Thursday, July 24, 2014

Over the phone, Summer informed Austin that her flight to Georgia had gotten in early, and she asked about his interview. He replied that it was a good thing that it was a short-term job in case he was sent to prison, and she applauded him for finding a silver lining. He noted that there weren't very many cameraman gigs around, and she assured him that anyone would want to work with her awesome husband. After they hung up, she entered Phyllis' room and greeted her comatose mom.

Summer said that Dr. Burnett had told her that Phyllis' condition hadn't changed, but Summer's own life had changed a lot. Summer confided that she'd struggled for months, and it had seemed like all the people she cared about had been making horrible decisions. Summer gushed that she'd met an incredible guy, and it felt like her entire world had changed. Summer recalled that she'd once asked Phyllis how she'd know when she was in love, and Phyllis had said that it felt like being hit by lightning. Summer thought that was what it had been like for her and Austin.

Summer marveled that she was truly in love for the first time, and she revealed that she and Austin had gotten married. Summer suspected that Phyllis would have sided with Jack, but Jack was no longer fighting Summer about Austin. Summer stated that it had taken some time, but she finally felt that Jack was her real dad, and Phyllis' fingers moved. Summer admitted that things hadn't been easy for her and Jack, and she'd given him a hard time about a lot of things, but she was starting to understand him better.

Summer added that she wanted everybody in her life to get along, and it was important that everyone else accept Austin because he wasn't going anywhere. She wished Austin could have joined her on the trip, and she would have given anything for Phyllis to meet him, but he'd had an interview. Summer was sure that Phyllis would instantly know why Summer and Austin were perfect for one another, and she pulled out a wedding photo from her purse. Summer envisioned having a third ceremony once Phyllis could attend.

Summer revealed that Austin had been the first man she'd been with, and she recalled that he'd walked out in a towel when they'd been staying in a cheap motel on their way to Canada. Summer decided to save the story to have something to talk about the next time, and she said that she was happy she'd talked to Phyllis that day. Summer wished that she knew what Phyllis was thinking, and she hoped and prayed that Phyllis would wake up. Dr. Burnett hovered outside the room.

At the courthouse, Nikki told her family and friends that she was as ready as she'd ever be to have her life under attack, and Michael assured her that Ian had no credibility. Nick entered and declared that Nikki had a lot of people who cared, and he recognized that she'd said that there was no reason for him to attend, but there was nowhere he'd rather be. She thanked everyone for being there to support her, and she regretted that she'd turned their lives upside down. Avery entered and hugged Dylan, and David Sherman informed Michael that the judge wanted to see them in his chambers. Christine suspected that the prosecution wanted to file a pre-trial motion, and Nikki wondered where Ian was.

Victor approached Ian outside the courtroom, and Ian remarked that it was lovely that Victor was there for his wife, despite Nikki's dubious past. Victor snarled that Ian never stopped conniving, and he contemplated what Ian would win by playing his games. Ian proclaimed that he'd been wronged, and he wanted the payback he deserved. Victor swore that Ian would get everything he deserved, and Ian entered the courtroom as Nikki's loved ones glared at him.

Ian said that he was glad to see that Dylan was doing well, since he'd been worried, and he appreciated Dylan being there. Dylan grumbled that Ian hadn't given him a choice, and Ian contended that Dylan had been just as much a victim as Ian had been. Nikki overheard and hissed to Victor that Ian just kept on lying, and Victor told her not to get upset. Nick bellowed that no one wanted to hear what Ian had to say, and Ian requested a moment with his son. Dylan barked that he wasn't Ian's son, and Ian claimed that he didn't want to cause Dylan any undue stress while Dylan was recovering from his ordeal.

Avery reminded Dylan why he was there, while Victor assured Nikki that she'd been through far worse and had always managed. Michael returned and reported that opposing counsel had tried to ban the journal, but the judge hadn't agreed. Nikki almost wished that the judge had, since she dreaded the thought of everyone hearing about its contents, but she was sure that using it was the only way she could win. Victor asserted that nothing she'd written would change how people felt about her, and she recalled that Dylan had said the same thing.

Ian took the stand, and David quizzed him about the emotional distress Nikki's actions had caused. Ian explained that after he'd learned that he was supposedly a father, he'd left Indiana and everything he'd had to be with his son, but he'd encountered nothing but hostility from everyone in Genoa City. Ian accused the Newmans of trying to get him to leave town and sabotaging his business, but he'd stayed because his son had meant everything to him, and he'd grown to love Dylan. Ian continued that he'd believed that Nikki had given him a legacy, and for months, she'd allowed him to experience a joy he'd never known before, until she'd ripped it away.

Michael referred to the paternity suit filed against Ian in 2003, and Ian replied that the plaintiff had been after money. Michael revealed that Ian had presented evidence that he was sterile, and he submitted a transcript from the hearing, which indicated that Ian had testified under oath that he was incapable of procreating. Michael asked if Ian had perjured himself, but Ian swore that he'd been telling the truth as he'd known it to be. Michael pointed out that Ian had used a doctor's assessment that Ian was sterile to refute a previous paternity claim, and he questioned how Ian could have possibly believed that Dylan was his son.

Ian said that he'd thought it had been a miracle, and he was a man of faith who had heard about people who'd thought they were infertile sometimes being able to have children. Michael voiced skepticism that when a woman had sought financial support, Ian had produced evidence that there had been no way he had fathered her child, yet Nikki had made the same claim, and Ian had considered it a miracle worthy of traveling hundreds of miles to start a new life for. Ian recounted that Dylan had found him, and he had been thrilled, since Nikki had been special to him. Ian said that Dylan had insisted that Ian was his father, and Ian had believed it, since he couldn't imagine that a woman would lie to her son.

Victor asked Nikki if she was all right, and he received a text message to inform him that Dr. Burnett had called from Georgia. Nikki encouraged him to take care of whatever it was, and he stepped out of the courtroom. Dylan took the stand, and David questioned him about Nikki's revelation that Dylan was adopted and that she was his mother. Dylan stated that Nikki had told him that Ian was his biological father, and he admitted that he didn't like Ian very much. The judge instructed David to treat Dylan as a hostile witness, and Dylan called himself a fool for wanting to meet who he'd thought was his biological father. Dylan confirmed that Nikki hadn't wanted him to seek out Ian because she knew what Ian was capable of, but David contended that Nikki had been afraid her lies would be exposed.

Michael asked Dylan why Nikki found Ian reprehensible, and Dylan said that Ian had forced himself on Nikki. Michael inquired whether Dylan believed that Nikki had willfully deceived him about his paternity, and Dylan said no. Michael asked if Nikki's assertion had caused Dylan any distress, and Dylan ranted that Ian was the only one who was making them all suffer. Michael cut Dylan off by saying that he had no further questions, and the prosecution rested. The judge announced that he would hear from the defense after a recess.

Over the phone, Dr. Burnett informed Victor that Summer was at the clinic, and Victor ordered him not to tell her about the possible treatment, since he didn't want her to get her hopes up when they didn't even know if Phyllis was a candidate yet. Victor instructed the doctor to call him as soon as he heard from Dr. Cutler, and he returned to the courtroom. Nikki anxiously prepared to read the journal aloud to everyone, and Victor led Nick out of the room. Victor said that if Nick loved his mother, Nick had to leave because she didn't want to do something embarrassing in front of him. Nick protested that he wanted to support his mom, and Victor said that Nikki loved Nick for it, but he implored Nick to understand. Victor went back inside alone.

Michael called Nikki to the stand, and she testified that she'd had no doubt that Ian was Dylan's father until the blood type issue had arisen. Michael submitted the journal into evidence, and Nikki explained that she'd kept the journal when she'd been in Ian's cult. David corrected that it had been a communal organization, but Nikki retorted that it had been "hell on earth," and she had written about every sick indignity that had happened to her at Ian's hands. Nikki read aloud from her journal that she'd thought she'd found a place where she could be happy and feel safe, since Ian had sworn she would be, but she had been stupid to believe "that bastard."

Nikki continued to read that she'd been excited when Ian had sent for her, and it had been an honor to be chosen, but it hadn't been long before she'd realized what Ian had really wanted. She had been forced to see Ian again, and every time, he'd called her to his bed. She had known that if she had refused or lied, she'd be punished, but she hadn't wanted to have sex with him. Ian had told her that it was their fate, a path they'd been meant to walk together, and she sobbed as she read that she'd told him that it had to stop, but he hadn't listened.

Nikki tearfully recounted that Ian had grabbed her by the arm, leaving a bruise, and he'd slapped her hard across the face until her lip had started bleeding. A distraught Nikki continued that she'd been crying, and she'd tried to scream, but he had said no one would rescue her or believe anything bad about him because she was the servant, while he was the master. Ian had reminded her that she'd had nowhere else to go, and he'd lectured her about carrying on his work. Nikki became increasingly emotional as she read that she'd fought him, but he'd pinned her down, and she hadn't been able to get away, so the nightmare had continued.

Michael said that according to the journal, Ian had forced himself on Nikki, but David argued that his client wasn't on trial and that Ian hadn't ever been accused of the crime before. Michael asked Nikki if the sex had been consensual, and she reiterated that she'd repeatedly told Ian no. Michael inquired about what it had meant to be "chosen," and Nikki explained that she'd thought it had meant having Ian's child, since Ian had refused to use birth control. Michael questioned what Nikki would have done if she'd known the baby wasn't Ian's. Nikki wailed that she wouldn't have given her child away to strangers, and it was one of the biggest regrets of her life.

At the penthouse, Billy asked Chelsea about the yearbook, and he assumed that Stitch's photo appearing next to Ben Russell's name had been a misprint. Chelsea confirmed that it hadn't been, and she revealed that the real Ben Rayburn had died and that Stitch had stolen his identity. A stunned Billy asked when Chelsea had found out, and she stammered that she and Kevin hadn't been sure at first. Billy couldn't believe that she hadn't told him, and she defended that he hadn't wanted to know. Billy questioned why Stitch had gone that far to hide his past, and Chelsea divulged that Stitch had done time for murder.

Billy angrily confronted Chelsea about withholding the fact that Stitch was a murderer, and she ordered him to calm down if he wanted her to tell him everything, but he wanted to go to the source. He opened the front door to leave and found Kevin there, and he blasted Kevin for not telling him about what he'd learned. Billy stormed off, and Kevin asked Chelsea where Billy was going. "To protect his wife," Chelsea replied. Chelsea fretted that Billy thought she'd betrayed him, and Kevin pointed out that she had.

Chelsea conceded that she should have followed Kevin's advice to tell Billy right away, and Kevin reported that he had more information, since he had gotten a hospital identification badge and had accessed the personnel records. Chelsea groaned that she knew too much already and that Billy might never speak to her again, and Kevin reminded her that he'd warned her not to get attached. Chelsea asserted that she was still in love with Adam, and she picked up the handkerchief and explained that it had belonged to Adam's mother. Kevin recalled that Chelsea had considered it to be a sign that Adam was still in her life, but she grumbled that after that day, she took it as a sign that getting involved with Billy had been a huge mistake.

Chelsea imagined that Kevin thought she was nuts, and Kevin said that he was just worried about her. He recounted that they'd talked about moving on from Chloe and Adam, and she glumly stated that her thing with Billy was dead in the water. Kevin teased her for choosing a wildly inappropriate guy as a placeholder, but he gently pushed her to accept that Adam was gone.

At the Athletic Club, Stitch promised to get Victoria to the hospital in time for her appointment, and she thanked him for volunteering to go with her, especially since she was worried about what Nikki was going through. Stitch swore to do his best to distract Victoria, and she replied that he was good at it. He stepped aside to take a work call, and Jack entered and remarked that Victoria was glowing. She said that she was getting excited to meet the new baby, and Jack noted that Billy was, too. Victoria informed Jack that she was having the test to determine the baby's father that day, and Jack questioned what would happen if it was Billy's child.

Victoria recognized that Billy wanted the baby to be his and for them to get back together, but things were definitely over between them. She expressed concern that Billy was in denial about the divorce, and she encouraged Jack to support him. Jack pointed out that Billy and Victoria had always found their way back together before, but she argued that they hadn't known how to make the tough decisions, and it was time to accept that they needed to move on. As Kelly eavesdropped, Jack questioned whether Victoria really knew the person she was moving on with.

Victoria understood that Jack wanted her to give Billy another chance, but she urged him to help Billy accept that nothing would change, no matter who the baby's father was. She added that she was committed to a future with Stitch, and Jack argued that she barely knew Stitch and that there were things she didn't understand. She countered that she wasn't interested in conspiracy theories, and Jack said that there were things Victoria didn't know about Stitch, but Kelly interrupted. Stitch returned, and Jack told Victoria to take care of herself and the baby.

In Kelly's office, Jack wondered if Kelly had been trying to get him away from Victoria, and Kelly accused him of planning to tell Victoria the things Kelly had told him in confidence. Jack noted that Victoria was part of his family, and he couldn't pretend to be happy that she was starting a new life, since he knew things that Victoria didn't. Billy entered and confronted Kelly about not bothering to tell him that her brother had committed murder when Stitch had been getting close to Billy's wife and son.

Billy said that he'd been looking for Stitch to find out the whole story, but no one knew where Stitch was. Kelly pleaded for Jack's help to explain, and Billy blasted Jack for covering for Kelly instead of telling his own brother to protect his family. Billy demanded to know everything about who Stitch had killed, and Jack suggested that Billy ask Stitch himself, since Stitch was in the dining room with Victoria. Billy rushed out, and Jack reasoned that Billy had found out that much already, so it was time for the truth to surface.

Stitch thought Jack had seemed intense, and Victoria explained that Jack had been being protective of Billy. She thought they should get going to the hospital, but Billy stopped Stitch and refused to let him go anywhere. Victoria protested that they didn't have time, but Billy announced that Stitch wasn't who he claimed to be, and he ordered Stitch to tell Victoria that Stitch had stolen a dead kid's identity and the reason why.

Jack and Kelly raced in, and Jack warned that Billy had enough information to force Stitch to talk. Stitch tried to lead Victoria away, but she asked Stitch if there was any truth in what Billy was saying. Stitch nervously hesitated, and Victoria implored him to tell her what was going on.

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