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Lauren was shocked that Michael mentioned her affair with Carmine. He said that he would understand, in light of his illness, if Lauren turned to another man. Lauren protested that there was a lot more to their relationship than sex, but Michael said that she might think differently if he were reduced to being Lauren's roommate or possibly worse -- he might become totally dependent on her after his treatment. Lauren lashed out at Michael, reminding him of their wedding vows, " sickness and in health..." She proclaimed her love for Michael, telling him that cancer didn't change that.

The Baldwins began a feisty argument. Michael said that cancer changed everything. He didn't want Lauren's pity. They calmed down for a minute. Michael said he never thought "it" would happen to him. Lauren corrected him, saying " us." They began sparring again when Michael said the battle against cancer was his -- not hers. She implored him to do whatever he needed to do to "beat this." Fen walked in and, overhearing the end of Lauren's statement, said, "Beat what?"

Lauren and Michael were naturally thrilled to see their son. Fen wondered what his parents had been discussing when he'd walked in -- he thought it had sounded intense. Michael lied and said that he and Lauren had been discussing a case he was working on. Lauren appeared anxious for Michael to tell their son the truth, but when it was clear that wasn't going to happen, Lauren broke the solemn mood and asked Fen how his semester at school had been. He reported that there had been a lot of studying and a lot of partying. Lauren was concerned that Fen might have relapsed and used drugs, but he assured her that part of his life was over.

Fen told his parents he was really looking forward to his upcoming ski trip -- no classes and no books. Michael suggested that Fen start his vacation early and leave for Canada the following day. Lauren thought that was a great idea, but Fen wondered why his parents were rushing him out of Genoa City. Michael said he and Lauren felt that Fen deserved a break after working so hard to get his life back on track.

Fen left to spend the evening with some friends. After he was gone, Lauren told Michael that she really hated lying to their son. Michael said that Fen simply couldn't handle any more stress. Lauren agreed. She picked up some literature and told Michael that they should discuss his treatment options. Michael insisted he would -- but not until after the holidays. Lauren initially resisted but then acquiesced, making Michael promise they would face his disease together.

Christine stopped by to visit Paul in his police station office. She had good news -- a blood test had confirmed that she was pregnant. As Paul and Christine began kissing, Nikki walked into the office and apologized for interrupting. Paul announced the good news to Nikki, who congratulated them. Both Christine and Nikki were surprised when Paul told Nikki, "...and I have you to thank for it."

A perplexed Nikki asked Paul what he meant. He explained that if Dylan hadn't donated part of his liver to Paul, Paul wouldn't be alive. Nikki said that was true -- but that Paul should be thanking Dylan -- not her. Christine, beginning to look peeved, said that she agreed with Nikki. Christine's irritation grew as Paul and Nikki took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about how they had learned that Dylan was their son.

Even Nikki began looking uncomfortable as Paul continued to ramble. She was about to leave the office when Paul asked her why she had stopped by. She told Paul that she wanted to plan a little party to celebrate Avery and Dylan's engagement. Christine, evidently tired of hearing about Dylan, told Paul she had work to do and left.

Nikki realized that her conversation with Paul had chased Christine away. Paul explained that Christine had been very emotional lately -- it was nothing for Nikki to worry about. Paul asked if there was anything he could do to help plan the engagement party. Nikki asked Paul if he would host it with her.

After Paul and Nikki were finishing up their plans for the party, Christine returned to Paul's office and was not pleased, but not surprised, to see that Nikki was still there. Nikki began gathering her things to leave, but first talked about all the good things that had happened recently -- Victoria's baby, Ashley and Dylan's engagement, and Christine's pregnancy. Nikki said all those blessings were a nice change from the hell that Ian had put all of them through.

After Nikki left, Christine wondered why Paul was suddenly co-hosting the engagement party for Avery and Dylan. Paul said that if Christine didn't want him to co-host, he wouldn't. Christine said she would never stop Paul from being involved in his son's life. Paul wondered if he would be a good father to his and Christine's baby. Christine said that of course Paul would be good at it -- after all, Paul was kind and loving and patient. Paul reminded Christine that he had "bailed" on his first two kids.

Devon and Hilary strolled through Chancellor Park, snuggling up to each other and looking very much like a couple in love. They pulled apart as people walked past them. When they were once again alone, Devon attempted to embrace Hilary, but she told him they shouldn't show any signs of affection in public. Devon suggested they go somewhere private -- he had a new suite at the club on a private floor -- and a special keycard was necessary to gain access.

Lily slept with her head resting on Neil's shoulder in Lily's Athletic Club office. Lily was jarred awake by the ringing telephone. She answered and took care of a minor crisis occurring in the dining room. After hanging up, Lily refocused her attention on Neil, who was still holding a Braille copy of The Squishy Meatball. He was disappointed that he wasn't yet fluent enough in Braille to read Moses a bedtime story.

Neil told Lily that it had become more difficult for him to resist drinking. She begged him to call her before he gave in to temptation. She said she would do anything in her power to help prevent him from relapsing.

Hilary and Devon returned to the club, and he handed her the keycard. She was reluctant to take it, but Devon assured her that everything would be okay. They were thrown for a loop when Lily approached them and said, "My suspicions were right." They were relieved when Lily said that her suspicions concerned Neil's struggle to adapt to a life without sight.

Both Devon and Hilary said they had recently seen Neil and that he had seemed okay. Hilary thought Neil had turned a corner after Malcolm's visit. Lily said they wouldn't think all was well with Neil if they had seen him struggling to read a children's book. Lily revealed that Neil had told her he was just one drink from giving in.

Hilary left to find Neil. After Hilary left, Devon asked Lily if there was anything he could do to help. Lily said that Devon could answer a question, "Why did you invite Hilary to your private suite?" Devon lied, telling Lily that he had no idea what to get Gwen for Christmas, and he had asked Hilary to sit with him and brainstorm some gift ideas. Lily warned Devon to make sure that Gwen loved Devon the person -- not Devon, the multi-billionaire.

Alone in Lily's office, Neil took a chip commemorating his ten years of sobriety from his pocket and clutched it tightly. Hilary joined her pensive husband. Neil wondered if Lily had told Hilary that he was considering drinking. Hilary wondered why Neil hadn't told her. Neil said that he was too ashamed to say anything to Hilary, in light of how Hilary's mother had died. Neil still partially blamed himself. Hilary tried to absolve him of any guilt.

Neil told Hilary there was something he wanted her to do for him -- he wanted her to take him to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Arriving at a meeting, Neil said that Hilary would need to wait outside, since the meeting was open to alcoholics only. Neil entered the room, and the meeting began. When the leader asked who wanted to start, Nikki stood up and walked to the podium. She was astonished to see Neil in the back of the room.

Nikki stepped away from the podium and whispered to the leader that she really didn't want to share. The leader told Nikki that was okay -- then asked for another volunteer to speak. Neil stood up and said that he wanted to share. He began with the traditional, "My name is Neil, and I'm an alcoholic." Neil related the story of his accident to the group, telling them that his subsequent blindness had really tempted him to drink. He said that he had spoken with his daughter about his desire to drink -- and he'd attended a meeting -- and he hadn't taken that first drink. Nikki's expression turned to one of guilt as Neil spoke.

In the hallway outside the meeting, Hilary was on the phone with Devon. He asked Hilary how she was doing. Growing teary-eyed, she told Devon that she should have seen that Neil needed her -- that he had been struggling. Devon was about to hang up when Hilary said, "Devon -- about Christmas. You should invite Gwen." Devon appeared extremely disappointed.

Anita, laden with gifts for Connor, showed up at Chelsea's penthouse. She spotted a christening gown on the coffee table and wondered who Chelsea was sewing it for. Chelsea told her mother that the gown was for Katie, Billy and Victoria's newborn daughter. Anita, unhappy at hearing that, sarcastically said how nice it was that Chelsea was making the gown for Victoria's baby. Chelsea reminded Anita that Billy had been very nice to Connor, and Chelsea wanted to do something nice for Katie.

Chelsea said the christening gown was her way of showing Billy that she supported him being a part of Katie's life. Anita warned Chelsea that Victoria would use Katie to try to win Billy back -- and that it behooved Chelsea to keep Billy far away from Victoria and Katie. Chelsea said that Connor was growing up without a father -- and there was no way she would keep Billy away from his daughter.

Later, Chelsea, descending the stairs, told Anita that Connor was still sleeping. Anita wanted to wake the boy and give him some of his presents. Chelsea insisted on letting Connor sleep, which gave Anita more time to put in her two cents about Billy and Victoria. Chelsea admitted that if Billy wanted to be with Victoria, there was nothing she could do to stop him. Anita agreed but then held up the christening gown and told Chelsea that she didn't need "to build him a bridge to get him there." Anita gathered her things and left.

At Constance's mansion, Sage berated Adam for having visited Chelsea and Connor at Chancellor Park. Sage thought Adam had taken a big risk -- Chelsea could have recognized him. Adam said that for months, he had been watching on a computer monitor as Billy Abbott had seemingly taken over Adam's family. Adam said that he'd finally had a chance to see Chelsea and Connor in person at the park -- but Billy had interrupted the in-person meeting.

Sage admitted that she had run into Nick, who had recognized her. Adam grew angry and asked Sage if she was trying to ruin everything. Adam said that he had undergone numerous surgeries and months of physical therapy so that he could have a chance at a meaningful existence -- not so Sage could "cozy up to my ass of a brother." Sage told Adam that she had merely walked into the Underground, looking for a bite to eat -- she'd had no idea that Nick would be there. Adam admonished Sage for not leaving Nick in the woods.

Adam told Sage that being locked up in the mansion and pretending to be Constance's ne'er-do-well grandson was not his idea of living. Sage reminded Adam that Gabriel, the man Adam loved to mock, had died while saving Adam. Adam turned to Sage and asked her if her plan all along had been to make sure that he never got his life back.

Taking great offense, Sage lectured Adam about how ungrateful he had been. She rattled off all the things she had done since Gabriel had saved Adam's "miserable life." She had sat by his side while he recuperated from surgeries. She had gone to all his physical therapy sessions.

Turning to leave, Sage told Adam that she didn't know why she bothered with him. In a sinister monotone, Adam replied, "Yeah, you do. We both do." Sage turned back to Adam and warned him that if anyone was going to "blow it," it was going to be Adam, who had put himself at risk by talking to Chelsea.

Adam assured Sage that Chelsea hadn't suspected a thing. Sage said that Constance would become suspicious if Adam continued to yell out Chelsea's name in his sleep. When Adam said that he could handle "grandma," Sage said that Adam's nasty disposition and tendency to anger might prove to be his undoing. She told Adam that although Gabriel hadn't been a saint, he had a good heart.

As Sage continued to sing Gabriel's praises, Adam became more agitated and punched a chair. Sage said that was the anger she had been referring to. Adam admitted that he was angry that he had to stay at Constance's while Billy Abbott took over his life.

Sage sternly told Adam that he needed to control his anger. She reminded him that if the truth about Adam still being alive were publicly revealed, she could be charged with harboring a fugitive -- and that it might kill Constance if she learned that Gabriel had actually perished while saving Adam. Adam assured her that no one suspected a thing. Nobody -- not Sharon, Noah, Chelsea, or Victor -- had recognized him. Sage was surprise to hear that Adam had fooled Victor.

Sage asked Adam about his encounter with Victor. Adam told her that he and Victor had coincidentally ended up on the same elevator. Sage wondered if Adam had felt something when he'd run into Victor. Adam replied that he had felt a lot -- and none of it good. Sage asked Adam if the ultimate goal of his machinations was to get close to his family again. Adam replied, "Yeah, my family. Not Victor Newman." He stared at the inscription, "With much love, Dad" etched on the watch he wore.

Sage wondered if Adam had ever considered moving on -- since Chelsea obviously had. She thought that perhaps Adam could stop pretending to be Gabriel and actually become Gabriel, forgetting about Adam Newman and all the people Adam had left behind. Adam replied, "It's never gonna happen."

Sitting alone at Constance's, Adam daydreamed that Connor and Chelsea were sitting on a bench in Chancellor Park. In the daydream, Adam stood a few feet away and stared. Chelsea looked at him and said, "I know you." Adam said that he didn't think so. Chelsea insisted that she knew him from somewhere.

In the daydream, Adam finally admitted that he and Chelsea had seen each other at the Athletic Club a few days earlier and told Chelsea what a handsome boy Connor was. Chelsea said that Connor took after his father. Adam said, "Lucky man." Chelsea stood up and, with tears in her eyes, said, "Adam! It's really you! You came back to us." They began kissing.

Adam returned to reality and stared at a photograph of Chelsea and Connor. He stood up, grabbed his jacket, and left.

. . .

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  • Chelsea asks if Sage is following her.
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