Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jill visited Victor at his office to talk about Chancellor, and he flatly refused to sell it to her. She pointed out that the division was hurting badly, and everyone knew he was the seller in the warehouse redevelopment project. She imagined that both Victor and his company would take huge hits, but Victor declared that real estate prices were going up, so he stood to make a fortune. Jill warned that the results of the impact study could quash the sale, but she could help him save face and allow him to make a bundle. She suggested that she might be his last hope, and he chuckled.

Victor sarcastically said it was kind of Jill to want to protect him, but he was certain the warehouse district sale would go through. Jill reminded him that she was no corporate neophyte, and she was aware he needed a lot of cash, or he wouldn't have risked Nikki's wrath and health by trying to sell Crimson Lights out from under Dylan. Jill continued that the Bonaventure deal had turned Chancellor into a stuffed pig, and Victor imagined she wanted to take it off his hands. Jill contended that Chancellor should have been hers, since she loved the company and had run it well, but Victor countered that Katherine had left it in better hands with him.

Jill asserted that she wanted Chancellor back, and she suggested that she and Victor reach terms as friends instead of enemies. She offered to let him draft the press release to polish his image after publicly trying to destroy his wife's son, and Victor claimed to be touched, but he said Jill and Cane didn't have the finances to buy a company of that size. She countered that she'd been saving for a rainy day, and she asked how much he wanted. He wrote down a figure on a piece of paper and handed it to her with a smirk.

In Chicago, Lily and Hilary entered their hotel suite, and Lily commented that it was weird to be there together for a spa weekend. Hilary pointedly stated that she'd never envisioned it happening, but it had made Neil happy. Lily praised Hilary for always putting Neil first, and Hilary said he deserved it. Lily acknowledged that she and Hilary had had issues in the past, but the fact that Hilary loved Neil trumped everything. Lily hoped she and Hilary could be friends, and Hilary offered to get started by booking some spa treatments.

Hilary exited the room and ran into Devon in the hallway, and she whispered that he couldn't be there. He pulled her into a kiss, but she pushed him away and worried that Lily could pop out at any second. Devon pleaded that he needed time with Hilary, but she protested that it couldn't be like that, since she was there with his sister. Devon said he didn't want to think about Lily, Neil, or anyone else, and Hilary asked for some time to figure out how to fix the situation.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Neil told Cane that his doctor was confident he would regain his sight, and he was looking forward to starting treatment. Cane urged Neil to tell Hilary, since it would be like giving her a gift, but Neil didn't want to get her hopes up. Neil promised to give her the gift when it happened, but in the meantime, he wanted her to be pampered and not to think about home. Cane questioned whether Neil felt the same way about Lily, and Neil explained that Lily had enough on her plate with the business and the twins. As Colin watched, Cane informed Neil that he was about to add more stress to their lives, since he intended to make a play to take over Chancellor.

Lily called Cane and reported that Hilary was seriously stressed out, and she hadn't realized how Hilary's job and home life had been getting to her. Cane relayed that Neil had been giving him tips about how to handle the club and the kids, and the couple exchanged expressions of love before they hung up. Cane told Neil that the women were relaxing, and Colin joined them and declared that it would soon be a new beginning for Cane and Chancellor. Neil cautioned that they had to get through Victor first, and Victor had a tendency to bounce back harder and stronger than ever. Gwen approached, and Colin pulled Cane aside.

Neil asked Gwen for a favor, and he referred to the conversation they'd had about where things stood with her and Devon. She acknowledged that she'd probably told Neil more than he'd wanted to know, but she gushed that things were still great. Neil suggested that the three of them have dinner, but she reported that Devon had sent her a text message to tell her he'd had to go away on business, and it had sounded important. As Colin eavesdropped, Neil tried to reach Devon, who didn't answer his phone, and Neil imagined it was one "hell of a meeting." Gwen cooed that she loved that Devon didn't brag or publicize, even though he was a mover and a shaker.

Hilary insisted that Lily take the first massage appointment, and Lily objected because the trip was intended for Hilary to relax, but Hilary pointed out that she wasn't the one with two kids. Lily relented and headed out, and a moment later, there was a knock at the door. Hilary let in Devon, and she asked if he was there to talk. He mused that they never had enough time for it, and they kissed. Devon and Hilary began to disrobe, and Lily searched for her room key in her robe pockets as she approached the hotel room door.

Colin wanted to hammer out a plan to get back Chancellor, but Cane clarified that he was working on it with Jill, and Colin wasn't involved. Colin questioned whether Cane was content to let it remain a pipedream, but Cane contended that he knew Chancellor and how to deal with Victor. Colin believed that Cane and Jill needed access to Colin's wicked ways, since it took a scoundrel to catch one.

Cane mentioned that Victor didn't want to sell the company, and he was aware that Victor had loved Katherine and that Victor hated to lose, so Victor wouldn't just hand it over. Colin remarked that everyone had a price, and Jill arrived and announced that Victor's price would make their eyeballs bleed. She showed them the paper with Victor's asking price, and Cane wondered if Victor had meant it, but she said it didn't matter, since they didn't have the money. Jill contemplated looking for investors, but Colin said they only needed one, and he could help.

Colin asserted that he and Jill had both been exposed to the same information, but he knew how to use it better. Jill chortled, but Cane asked Colin to tell them his strategy to get the capital. Neil approached and asked if the trio was ready to take over an empire. Colin commented that they were all in the same family, and one of his investments was about to pay off big.

At the Jabot lab, Abby and Stitch discussed the potential of using the new formula in other products, like soaps and shampoos. Ashley entered, and she showed them a newspaper article about Newman-Chancellor reviving the Brash & Sassy line. Stitch had no idea what that meant, and Abby explained that it had been iconic for teenage girls in the '90s. Ashley theorized that Victor was trying to steal Jabot's thunder by beating them to market, and Abby recognized that the line would have instant branding, but she wondered what products Newman had in the pipeline. Ashley worried that Victor knew what Jabot had, and Stitch swore that he and Victoria hadn't talked about it.

Stitch added that Victoria had mentioned a new venture but nothing specific, and Ashley figured that Victor felt threatened. Abby read from the article that Newman-Chancellor was reviving the Brash & Sassy brand with a new, organic essence, and Ashley thought it was a message from Victor. Abby wondered how Victor might have learned the ingredients in Jabot's new formula, and both women looked at Stitch. Stitch reiterated that he hadn't talked to Victoria about his work, but Abby noted that he'd convinced the cops that he'd killed his own father.

Stitch dared Ashley to fire him if she thought she couldn't trust him, but Tobias walked in, and Ashley fired Tobias instead. Ashley ranted that she'd humored Tobias and Victor for far too long, and the pictures Tobias had taken of the files had only given Victor a formula for tequila. Ashley guessed that there was another mole involved, and she offered not to have Tobias arrested for corporate espionage if he gave her the mole's name. Tobias swore he didn't know if there was another mole, and Ashley dismissed him. Stitch ripped the security badge from Tobias' jacket and roughly escorted him out the door.

An impressed Abby noted that Ashley had almost made Tobias cry, and she said she wanted to be her mother. Ashley was sure that Tobias had known nothing about the formula, but she worried that Victor had found out about it another way. Abby thought Stitch had protested too much earlier, and she accidentally dropped her purse. A vial fell out, and Ashley spotted it. Abby admitted that she'd borrowed a sample of the formula to try to get Victoria and Billy back together, and Ashley freaked out that Victor could have had it analyzed if he'd found it.

Abby said Victor had already won if he was in Ashley's head, regardless of whether or not he had the formula, and Ashley apologized. Ashley rambled about how big the project was for Jabot and for her career, and Abby swore she'd never do anything to hurt Ashley or the project. Ashley vowed to find out exactly what Victor knew, and Abby expressed confidence that if anyone could take him on, Ashley could.

Over drinks at Victor's office, Ashley asked Victor if he'd heard from Tobias, and she relayed that she'd fired her assistant. Ashley assumed that Victor had acquired information about her formula, and she confronted him about using the term "organic essences" in his press release to needle her. He innocently asked if her formula was based on that, and she imagined he knew she was using a rare root extract, but he didn't know the details and never would. She requested that he stop using moles and press releases to annoy her, and he guessed that her formula no longer produced tequila. She pointed out that he'd practically admitted to spying on her, and Victor said he'd thought she would enjoy the game as much as he did, but he agreed to end it in a friendly draw.

Ashley returned to the lab, and she reported to Abby that her meeting with Victor had been civil. Ashley added that she was confident he didn't know about their compound, since she'd watched his eyes when she'd mentioned a rare root extract, even though the formula didn't contain one. Ashley admitted that she'd set him up to waste a lot of time and money while they went to market and amazed the world, and she envisioned making a fortune for Jabot and becoming CEO. Abby pulled out the sample she'd swiped and poured it down the sink, and Ashley proclaimed that the world would find out when they decided to tell them. Meanwhile, Victor listened to the conversation via a bug in the lab.

Kelly ran into Phyllis in the Athletic Club foyer, and she refused to get into a screaming match at her place of work over what Phyllis had done. Phyllis presented Kelly with the wig and snapped that she'd found it where Kelly had left it. Phyllis accused Kelly of planting the wig in the living room in order to make Jack think Phyllis had disguised herself as a blonde to order the roses from the florist. Phyllis argued that she wouldn't have been stupid enough to give her own name, and she'd never pull the "half-assed job" Kelly had tried to frame her for.

Kelly countered that it wasn't her fault Phyllis had slipped up, and Phyllis ridiculed Kelly's flower-scattering attempt to seduce Jack. Phyllis added that the night she'd planned for Jack had been different, since she was a woman who knew what Jack wanted. Kelly sweetly asked if he wanted a deranged fiancée waving a wig around, and Phyllis pushed Kelly to admit what she'd done, or they'd go to war like Kelly had never imagined. "Let's do this, Phyllis, once and for all," Kelly suggested.

Over tea, Phyllis ordered Kelly to confess what she'd done or stop wasting Phyllis' time. Kelly questioned how she could have planted the wig in Jack and Phyllis' house, and Phyllis speculated that Kelly had kept a copy of the key, but she warned that they'd just changed the locks that morning. Kelly pointed out that no one had to be the villain, and she recommended that Phyllis ask Jack for help, since there could be a medical excuse for Phyllis' actions. Phyllis demanded to know Kelly's excuse for being a "sneaky bitch," and Kelly stepped aside for a moment to give Phyllis a minute to calm down.

Kelly returned a few moments later, and Phyllis complained that the tea was cold. Kelly said she had to get back to work, and Phyllis envisioned Kelly folding napkins into swans, but Kelly refused to humor Phyllis after Phyllis had bullied and humiliated her just because Jack had cared about her. Phyllis vowed to get Kelly to confess, and Kelly asked if Phyllis was ready for a catfight in a public place. Kelly wondered how Phyllis would explain it to Jack, and Phyllis warned Kelly not to think she could mess with Phyllis and not pay for it. Phyllis started to walk away, but Kelly said she was forgetting something, and she tossed Phyllis the wig and the handbag.

After Phyllis left, Stitch joined Kelly at the table while she finished her tea, and he guessed from her expression that she wasn't having the best day. He surmised it was about Jack, and she revealed that Jack's maniacal fiancée had been calling her a stalker. Kelly explained that she was being blamed for something she hadn't done, and Stitch empathized that it was frustrating. Kelly asserted that nothing she'd ever done could compare to what Phyllis was capable of, but she suddenly became weak and murmured that something was wrong. Stitch worriedly called Kelly's name as she started to pass out.

At the Abbott mansion, Dr. Cutler assumed that Jack had flown him in on the private jet due to an urgent situation, and he inquired whether Phyllis had suffered a relapse. Jack reported that Phyllis was active and alert, and the doctor lectured that he had other patients who needed his attention. Jack said he needed to better understand the protocol Dr. Cutler had used to get Phyllis out of her coma, including the possible side effects. Jack wondered if other patients had lost their grip on reality.

Jack explained that he'd known and loved Phyllis for a long time, and she was a complex and frustrating woman, but she'd changed. He inquired whether other patients who had been through Dr. Cutler's procedure had acted out, but Phyllis interrupted. Jack introduced Dr. Cutler, who said it was wonderful to see Phyllis with her eyes open. She suspected that wasn't why he was there, and Jack revealed that he'd invited the doctor. Phyllis concluded that Jack was trying to determine if she'd woken up loopy, and she huffed that there was another woman who was doing a bang-up job of making Jack question Phyllis' sanity. Jack insisted that he'd called Dr. Cutler because he loved Phyllis and wanted to figure out what was really going on.

Jack told Phyllis to forget about Kelly, and Phyllis quipped that perhaps she should go to Sharon's doctor for some electrotherapy to zap it out of her mind. Jack ranted that Victor had played God when he'd subjected Phyllis to experimental treatment, and Dr. Cutler swore his methods were effective, but aftercare was imperative, so he wanted to examine Phyllis. Phyllis thanked the doctor for being there, but she recognized Victor had bought him, and she was happy with her neurologist. Dr. Cutler contended that he had expertise her doctor didn't, but Phyllis flatly stated that Jack shouldn't have called, since she was awake and sane enough to call her own doctor.

Dr. Cutler mentioned that he'd be in town until the next day, and Phyllis warned him to watch out for a crazy-eyed blonde if he was staying at the Athletic Club. Dr. Cutler left, and Phyllis demanded to know if Jack had summoned the doctor there because he thought she was crazy. Jack said Phyllis had been the one throwing around terms like psycho and whacko, but she countered that no one had forced Kelly to see a doctor. Jack argued that Phyllis had been through a major head trauma and experimental treatment, and she'd left the clinic without being checked out, but Phyllis defended that she'd stayed in bed until the doctors had told her she was okay.

Phyllis maintained that Kelly had set the whole thing up, but Jack noted that Phyllis had pulled similar stunts in the past. Phyllis contended that she'd won because Jack was hers, and she was happy to rub Kelly's face in it, but it would be a waste of her time to frame Kelly with a complicated plan. Phyllis questioned whether Jack really thought she'd changed that much, and Jack argued that Victor hadn't cared about her, Jack, or Summer when he'd pulled the strings to get Dr. Cutler on board, so Jack needed to make sure there had been no unintended consequences.

Phyllis asked if Jack thought her brain was scrambled, and she contended that she was awake because Victor had played games and pulled strings, which was more than what Jack had done. Jack was shocked by her words, but Phyllis bellowed that she was acting like a lucid, normal person, and she dared him to call her crazy again.

In the emergency room, Stitch explained that Kelly had suffered from abdominal pain and dizziness before she'd collapsed. Kelly regained consciousness, and she complained about her head and her stomach. Stitch started to tend to her, but the doctor gently reminded him that he wasn't on staff anymore. Stitch stepped out into the corridor, and he worriedly peered in from outside.

The doctor stepped out of the exam room, and Stitch asked if the problem had been with Kelly's heart. The doctor revealed that Kelly's ailment hadn't had anything to do with stress -- she'd been poisoned.

. . .

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