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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap for Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Victor and Jack learn the DNA test results
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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

At Newman Enterprises, Victor and Matt anxiously wondered whether the DNA test results had proven that Jack was their brother. Nate revealed that he hadn't looked yet, and Victor pushed him to open them. Nate said he would once Jack got there.

A short time later, Jack arrived and apologized for the delay. He asked about the results, but Victor requested that Nate destroy the envelope. Victor huffed that he'd paid far too much attention to a man who hadn't deserved it as well as someone else he had no use for. Nikki insisted that Jack deserved to know the truth about his paternity. Matt recalled that Victor had faced tougher stuff by far -- including their father at the end.

Victor reiterated that the test results would change nothing about who he and Jack were to one another. Jack replied that he was looking for his own answers. Nate opened the envelope and read the results before declaring that the DNA wasn't a match. Nikki looked relieved, and Jack inquired whether it was definite. Nate confirmed that the results were clear, and Victor led Nikki out. A discouraged Jack numbly clutched the results in his hand.

Matt told Jack to consider himself lucky, since Albert had been a "toxic bastard." Matt urged Jack to forget about his past with Victor and think of Victor as a scared little boy who had worked hard to survive and carried scars to that day. Matt pointed out that Jack would have been a constant reminder of what Albert had done to Victor, and he encouraged Jack to think about whether it would have been worth it.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki expressed sympathy that Jack's search had dredged up painful memories for Victor. Victor huffed that it should be left in the past, since John had given every opportunity in the world to his children, but it wasn't enough for Jack. Nikki was proud of Victor for allowing the DNA test. He assured her that he would be all right while she went to Sharon's bachelorette party, and she departed.

Later, Matt met Victor at the coffeehouse and said he hadn't been able to leave without saying goodbye. Victor wasn't happy about the circumstances that had led to their reunion, but Matt thought reconnecting hadn't been so bad. Victor admitted that it had been a painful reminder of the past, and he hoped his own children didn't outgrow their father the way he'd outgrown his.

At the police station, Sharon sorted through some files, and she noticed one with J.T.'s name on Rey's desk. She glanced around before opening it, and she rifled through photos of J.T. Rey startled her when he commented that he hadn't known she was still there. Sharon stammered that she'd been following up on Ivy's case when she'd spotted the file. She acknowledged that she shouldn't have looked, but Rey thought it would have been strange if she wasn't curious, given how close she had been to the situation.

Sharon referred to being part of Victoria's family for a long time, and she claimed that she'd always been fascinated with police work and respected what the cops did. Rey recounted that she'd been married to Paul's son, and he noted the challenge of figuring out what was going on in someone's head using science and intuition without letting biases get in the way. He added that the solution was always there, and he just had to work for it, but it was the fun part for him.

Sharon wondered if the fact that Rey had never met J.T. helped or hindered his investigation. Rey indicated that the thorough forensic evidence gave him a big advantage, since no crime in the world was clean anymore. Sharon figured that TV shows made it look a lot easier than it really was, but Rey remarked that even the good criminals left something behind that would eventually give them away. Sharon abruptly mentioned that she had a bachelorette party to get to, and Rey implored her to forget about work stuff that night. She headed out.

Mariah prepared for Sharon's bachelorette party at the cottage. She set out chocolates and brightly colored drinks, and Tessa entered with cupcakes. Tessa observed that Mariah had the goodies and the alcohol covered, and Mariah warned Tessa not to let her drink too much, since her stint on margarita duty at Victoria's had been a complete disaster. Mariah nervously hoped that the evening would be perfect, since Sharon had overcome many obstacles to marry the love of her life. Tessa assured her that everything would be great, since Nick and Sharon were solid, and nothing would mess that up -- including Mariah.

Nick returned home and asked what was going on, and Mariah explained that she was having a pre-party for everyone to get gorgeous together over chocolates and booze. Mariah clucked that he needed to leave, and he headed upstairs to change for his own event. Sharon arrived home and fretted about how much she had to do to get ready, but Mariah declared that she was in charge, and she'd arranged for David, the stylist from GC Buzz, to get everyone glammed up. Mariah added that all Sharon needed to do was change into her outfit, and all Sharon had to worry about was having the time of her life. They hugged, and Mariah promised that it would be a fantastic night.

Later, Summer walked in and found David doing Sharon's hair. Summer asked where everyone was, and she seemed dismayed that she had been the first one to show up. Mariah cheerfully offered to make her a drink, and Summer grumbled that Mariah being nice was creeping her out. Mariah reminded her that it was Sharon's night, and she hoped they could all get along. Summer made a beeline toward the Champagne as Abby arrived with her own stylist, Michelle. Abby asserted that she had to look good for her followers, and Tessa noted that Abby had a million fewer followers than Mariah did.

Mariah offered Abby some food, and Abby rambled about how hungry she was, but she turned up her nose at the idea of eating a cupcake. Tessa volunteered to make her something healthier in the kitchen. Later, Mariah hoped Abby was feeling better after having a snack, and Abby apologized for her "bitchy" behavior, but she'd been expecting more than refined flour. Abby inquired about the plans for the rest of the night, and Mariah revealed that she'd deserved the roof deck on its last night of the season. Abby griped that it would be freezing, and Mariah sarcastically informed her about a crazy new invention called heaters.

Abby raved about a theme party that she'd thrown that people were still talking about, and she wondered what they'd be doing that night. Sharon intervened by gushing that she loved the song that was on, and Summer chugged her drink. Mariah lamented to Tessa that being "fake nice" was exhausting, and Tessa advised her to pace herself. Victoria arrived and apologized for being late, but Sharon insisted that they were just getting started.

Abby and Victoria commiserated about Billy's unsuccessful intervention, and Abby groaned that Billy was determined to wreck his life. Victoria recognized that it was always about the next bet with him, and she doubted that he could take anything else in. Victoria wished that Billy would choose to find help for himself rather than hitting rock-bottom again. Victoria added that the evening was about Sharon, and she pledged to give it her best effort if Abby would. Abby offered to let Victoria use her stylist.

Sharon welcomed Victoria, who said she was happy that Sharon was getting on with her life and putting what had happened behind her. Nick appeared on the stairs, and Victoria said she'd just been telling Sharon that she was happy for both of them. Nick sensed that there had been more to it than that. Sharon claimed that they'd been speculating about what bachelor party plans Jack had in mind, and Tessa inquired whether they intended to top the debauchery of the parties before Nick and Sharon's other weddings.

Abby recalled that they'd all ended up in jail the last time, and Mariah reflected back on the bar fight. Everyone laughed, but Tessa was sure that it hadn't been funny at the time. Summer asked what she'd missed, and Nick declared that nothing topped a skuzzy night in a holding cell. He added that all he wanted was a drama-free night with his "homies." Nick pulled Sharon aside to talk, and Abby mused that it was good to see the couple looking happy. Summer mumbled that they were still in the premarital fun phase, and Mariah snapped, "Cynical much?"

Victoria helped Abby choose which earrings to wear. Summer admitted that the half of a cupcake she'd eaten had been delicious, and she thought it had been smart of Mariah to keep the party simple, given how few marriages lasted. Mariah warned her to watch it, and Summer claimed that she'd been talking about her own unfortunate history, since stuff sometimes happened. "Right, Abby?" Summer added, and Abby scolded her for being tasteless. Mariah suggested that they get back to celebrating, and Summer questioned what was up with Mariah's act. Summer pointed out that Mariah hated phonies, and she thought Mariah would enjoy getting real for a change.

Meanwhile, Nick told Sharon that he couldn't wait to marry her, and she poked fun at how enticing she looked with her hair in curlers. Nick swore that she would be stunning in a gunnysack, and she figured that there were no surprises left. He alluded to getting her a pre-wedding gift, and he showed her a flyer. She excitedly asked if the location was where they were staying on their honeymoon, but he announced that it was their new home. Her jaw dropped.

Nick reasoned that he'd wanted to take the pressure off because Sharon had been busy with the wedding and her graduation. He divulged that he'd bought the house, and it would be ready for them to move into right after their wedding. Nick recalled that Sharon had told him what she wanted in a home, and he'd found the perfect place in the best part of town, so he'd pulled the trigger. Sharon argued that it was a big decision that they should have made as a couple, but he defended that other people had been interested, and he would have lost the house if he hadn't taken it. He insisted that it was the home for them.

Nick swore that he hadn't done it to impress his dad or prove a point, but he was doing it for them and their future. Sharon conceded that the grounds and pool looked incredible, and he surmised that she'd just been shocked. Sharon confessed that she'd never imagined living in a place like that, and he reiterated that it had been why he'd done it. He prepared to meet Jack for drinks, and he greeted Nikki at the door on his way out. Sharon admired how lovely everyone looked, and Abby toasted to Nick and Sharon's happily ever after.

Victoria confided that she'd thought Nikki would bail, but Nikki intended to show support for Nick and keep an eye on their weakest link. Abby babbled about how wonderful Arturo was and how she'd met his siblings, and she marveled that he hadn't run away screaming upon meeting her family. Summer remarked that it sounded like Arturo liked rich people, and Abby questioned whether she and Summer had a problem she didn't know about. Summer conceded that Abby was obviously crazy about Arturo, but she wondered how well Abby really knew him.

Abby figured that she liked what she'd seen so far, and she could see herself with Arturo long-term, but she wasn't rushing into anything. Summer scoffed at the idea that Arturo was perfect, and Tessa blasted Summer for talking smack from the sidelines when Summer really wanted love but couldn't figure out how to get it or make it last. Summer suspected that Tessa's speech was for Mariah's benefit, and she barked that Tessa was wrong about her. Abby assured Tessa that she wasn't wrong.

Mariah admitted that it had been nice watching Tessa take Summer down a few pegs. Tessa confided that she had been talking about Mariah, since Tessa couldn't imagine life without her. Abby asked about the party bus, and Mariah called to see if it was on schedule. Summer sent a text message to Kyle, implying that she'd love an excuse to ditch Sharon's party. He replied to say he wasn't interested.

Victoria inquired about Sharon's new job, and Sharon reported that the work itself was fine, but she hated sneaking around. Sharon revealed that she'd found J.T.'s file on Rey's desk, and she hadn't been able to keep from looking, but she'd only seen a few photos before Rey had caught her. Sharon continued that he'd been cool about it, and it hadn't seemed like a huge deal since she was working for the police. Nikki theorized that Rey had been setting Sharon up, and she advised Sharon not to let her guard down. Sharon insisted that she'd covered fine, but she was worried that the thick file contained forensic information and other evidence.

Victoria swore that her house had been clear of any evidence, and she feared that Sharon trusted Rey too much. Nikki cautioned Sharon to be more careful. Mariah announced that the party bus was parked out front, and she presented everyone with sashes that she'd made that labeled each person's role in the wedding party. The ladies filed out, but Sharon stopped and wistfully looked around the cottage. She picked up the real estate flyer and stared at it before her gaze shifted to Cassie's drawing and the family photos on the mantel.

Sharon set down the flyer and looked at her engagement ring. Nikki returned to find out what was taking Sharon that long, but she closed the door when she saw the pained look on Sharon's face. Sharon claimed that she'd just gotten emotional, but Nikki urged Sharon to talk to her. Sharon cried that she'd tried every way possible to make Nick understand that she didn't want to move, but he'd presented a new home as a fait accompli. Nikki compared it to the kind of grand romantic gesture Victor would make.

Nikki reflected back on battling with Sharon from the day Nikki had laid eyes on her. Nikki asked if Sharon had ever wondered why Nikki had taken an instant dislike to her, and Sharon replied that she'd thought about it every day for 25 years. Nikki explained that it was because they were very much alike, having grown up poor with everything being a struggle to have any hope for a decent future. Nikki believed their early experiences would never leave them, nor should they ever forget them. Nikki thought another thing they had in common was that their families meant everything to them, and while she might not like Sharon, she respected Sharon and always would.

Sharon realized that it had probably been the most honest and meaningful thing Nikki had ever said to her, and she inquired whether Nikki had any wise words of advice. Nikki believed that Nick had finally found his own path, and she saw the same spark and drive in him that she'd seen in Victor years earlier. Nikki encouraged Sharon to strap herself in and enjoy it, since Nick was doing all of it for Sharon. Sharon recognized that if she was going to be the woman by Nick's side when he reached for his dreams, she had to throw herself into it, but she wished that she didn't feel like she was losing the parts of Nick that had made her fall in love with him in the first place.

Nikki noted that Nick was growing and maturing, but she noticed that Sharon had, too. Sharon marveled that it wasn't a conversation that she'd ever thought they'd have in that lifetime. Sharon figured that they should get going, but Nikki imagined that there was enough booze on the bus to keep the guests occupied. Sharon confessed that there was one thing she'd been thinking about that Nikki wouldn't like. Sharon felt that in order for her to be a good wife to Nick, she couldn't go into the marriage with secrets or lies between them. Sharon asserted that she had to tell Nick the truth about J.T.'s death.

At the Athletic Club bar, Jack filled Nick in about how the paternity trail had gone cold. Jack considered all the people who had urged him to drop the whole thing, and Nick pointed out that it wasn't something Jack had to decide right then. Jack proclaimed that the night was about celebrating, and Nick shared that they'd be neighbors soon, since he'd bought Sharon a new house. Nick hoped that she loved it as much as he did, since he'd wanted it to be a surprise, like when he'd fixed up the cottage before their first wedding. Nick felt that things needed to be different that time, since they only got so many chances in life, and he wanted everything to be just right.

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