Y&R Recaps: The week of June 9, 1997 on The Young and the Restless
Danny repaid Phyllis' loan to Tim. Sharon had a cold, so Grace agreed to spend the night at the ranch. As a plastered Nick returned home, Grace prepared to sleep in the nursery -- where Sharon had told Nick she would be.
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Monday, June 9, 1997

Dru and Neil discuss Malcolm and Liv probably being engaged. Neil visits Liv to persuade her to accept Malcolm's proposal. Later, Malcolm proposes again, on bended knee at Liv's door. No 'yes' yet from Liv.

Victor just can't understand why Hope wants to move out. He threatens to tell Jr. who his real father is. Then Jr. enters with a birthday card for his daddy (Cliff). He is going to mail it to Kansas so that his friend can take it to the cemetary. Jr. leaves. Hope confirms that they will wait to tell Jr. Victor (in his black T-shirt and black pants BTW) asks Hope if there is anything going on with her and Kurt. Hope tries to get through his thick skull that her moving out isn't about Victor, it's about her life. Victor just doesn't get it.

Victoria visits Ryan at his new office. They discuss their lives. Victoria answers the phone while Ryan signs for a package. It's Tricia on the phone. She asks Ryan about her barrett. Did you find it? Yes, it's safe with me. Victoria now knows why Ryan's life is so complicated. Ryan tells her that her sex-crazed mind is working overtime. Ryan opens the package. It's an office warming gift with an unsigned card. I'll bet it's from your 'complication' says Victoria. Jill visits Nina and they have a nice chat about Nina and Ryan's get together yesterday. Nina is very encouraged. Jill is happy her plan worked.

A girl named Charlotte visits Chris with a sexual harassment case. Chris is hot for the case. Charlotte leaves. Paul arrives. Chris tells him about Charlotte. Paul then calls to see about Michael Baldwin's parole. He gets a call back, yes, he is going to be parolled. Chris is upset, but gets some comfort from the thought that his job is far away from GC........Meanwhile, Michael is still drawing his bird in the cage sketch talking to the prison shrink. He still insists that it upsets him that his only job in Genoa City where he will cause Christine more stress. But then Michael wonders why he is worrying about it, he may not even get his parole. The doctor spills about the granting of his parole.

Tuesday, June 10, 1997

Olivia finally says yes. Nate is thrilled that 'Uncle' Malcolm will now be 'Daddy' Malcolm. They share the news with Dru and Neil (who arrive from home *without* Lily. Strange.) Anyway, while there, Sid calls to tell Dru that she has a big gig coming up. More details later for her and Malcolm. Needless to say, it dampens the party spirit for Neil, who reminds Dru that they are in the baby-making mode.

Cassie has all kinds of questions for Grace about the person she wanted her to meet, Sharon and the ranch. Cassie goes for ice cream with the neighbor. Tony starts in on Grace about 'playing mommy'. Grace slaps him. Tony kisses her, she resists. He taunts her about wanting him and he kisses her again. She kisses him back, jumps on him and they fall to the couch........Meanwhile, Sharon is rehashing with Doris about her decision to give up the 'other' baby for adoption.

Victor grills Ashley about Hope and Kurt. Victor asks Ashley to visit the clinic for information. Ashley does. Kurt plans dinner with her in front of Hope. After Ashley leaves, Kurt wants to be sure that Hope doesn't have the wrong idea about his dinner plans with Ashley. Hope assures him that she understands completely. Kurt walks around the desk and kisses Hope. I just needed sustenance before my next patient. Hope is pleasantly surprised. But guess who enters the clinic next? It's Victor. Kurt asks him to wait, telling Hope he'll handle this one. Victor's name isn't mentioned and of course, he says nothing.

With Katherine's advice for an 'intimate party for two', Nikki begins planning a birthday celebration for Josh.........Meanwhile, Veronica, in the nut house (sorry guys, but they certainly are portraying these *patients* badly, IMO), sees the newspaper, notices the date, and says, it's your birthday Joshua, and also the day that we were married, five years ago today.

Wednesday, June 11, 1997

Cole gives his opinions to Nikki on her dress choices for the birthday evening with Joshua. Later, Nikki and Joshua have dinner by the pool, him in a tux, her in a skin tight gown. After dinner they skinny dip in the pool............Veronica looking at the picture of Joshua in the newspaper. She has a flashback....early in their marriage, Josh is a resident. Joshua, why can't we have a bigger apartment? Veronica, I'm never here, your almost always alone, why would we need a bigger place? Besides, we can't afford it. Veronica wants to plan something special for his birthday. Josh says I'll be at the hospital all day and on call tonite. Maybe you shouldn't have married a doctor. Well, you just married me for sex. Josh doesn't want to argue and leaves with Veronica calling behind, I love you, you'll never get rid of me, I love you......Back at the hospital, Veronica wonders how Joshua is celebrating tonite. She stabs at the photo with a pair of plastic safety scissors. I'll find you Joshua, my husband, my doctor.

Victor wonders what Kurt's intentions are for Ashley. Kurt tells Victor it isn't any of his business, but I will tell you that we're having dinner tonite. Victor wonders how much encouragement Kurt has given Hope on this moving plan of hers. Kurt says none. Kurt tells Victor that he doesn't appreciate Victor and his questions. Victor is ready to give him the Victor Newman lecture when Kurt is buzzed by Hope about another patient. Victor leaves out the back door. Oh yes, BTW, Hope was never aware that Victor was there and he wanted it that way.

At dinner, Kurt tells Ashley he feels that they are even; he saved her life and she in essence saved his. He feels she is a good friend who helped him find himself and he will always be grateful to her and respect her. (Well, I guess we see now who Kurt really has *feelings* for, and it's not Ash.) Later, at home, Jack returns to find an unhappy Ashley. She isn't saying much other than she needs to get some sleep and put things in perspective.

Nick at the coffee slop telling Grace he knows some really nice guys he could set her up with. Nick is concerned about Grace's social life, or lack thereof. Grace, if I wasn't a married man.....Grace visits Sharon later and Sharon is concerned also, about Grace and her life being a mom to Cassie. I also feel that our relationship has changed Grace, do you feel it to? No Sharon, I don't. Sharon goes to check Noah. Grace, looking at photos of Nick, Noah, Sharon...you really do have it all Sharon, I envy you.

Thursday, June 12, 1997

Phyllis needs to get the $30,000 back to pay off Dr. Nervous (Tim). She figures that she can just go to the fire station and ask for it and they will give it to her. "No bozo fireman is going to keep me from my money!" She sees 'Jeff' the fireman (arson insp.). He tells her that he can't help her. You've got to talk to a judge because all Sasha's belonging are now in her estate. Phyllis just can't believe that she can't get what is hers and storms out. Jeff later places a call to Paul (get's his machine) telling him he has some very interesting information regarding Sasha Green.......Meanwhile, Paul is visiting pawn shops showing a photo of Phyllis. He hits pay dirt when he comes across the guy who bought some of her stuff, including the engagement ring that she eventually got back. (Oh yes, the first scenes with Phyllis were of her telling Danny that she is sure that she is pregnant. Last night did it. He wants a pregnancy test. She says we don't need it, I KNOW!)

Kurt tries to get one of the street kids interested in a program other than the 'gang'. Says he has a friend in legal aid who can help. The kid says I don't know and leaves. Kurt remembers the jacket he wore to the fire, how he needs to get it cleaned. He leaves it out so he will remember, but Hope volunteers to drop it off for him. She feels something in the pocket (the fax) and puts it someplace safe (her desk drawer), before answering the phone from a frantic mother, who says her husband is bringing in her two children who just ate rat poison in. They arrive and Kurt rushes them to the exam room.

Victor visits Nikki to whine about Hope. Nikki doesn't really have time for him as her and Josh are leaving for a few days in the Big Apple. Victor just can't believe that she won't make time for him and then goes to visit is other ex-wife (Ashley) to whine about Hope and "that Kurt Costner fellow." Ashley tells him that Kurt is indeed sincere with his feelings for Hope. But is sorry it isn't her. She asks Victor to hold her.

Nick is taking is last two final exams and then going out to celebrate with the guys. Sharon realizes that she might be coming down with the flu and that Noah probably has it too. Nick, just to be safe, I'll sleep with the baby tonite. Sharon asks Grace to come over, maybe even spend the night, to help her. Grace gets Tony to stay with Cassie. He is reluctant saying Grace is just going because of Nick. He won't even be there Tony. Tony asks, didn't last night mean anything? Grace kisses him and says she'll see him tomorrow.

Friday, June 13, 1997

Tricia and Megan rehash about Ryan. Tricia then calls Ryan...you need a break, meet me at the coffee slop in half an hour. Ryan doesn't really want to, but Tricia puts the pressure on and then asks about her barrette. Ryan says make it an hour then..... Meanwhile, Cole is visiting Nina asking her if she would like to come back to work for him. She is unsure and will have to get back to him. Ryan arrives while Cole is there. Cole explains to Ryan about his visit. Ryan thinks Nina should talk to her therapist before accepting. Cole thinks it's a good idea too. Nina enters, how about I fix dinner for all of us. Cole says no thanks, I gotta go. Nina tells Ryan this would be a perfect time for them to talk. He agrees. Nina runs to the market. Ryan calls Tricia to tell her he can't make it. How about later Ryan? Sorry, don't know how long I'll be tied up. I'll call you some time.

Phyllis gets a call from Dr. Reid. I need my money now Phyllis. Phyllis tells him he'll get it when she's got it. She realizes that she has only one option and she tells Danny that she needs money. She felt sorry for Sasha, who wanted to make a new life for herself, so she gave her $20,000; and I borrowed it from Tim Reid. Danny is upset about being kept in the dark but goes ahead and writes Phyllis a check for Tim for $20,000. He then goes to see Chris and Paul who have been going over all the evidence that they have so far on the Sasha/Phyllis thing. Jeff (arson insp.) has just left after telling them about his visit from Phyllis. Paul and Chris were speculating on whether to tell Danny about what they know when Danny arrives.

Grace and Sharon talk about Tony. Grace insists on staying with the baby so that Sharon can get some rest. Grace puts on this lacy short nightie and slips into the bed in the nursery.....meanwhile, Nick is boasting about how great it is to have a beautiful wife waiting for you every night in a warm bed. The guys are playing pool and drinking beer. The show ends with Grace hearing Nick arrive home as he is saying goodnight to his buddies.

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