Tuesday, September 9, 2014

At the Athletic Club, Abby complained to Traci about Mariah, and Traci advised her to take a kinder approach, since Mariah had just survived being kidnapped only to find out she'd been stolen at birth. Abby didn't think she could muster up any sympathy after everything Mariah had pulled, but Traci countered that Abby was considerate and loving, and Mariah was alone in the world. Traci declared that she had faith in Abby to find a bit of compassion, and Abby said that Traci always saw the best in people. Traci suggested they stay for coffee, but Abby grumbled that she had to deal with another criminal.

At the Dive Bar, Victoria greeted a shirtless Stitch, and she commented that they kept bumping into one another. He brusquely replied that he'd see her later, and she asked what was going on between him and her sister. He wondered why Victoria cared, and Victoria swore that she didn't, but Stitch pointed out that she'd already grilled him about Abby. Victoria contended that she wanted to protect her younger sister, but he was being obstinate about it. She suddenly grabbed her belly and began to laugh, and she said the baby was joining their conversation.

Victoria noted that Stitch had never directly answered her question, and he assured her that she had nothing to worry about, since he could barely tolerate Abby. Victoria revealed that she'd seen them downstairs in a heated moment, and she wondered why they'd even been sitting together. Stitch announced that he and Abby were working together, since Ashley had hired him as a chemist at Jabot to perfect some revolutionary new product. Abby approached and hit him, and she snapped that he was going to get himself fired.

Stitch griped that he hadn't signed on to be Abby's whipping boy, and she presented him with a contract and said that he didn't know the first thing about his new job. He divulged that he'd just been telling Victoria about it, and Abby warned that he would be fired if he couldn't live up to the confidentiality clause in his employment agreement. Abby explained that Victoria worked for one of Jabot's biggest competitors, and Stitch had been about to blurt out trade secrets to the enemy. Abby apologized to Victoria for calling her the enemy, and Victoria said that she would have done the same thing in Abby's position. Victoria left, and Abby insisted that she and Stitch needed to lay down some ground rules.

Stitch defended that he'd had plenty of practice with confidentiality as a doctor, but he wasn't as cynical as Abby, and not everyone had a hidden agenda. She referred to his murderous past, and he told her to ease up, since they'd be working together every day. Abby conceded that it was hard to believe, since he didn't look like a murderer, and he questioned what one looked like. She said that she hadn't expected it to be someone who saved lives for a living and who claimed to love her sister, and she admitted that she felt gypped for liking him. She recounted that she'd been mad at her dad before, but she never could have done something that reprehensible to her own flesh and blood. Stitch set down the contract and stormed off.

Nurse Hathaway called Jack from Phyllis' room, and Kelly burst into the mansion with shopping bags, rambling about how he was about to experience culinary bliss. Jack said that he couldn't hear the nurse, and he worriedly inquired whether something had happened to Phyllis. The call was cut off, and Jack tried to call back and left a voicemail to ask Nurse Hathaway to call him right away with any information she had about Phyllis. Kelly pointed out that maybe nothing was wrong, and she urged him to call the clinic directly and find out what was going on.

Jack got in touch with Dr. Cutler, who said that he was familiar with Phyllis' case. Jack mentioned that Nurse Hathaway had tried to call him, and the doctor claimed that she was busy with another patient, but she had made the call in error due to some confusion on the floor. Dr. Cutler reported that there had been no change with Phyllis, and Jack asked to speak with Dr. Burnett. Dr. Cutler understood Jack's desire to get confirmation from someone he knew, and he said that Dr. Burnett wasn't there, but the men had been working closely together.

Dr. Cutler gave his word that Phyllis was doing as well as could be expected, and Jack thanked him. After Jack hung up, Kelly asked if he felt better, but Jack felt that something about the chain of events didn't add up. Jack fretted that Daniel was out of the country, so no one was regularly checking on Phyllis anymore, and Kelly thought it sounded like he wanted to go back to Georgia. She encouraged him to do what he had to do, but she wanted to know what he hoped to find. Meanwhile, Dr. Cutler examined Phyllis, who tried to speak, but she was incoherent.

Jack said that he was concerned about the confusion the doctor had mentioned, and Kelly suggested that he talk to Avery. Jack recognized that he was being insensitive, but Kelly said that he was simply feeling what he felt, and she'd lived with grief long enough to know it had no expiration date. Traci walked in as they hugged, and she asked if anything was wrong. Kelly said that it might make things easier if Jack talked to Traci, and she made up an excuse about having something to do at work. After Kelly left, Jack explained that Kelly had rushed out to give him time to think about going to see Phyllis again. Traci realized that he was having trouble letting go.

Jack said that he'd accepted that Phyllis wouldn't ever be back, but he couldn't ignore the odd call out of the blue. Traci was surprised that one aborted call had unsettled him, and Jack mentioned the dream he'd had about Phyllis. Traci theorized that Kelly's recent move had prompted it, and she hoped he hadn't shared the dream with Kelly. Jack confided that he hadn't dreamed about Phyllis in a long time, and he'd done everything he could to reassure Kelly, but the call was gnawing at him.

Traci suspected that something was keeping Jack from seeing Phyllis, and he said that he was too in love with Kelly to go running off to Phyllis. Traci advised that it was a natural reaction to cling to Phyllis on some level, but Jack contended that it wasn't healthy, and he'd made his decision to move on. He reasoned that the clinic would notify Avery or Summer if something was going on.

Victoria arrived at Newman-Chancellor and greeted Victor, and she informed him that Ashley was back in town and working for Jabot. Victoria added that she'd found out Jabot was developing a new product that they were keeping under wraps, and she thought that maybe they needed to rethink their own cosmetic rollout. Victor gushed that it warmed his heart to see Victoria fighting to keep their family business on top, and she replied that it was a welcome distraction. She announced that Stitch had let it slip that Jabot had hired him as a chemist to help develop the new product, and Victor suggested that Victoria use Stitch to get the inside track.

Victor said that Stitch had hidden a crime far worse than corporate espionage from Victoria, but she pointed out that there was a chance she and Stitch might raise a baby together. She agreed to keep her eyes and ears open about Ashley's project, and she hoped that Victor wouldn't gloat too much about her other news. Victoria revealed that she was officially divorced from Billy, and Victor crossed the room and took her in his arms. He murmured that he was sorry she'd had to go through it, but he thought she'd made the right decision. The phone rang, and Victor told Victoria that he had to take a call from Dr. Cutler. Victoria asked who Dr. Cutler was.

Victor said that Dr. Cutler was working on some fascinating research, and everyone would hear about it if the doctor got the results Victor expected. After Victoria stepped out, he picked up the phone and asked if Dr. Cutler had good news. The doctor reported that he'd needed to do damage control, since a nurse had attempted to alert Jack about Phyllis' progress. Victor reiterated that Jack was not to know about it under any circumstances, and Dr. Cutler promised to handle the nurse.

Dr. Cutler added that Phyllis was trying to verbalize, which was a major step in the right direction. Victor pressed him to push ahead with the treatment, but Dr. Cutler warned of side effects and diminishing returns, and he cautioned that Phyllis might not be the same as she had been before. Victor proclaimed that Phyllis was a risk-taker, and she would want the doctor to increase the treatment to help her recover as soon as possible. Victor ordered Dr. Cutler to do it, "risk be damned."

Dr. Cutler followed Nurse Hathaway into Phyllis' room, and he sternly said that he'd made it clear that she was not to set foot in that wing again. She explained that she'd wanted to say goodbye to Phyllis, but the doctor suggested that she not get attached to her patients, and he warned her never to call a patient's family without a physician's authorization. The nurse left, and with great effort, Phyllis managed to say the word "call." Dr. Cutler checked her monitor and declared it remarkable that she understood what she was saying. He marveled that her mental faculties were starting to return.

Victoria returned to Victor's office, and Abby tracked her down in order to smooth things over. Victoria said that Abby was welcome to hire whoever she wanted, and things were over between Victoria and Stitch. Abby recalled the way Stitch had looked at Victoria, and she believed that Stitch had taken the job to stick around Genoa City. Abby asked if Victoria was sure she wasn't uncomfortable, and Victoria pried for information about whether Stitch would be working with hazardous materials. Abby declared that the project was staying top secret, and she'd warned Stitch to stay far away from Victoria.

At an unknown bar, Nikki closed her eyes as she relished a swallow of her vodka. The woman she'd just met commented that Nikki looked like she'd really needed it, and Nikki explained that it had been a tough day. Nikki quickly added that she didn't normally drink at that hour or even at all, and she asked if the woman was drinking because of the people she had to meet that day. The woman said that Nikki had been lucky to be near a bar when her car had broken down, and Nikki half-heartedly repeated that she was very lucky. The woman introduced herself as Maureen, and Nikki lied that her name was Sherry.

Over drinks, Nikki said that she felt great, like she had no cares whatsoever. Maureen remarked that the more she drank, the more she saw that she didn't have anything to worry about. Nikki gushed that a great conversation in a cozy bar was a fabulous escape, and Maureen asked what she was escaping from. Nikki got up to use the ladies' room, but she left her phone on the bar, and it rang. Maureen offered to invite the caller to join them.

Nikki nervously ordered Maureen not to answer the phone, and she saw that the call was from Victor. Nikki claimed that she didn't want to be bothered after the day she'd had, and as she headed to the bathroom, Maureen called after her and asked if she wanted another drink. Meanwhile, Victor left a message for Nikki to call him back, since he didn't like how they'd left things. He asked his assistant to order two dozen red roses to be delivered to the ranch before Nikki got back.

Nikki returned, and Maureen suggested that perhaps it was time to call it quits and get back to the real world, but Nikki offered to buy the next round. Nikki babbled about having nowhere to go when her car had conked out, but Maureen imagined that a woman like Nikki had hot guys she could to call to fix her car. Nikki said that she was married, and Maureen admired Nikki's expensive wedding ring and wondered why Nikki hadn't called her husband. Nikki revealed that she was furious with him at the moment, and Maureen empathized. Nikki asked if Maureen was married, and Maureen replied that she wasn't anymore.

Nikki said that her husband was a complicated man, and she explained that he had blamed her for not getting in touch when she'd needed him, but he had been unavailable. Maureen called it twisted logic, and she asked if Nikki's husband had let her walk out. Nikki said that there had been no point in trying to win the argument, and Maureen mused that relationships were tricky. Nikki asked if Maureen was talking about the people she was in town to meet, and Maureen reconsidered going to see them. Nikki pointed out that Maureen was very close, but Maureen worried that it could stir up a lot of trouble.

Nikki became increasingly inebriated over another round of drinks, and she encouraged Maureen to face down her demons. Maureen said that it was easy for Nikki to say, but Nikki called Maureen a strong woman who was ready to take on anything life gave her. Maureen declared that they were cut from the same cloth, since Nikki hadn't taken her husband's call and hadn't gone running back to him. Maureen loudly implored Nikki not to take any garbage from him, and the women crowed that they were sisters and exchanged a high-five.

Nikki decided she'd had enough liquor, and Maureen suggested that they order some coffee. Nikki chugged what was left of her vodka, and Maureen quipped that Nikki was just getting the most for her money. Maureen thanked "Sherry" for the pep talk and inspiration, and she said it had been just what she'd needed to stick to her plan to face the people she was there to see. Nikki thought it was a wise choice, and she stared at her empty glass.

Maureen said that it had been nice talking to Nikki, and she asked if Nikki was ready to tell her husband how mad she was. Nikki replied that she had no alternative, and Maureen wondered if Nikki needed more liquid courage, but Nikki received a text message, informing her that her cab was there. The women agreed that their conversation would stay between them, and Nikki departed.

Stitch found Kelly in her office at the club and asked if she was busy, and she grumbled that she was freer than she wanted to be. He informed her that he'd gotten a job but not at a hospital, and she said that it was still a paycheck. He disclosed that he'd be working at Jabot, and a surprised Kelly asked if Jack had hired him. Stitch explained that Ashley had given him a job because of his chemistry lab experience, and Kelly was glad that someone had looked beyond his past. He conceded that Ashley was okay with it, but not everyone in Genoa City was as forgiving, and he never knew when the past would take a bite out of his life.

As Stitch and Kelly entered the dining room, he said that the biggest pitfall of his new job was that Victoria worked for the competition. Kelly advised that the only competition Stitch had to worry about was Billy, and Maureen entered and pondered what the odds had been to find them both there at the same time. "Mom?" a stunned Kelly said.

Nikki returned home and popped a breath mint into her mouth. She spotted a vase of roses on the table, and she sighed deeply. She reached for the card, and read aloud Victor's words about her determination and willingness to speak the truth no matter what. "If only he knew," she mumbled to herself, and she bent over to smell the flowers, but she drunkenly knocked them off the table. Victor entered and startled Nikki as she clumsily tried to clean up the mess.

. . .

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