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Kyle ends a date with Lola to comfort Summer
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Thursday, October 18, 2018

At the state penitentiary, Nate told Lily that he'd never seen Neil send so many text messages before he'd started sneaking out to meet Ashley. Lily wondered why her father hadn't told her that he'd been seeing someone, and Nate guessed that it had been subconscious. Lily was dismayed that Neil hadn't wanted to share his happiness with her. She fretted that visiting hours were almost over, but Cane hadn't shown up. She asked Nate if he knew why.

Lily worried that there was a problem with the kids. Nate indicated that he hadn't spoken to Cane, so he had no idea why Cane wasn't there. Lily bemoaned that her phone time was over, so she couldn't get in touch with her husband, and she begged Nate to find out what was going on. Nate told her to give him a call if she hadn't heard from Cane by the next day, but he was sure it was nothing to be concerned about. Lily thanked him, and Nate headed out.

Devon, Charlie, and Shauna returned to Devon's penthouse after Shauna had won her swim race. Charlie asked if she'd heard him cheering, but she replied that she'd been focusing on the race. Shauna was happy with her time, and Devon commended her for putting in the hard work. Shauna noted that the competition had been stronger than she'd expected and she'd had her doubts, but then she'd remembered something Hilary had told her. Shauna clammed up, but Devon swore that he'd love to hear what Hilary had said.

Shauna recalled that Hilary had loved it when people had underestimated Hilary, since Hilary had used it to fuel herself. Devon thought it sounded just like Hilary, and Shauna murmured that it had felt like Hilary had been there with her that day. Devon stated that she had no idea how happy it made him, and they shared a group hug.

Nate stopped by, and Charlie invited him to join the celebration. Shauna proudly displayed her medal, and Nate congratulated her. Nate hoped that one of them had heard from Cane, since his calls had gone directly to voicemail. Charlie questioned why Nate was looking for Cane, and Nate hesitantly shared that Cane hadn't shown up to visit Lily that day. Nate was determined to find out why.

After Nate left, Charlie felt guilty for having fun while his mom was stuck in a horrible place, but Shauna insisted that Lily wouldn't want him to be miserable. Devon agreed that they couldn't let the bad outweigh the good in life. He confided that there had been times when he hadn't been able to feel anything but anger and sadness, but he'd realized that it had disrespected Hilary's memory, since she would have wanted him to focus on happy times and what he'd loved about her. Devon was sure that Lily wouldn't want Charlie to be moping around and cutting class but to be happily enjoying life.

At Jabot, Phyllis blasted Billy for sinking so low as to sleep with her daughter to get back at her. Summer couldn't believe that he'd thrown it in Phyllis' face that way, but he crowed that it had been efficient to take care of two birds with one stone. Summer asked when he'd become such a pig, and Phyllis demanded to know what childish fantasies had been running through Summer's mind when she'd told Mariah about Phyllis' fling with Nick. Summer defended that Mariah had simply overheard her and Kyle talking, and she'd thought Mariah would keep her mouth shut.

Summer recounted that Billy had said he'd wanted her, and Phyllis snapped that it had taken Summer 30 seconds to take off her clothes and jump into bed with him. Summer whined that she'd thought that she and Billy had shared a real connection, and she'd been hoping things could go somewhere between them -- until then. Summer barked that every horrible thing people had said about him was true, and it had turned out that he and her mom were perfect for one another. Summer stormed out, and Billy remarked that she was turning into a little drama queen. Phyllis realized that Summer had been telling the truth, and Billy bragged about how sweet it had been to get it on with the daughter of the two people who'd screwed him over. Phyllis smacked him across the face.

Phyllis admonished Billy for taking his frustrations out on her daughter, but he taunted that he and Summer had been two consenting adults with nothing to apologize for. He added that they hadn't hidden what they'd done, but Phyllis defended that her tryst with Nick had been nothing compared to what Billy had done to her daughter. Billy asserted that it had been clear that he and Phyllis were done at the wedding, and she called him despicable. He intended to send Sharon a thank-you note for spilling the truth before he'd bought a ring, and he regretted that he'd been arrogant enough to think he'd been different than the other guys Phyllis had been with.

Phyllis swore that Billy had meant everything to her, but Billy spat that she liked playing the cool ex to string men along to keep them on the side. Phyllis hissed that she'd thought Billy had hit rock bottom, but he'd reached a new low. Billy sarcastically replied that the people who'd said he had no ambition should see him then, and she scoffed at the idea of a womanizer like him playing a victim. She imagined that if Summer hadn't been around, he would have ended up with Victoria. Billy dryly remarked that it wouldn't have been as effective for revenge sex.

Phyllis excoriated Billy for taking advantage of Summer's feelings for him to achieve a fleeting moment of satisfaction. Phyllis was thrilled that he'd lost his job, and she hoped he lost everything else. Billy conceded that taking Summer to bed hadn't been one of his finest moments, but he'd done it so that Phyllis would have to live with the vivid image of them together -- just like he had to live with one of her and Nick and the lies that had followed. She picked up a mug and threw it across the room as he exited.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa informed Mariah that her shift was almost over, and Mariah wrapped up sending an email. Mariah asked if Tessa had to go to Dark Horse later, but Tessa announced that she'd taken the night off to celebrate Mariah being home from her trip. Tessa suggested that they head back to her place to watch a movie, and Mariah mused that quiet time alone sounded like a celebration to her.

Kyle arrived at the coffeehouse and expressed disappointment that Lola had beaten him to buying her a coffee. He referred to his week being "one hell of a mess," even by Abbott standards, but he imagined that it sounded like a lame excuse for not being in touch. She insisted that she wasn't the high-maintenance type, and he wanted to make it up to her by taking her out that night. He offered to requisition the jet to take her to dinner in Chicago, but she frowned upon wasting a bunch of jet fuel just to eat. Kyle asked what he could do, and Lola suggested that he start by telling her why he'd been arrested for graverobbing.

Lola was stunned to learn how much trouble Kyle had gone through just to find out that his grandfather really had been his grandfather. Kyle recognized that he'd made a stupid, impulsive decision to desecrate a grave because he'd wanted to provide his father with answers. Lola admitted that part of her admired the lengths Kyle had gone to for his dad, but it also creeped her out. She confided that her brothers wanted her to think the worst of him, and they'd made him out to be a moral degenerate based on the police report.

Lola added that Rey had always tried to control her life, and both he and Arturo had had a huge fit about her dating Kyle. Kyle hoped that he could still take her out that night, and Mariah and Tessa approached. Kyle introduced Mariah as an old friend and Lola as the new lady in his life. Mariah exclaimed that she'd heard wonderful things about Lola, and Lola invited Mariah and Tessa to hang out with them. The group tossed around ideas of what they could do, and Lola suggested a game night.

Kyle gave Lola, Mariah, and Tessa a tour of the Abbott mansion. Tessa asked how many bedrooms there were, and Kyle reported that there were eight in the main house, plus some for the live-in help. He added that the pool house where he crashed was more modern, and Tessa squealed that it was like a mini-mansion. Kyle mentioned that he'd just had the bathroom updated, and the kitchen was next. Mariah chuckled at the idea of him being a gourmet chef, and Kyle joked that people would kill for his microwave popcorn. Lola raved about how much space the main kitchen had, and Mariah pointed out that Kyle's whole family lived in the mansion. Kyle revealed that no one was home but his grandmother and her nurse, so they had the place to themselves.

Kyle failed miserably at charades, and he suggested that they switch to truth or dare instead. He started with Lola, who chose truth. He asked her to tell about a time when she'd done something wrong and regretted it. Lola reflected back on all the jobs she'd taken to save up to start her business, and she recalled washing the cars and keeping the books at a used car shop. She hadn't been paid after working there for a month, and her boss had fired her when she'd confronted him about it. Lola had considered asking Arturo to hash it out with him, but she liked fighting her own battles.

Lola explained that there had been an old truck parked in the back that had no longer run, and it had looked like a piece of junk, but she'd seen potential in it. Kyle guessed that it had become her food truck. Lola recounted that she'd offered to accept the truck as payment for all the hours she'd worked, and her boss had told her that she could have it if she could drive it out of the lot by sundown. She recalled that he'd laughed as he'd walked away, as if she'd been the dumbest female ever to live. She'd retrieved her tools and cannibalized all the other vehicles he'd owned for parts to start the truck, and he'd signed over the title, not knowing what she'd done.

Mariah exclaimed that Lola rocked, and they high-fived. Kyle wondered why Lola regretted it, but she replied that she didn't. Kyle said it was Mariah's turn, and Lola asked Mariah the same question. Mariah cited when she'd impersonated her dead twin sister to make someone think they were crazy, adding that she'd regret it until her dying day. Mariah imposed the same question on Tessa, who referred to stealing Mariah's journal and plagiarizing her personal thoughts to write a hit song.

Lola felt like "less of a badass," but Mariah thought it would be nice to not have any regrets. Lola implied that she'd done something much worse, but she didn't plan to confess because she intended to get away with it. She chortled when she looked at their faces and couldn't believe they'd fallen for it. Summer sent Kyle a text message, saying she needed to talk, but he ignored it.

Later, Mariah offered to grab another round of drinks, and the doorbell rang. Kyle found Summer outside and coolly asked what was up. She pleaded that she really needed to talk to him, but he told her that it wasn't a good time. Summer whimpered that she had no one else to go to, and she couldn't get through it alone. Mariah asked what "Snowflake" was doing there, and Kyle allowed Summer to step inside. Summer realized that they were having a party, and Kyle explained to his guests that Summer was going through something and needed to talk.

Mariah accused Summer of following them there to spoil their night, but Kyle defended that Summer was obviously upset. Lola doubted that he was the only person Summer could talk to, and Kyle responded that he wouldn't feel right about turning his back on a friend who was obviously hurting. Lola testily stated that he should do what he felt was right for his "friend," but Mariah ranted that Summer had never been a friend to him. Lola suggested that they leave to let Kyle handle whatever it was, and she headed out with Mariah and Tessa. Summer thanked Kyle for not slamming the door in her face, and he guessed that it was about Billy.

Summer bawled that she didn't know which was worse -- Billy using her to get back at her parents, or her mom blaming her for everything. She didn't know how she'd face them again, and she contemplated leaving town. Kyle demanded to know when she'd become a coward or a quitter, and he encouraged her to handle it head-on because the only way out was through. He recalled that she'd wanted to make some changes in her life, and he figured that there was no better time than after she'd made a gigantic mess of things. Summer couldn't resist a smile, and he swore that she could do whatever she put her mind to. She hugged him, and he reluctantly put his arms around her.

Summer found Phyllis sobbing at Jabot. Summer called to her, but Phyllis told her to go away. Summer stepped inside the office and closed the door behind her, and she softly stated that she was sorry. Phyllis blurted out that she was also sorry for blaming Summer when Billy had done a "damn good job" of hurting them both. Phyllis asserted that they were better off "without that loser," and Summer reached out her hand. Phyllis took it, and they hugged.

At the Athletic Club, Nate approached Cane and mentioned that Cane's office had said Nate could find him there. Nate revealed that he'd visited Lily at the prison, and she'd been surprised that Cane hadn't shown up as planned. Cane claimed that an important business meeting had caused him to miss visiting hours, but Nate pointed out that Cane was CEO of the company. Nate lectured that Lily was worried that something had happened to Cane or the kids, and he didn't think Cane understood how upset she was.

Cane insisted that he would deal with it, but Nate pointed out that not showing up hadn't been like Cane. Cane admitted that he sometimes felt that he was making things harder on Lily, and their last visit had been strained. Nate imagined that it had been hard seeing how prison had changed her, so Cane had taken the easy out when his meeting had run late, not thinking about how it would affect her. Nate contended that as difficult as it was for Cane, Lily was the one who had to go back to a cell. Nate continued that Lily needed Cane as much as she ever had, if not more, so Cane needed to get over it and show up because it was only going to get harder.

Billy stepped up to the bar and ordered his usual, and he made it a double when Cane joined him. Cane instructed the bartender to make it two. Cane warned Billy against asking for a job, and Billy groaned that he'd never think of working for Cane again. Cane scolded Billy for botching the opportunity of a lifetime, and Billy conceded that he was his own worst enemy -- just like Cane. Cane confessed that he'd done something unforgivable that day.

Billy sympathized about Lily being in prison, but he was grateful that Phyllis was out of his life. Cane said he was sorry about what had happened, and Billy admitted that he'd gone full scorched earth. Billy realized that he'd gone too far by causing damage that couldn't be undone.

Across the dining room, Tessa chirped that it wasn't so bad that game night had turned into a girls' night, and Lola muttered that she'd let them know after a beer or two. Mariah couldn't believe that Kyle had let Summer hijack their night, and Lola mimicked his words about not turning his back on a person in pain. Tessa didn't trust Summer, but she thought there was a chance that Summer really was having a crisis. Lola wondered why Summer had run to Kyle, and Mariah swore that Kyle had a tattoo on his butt that said "property of Summer Newman." Lola recalled that Summer had made it seem like she had a claim on Kyle, and she wondered if Kyle had left the door open.

After Lola left, Tessa spotted Billy and Cane commiserating at the bar, and Mariah wondered if Summer had wrecked their night, too. Tessa asked if Mariah thought that Kyle was still hung up on Summer, and Mariah replied that she wouldn't be surprised. Mariah couldn't believe that he'd let Summer ruin his date with Lola when Lola was smarter, funnier, and nicer than Summer.

Mariah speculated that it was possible that Summer could be in a crisis, but she suspected that Summer was just playing games. Tessa figured that Summer didn't want Kyle but that she didn't want anyone else to have him, either. Kyle arrived and asked where Lola was, since he hoped to salvage the rest of the evening. Mariah informed him that he'd blown it.

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