Tuesday, October 21, 2014

At Baldwin/Clark, Avery introduced Joe to Dylan, and Joe imagined that Dylan recognized him from the photos on the nightstand next to Joe and Avery's bed. Dylan understood that Joe had waited a long time to get that off his chest, and Joe admitted that he'd envisioned confrontations and arguments in his head, but he had no intention of living like that, since they'd all moved on. Avery hoped he meant it, and Joe said that he'd learned a lot since they'd been married. Dylan asked why Joe was in Genoa City, and Joe voiced surprise that Avery hadn't told Dylan that he'd been there for the past week.

Joe apologized for making things awkward, and Dylan surmised that Avery hadn't told him about Joe's visit because they'd had more important things to discuss, like working together to smoke out Ian. Joe said that he was relieved that Avery wasn't with a murderer, and he added that he wouldn't have been there if he'd known Avery was Michael's partner. Avery insisted that it was fine for Joe to use Michael's legal services, and Joe congratulated Dylan on getting out of jail. After Joe departed, Dylan asked Avery when she'd intended to tell him that her ex was in town.

Avery inquired whether Dylan had only backed her up for Joe's benefit, and Dylan questioned why she hadn't told him about Joe's presence in town during one of her many visits. She contended that Joe would only be there briefly before he returned to Chicago, but Dylan was curious about why Joe had been looking for a lawyer in town. Avery said that she didn't care if Joe moved in next door, but she and Dylan should be celebrating Dylan's freedom. As Avery continued to ramble, Dylan pulled her into a kiss, and he agreed that it had been a great day, so he didn't want to ruin it over something stupid. She asked if he thought he could shut her up with one great kiss, and he wondered if his plan had worked. She told him to try again, and they continued kissing.

Avery and Dylan's make-out session became more passionate, and she assumed that they were good. He admitted that he hadn't been able to help getting jealous, but she told him he had no reason to be. He thanked her for helping him see that, and he marveled that they had it all. She suggested that they celebrate, since it was unlikely Michael would be back, and she led Dylan to the conference room to "confer."

Michael implored Dr. Botnik to tell him if he had cancer, but the doctor explained that it might not be cause for alarm, since there were several things that could cause a high PSA level. Dr. Botnik said that they needed to run some more tests, including a core needle biopsy, and he urged Michael to schedule them right away. Michael protested that he'd just launched a new law firm and that his partner and his clients depended on him, but Dr. Botnik countered that Michael's family did, too. The doctor stressed the importance of making room for it, since he couldn't treat what he didn't know, and he implored Michael to do it for Lauren and Fen. Michael exited the office, reeling from the news.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren suggested to Lily that they hold a raffle at the boutique to give away a free stay at the club for the winner to be pampered for a night or two, and Lily hoped Neil was experiencing that as they spoke. Lily explained that Neil had gone to New York to surprise Hilary, and Lauren was stunned by Lily's change of attitude, but Lily accepted that Hilary was the key to Neil's happiness. The women agreed that couples didn't have to be newlyweds to keep things new and exciting every day, and Lauren wondered what was keeping Michael from starting their romantic night.

Devon and Cane returned from the airport, and Cane grumbled that he should have let Devon walk home. Cane advised Devon to stay away from Hilary, and he remarked that he was glad Neil hadn't been able to see the couple in bed together. Devon asked Cane not to hurt Neil by saying anything, and he promised that nothing would happen between him and Hilary again. Devon requested that Cane also not tell Lily, but Cane wasn't sure that he could keep lying to his wife and his father-in-law.

Devon asked what good it would do for Cane to tell Lily what he'd seen, and he urged Cane to forget about it. Lily rushed over and hugged Cane, and she noted that it was crazy that both men had gotten home at the same time. Lauren mentioned the car show, and Devon fibbed that it had been fun. Lily queried whether Hilary had been excited to see Neil, and Cane replied that it had been more of a surprise than he'd expected. Lily wanted to hear the details, and Lauren stepped out to find out where Michael was. Devon said that he had to make some calls, but he realized that his phone was missing, and Lily suggested that he try to call it from the landline at the bar.

As Neil and Hilary returned to their hotel room, she babbled on about the restaurant they'd just been to. Neil asked why they were talking about restaurants when they were alone in a beautiful room in a romantic city, and he pointed out that they hadn't been intimate since his accident. Hilary assured him that she understood he needed time, but Neil replied that he only needed her, and he wanted to make love. She swore that he had nothing to prove to her, but he said that they'd been cheated out of a honeymoon, and he proposed that they extend their stay and recreate their wedding night right there.

Neil reported that he'd arranged for a late checkout the next morning, so he and Hilary could take their time and relive every moment of their wedding night. He kissed her and started to unbutton her blouse, but she said that she couldn't do it, quickly adding that she had a report due in the morning that she hadn't started yet. Neil joked that he'd think she was trying to avoid him if he didn't know better, and a cell phone rang. Neil recognized Devon's ringtone.

Neil wondered why Devon's phone was there, but Hilary claimed that it was hers, and Neil thought it was a strange coincidence that she and Devon had the same ringtone. When Hilary answered the call, Devon realized that he'd left his phone behind, and Hilary pretended that the call was from Jack. Devon asked how they could explain the phone to Neil, and Hilary said that she'd have the report ready as planned and that she would brief him on everything else when she got home. Devon apologized for putting her in an uncomfortable position, and she quickly ended the call.

Lily left to take care of some business as Devon returned to the table, and Cane guessed that Devon had lost his phone in New York. Cane announced that he was done lying to Lily and enabling Devon and Hilary, and he approached Lily as Joe arrived. Cane asked if Joe had talked to Michael, and Joe thanked him for the recommendation, but he didn't think it was a good idea to work with his ex-wife's law partner. Cane and Lily were shocked that Joe had been married to Avery, and Joe disclosed that it hadn't been a happy ending.

Joe said that his marriage hadn't been meant to be, but he'd seen Avery a couple of times and had met Dylan that day, so it had ended well enough. Joe added that he was happy things had worked out for Avery and Dylan, since infidelity was never one person's fault, and things worked out for the best sometimes. Cane eyed Devon.

Later, Hilary quietly crawled into bed next to Neil, who declared that was more like it. She asked if she'd awakened him, and he replied that he wouldn't have minded even if she had. He asked whether she'd finished her report, and she claimed that she'd gotten too tired, so she'd complete it first thing in the morning. He amorously said that he hoped she wasn't too tired for him, and he pulled her close and kissed her, but he sensed something was wrong. Hilary asked Neil just to hold her, and he obliged and said that they had all the time in the world.

Michael greeted Lauren in the Athletic Club foyer with a passionate kiss, and she said that she'd left him several messages. He replied that he'd been busy, but the only thing that mattered was where they were going, and he started to lead her upstairs. She asked if he was up to it, since he'd exerted a lot of energy that morning, and he said that he'd gotten a third wind and was ready to go again. He recalled his promise to pick up where they'd left off, and they went up to a room.

Later, Lauren and Michael basked in the afterglow after a rigorous lovemaking session, and she asked what to call a couple who'd been married for years and couldn't keep their hands off one another. Michael called it being alive, and Lauren joked that he should eat whatever he'd had for breakfast again in 24 hours, but she needed a rest and a shower. She said that it wasn't just the sex but the fact that she was crazy about him, and he replied that he was crazy about her, too. She amorously claimed that it really was all about the sex, and she laughed on her way to the shower. After Michael heard her turn on the water, he grabbed the phone and called Dr. Botnik to schedule the tests.

At the Athletic Club bar, Maureen reminded Victor that they'd met when she'd mistaken his wife for someone else. She explained that she and Nikki had run into one another since then, so she'd thought she would help by informing him of Nikki's whereabouts. Victor asked how the women had grown to know one another, and Maureen replied that she and Nikki had something in common. Maureen introduced herself as Stitch and Kelly's mother, and Victor skeptically asked if it had been a coincidence that she'd run into Nikki.

Maureen conceded that she'd hoped to strike up a friendship with Nikki, since they'd be family if Stitch was the father of Victoria's child. Victor cautioned that Maureen was getting ahead of herself, and he asked where Nikki was. Maureen reported that Nikki was at a charity meeting, and it had sounded like it would take a while. Victor invited Maureen to have another drink with him, and he ordered her to tell him the truth. Victor suspected that it hadn't been an accident that Maureen had pursued a friendship with Nikki.

Victor theorized that Maureen was trying to convince Nikki to talk Victoria into giving Stitch another chance, and Maureen said that her son didn't need her to fight his battles, but she'd support a reunion between Victoria and Stitch, since he was in love with her. Victor recounted that Stitch had led him to believe that, as well, but Stitch had also claimed to be an upstanding citizen, and Victor had been very disappointed to learn that her son was a convicted murderer. Maureen called it a tragedy for their family, but Victor huffed that it didn't mitigate the fact that Stitch had hurt Victoria. Victor asserted that he'd never forget and rarely forgave anyone who'd hurt his family, and on his way out, he told her to have a nice day.

At the police station, Nikki couldn't believe Paul had accused her of falling off the wagon, and Paul questioned what he should have thought when a strange woman had arrived at Nikki's hotel room with a liquor bottle. Nikki explained that Maureen was Stitch and Kelly's mother and that Maureen had wanted to continue a previous conversation over drinks. Nikki claimed that it had just been a friendly gesture and that Maureen hadn't known Nikki was a recovering alcoholic. Paul wondered how Maureen had known Nikki had been in the hotel room, and Nikki said that Maureen had caught her entering the room earlier, but Maureen hadn't taken the hint to leave.

Paul insisted that he wasn't accusing Nikki of anything, but it seemed odd that Nikki had spent time with Stitch and Kelly's mother after the pain Stitch had caused Victoria. Nikki sarcastically claimed that she and Maureen were starting a speakeasy, and Paul said that she could joke, but he knew her history and had seen her with a vodka tonic at the club. Nikki reminded him that she'd explained the situation, and she questioned whether he'd thought she'd been lying then, too. Paul asked if she had been, and Nikki ranted that she'd thought she'd earned his trust after all they'd been through. She started to leave, but he put his hand on the door and asked her not to go.

Paul pointed out that Nikki's life had been complicated since Katherine had sent her on the journey to find her son, and he acknowledged that putting herself at risk had caused understandable pressure, especially with Victor out of town. Nikki contended that Victor's absence had made things easier, and she thanked Paul for his concern, but she swore that she wasn't on a downward spiral. Christine walked in and was surprised that Nikki was still there, and Paul explained that they'd been taking a victory lap, since Dylan was a free man. Nikki worried that something had changed, but Christine confirmed that the charges against Dylan had been dropped and that Ian would go to prison for a long time.

Paul declared that he and Christine made "a hell of a team," and he kissed her. Maureen called Nikki and apprised her that Victor had been looking for her at the club, but she'd kept Nikki's confidence by saying that Nikki had been at a charity meeting. Maureen added that Victor was on his way home, and Nikki curtly thanked her and hung up. Paul asked if everything was okay, and Nikki said that things were fine, but she had to get going.

Nikki returned to the ranch and stared at the bottle of vodka, and Victor entered and hugged her. He said that he'd missed her and asked what was wrong, and she vaguely replied that it had been a long day. He questioned whether something had happened at her charity meeting, and she revealed that she hadn't had one. He informed her of what Maureen had told him, and Nikki explained that she'd had to make up a story to keep Maureen from interfering in a police operation, since Nikki had served as bait to catch Ian. Victor was flabbergasted that Ian was alive, and Nikki proudly asserted that she'd helped to put Ian in jail.

Victor demanded to know why Nikki had put herself in harm's way and why she had kept him out of the loop, and she retorted that he'd passed on attending his son's wedding in favor of his mysterious business. She added that she hadn't been in danger, since Ian had been arrested and was out of their lives for good, and she hoped Victor's trip had been half as worthwhile. Victor reminded her that he'd offered to stay behind, but she'd encouraged him to go, and he determined from her flushed and jittery state that she was upset. She advised Victor just to be happy that everything had worked out perfectly, and he suggested that they sit down and calmly discuss things. Nikki replied that she was exhausted, and she went upstairs.

Paul asked if it was a breach of conduct for a police chief to tell the D.A. how beautiful she looked, and he pulled Christine into his arms. He loved that she'd agreed to his plan, even though it had bent the rules. She said that she'd gone along with it because it had been a smart idea and not because Paul was her husband, but she'd done it in spite of her misgivings about Nikki. Paul argued that Nikki had done her part, but Christine complained that Nikki always managed to need his help with something. Christine thought there was something more going on where Nikki was concerned, and she believed that Paul was lying to himself if he couldn't see it.

Paul explained that Nikki had been in a vulnerable place and that Victor hadn't been accessible, so she'd turned to Paul when she'd had nowhere else to go. Christine noted that Nikki had children and other friends, yet Nikki always seemed to knock on Paul's door. Victor suddenly burst in and barked that they had been crazy to use Nikki as bait, and Christine countered that Ian was in custody, so Victor should be thanking them. Victor demanded a moment alone with Paul, but Paul insisted on saying something about Nikki first.

After Christine stepped out, Paul assured Victor that he and Dylan had made sure Nikki hadn't been in any danger, but he was still concerned about her. Paul opined that events in recent months had taken a toll on her, and Victor testily asked if Paul thought he didn't know that. Paul questioned why Victor had frequently been out of town, and Victor insisted that he was very committed to Nikki, but Paul stressed that Nikki needed Victor there. Victor cautioned Paul not to lecture him about what his wife needed or didn't need, and he suggested that Paul worry about his own marriage. Victor passed by a concerned Christine on the way out.

Nikki called out for Victor downstairs, and she groaned when she received another call from Maureen. Nikki reluctantly answered, and Maureen said that she'd wanted to be sure Nikki was okay. Nikki said that she was fine, but she didn't need Maureen to lie to her husband for her, since they didn't keep any secrets. Maureen reiterated that the offer stood if Nikki ever needed a friend or a friendly drink, and Nikki said that she'd keep it in mind. After she hung up, Nikki stared at a photo of Victor, and she threw the phone on the couch and crossed over to the vodka bottle. She poured herself a glass and took a drink.

"So long, Ian Ward," Nikki mused to herself. She suspected that Ian had thought he could destroy her, and she wished that he could take a good look, since she was still standing. She took another swig from her glass of vodka.

. . .

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