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At Genoa City Memorial, Billy ran down a corridor and burst into Victoria's room. She had sent him a text message urging him to meet her at the hospital as soon as humanly possible. Victoria was upset that she was going to miss Johnny's preschool orientation because there had been a delay with her discharge paperwork. When she said that she was a prisoner of bureaucracy, Billy smiled and suggested they stage a prison break.

Billy left but returned a few moments later. He was wearing surgical scrubs and a facemask, pushing a wheelchair. Victoria chuckled as he sat her down in the chair and quickly disguised her -- he gave her a pair of glasses, placed a surgical cap on her head, and handed her a large book so that she could mask her baby bump. Victoria was thrilled as he wheeled her from the room to freedom.

After Johnny's orientation, Billy and Victoria returned to what had been their shared home. Victoria talked about how Johnny's face had brightened when Johnny had seen her. She was happy that Johnny had made a new friend, Colton -- and said that before they knew it, Johnny and Colton would be graduating from high school.

Victoria grew somber as she remembered that it had been a year since Katherine had passed away. Victoria wished that she could be at the remembrance ceremony for Katherine, but Billy assured her that Katherine would have understood why he and Victoria weren't attending.

Billy nervously asked Victoria if he could stay. She replied that it was fine -- as long as he made her something to eat. Victoria went upstairs to change clothes. After making sure that she was out of earshot, Billy phoned Abby and asked her to do him a favor -- a favor that he never thought he would be asking for.

At their kitchen table, Billy and Victoria enjoyed the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that Billy had prepared as they talked about Johnny's upcoming first day at preschool. Victoria said that it had been difficult walking into Johnny's classroom that day -- she had noticed a pink toy tea set that had reminded her of Delia. Billy began reminiscing about Delia's faux tea parties. Victoria apologized to Billy for making him sad. He said that there was no need for Victoria to be sorry for rekindling his fond memories of Delia.

Victoria began clearing the table, but Billy insisted on taking over. He urged her to get some rest. She said that wasn't going to happen -- Johnny was about to return home with his sitter. Billy said that he would stay -- if Victoria wanted him to. Victoria said that it had been a good day, but Billy needed to leave. Billy said that he would return for every important day in Johnny's life. He told Victoria that she could count on him -- and he wanted a chance to prove it to her. Victoria stood silent as Billy left.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki lost her battle with the bottle. She poured herself a glass of vodka and, with tears streaming down her face, gulped it down.

At Chancellor Park, preparations were underway for the ceremony commemorating the one-year anniversary of Katherine's death. Jill was miffed that Murphy wouldn't reveal the instructions for the memorial that Katherine had left him "from the great beyond." The arrival of some of Katherine's dearest friends rescued Murphy from that conversation. Murphy ignored Jill as he greeted the guests.

Nina arrived, and everyone was thrilled to see her. Paul hugged his old friend and Jill and Esther walked over to say hello to her. Jill was disappointed that Chance couldn't make it, but Nina said that Chance was planning to do something that day that would make Katherine proud.

Hilary escorted Neil, who was sporting sunglasses, with Devon not far behind them. Hilary and Nina exchanged introductions. Jill began making snarky comments about Hilary and how she had rushed Neil into marriage. Neil became upset and told Jill to stop insulting his wife -- he wondered if it made Jill feel good to belittle Hilary. Jill became defensive and told Neil that if he wanted to engage in a battle of insults, he needed to take his sunglasses off and look Jill in the eye. Neil replied that he couldn't look Jill in the eye -- he couldn't see.

Neil told the guests how he had received a severe electrical injury that had caused him to lose his sight. Jill hugged Neil, and when some of the other guests expressed their sympathy, Neil became combative and told them to stop, insisting that his vision loss was temporary. Victor told Neil that he would fly in the best doctors to help Neil regain his sight. Neil thanked Victor but added that what he really needed was for everyone to stop treating him like a child.

Out of sight from the other guests, Nikki popped a breath mint into her mouth. Jill told Murphy to begin, but Victor told Murphy to wait a moment -- Nikki wasn't there yet. Nikki said, "Yes, she is," and joined Victor, turning her head so that he wouldn't be able to smell her breath.

With the guests all seated, Murphy began the service. He removed a letter from his jacket pocket and told the group that instead of him expressing his thanks for them all being there, he would let Katherine do it. Murphy began reading the letter that Katherine had written for the occasion. In the letter, Katherine asked the guests to humor "the dead woman" and carry out a "little ritual." Katherine's letter stated that the ritual had been inspired by a ceremony she had witnessed on her bucket list trip with her "dear, sweet husband," Murphy. Murphy became teary-eyed and stopped reading.

Michael volunteered to continue. Katherine had written that she wanted the people at the memorial service to write her a letter -- expressing their ideas, hopes, dreams, and troubles. After they were done writing, the guests were to put their letters in a bowl and light them on fire -- the smoke would deliver their words to Katherine. Snidely, Jill remarked, "This is why we are here? To play pen pals with a ghost?"

Michael read more -- Katherine hoped that the act of writing down their feelings would help her friends clarify their feelings -- and maybe even manage them. Katherine hoped that everyone would find the answers they were looking for. Jill, clutching the music box, said, "That'll be the day." Kevin began distributing clipboards, paper, and pens.

The guests began writing their letters. Paul wrote about how much his life had changed since Katherine's passing -- that because of her letter to Nikki, Katherine had helped Nikki and Paul find their son. Nikki began writing that everything was good but then admitted that she was lying -- Nikki was drinking again. Lauren wrote that she had done something stupid the previous year that had nearly destroyed her marriage but she and Michael had been able to put things back together, although, for some reason, things suddenly didn't seem right, and Lauren didn't know why.

As Paul folded his letter and placed it in the bowl, Colin wrote that he was sure that Katherine still hated him -- particularly since he was planning to launder crime syndicate money through Fenmore's. Continuing, he wrote that he didn't have any choice -- it was the only way he could keep Jill and his family safe. Colin admitted that he would do anything to protect his family.

Murphy wrote that he was doing what Katherine had asked -- he was living life to the fullest, even taking up ballroom dancing. One of these days, he wrote, he was going to take Katherine in his arms and "trip the light fantastic."

Nina told Katherine that Nina's writer's block was gone, and she was working on a novel about a woman who sounded suspiciously like Katherine. Lily thanked Katherine for Lily's incredible Parisian wedding -- but implored Katherine to help Neil. To his grandmother, Devon wrote that he knew that Neil needed Hilary, but Hilary was everything that Devon wanted.

Hilary asked Neil if he wanted to dictate his letter -- Hilary would write it down for him. Neil said that he could still write. He handed his clipboard to Hilary and asked her if his handwriting was legible. Hilary read, "Dear Katherine. I miss you very much. You must have met a lot of angels in heaven, but I've got one of my very own right here." Overhearing that, Devon tore up his letter. When Lily and Neil asked Devon why he had ripped it up, a defensive Devon said that he didn't like what he had written, so he was going to start over.

As more of the guests placed their letters in the bowl, Kevin wrote that the key Katherine had left to him had opened his mind to the many possibilities in life. Jack asked Katherine to say hello to his father John, then wrote that he had finally said goodbye to Phyllis. Victor wrote that he knew Katherine would never have approved of his "current project" involving Phyllis, adding that he missed Katherine every day.

Jill handed Murphy a blank piece of paper, telling him that she had nothing to say to Katherine -- since Katherine had had nothing to say to Jill about the music box. Sighing, Murphy folded up Jill's blank paper and placed it in the bowl. Neil tried to place his letter in the bowl but accidentally knocked the bowl to the ground. The letters scattered, but the guests collected them and replaced them in the bowl. Jack happened to notice the letter that Victor had written and surreptitiously placed it in his coat pocket.

Having second thoughts, Jack rolled his eyes, looked skyward, and said to himself, "Only for you, Katherine." He then placed Victor's letter in the bowl. With everyone's letters accounted for, Murphy announced that Nikki, as Katherine's closest friend, would have the honor of setting the letters on fire. Murphy handed a box of matches to the nervous Nikki, who staggered up to the bowl and, hands shaking, lit a match and set the letters ablaze. Murphy finished reading Katherine's letter, thanking the guests and hoping that they were at peace. She urged them to live life to the fullest. Victor received a phone call and walked to a secluded area.

Victor's phone call was from Dr. Cutler, who was with Phyllis in her nursing facility in Georgia. Victor asked Cutler what Phyllis' prognosis was. Cutler said that he was planning on beginning Phyllis' treatment within the hour. Victor wanted to know when they would know whether or not the treatment was successful.

Cutler reminded Victor that there were no guarantees that the treatment would awaken Phyllis. Victor hung up. While Dr. Cutler injected a syringe into Phyllis' I.V. bag, he told his comatose patient that there were a lot of people hoping that Phyllis was going to wake up -- they evidently wanted to hear what she had to say.

Hooking up a digital music player to speakers, Murphy reminded the guests that Katherine had wanted a party -- not a wake. He turned on the player, and swing music blared from the speakers. Murphy and Esther began dancing, and other couples soon followed suit. Hilary asked Neil if he wanted to try to dance. Saying that he had stumbled enough for one day, Neil asked Devon to dance with Hilary.

As Devon and Hilary danced, Jack sat down next to Neil. Neil asked Jack how Hilary looked on the dance floor. Jack looked at Hilary and Devon and realized that there was more between them than a stepmother-stepson relationship. Jack told Neil that Hilary looked radiant.

Nikki staggered a bit, and Paul asked if she wanted to sit down. Victor rejoined Nikki and asked her if everything was okay. Nikki began sobbing, said that it had been an emotional day, and ran off to the jogging path. Stitch happened to jog by and startled Nikki. She snapped that he shouldn't be running around scaring people. Stitch wondered if she was feeling okay -- she didn't seem like herself. Nikki replied, "That's rich -- coming from someone who stole another person's identity."

Stitch told Nikki that something about her seemed a little off -- and he didn't think it was her multiple sclerosis. Victor walked up and asked Stitch if there was anything wrong with Nikki. Nikki asserted, "Absolutely not," but Stitch said that Victor should probably take her home. As Stitch jogged off, Nikki had some rather unkind words for him. Nikki and Victor said their farewells and left the park.

Arriving back at the ranch, Nikki told Victor that Katherine probably wouldn't have liked what Nikki had written. Victor wondered why, and Nikki told him that she had gotten a little maudlin. Victor asked her if everything was okay. Nikki said that she would have rather had her best friend in the flesh. Victor told her that she would always have him and kissed her on the forehead. When he walked away, Nikki noticed that she hadn't put the cap back on the vodka bottle. She quickly replaced the cap and wiped her lipstick stains off the glass from which she had drunk.

Nina told Paul she was sorry that Cricket hadn't been able to attend. Paul told Nina that his wife was busy with a trial. Nina said that was good -- because if Cricket had been around, Paul wouldn't have been able to spend the afternoon watching Nikki. Paul said that Nikki had been through a lot recently. Nina told Paul that didn't change the fact that he and Cricket were married. Becoming angry, Nina reminded Paul that he had dumped Nina for Cricket -- so that Paul and Cricket had better be "the real deal." She turned and walked away.

Michael told Kevin that if Katherine were alive, she would have advised Kevin to stay in Genoa City. Kevin disagreed, saying that Katherine would have told him to "complete his destiny, steamroll over anyone who stood in his way, and not to worry about the consequences."

Colin told Jill that he had noticed her staring at one of Katherine's portraits and wondered if everything was all right. Jill wondered why Katherine had put all of them through the "ridiculous" exercise. She lamented that Katherine, even in death, made Jill jump through hoops and inevitably fail -- that nothing had changed. Colin told Jill that she was wrong -- that Jill had changed. He said that Katherine had sent Jill on a journey and, for the first time Jill hadn't finished where she'd started -- Jill had ended up with Colin. Jill suddenly grasped the meaning of the music box.

Jill invited the remaining guests to the Chancellor mansion. As they walked off, she asked Colin to help Esther welcome the guests -- she wanted to spend a private moment with Katherine. After Colin left, Jill had an obviously one-way conversation with Katherine. Jill said that she had been staring at the music box for months -- and it turned out that "the hunt was the treasure." The music box had merely been a catalyst for Jill and Colin to embark on a journey that they could take together -- and it was the journey that had mattered -- not the destination.

Jill said that because of Katherine and the music box, Jill was happier than she ever had been -- Colin was the true love of her life. She said that she didn't need the music box anymore -- she was giving it back to Katherine. Jill placed it on a table and said, "Whatever journey you're on right now, I hope you're having the time of your life." She opened the music box, listened to it play for a bit, then left.

A dark shadow covered the music box. When it passed over, the box was gone.

. . .

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