there, since the food would have to blow her away for him to get behind the project. Abby was confident it would.

Later, at Devon's penthouse, Devon exclaimed that his intrigue and appetite were beyond piqued, and Ana gushed that she'd never had a bigtime chef make her a meal at home. Abby enthused that they were in for a treat -- four courses of trendy Cuban cuisine. Fen introduced himself and said he'd be looking after them that night, and Abby stepped out to let the chef know they were ready for the first course. Ana thanked Devon for inviting her to join him, and he insisted that her opinion was very important to him.

In the kitchen, Abby slapped Fen's hand away from Lola's first dish and told him that he could get first pick of the leftovers if he did a good job. Lola prepared to take out the appetizers and reintroduce herself to Devon, but Abby blurted out that Lola couldn't leave the kitchen. Abby covered by saying the dinner was about her pitching a massive business idea to Devon, who hated interruptions. Abby requested that Fen do as little talking as possible while serving and that Lola stay in the kitchen until after dinner, when Lola could take a bow. Lola protested that it was customary for chefs to introduce themselves, but Abby pleaded with Lola to play it her way. Lola looked crestfallen.

Abby asked for feedback about the appetizer, and Devon remarked that they should have saved it for dessert, since he didn't know how the chef could possibly top it. Ana marveled that it had been the best fish she'd ever had, and Abby proclaimed that the journey was only beginning. Fen took the empty plates into the kitchen, and Lola anxiously asked what the diners had thought. He reported that they were both raving about the food, but he suspected that Ana was more interested in him than the meal. Lola encouraged him to get Ana's number -- but not until he'd served the meal of their lives. Fen assured Lola that she was rocking it, but she acknowledged that she was only as good as her last course.

Devon and Ana praised the fig ravioli and a shrimp dish, and Fen inquired whether he could get them anything else before dessert and coffee. Devon suddenly realized that Fen was Michael and Lauren's son, and Fen said he'd thought he'd met Devon as a kid. Fen coyly added that he had become a musician, and he just happened to have a demo of the stuff he'd been working on. Fen handed a thumb drive to Devon, and Abby sternly told Fen that they were ready for the final course.

Abby and Fen headed to the kitchen, and Lola panicked when Abby reprimanded Fen. Abby insisted that the food had been flawless, unlike Fen's judgment and listening skills, since he'd foisted a music demo on Devon during the service. Lola snapped that he'd be out on his butt if she didn't need him to deliver the last course. Fen defended that he hadn't been trying to sabotage anything. Abby warned him against trying anything else, or he wouldn't need an elevator to reach the sidewalk.

After dessert, Abby observed that Devon and Ana had clearly enjoyed the dinner, but she inquired if it had been exceptional. Devon confirmed that it had been one of the most exceptional meals in his life, but Ana clarified that it hadn't been one of anything, since it had been the best dinner she'd ever eaten. Abby excitedly asked if they were going to open the hottest, hippest place in town, and Devon stipulated his terms, including wanting to meet the mystery chef.

Abby dramatically revealed Lola as the celebrity chef, and Devon flatly stated that Abby had lied to him. Lola was taken aback, and Abby announced that it was a big win for all of them. Abby informed Lola that she and Devon had decided to open the hottest restaurant and hangout in Genoa City's history, featuring Lola's food. Abby continued that Devon had wanted a name chef for an easy sell, but she believed Lola's food would sell itself, and she'd proven her point with a blind taste test. Abby heartily congratulated Lola, and Fen and Ana tentatively clapped.

Abby worried that Devon would back out, and he admitted that he wasn't thrilled that she'd played him. He conceded that she'd been right about it being about the food and not how famous the chef was. Devon warned that it would still be difficult, and Abby vowed to work her butt off. Abby pleaded that she could only do it if Devon and Lola were on board, and she apologized for not being completely honest with them. Devon only agreed to do it if Lola would continue to cook the way she had that night. After a moment, a stunned Lola accepted and wondered if it was really happening. Abby hugged Lola.

At Victoria's house, Victoria explained that she hadn't told Reed about Victor being a suspect in J.T.'s murder because she'd hadn't wanted Reed to get upset. "Or know the truth," Reed spat, but Victoria insisted that the police were wrong. Nikki added that Victor was being framed, although they didn't know who was doing it or why. Victoria figured that the police were just looking for a solution, and Nikki bemoaned that Victor had made a lot of enemies. Reed barked that he'd be at the top of the list if Victor was found guilty.

Victoria lectured that vengeance wasn't the answer, and Reed stated that he just wanted the truth. He intended to honor his father's memory by finding J.T.'s murderer and making them pay, and he stalked off. Nikki murmured that she and Victoria weren't interested in the truth or justice -- just protecting Victor and themselves. Nikki worried what would happen if Reed ever found out, and she lamented that Reed was off from school for weeks with nothing to do but obsess over his father's death. Nikki intended to impress Victor's innocence upon Rey, starting that night.

Later, Reed returned downstairs and assured Victoria that he wasn't mad at her. He added that he believed her and Nikki if they were sure Victor hadn't killed J.T., but he didn't understand why his mom hadn't just told him that Victor was a suspect. Victoria conceded that she still saw Reed as her handsome little boy, but he'd earned major maturity points for talking to her instead of resenting her over social media. He was glad that she, unlike Cane, had noticed he'd matured. Reed revealed that he and Mattie had made up as friends online, since she'd needed someone who understood everything she was going through with her mom.

Victoria was glad that the teens had one another to confide in, but Reed complained that Cane had made it crystal clear that Reed wasn't welcome in his home. Reed insisted that he'd become responsible and productive, but Cane didn't care. Victoria asserted that Reed needed friends like Mattie, and she inquired whether he had plans that night. Reed mentioned that he and Mattie had intended to go out for pizza, but he figured that he'd just have one delivered and crash early. Victoria suggested that he sleep in and hang out with Mattie the next day, since Victoria had some very serious meddling to do on his and Mattie's behalf.

At the Ashby home, Charlie recognized that Reed was a sore subject, but he proposed that they lighten the mood by putting up Christmas decorations. Charlie anticipated that Sam would enjoy it, but Cane grumbled that it didn't feel right to make the house bright and festive with Lily in prison. Mattie inquired whether her father intended to ignore the holidays, but Cane maintained that he just couldn't celebrate.

After Cane left, Mattie feared that Cane's reaction had stemmed from her calling him a horrible parent who didn't understand her at all. She wondered if an apology would open him up to the concept of Christmas, but Charlie didn't want to waste any time. Charlie intended to get the ball rolling on his own, and Mattie agreed to help him.

Cane and Victoria met at Crimson Lights, and she referred to everything that had happened to both of their families since Reed and Mattie had dated. Victoria didn't see ancient history repeating itself, but Cane was afraid because that time could be worse for both kids. Victoria contended that Reed was a more responsible person who had owned up to his mistakes. Cane couldn't forget how Reed had hurt Mattie, and he was worried that it would happen again, since Mattie was even more emotional with her mom away. Victoria mentioned that Reed had just learned that his father's death had been labeled a murder, and she believed forbidding the teens from hanging out would only lead to more bad behavior.

Victoria thought Reed and Mattie were one another's emotional support, since they were going through similar pain, and they had been in touch since Lily's accident. Victoria considered it to be a positive thing, and she planned to tell Mattie that she was welcome at Victoria's house anytime. Cane confided that Mattie hadn't told him any of that, and he was mortified by how out of sync he was with his own daughter. Cane wailed that there was a hole inside him that he couldn't fill, and it was just getting bigger with Christmas approaching. Victoria advised that she'd just been taking it one day at a time, finding something every day that made the kids happy. Cane asked how it was working, and Victoria replied that once she'd made the choice to do it, she'd felt the difference right away.

Charlie and Mattie looked around their festively decorated kitchen, and she remarked that the main event was in the living room. Charlie thought their mom would approve, and Mattie believed Lily would have strongly disapproved if they'd made zero effort. Cane entered and announced that he'd just spent three hours looking for an enormous tree, which he carried in. Mattie happily asked what had changed his mind, and he confessed that he'd received an infusion of Christmas spirit from the last person in town he'd expected to get it from.

Nikki arrived at Mia's apartment and thanked Mia for fitting her in on short notice. Mia squealed that it was her first private consultation in her new home salon, and she indicated her openness to meet at Nikki's home, as well. Nikki declared that she was happy to have a change of scenery, and there was nowhere else she'd rather be that night. Nikki claimed that Mia had made an impression at her party, and Mia politely offered her a candy cane cocktail. Nikki declined, and Mia volunteered to brew some hot tea instead. Nikki agreed but eyed the schnapps.

Mia pressed to talk about Nikki's makeup needs, and Nikki envisioned something new for the holidays to get her noticed at events around town. Mia asked for advice as a newbie on the social scene, and Nikki shared that things in Genoa City tended to be on an intimate scale. Mia questioned how she could get invitations if she couldn't network during the holidays, and Nikki suggested that Mia socialize with the right people. Mia hoped that Nikki would put in a good word for her after a successful beauty consultation. Nikki swore that she'd love to introduce Mia to the social scene, but she wasn't sure what she could or should say because of Mia's husband.

Mia was surprised when Nikki informed her that Rey thought the Newman family was linked with J.T.'s murder case, and Nikki bemoaned that Rey was fixated on her husband even though Victor was completely innocent. Nikki called Rey a good man and cop who was devoted to his job, and she feigned concern that Victor was a ruthless man who wouldn't blink an eye before retaliating. Nikki hoped that Mia could do something to make Rey realize that he'd made a mistake. Mia mentioned that Rey was tightlipped about work, but Nikki suspected that a resourceful, good-looking woman like Mia could find out just enough to stop the insanity to save both of their husbands from unnecessary ugliness.

Nikki implied that she didn't want things to be awkward when she and Mia were just getting to know one another, and Mia promised to do her best to help. Nikki thought anyone willing to go that far was a real friend, and Mia suggested that she finish transforming Nikki. Mia stepped out to get some beauty products, and Nikki scurried across the room and poured some liquor into her tea before taking a long drink.

Later, Mia asked if Nikki was pleased with her makeover results, and Nikki said she felt better since they'd talked. Nikki admired her new hairstyle and thanked Mia for being a good listener. Nikki added that Mia reminded her of herself at Mia's age, and Mia considered it a supreme compliment. Nikki recalled that she'd been a working-class girl living a less-than-luxurious life, and the only job option she'd had had been working at a dive called the Bayou. Mia guessed that Nikki had been a bartender, but Nikki divulged that she'd been a dancer. A flabbergasted Mia wondered how Victor had found out Nikki's secret, but Nikki crowed that she'd been onstage when Victor had first seen her.

Nikki recounted that she'd had to learn a lot to mix in with the society set, and she imagined that Mia could do it, too. Nikki advised Mia to fight for and protect her family and closest friends, since they were the most important people of all. Nikki sipped her tea, smiled at her reflection in the mirror, and handed Mia cash for her services. Mia balked at accepting such a generous tip at Nikki's first appointment, but Nikki chirped that it was Christmas. Mia exclaimed that it had been her best night since moving there, and Nikki looked forward to a long, mutually beneficial relationship.

Nikki returned to Victoria's house and called out for Victoria. She approached the bar when there was no response, but she quickly stepped away when she heard Victoria arrive home. Victoria observed Nikki's new look and asked if her mother had secret late-night plans, and Nikki shared that her makeover had been her ticket in to start fixing things for Victor. Nikki revealed her plan to get close to Mia so that Mia would influence Rey and slip them tidbits about the case. Victoria worried that Nikki would become the top suspect if Rey got the slightest idea about what Nikki was doing, and she thought involving Mia might have been a fatal mistake.

Mariah arrived home and stopped in her tracks when she saw Tessa curled up in bed. Tessa cried out in her sleep, and Mariah awakened her. Mariah guessed that Tessa had been having a nightmare, and Tessa considered it karma after all the nightmares she'd caused. Mariah thought it had to do with Nikki and Victoria terrorizing Tessa, and she begged Tessa to tell her everything. Tessa opted to go out to get some air. Tessa stopped at the door and recognized that Mariah couldn't trust her, but she swore that talking about what had happened to her was a bad idea. Tessa left.

Later, Tessa returned, optimistic because she'd seen that the Athletic Club was hiring holiday servers. She hoped that Devon hadn't blacklisted her, but Mariah turned the topic back to how traumatized Tessa had been. Tessa figured that she'd survived worse, but Mariah sympathized that Tessa had been attacked by women they knew. Tessa wanted to drop the subject permanently, but Mariah suggested that they tell Sharon what had happened and then confront "Princess Victoria and the richest ex-stripper in the world" together. Tessa admitted that she hadn't told the whole truth, since Sharon had been there, too.

Tessa recalled that Sharon had been obviously uncomfortable with the situation, but Mariah angrily wondered how a social worker who helped counsel battered women could have done that to the woman Mariah loved. Mariah refused to give Sharon a pass, but Tessa surmised that Nikki and Victoria had forced Sharon into it. Tessa preferred to put it behind them, but Mariah hissed that Sharon couldn't get away with saying nothing while watching the other women torment Tessa.

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30 Rock star Katrina Bowden joins B&B
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