Y&R Recaps: The week of March 31, 1997 on The Young and the Restless
Noah's heart stopped because of a lung infection, but he stabilized. Kurt performed an emergency tracheotomy on Hope, and he revealed that he was a surgeon. Mildred agreed to allow Cassie to return to Genoa City with Grace and Tony.
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Monday, March 31, 1997

Nick and Sharon find out that Noah has "a nasty lung infection", antibiotics are being given and the outlook is good. Nikki and Victor arrive and are overjoyed to learn that Noah is still alive. They are arm in arm when Josh sees them through the door.

Neil tells Malcolm about his change in attitude. Dru also tells Olivia the great news but Olivia is less than enthusiastic; she just can't believe that Neil will keep his promises and new attitude. A limousine driver arrives to pick up Dru. It's a surprise from your husband. She is taken to the private dining room where a dress is waiting for her.

Kurt asks Katherine to dinner where they run into Ashley and Hope having dinner. They of course join them and then Kurt asks Ashley to dance.

Tuesday, April 1, 1997

Today, CBS announced that The Young and the Restless will go on a several month hiatus. It seems that viewers are unhappy with recent recasts and a lack of good storylines. Effective tomorrow, Y&R will not be seen until November at earliest.

April Fools!

Dinner continues with Kurt, Ashley, Katherine and Hope. Ashley is called away. Hope begins to choke. Kurt does the Heimlich maneuver, doesn't work, he begins CPR.

Nick tells Sharon about Seattle. Washington? She says anyplace is okay as long as they are together with Noah. Nick makes the news even better when he tells Sharon that Doris has agreed to go with them. Meanwhile, Doris is telling Nikki and Victor the same thing. Nikki can't believe that Doris could agree to such a thing! Nikki, don't you remember how we talked about not trying to run our children's lives? (Of course Nikki doesn't remember!) Later, Nikki tells Victor he can do what he wants, but she is not going to let this family be torn apart......

Dru and Neil dance and suck face in the private dining room.

Malcolm takes pictures of Phyllis, Danny and LD at their apartment. Later, Sasha calls, Danny answers but doesn't say more than hi as Phyllis enters the room and he leaves. Sasha is just baiting Phyllis. I just wanted to keep in touch with an old friend......Sasha hangs up and Phyllis begins her obsessive worrying.

Malcolm visits Olivia. They rehash Dru and Neil and Malcolm figures Olivia out. You've fallen for Neil, haven't you? How dare you say something like that! Malcolm, how dare you!

Wednesday, April 2, 1997

Dru and Neil continue their pawing and face sucking at home. While Malcolm's suspicions about Olivia are confirmed when she breaks into tears when he is leaving. Malcolm, you have to promise....Don't worry girl, there is nothing to say.

Mildred tries to get in touch with Alice. No luck. She makes a call to Grace and summons her to the house.

Cole tells Victor he is almost ready to make a decision. He hasn't heard from Victoria other than post cards. Victor is then summoned to the hospital about Hope. Later, Cole gets a phone call from Victoria. I'm on my way home. Still later, she arrives. (Another new face to get used to.)

Kurt does emergency surgery on Hope. His work is gushed over by the attending ER physician. Kurt says, yes, I was a surgeon on the east coast; not any more though. Katherine and Victor arrive at the hospital. Ashley finally figures out that Kurt was the one who did the surgery and saved Hope. Why did you stop practicing medicine Kurt? Don't go there Ashley. (More mystery). You are such a marvelous man.

Nick and Sharon get good news from Josh. Maybe they will try to take Noah off the respirator as early as tomorrow!

Thursday, April 3, 1997

Nick and Sharon talk about taking Noah home.

Victoria tries to convince Cole that she is committed to the marriage. He has a hard time buying it. She says just give me two weeks. He says okay, but not in the same bed.

Victor calls together some doctors and tries to convince Kurt to rejoin the medical profession. I called Boston and they told me you were next to be chief surgeon. Later, Kurt visits Hope in the hospital. No thanks are necessary,Hope. I'm just glad you are still with us.

Nina whines to Chris about wanting to get Phillip back. Nina calls Phillip while there (on speakerphone) and Phillip hangs up on her. Nina leaves, not wanting help from anyone. Of course, this is after a good speech from Chris about how Nina needs to 'get it together'. Later, Chris tells Paul about it and tries to reach Ryan. Who, by the way, is giving Trish a marketing lesson at Jabot, but they're not in his office. (Although it looks like Trish wants more than information from Ryan.)

Grace and Tony talk to Mildred who says the decision isn't her's. It is up to Cassie; if she wants to go with them.

Friday, April 4, 1997

Ryan laughs for the first time in a long time with Trish. Then his day is ruined when he is summoned to Chris's office to talk about Nina. Nina shows up later, just as Chris is going to leave. I've finally made a decision Chris, I need help. Maybe you could recommend someone?

Nikki beats Victoria up about not being there for Nicholas. Victoria says thanks Mom, for making me feel so welcome. You and Cole have just made me so happy to be home. (She talks like the old Victoria, but she is going to be hard to get used to.)

Cassie decides to go with Grace and Tony (although I don't think she even knows their names!). Mildred asks Grace to call and let her know how Cassie is doing. You don't have to tell me where you are or let me talk to Cassie. I just want to know that she is happy. (Now who in their right mind would just send their grandchild, adopted or not, with strangers and then not want to know where they are going!) Cassie packs and they are ready to go. Meanwhile......Noah is being taken off the respirator. He seems to be fine (even has gained a *lot* of weight by the looks of it) breathing and crying mostly. Nicholas, these are our baby's first real breaths on his own. Oh how precious life is. Every baby is a gift from God.

Jack tells Victor of his finalized plans for his offer to Nicholas. Victor tells Jack he is wasting his time. Nick has a job in Seattle. Jack is going to try anyway. Victor isn't as curt as usual with Jack because he was flashing back to his dinner with Diane just before Jack arrived. Jack wonders where the Black Knight's good mood came from as he returns to his office to find Diane with legs bared on his desk. A little banter, suck face and then they leave.

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