Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sharon and Nick shared a romantic interlude as Nick, shirtless, but dressed in jeans, slipped into the tub and began kissing Sharon. As they became more passionate, Nick pulled away, got out of the tub, and told Sharon that they had to stop. Nick told Sharon to finish her bath and left to get dressed. As Nick stood in the living room, buttoning up his shirt, Sharon joined him after she, too, had gotten dressed.

Sharon wondered what was wrong. Nick told Sharon to put on a jacket so that they could take a walk. As Nick and Sharon entered the square at Chancellor Park, Sharon asked Nick if the reason that they needed to talk outdoors was that Nick did not want to touch her. Nick said that the opposite was true -- that he wanted to touch her so much that he had to be outdoors to avoid temptation.

Nick admitted that he was afraid to make love to her because the last time he had, Sharon had begun having hallucinations about Cassie. Sharon remembered but treated it matter-of-factly. Sharon remembered the incident of the word "phantasm" and making love to Nick. Sharon realized that her memory was returning.

Sharon told Nick that she remembered making love to him and had only good memories associated with it. Nick was relieved. He told Sharon how much he loved her and that he did not want to hurt her in any way ever again. Sharon told Nick that she loved him, also, and that everything between them was perfect in every way. Sharon held out her hand to Nick, and he took it lovingly into his own.

Summer went to see Jack in his office at Jabot in response to Jack's call. Summer and Jack talked about Adam's death and how Jack was taking it. They also talked about Phyllis. Jack asked Summer if she wanted to take a job while she waited for her college classes to begin in September. Jack suggested that she work for him during that time so that they could spend some time together, and she could learn the fashion business. Summer agreed. Summer's first assignment was to help out behind the scenes at the fashion show in the Athletic Club.

As Kelly crossed the square in Chancellor Park, she heard Stitch talking to Jenna on the phone, begging Jenna to let him see his son, Max, before Jenna took Max out of the country. Jenna would not relent. Stitch said he would fight for Max as Jenna hung up. Kelly told Stitch that Max was better off not being around Stitch because Stitch was a murderer, and it would hurt Max when Max found out what Stitch had done.

Billy visited Victoria, prepared to celebrate Johnny's birthday. He was surprised when Victoria said that she had not planned a party because she had thought it would be confusing for Johnny to see them together. Billy thought that the reason was that Victoria did not want Billy around. Victoria said that she was trying to make sure that Johnny did have a good birthday, so she was taking Johnny to dinner at her folks' house. Billy was not happy about it but accepted Victoria's decision, and they shared a brief laugh about the party that Nikki and Jill had tried to foist on them.

Victoria told Billy that she had a children's party planned for Saturday so that Johnny would have a big celebration with his friends. Billy was relieved to know that he was invited. Billy, Victoria, and Johnny had a small party together as Johnny opened the present from Billy. Then father and son blew the whistles, wore the hats, and ate cake. As Billy prepared to depart, he told Victoria that he had sold the restaurant and gone to work for Jabot. When Victoria asked why, he told her that the business had lost its appeal after Delia's death. Victoria watched through the curtains as Billy drove away.

Devon approached Lily at the Athletic Club to talk about Lily's plans to use real people in the fashion show. Lily wanted to know why Devon cared. He said that Esmerelda had threatened to quit if she had to work with amateurs. Lily shot back that Devon's diva girlfriend better shape up, or Lily would fire her. Hilary overheard and told Lily that she did not have that authority. Lily and Hilary started trading insults, but Devon eventually stopped them. Lily sent Hilary to Lily's office to find and try on the dress that Hilary would wear in the fashion show.

Devon tried to reason with Lily and make her understand that it was time for her to drop her vendetta against Hilary. Devon threatened to replace Lily if she did not. Lily promised that she could work with Hilary. After Devon left, Lily called Cane for support as Summer walked up to the bar and overheard Lily mention that Cane was helping Victor with Bonaventure.

Summer told Lily that she was there to help with the fashion show and asked if Summer should check in with Hilary. Lily let her dislike of Hilary spill over as she told Summer that Lily would not let anyone she loved work with Hilary.

Esther entered the Chancellor living room and started dusting the mantel. Colin and Jill, who were laying prone on the couch kissing, did not notice Esther, nor she them. When Esther turned around and noticed, she screamed and put her duster in front of her face. Jill and Colin were startled and breathless as they, too, noticed Esther. Esther hurriedly left the room as she mumbled an apology.

Jill said that she was glad that Esther had interrupted because she had been about to make a big mistake. Colin was frustrated, but he realized how much he had hurt Jill and apologized for it. Colin gathered up all the papers that they had been researching and threw them into a trashcan and threatened to set them on fire to prove to Jill that he loved her more than the money. Jill stopped him.

Colin recognized that Jill trusted him and said that he loved Jill and that Jill loved him. Jill crumbled. They kissed tenderly. Colin held Jill and said laughingly that there was nothing wrong with being in love and having a rich wife at the same time. Jill led Colin upstairs.

When Jill and Colin returned to the living room after making love, both were giggling like teenagers. Both were happy and satisfied. Jill was ready to get back to work on the mystery, but Colin had other plans and took her in his arms as Esther walked in. Esther again put up her duster to block her view of the duo as she took her leave, but Colin stopped her as he stepped out to leave Esther to talk to Jill privately.

Esther asked if Jill had decided to be sensible. Jill said that she had. Jill told Esther that Colin had been trying for months to get her to trust him, and on that day, Jill had.

In the hall, Colin made a call. He held a Bonaventure business card in his hand as he told the person on the other end that he had Jill's trust and would have Jill's money very soon.

Billy met with Jack at Jabot. Jack asked about Billy and Victoria. Billy said that it had been a rough night because Victoria had signed the separation papers. Billy talked as if he was a loser and his marriage was over. Jack encouraged Billy to fight for his marriage, but Billy told Jack that Victoria had acknowledged sleeping with Stitch.

Billy said that Victoria had seen Billy accidentally run into Kelly in the park and had assumed the worst. Victoria had then signed the separation papers and gone to a bar and started drinking. It was the same bar where Stitch had been drinking in to dull his own pain.

Billy was not sure his marriage could be saved or if he even wanted to try to save it. Billy said that Victoria did not consider that she had cheated because she had signed the separation papers first. Billy said that it did not so much bother him that Victoria had made love to someone else, but that it had been Stitch.

Billy said that he had a gut feeling that Stitch had done something bad in his past that had caused the rift with his wife. Jack countered that both Jack and Billy had things in their pasts that they were not proud of. Billy said that there was something shifty about Stitch because he never looked anyone in the eyes. He told Jack that he did not intend to let Stitch hurt Victoria.

Billy told Jack that he was sure that Kelly knew Stitch's secret, because Kelly called him Ben instead of Stitch. Jack advised Billy to steer clear of Kelly if Billy wanted to save his marriage. Jack then asked Billy if he still wanted to save his marriage. Billy said that he did, but he also thought that their separation would be good for Victoria. Billy said that he just wished that Stitch did not swoop in.

Billy said that Kelly got tense every time she was around Stitch, and despite what Jack thought, Billy believed that Kelly was very trustworthy. Jack said that Billy would get no argument from him and that, in fact, Jack was taking Kelly out to dinner that very evening. Billy went ballistic.

Victoria took Johnny to Crimson Lights. They made wishes and blew out the candles on their cupcake. They laughed as Victoria said that bowing out the flame meant that their wishes would become true, although Victoria murmured that she did not think hers would. Stitch walked up to their table. Victoria said that they were celebrating Johnny's second birthday and invited Stitch to stay. He said that he did not want to cause trouble with Billy.

Victoria told Stitch that Billy knew, so it was not an issue anymore. She told Stitch that she was moving forward with the separation and was taking things a day at a time. Victoria smiled when Stitch asked her out to dinner that evening.

Devon walked into Lily's office and stood stunned and speechless when he caught Hilary in her underwear. Hilary had a few choice words for Devon, but Lily walked in and accused Hilary of being a tramp who was deliberately baiting Devon. Hilary had words for Lily as she hurriedly covered herself, stepped behind a clothing rack, and got dressed. Devon tried to defend Hilary, but Lily was having none of it. Hilary dressed and left.

Lily accused Devon of having feeling for Hilary, which Devon denied. As soon as Devon left Lily's office, Lily called Esmerelda. In her most sugary voice, Lily told Esmerelda that she would be the star of the show, and all eyes would be on Esmerelda, especially Devon's.

Summer was assigned to help Kelly with the details for the fashion show. As they divided the chores, Kelly told Summer that she liked a go-getter. Summer said that she got that from her family. They chatted about how persuasive Jack could be and about both of their fathers. Kelly asked about what had happened to Phyllis, and Summer told her that Phyllis' fall down the stairs had been a freak accident. Kelly was surprised that no one knew exactly what had happened.

Later Kelly found Summer looking at a picture of Phyllis. She apologized for making Summer sad. Summer said that she was not sad, only thoughtful. Kelly said that she kind of knew what Summer was going through because the bond between mother and child was precious and should never be broken. Kelly told Summer that she was there for her if Summer ever needed a sounding board for about anything.

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