Tuesday, April 22, 2014

At the penthouse, Chelsea and Billy playfully bickered over him spoiling the end of the movie for her, and he impulsively kissed her. She immediately pulled away and slapped him. Billy apologetically said that he hadn't meant for it to happen, and he defended that he'd felt like he had no home or family, but he'd felt a connection with her. Chelsea bellowed that her husband had just died, and she ordered Billy to leave, but he begged her not to let the kiss screw things up between them. They heard Connor cry over the baby monitor, and Chelsea told Billy to be gone by the time she got back from tending to her son.

Moments later, Chelsea raced downstairs with Connor in her arms and stopped Billy from leaving. She worried that the tot's cough had gotten worse, and she thought that he wasn't breathing properly. Billy said that it was probably croup, and he suggested that she put on a hot shower to allow the steam to help Connor with his congestion. She noticed that her shirt was missing a button, and she panicked that perhaps Connor had swallowed it. Billy offered to take them to the hospital.

At the hospital, Stitch kissed Victoria, and he inquired whether the gesture answered her question. She stammered that she couldn't remember what she'd asked, and he reminded her that she'd questioned whether they were involved. He wondered if the kiss had helped clear things up, and she replied that it had done a lot of things. She confirmed that some of the things were very good, but it had also made her realize that she wasn't ready to be involved with him, especially since she'd kissed someone else just hours before.

Stitch assumed that Victoria had kissed Billy, and she said that she hadn't planned it and that technically, Billy was still her husband. Stitch wondered what she considered him to be, and she hoped that he was an understanding friend. She explained that she and Billy had been at Abby's engagement party and that they'd gotten caught up in the romance, but it had only been one kiss. Stitch queried where Victoria's head was, and she noted that she'd filed separation papers, but she didn't know what was next. She believed that she couldn't handle a serious relationship until she figured things out.

As Stitch cleaned up the takeout containers, Victoria admired that he wasn't averse to domestic duties. He replied that he'd been a bachelor for a while, and it looked like things would stay that way. He quickly apologized, and she recognized that she couldn't blame him for wanting to continue in the direction they'd been headed, but she needed some time to sort things out. He admitted that he was jealous of her history with Billy, and Victoria commented that they were even, since she'd been jealous of Ashley. Stitch speculated that their mutual jealousy indicated that maybe they were more involved than they'd thought.

Stitch and Victoria suddenly heard Billy yell that he needed a doctor, and they hurried out to the corridor. Chelsea described Connor's condition, and Stitch escorted Chelsea and Connor into an exam room. Victoria assured a shaken Billy that Connor would be okay, and Billy recounted that he'd told Delia the same thing in the ambulance. He said that the hospital had felt a million miles away from Chelsea's place, and Victoria asked what he had been doing there.

Billy slammed Victoria for questioning his actions after the fashion show she'd put on that evening, and he wondered why she was there instead of on the date she'd dressed up for. He instantly withdrew the inquiry, since they had separate lives and could do what they wanted to do. Billy worried about how quickly a child's condition could change, and Victoria told him that Connor was in the best possible hands. Billy testily noted that Connor was with Stitch, and he realized that she hadn't meant anything by the comment, but he lamented that they couldn't seem to stop hurting one another.

Stitch and Chelsea returned with Connor, and Stitch announced that Connor had a bad case of croup. Chelsea thanked Billy for being a sane adult when she hadn't been able to be one, and she said that she didn't know what she and Connor would have done without Billy. Chelsea said that she'd take a cab home, but Billy insisted on giving her a ride, and he pointedly stated that he didn't have anything else to do. Chelsea glanced uncomfortably at Victoria and thanked Stitch, and she and Billy left with Connor. Stitch watched Victoria's displeased reaction.

At the Athletic Club, Neil approached Hilary in the foyer, and she flashed back to their kiss at the fashion show. He said that he needed to clear the air, but she replied that they both knew what the kiss had been about. Leslie walked through the revolving door, and Hilary awkwardly started to head up to her room, but Neil stopped her and asked if she'd congratulated Leslie on her marriage yet. Hilary tried to pull him aside to go over the orders for Chelsea's line, but Neil insisted upon catching up with his ex. Leslie asked if he would be hostile every time they ran into one another, but Neil pointed out that Leslie was the one who had wanted to be friends, and he sarcastically declared that it was a great idea.

Hilary attempted to pull Neil away, but Neil ranted that there was no reason that he and Leslie couldn't be friends, since there was no longer any danger of crossing the line because she'd gotten married. He offered to throw Leslie and her husband a reception at the club, and Leslie declined. He recalled that Leslie preferred intimate gatherings, but it was hard to keep up with what her stance was on anything related to marriage. Leslie refused to let him push her buttons, and she hoped that he found someone, since all she'd ever wanted was for him to be happy. Leslie walked away, and Hilary asked if Neil was okay. Neil made a quick exit, and Hilary asked to join Leslie at her table.

Leslie thanked Hilary for trying to stop Neil from making a scene, and Hilary barked that Leslie didn't get it. Hilary called Neil a good, decent man who had been crazy in love with Leslie, but Leslie had shattered his heart and then stomped on it. Leslie argued that she'd just been honest, but Hilary retorted that Leslie wasn't being honest with herself. Leslie ordered Hilary to go, and Hilary told Leslie to go "straight to hell," which was where she belonged after hurting Neil. Leslie defended that she hadn't intended to hurt him, but Hilary snapped to cut the bull, since Neil could do better than a lying backstabber. Leslie wondered if Hilary wanted Neil for herself.

Leslie growled that Hilary had a lot of nerve to accuse her of destroying Neil's life when Hilary's sole purpose for being in town had been to destroy Neil's whole family. Hilary hissed for Leslie to stay out of his life, and Leslie commanded that Hilary do the same.

At the Newman ranch, Jack marveled that Nikki had managed to get their families together and that it had still been an exquisite party, and she replied that she'd wanted it to be perfect. She remarked that she'd always thought that their families could be copacetic, but Jack was surprised that there hadn't been any casualties. Victor appeared, and Jack noted that Victor had been gracious, which made him even more suspicious. Jack suspected that one of the guests had had a target on his or her back, but he didn't know which one.

Nikki urged Jack not to ruin a wonderful evening, and Jack agreed that the party had been sublime, even though he didn't believe that Victor was truly trying to mend fences. After Jack left, Victor said that Jack hadn't ever been right about anything, and Nikki inquired whether Victor had really been trying to make things right with the people he was at odds with, including Sharon. Victor mentioned that Nikki had told him to stop trying to control his children and grandchildren, and she asked when he had started taking her advice. He swore that his efforts to make peace had been sincere.

Nikki asked if Victor had reservations about Abby marrying Tyler, and Victor admitted that he did, since he thought that the disparity in the couple's incomes was too great. Nikki said that Tyler had a good job, but Victor countered that Abby was worth a fortune, and he hoped that eventually Abby and Tyler would both work for Newman-Chancellor if that was what they wanted. Nikki recognized that Adam's death had really changed Victor, and Victor acknowledged that both he and Adam had made mistakes, but Victor was the only one who could still rectify his.

Nikki mused that she could get accustomed to a kinder, gentler Victor, and he said that he had always been that way with her. She commended him for going the extra mile with others, and she knew that Nick had appreciated Victor allowing Sharon to attend the party. Nikki said that Nick loved Victor very much, even when Nick was upset with him, and Victor remarked that Nick had her heart. Nikki replied that Nick also had Victor's, since Nick was loyal and brave. Victor thanked Nikki for her support and loyalty, and she said that he didn't have to thank her for living up to their wedding vows. He jokingly contemplated whether he should take back something he'd arranged for her.

Victor showed Nikki photos of a private yacht that he'd chartered to take them all over Europe, and he said that she could just tell the captain where she wanted to go. He added that one of the crewmembers was a doctor who specialized in multiple sclerosis, and she gushed that he'd thought of everything. They kissed, and she said that the timing was perfect, since they'd be sailing out of town right after Ian had sailed in. Victor asked Nikki to wait for him upstairs.

Sharon returned home and worriedly left a message for Nick, asking him to call her as soon as possible. She ran to answer a knock at her door, and she was clearly disappointed when she discovered Jack there. He handed over her phone, which she'd left at the party, and she invited him in. She explained that she was concerned about Nick, who had gone to the car to grab a gift and had never returned, although he'd called to say that he was fine. Jack rattled off some logical excuses for why Nick had disappeared, and he offered to keep her company while she waited.

Jack said that he'd missed having Phyllis by his side that night, especially since he thought she would have had a lot to say about Victor's benevolent act. He noticed that Sharon seemed distracted, and she confided that she'd decided to take a drastic step by undergoing electroconvulsive therapy, but one of the side effects had been memory loss. She told Jack that she didn't remember Phyllis' accident but that her heart went out to both Jack and Phyllis, and Jack guessed that Sharon didn't remember the nature of her relationship with Phyllis. Sharon recalled that they hadn't been the best of friends, but she hoped that Phyllis recovered for Summer and Jack's sakes. Jack stated that he hadn't given up because he'd lost too much already.

Sharon said that she was surprised that no one had planned a memorial for Adam, especially since she thought that Victor would have done something for his son. Jack mentioned that Nikki believed that Adam's death had forced Victor to change, and he said that Victor had put on a good show that night. Sharon revealed that Victor had made it clear that he hadn't forgiven or forgotten what she'd done, but she'd seen a dent in his armor, since Victor had seemed genuinely concerned about Nick. Sharon declared that she didn't want to waste more time hating Victor or anyone else, and Jack hoped that Victor felt the same way. Jack pondered whether it was possible that Adam's death had caused Victor to grow a conscience.

Later, Neil stopped by the Abbott mansion, and Jack informed him that Rick Forrester had called to let him know that orders had been pouring in after the fashion show. Neil prepared to update Jack on the quarterly sales, but Jack suspected that Neil wanted to talk about something other than work. Neil divulged that he and Leslie had run into one another, and he wondered if things would have worked out between them if he hadn't insisted on marriage. Jack opined that if Leslie could move on that easily then Neil and Leslie wouldn't have had much of a future anyway, and he thought that Neil should consider himself lucky that they hadn't gotten married. Neil remarked that Jack sounded like Hilary.

Jack asked when Neil and Hilary had gotten close, and Neil said they hadn't, but they'd gotten to know one another while on their business trip. Jack was glad that she had been there for Neil, and he advised that Neil ought to listen if both Jack and Hilary were telling him the same thing. Jack optimistically stated that Neil was available for the right woman.

In the Cassie look-alike's motel room, Nick asked whose idea it had been for her to pretend to be Cassie. She tried to leave, but Nick blocked the door and refused to let her go anywhere. He was stunned by how much she looked like Cassie, and she argued that if he let her go, he'd never have to see her face again. Nick demanded to know the truth, and "Cassie" swore that stalking Sharon had been her own idea and that she'd only referred to someone else because Nick had scared her. Nick questioned what her motive had been, and "Cassie" contended that it wouldn't make sense to a spoiled rich guy.

Nick was skeptical that "Cassie" had tormented Sharon to try to get a few bucks, but "Cassie" argued that it was a known fact that the Newmans were loaded. She said that she'd seen an article about a rich family who had started an anti-drinking campaign, and she had been blown away that Cassie's photo had looked just like her. She added that she'd seen it as her opportunity to get her fair share, since Nick's family had more than they could ever need, but she'd realized that she'd gone too far. She acknowledged that she couldn't take it back, and she sincerely stated that she was sorry. "Cassie" reminded Nick that he'd said she could go if she told him the truth, and he agreed that she could -- as soon as she told the real truth.

"Cassie" maintained that she'd already told the truth, and Nick contemplated how much worse the truth could be than the story she'd made up. He pointed out that she'd never asked for or stolen anything, and "Cassie" claimed that she had been waiting for a bigger payoff. Nick surmised that someone else had paid her, but she countered that he had nothing to back up the theory. Nick sternly stated that Sharon had gone through electroconvulsive therapy after seeing "Cassie," and "Cassie" repeated that she'd known that she'd gone too far. Nick asked why she'd been lingering outside at a family get-together, and he threatened to call the police, but she begged him not to. She blurted out that "he" would kill her, and Nick asked who.

"Cassie" fretted that she'd said too much already, and she huffed that Nick couldn't make her talk. Nick pieced together that the person behind everything was a man who had a grudge against Sharon, had access to family photos, had gotten "Cassie" through the tight security on the ranch, and had the money to pay her off. He concluded that Victor had been behind "Cassie's" antics, but she denied it, saying that it was sad that he thought that his dad could do something like that. Nick said that no one else hated Sharon that much, but "Cassie" reiterated that she'd done everything on her own. Nick understood that she was scared, but he said that she wasn't the first person Victor had intimidated, and he needed to know the truth.

"Cassie" said that there was more to it than Nick knew, but it was complicated. Nick pleaded with "Cassie" to help him understand why Victor would want to torture Sharon, and "Cassie" stammered that she was sorry. "Cassie" cried that it was obvious what losing Cassie had done to Sharon, and she apologized for stirring up the pain again. Nick implored her to tell him the truth if she truly regretted what she'd done, and he asked if Victor had put her up to it. "Cassie" confessed that Victor had.

At the tack house, Nick called Victor and said that they needed to talk right away. Victor griped that it was late, but Nick insisted that it was important, and Victor said that he'd be right there. Someone pounded at the door, and a concerned Sharon rushed in to find out what was going on. Sharon's jaw dropped as she faced Cassie's look-alike.

. . .

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