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On the Crimson Lights patio, Stitch called Victoria to see if she wanted him to accompany her to her paternity test, scheduled for later that day. She assured him that the test was non-invasive and that both she and the baby would be fine. When Stitch joked that he could tell her bad jokes while they drew her blood, she said that if she wanted bad jokes, she would have asked Billy to join her at the hospital. Realizing that she had hurt Stitch's feelings, Victoria apologized -- but insisted that she wanted to be alone when she had the test. She promised to call him as soon as she had the test results.

Victoria heard the doorbell, hurriedly said goodbye to Stitch, and opened the door to Billy. He welcomed her home and asked how her trip had been. Coldly, she said that she didn't want to get into that. Billy reminded her that the paternity test was later that day -- they would finally know who had fathered Victoria's baby.

Ignoring his remarks about the test, Victoria told Billy that Johnny was on a play date, so if that was the reason Billy had stopped by, he was out of luck. Billy said that it was a good thing that Johnny was gone -- so that Victoria could concentrate on herself and "little B.J." Rolling her eyes, Victoria said she assumed that the initials stood for "Billy, Junior." Billy felt that "Billy Junior" had a nice ring to it -- but Victoria darkened his mood when she said, "So does 'Ben Junior.'"

Billy began joking about naming the baby. An exasperated Victoria told him that she had a lot to do before the test. Billy told her that he wanted to go with her to take the test so that he could look after her. Victoria snidely remarked that the only person Billy could look after was himself -- then lied, telling Billy that Stitch was going with her. An angry Billy asked her why she was bothering taking the paternity test if she had already made up her mind that Stitch was the father.

They began bickering -- Billy felt that Victoria was going to cut Billy out of her life and Victoria wondered why that should bother Billy -- after all, he had Chelsea. Victoria thought that Chelsea was probably praying that the baby was Stitch's so Chelsea could have Billy all to herself. Billy warned Victoria that if the baby turned out to be his, he was going to be front and center in the child's life. Victoria said that if, in fact, the baby was Billy's, Victoria would never keep him away from the child. She reminded Billy that the divorce was going through and that Stitch was going to be a significant part of her life.

Billy looked around at the pictures in the living room and noticed pictures of Victoria, Johnny, Reed, and Delia -- but none of him. He finally spotted a photograph of him and Victoria and said that he was surprised that she hadn't gotten rid of it. She told Billy that he should leave. He agreed and stormed out.

At the Crimson Lights counter, Dylan served coffee to a seemingly distracted Kevin. Dylan asked Kevin if there was anything he needed to talk about. Kevin noticed Stitch approaching the counter and told Dylan that it wasn't really a good time. Stitch asked if the employee dress code at the coffeehouse had changed -- he wondered why Dylan was wearing a suit. Dylan explained that he had to dress that way for court later that day -- Ian Ward had subpoenaed him to testify against Nikki. Kevin remarked that it was a shame that Dylan had gotten dragged into the war between Nikki and Ian. Stitch was taken aback when Kevin asked if he had ever testified in court.

Kevin "wondered" if he had said something wrong to Stitch. Stitch covered and said that he was just surprised by the question -- it wasn't every day that he was asked if he had ever testified in court. Kevin rambled on, saying that he found the subject of trials fascinating, particularly since he had been tried several times. Baiting Stitch, Kevin boasted that he had committed crimes so serious that he had served time -- but it was a good thing Kevin had reformed.

Dylan wondered if there was a point to Kevin's monologue and told Stitch that Kevin had something on his mind. Still baiting Stitch, Kevin said that no one should mess with the law because it was impossible to escape the consequences of one's bad actions. Kevin then quickly adjourned to a table on the opposite side of the coffeehouse. He and Stitch shot daggers at each other across the room.

Victoria called Stitch at Crimson Lights. She told him that she had changed her mind and wanted him to accompany her to the hospital for the paternity test. Stitch was thrilled. They decided to meet at the club for lunch before going to the hospital. Stitch hung up, and Dylan, noticing the grin on Stitch's face, wondered if Stitch had received some good news. Dr. Shelby walked by and said that indeed there was good news -- Stitch was a shoo-in for the chief resident spot at Genoa City Memorial. From his table across the room, Kevin stared at the happy scene.

At the counter, Dylan, Stitch, and Dr. Shelby were celebrating Stitch's probable promotion when Leslie called Shelby. She wondered if he could meet her for lunch -- she really needed her husband's support. Shelby decided to continue the conversation with his wife on the patio, leaving his hospital coat with his I.D. badge draped over a chair near Kevin. Making sure no one was looking, Kevin took Dr. Shelby's badge.

Paul, in his office at the police station, was on the phone with an overly inquisitive tabloid reporter. He told the reporter that he was confident that the judge would see Ian's lawsuit against Nikki for exactly what it was -- a blatant attempt to extort money from her. Paul had no comment when the reporter asked how he felt about Dylan McAvoy testifying. As Christine listened in at the door, an increasingly upset Paul told the reporter that learning Dylan was his son had no bearing on his feelings about Ricky. Paul ended the interview by slamming down the phone.

Christine walked in at the tail end of the call and asked why Paul even bothered talking to the tabloid reporters. He said that he had been under the mistaken impression that revealing the truth about Ian would somehow help Nikki's cause, adding, "There's nothing wrong with helping a friend, right?" Christine said that when it put Paul's recovery at risk, there was a lot wrong with it -- and that he needed to put himself, not Nikki, first.

Paul begged Christine not to start up about Nikki again. Detective Harding knocked at the door, walked in, and told Paul that someone needed to tell Kevin that it might be nice for him to keep banker's hours -- but that he worked for the Genoa City Police Department. After Paul and Harding joked about Harding's gruff demeanor, Christine asked Harding to look into Kevin's whereabouts because Paul had enough to deal with.

After Harding left, Paul reminded Christine that he was not an invalid and that if he wanted to involve himself in a situation, he would -- and that included making sure that Nikki did not have to face Ian Ward alone. He told Christine that he planned to serve as a character witness for Nikki -- that he was the only one who could definitively testify that Nikki had not deliberately deceived Paul about Dylan's paternity. To an astonished Paul, Christine said, "Nikki is a proven liar."

Paul wondered if it was necessary for Christine to continually attack Nikki. Christine said that she was just stating facts -- that Nikki had hidden the truth from Paul when they'd been in the New World Commune. Paul told Christine that he could speak about Nikki's character and explain why she had kept her pregnancy a secret. When Christine said that would do more harm than good, Paul told her that he was tired of her resenting Nikki simply because he and Nikki shared a child.

Christine said that Ian's lawyer would use Paul to play up Nikki's questionable decisions -- and there had been quite a few of those. She adamantly told Paul that if he took the stand, he would bury Nikki's chances completely. Christine reminded Paul that he wasn't Nikki's husband and was not responsible for her well-being. Paul changed his mind and said that he wouldn't take the stand for Nikki -- but he was still going to the courthouse to support her. Christine said that if Paul went, she would join him.

Paul and Christine left Paul's office and nearly ran into Kevin, who had finally shown up for work. Paul teased Kevin -- he wondered if the police department's early hours were upsetting Kevin's schedule. Kevin promised that it wouldn't happen again.

After the Williamses left, Kevin checked to make sure no one was watching him. He accessed Genoa City Memorial's computer database and entered Dr. Shelby's badge number, hoping he could gain access to the system. Unfortunately for Kevin, the monitor displayed the phrase, "No Remote Access Allowed." Harding approached Kevin, and Kevin hastily hid Shelby's badge. The detective lectured Kevin about arriving to work late, but Kevin reminded Harding that Kevin was just an "IT guy;" he wasn't saving people's lives.

After Harding walked away, Michael stopped by Kevin's desk -- he wondered where Kevin had been the past several days and, more importantly, what he had been doing. Michael asked if his brother had been trying to sneak into Chloe's psychiatric hospital. Kevin insisted that he hadn't.

Michael pressed Kevin to find out what was bothering him. Kevin confessed that he didn't really like working at the police station, and the only reason he had stayed with the job was to prove that he was worthy of Chloe and Delia, although there wasn't much point in that anymore. Michael started lecturing Kevin, telling him that life wasn't all about fun because there would always be obligations and responsibilities. Kevin said, "To hell with all that," and left.

Later, Leslie stopped by Crimson Lights to meet Dr. Shelby, who was on a phone call. Dylan, still angry with Leslie, whose great litigating skills were responsible for Ian not being prosecuted, acted very distant from her. Leslie told Dylan that she realized that Ian should have been jailed for his criminal actions -- and she wanted to make amends by helping Dylan. She told him that even though he was testifying for the prosecution, there were still many ways he would be able to help Nikki. His anger toward Leslie abating, he asked her for any pointers she could give him. He thought he was Nikki's best chance of defeating Ian.

Finishing his call, Dr. Shelby joined Leslie for lunch at the coffeehouse. Leslie told her husband that she hadn't realized that her role in Ian's freedom would weigh on her conscience so much. Dr. Shelby said that she shouldn't apologize for doing her job. He told her that he needed to get back to the hospital. When he picked up his coat from the back of the chair, he realized that his I.D. badge was gone.

At Genoa City Memorial, Kevin wandered around wearing a white lab coat and Dr. Shelby's I.D. badge. He walked to a vacant computer station and again tried to get into the hospital's database using Dr. Shelby's I.D. number. He was successful. He did a search on the name "Ben Rayburn." He stared at the screen and said, "Holy..."

Victoria and Stitch met for lunch at the Athletic Club. Victoria told him that she wished Nikki had let her go to the courthouse to support Nikki at her trial. She understood, though, that Nikki was trying to protect Victoria from everything Ian Ward was going to say about Nikki. Stitch thought that Nikki didn't want Victoria to get stressed out before the paternity test.

Stitch wondered why Victoria had changed her mind and allowed him to accompany her when she took the paternity test. She told him that she wanted someone she could always count on to be with her. They joked about Victoria's strange food cravings and about the baby's name. Victoria said that she was partial to "Benjamin." Stitch became serious and told Victoria that he wanted to name the baby "Egbert." Victoria thought Stitch was serious and asked if "Egbert" had been his father's name. Stitch's mood suddenly changed, and he became sullen. Victoria wondered if she had said something wrong. He said that as long as the baby was healthy, everything was good.

At the Athletic Club bar, Michael and Nikki were reviewing the agenda for the upcoming trial. Trying to sound upbeat, he reminded her that she had many character witnesses. A resigned Nikki told Michael that her character witnesses wouldn't be enough -- she needed the journal so the jury could hear, in her own words, why she had thought Ian had been the baby's father.

Michael removed the journal from his briefcase and told Nikki that he had read through it entirely. Seeing that Nikki was somewhat embarrassed, Michael assured her that he would never judge her -- but Nikki knew that others would. Michael reminded Nikki that Ian and his attorney would have access to the entire journal -- and not just to the sections that tended to support Nikki's case. Michael once again asked her if she wanted all the details of her private life revealed to the world.

Nikki said that she would love to keep the journal from being read at the trial -- that it would be humiliating for her. Becoming teary-eyed, she told Michael that Ian had managed to violate her once more -- and this time it was going to hurt other people, especially Dylan. When Michael told her that she could prevent that, Nikki asked him if the journal was her only shot at defeating Ian. Michael told her that it was. With resolve, Nikki told him to use the journal. She would have to prepare herself to be drawn through the mud.

Michael told Nikki that she was a remarkable woman and that when the trial was over, she would be just fine. His kind words didn't stop Nikki from staring at a vodka bottle on the other side of the bar. Michael asked her if she needed a ride to the courthouse -- she thanked him but told him that she needed a few minutes to "decompress." He wondered if Victor and her kids were going to be in court. She told him that Victor would be, but she didn't want Nicholas or Victoria there, since Ian would be saying such disparaging things about her. Nikki wished that Dylan didn't have to be there.

After Michael left, Nikki began staring at the vodka bottle again. The bartender asked her what she wanted to drink, adding that he made a mean vodka martini. Nikki stared at the vodka bottle long and hard -- then thanked the bartender and left.

Nikki and Dylan met at the courtroom. She said that she wished there were something she could do to stop Ian from making Dylan testify. Dylan said that he would make it very clear to the judge and jury whose side he was on. Nikki warned him that he would hear a lot of unpleasant things -- and not necessarily from Ian. Dylan didn't understand.

Nikki confessed that when she and Paul had been at the commune, she had kept a journal, and Michael was going to use it to defend her. Nervously, she told her son that there were passages in the journal that she had written stating that her life would have been easier if she had never gotten pregnant.

Nikki begged Dylan to understand that she had been lost and confused when she'd written the journal. If she'd known then what a joy Dylan would eventually be in her life, she would never have written "those dreadful words." Paul stopped by the courtroom -- Nikki and Dylan were both happy to see him. Christine entered, unseen by Nikki, Paul, and Dylan. Christine bit her tongue as Paul said that both Nikki and Dylan would always have his support.

Michael walked in and stood next to Christine. Paul continued, saying that it would all be over soon, and he, Nikki, and Dylan could really start getting to know each other. Michael whispered to Christine, "Hanging in there?" She replied, "I'm trying." Michael confidently approached Nikki, Paul, and Dylan, asking them if they were ready.

At her penthouse, Chelsea stared at the page of the Chesterfield High School yearbook that had pictures of the real Ben Rayburn -- the young man who had died in a car accident many years previously -- and Ben Russell -- the man who was known to most who knew him as Stitch. Kevin had placed a note on the page, which read, "Ben Rayburn? I don't think so."

Anita barged in without ringing the bell, startling Chelsea. Chelsea dropped the yearbook on the couch as she berated her mother for walking in unannounced. Anita noticed the yearbook and said that she'd thought Chelsea had stopped investigating Stitch. She warned Chelsea that if she uncovered any deep, dark secrets about Stitch, they could only lead to Billy and Victoria reconciling. Chelsea's eyes widened when Anita added, "What could be so terrible about Stitch? It's not like he's some kind of a killer."

Chelsea assured Anita that every detail she had just told her mother about Stitch's past was true. Anita said that Stitch didn't seem like the "murdering type." Chelsea insisted that she had to tell Billy the truth -- that it had been different when she'd thought all Stitch was guilty of had been an affair, "but this is a matter of life and death." Anita said that was exactly the reason Chelsea couldn't say anything to Billy -- Anita feared that Chelsea might become Stitch's next victim.

Chelsea assured Anita that "the murder" had occurred long before and that Stitch had turned his life around -- Chelsea was not in danger of being killed by Stitch. After all the "jobs" Anita and Chelsea had pulled together, Anita was surprised to learn how little Chelsea seemed to know about human nature. She grabbed the yearbook from Chelsea. Chelsea said that Anita couldn't stop her from telling Billy. Anita dropped the yearbook on the couch before telling Chelsea not to cry to her from "beyond the grave" after Stitch murdered Chelsea.

Anita asked Chelsea if she was so sure that Stitch had become such a fine, upstanding citizen, why Chelsea was going to tell Billy about his past. Chelsea said that it was the right thing to do. Anita disagreed -- telling Chelsea that the right thing to do was for Chelsea to be with the man who put a sparkle in her eyes -- and that was Billy. Chelsea insisted that Billy was in love with Victoria. Anita said that Billy should be with Chelsea -- that Chelsea deserved a happy ending after all she had been through.

Anita prepared to take Connor out in his baby carriage for a walk to the park. Chelsea wondered why her mother was taking so many trips to the park with Connor. Slightly embarrassed, Anita told her daughter that all she had to do was push the carriage through the park, and all the eligible men in Genoa City wanted to meet her -- they though she was a "young hot mama." Chelsea laughed, not believing that Anita was using Connor as a "man magnet."

There was a knock at the door. It was an angry Billy, who, not seeing Anita, told Chelsea that she would not believe the stunt Victoria had pulled. Billy spied Anita and apologized for interrupting, but Anita quickly left with Connor, reminding Chelsea that she would be gone for hours.

Billy told Chelsea that Victoria had removed every picture of him from the house -- except for one, which he was sure she was using for target practice. He whined that Victoria would not let him participate in her paternity test, even though Stitch could. He stopped, looked at Chelsea, and wondered out loud what he was doing.

Billy told Chelsea how great she had been to him and that he shouldn't constantly be whining about Victoria. Chelsea told him that if he wanted to talk about Victoria, that was fine with her. She reminded Billy that she wasn't going to allow herself to be hurt by him. He was happy to hear that, saying, "Honestly, I can't give you what you need right now." Billy told Chelsea that if the baby turned out to be his, there was a great chance that he would reconcile with Victoria. Chelsea said that the way he loved Victoria was touching -- it was like the way she had loved Adam.

Chelsea told Billy she would be okay whether Billy or Stitch turned out to be Victoria's baby's father. Billy wished that everyone could be like Chelsea. Chelsea's phone rang -- she said she had left it upstairs and went to answer it, leaving Billy alone in the living room. He saw the yearbook on the couch, picked it up, and began looking through it.

Billy turned to the page with Kevin's note -- the page with the pictures of the two Bens. When Chelsea returned from her phone call, Billy confronted her, saying, "What the hell is this?"

. . .

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