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Phyllis scrutinizes Nick's change of heart
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Wednesday, January 16, 2019
by Nel

At Nick's, Phyllis questioned Nick about his phone call with Michael. Nick advised her that he'd hired Michael as Victor's lawyer and that Michael was in the process of arranging another bail hearing. Nick added that Michael was very concerned that Victor would balk at the conditions the judge might impose, but Victor needed to be home with Nikki. Nick said he wouldn't allow Victor to set up any more roadblocks for himself. Phyllis reminded Nick that he'd sworn he'd stay out of Victor's problems, and she wanted to know what had changed his mind.

Nick told Phyllis that Victor didn't belong in a cell because he hadn't killed J.T. Phyllis was surprised that Nick was trying to protect Victor from himself. Phyllis was upset that Nick hadn't shared that information with her. She said that it was obvious to her that because of Victor, she and Nick were at odds with each other, but Nick denied it. Phyllis claimed she had supported Nick, but he hadn't shared his change of heart with her. She wanted to know what had happened to change his mind. Nick told her that he'd done a lot of thinking about Victor's situation, and the evidence against Victor wasn't enough.

Phyllis asked Nick if Michael had asked him to intervene and convince Victor to take him on as his lawyer. She wanted to know the details and how it had happened. Nick asked Phyllis why she was so certain that Victor was guilty. Phyllis claimed that Victor has sucked him back in. Nick advised her that Victor hadn't said a word, but Phyllis was adamant that Victor was sucking him back in and made another attempt to convince Nick he was being sucked in. Nick accused Phyllis of trying to convince him that Victor was guilty, and he wanted to know what was going on with her.

Phyllis reminded Nick that he'd thanked her for backing him because he'd suspected Victor was guilty, but Nick had done a complete turnaround and claimed that Victor wasn't guilty. She didn't understand. Nick said he knew Phyllis hated Victor with good reason. He also understood why she felt that way. Phyllis brought up when Victor should have served time for his actions, but he'd received an early release. She said that if Victor had remained behind bars, he wouldn't have made an attempt to take Christian away from Nick or sent Summer halfway across the world. The list was endless, and Phyllis said she needed it to stop.

Nick told Phyllis that Victor didn't need to rot in a cell for something he hadn't done, and he couldn't ignore the fact that someone had been trying to frame Victor. Nick told her that the barn fire had been arson. Phyllis claimed that they didn't know who had started the fire, and nothing had happened since then. She told Nick that she wanted to know what Nikki had told him. Frustrated, Nick said he needed some air, and he left.

Cane arrived at the jail. When Lily entered the visitors' room, she was surprised to see him. Cane said he'd missed seeing her face, and he wanted to ensure that she was okay. Lily asked if he was there because of her letter. Cane asked Lily if she felt that he hadn't given her enough support, and if that was the case, he asked her to point him in the right direction. Lily said she didn't want him to feel like he had to jump through hoops for her. She admitted that the reality of being in prison was very hard for her, but she didn't want to pressure him. Cane said he'd wanted to assure her that she was his first priority and that he would always be there for her, whenever she needed him.

Lily told Cane that she had been assigned to teach the GED class every afternoon. She said that the last person who had taught the class had received an early release, but that wasn't the reason she was doing it. She said she hadn't believed that the warden would allow her to take the position because she didn't have a college degree, but she'd applied, received an interview, and become a teacher.

Lily told Cane that the GED gave the women a huge leap. If they passed, they could receive vocational training, and if someone gave them a shot, they could get a job and a wage that would enable them to help themselves and their families once they left the prison. She said it was a new chance. It all went back to education, and she got to be a part of that. Cane said he was proud of her.

Lily told Cane she hoped she could become proud of herself because she'd had a lot of shame there and couldn't undo what she'd done, but she could put some good into the world. Cane assured her that the students would love her. Lily said she was the new girl, and she hoped she could get her students to at least tolerate her. That would be a win. Cane said that she'd already done a lot of good in the world, and she was the guiding light of their family. Nothing would change that.

Cane told Lily that Mattie had wanted him to bring the essay she'd written about Lily and how much of an influence Lily had on Mattie. Lily asked if it was about her inmate mother, and she wondered if Mattie was afraid of what the admissions people would think. Cane assured her that the essay was about love, respect, and pure admiration. Cane said that besides him, Mattie was Lily's biggest fan. Lily asked how Charlie was doing after his breakup with Shauna. Cane said Charlie was messed up.

Lily commented that Cane looked tired. Cane said that sleep was not his friend and that he'd been thinking about all the mistakes he'd made, the things he had done and hadn't done. He wished he had the means to take a lot of them back. He told Lily about the trip to Paris he'd planned for them after Lily was released. He mentioned the hotels, the vineyards, and the museums. He kept talking about what they would do, but Lily shouted for him to stop. Cane reminded Lily that their time in Paris was what they needed to hold onto. Upset, Lily said she thought Cane had wanted to see her because of her letter, and she asked him if he'd read it because they still hadn't talked about the "now."

Cane told Lily that they had been talking about the "now," but he said it was okay to talk about the future. Lily replied that the future was too far away, and every day in prison was a lifetime. He said he understood, but that was the reason Paris was so important. Lily told him it hurt too much. Cane said he understood that "now" was what mattered. Lily said she was all over the place. Cane assured her that wherever she went, that was where he wanted to be. He said he wasn't going anywhere.

Lily said that the kids would be because they would be off to college soon, and they'd probably be out of the county by the time she was released. Cane said the kids might decide to stay local. Frustrated, Lily asked if they would stay local because of her. She tried to be upbeat and said there was no college application for Sam and no essays for him. Cane pulled out Mattie's essay, prepared to read it to Lily, but she requested that he read it to her over the phone.

Lily told Cane she had to leave because she was about to start her GED class. When Cane protested, Lily said that she hadn't known he would be there, and the women wouldn't understand if she explained that her husband had arrived for a visit with her. Cane said he understood the job was important, but he was being selfish and asked Lily to push the class back by thirty minutes. Lily said she'd made a commitment; she was aware it was hard for him, but he had a life and got to make choices daily. She didn't. She said she didn't get to choose when to wake up, eat, or take a shower, but she could lead a class.

Cane told Lily to honor her commitment. Lily said she didn't feel that she and Cane were on the same side. She hugged Cane and asked for his support. He said he wasn't the one walking away. Lily was taken aback, but she left.

When Arturo arrived at Crimson Lights, Sharon provided him with a check for fixing the furnace in Rey's unit. Sharon was taken aback when Arturo offered her the name of another repairman she could use in the future, explaining he wouldn't always be available because he'd be at a job site.

In Rey's apartment, Mia set the table and recalled the near kiss she'd almost shared with Arturo. When Rey appeared, Mia said she had a huge breakfast for him because they were celebrating Rey's return after the storm. Rey recalled sharing a bed with Sharon, but he told Mia that he would always return home to her.

Mia told Rey she wanted him to call in sick and stay home with her. She said he deserved a little time off after arresting Victor and the drug dealers. She cozied up to him, and Rey picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. A while later, Rey told Mia he hadn't been sure that they could get their marriage back. Mia said she'd moved to Genoa City in an attempt to save their marriage. Rey said they were good for each other.

After Rey left, Arturo arrived and said he was there at Mia's request. Mia told Arturo that Rey had admitted he'd been with Sharon and that nothing had happened. Arturo said he was certain that Rey hadn't volunteered that information. Mia said that she'd told Rey that Arturo had been there to fix the furnace. She told Arturo that she couldn't stop thinking about them being together the previous evening. Arturo spat that nothing had happened, but Mia claimed that wasn't true.

Arturo advised Mia to stop calling him over to discuss things they shouldn't. He asked why they had to keep talking about it. Mia said that if she didn't talk about it, she'd explode. Mia advised Arturo that she hadn't moved to Genoa City to be with him. Arturo didn't believe it because she'd sought him out and had gotten in his face at Dark Horse then she'd shouted to everyone at the launch party about their affair. Mia said Arturo knew what she was like and advised him not to act like he was surprised. She wanted to make it clear to Arturo that she was there for Rey.

Arturo told Mia that nothing would ever happen between them again. He said that no one forgot their first love, but people grew up and moved on to other relationships. He said that they'd been young, and everything had been like fireworks, loud and exciting, but the fireworks had ended. Arturo admitted he would never have been the one to make her happy, and that was the reason it had ended. He said Rey would never let her down. Arturo wanted him and Mia to put away everything that had happened the previous night and move on.

Rey arrived at the station. A reporter approached him and asked if Rey had any new information about Victor. Rey stated that Victor hadn't hired a lawyer. Nick stepped in and contradicted Rey by informing the reporter that Victor had hired a lawyer, and a new bail hearing had been set. He said Victor was looking forward to being released and expected an apology from the police department for their flimsy and manufactured evidence. Nick told the reporter to drop by Dark Horse with her camera crew, and he would provide her with accurate information.

After the reporter left, Rey pointed out that Nick had said he wouldn't allow Victor to get away with murder. Nick simply stated that Victor wasn't guilty of J.T.'s murder. Away from Rey, Nick told Sharon he wanted to see all the information there was about the barn fire. Sharon told him that it wasn't part of her job. Rey stepped in and advised Nick that the information wouldn't be released until the investigation was completed.

Rey told Nick he also wanted to know who had set the barn fire. Nick claimed the sole purpose of the fire had been to plant evidence against Victor, and when Rey found that person, it would blow up Rey's case against Victor. Rey wanted to know why Nick had changed his mind about Victor's guilt. Nick refused to answer, and he left.

After Nick had gone, Sharon apologized to Rey on Nick's behalf. She said she'd known Nick for a long time, and she felt responsible for him. Rey said that Nick didn't register with him. Rey changed the subject and said that Mia had known that he and Sharon had been together in Kenosha, but Mia didn't know that they had shared the same motel room. He said he'd appreciate it if Mia never found out. Sharon promised she wouldn't say anything.

Rey told Sharon that when Mia had been young, she'd been hot and emotional, but she'd matured. He said that he and Mia were back on track. Sharon expressed how happy she was for him, and she encouraged Rey to keep working at his marriage. With disdain, Rey said he'd never be like his father had been, and Rey left.

When Nick returned home, Phyllis advised him that they needed to talk. Nick wanted to talk, provided they exchanged information, but if Phyllis wanted Nick to leave Victor to sit in jail, that wasn't an option. Nick maintained that he'd get Victor home to Nikki where he belonged. Phyllis admitted she loathed Victor, but nothing was more important than her and Nick. She said the stable fire had been set so the cops would find the gun and the bloody shirt. She wanted to know why Nikki hadn't moved in with Victoria. Nick said that Nikki was adamant that she wouldn't be chased out of her home, and he respected that. He said the security around the ranch had been beefed up.

Phyllis asked Nick to tell her what Nikki had told him after the memorial. Nick said that Nikki had left no doubt in his mind that Victor had had nothing to do with J.T.'s murder. Phyllis said she wanted to support Nick, but she needed to know what Nikki had said, and perhaps she'd be convinced, as well. Nick said he couldn't get into the details. Phyllis asked if Nick really believed that Victor was innocent or if he wanted Victor home for Nikki's sake. Phyllis asked if Nikki had talked about the fire, her accident, her MS, and her sobriety and if she'd gotten to Nick. She told Nick that Nikki was as strong as Victor, but she wanted to know how all of that translated into Victor being innocent.

Nick told Phyllis that he had no doubts about Victor's innocence. He advised Phyllis to let it go. Phyllis said Nikki had to have been very convincing, and she asked how Nick could be so sure of Victor's innocence. Nick snapped that he was certain. Phyllis caustically commented about Nick's psychic powers. In anger Nick almost blurted out that Nikki had killed J.T., but he caught himself in time. He calmly told her that Nikki knew Victor the best, and if she said that Victor was innocent, then he believed her.

Phyllis told Nick she understood that Nick loved his mother, and Phyllis supported him. She hugged Nick, but she looked concerned.

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• Arturo gives Abby quite a shock

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