Wednesday, September 17, 2014

At Avery's, Paul inspected the reddish mud on Dylan's boots. Avery was upset that Paul was acting like Dylan was guilty of something. Dylan arrived and, sensing the tension between Paul and Avery, wondered what was going on. Paul said that he was curious about the mud. Avery, growing angrier, snapped that Paul was being more than curious -- he was holding the boot as if it were a piece of evidence.

Avery wondered if Paul's curiosity about the mud had something to do with Ian's disappearance. Dylan started to speak, but Avery insisted that he not answer any of Paul's questions. Paul insisted that he wasn't there in any official capacity. Dylan said that Paul could ask him anything. Avery, at that point livid, once again insisted that Dylan remain silent. She told Dylan that she had learned that he had been seen in the vicinity of Ian's abandoned car.

Paul said that Dylan was creating problems for himself by doling out information in a piecemeal fashion. Dylan told Paul that there was nothing more to tell about the night Ian had disappeared. When Paul asked Dylan if he could account for every minute of his time after he'd chased Ian off the Newman ranch, Dylan replied that he could. Avery quickly interjected, "There, Paul. You heard him." Paul said that the police had found an item of Ian's caked in mud -- the kind of mud that could only be found in the quarry outside of town.

Avery asked Paul if he had just searched her home without a warrant. Paul said that he had stopped by for a friendly visit and had noticed Dylan's mud-covered boots. Avery wondered if the police department was investigating Ian's disappearance as anything other than a missing person case. Paul said that perhaps Ian hadn't left town of his own volition -- particularly since the police had discovered Ian's blood outside the Newman house. Dylan wondered if Paul thought that Dylan had murdered Ian and dumped the body.

Paul said there were certain inconsistencies in Dylan's story, and he wanted Dylan to clear them up. Dylan admitted that he had lied about how he'd hurt his hand but said that he hadn't killed Ian. He explained to Avery that he hadn't cut his hand at Crimson Lights as he had told her, but rather, he had put his fist through a window. Dylan said that he hadn't even remembered breaking the window until he had seen his bleeding hand. Paul asked Dylan if he had blacked out, but Dylan said that it had just been a "momentary lapse." Dylan said that he would not have had time to murder Ian during the "lapse."

Paul asked Dylan how the mud had ended up on Dylan's boots. Dylan said he didn't remember -- he hadn't worn the boots for weeks, and the last time he had, it had probably been muddy outside. Paul told Dylan that the type of mud on the boots could only be found at one place in the area -- the quarry. Avery told Paul that he needed to leave -- and he needed to concentrate on catching Ian. Paul said that he would go -- then told Dylan that they would eventually have to continue the conversation.

After Paul left, Avery asked Dylan where the window he had broken was located. He told her that it was near the racetrack. Avery wondered why Dylan had lied to her about where he had hurt his hand. He said that he hadn't wanted her to worry that he was losing touch with reality due to his posttraumatic stress disorder and insisted that he wasn't going to be arrested because he hadn't done anything illegal. Avery reminded him that she had become a defense attorney -- and innocent people were arrested and convicted all the time.

Dylan reiterated that he hadn't hurt Ian and that no matter how much Paul questioned him, Dylan's story wasn't going to change. Avery told Dylan that Paul obviously cared about Dylan, but she didn't think that Paul was going to stop suspecting that Dylan was responsible for Ian's disappearance.

Paul arrived at the police station. An officer told him that Ian's life insurance company had called the station to inform them that Dylan had called the company after Ian's disappearance -- to learn whether he was still Ian's sole beneficiary. Paul was taken aback by the news.

Neil arrived home, accompanied by Lily. He was using a white cane to deftly navigate around the apartment. Lily was very proud of her father. She said that Neil was doing great and that he should be pleased with himself. Lily said that Hilary would be thrilled to see Neil using the cane, but Neil told Lily that he didn't want Hilary to see him using it.

Lily said that Hilary had a right to know that Neil was using the cane. Neil chuckled and told Lily how happy he was that Lily was finally beginning to accept Hilary. Lily said that she and Hilary weren't exactly friends but added that Hilary had "redeemed herself" by taking care of Neil while he recovered after his injury.

Neil apologized to Lily for his surly behavior after learning that he had lost his vision. He said that he had ripped a hole in the Winters family, but he was finally realizing that the family was "all in this together." Neil told Lily that he was finally ready to accept their help.

Devon and Hilary ran into each other outside a suite at the Athletic Club. Devon gently touched her hand. She held his hand, but then suddenly pulled away and reminded Devon of their agreement to steer clear of each other. Devon said that he was looking forward to Neil regaining his eyesight so that Devon and Hilary could finally be together. Hilary sternly said that Neil might never regain his sight, and if he didn't, then she and Devon would have to stay apart -- permanently.

Hilary said that Neil was her husband -- and he needed her. Devon began stroking her hair then kissed her. Hilary pushed Devon away and slapped him. Undeterred, Devon kissed her again -- this time, Hilary returned Devon's passion. Using his master key, Devon opened the door to a suite. They ripped off their clothes and fell on the bed.

After making love, Hilary told Devon that she thought that if she "gave in" just once, it would make her love him less -- instead, it made her love him more. They began kissing again, but Hilary's phone beeped, reminding her that she had a voicemail message. Worried that the message might be important, Hilary sat up, grabbed her phone, and listened to the message. It was Neil -- telling her to return home immediately. An upset Hilary wondered if her husband had learned that she had slept with her stepson. She began putting on her clothes, sadly telling Devon that she had to go home -- to her husband.

Lily went to the Athletic Club and spoke with Devon. She told him that Neil was using a white cane and that it was a big deal because it showed that their father realized that he needed help, Devon didn't appear interested in what Lily was saying. She asked him if he had heard a word she said. He replied that he'd heard everything she'd said -- and he knew exactly what he had to do.

Hilary opened the door to the apartment and found Neil sitting on the couch with his white cane. She told him that she had become worried when she'd listened to his message. He said that he had made a decision -- he wanted a divorce. Hilary was shocked.

Nick stopped by Victoria's to tell her about his engagement, but Victor had beaten him to the punch. Victoria told Nick that their father was not pleased about the prospect of Nick and Sharon remarrying. Nick rolled his eyes and said that the only person Victor hated as much as he hated Billy was Sharon.

Victoria told Nick that it was hard to be a fan of his fiancée after the grief she had caused the Newman family. Nick defended Sharon, reminding Victoria that Sharon had been ill. He said that being with Sharon felt like "being home." Victoria was happy that things had worked out for Nick.

Nick wondered if Victoria was scared of giving birth. Victoria said that it wasn't the actual delivery that frightened her -- it was the paternity test and its aftermath. Nick wondered if Victoria was still attracted to Stitch or Billy. Victoria admitted that she still had feelings for both men. Nick told her that she deserved much better than either Billy or Stitch.

At the cemetery, Sharon placed flowers at Cassie's gravesite. When she looked up, she thought she saw Mariah and called out to her. "Cassie" appeared and said, "No, mom, it's me. Cassie." Sharon was confused -- she didn't understand why she was hallucinating, since she was still taking her medication. Cassie said she was there because Sharon needed her.

Sharon said that she liked having Cassie close enough to touch, but it also made her nervous because Sharon knew that Cassie shouldn't be there. Cassie told Sharon again that she had to need Cassie. Sharon wondered why. Cassie answered that perhaps Sharon had a secret to share with her. Sharon said, "You know my secret."

Sharon realized that she had shared her "secret" with Cassie and asked her what she should do. Cassie snidely replied, "Remember, I suppose." Sharon begged Cassie to tell her the "secret," but Cassie told Sharon that the "secret" was going to be revealed, and there wasn't anything Sharon could do about it. Her tone sweetening, Cassie told Sharon what she had to do. Sharon begged Cassie to stay, but when she raised her head, Cassie was gone.

Screaming, "No... don't go..." Sharon woke up from her bad dream. Nick arrived home and comforted Sharon. Sharon said that her dream had seemed real. Nick assured her that it had been a dream and not a hallucination. Sharon said that, in her dream, she hadn't gotten a chance to tell Cassie that Sharon and Nick were getting married. Nick smiled, looked to the heavens, and said that Cassie had probably had a hand in reuniting him with Sharon. Sharon's tone became serious, and she told Nick that she wanted to get married as soon as possible.

Billy ran into Chelsea on the Athletic Club's rooftop patio and asked her how she was. Chelsea snapped that she was feeling grouchy, jetlagged, and "unfit for company," and a dejected Billy walked away. Chelsea called Billy back and said that they had something they needed to discuss.

At a table, Billy said that he wondered if his relationship with Chelsea was going anywhere. He told Chelsea that he wasn't a delicate flower -- that she could be brutally honest with him. Before Chelsea had a chance to speak, a very good-looking young man approached her and asked her if she was "ready to do this." Chelsea smiled and told the young man, as he left the patio, that she would meet him back in his suite. Billy was stunned, thinking that the man was romantically involved with Chelsea. Chelsea laughed and told Billy that the man was her assistant, Graham.

Chelsea told Billy that she'd had a lot of time to ponder their relationship while on her trip. Graham returned and told Chelsea there was a problem she needed to deal with. She told Billy to stay put as she and Graham left the patio, his arm draped on her shoulder. To himself, Billy said that he would wait.

Chelsea returned and told Billy that she wanted to further explore her relationship with Billy. He was thrilled to hear that and moved next to her. They began kissing, unaware that Victoria had just walked onto the deck and was watching them.

. . .

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