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Monday April 26, 1999

#6613, Directed by Sally McDonald

RYAN comes to JACK and BRAD about his letter of termination from Victoria. Both want to know what Ryan wants them to do about it and tell him that he is closely associated with people in the company, namely Neil and Jill, that do not see the takeover as a productive thing. In fact, Ryan is primarily where he's at because of the generosity of Victor. Ryan tells them that he has worked quite productively and has earned everything he's been given. Disgusted, Ryan finally says that he shouldn't have to defend himself to anyone and he'll look into the job offers he's had in the last several months. Jack stops him and tells Ryan that he could be an asset to the company and they decide to override Victoria's decision and keep Ryan on the job. Ryan seems genuinely relieved and tells them he'll go back to his office now and get some work accomplished. Privately, Jack and Brad discuss Ryan's value to their plans and Brad wonders if this display of loyalty is genuine. Jack comments that if Ryan is in secret allegiance with the Newmans, they'll find out soon enough because he intends to give Ryan some just enough rope to hang himself should his loyalty be an act. He'll rue the day he double-crossed them so Jack intends to keep an eye on Ryan personally.

RAMONA offers to hike back into town and get gas for CHET. Then she could drive Victor away from the compound so no one would know where Chet lives. Chet says he'll think about it but resents that fact that Victor is the kind of rich, greedy man who ruins things for the rest of the world. Ramona comments that Victor is pushing all the wrong buttons with Chet. Changing the subject, Chet wishes Ramona would stay longer -- or possibly not leave at all, but he knows that will never happen because it's her nature to come and go as her spirit leads her. Chet tells her that this time, she's going to stay a few days extra and that's all there is to it. Ramona smiles and they kiss.

VICTOR is able to get gas out of the fuel line of the truck and save it in a jar. He plans to use it in some way to alert search planes so he'll be rescued. When Chet arrives to check on him, Victor tells him that he's discovered a control panel that gives electricity to a fence gate for opening and closing. He knows that Chet is keeping something from him. Chet finds this humorous and tells Victor to keep busy by trying to discover more about what makes the place work. Victor just might decide that he likes the "natural order" of life there.

ALICE and MICHAEL meet at Yves and she tells him about her visit with Cassie; how her fantasy of how it would go was dashed by Cassie's non-response to her. She got really upset and called Sharon to come from the main house because she thought Cassie might open up more, but in hindsight, it was a mistake. There were times when Alice almost blew her top, but she didn't want to give the Newmans ammunition to use against her. Michael tells her that she did a good job but this was only the first visit and advises her not to call Sharon the next time, no matter how bad she perceives the situation. Alice begs Michael to get Cassie back for her. Michael promises to do everything in his power to do just that and that Alice deserves a second chance. He likens Alice's position to that of a boxing champion on a hill -- because Alice is Cassie's legal mother, she stands on the top of that hill and the Newmans have a long and difficult climb ahead of them. For the first time during the meal, Alice smiles and tells Michael she likes the way he describes things to her. Michael genuinely looks sorrowful at Alice's disheartened experience.

After NICK agrees for AL to stay, Al walks around the house looking at the nice furnishings of the home, commenting that it must be nice to have all the money you need. Nick tells him to go if he's there to bellyache. Al finally tells Nick that he will take him to Millie for the sum of $25,000. At first Nick balks at the idea, but Al reminds him that Millie could push the edge of the envelope in their custody battle. Nick asks Al to let him talk it over with Sharon, but he's sure they can arrange an agreement. Nick then orders Al out of the house and he's escorted off the property by the security guard.

Raymond Becker's old law partner, ANN CORRINER, comes to see PAUL while CHRIS is there. Ms. Corriner mistakes Chris for Alice's lawyer, but Chris tells her Cassie and Sharon's story and that she needs any information Ms. Corriner can give, but reminds her that is not a deposition. Ms. Corriner affirms that Cassie's adoption is legal -- she looked over the papers herself because she thinks Alice is such an abominable person. She can't believe that Alice is still the legal mother but Chris explains that the biological mother was hesitant to file papers and so now they're up against a much-determined Alice, who has a cutthroat lawyer. Ms. Corriner can't give her anymore information but agrees to testify if she's needed. Chris tells her she'll be in contact.

A despondent MARY is straightening the items on the mantle and sighs, "Oh Carl," when she comes across his picture. Paul stops by to check on her and tells her that she doesn't have to hide the hurt he knows she feels from him. Mary admits that she has had a rough time since Carl went back to Norfolk, but he's "Jim Bradley" now. Paul asks about Charlie and Mary admits that Charlie's called a number of times but she can't give him what he wants or needs. Paul leaves and awhile later the doorbell rings as Mary is coming from upstairs. To her astonishment, she finds RUTH standing on her doorstep and immediately asks Ruth if something has happened to Carl.

Tuesday, April 27, 1999

#6614, Directed by Kathryn Foster

NICK and SHARON talk privately while Cassie and Noah are with Miguel. When Nick tells her what Al wants, she is excited but questions whether or not Nick is willing to pay Al. Nick states that Cassie is his daughter, too. Sharon immediately brightens and can't wait to call Chris with their great news. Sharon doesn't like having to pay Al but sometimes you must do things that you don't like for the greater good. Nick moves to call Chris and relief floods Sharon.

CHRIS and PAUL discuss Paul's visit with Mary. Paul explains that his mother no longer sees Charlie in the same way and remarks that it would be a shame to lose what they once shared. Chris divulges the information she gleaned from Ann Corriner and even though the legal documents for Cassie's adoption are in order, she wonders if there's a loophole in the underhanded way Raymond Becker handled Alice's presentation to Social Services. LYNNE interrupts with an urgent message -- Chris and Paul are needed at the Newman Ranch.

Upon their arrival, Chris and Paul find a beaming Sharon and Nick, obviously happy about something. However, when Nick tells them what Al's offered them in exchange for a cash payoff, Chris throws a monkey wrench into their plans when she informs them that what they are about to do is a crime. Sharon and Nick want to be presented to the judge as upstanding, honorable citizens and what Nick wants to do is considered blackmail. Chris tells them if they pay Al, she will no longer represent them, plus she'd be obligated as an officer of the court to report them. Nick spouts that Chris should come down off her moral high horse but she will not bend. Paul tells them that they hired the best attorney for the case and now they're not taking her advice. Their hopes dashed, Sharon and Nick plead with Paul to keep searching for Millie, no matter what it costs.

After Paul and Chris have gone and Nick has had more time to think about what Chris said, he decides that the next time Al calls, he just won't tell Chris. She can't stop him from doing something she doesn't know about. Sharon asks him not to alienate Chris but Nick declares that he's doing this for his family and everyone else can go to hell.

MARY invites RUTH inside. Ruth has come to talk to Mary and to thank her for allowing Carl to come home. She realizes it took a great deal of courage and strength to let Carl go but Mary tells her that she realized that her time with Carl was gone. They both agree that if they had continued to try to stir up memories, Carl would have eventually "pretended" to remember. Mary states that she wouldn't have wanted that. As Mary and Ruth embrace, Mary tearfully asks Ruth to take care of Carl. That solemn promise goes unspoken.

MAMIE relishes being in the Abbott home and is touching objects that hold years of priceless memories for her when ASHLEY finally finds out that she's there. She enthusiastically embraces Mamie and tells her she must know all about what she's been up to. Mamie finishes up her story by telling Ashley she and Trent are still good friends, but they were much too different. She was tired of wandering around and wanted to come home. Even though the Abbotts now have Mrs. Martinez, she'd still like to work part-time. She likes being a guest there and Ashley tells her she's not just a guest -- Mamie is part of their family. She mentions the fact that she's surprised that Ashley and Diane haven't had a catfight living under the same roof and Ashley admits there have been moments. She's never liked Diane and it's never been a secret.

Diane is feverishly working on blueprint plans for something she refuses to divulge to even MARISSA. JACK stops by unannounced and passionately greets his fiancÚ. He tries his best to convince Diane that the penthouse is the best place for her office but Diane is bound and determined to make her office in the space over the garage. She asks if Ashley put him up to this and he tells her that this was strictly an independent idea with no input from anyone. Jack tells Diane that she's stubborn but she prefers to think of herself as determined.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley is on the phone with their architect's secretary, who assures her that he's on his way. COLE enters and Ashley shares the news with him. He remarks that she's wasting no time and Ashley confirms that she wants to get this project started before Diane has time to get her idea off the ground. In fact, she'd like to strangle Diane. Cole states that he overheard Jack and Diane talking and this projects seems to be sore point between them. WILLIAM, the architect, arrives and both Ashley and Cole are impressed with initial sketches. Jack and Diane enter and Diane greets William, stating that they are longtime friends. When she sees what Ashley and Cole are viewing, she tells William that she hates to take business away from him but she's already got the plans drawn up. Ashley and Cole are absolutely stunned.

VICTOR drags an empty barrel across the yard and gathers sticks and dry brush to fill it. He vows that next time the search planes fly overhead, they will see a blazing fire and he'll be rescued. He sees CHET and RAMONA coming from a distance and ducks into the shed. Chet is going to the top of the canyon to work on one of the windmills because he's noticed a difference in the power surges. He suggests that Ramona come with him but she must attend to her herbs and roots. Chet warns her not to be taken in by Victor's charms. She assures him she can handle Victor. Once Chet leaves, Victor emerges from the shed and asks Ramona about the herbs she's drying. She's impressed with Victor's knowledge of ancient herbal remedies but tells him that Chet has warned her not to be disarmed by him. She asks about the splint and gently takes it off to check Victor's leg. She tells him he's been on his leg far too much because there are abrasions that could easily get infected. She concocts a powerful remedy called "pamillo" and Victor again impresses Ramona by comparing it to the Asian herbal antibiotic "yara." When Ramona has ground the pamillo into a paste, she spreads it on gauze and applies with to Victor's open sores. Its sting is powerful and Victor uses deep breathing to control his pain level. She applies it twice more, each time paining Victor as much as the first. Victor reminds himself that he must find a way to persuade Ramona to help him get out of the compound.

Wednesday, April 28, 1999

Ramona has mixed up a paste to put on Victor's leg. Victor says that if she hadn't been there, he would have had a very badly infected leg. He asks if she is a Curandera; she is surprised that he knows about that but she answers that she is and so was her grandfather. Her grandfather taught her this and many other things. I'll tell you about it one of these days, she tells Victor in an off-handed manner. Victor says that he won't be there that long. Ramona tells him that he just might learn something here in the desert. Victor says that if she will help him to get out of here, he will buy her as many plants and herbs as she wants. Ramona says that she will not help him because it would mean suicide for him in his condition. He wants her to at least call his family and let them know that he is okay. Suddenly they hear a plane overhead and Victor gets busy setting the signal fire. Ramona looks at him sadly and tells him that that won't do any good. She says that the canyon is too narrow. Victor is sure that the fire will be seen but he is soon disappointed when the plane flies away. Ramona says that she told him so; Chet chose this canyon because it was so narrow. Victor says that if Chet had only taken him up to the ridge, the search planes would have seen the fire and he would be rescued. Ramona tells him that Chet values his privacy but Victor says that it has nothing to do with privacy; Chet has an agenda where he is concerned and he is never going to let him go. Ramona says that she doesn't believe that. She says that Chet has things to finish. Victor says that he realizes now that if he wants to get out of here, he has to go through Chet and he will do it!

Nikki is really down when Vicki comes in. She notices how depressed her mother is and tries to cheer her up. Nikki says that it is only because she hasn't been sleeping; she is planning on trying to get a little nap. Vicki is looking for the paper so that she can see the weather conditions in New Mexico. They are surprised at the variation between the daytime and nighttime temperatures. While looking over Vicki's shoulder, Nikki sees a report of another small plane crash where no one survived. She is sure that this was Victor's fate also. Vicki calms her down by reminding her that there were footprints showing that Victor was alive and walked away from the crash. After Vicki leaves the room, Nikki lies down and takes a nap. She dreams that Victor comes in and kisses her on the lips awakening her. She is relieved to see him but before she can do anything, he turns into a man who is cut and bleeding. She cries out that he is hurt but he says that it is only her fear that she is seeing. He tells her that he is find and he will be back to her before long. She only has to believe. He begs her to have faith and when she does believe him, he returns to the man he was before. She reaches out to touch him and her hand passes through his image. When she awakens, Vicki is back in the room. She tells Vicki that Victor is fine; he came to her in a dream because this was the only way he has to communicate with her. But, it is a sign that he is alive and he will be coming home.

Jack is just as surprised as Cole, Ashley and William when Diane lays out her plans for the office space. William wonders what that small space is and she says that it is Cole's office. Cole and Ashley are outraged. She says that she needs space for her drafting tables but all Cole needs is a desk and a bookcase. An argument ensues with Jack caught in the middle. Ashley apologizes to William and sees him out saying that she will call him at a better time. After William leaves, Ashley blows her top at Diane, saying that this is her house and Diane is only a guest. How dare she design the office space at all but to give Cole a broom closet while she has the Taj Mahal, that is just unthinkable. Cole pulls Ashley out of the room before she can say anything further but before he goes, he asks Jack how it feels acting like a politician? When they are alone, Jack tries to chastise Diane for rubbing Ashley the wrong way. He even says that she was a little selfish in taking all the space. He reminds her that he needs Ashley on his side. Diane wonders if he is just interested in her for her vote instead for love. Jack looks irritated at being asked that question yet again. After Diane leaves, Jack makes a call to his father. He has a favor to ask; this may sound strange but he really needs his Dad's help.

Ashley tries to defend Jack. Perhaps he is fence sitting because he really loves Diane and he is afraid that the will lose her again. Cole is sure that Jack is lying. He likens him to a fighter hanging on but knowing that he is about to lose. He says that Jack is desperate so he is doing desperate things.

Tony has gotten tired of driving so he pulls over to a rest stop and takes a nap. When he awakens, he and Meg talk about their dream of driving all over the country. They plan their trip including what they will be driving. Meg starts with a convertible but comes around to it being a RV. They could sleep where they wanted, cook for themselves, etc. Their day dreaming is interrupted by a call from Joe telling them to get back to GC right away. Tony doesn't think their being late would be a problem but Joe tells him to mind his own business and stay out of his. He wants that car back in GC by tomorrow or the deal is cancelled. Meg and Tony start up the car and drive off.

Nina looks up and sees Tricia in Crimson lights. She ignores her but Tricia spies Nina and walks over and joins her. She tells Nina that she has heard from Megan and she says everything is fine. Nina is surprised because she didn't sound that way when she talked to her. Tricia tells Nina in no uncertain terms to stay out of her family business. Nina says that she was only trying to help; she remembers when she was rebelling the same way that Megan is doing right now. Tricia tells her not to compare herself with her sister because there is no comparison. Nina is shocked and asks if she is hearing a trace of "class" division in that statement. Tricia accuses Nina of enjoying herself now that she has some dirt on her family. Nina says that Tricia is really paranoid. She cares about Megan and was only trying to help. She tells Tricia that she is a snob and a control freak; she advises her to get a life of her own before she sinks in quicksand. Tricia says that that is strange advice coming from her. Nina agrees; she says that that is why she knows that Tricia is headed for trouble with her attitude. Tricia says that there is no reasoning with her so she is leaving. She gets up with her to-go coffee and sashays out of the coffeehouse with her head held high. A little later, Ryan comes in looking for his wife. Nina tells him that they had an argument. Ryan says that that is all he needs at a time like this. He jumps all over her for having words with his wife but Nina says that she wasn't about to sit there and have insults thrown at her and not respond. Ryan tells her that he has been fired and by Vicki of all people. Nina still thinks that there is something wrong. Ryan says that he is only thinking about the company and not who is running it. She asks him what will happen when Victor comes back. He says that when Victor comes back he will handle it but Nina says that when he comes back all hell will break loose.

Thursday, April 29, 1999

While waiting for the social worker to show up, Nick takes a packet out of his jacket and tells Sharon that it is the $25,000 that Al wanted. She reminds him of what Christine had to say about that but Nick is more concerned with keeping Cassie than Christine's ethics. Meanwhile, Chris and Paul get together and talk about Al's proposition. Christine is worried that Michael Baldwin is behind this; it would be just like him to trick Nick and Sharon into doing something foolish to hurt their case. Paul gets a worried look on his face as if he agrees with her. Suddenly he thinks that he has an idea how to do this without it being unethical. Sharon is worried about meeting the social worker, but Nick tells her that they will be fine. She wonders if he will be able to see that they aren't really reconciled. Nick says that it will be easy for him to pretend that everything is okay; he then asks her if she can't at least concentrate on remembering how it used to be. The social worker arrives and they talk. Sharon wonders what he thought after his visit with Cassie and he says that she impressed him a lot. They want to know how he reacted after talking to Alice and he sets them straight right off the bat. He hasn't seen Alice yet, but even if he had, he would no more tell them what happened than tell her what is happening now with Nick and Sharon. Nick says that he wouldn't mind him telling her what he thinks of them but the SW says that he is a neutral party. The judge is depending on his report but there are a lot of things other than his report to consider and factor in. The SW especially wants to know how Nick is handling Cassie living with them. Nick is honest and says that he had a problem with it at first but once he got to know Cassie, he fell in love with her. She is a great kid and he could not imagine not having her in their lives. The SW then wants to know about their marriage. They admit that they were having problems but now they are back together. SW questions the timing on that and Nick admits that once this custody issue came up, they began talking about what was best for Cassie. Once they began talking, they just naturally began to work things out. After the SW leaves, Sharon makes something to eat for Nick. The two are so close but not quite close enough. Sharon reluctantly says good night and walks up the stairs. Nick watches her leave with a longing look.

Kay and Mac are sorting out the latest grocery donations to the shelter and they are lamenting the small amount. The director of the shelter says that it seems that the donations get smaller and smaller every week; she isn't sure how much longer she will be able to keep the shelter going. Birdie comes along and picks up a large jar of pickles. It slips right out of her hands and crashes to the floor. As Birdie apologizes and bends down to clean it up, the director tells her not to cut herself. She bends down to help and looks strangely at Birdie. She accuses her of drinking and reminds her that that is against the rules. Birdie at first denies drinking but finally admits that she had a tiny nip. That is against the rules and I will not have it, she answers. She wonders how she is ever going to get her child back if she keeps drinking. She tells her that if she is ever caught again she will have to leave the shelter for good. As they leave and Kay and Mac begins to clean up the mess, Kay relates to Mac how alcohol ruined her life and body. She tells her exactly down to the hour how long she has been sober. Mac is surprised that she remembers how long it has been since her last drink. Kay tells her that you never get rid of the desire for the drink and remembering how long you have been sober is all that keeps you sober.

Jill wanders around the mansion not knowing what to do with herself. She finds a picture of Katherine and Phillip and puts a vase of flowers in front of it. She then sees a picture of Nina and Phillip. She goes to the phone and makes a call to Nina, who is in Crystal Lights waiting for Bret to deliver Phillip. Jill wants to talk face to face with her. Nina tries to say that she is meeting someone and now isn't a good time, but Jill says she will be right there. When she arrives, Nina is still alone. She invites Nina and Phillip to dinner at the mansion tonight. Nina tells her that she has plans with Brent so Jill invites him also. Nina agrees on two conditions: It is Ryan's time with Phillip so he has to agree and Jill must behave herself.

Back at the mansion, Jill calls Shirley and tells her the plans. Shirley says she doesn't do dinner but Jill persuades her to go into the kitchen and see what is in the refrigerator. A little while later, Shirley comes into the living room with a stalk of celery saying this was all that was in the refrigerator. Jill is about to panic when Nina calls and says that they will be there in an hour.

Ryan has arrived at the coffee shop prior to Phillip. When Nina explains the invitation from Jill, he says that there is no problem; he will just take Phillip another day.

Malcolm has packed his bags to move out when Olivia arrives. They have words, which is really only a rehash of what they have said to each other before. When Nate comes home, he is excited to see his dad didn't have to work late tonight. He throws himself into Malcolm's arms. When he sees the suitcases, he wonders what is going on. Malcolm has to explain to him that he and Olivia have been having some problems and he is moving out. Nate's joy turns to disappointment. He asks Malcolm to tuck him in and read him a story before he leaves. Olivia is left all alone in the living room with her misery. Later when Malcolm returns to say that Nate finally went to sleep, he tells Olivia that she is so confused that she doesn't know what she is doing. She says that it is HE that is walking out. He says that he is leaving the house because SHE walked out on the marriage.

Friday, April 30, 1999

Malcolm meets his brother for a drink. Neil asks why the long face and Malcolm tells him that he just left his wife. Neil is surprised that it has come to this but tries to talk him into going home and working everything out. Malcolm goes on to tell him what the problem is and he is unnerved when he finds out that Neil knew all along. He thinks that that says a lot about his marriage when his wife will trust his brother but not her husband. Neil tells him to look at it from Olivia's point of view. He does, but in doing so, he runs himself down. Neil tells him that that isn't the way Olivia looks at him but he can't change Malcolm's mind. Malcolm expresses anger that his brother knew what should be between him and Olivia alone. He then says that it looks like that the only person who has been straight with him through all of this is Callie. He gets up and leaves Neil sitting alone.

Callie goes to Crimson Lights and is delighted to run into Paul. He invites her to sit and have coffee with him. He wants to know all about her career and Milwaukee. She fills him in on her new manager and how good he is for her. She assures him that all of her problems with Trey are over and Paul is happy for her. He asks why she is here in GC if she has her career back on track. She gives him a snappy answer and Paul takes offense. She apologizes and says that he isn't the first to ask her that question and she is getting tired of having to answer it. He tells her that he likes her and it had nothing to do with her. He just reminds her that he wouldn't want to see anything happen to Mal and Olivia's marriage. Callie says that if there is anything wrong there, it isn't because of her. Paul is glad to hear that and he leaves. As Callie sits there alone, she remembers the time when Trey tore up her contract. But she also remembers that he tols her that they have another contract and he will never tear that one up.

Brett comes by with Phillip and Nina gives him the "good" news about the change in plans. Phillip is sorry about missing his evening with Ryan but Ryan promises that they can have another night; maybe even tomorrow, he promises. Nina, Brett and Phillip leave to join Jill.

Ryan is still sitting at the table when Tricia comes into Crimson Lights. She mentions that this was to be his night with Phillip. He explains the situation and Tricia makes a disparaging remark about Nina expecting everyone to just change their plans to accommodate her. When Ryan says that isn't what happened, she says that she doesn't want to talk about Nina; she is too worried about her sister. Tony asks why she dislikes Tony so much and she says that he is trouble just waiting to happen. Tony says that Megan has a good head on her shoulders. He thinks that she should give her sister more credit.

Tony and Megan can't believe that they actually made it back to GC by the deadline. Tony says that he is black and blue from pinching himself to keep awake but they made it. Joe comes out and pays Tony for a job well done. Megan wonders why he is doing this when he is running a garage. Joe says that these days, a man has to do whatever it takes to survive. Tony and Megan head out to his apartment to get some rest. Not long after they leave another man comes in and Joe exchanges a packet of cash for the keys to the car. The man wants to know when they can do this again but Joe says that his man probably won't agree to do this again, at least for a long time. Then you do it, the man suggests. Joe says he is the head of this thing; he doesn't put himself in the firing line. The man reminds Joe that he is in it now and the job has to be done one way or the other. He leaves. Joe kisses the envelope with the money and grabs his whisky bottle and settles back for a night of celebration.

Nick stands outside Sharon's door but hesitates before going in. He wonders if he was reading her right tonight. He doesn't want to go in and be wrong; this could push her further away from him. In the bedroom, Sharon stands by the door and wonders if Nick is on the other side. She reaches for the doorknob to open it and see but hesitates. When she does open the door, Nick has gone back to the living room couch. She walks to the doorway of the living room and watches as he begins to undress. She goes back to her bedroom and changes into a nightie and lies down on the bed. Nick returns to the doorway and slowly opens the door. He sees his wife laying on the bed with her back to him. He thinks about how much he needs her and how he has done everything he can to make things right. Slowly, he backs out of the room. Sharon thinks she hears something and turns to find the door closed as she left it. Getting up she goes to the door thinking about how much she needs Nick. In the living room, Nick writes a note and says that he has to get out of here; he can't stand it any longer. Sharon reenters the living room and calls out to Nick. When she gets no answer she goes to the couch. She finds it empty as well as the room. Her eyes fall on the letter on the desk. Opening it, she reads that Nick has left for New Mexico to join in the search for his father.

Jill is frantic when time is running out and there is nothing in the house to eat. Shirley says that there are some steaks but they are frozen. She wonders why they can't call for take-out as they have been doing every night. Jill says that this is her family that is coming and she wants the house to have the smells of home. Jill begs her to do something and out of loyalty to her, Shirley leaves for the kitchen. Esther returns and Jill tells her that Nina and Phillip are coming for dinner and there isn't anything to fix. She asks Esther for help. Esther tells her to get Shirley to do it but Jill says that Shirley isn't that much help; she doesn't know what to do in the kitchen. Esther agrees for Phillip's sake. Just then Shirley comes back out and announces that in defrosting the steaks in the microwave they turned gray and sorta cooked a little. Esther says that she can cut them up and make stir-fry. Jill almost hugs her in her gratitude.

Before long, Nina and company arrive. Jill makes a big production of welcoming them and giving Phillip a big hug. She tells him that the pool is filled and warmed so he can go for a swim. He says that he didn't bring a suit but Jill tells him that she has a suit and towels on her bed; she sends them up for them while she makes drinks for Nina and Brett.

Alone for a change, Kay goes to the pay phone and makes a call. Later, Mac finds her dressed in some of the shelter's best clothing. She says that she is going out for a while and Mac teases her about going to see a man. Kay says that she is but not like Mac is imagining. She wishes she had on some make up and Mackenzie helps her to apply some understated color to her face. She then does a little work on Kay's hair. Kay goes to her Chinchilla coat and takes out her rings and places them on her fingers. She puts a scarf over her head and heads out. Later she is sitting in a small restaurant when a man joins her, saying that he almost stopped in to see her just recently. Kay calls him Sam and tells him that she is going to help him to "feel good" about himself; all he has to do is make a deal with her.

In his room, Tony and Megan talk about sex again. She wonders if it bothers him that she wants to wait and he admits that it does. However, he adds that he admires her for waiting. He says that it will be worth it and he also wants to take things slowly. This is the first time he has ever felt this way about anyone and he just wants to savor it for as long as he can. He confesses that he loves her. As they are kissing, there is a loud knock at the door. A loud voice calls out that it is the police. "Open up!" the voice says. "We have an arrest warrant for Tony Viscardi and Megan Dennison."

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