Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Adam and Sage were dining at the Athletic Club. Adam grew angry as he read aloud a flattering online profile of Chelsea, which had been posted on the GC Buzz website. Sage asked him to calm down, but Adam felt that he and Sage needed to "speed things up," as every day that passed was another day he had to spend without his wife and son. He told Sage to persist in pumping Nick for background information on Gabriel Bingham. Adam said that would ensure that Nick continued to believe that Adam was Nick's former classmate.

Sharon was at Chelsea's design studio for a fitting, but Chelsea noticed that Sharon was lost in thought. She wondered if Sharon had thought about Chelsea's suggestion to "play dirty" in her custody battle with Nick. Sharon said that she had thought about it but claimed to have no information about Nick that would sully his reputation. Chelsea said that Sharon had to have dirt on Nick but was probably reluctant to use it because it would affect Sharon's chance of ever reconciling with Nick. Chelsea said, "Your love for Nick is going to cost you your little girl."

Chelsea told Sharon that she had done a lot of research when Adam had threatened her with a custody suit, and she'd learned that one needed to be uncompromising in order to win. Sharon still seemed reluctant to say nasty things about Nick at the hearing. Chelsea told her that Nick's legal team would certainly say bad things about Sharon.

Sharon mentioned that she had recently seen Nick with Sage. She was upset at the thought of a Nick-Sage relationship. Chelsea admitted that she had felt the same way about Sharon and Adam, but things had turned out the way they were supposed to have been -- at least for a while. Chelsea's mood turned gloomy as she talked about the loss of her soul mate, Adam.

As if on cue, the elevator door opened to reveal Adam, who said he was there to pitch some marketing ideas to Chelsea. After Sharon left, Adam told Chelsea that he hoped to learn about the fashion industry from her. She quipped that with "Gabriel's" impressive résumé, perhaps she could learn something from him. The subtext was clear when Adam said, "Maybe we can both learn something from each other."

Adam told Chelsea that he wanted to market Chelsea's line, using just one photograph. On the left side of the photograph would be one hundred women wearing the same outfit and trying to conform to what they thought was fashionable. On the right side of the photograph, there would be one woman who dressed as a sign of self-expression. Chelsea thought that "Gabriel" showed remarkable insight -- she hated it when "a whole population dressed nearly identically."

Adam said that from what he had read, Chelsea's late husband had left her financially secure. She admitted that it was quite a change from earlier years, when she had lived a nomadic existence, hopping from one crummy motel to the next. Adam replied that Chelsea had really changed. She was no longer the girl sitting in the lobby of the Hotel Athénée pretending to be a guest. Chelsea turned to "Gabriel" and asked, "How did you know about that?"

Adam lied and told Chelsea that he had seen a magazine article about Chelsea, which had created a "lasting image of you in the Hotel Athénée's lobby." Chelsea seemed very uneasy with "Gabriel's" explanation and asked him to leave so she could finish up some designs. Adam said that he would like to watch, but Chelsea said that the studio was her private space -- and suggested that they meet at her Jabot office in the future. Both Chelsea and Adam seemed sad and confused, Adam alone in the elevator and Chelsea alone at her desk.

At the tack house, Faith was trouncing Nick in a fierce competition. They were playing the board game Life. Faith "gained" a family as they played, prompting her to ask Nick if he still loved Sharon. Nick replied, "Sometimes things happen," but told Faith that he still wanted Sharon to be happy.

Faith wondered how Sharon could possibly be happy if Nick was granted full custody of the little girl. Nick explained that adults could sometimes be complicated, and Faith would understand that as she got older. Faith went upstairs to put the game away while Nick began preparing hot chocolate.

Sage showed up at Nick's with an old yearbook from the Mount Bell Academy, the boarding school that Nick and Gabriel had attended. Nick chuckled and thumbed through it. Faith, looking quite nervous, joined Nick and Sage. As Nick served Faith hot chocolate, Sage smiled and introduced herself. Faith just stared at Sage and suspiciously asked, "Who are you?" Nick told Faith that the woman was his new friend Sage, who had stopped by to show Nick something from his old school. Clearly upset, Faith asked Nick if she could take her hot chocolate up to her room. Nick said that was fine, and Faith left.

Sage, realizing that she had upset Faith, thought that perhaps she should leave, but Nick suggested that she stay to savor a cup of his "famous" hot chocolate. Sage decided to hang out, and Nick invited her to join him on the couch so they could peruse the yearbook and laugh at old pictures of Nick and Gabriel.

Sharon, who heard chuckling from outside the tack house, showed up. Smiling, she asked Nick what all the fun was about as she stepped inside. Sharon's smile quickly disappeared when she eyed Sage on the couch. Sage, Nick, and Sharon nervously glanced at each other.

Sharon carried a bag containing clothes for Faith's favorite doll. Faith had left it at Sharon's. Sharon stared at Sage and quite insincerely said, "Nice to you see you again - Paige, isn't it?" Sage corrected Sharon's purposeful error.

Nick told Sharon that he would appreciate it if she didn't stop by without calling. He sternly said that Faith could do without her doll's clothes for one night. Sharon's unplanned visit would only serve to confuse their daughter. Sharon snapped, "I doubt if it's as confusing as seeing you with another woman." Nick told Sharon he wanted to speak with her outside. As Nick and Sharon walked out, Faith sat at the top of the stairwell and watched them.

Outside, Nick told Sharon that it was his night with Faith, and he wanted Sharon to respect that. Sharon apologized and became emotional as she told Nick that she missed Faith. She regained her composure, handed Nick the bag, sarcastically said, "Enjoy yourself," and walked off.

Nick rejoined Sage and they had fun looking through the yearbook. There were some photographs of Nick and Gabriel in school drama productions. Sage continued to deftly pry information about Gabriel from Nick. She learned that Gabriel had been well-liked despite being completely irresponsible. Nick was surprised about how much Gabriel had changed -- he had been reckless and crazy in school but had evidently morphed into a responsible adult.

Sage grabbed for the yearbook and knocked over a vase, spilling water all over herself. From the stairwell, Faith watched as Nick said to Sage, "Let's get you out of those clothes."

Sage changed into one of Nick's bathrobes, and they left the living room to put Sage's pants in the clothes dryer. Faith sneaked downstairs, grabbed the cordless phone, sat on the stairs, and called Sharon. Sharon wondered if Nick had given Faith her doll's clothes. Faith ignored the question and urgently said, "Mommy, you have to come to daddy's right away."

At Crimson Lights, Lauren was anxious to hear about Michael's first radiation therapy treatment, but Michael was reluctant to discuss it. Kevin approached Lauren and Michael's table and overheard that Michael had started a treatment regimen. Kevin was thrilled. He joined Michael at a table just as Lauren left for work.

Kevin rambled on about how wonderful the news of Michael's treatment was, but Michael interrupted him mid-sentence. Michael said that he was going to rewrite his will and wanted to name Kevin as executor. Michael began to give Kevin precise instructions on an executor's duties, but Kevin interrupted him. Kevin wanted to know if there was something that Michael wasn't telling him.

Michael told Kevin that people rewrote wills all the time. Kevin thought it odd that Michael had picked him to act as executor. Michael said he needed someone he could trust. Kevin listed his misdeeds: he had robbed banks dressed as a chipmunk, stared at the ceiling in a mental institution, and served jail time. Kevin exclaimed, "None of that is trustworthy!"

Michael snickered and said he didn't have anyone else to ask -- Lauren, Gloria, and Fenmore were inappropriate choices. Kevin wanted to delay the discussion, but Michael insisted on continuing. After they finished talking, Michael asked Kevin if he could rely on him. He needed Kevin to make sure that Michael's family was protected. Kevin finally agreed to be the executor. Trying to break the somber mood with some humor, Michael told Kevin that he would need to serve him coffee and pick up his dry cleaning. Kevin smiled and said that he had agreed to be Michael's executor, not his valet.

At the Athletic Club bar, Jill asked Colin how he would ever be able to raise the capital to buy Chancellor Industries from Victor. Colin answered that one of his investments was about to pay off, but Cane didn't think his father would ever have enough money to meet Victor's outrageously high asking price. Cane said he didn't believe that any of Colin's investment returns would be near enough to purchase Chancellor -- Cane wondered whether Colin was involved in some "shady" scheme. Jill pulled Colin away so that she could speak with him privately.

Jill adamantly demanded that Colin tell her everything about his high-return investment. She grew angry as Colin evaded her question, but he was saved when Lauren arrived. Colin left as the women sat at a table.

Jill was devastated when Lauren told her that Michael had cancer. Lauren recited some optimistic statistics about the five-year survival rate, but Jill detected some hesitation in her sister's voice. Lauren explained that Michael was concerned that he would be rendered impotent by the radiation therapy. She told Jill that she didn't care about that. Lauren just wanted Michael to get better.

Jill told Lauren not to dismiss Michael's concerns. Lauren reiterated that sex didn't matter to her. Jill snapped, "But it matters to him. And it will matter to you later. Fenmore women aren't exactly the celibate type." Jill painted a gloomy picture. She told Lauren that if Michael suffered from impotence, it could eat up the Baldwins' marriage bit by bit -- until there was nothing left.

As the sisters stood up to leave, Jill told Lauren that Michael was a wonderful man -- love had carried them through previous crises, and it would guide them as they dealt with Michael's illness.

Cane received a phone call from a representative of a large group that had booked a conference room at the club. The group threatened to cancel the reservation unless the room's sound system met their exacting requirements. Cane hung up and told Neil about the emergency. Neil said that Lily normally handled facility requests, but Cane reminded him that Lily was on a spa retreat with Hilary. Cane thought that perhaps Devon help out, but Neil told him that Devon was out of town on business. Cane asked where Devon had gone and rolled his eyes when Neil said all he knew was that Devon had left Genoa City in a hurry.

Colin rejoined Neil at the bar. Cane had taken off to deal with the sound system situation. Neil mentioned that both Lily and Devon were out of town. Colin listened attentively when Neil said, "Devon said he was on a business trip, but with Devon, who knows what that means?"

Devon and Hilary began kissing and unbuttoning their clothes in the posh Chicago hotel suite that Hilary was sharing with Lily. Lily, returning early from her massage, approached the door. Inside, Devon heard the faint familiar tones of an incoming text message. Hilary said that she hadn't heard anything and informed Devon that Lily wouldn't be returning for an hour. In the hallway, Lily stared at the text message she had received, slid her keycard through the reader, opened the door, and walked into the suite.

A nervous Hilary, who had hastily buttoned her blouse, asked Lily why she had returned. Devon concealed himself in one of the suite's bedroom. Lily told Hilary that her massage had been rescheduled for later that day. Hilary quickly suggested that Lily join a yoga class that was scheduled to meet in just a few minutes. Lily wasn't interested and asked if Hilary wanted to join her for a walk -- but Hilary turned Lily down.

Lily thought Hilary was acting "closed off" and tense and wondered if something had happened while Lily had been out of the room. Hilary didn't respond. Devon grimaced as Lily said she had hoped that Lily and Hilary could bond during their spa retreat. A dejected-looking Lily started to walk off when Hilary blurted out that there was something that Lily needed to know.

Lily was shocked when Hilary told her that Neil and Hilary had postponed having a baby. Devon continued eavesdropping as Lily asked Hilary what had changed. Hilary told Lily that she wanted to have a baby with "the man she loved," but she couldn't do that to Neil. Lily was confused, since Neil was the man Hilary loved. Hilary began sobbing. As Devon looked on, Lily hugged Hilary. Lily told her that everything was going to be okay.

Hilary explained, "Neil deserves all of me -- especially now." Hilary feared that Neil might start drinking again. She couldn't bear it if something she did pushed Neil off the wagon. Lily received a phone call from Cane. He told her about the potential cancellation. Lily volunteered to return to Genoa City, but Cane said he could handle the problem -- he just needed the sound engineer's phone number. Lily hung up after telling Cane that she would text him the number.

Hilary, almost hopefully, asked Lily if she had to leave. Lily said that Cane could handle the problem, adding that she didn't want to abandon Hilary. Lily thought Hilary was severely depressed. Hilary said that she felt much better but would feel bad if Lily didn't return to Genoa City.

Later, Devon held Hilary, who wondered if Lily suspected that she was cheating on Neil. Devon assured Hilary that Lily didn't suspect anything. Hilary again hinted that she and Devon should end their affair. Devon told her that they had, several times, tried to walk away from each other, but they were always drawn back to each other. He described their love as "once-in-a-lifetime" and he couldn't turn his back on that.

Neil, Cane, and Colin were surprised when Lily showed up at the club. Neil hoped that Hilary would be okay by herself. Lily assured him that Hilary would be fine. Colin said that he needed to make a phone call and walked away. Lily and Cane left to speak to the sound system engineer.

Colin sent a text message to Devon: "Your secret is safe with me for now. Talk soon." Neil was alone at the bar when Sharon joined him. Sharon wondered how Neil was faring. He claimed to have a phenomenal support system: Cane, Lily, Devon, and Hilary. Sharon wondered where Hilary was. Neil explained that his wife was at a spa retreat.

Colin joined Neil and Sharon at the bar. Sharon suggested to Neil that he surprise Hilary by joining her in Chicago. Colin said that was a wonderful thought, but Hilary was probably enjoying her "downtime."

In Chicago, Hilary and Devon were lustfully rolling around in bed and didn't notice Colin's sinister text message.

. . .

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