Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tyler and a beautiful woman descended the stairs at the Athletic Club, both of them smiling and laughing. Unseen by them, Abby watched the jovial twosome from the club's doorway. Tyler told the woman how great she had been -- that she had definitely been worth the money. The woman told Tyler that she aimed to please then noticed that Abby was staring at her and Tyler. Tyler's mood quickly changed when he saw Abby. The woman shook Abby's hand and said that her name was Destiny. Abby thought that name suited the woman perfectly. Destiny told Tyler that she had to go to her next job.

Alone with Tyler, Abby wondered if that was how he had been spending his time and his money. She told Tyler that she was surprised at his lack of taste then added, "But then again, you were engaged to Mariah." Abby thought that Destiny was a hooker, but Tyler quickly set her straight, telling his ex-fiancée that Destiny was a model, that he had paid her for a camera shoot, and that he was not sleeping with her -- although that wasn't any of Abby's business, since Abby and Tyler were no longer engaged.

Abby told Tyler that she hated the idea of the three of them -- Abby, Tyler, and Mariah -- being married and reminded him that was why she had called off their engagement. Tyler said that he had been in love with Abby, not Mariah, and that Abby was the most insecure woman he had ever met.

Tyler stormed off into the dining room, where Leslie, who had overheard his conversation with Abby, asked him if arguing with Abby had made him feel better. Tyler said that he didn't understand Abby -- when they'd started dating, everything had been fine, but then he and Abby had starting arguing. He didn't understand what had caused Abby to change. Leslie said, "Mariah." Leslie didn't understand why Tyler had allowed Mariah back in his life. He said that love had blinded him to Mariah's many faults.

Leslie said that sometimes love conquered all, and she used Austin and Summer as an example -- she told Tyler that the newlyweds weren't letting anything get in their way. Leslie received a text message and said that perhaps she had spoken too soon -- Austin's trial date had been set.

Abby joined her Aunt Traci on the club's rooftop patio. As soon as Abby sat down, she gulped down an alcoholic beverage -- then drank Traci's. Traci, seeing that her niece was upset, told her to relax, enjoy the day of pampering they had planned, and forget about the men in their lives. Abby rambled on, telling Traci that she had seen Tyler downstairs. When Abby asked why it still hurt so badly, Traci told Abby that she was still in love with Tyler.

At Sharon's cottage, Nick stared at a photograph of him with Sharon and Faith. Sharon joined him and he told her that a moving van would be stopping by. She assumed that the van would be dropping off the last of Nick's possessions, cementing Nick and Sharon's reconciliation. Nick said that the moving van was not delivering his things to the cottage; rather, it was going to retrieve his belongings from the cottage and return them to the tack house. He angrily told Sharon that because of her lies, he and Faith were going to move back into the tack house. He threw the photograph across the room, shattering the frame.

Sharon woke up and realized that she had been having a bad dream. She looked at Nick, sitting lovingly beside her, and made him promise that he would never leave her. She told him about her dream, and Nick assured her that he was never going to leave her again. Sharon wasn't convinced -- she said that when Nick learned what she had done, he would be hurt. Nick wondered if Sharon's memory was returning.

While speaking with Nick, Sharon had a quick memory flash of a stairwell and a tube of her "Creamy Nude" lipstick tumbling down the steps. She feared that when her memory returned and she remembered her "damned secret," it would end up hurting Nick. Nick, exasperated at hearing about the "secret," told Sharon that he wanted to talk about anything else, Sharon, her mood lifting, said that they could talk about why she loved him so much. Nick joked and listed his self-proclaimed good qualities -- his physique, his irresistible charm, and such. Sharon laughed and said that she loved him because of the way he treated people, citing Mariah as an example.

At the Underground, Mariah was cleaning behind the bar when Austin showed up. He told her that he was looking for a job and wanted to speak with the manager. They were interrupted when Summer, who had just returned from visiting Phyllis, called to tell him that their new apartment that Jack had paid for was ready -- and she wanted him to see it. Austin told his wife that he had been out job hunting and was in the process of filling out an application, and he would hurry home when he finished.

Austin returned to the application and read the next question, "Have you ever been convicted of a crime?" aloud. He rolled his eyes, telling Mariah that he hadn't been -- yet. When he told Mariah that he would never be hired because he had been arrested, Mariah chuckled and told him to join the club. Mariah wanted to exchange rap sheets, but Austin wasn't interested. She tried to guess Austin's crime, assuming it was a relatively harmless offense like shoplifting.

Mariah admitted that she had been arrested for burglary. Austin wondered how she had managed to get her job at the Underground. She said she had to "smooth things over" with the owner. As if on cue, Nick entered, saw Austin, and asked him why he was there. Mariah was surprised that Nick and Austin seemed to know each other. Nick told her that Austin was Summer's new husband. Shocked, Mariah asked Austin if he was the guy who had shot the chief of police and said it would be difficult to "smooth that over" on his application.

Mariah answered Nick's question and told him that Austin was there to apply for a job. Austin, realizing that Nick owned the Underground, began to walk out, saying that it would be a waste of time for him to apply for a job. Nick stopped him and offered Austin an interview. They sat down at a table, and Nick reviewed Austin's résumé. Nick was very impressed with Austin's credentials -- he had graduated with high honors from a film school and interned as a cameraman at a large studio.

Nick asked Austin if, with all that he had accomplished, he would be willing to wash glasses for a living. Austin replied that he would do whatever was necessary to support Summer. Nick told him that Summer was more than capable of supporting herself. Austin said that he didn't want to live off of Summer's money. An impressed Nick offered Austin a job. Overjoyed, Austin told Nick that Nick wouldn't regret his decision. Sporting a wide grin, Austin rushed out to tell Summer the good news.

Sharon went to Genoa City Memorial for her appointment with Dr. Mead. As she walked by the diagnostic laboratory, she had a memory flash of surreptitiously entering the lab. She stared at the door and tried to remember its significance.

Dr. Mead was unsuccessful in her attempt to hypnotize Sharon. The doctor told Sharon that perhaps her subconscious had put up a wall, causing her to not want to be hypnotized. Dr. Mead asked if anything had happened earlier that day. Sharon told the doctor that she'd had another one of the memory flashes that she had been experiencing. The doctor surmised that the memories had something to do with the "secret" Sharon had been keeping from Nick. The doctor asked Sharon what she was so afraid of. After another memory flash of sneaking into the diagnostic laboratory, Sharon replied, "That I will lose it all."

At the Newman ranch, Victor called an aide and told him that Dr. Cutler, the man who was experimenting with a new coma-reversing drug, would be arriving at the airport, and the aide should have a car waiting. Nikki overheard the latter part of Victor's command and thought Victor had been making travel arrangements. Victor said that wasn't true -- although he felt that Nikki could use a vacation. Nikki said that she couldn't leave because the judge was about to make a decision on Ian's lawsuit.

Changing the subject, Victor asked Nikki what had gotten into Jack and Nick allowing Summer to marry the man who had shot Paul. Nikki reminded Victor that Summer was an adult and didn't need permission to marry. Victor said that Phyllis never would have allowed the marriage to take place.

After Nikki left, Dr. Cutler was escorted to the Newman ranch to meet with Victor. Victor said that he had some questions about Cutler's coma-reversing drug. Cutler told Victor that all of his findings were available online. Victor said that he had read Cutler's work, adding, "the contribution I made to your clinic has no strings attached at all." Victor learned from the doctor that the patients in the trial took different lengths of time to emerge from their comas, but so far, every one of them had made a full recovery. Victor asked if Cutler if had read Phyllis Newman's medical records. The doctor told Victor that Phyllis was a suitable candidate for the trial.

Victor told Dr. Cutler that he wanted to "enroll" Phyllis in the study. The doctor said that he needed the family's permission. Victor said that he didn't want to involve Phyllis' family -- her daughter Summer had been through a difficult year. Cutler said that he appreciated Victor's concern, but he had to keep everything on the up and up, lest he lose his funding. Victor volunteered to fund the entire project, but Cutler was adamant that he receive the family's consent before treating Phyllis.

Nikki rang the doorbell at Summer and Austin's apartment. Expecting Austin, Summer opened the door and was less than thrilled to see Nikki. Nikki entered and asked Summer if she had been expecting Austin, her new husband. Summer was surprised that Nikki and Victor knew about her marriage. Summer began making excuses as to why she hadn't invited Nikki and Victor, but then admitted the truth -- she hadn't thought they would attend. Nikki reminded Summer of Austin's crimes, but Summer made excuses for him -- Austin had accidentally shot Paul, and he had kidnapped Avery because she had defended the man who had eventually killed his mother. Perhaps referring to Phyllis, Summer said that losing one's mother was hard to accept.

Nikki looked around the apartment and told Summer how beautiful it was. Summer said that Jack had hired a designer to decorate. Nikki said that it was good that Jack and Nick were looking out for her until Phyllis recovered. Summer mentioned that she had just returned from visiting Phyllis, but the doctors weren't holding out much hope for a recovery.

Trying to cheer Summer up, Nikki asked Summer to tell her about the wedding. Summer said that she couldn't have pulled it off without Sharon's help. Nikki looked surprised when Summer mentioned how wonderful Sharon had been. Nikki said that she hadn't realized that Summer and Sharon had gotten so close. Summer said that Sharon had been a source of strength for her during the past year.

Austin arrived home and, not seeing Nikki, excitedly told Summer that he had gotten a job. He then spotted Nikki, who coldly congratulated him. He told Nikki that he was surprised to see her there, as Nikki was a friend of Paul's. Nikki reminded him that she was also Summer's grandmother.

Austin tried to explain to Nikki why he had committed his crimes. He said that he had been messed up after his mother had died, and he hadn't had anyone to help him through. Summer, referring to herself, said, "Now he does." Seemingly unconvinced that Austin had changed, Nikki warned him not to hurt Summer or anyone else she loved. Nikki hugged Summer and said goodbye. Nikki glared at Austin as she left.

After her session with Dr. Mead, Sharon ran into Nikki in a hospital corridor. Sharon was taken aback when Nikki said that she wanted to thank her for looking after Summer. Nikki apologized for having been so hard on Sharon. Sharon apologized for the horrible things she had done to the Newman family. Nikki said that she should have realized that was all because of Sharon's illness. Sharon was touched that Nikki understood that.

Nikki continued, saying that Victor had been wrong to exploit Sharon's sickness and to abuse Cassie's memory. She realized how hard it had been for Sharon when Cassie had died -- and why Nick hadn't wanted to take a paternity test to determine who Summer's biological father was. Nick had wanted to fill the hole in his heart left by Cassie's death. Nikki walked off to her appointment, but something about what Nikki had just said obviously upset Sharon.

Summer tried to make sandwiches for Austin and herself -- an awful-sounding concoction of marshmallows and dill pickles. He said that it was the first sandwich she'd made for him -- and that was what he would remember when he was in prison. Summer snapped that she didn't want to talk about that. She asked Austin to tell her about his job. He hesitantly told her that he was going to be working for Nick. Austin mentioned that Nick seemed "pretty cool," and so did Mariah, a girl who worked there. Summer became upset at the mention of Mariah's name and told Austin that Mariah was "not cool" and that he needed to stay far away from her.

Summer told Austin all about Mariah's sordid past. He said he would keep his guard up -- that it would be good practice for when he was around all those inmates that he wouldn't be able to trust. Summer told him not to joke about that -- she didn't want to think about him going to prison. He said that they would have to think about it eventually. All Summer wanted to think about was their marriage. They began to kiss and were interrupted by the doorbell. She opened the door to Victor. Summer asked if he was looking for Nikki. He said that he was there to see Summer

After Austin had left the Underground, Mariah told Nick that he might get a reputation as a nice guy if he didn't watch out. She asked him if he'd hired Austin so that he could keep an eye on him. Mariah didn't believe it when Nick denied that. Nick said that he respected what Austin was trying to do -- owning up to his mistakes and making things right for Summer before he went to prison.

Later, Sharon rushed into the bar, looking for Nick. Mariah reported that he was in the back. Sharon looked frazzled, and Mariah was concerned about her. Nick walked in, and Sharon told him that she'd had another one of those flash memories, and it might be really important. Nick asked her what she remembered. Sharon glared at him.

. . .

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