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Nikki takes action against an intruder
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Thursday, January 17, 2019

At the Ashby house, Charlie and Mattie asked Cane about his visit with their mom, and Cane relayed that Lily had said she missed them. Charlie wondered if Cane had filled her in about the accident, but Cane thought it had been best to wait until she got home. Mattie inquired whether Cane had shown Lily her college essay, and Cane claimed that Lily had wanted to wait to have Mattie read it to her. A skeptical Mattie noted that her mom was usually anxious to look at her work, and Cane replied that reading the essay hadn't been able to make up for not seeing the twins' faces and hearing their voices. Mattie sensed that there was something he wasn't telling them.

Charlie scolded Mattie for questioning Cane when their father had just driven for eight hours to see their mom, and the teens argued. Cane demanded that they stop because Lily wouldn't want them fighting, but Mattie pushed for the truth. Cane swore that he hadn't lied, but some things needed to stay private between him and Lily. Charlie empathized that long-distance relationships were tough, and he was glad his parents had found a way to work out theirs. Cane looked pained.

Billy stopped by Victoria's house, and Victoria informed him that the kids had already left. He said he was there to see her, since he'd been thinking of them and everything they'd been through. He recalled that it had been almost three years since his hit-and-run accident, and he referred to his visions of Delia. Billy had thought his daughter had been there to punch his ticket to the other side, but she'd implored him to stay and fix things with Victoria. Victoria remembered being relieved when he'd opened his eyes, and she'd asked him to move back home. She surmised that it was what he was there to talk about.

Billy asked if Victoria thought he hadn't been listening when she'd said she didn't want to rush things, and she pointed out that he'd ignored her requests in the past. He swore that the new, improved Billy was sensitive to her needs, and he acknowledged that he had a lot to fix with her. He wanted to be a family again, but he understood that she needed time before it could happen. Billy pledged to do everything he could to make sure he didn't screw up again, and he suggested that they start with a casual, no-pressure lunch. Victoria happily accepted the invitation.

Phyllis dropped by the ranch to talk to Nikki about Nick. Phyllis was sure something was up, and it had started when he'd dropped Nikki off at home after J.T.'s memorial. Nikki chalked it up to Nick being worried about her, but Phyllis referred to Nick becoming Victor's number-one supporter after the men hadn't spoken civilly in months. Phyllis suspected that Nikki had said something to Nick, and Nikki claimed that she'd simply reminded him of the man his father was. Phyllis ordered her to "cut the crap," since she'd been able to tell that Nick knew Victor hadn't killed J.T. Phyllis refused to stop until she got the truth, and Nikki admitted that she'd told Nick that she'd killed J.T.

At Crimson Lights, Fen gasped when heard his new song playing over the sound system. He exclaimed that it was cool of Sharon to play it, but he quickly assumed that his mom had put her up to it. Sharon assured him that Lauren hadn't asked her to play it and that it was on a playlist that she'd gotten online to stay current with her hipster customers. Fen was elated that his music career was actually taking off.

Sharon started to say that she hoped Fen had more luck than someone else, but she clammed up. Fen surmised that she knew someone whose career had crashed and burned, and Sharon revealed that Tessa hadn't been able to get work after Devon's company had dropped her from its label. Sharon regretted putting a damper on Fen's excitement, but he supposed that he shouldn't quit his day job anytime soon.

Victoria met Nikki, Sharon, and Phyllis at the coffeehouse after receiving a text message from Phyllis. Sharon was confused because they'd decided to end their charity meeting ruse, but Phyllis groused that Nikki had changed the rules of the game by not being able to keep her mouth shut. Phyllis blabbed that Nikki had told Nick that she'd killed J.T., but Victoria defended that Nick only knew about her and Nikki's involvement. Phyllis thought she should have known that Nikki had already clued Victoria in, and "to hell" with the rest of them.

Nikki reiterated that she'd never mentioned Sharon or Phyllis, and Nick only knew that Nikki had been trying to protect Victoria and that they'd buried J.T. in the park because they'd been afraid the police wouldn't believe them. Sharon wondered why Nikki had spilled after they'd worked hard to cover everything up, and Nikki revealed that the murder weapon had shown up in her house when Nick had taken her home. Nikki recalled that she'd been more than terrified, and she'd had no choice but to tell Nick the truth. Phyllis hissed that there was always a choice, but Nikki had made the wrong one.

The women contemplated how the fireplace poker had ended up at the ranch, but Phyllis was most concerned that someone knew what Nikki had used to kill J.T. Nikki suspected Tessa or Mariah, but Sharon pointed out that someone could have seen Phyllis get rid of the poker. Victoria imagined that whoever had planted the gun, the bloody clothes, and the poker was trying to rattle them. Phyllis griped that it wasn't just them anymore, and she expected Nick to lead the charge to prove Victor innocent by shouting it from the rooftops. Nikki reasoned that everyone would just think he was defending his father.

Phyllis complained that it had been hard enough not to tip Nick off even before he'd started keeping a secret from her. Victoria huffed that Nick and Phyllis were in a rebound relationship, and everyone knew it wouldn't work out, anyway. Phyllis retorted that Victoria was confusing the relationship with Victoria and Billy's, but Victoria argued that if she and Billy reunited, it wouldn't be because they'd been dumped for cheating. Nikki asserted that she was glad she'd told Nick, since he could help her and Victoria with the new development. Nikki walked Victoria out, and Phyllis flatly told Sharon that it didn't work for her.

Nikki returned to the table, and Phyllis questioned whether Sharon was willing to let Victoria and Nikki tell her what to do. Phyllis believed that the Newmans were sticking together and leaving her and Sharon to hang out to dry by driving a wedge between Phyllis and Nick. Nikki countered that Phyllis was driving the wedge all by herself, but Phyllis accused Nikki of backing out of their pact so the Newmans could protect one another. Phyllis swore that no matter what happened, she wasn't going down for it, and she stalked off. Nikki hoped Sharon wasn't buying Phyllis' nonsense, and Sharon conceded that she had to trust Nikki -- "for now."

Sharon reserved the right to protect herself, but Nikki argued that she'd protected Phyllis and Sharon by telling Nick what she had, since he would have kept digging and learned everything otherwise. Sharon imagined that it was unnerving for Nikki to know that the person taunting them could get onto her property, and Nikki divulged that Nick had doubled security. Nikki added that if all else failed, she had a gun. Sharon invited Nikki to stay at the cottage, but Nikki preferred to be in her own house, since it was her best chance of catching the person in the act.

At Devon's penthouse, Neil reunited with Devon and Ana. Devon asked how Lily was doing, and Neil reported that she was hanging in there. Devon proudly played Fen's new single and indicated that the initial response was promising. Neil listened to the song and remarked that Fen was smooth, but he really dug the song itself. Neil wondered who had written it, and Devon replied that he didn't know, since the guy wanted to keep his identity a secret. Neil warned that it could be a problem.

Devon explained that the songwriter was a friend of Ana's, and she had been the only one in contact with the writer. Ana claimed that they'd hung out in college and kept in touch because they shared a love of music, and Neil voiced surprise that she hadn't been able to convince her friend to sign a contract. Ana reiterated that the writer hated the spotlight, and Neil wondered if her friend had been burned before. Ana responded that it was personal, and she didn't want to push. Neil suggested that they tell the writer that they couldn't move forward unless he revealed who he was, but Ana cautioned that her friend would walk. Devon thought they could move forward without a contract, but Neil stressed, "For now."

Neil inquired about everything else in Devon's life, and Devon credited Ana and Nate with getting him back on track. Devon swore that his work and personal life were good, so Neil didn't have to worry about him anymore. Neil contended that it was a father's job to worry about his kids, but Devon urged him to focus on Lily, who really needed him. Neil announced that he'd be splitting his time between Lakewood and Genoa City. Devon answered a call and seemed shocked by some news.

A short time later, Fen rushed over to the penthouse and apologized that he'd been delayed because he'd had to find someone to cover his shift. Devon remarked that Fen wouldn't have to worry about that too much longer, and Fen panicked that Devon was firing him. Devon clarified that Fen wouldn't need to supplement his income, since their first streaming numbers had been better than what they'd projected, and the song was in trending territory. Ana and Fen couldn't contain their excitement, and she proclaimed that it called for a celebration. Neil advised them not to forget what had happened with Tessa's song after they'd learned the lyrics had been stolen.

Privately, Neil recommended that Devon keep things on the up and up with the mystery songwriter to avoid another fiasco. Devon maintained that he trusted Ana, and he insisted that it was all good. After Neil left, Fen observed that Devon's dad had seemed stressed out. Devon explained that Neil liked knowing the details, but Ana protested that artists wanted to be free to do their own thing. Devon believed the songwriter was worth taking the risk, and he wanted Ana's friend to write Fen's entire album. Ana claimed that her friend didn't want to provide more songs until he got paid for the first one.

Devon objected because the song had only been out for a few days, and they had to recoup their costs first. Ana suggested an advance against projected earnings, and Devon proposed that LP buy the song outright. Ana thought it would work, but Fen blurted out that it would be stupid for her friend to do that because he'd make much less money. Ana firmly stated that it was the songwriter's call, and he wanted to get the money however he could. Devon wondered if her friend was in trouble, but Ana asserted that the writer just wanted to be paid. Devon planned to draw up the paperwork.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Fen asked why Ana was in a hurry to get paid, since she lived rent-free, and Devon would bail her out if she was in trouble. Ana vaguely replied that she had personal reasons, and she told him to trust her. Fen didn't understand why it was so important to keep her secret, and he warned that she'd eventually have to tell Devon that she'd written the song. "Yeah -- eventually," she muttered. Meanwhile, Devon called Michael and asked him to find out the name of the person who'd set up a certain LLC, since it was the guy who'd written Fen's song.

At the Athletic Club, Neil warmly greeted Cane and announced that he was back to see how everyone was going. Cane reported that the kids had missed Neil and that Sam had been crawling and walking. Cane lamented that it was killing Lily to be missing that much, and Neil revealed that Lily had told him that things hadn't gone well during Cane's last visit. Cane blamed himself for having unrealistic expectations, and Neil sympathized that it had been difficult for Cane. Neil offered to be there to listen, but Cane was visibly distracted when he spotted Victoria walk in with Billy.

Cane confided that things hadn't been easy since Lily had gone to prison, and he told Neil about the letter she'd sent about not seeing Cane enough in person. Cane recounted that he'd dropped everything to go see her, but she'd only wanted to talk about her job, and she'd cut their visit short to teach her first class. Cane shared that he felt like prison life was becoming more important to her than him and the kids. Neil pointed out that Lily was just trying to survive after she'd lost everything, and Cane wondered if he was being selfish. Neil recognized that Cane was doing the best job he could to hold his family together, but Cane also had to support Lily, no matter who she was when she got out of prison. Neil asked if Cane would be able to do that, and Cane mused that Lily and the kids were everything.

Across the dining room, Victoria informed Billy that Reed was getting back to his regular life, and she hoped she'd helped her son. Victoria gushed that she wouldn't have been able to put the pieces of her life back together without Billy, and she wished she could erase the past year and start fresh. He toasted to new beginnings, but Phyllis interrupted. Victoria and Phyllis exchanged barbs, and Billy guessed that Victoria was still upset because Phyllis had told Reed about J.T.'s abuse.

Phyllis griped that she'd already told Billy that she'd been trying to help, and Victoria was surprised that they'd discussed it. Phyllis taunted that Billy and Victoria weren't as close as she'd thought, and Victoria urged her to focus on her relationship with Nick. Phyllis repeated that they were solid -- which she'd also told Billy when he'd wanted them to get back together right before he'd tried to reunite with Victoria. Phyllis gleefully shared that she'd turned Billy down flat, so he was all Victoria's. Phyllis sauntered off.

Billy insisted that Victoria was the only one he wanted to be with, but she pressed to know if he'd asked Phyllis to get back together. He confirmed that he had, and Victoria stormed off over his protests. Cane intercepted her, and she snapped that the last thing she wanted was sympathy from him. Cane explained that he wasn't offering any sympathy, but he thought he'd left his scarf at her house, and he wanted to know when he could pick it up. She coolly informed him that she was heading home then, and he prepared to follow her. Meanwhile, Billy joined Phyllis at bar and demanded to know "what the hell" that had been all about. He surmised that she was jealous.

Billy barked that Phyllis couldn't help herself when she saw two people happy, and she had to blow it up -- even if the person was her. Phyllis asserted that she'd done Victoria a favor, since Victoria shouldn't have any false expectations, and it was an easy trap to fall into with him. Billy couldn't believe that he hadn't seen who Phyllis really was, but it was very clear that he'd hurt Jack for absolutely no reason. Phyllis questioned why he'd asked her to get back together if he felt that way, and he retorted that he was working on not giving in to his bad impulses. He vowed that it would never happen again, since he'd realized that Victoria was and always would be the love of his life. He walked away.

Victoria met Cane at her house and searched for his scarf. She accidentally slammed her finger in a cupboard, and he observed that she'd seemed upset with Billy at the club. Victoria ranted that she'd thought she and Billy had a shot at trying to be a family again until she'd found out that he had only turned to her because Phyllis had turned him down. She waited for Cane to deliver an anti-Billy comeback, but Cane conceded that he was in no position to judge, with the problems he had. Victoria implored him to share his own ugly details, and he murmured that he sometimes felt like he was out there all by himself. Victoria knew what meant, and she found the scarf on the floor. He thanked her and started to head out, but she told him to wait.

Victoria and Cane commiserated about trying to keep their families together and feeling like all the pressure was on them. Cane bemoaned that no one else cared how he got it done, and Victoria complained about giving a lot and getting so little back. Cane added that sometimes he got back nothing, and Victoria leaned in and admitted that some days made her want to say, "To hell with it." They began kissing passionately.

At the ranch, Nikki heard a door slam, and she called out to ask if someone was there. She crept around the house and unlocked a drawer to retrieve a gun. She heard someone approaching, and a shadow appeared on the wall. She pointed the gun and fired.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Sharon refuses to respond to threats from Phyllis, who warns that they need to worry about the Newmans.

• Mia and Arturo argue about the night they almost kissed.

• Jack tells Kyle that he and Kerry are done because he needs a woman he can trust.

• Cane slugs Billy.

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