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Tessa confesses she is the blackmailer
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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

In Rey's apartment, Mia told Rey she was disappointed that he'd fallen asleep after he'd consumed too much alcohol. She informed Rey about the small altercation she'd had with Sharon the previous evening in the coffee shop. Rey said he had to leave for work. Mia gave him a deep and lingering kiss. Rey pushed her away and left.

At home, Sharon tried unsuccessfully to get Mariah to open up. There was a knock at the door. Mariah told Sharon that if it was Tessa, Sharon should tell Tessa to leave, but Sharon opened the door to Kyle. Sharon felt it was time for her to leave.

Mariah told Kyle he didn't need to rush over, but Kyle said that it had sounded like she needed a friend. He apologized for the bad advice he'd given her previously. Mariah lamented that it had been the shortest cohabitation in history. Mariah said she was an open book, but Tessa appeared to have issues with honesty. Kyle advised Mariah to tell Tessa what she expected from her.

Michael was at the police station with Victoria because Rey had more questions for Victoria. Michael advised Victoria to remain calm and to answer Rey's questions simply. He advised her not to volunteer anything. Michael assured her that he'd run interference whenever it was necessary.

Sharon was taken aback when she arrived at the police station and saw Michael and Victoria. She asked why they were there. Michael said that it was Rey's power play. Michael was annoyed that Rey was twenty minutes late. At that moment, Rey arrived, and he apologized. He looked pointedly at Sharon and explained that there had been a situation at home. Rey, Michael, and Victoria entered the interrogation room. While Sharon watched them from her desk, she received a phone call from Mariah, who asked Sharon to cover Tessa's shift because Mariah needed to talk to Tessa.

In the interrogation room, Rey wanted to know how Victoria had known that J.T.'s watch had been found at Chancellor Park because he hadn't told anyone. Victoria said she'd heard it from Abby because Arturo had told her. Rey asked how Victoria had known that J.T.'s body hadn't been found. Victoria said that Nikki had advised her that Arturo and his crew had been digging and there hadn't been any mention of a body being found. Rey said they were done and warned Victoria to contact him if she planned to leave town.

After Rey left, Michael asked if Victoria wanted to share any information with him. Victoria said she hadn't done anything wrong and explained that she always became very nervous when she was questioned.

In the reception area of Jabot, Billy told Kyle that the Jaboutique launch party should have been his night, not Phyllis'. Billy asked if Kyle had been against the Jaboutique project. Kyle admitted he had been at the beginning, but as the project had begun to come together, he'd changed his mind. Billy grumbled about Phyllis taking credit for Jaboutique because it made the Abbotts appear inconsequential. Kyle assured Billy that Phyllis would be gone at their first opportunity they had to be rid of her.

A while later, Billy returned and told Kyle they had an emergency. The caterers Phyllis had hired had canceled. To Billy's surprise, Kyle assured Billy he'd get a caterer and that he had the situation under control.

Lola arrived at Jabot with lunch for everyone. Kyle took the bag of food and told Lola that the caterers Phyllis had hired had canceled, and he'd recommended a new and upcoming caterer to Phyllis. Lola said she couldn't do it because she didn't have a menu planned. Kyle assured her that it was only finger food and drinks. Lola became excited and began planning the finger foods she could serve and settled on a drink choice. Kyle gave her the number of the temp agency so she could hire the servers she needed as well as the name of the gourmet grocer that Jabot used. He advised her to buy what she needed and not to worry about the expense. They kissed, and Lola left.

Mariah paid Devon a visit. She told him she'd broken up with Tessa. Devon asked if Mariah had discovered something Tessa had failed to disclose. Mariah said that she'd gone into the relationship with her eyes wide open, but Tessa had taken the easy way out because of her tenuous relationship with the truth.

Mariah told Devon that Tessa had had a rotten childhood, but she believed Tessa was a good person. Mariah said she finally understood how Devon had felt about Hilary and that he and Hilary had the truest and strongest love she'd ever seen. Devon admitted that Hilary had done some messed-up things, but she'd been a complicated person. She asked how anyone knew when it was time to move on and forgive or whether they should pack up and leave. Mariah asked Devon what she should do in her situation.

Devon said that had Mariah asked him that question a year before, he'd have told her to move on, but he thought that people dealt with life with the tools they'd inherited from their families, and they would reach for those tools when they were backed into a wall. He couldn't logically explain why he and Hilary had belonged together, but they had accepted each other for who they were. He told Mariah to give Tessa space.

Devon said he regretted the time he'd wasted expecting Hilary to do something different. He advised Mariah to love Tessa with an open heart and to take her for who she was. Devon advised her not to judge Tessa or try to change her. He also suggested that Mariah not create situations that would push Tessa away. Devon advised her not to miss out on the most beautiful time of her life.

At Crimson Lights, Mia and Abby met for the first time. Mia bragged how she'd gotten the CEO of Jabot camera ready for a photoshoot. Tessa called Abby by name when she brought her coffee. Mia recognized Abby as the "Naked Heiress" and asked to have a selfie taken with her. Abby agreed. Mia walked away to respond to a text message. Arturo arrived, and Abby told him about a woman she'd just met whose name she didn't know. Mia returned. Arturo glared at her.

Arturo introduced Mia as Rey's wife. Abby said she'd heard so much about Mia, and Abby gave Mia a hug. Arturo gave Mia a warning look. Mia provided Abby with her contact information. Arturo advised Mia not to get too settled because Rey's case would wrap up soon then she and Rey would return to Florida. Abby remarked that the case had turned into a murder investigation. Mia was delighted and told Arturo that she'd be around for a long time.

Abby told Mia about the trip she'd taken with Arturo to Miami. Mia suggested that Abby, Arturo, she, and Rey get together later that evening, but Abby said she was on the board of directors at Jabot and had to attend the launch party later that evening. Abby suggested that Mia and Rey attend the party. Mia thought it was a great idea and accepted. Arturo was very uncomfortable.

In the meantime, Sharon and Victoria were on the patio, and Victoria informed Sharon that when Rey had said he'd found evidence, she'd never asked him if he'd found a body -- a question a normal person would have asked. Victoria said that Rey had warned her not to leave town without advising him. Mia arrived, and Victoria left. Mia approached Sharon and commented that Sharon had left the police station early, and Sharon was obviously smarter than she looked. Sharon sarcastically stated that there was always another day, and she left.

Arturo joined Mia on the patio and warned her to stop playing games. He advised her to think up an excuse to not attend the party. Mia refused and said it would be fun for the four of them to be together at the party. She asked if Arturo was afraid that she'd have too many cocktails and wind up having a heart-to-heart with her new bestie. Arturo asked if Mia hadn't finally realized there was a "Do Not Resuscitate" that Rey had put on the marriage. Arturo advised her to go back to Miami because there was nothing for her in Genoa City. He said that they had all moved on without her, and he walked away.

Billy arrived at Crimson Lights, looking for Sharon. Sharon asked if it was time for another meeting of the wounded hearts society. Billy told her that he had an extra ticket for a movie binge festival at the Abbott estate, and he'd hoped Sharon would be his guest. Sharon admitted that she'd been afraid he was going to invite her to the Jaboutique launch party, but Billy assured her that it was the last place he wanted to be.

Billy told Sharon he didn't want to watch the "Red Menace" soaking up the limelight that should have been his, and he didn't want to watch Phyllis take the credit for all his work. He said that during his tenure as CEO, everyone would have realized that he'd been good at his job when Jaboutique took off.

Billy told Sharon that he wouldn't miss seeing Nick and Phyllis arm in arm all night. Sharon was gobsmacked. Billy said that Nick had cosponsored the party, and Phyllis had invited Nick as her guest. Billy said he'd only attend if Sharon accompanied him, but he didn't want to put her in the middle of a disaster. Billy asked Sharon to meet him at the Abbott's' when she was done with work.

As Billy was leaving, Mia arrived with multiple bags. She recognized Billy and said she never forgot a handsome face. Billy complimented her on the great job she'd done on Phyllis' makeup for the photo shoot. Mia said that she might work her magic on him one day. Mia approached Sharon, said that Sharon looked exhausted, and walked away. Sharon called to Billy and told him she'd changed her mind, and they should go to the party. Billy said he was looking forward to it.

Lola was at Rey's, cooking for the party after she'd secured the servers she needed. Mia arrived and asked if Lola didn't have her own home. Lola asked if Mia didn't have one herself. Mia claimed that Rey was her home, and she went where Rey went. Lola said Rey had a new home and hadn't invited Mia, but Mia claimed she didn't need an invitation to live with her husband.

Lola said that Rey didn't want Mia there, and neither did Arturo. Mia said Rey and Arturo were big boys and could speak for themselves. She said that she'd had coffee with Arturo and his adorable girlfriend. Lola told Mia that whatever she'd arrived in Genoa City for, she wasn't going to get it, and she advised Mia to back off and leave them alone. Undaunted, Mia said she had no idea what Lola was talking about.

Rey arrived at Crimson Lights. He and Sharon stared at each other. Rey asked if Sharon was okay because she didn't usually leave work that early. Sharon advised him that there had been a staff shortage. Sharon asked why Rey had called Victoria in for a second interview. Rey claimed it had been more routine questions, but Sharon didn't believe him.

Rey said that Sharon routinely vouched for her friends. She'd done that for Nick, and he asked if she was doing the same for Victoria. Sharon said that Rey was wrong if he thought Victoria had anything to do with J.T.'s death. She said that she'd known Victoria for a very long time, and Victoria was incapable of murder. Rey asked if Sharon's opinion applied to self-defense. Sharon asked if that was Rey's theory. At that moment, Mia arrived and interrupted. Rey said he was in the middle of something, but Mia said it couldn't wait. She said she had a surprise for him and took him upstairs.

Mariah arrived at Tessa's apartment. Mariah told Tessa that she loved her and that she understood why Tessa had been reluctant to tell her anything because Tessa was worried that Mariah would judge her. Mariah said that Tessa had to have done something she wasn't proud of to get the money, and she begged Tessa to tell her the truth. Tessa said that someone had done something they regretted and they'd paid her to stay quiet. Mariah asked if it was hush money.

Tessa told Mariah she was tired of pretending that she was a better person because she didn't want to disappoint Mariah. Mariah said she wanted Tessa to show her the real Tessa. Tessa asked how Mariah would feel if she knew that Tessa had arrived in Genoa City as a grifter because there were so many rich people who didn't know what to do with all that money, and she wanted a piece of that action.

Mariah asked if Tessa had used Noah. Tessa admitted that Noah was sweet, and it hadn't been difficult to pretend she'd been in love with him. Tessa admitted that she'd wanted to marry a Newman; after a while, they'd drift apart, and she'd be entitled to half his money -- then they'd go their separate ways. Tessa admitted that Mariah had screwed that up because Tessa had fallen in love with Mariah, and that hadn't been part of her plan. Tessa said she had never believed she'd be happy living in a shoebox and working three jobs at a time, but she was because of Mariah.

Tessa told Mariah that the money she'd received had only been a drop in the bucket for them. Mariah said that Tessa kept referring to "them," and she wanted to know who "them" involved. Mariah said if Tessa wanted to be a better person, then Tessa needed to tell her the truth. Tessa confessed that she'd received the money from Nikki. Tessa said that Nikki had done something in the past, and it was no one's business.

Mariah was stunned and said that Tessa had made it her business when she had accepted a quarter of a million dollars. Tessa said she'd taken the money to keep her sister healthy and alive, and she wouldn't apologize for that. She said that Nikki's secret was safe with her. Tessa asked Mariah to trust her and said that everything had worked out for the best. Mariah asked if Nikki's actions had had been illegal or immoral. Tessa said it had been both. Mariah asked if Tessa was in danger because she knew the secret, but Tessa assured Mariah that she was safe.

Mariah was concerned that if Victor found out, Tessa would be in danger, but Tessa assured her that Nikki didn't know that Tessa had been the one to ask for the money. Mariah was shocked that Tessa had blackmailed Nikki. She wanted to know what else Tessa hadn't told her. Mariah said that if Tessa wanted them to have a life together, there couldn't be any secrets between them.

Tessa told Mariah that people kept secrets, even those closest to them. Mariah asked what Tessa was talking about. Tessa said that the money from Nikki hadn't been to protect only herself, and if Mariah knew what Tessa knew, Mariah would never look at Sharon the same way again. Tessa refused to elaborate. Mariah said that if Tessa didn't tell her what had happened, she'd go to Nikki or Sharon for the information. Tessa cried that Mariah couldn't do that or "they" would know that she'd been the one who blackmailed them. Tessa begged Mariah not to approach anyone.

Mariah demanded the truth. Tessa took out her laptop to show Mariah the truth.

On the next The Young and the Restless...

• Abby looks on as Mia paws Arturo and talks about everything that is unresolved between them.

• Nate blasts Devon for bailing on Thanksgiving with his family to hang out with coworkers.

• Mariah tells Sharon that she knows what happened to J.T.

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