Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sharon exited the kitchen, and she heard Mariah amorously call out, "I've got a surprise for you." Mariah descended the stairs in a racy negligee, and she was shocked to see Sharon. Mariah fibbed that she'd invited over a guy she'd met at the club, but Sharon flashed back to returning from her trip early and walking in on Nick and a scantily clad Mariah. Mariah said that she'd thought she'd be alone, but Sharon accused her of trying to seduce Nick.

Mariah maintained that she'd expected to meet a man named Dave, but Sharon surmised that Mariah had heard someone in the kitchen and had assumed it had been Nick. Sharon ranted that she'd bailed Mariah out, taken her in, and defended her, but Mariah had repaid her by plotting behind her back to seduce Nick. Mariah protested, but Sharon warned not to insult her intelligence, and Mariah crowed that it had been going on a lot longer than Sharon knew. Sharon retorted that it had only been in Mariah's fantasies, and she pointed out that Mariah looked like Nick's daughter. Mariah spat that she wasn't his daughter and that Sharon didn't deserve him, and she proclaimed that Nick was much better off with Mariah.

Sharon realized that the signs had all been there, from Mariah scheming to be alone with Nick to baking him a peach pie, and she believed that Mariah had inflated the attention that Nick had given her in her mind. Sharon snapped that Nick had only been putting up with Mariah because Sharon had wanted to help her, and Mariah taunted that Nick protected Sharon like she was an invalid, but it was all an act on Sharon's part. Mariah recalled that Sharon had poured her heart out at the cemetery about the horrible secret that could ruin Nick's life. Mariah accused Sharon of just pretending not to remember what it was because Sharon's worst fear would be realized if Nick dumped her.

Mariah added that Sharon looked at her like she was Sharon's precious little girl, but Nick looked at Mariah like he wanted her, and she insinuated that they would have slept together if he'd walked in instead of Sharon. Sharon restrained herself from slapping Mariah and said that Mariah didn't deserve to look like Cassie, and she admonished Mariah for pretending to be remorseful about impersonating Cassie. Sharon acknowledged that Mariah hadn't had anyone except Ian while growing up, and she knew that Mariah was starving for love, but Mariah bellowed for her to shut up, since Sharon didn't know her.

Mariah raged that she hadn't needed to drive Sharon insane because Sharon had already been there, and she'd told Sharon that she was nothing like Cassie. Sharon agreed that it was painfully clear, since Cassie would have been a kind and generous young lady and not someone who used her misfortune as an excuse to be a liar and a tramp. Mariah hissed that even if Sharon and Nick got married, it wouldn't be long before he regretted it, since he was only with Sharon because he felt sorry for her. Mariah snarled that Sharon would make Nick miserable, but Sharon would rather destroy him than see him happy.

Mariah claimed that Sharon was in denial, and she growled that Sharon's kindness was an act, but Sharon was a "selfish bitch" who only cared about herself. Sharon ordered Mariah out of her house and yelled that she never wanted to see Mariah again. Mariah huffed that it worked for her, and she stormed upstairs and retrieved her suitcase. Mariah threw the clothes Sharon had bought for her at Sharon's feet, and she walked out.

In a hotel room, a lingerie-clad Grace purred that she'd hurried to Genoa City when Nick had called. Nick stated that it was good to see her, and she pawed at him and said that it had been too long. She added that she'd never thought they'd be together again, but he clarified that it hadn't been a booty call and that he needed information. She pranced around and seductively asserted that she'd just put on the teddy to be comfortable, but he reiterated that he wasn't interested in comfort.

Grace groused that Nick had once been fun, and he replied that he'd grown up. She noted that it was hot in there, and he flashed back to a hot night when she'd rubbed ice over her body and then his. Grace offered him a mimosa, and Nick mentioned that he and Sharon were back together and that they intended to make it work. He reluctantly took the drink Grace handed him, and she asked about her former best friend. Grace rattled off all the Newman men Sharon had married, and Nick said that Sharon had hit a rough patch, but she was doing better.

Nick revealed that he'd summoned Grace because of Cassie, and Grace's expression darkened. Grace softly said that she'd never told Nick and Sharon in person how sorry she was, and Nick replied that he and Sharon knew that Grace had loved Cassie. He recalled that Grace had tracked Cassie down after Sharon had given Cassie up for adoption, but Grace had a feeling he hadn't sent the Newman jet so they could reminisce, and she questioned why he was dredging up the painful memories. Nick showed Grace a photo of Mariah, and Grace found Mariah's resemblance to Cassie eerie.

Nick said that sometimes it felt like his daughter was right in front of him with Mariah around, and he understood why Sharon had become invested in Mariah. Grace concluded that Sharon wasn't the only one, and he explained that many things about Mariah reminded him of Cassie. Grace pointed out that Victor had paid Mariah to play a part, and she imagined that having Mariah around was like living with a ghost. Nick worried that there was too much that didn't add up, and Grace asked how she could help. Nick requested that she tell him everything about the day Cassie had been born.

Nick told Grace about Ian's attempt to extort money from his family, and he said that Ian's connection to Mariah had raised red flags. He disclosed that Mariah had lied about her mother being dead, and it had led to more lies and questions. Nick mentioned that Grace had been present when Cassie had been born, and he urged her to try to remember anything about Sharon's experience giving birth. Grace recalled that there had been a "New Age chick" with spooky green eyes who had been a nurse. Grace added that the nurse's name had stuck with her -- Helen. Nick realized that Mariah's mother had been there when Cassie had been born.

Grace recounted that Helen had seemed like a control freak, since Helen hadn't let Grace or Doris stay with Sharon in the delivery room. Grace had surmised that the medical staff hadn't wanted anyone to bond with the baby, since Sharon had given it up for adoption. Grace recalled that it had seemed as if the hospital had rushed through the process, and no one had given them details about the birth. Grace apologized for not being more help, but Nick thanked her and hugged her. Later, Nick left a message for Sharon to let her know he wouldn't be home that night, since he had to go out of town to take care of something that couldn't wait.

Michael entered a hotel room and called out for Lauren, who had sent him a text message to meet him there. She burst in and was disappointed that he'd arrived first, since she had wanted to set the scene for a romantic surprise. He said that he'd been very surprised to get her message in the middle of a meeting with a judge, and they kissed. Lauren explained that she'd wanted Michael to walk into a fantasy, and she griped that her plan had been ruined because a vendor hadn't shut up. Michael replied that the vendor sounded like the opposing counsel he'd faced that day, and Lauren continued to complain about work.

Michael noted that his beautiful wife had arranged a romantic rendezvous, but he and Lauren were rambling about the outside world when they should be focused on what they could be doing in the room. She started to disrobe, but he insisted on doing it himself, and he kissed her shoulder as they made their way to the bed. She made it her mission in life to continue showing him how much she loved him, and he pledged that they would always carve out time for one another, no matter how crazy their lives became. They kissed and started to make love, but he suddenly pulled away. She understood that they were out of practice, and he admitted that he was a little anxious, since he wanted every moment together to be perfect.

Michael remained unable to perform, and he apologized and said that he didn't know what was wrong. Lauren chalked it up to him having a grueling morning in court, and she assured him that she just wanted to spend time with him. He said that he loved her, and she cooed that there were many ways to show it. Michael said that he'd gotten a text message from Fen, who had sounded excited and focused while away at school. Lauren declared that going to college in Arizona had been Fen's best decision yet, and she lamented that she had to get back to work. She said that her time with Michael had been really nice, but as they wordlessly got dressed, they both looked concerned.

Stitch turned over his identification badge to hospital security, and a guard advised Stitch that he'd no longer have access to any of the hospital's facilities. Stitch glumly replied that the board had made that clear when he'd been kicked out of the residency program, and the guard credited Stitch for tending to his son, who was playing shortstop because of the treatment Stitch had provided. Stitch thanked him, and Victoria entered, breathing heavily and clutching her belly. She whimpered that she was scared that something was wrong with the baby.

Victoria reported that Dr. Chipperton was on her way over, and Stitch promised to stay with Victoria. He asked what had happened, and she explained that she'd felt a twinge that had gotten worse. She nervously added that she had experienced some spotting, and she worried that it was a bad sign. Victoria grabbed her stomach, and Stitch inquired whether the pain was sharp or dull. She replied that it was more like a cramp, and he urged her to stay as calm as possible by taking deep breaths. Abby passed by and ordered Stitch to get away from Victoria.

Victoria contended that she'd been grateful to see a familiar face, but Abby complained that Stitch had been the one stressing Victoria out and that he wasn't even on staff anymore. Victoria insisted that she was glad Stitch was there, and Dr. Chipperton escorted Victoria into an exam room. Stitch suggested that he and Abby not talk while they waited, but she chided him for acting like a doctor, and she asked if it was wise of him to be practicing without a license. He defended that he was still a licensed physician, and he had acted out of love and concern for Victoria and the baby. Stitch added that he would never stop loving them, but Abby implored him to let Billy and Victoria have the happiness that Stitch had lost with his own family.

Victoria fretted that she had felt exactly the same thing when she'd previously miscarried. Dr. Chipperton asked how heavy the spotting had been, and Victoria wailed that there shouldn't have been any. Later, Dr. Chipperton exited the exam room, and Abby and Stitch rushed in to see Victoria, who was crying. Victoria revealed that they were tears of relief, since she and the baby were fine. She added that the doctor wanted to keep her overnight for observation because of her history, and Abby assured her that everything would be fine. The sisters hugged, and Stitch silently slipped out the door. He pulled out his phone and contemplated calling Billy.

Billy entered Chelsea's design studio and announced that Jack had sent him in Neil's place to handle the production meeting, so he was there for Chelsea to debrief him. She realized that Billy felt out of his element, and he admitted that women's fashion wasn't his strong suit. She recalled that he'd told her earlier that designing was a piece of cake, and he gave her 15 minutes to tell him everything he needed to know about fashion. Chelsea explained that no two designers had the same process, and Billy replied that he was interested in her. He quickly clarified that he'd meant her process, and she said that something had to spark her ideas, like accessories.

Billy asked if being outside had helped, and Chelsea stated that nature could be inspiring. He took credit for getting her over the mental block she'd had in the park, and she joked that women everywhere would be walking around naked if it hadn't been for him. She continued that if she liked a sketch, she made a refined drawing and then draped the piece on a form. Chelsea led Billy over to a clothing dummy, and they accidentally touched hands when they both reached to adjust the fabric. After an awkward pause, she explained the rest of the process, and she handed him the designs to be discussed in the meeting. "Beautiful," he mused, gazing directly at her.

Billy complimented Chelsea's sketches, and he said that even a walking fashion disaster like him could see her talent. He asked how he could contribute to the meeting, and she told him not to talk. He pointed out that he wasn't good at keeping quiet, as their "doctor friend" had found out the hard way. She asked if Billy regretted exposing Stitch's lies, but Billy defended that Stitch had turned over the file himself. Billy said that he understood why Jenna had fled with Max, and he worried that Stitch's past would hang over Victoria's child if the baby turned out to be Stitch's.

Billy recalled that he'd told Victoria that he would love her child and that he would raise the baby no matter who the father was, but he wasn't sure that he could. Chelsea said that she couldn't have asked for better parents for Johnny, and Billy assured her that Johnny would always be loved and cared for. He imagined that Stitch would be a constant reminder and threat if the baby was Stitch's, since Stitch would never stop pursuing Victoria. Chelsea asked where Billy had left things with Victoria, and Billy replied that he couldn't keep pretending that he was selfless enough to raise Stitch's child.

Chelsea advised Billy to wait and see how he handled it when the baby arrived, and he apologized for getting off-topic before their meeting. She promised to make him look competent, and she straightened his tie. They appeared to be about to kiss, but his phone rang, and he was shocked to see an incoming call from Stitch. Stitch informed Billy about Victoria's scare, and he thought Victoria would appreciate having Billy's support. Billy thanked Stitch for calling, and Stitch briefly lingered outside Victoria's room before he walked away.

. . .

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