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Summer sees Kyle and Lola kiss
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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

At Jabot, Ashley instructed Ted to assemble the department heads, including Lauren and Phyllis. Neil interrupted, and Ted introduced himself and gushed about how Hamilton-Winters was an exciting company. After Ted exited, Neil presented Ashley with a gift to set the tone of the office -- a pillow with a stitched message about her being the boss. She set it prominently on a chair so everyone at the meeting would see it, and he advised her to manage expectations. She expected opposition, and she intended to confront the haters head-on. Neil suggested that she tell him about it at dinner that night.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa handed over Rey's power tools to Lola, who readily identified what they were and ordered a coffee for the road. Kyle appeared and said it was on him, but Lola reminded him that their date wasn't until that night. He spied the tools and voiced surprise that she'd be sawing and drilling, and she explained that she had to take care of some repairs on her truck. Lola retreated to a table while Kyle paid for the coffee, and Tessa inquired whether Lola had been the date he'd been excited about at Sharon's party. Kyle nodded and joined Lola.

Kyle mentioned that he'd been up since four o'clock that morning to write a report for work, and Lola guessed that he'd gotten the promotion he'd been expecting. He revealed that he hadn't yet, but there had been three different relatives who'd served as CEO of his family's company in the past week. Lola figured that it was bound to be his turn sooner or later, and she suggested that giving a basket of her food to his boss would help. Kyle bemoaned that beauty could be an ugly business, and Lola shared that her relatives in Miami were always expecting her to pick sides in their fights.

Kyle received a text message and indicated that Ashley had just called a staff meeting in an hour. Lola admired Kyle's determined, proactive mindset, and she imagined that he crushed his setbacks or dodged them completely. He proposed that they dodge one more by deciding what to do on their date that night. She suggested a movie so that they could catch a later showtime if he got stuck at work. He firmly stated that he'd be there at 5:30 with high expectations, and he headed out.

Tessa offered to top off Lola's coffee, and she pressed to find out how Kyle and Lola had met. Lola recalled that Kyle had picked up lunch at her food truck, and he'd annoyed her more than any guy she'd ever met. Tessa assumed that Lola's opinion of him had improved if they were dating, but Lola explained that it would be their first date that night, so Tessa had to ask her after that. Tessa thought Lola would be an upgrade from Kyle's ex in every way, and she squealed in delight at the idea of watching Summer Newman lose her mind over him dating someone else. "Newman?" Lola asked with interest.

Later, Lola returned the tools to Tessa to give back to Rey, and Tessa called him the coffeehouse's unofficial handyman. Lola recalled that she'd learned how to fix her truck from Rey, and Tessa marveled that Lola really was "the anti-Summer." Lola took it as a compliment, and she asked what Summer did for a living. Tessa explained that Phyllis had handed Summer a cushy office job and that being Victor Newman's granddaughter entitled Summer to a trust fund, so it wasn't like Summer was trying to support herself. Lola agreed that she and Summer were nothing alike, and Tessa congratulated Lola.

At the Athletic Club, Summer thanked Nikki for inviting her to breakfast, and Nikki said she'd been thinking about Summer ever since the train wreck at the church. Nikki sympathized that Summer had witnessed both of her parents' relationships explode at the same time, and Summer remarked that she'd never thought Nick and Sharon's reunion had been for eternal bliss. Nikki wondered how Summer felt about Billy leaving Phyllis, and Summer replied that she liked Billy's energy and enthusiasm. Nikki imagined that Summer and Billy had gotten closer while working together, and Summer questioned whether she had to give up her friendship with Billy just because he'd ended things with her mom. Nikki pointed out that Phyllis had cheated on him, and she thought Summer should give herself a break.

Nikki figured that Phyllis and Billy could get back together before the weekend, but Summer mused that she'd gotten the feeling that he had already moved on. Nikki imagined that Phyllis was probably better off, since Billy had been gambling again. Nikki lamented that it was terrible to watch his gambling ruin his life again, but at least that time, Victoria wouldn't have to pick up the pieces. Summer anticipated that Billy would address his problems and go back to being the guy they knew and liked, and she envisioned him moving on with someone better suited for him than her mom. Nikki inquired whether there was someone Summer intended to fix him up with, but Summer firmly promised that was something she'd never do.

Summer received notification of Ashley's first staff meeting and thought she had to be there. Summer grumbled that it wouldn't be much fun watching Ashley try to scrub any trace of Billy off Jabot, and Nikki wondered what Billy had done to turn everyone against him. Summer admitted that he'd made questionable choices, but she claimed that she didn't know the details. Nikki was sure that he was ashamed, but she hoped he could grow from the experience and leave his poor decisions behind him.

Victoria slammed the door to her office and nervously rifled through files, clearly disconcerted. She opened a drawer and removed the ominous note she'd received. Nikki entered and informed Victoria that she was heading over to pick up Johnny and Katie for a grandparents' night. Victoria reported that the kids had been disappointed to learn that they wouldn't be spending any nights with their daddy, and Nikki offered to help whenever Victoria needed. Nikki invited Victoria to join them, but Victoria groaned that she hadn't gotten through half of what she needed to do. Nikki sensed that something was bothering Victoria, and Victoria hesitantly showed her the note that had shown up in the mail the day before. Nikki gasped.

Victoria confirmed that it had been the only note she'd received, and she was afraid to answer her phone every time it rang. Nikki saw that her daughter's nerves were on edge again, and Victoria pointed out that she couldn't go to the police. Nikki suggested that they hire a private investigator, but Victoria doubted anyone they hired would be discreet enough for a murder confession. Victoria insisted that they couldn't tell anyone, and Nikki promised that she wouldn't. Victoria fretted that someone else knew about that night.

Nikki reasoned that someone could just be pulling a prank, since there was nothing in the letter about J.T. or what they'd done. Nikki theorized that a disgruntled employee had sent it, and she argued that there was no reason for someone to target Victoria when Nikki had been the one who'd killed J.T. Nikki proposed that they ignore the letter because it didn't say or prove anything, and Victoria inquired whether Nikki had gone through her mail. Nikki assured Victoria that she'd gone through all of it, and there had been no strange letters. Nikki urged her not to obsess about it, and she left.

A short time later, Nikki returned to Victoria's office, and Victoria asked what had happened to grandparents' night. Nikki informed her that the kids were watching cartoons with Victor, but she'd found that the office had sent her a package at the ranch that included a letter identical to Victoria's. Victoria thought there was no denying that it had to be about J.T.

Nikki contemplated whether Sharon was behind the notes, but Victoria was confident that they'd convinced Sharon not to say anything. Nikki doubted that it had been Phyllis, and Victoria agreed that Phyllis was the least likely to confess out of all of them. Victoria thought it didn't make sense that the person had sat on the information, and Nikki guessed that someone had heard Paul and Rey talking about the case. Victoria was worried about what that person hoped to gain.

Nikki suggested that Victoria take the kids and leave town, and she could make an excuse to join them. Victoria objected because work was piling up, and she'd be looking over her shoulder no matter where she was. Nikki reasoned that the sender of the note couldn't possibly know their every move, but Victoria pointed out that they didn't know what the person was capable of. Victoria decided to walk out with Nikki, and she figured that not getting any sleep was better than fighting off the nightmares. She muttered that they were already living in one.

Ashley's key employees assembled in her office, and she thanked them for squeezing in the meeting. Ashley asked Summer if Phyllis was on the way, but Summer doubted that her mother would be there, given recent events. Ashley huffed that it was more reason that Phyllis should do whatever she could to be there, since Ashley had to know her team was behind her. Ashley proclaimed that she wanted to put the confusion and turmoil to rest, and she referred to John using his wisdom as a guiding light to move the company forward with innovation.

Ashley continued that her father had never assumed that their customers would continue to be satisfied the next season, so she was returning funding to research and development by reallocating it from the Jaboutiques. She anticipated that it would be tricky but worth the hard work, and she vowed to make herself available to her staff every day to continue John's legacy. Most of the employees filed out, but Kyle lingered behind. Kyle announced that he'd conducted an in-depth review of the Jaboutique leases and the budget for the launch, and he suspected that Ashley wouldn't like his conclusions.

Ashley was impressed with Kyle's report, and she couldn't believe that he'd compiled it all in one night. She thanked him for the tamales and mentioned that a woman had told her that they'd been from him. Kyle discovered a receipt from La Vida Lola and explained that he'd thought Ashley would be working through lunch, so he'd ordered her something from his favorite gourmet food truck. Ashley contemplated whether Nick would be open to lowering the penalties for renegotiating the Jaboutique leases, and Kyle instructed her to turn to an appendix with an analysis of canceling their contracts with the boutiques. Kyle indicated that it would cost more to cancel the project than to go through with the launch.

Ashley declared that the boutiques were happening, whether they wanted them or not, since it would be reckless to eradicate them. Kyle insisted that his board vote hadn't been a comment on her vision for Jabot, since he backed it. She understood that he'd been supporting his dad, and she didn't hold it against him. Kyle gushed that he was excited about the future for the company, since they were out of damage control and could propel Jabot to new heights. He envisioned being there by her side, providing the same strategy and analysis she'd seen in his report, but he thought it would maximize their effectiveness if he did so as her COO.

Ashley opted to leave the position vacant, and Kyle was appalled that she'd rather have no COO than give him the job. She explained that it was a crucial position, and she had to trust the person in it implicitly. Kyle argued that he'd constantly proven that she could trust him, but she cited the tactics he'd used against Billy. Kyle defended that he'd gotten Billy out of there like she'd wanted, but Ashley countered that she'd never wanted Kyle to push a recovering gambling addict back to his addiction, and Kyle's manipulations had led to Billy's downward spiral to rock bottom.

Kyle spat that Ashley had promised to reward his loyalty, but she contended that anyone else would have fired him. Kyle ranted that she'd waited to cross him off her promotion list until she'd taken over Billy's job, even though she'd had Kyle do all the work while she'd kept her hands clean with her phony ethics. Ashley bellowed that Kyle was being insubordinate, but he snarled that she'd taken a lot of care to craft a heroic image full of integrity, but the world would eventually stop buying it. She ordered him out, and he paused in the doorway and growled that he couldn't wait until her true colors started trending.

Later, Kyle and Lola returned to Crimson Lights after going to a movie, and Lola supported any movie with a female superhero whose secret identity was a chef. Kyle commended Lola for using her superpowers to pull off that day's operation, since Ashley had inhaled the tamales. Lola hoped Ashley had richly rewarded him, and he groused that it had been with a knife in the back. Kyle turned the topic to Lola's adventures, and she crowed that her first few months operating her food truck had exceeded her projections. She envisioned getting more trucks and staff and eventually opening a restaurant.

Kyle wondered about the guy who was lucky enough to share in Lola's future plans, but she suspected that her love life wasn't as colorful as his. She revealed that she knew he had a past with Summer, and he abruptly got up to grab dessert. Kyle fetched a cupcake, and Lola immediately resumed the conversation about Summer. Kyle realized that Tessa had told Lola about it, and he recounted that he and Summer had dated briefly a few years earlier and had moved back to town separately around the same time. He added that he and Summer sometimes worked together, but that was the end of the story.

Lola surmised that it was awkward, but Kyle insisted that he and Summer had both moved on. Lola realized that if Abby and Arturo got married, she'd technically be Summer's aunt, so she'd be on a collision course with Summer even if Lola had never met Kyle. Kyle questioned why she made it sound explosive, and Lola relayed that Tessa had said Summer would lose her mind if she saw them together. Lola pledged not to play into Summer's games, and she and Kyle playfully pinkie-swore to be more mature.

Lola polished off the cupcake, and Kyle offered to get her another one. She noted that she had to be up by sunrise, so she couldn't eat any more sugar that late. He prepared to walk her to her car, but she said she was parked right out front. He guessed that he would just see her another time, and Summer ducked out of sight when she spotted them. Lola started to head out, but she suddenly turned back. He asked if she'd forgotten something. "Yeah, this," she said, and she planted a kiss on him as Summer reeled from the sight. "High expectations, right?" Lola purred as Summer scurried away.

Over dinner at the Athletic Club, Neil toasted to Ashley wearing her power well because it looked smoking hot on her. She replied that it had been overdue, and Andrew spotted them from across the room. Ashley said she'd been channeling everything her father had ever taught her, and it had been an inspiration. Neil hoped his kids talked about him way the way she talked about John. Ashley didn't think her employees understood all the steps she'd had to take to reach that milestone.

Andrew approached Ashley's table and politely reintroduced himself to Neil. Neil remembered that Andrew had been consulting for Jabot, and Andrew replied that he still was. Andrew congratulated Ashley on her promotion, and she coolly informed him that they were there to celebrate. Andrew apologized for interrupting, but he had one small but urgent work matter to discuss. He asked if he could steal Ashley away for a second to save them all a lot of trouble later.

Privately, Ashley told Andrew to make it quick. He expected to be rewarded for making everything go her way at Jabot, but she asserted that he'd been rewarded with the generous terms of their deal. He thought it was time to renegotiate their deal by doubling his fee. She barked that the request was incredibly inappropriate and obnoxious and that his services were no longer required. Andrew questioned whether his secrecy wasn't, and he proposed that they include Neil in their conversation. Ashley grabbed his arm to stop him, and Andrew pointedly surmised that his secrecy was still valued. He ordered her to let go of his arm and said he'd be in touch.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Nick warns that Rey isnít fooling him.

• Nikki receives another note.

• Jack demands an explanation from Ashley.

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