Tuesday, October 28, 2014

In Maureen's room at the Athletic Club, Maureen said that Stitch was upset and that he didn't know what he was saying, and she suggested that they go downstairs to eat and talk. He replied that they'd talked ad nauseam, and he accused her of wanting him to keep living a lie. Maureen pleaded that she wanted what was best for their family, but Stitch declared that it was time for people to know that he hadn't killed his father.

Stitch maintained that Victoria needed to know the truth, but Maureen argued that he'd already lied about being in jail and taking someone's identity. Stitch pointed out that Maureen had told him to fight for what he wanted, and Maureen urged him to focus on the future and to forget about the past. He questioned how he could do that when it kept ruining his life, and he refused to lose Victoria and the baby after he'd already lost Jenna and Max. There was a thump in the bathroom, and he asked what it was.

Maureen claimed that the pipes were always making noise, and Stitch volunteered to check them out, but she stressed that nothing he said could wipe the slate clean. Maureen added that he could make things worse, and she urged him to think of Kelly. Stitch replied that he had every day since their dad had died, and Maureen advised him not to do anything rash. Stitch promised that he would take some time before he made a decision, and he left to go to work. Nikki emerged from the bathroom, and she incredulously mused that Stitch hadn't killed his father.

Maureen offered Nikki a drink, but Nikki demanded to know the truth about Stitch's father's murder. Maureen said that Stitch was having a hard time dealing with his father's death, since Maureen's husband had been abusive, and Stitch had only been a kid who hadn't been entirely responsible for what had happened. Nikki imagined that there had been evidence pointing to murder, and Maureen revealed that Stitch had confessed because he'd thought it had been the right thing to do, but it had been difficult for him to live with the consequences. Nikki wondered if the police would consider reopening the case, but Maureen flatly stated that it wouldn't happen. Nikki questioned why Maureen didn't want to clear her son.

Maureen insisted that there was nothing more Nikki needed to know, but Nikki was baffled about why Maureen wouldn't help Stitch. Maureen reasoned that digging into the past wouldn't help Stitch or Kelly, and Nikki swore that she was just trying to protect her family. Nikki sensed that Maureen was holding something back, and Maureen called it a private matter that she'd like to keep that way. Maureen picked up Nikki's drink and pointedly stated that she was sure Nikki understood, since Nikki had relied on Maureen's discretion. Nikki reluctantly agreed not to reveal anything about Maureen's conversation with Stitch.

Over the phone at Jabot's new laboratory, Ashley reported that the remodeling of the lab had been finished, and the new security system would be installed by the end of the week. She mentioned that she had a meeting with a patent attorney in Madison the next day and that she intended to take someone with her, and she received another call. Ashley set down a confidential file, and she went to get something from accounting. Victoria arrived and called out for Abby, and she was clearly impressed as she looked around the new facility. She spotted the file Ashley had left behind.

Ashley returned and found Victoria holding the confidential file, and Victoria explained that she'd expected to find Abby there. Victoria swore that she hadn't been looking in the file, and she referred to the work that had been done on the lab. Ashley stated that it had been overdue for an update, but Victoria remarked that Jabot had spared no expense, and she speculated that the company had invested a fortune in the new fragrance. Ashley curtly replied that Abby was in a marketing meeting and that Victoria could wait in the lobby, but Victoria said that she was also there to talk to Ashley about Stitch.

Victoria explained that seeing Ashley and Stitch in the park had made her realize something, and Ashley swore that her relationship with Stitch was strictly professional. Victoria found it strange that Ashley had hired someone with no professional experience as a chemist for a sensitive project, and Ashley pointed out that Stitch had a background in chemistry. Victoria noted that Ashley seemed to be able to look past what Stitch had done, and Ashley thought it was awkward that Victoria expected Billy's sister to say something that would convince Victoria to choose Stitch. Victoria said that the alternative wasn't to choose Billy, since he had moved in with Chelsea.

Ashley was surprised to hear that Billy and Chelsea were living together, and she speculated that he was still grieving for Delia and that he would eventually find his way back to Victoria. Victoria said that it was too late, and Ashley asked if Victoria was hoping that Ashley would tell her that Stitch was the right guy to be with. Victoria disclosed that Stitch had repeatedly asked her to give him a chance to make things right, but she had the feeling he was holding something back. Victoria added that she couldn't be with someone she couldn't trust, since that was what had destroyed her marriage to Billy, and Ashley pointed out that Stitch wasn't Billy. Victoria asked if Ashley knew something she didn't.

Ashley called Stitch a great chemist who seemed to be loyal and who loved his son, and she said that she trusted him. Ashley wondered if Victoria was looking for a reason to love Stitch, and she asked if Victoria had ever needed to look for one to love Billy. Victoria said no, and Ashley said that should tell her something. Stitch arrived, and Ashley covered by saying that Victoria had been looking for Abby. Victoria left to find her sister, and Ashley remarked that Stitch had managed to make his way into work. He confided that he'd had a crazy night, and Ashley commented that the beds in lockup were lumpy. She revealed that she knew he'd spent the night in jail, and she wanted to discuss his future with Jabot.

After Ashley presented Stitch with some choices, he asked if she was sure she wanted him to go to Madison with her, and she explained that she needed a chemist to review the patent with her. He said that he would have to check with Avery before he left town, but Ashley said that she already had, and it was fine as long as he didn't leave the state. Stitch realized that Ashley had been the anonymous party who'd paid his bail, and she reasoned that she couldn't afford to be stuck at a crucial point in the project. She asked if he was okay with the last-minute trip, and he replied that it was perfect timing to put some distance between him and Victoria.

Nikki poured herself a drink at the ranch, but she set it down and called Victoria. Nikki said that there was something she had to tell Victoria about Stitch, but Victoria replied that she already knew that he'd been arrested the day before. Victoria worried that Nikki sounded funny, but Nikki swore that she was fine. After they hung up, Nikki downed her drink.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren asked if Jill had seen their latest financial reports, which had shown a spike in sales during their in-store promotion. Lauren gushed that Madame Isadora had been the reason behind it, and Jill conceded that they'd seen a nice bump in business, but she contended that it hadn't been from the free psychic readings. Lauren referred to the positive comments about the readings on the Internet, and Jill huffed that she thought their customers had more refined tastes. Lauren revealed that they were in real trouble based on what the psychic had said.

Lauren claimed that Madame Isadora had warned her to be aware of a wolf in sheep's clothing with an Australian accent, and she quickly admitted that the psychic hadn't said that, but she advised Jill to keep an eye on Colin. Jill reported that Colin had been on his best behavior, and Lauren conceded that taking on Colin as a business partner had been a smart move. Lauren added that she couldn't remember the last time both she and Jill had been that professionally and personally content, and Jill realized that Lauren and Michael had spent some quality time together. Lauren remarked that she and Michael were in a good place after everything they'd gone through, and she wanted everyone to be as happy as they were.

Michael read information online about his upcoming core needle biopsy, and Kevin burst in and asked what Michael was up to, but Michael quickly closed his computer. Kevin asked what Michael didn't want him to see, and Michael fibbed that it was research for a case, so he couldn't discuss it. Kevin said that he was there to thank Michael for putting a rush on Mariah's annulment, and he wished that Mariah had expressed the same gratitude toward Kevin for keeping her safe while the police had been searching for Ian.

Kevin complained that Mariah only called him if she needed a date to a wedding or a ride on his Harley, and he asked if a distracted Michael was listening. Michael said that he'd been thinking about the case, since there was a lot at stake. Kevin asked if he wanted to talk about it, and Michael explained that he liked to be in control and prepared, but the case was unpredictable, and he wasn't sure he was ready for the outcome. Michael murmured that that it could be the toughest one of his life.

Later, Michael snapped at someone on the phone, and he tossed some paperwork off his desk. Kevin questioned when his calm brother had started behaving like a crazy person, and he urged Michael to talk about the tough case. Lauren entered and said that Michael could talk to her over lunch, but Michael said that he had to get to a deposition. She suggested that they meet later, and Michael claimed that he was tied up all afternoon, but he loved her and would see her at home.

Michael departed, and Lauren asked Kevin what had caused Michael's surly demeanor. Kevin relayed that a case had Michael tied up in knots, and Lauren noticed that Michael had left his briefcase behind. Her phone rang, and Kevin offered to take the briefcase to Michael. Outside the office, Kevin overheard Michael on the phone, saying that he was glad someone hadn't called his house, since he didn't want his wife to know anything.

Michael said that he'd see the caller soon, and Kevin noted that it didn't sound like Michael was heading to a deposition. Kevin handed Michael his briefcase, and Michael swore that he wasn't having an affair. Kevin accusingly said that Lauren hadn't wanted Michael to be unprepared for his meeting, and Michael begged Kevin to let it go. Michael exited, and Lauren asked if Kevin had caught Michael. Kevin pointedly replied that he had.

Lauren asked what Michael had said, and Kevin said that Michael hadn't wanted to be late for a meeting. Lauren mentioned that she'd put together a romantic surprise for that evening, and Kevin grumbled that he wasn't sure Michael deserved it. Lauren said that she couldn't blame Michael for having a prior commitment, and she hoped to take his mind off the case. After Lauren left, Kevin opened Michael's laptop.

At the doctor's office, Michael looked at a brochure about prostate cancer, and he asked Dr. Botnik what would happen after the procedure. The doctor replied that Michael would be sore for a few days, and he'd prescribe an antibiotic to prevent any infection. Dr. Botnik urged Michael to keep the worrying to a minimum until the results were available in a few days, and he went to prepare for the test. An emotional Michael paced around the room, and he received a loving text message from a clueless Lauren.

At the penthouse, Billy asked how his favorite fashion dummy was doing, and Chelsea replied that he'd better be talking about her mannequin. Billy said that he'd had to stop unpacking, since it had been harder than he'd thought it would be. He explained that he'd been certain moving in had been the right thing to do until he'd seen her closet, and he claimed that he'd called a charity to pick up the walls of clothes Chelsea never wore. Chelsea agreed to make a few changes, and Billy announced that there was one change he definitely wanted to make.

Chelsea wondered whether Billy wanted to install a giant slide in place of the stairwell or put in a frozen yogurt machine, but he said that the change was about the bed. She said that he wasn't getting her side, and she objected to any changes in the bedroom. Billy held up a fuzzy hat and asked what it was, and Chelsea divulged that she and Connor were going as Mary and her little lamb for Halloween. Billy protested that she couldn't subject her son to the humiliation, but she amorously asked who her little lamb would be if Connor wasn't. Billy said that he'd always been something of a black sheep, but he had a thing for bonnets and bloomers, since she'd be wearing them. They kissed.

Chelsea refused to change her mind about the costume, and Billy cautioned that she'd scar Connor for life if she dressed him up like a lamb chop. They discussed alternative Halloween costumes, but she decided to stick with the lamb outfit. Billy bleated that it was a "baa-a-ad" idea, and she groaned at the terrible joke, but he teased that it had made her want to admit she loved him. She looked uncomfortable and said that she had to get back to work, and he went upstairs to finish unpacking. Chelsea opened a drawer and took out Adam's handkerchief, and she headed out the door.

Chelsea lit a candle in a church, and she acknowledged that it was strange place to have a conversation with Adam. She wished she could be in one of their special places, like the farmhouse in Kansas, but she couldn't put the talk off any longer, and she said that she needed Adam to do something really important for her. Chelsea recalled the day Adam had given her the handkerchief, when it had served as "something old" at their first wedding. She found it funny that it had shown up in Connor's nursery, and it had reminded her of the life they'd almost had.

Chelsea said that she'd never thought she could find that kind of happiness with anyone else, but she had, and it was with Billy. Chelsea nervously laughed when there wasn't any thunder or lightning, and she sobbed that she had to let go to be free to live her life, but she couldn't do it if Adam haunted her dreams. She declared that she was ready to move on, and Adam would always be in her heart, but she couldn't deny the feelings she had for Billy. She said that she loved Adam, but it was time for her to say goodbye, and she placed the handkerchief next to the candle.

After Chelsea walked out, a hooded female figure appeared. The mysterious woman picked up the handkerchief and put it in her pocket, and she blew out the candle Chelsea had lit.

Billy called out for Chelsea, but there was no answer, and Jill arrived. Jill demanded to know what was wrong with him, since she'd just learned he was no longer staying at the Abbott house. She reprimanded him for not telling her he'd moved out, and Billy sarcastically stated that he should have put her first when Jack's life had been in upheaval after Phyllis' return. Jill questioned whether Billy had given up on the best thing that had ever happened to him in order to move in with the woman who'd been married to Adam. Jill asked why Billy had done it, and he replied that he wasn't exactly sure.

Jill took Billy's comment as an admission that he'd made a mistake, but Billy wouldn't discuss it further. She encouraged him to be honest with her, and he said that he didn't regret moving in because he had fallen in love with Chelsea. Jill suspected that he just thought he had fallen in love because he'd had his heart broken, but she thought he didn't know what he was feeling. Billy replied that the only heart he had questions about was Chelsea's, since she seemed to be holding back because of Adam.

Billy guided some deliverymen to the last bedroom at the end of the hall, and Jill disagreed with everything Billy was doing. Jill pointed out that Chelsea was still carrying a torch for the man who had killed Billy's daughter, and Billy said that he needed to convince Chelsea that her heart was in the wrong place. Jill thought that Billy's heart was still with Victoria, but Billy reiterated that his marriage was over. Jill wondered how over things would be if the baby turned out to be his, and she expected that Billy would want to be there for every moment of his child's life. Jill stormed off, and the deliverymen carried out the old bed.

Chelsea returned home as the men hauled the bed out, and she asked if that had been the change Billy had been talking about. He apologetically recalled that she'd said the bedroom was off-limits, but she replied that it was okay. He babbled that he didn't want her to think that he hadn't considered her feelings, but she told him to stop talking, since there was something she wanted him to know. "I love you, Billy Abbott," Chelsea proclaimed, and they kissed.

. . .

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