Thursday, April 10, 2014

In the Athletic Club office, Neil conducted a meeting to ensure that everything was on track for the fashion show the next day. Kelly bubbled with excitement that Forrester Creations would be there, and Hilary gushed that Rick and Caroline Forrester couldn't have been nicer when she and Neil had met with them. Neil stressed that everyone needed to work together to make sure that the show and the reception went smoothly, since they'd be getting national exposure. Kelly and Cane rattled off the details they'd each taken care of, and Hilary reported that she had the models under control.

Cane griped that he hadn't received the final schedule that Hilary was supposed to have sent hours earlier, and Hilary explained that she'd been delayed due to her fitting. Cane snapped that he'd heard that Hilary had been busy arguing with Lily, and Neil asked if there was a problem. Hilary explained that the lead model had been having a moment, and she and Lily had disagreed about how to handle it, but everything had turned out fine once Hilary had spoken to Esmerelda. Neil warned that he didn't want a repeat performance of the argument.

Hilary contended that both she and Lily wanted the show to be a success, and she vowed to do everything in her power to make sure it was. Neil told Hilary to email Jack with an update, but Kelly mentioned that she was meeting Jack for dinner, so she could give it to him in person. Kelly noticed the looks that the group exchanged, and she reiterated that everyone had to try to get along if they intended to work together. Neil received a text message from Leslie, saying that it was important that she meet with him to talk.

Hilary speculated that perhaps Leslie had had a change of heart about marriage, and Neil couldn't imagine that happening, but Hilary pointed out that he'd never know unless he talked to Leslie. Neil said that he'd see everyone in the morning, and Kelly walked out with him. Hilary told Cane that she'd wrap up the agenda, and she sarcastically thanked him for embarrassing her during the meeting. Cane contended that he'd just been making sure that everyone's hard work paid off, but Hilary accused him of making it personal. Cane snapped that she had to make everything about her, and she asked if he and Lily intended to punish Hilary forever.

Hilary defended that she'd kept her promise not to cause trouble for Cane and his family, and she'd become friends with Neil and Devon, but Cane and Lily had continued to be cold and spiteful. Hilary declared that she was tired of being a punching bag, and Cane asked if she expected him to forget what she'd done. Hilary asserted that she was entitled to a little respect, and she'd worked hard to prove that she wasn't the same person she had been. She requested that Cane acknowledge that much, but Cane answered a phone call and said that he had to go.

Later, Hilary informed Cane that she'd sent out the schedule, and Cane admitted that he hadn't always been an upstanding guy. He continued that he'd felt horrible after he'd lied to the people he loved, so he'd tried to make it up to them, and they'd forgiven him. Hilary asked if Cane could forgive her, and he recognized her efforts to turn her life around, so he could forgive her for what she'd done to him but not for being cruel to his wife. Cane agreed not to go out of his way to make things difficult for Hilary, and he conceded that since he'd gotten a second chance, maybe Hilary deserved one, too.

Hilary thanked Cane for meeting her halfway, and she recalled that they'd gotten along well when she'd first arrived in town. She said that she might be pushing her luck, but she requested that he ask Lily to dial down the attitude a bit. Cane replied that he couldn't make any promises, but he wanted to make sure things went smoothly at the fashion show. Hilary swore to be on her best behavior, since the show was too important to risk anything going wrong.

Neil wrote back to Leslie to inform her that he could meet right away, and she flashed back to their argument about not being able to remain friends. She had stated that it had been hurtful of him to kick her out of his life, and he had questioned whether it had hurt her enough to reconsider marriage. Neil appeared, and Leslie thanked him for meeting her. He confessed that although he'd let her believe that he had been going on a romantic getaway with another woman, he'd actually gone on a business trip with Hilary. Neil admitted that he should have told Leslie the truth rather than let her think the wrong thing, and he added that the truth was that he'd thought about Leslie every day.

Neil thought that he and Leslie should be able to have an honest conversation, and Leslie was glad he felt that way, since she had a lot to say to him. With great difficulty, Leslie revealed that after Neil had broken things off, she had started to date again to keep her mind off of how things had ended. Neil said that he couldn't blame her, and he agreed that it had been hard to think of her because he'd missed her. Leslie stammered that she hadn't expected to meet anyone special, and he incredulously asked if she had. Leslie dropped the bombshell that she had gotten married.

Neil nervously laughed and thought that Leslie couldn't be serious, and he grabbed her hand, which sported a wedding ring. She insisted that she'd never meant for it to happen, and he pointed out that they'd just split up a few weeks before. She explained that she'd met a doctor online, and things had just clicked between them. She continued that they'd gone on a romantic weekend in Las Vegas, and she and her husband had ended up in a chapel. Neil thought that it had just been an emotional, reckless reaction to his and Leslie's breakup, but she insisted that it hadn't been.

Neil couldn't believe what Leslie had done after all the times she'd proclaimed that she hadn't believed in marriage. Leslie said that she'd thought that she'd known herself and how she'd felt, but she hadn't. Neil concluded that her hang-ups hadn't been about marriage but about him. Leslie swore that she'd truly loved Neil, and she said that she was sorry. Neil replied that he was sorry, too, but she'd have to forgive him if he couldn't wish her and her new husband the best in life.

In Jack's office, Billy objected to Jack going on a date with Kelly, but Jack downplayed it as just a friendly dinner. Jack questioned whether Billy cared more about Kelly than Billy was willing to admit, but Billy maintained that Victoria was the only woman who mattered to him. Jack thought that Billy was overreacting, but Billy argued that he intended to keep his promise to stay away from Kelly, and it wouldn't help if Jack got closer to the one person Billy didn't want near his family.

Jack reasoned that Kelly's new job had made her the Athletic Club's liaison to Jabot regarding the fashion show, so he wanted to make an awkward situation less difficult. Jack maintained that it was only one dinner, and he pointed out that Billy had called Kelly a good person. Billy reluctantly allowed Jack to extend an olive branch, but he noted that it seemed like the situation was getting out of hand by the second, since Victoria had taken up with Stitch, who had a connection to Kelly. Billy groused that he didn't need any more surprises, and Jack said that there was one more thing Billy needed to know.

Jack reported that Adam's body had been found, and he hoped that Billy could find some closure. Billy was relieved not to have any more questions or doubts, and Jack said that although he'd expected the news, it had still been difficult to hear. Billy pointed out that it could have been Billy who'd been killed, and Jack recognized that Billy considered the world a better place without Adam in it. Billy said that he'd had a long day and wanted to leave, and Jack asked where Billy planned to go, but Billy didn't know, since his wife had another guy to commiserate with. Jack asserted that Stitch had just been someone who Victoria had turned to in her time of need, but Billy looked unconvinced.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan tried to calm down an anxious Avery, who was trying to decide on a recipe to make for her test shoot. She fretted that she didn't know whether to recreate the same vibe in her original video or to "amp it up," and Dylan told her to trust her instincts. She continued to worry about what to make and what to wear, and she complained that she didn't have any clothing that was appropriate for a cooking show. Dylan suspected that Avery wasn't freaking out over a recipe or an outfit, and he asked what was really going on.

Avery was nervous that she'd made a big mistake by agreeing to do the show, and Dylan recognized that she didn't know what to expect, but he asserted that it could be a great surprise. She envisioned herself dropping pans and spilling flour, but Dylan assured her that she was a natural at talking to people. She referred to the negative comments that some people had left about her on the cooking site, but Dylan countered that 99 percent of them had been complimentary. Dylan insisted that she was made to do that kind of thing, but he realized that she was afraid of failing.

Dylan thought that Avery was putting too much pressure on herself, and he pointed out that the camera people could edit or reshoot if they encountered any problems. Avery said that she wanted to be great, and Dylan asserted that even Martha Stewart hadn't done things perfectly the first time, but Avery looked skeptical. Dylan implored Avery to dive in and have fun to show how much she loved cooking, and he was sure that she'd nail the audition. She psyched herself up to throw herself into it, and she kissed and hugged Dylan.

On the patio, Victoria was stunned by Stitch's dinner invitation, and he clarified that they could do it anytime, since he didn't want to impose on Johnny's birthday. She revealed that she was about to drop Johnny off with her parents for a private celebration before the big party that weekend, and Stitch pointed out that she was free that evening. She wondered if it was a trick to get her to go to Burger Beat or to eat hot dogs in the park, and Stitch agreed that those options sounded good, but he suggested that they sit down with real silverware and cloth napkins. She accepted.

Later, Billy entered the coffeehouse and said that he needed to find Stitch, and Dylan replied that Stitch wasn't there and that he didn't know where Stitch was. Billy recounted that Dylan had blathered on about how Stitch was a standup guy who wouldn't interfere in a marriage, and he'd believed it until Stitch had slept with his wife. Billy demanded to know where Stitch was. Dylan revealed that Stitch had worked a double shift at the hospital, and Avery advised Billy not to confront Stitch in Billy's frame of mind.

Billy spat that Dylan and Avery only cared about protecting Stitch, but Dylan countered that he cared about everyone involved, and he refused to take sides. Dylan said that he was sorry that Billy was hurting, and he sympathized that Billy had been through more pain than a person should have to bear. Dylan encouraged Billy not to give up hope or to lose sight of the fact that Billy loved Victoria. Billy explained that it had been a hard day, and he pulled out a small birthday gift that he'd forgotten to give Johnny. Billy wondered if he should drop it off, and Avery pointed out that Victoria might ask him to stay and talk. Billy departed.

Dylan suggested that Avery remind herself of how amazing she was by reading the comments people had posted about her initial video. She read one from a poster that had written that they'd heard the good news, and the person looked forward to seeing more of her. Dylan wondered what the person was hoping to see, since no one else knew about the cooking show. Avery thought that it was just a nice comment, but Dylan looked concerned.

Stitch dropped by Victoria's house with a gift for Johnny and flowers for Victoria. He assured her that they were both simple gestures of friendship because no matter what happened between them, they would be friends. He tried to hide a yawn, and he said that he'd worked a double shift at the hospital. She asked if he was sure that he wanted to go out, and he declared that it would be the best part of his day. He recognized that it wouldn't be a normal date, since they both had a lot going on, and he suggested that they relax and not have any expectations. She replied that it sounded good to her.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Jack apologized to Kelly for being late, and she presented him with the notes about the fashion show. He asked her to send them in an email later because he just wanted to relax after a long day. She agreed that she was burned out, and she informed him that she'd already ordered some appetizers. Cane approached and apologetically stated that the kitchen was running behind because of the fashion show preparations, so everything would be on the house.

Jack noted that he and Kelly couldn't talk about work or food, and he suggested that they discuss religion or politics. She asked if he'd told Billy about their dinner plans, and Jack replied that he had, since he hadn't wanted to keep them a secret from Billy. Meanwhile, Stitch shared a funny work story with Victoria as they entered the club, but Victoria's smile faded when she spotted Kelly and Jack together. Kelly and Jack stared back at Victoria and Stitch.

Kelly urged Jack not to make a scene, and she stopped him from standing up. Victoria testily questioned why Jack would be having dinner with a woman she couldn't stand the sight of, and Stitch suggested that they leave. Victoria and Stitch took off, and Kelly apologized. Kelly hoped that one day, she and Victoria would be able to be in the same room together, but she didn't blame Victoria, since people could never get over some things.

Kelly called it ironic that Jack had tried to treat her to dinner, but they still had no food. She said that at least they'd avoided disaster when Stitch and Victoria had left, and Jack stated that he wasn't superstitious. Kelly recognized that it probably hadn't been easy for Jack to see Victoria with another man, and Jack said that he hadn't jumped to any conclusions, especially since he didn't know Stitch. Jack mentioned that Billy had said that Kelly knew Stitch, and she hesitantly revealed that there had been a time when she and Stitch had been close, but they weren't anymore.

Later, Kelly complained that her meal was cold, and Jack griped that his was overcooked. She good-naturedly asked if things could have gone worse, and Jack recalled that he'd once been there when the place had almost blown up. She said that they should count their blessings because it felt like the universe was telling them to go home and rest up for the next day. Jack asked for a do-over on another evening, and she agreed.

Stitch and Victoria returned to her house with burgers, and she offered to get out the silverware and cloth napkins. He apologized that the evening hadn't gone as planned, and she was sorry that she hadn't wanted to stay at the club after seeing Kelly there. Stitch pointed out that Jack and Kelly could have been discussing business, but Victoria imagined that Kelly was sinking her claws into another Abbott man. Victoria suggested that they talk about happier things, like shoving her face full of junk food. She indicated that he had some ketchup on his face, and she dabbed it off for him. They looked at one another for a long moment, and he softly stated that it was her place with Billy, so he'd just spend time with her and then leave after they ate.

Victoria returned from the kitchen with more iced tea, and she found Stitch snoozing on the couch. She sat down next to him, and his head fell onto her shoulder. Billy peered through the window at them.

. . .

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