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Victor and Nikki argued about Brad. Jill found out that Billy was in the hospital due to a car accident. Katherine couldn't get Brock off her mind. The district attorney dropped the charges against Tony and Megan.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 9, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday August 9

Thanks to J. A. Hanna for today's recap

The Jabot deal

Jack doesn't like Victor's terms for Jabot. Victor claims Vicki created Brash and Sassy, but Jack points out Vicki only put a new spin on the already established teen Jabot line. Victor and Jack argue. Victor tells Jack he should start raising money. More jockeying for position, then Jack leaves.

Brad drops by Jack's office and Ash is there. Brad tells her he expected more from Jack, but there's no point in getting mad. Ash asks how about getting even? Brad claims to not know what Ash means. Ash is sure Brad has something up his sleeve. Brad just replies that he always lands on his feet.

Jack comes back to his office and shows Ash the terms Victor has laid out. Ash agrees about Brash and Sassy. Ash looks over the contract while Jack agonizes about being so close. Jack says he's not giving up. He thinks Victor is bluffing, he'll negotiate.

Vicki goes to see how Victor's plan went with Jack. Vicki and Victor practically pat themselves on their backs about outsmarting Jack. Vicki warns her dad that if he's too tough on Jack, it could backfire. Of course Victor doesn't listen. He's sure he has Jack where he wants him. Vicki tries again to make Victor listen to reason. Then Brad walks in and Victor informs Vicki that Brad is now on their side.

Nick finds every excuse in the book not to work

Nick and Sharon are picnicking in Nick's office and Nick is less than interested in work. Sharon asks Nick if he's OK. Nick decides to walk Sharon to her car when she leaves. It seems Sharon parked at Crimson Lights, because Nick and Sharon show up there. Two people walk through commenting that they will miss the place when it closes. Nick starts talking about all the things you need to know to run a small business. Then it looks like a light bulb goes on in Nick's head. Sharon leaves, and Nick pays the bill. He asks if they are really closing. Sure are, in two weeks. Nick looks around the place, the wheels turning in his head.

Paul takes on the Bug's roles in her absence

Nina wonders why Paul thinks she has a problem with Brett. Nina's cell phone rings and she puts Brett off for that night. She tells Paul she's just tired. Brett is a great guy, but . Nina isn't ready for the kind of relationship Brett wants. Nina asks Paul what the right thing would be to do in this case. It's just getting uncomfortable because Nina knows Brett wants more. Paul tells Nina not to overanalyze it; go with her feelings. He does not think Nina is leading Brett on.

Mal calls Paul looking for Chris; he seems desperate to reach her. Paul goes by the photo studio to see if he can be of any help. Mal says he's ready to end his marriage, but he wonders about Nate. Paul doubts that Mal has much in the way of legal rights, but he is sure Dr O knows how much Mal means to Nate. Paul doesn't think Olivia would ever interfere in Mal's continuing relationship with Nate. Mal makes a snide remark about not knowing what Olivia would be capable of doing.

Dr O puts two and two together

Dr O and Callie sort of talk, but do not really say anything. Dr O stomps off and Callie talks to herself about Mal being wrong. Dr O is back in her office, rehashing in her mind her talks with Neil and Ash. She picks up the phone (The way she was talking, I thought she was calling the psychic hotline!) She calls Julia and asks her to come by the hospital. Julia shows up with Nate and Dr O asks about the night before she went to her conference. Nate remembers the answering machine said she'd be at Neil's. Dr O slowly puts two and two together just as Callie shows up. Callie tells Dr O that Mal thinks there's something going on between Olivia and Neil. Dr O says he thinks she and Neil slept together and Callie lets her know Mal saw her in Neil's bed. Dr O stomps in the photo studio yelling at Mal that she is furious with him.

Tuesday, August 10, 1999

Billy finds Esther just finishing the vacuuming and helps her to put the vacuum cleaner away. He asks her about the cars in the garage, specifically the SUV. Esther tells him that it is his mother's car, one that she often uses in the winter when the roads are hazardous. Jill walks into the room at that time and tells him that they need to have a talk about his driving. She doesn't want to lay down any further rules, but she thinks that he isn't experienced enough at driving to be allowed free reign with all the vehicles. She especially doesn't want him driving into town during rush hour. Billy scoffs at this, saying this isn't New York after all, but she tells him that there is a rush hour when it is dangerous to drive and that the people are just as careless and reckless as they are in New York. Since it isn't rush hour now, she allows him to drive into town, but puts the kebash on his driving the SUV around the estate trails.

Olivia is furious at Malcolm. She tells him that she finally has figured out what happened to get him so angry with her and Neil. She tells him that she slept over at Neil's that night but they didn't sleep together. She explains that she slept in the bed and Neil slept on the couch. Malcolm refuses to believe her. He says that he was in the apartment and saw her sleeping in the bed with nothing on but a sheet while Neil took a shower. Olivia insists that nothing happened between the two of them and now that Malcolm knows, they can get back to setting their marriage aright. However, Malcolm won't let him touch her. He walks out of the studio, leaving Olivia sobbing.

Keith bursts into the DA's office and announces that he will have his say whether the DA listens to him or not. He then begins to rail at the DA for arresting his daughter without even looking into her background. When he finally stops long enough for the DA to get a word in edgewise, he tells Keith that he is dropping the charges against his daughter. When Keith makes a disparaging remark against Tony, the DA says that he should be careful what he says since it was Tony that convinced him to drop the charges. He explains that Tony wanted to confess to the crime in exchange for dropping the charges against Megan. Keith isn't surprised that Tony is guilty but the DA says that on the contrary, he believes that Tony is innocent also. He also says that Keith could do much worse than to have Tony escorting his daughter around.

Paul goes to see Olivia but finds only Callie in the doc's office. He wonders what she is doing there and, of course, suspects the worse of Callie. Callie tells him that she probably just handed Malcolm over to his wife. Now, she says, she is all alone. When Paul offers to take her home, she says that she doesn't even know where home is now.

Megan and Tricia are worried that Keith will only make matters worse by going to see the DA, but there was nothing they could do to stop him. Keith returns home and announces to Megan and Tricia that the charges have been dropped. He notices their surprise and says that he knows that they thought he would just make matters worse. They are so relieved that Megan throws herself into his arms. She thanks him for doing this for her, especially when he says that the charges were also dropped against Tony. He tells her that she is giving him too much credit but he doesn't tell her that it is really thanks to Tony that the charges are dropped. Now that this problem is over, he says it is time to go back to London. They wonder how long he will be there this time but he isn't sure. As he is walking out of the room, he suddenly has a brilliant idea. He turns back and invites Megan to come back to London with him. He reminds her that it is still another month before she starts back to school. Megan isn't sure that she wants to leave but he tells her to think about it.

Raul arrives at the coffeehouse and immediately goes to the computer. Mac asks if he wants anything and he orders a coffee. She tells him that it is lunchtime and he needs more than coffee. He says that he is saving his money; he can't afford the computer and lunch both. He says that the only reason he comes here is because he hasn't access to a computer except here and at school. When he mentions that he is saving for his own computer, she says that you always appreciate what you have had to work and save for. He mentions that he has entered a contest to win tickets to a Dave Mathews concert in Chicago. Later, as Mac brings him his coffee, he is surprised that he has won the four tickets. Just as he mentions that, Billy arrives and invites himself to one of the tickets. Now all they need is a driver. Raul asks Mac to go with him and she accepts. Billy sees Marnie at the next table and decides to see if she wants to go to the concert. Going up to her, he asks if she is over sixteen and has a driver's license. She seems to enjoy a little flirting with Billy but says that she has plans that she can't break, even to go to a Dave Mathews concert. Billy returns to Raul's table in defeat but as they are all looking crestfallen, Billy says that he will drive them to the concert.

Jill and Katherine talk. Jill says that she had to lay down some more ground rules to Billy but they were for his own good. Kay agrees that the rules were needed. Jill warns Kay that Mac could be a con artist who is just lying about being her granddaughter. Kay says that she has proof that Mac is Brock's daughter; at any rate, she is fully satisfied. She asks if Jill thinks she is stupid. Of course, she checked out Mac's story. Jill says that he is only trying to warn her. Kay says that she believes that Jill is worried about her. Jill says that it is probably just a temporary condition. Kay thinks it is a good sign that the two of them can finally get along even if it is just for the children. Who knows, she asks as she leaves the room, they just might find that they like living on peaceful terms rather than in a war zone.

Tony tells Grace about going to see the DA, not that it did him any good. She tells him that Megan has a dad to look after her; he should be thinking of himself now instead of Megan. She asks what good it would do him or Megan if she is free while he is sitting in prison. When she can't get through to him, she says she is going to work. When she opens the door, Megan is standing there prepared to knock on the door.

Wednesday, August 11

Nick, Ryan and Neil are waiting for Victoria to arrive. She has called a meeting with them. When she arrives, she announces that she has some "exciting, positive news." Victor has given her the authority to tell them about Jack's offer...Jack's resignation in return for Jabot. She answers Neil's question about the fate of Brash and Sassy by stating that it is a non-negotiable will remain a part of Newman Enterprises. They all realize that they will be competition for Jabot. Victoria suggests that anyone who is not up for the challenge leave now. Neil wonders about not having the support of Jabot, but Nick reminds them that "being under Newman's wing isn't a bad place to be." Vicki wants Nick to be the liaison between the U.S. and overseas divisions of Newman Enterprises, "and in return, we will be a jewel in the Newman crown. Am I right?" says Victoria. They all agree that they should concentrate on existing products for now and that losing Ashley will be a big factor. The subject of advertising comes up. Ryan thinks they should give the line a whole new image and spirit. Ryan tells Vicki that she should be representing this in the public, "making it yours, one hundred percent." Nick agrees with Ryan's idea. Vicki will give it some thought. Neil and Ryan leave the meeting and Nick remains behind at Vicki's request. Nick tells her that he always gets the feeling that something is going on under the surface with her and Ryan. "I like to keep it that way, good employee relations" Vicki replies with a smile. She tells Nick that Victor and Brad have made a deal that will involve Brad stepping down as co-C.E.O but remaining at Newman Enterprises. Nick is furious. He storms out shouting that he is going to "talk some sense into Dad!" Vicki runs after him in an attempt to stop him. She reminds him that their father is a "brilliant negotiator", and that she figures that Victor has a plan for Brad to get his when he least expects it. She was hoping that Brad would be out of their lives for good too, but doesn't think that it will happen anytime soon, "which worries the hell out of me, for a lot of reasons."

Billy announces to Mac and Raul that he has a car to drive them to the concert. Mac wonders who would lend Billy a car? "My Mother, trust me!" Mac has her doubts. Billy assures her that he can get the car, "just don't shoot your mouth off, if you have a problem with it, don't come." Raul doesn't have a problem with it; he wants to go to the concert. Raul leaves to offer his last ticket to another friend. Billy tells Mac he will be back for her after he goes home to change clothes and get some money.

Megan heads over to Tony's to share her news. Grace answers the door and angrily asks Meg how many times she has to tell her that she is not welcome and that Tony is not interested in anything Meg has to say. Tony interrupts her and asks Grace to give him and Megan some privacy. Grace leaves reluctantly but adds "after what you've done, you should realize that this relationship is not good for you." Megan asks Tony what he's done. Tony asks her to tell him her news. Megan announces that the charges against BOTH of them have been dropped. Tony wonders why the charges were suddenly dropped. Megan isn't sure, but the DA told her dad that he had his reasons. She asks Tony if he has any idea what changed the DA's mind. He denies any knowledge, "why sweat it when we're home free?" Megan is ready to celebrate. "It's all over, we have our lives back. Let's just forget about it. All that I want to concentrate on is us just being together again." They kiss.

Kay arrives at the ranch and she and Nikki catch-up. Nikki tells Kay that things with Victor are more hopeful each day. Victor has a plan and she thinks things will be resolved soon. Kay is happy that "everything is right in her world." Nikki has something to tell Kay that is "strictly between us." She confides that she has been spying on Brad. "Dear God in Heaven Nikki, what were you thinking?" Kay asks. Nikki tells her that she thought that she could learn what Brad and Jack were up to. Kay learns that Nikki has made herself available to Brad socially. Kay asks if there is more going on here and if something has happened that she isn't comfortable with. "Look at me, Nikki, tell me the truth, are you happy?" This upsets Nikki who insists that she IS happy. The phone rings, its Mac for Kay. She tells Kay that she is going to a concert in Chicago tonight. Mac also tells her that she has a ride, but doesn't divulge that Billy is the driver. Kay tells her to be careful. Nikki and Kay discuss Mac and how Kay is trying to give Mac security and stability in her life without pushing. It would break her heart if Mac left now. Kay changes the subject back to Brad. Nikki tells her not to worry about her, she has her head on straight and she will let no one interfere with her family and relationship with Victor.

When Diane walks in to Gina's alone Gina asks if Jack will be joining her. Diane doesn't know or care where Jack is now. Brad enters and tells Gina he is dining alone. He spots Diane, "on second thought, maybe I'm not." He walks over to Diane's table and asks if he can join her. She warns him that she's not the best company these days. He notices that she isn't wearing her engagement ring. She informs him that the engagement is off. "Well Diane, we're in the same boat. Jack and I are breaking up too." Diane learns that Jack went to Victor behind Brad's back. "Evidently we both made a big mistake getting involved with the guy." She's getting by the best she can, but it's not easy. Brad advises her that she is better off without Jack. Diane knows that in her head, just wishes she could say the same thing about her heart. When she asks Brad about his situation "professionally and personally" he only offers that h! e "has a few irons in the fire." Diane has a good idea of who he is referring to and tells him that his secret is safe with her.

Keith tells Trishthat Tony was partly responsible for the charges being dropped. He explains how Tony went to the D.A. and offered to "confess" to get Megan cleared. The D.A. was convinced that both were innocent. Trish has to give Tony credit for this, maybe she misjudged him. Keith hasn't changed his mind where Tony is concerned and still doesn't want Meg getting back together with him. Trish agrees that Tony isn't right for Meg. Keith is heading back to Europe and expects Trish to keep them apart. Trish agrees, but is sure that Megan will find out from someone what Tony did for her.

When Jill finds Billyat home, she asks him to go with her to see a new play tonight. Billy would love to go, just not tonight. He tells his mother that he has concert tickets for tonight...a hot band. "Tell me it's not Heavy Metal." Jill laughs. She then asks who is driving, someone older? Billy tells her that he was going to drive. Jill is concerned and reminds him that he is a new driver. Billy promises to be extra careful. They plan to go straight to the concert and then straight home. Jill assumes the concert is in Genoa City and Billy doesn't correct her. Jill agrees that Billy can drive, she realizes that he isn't a little boy anymore. Billy tells her it may be late when he gets home. Jill tells him to call if it will be after one.

Ryan's office is empty when Trish arrives to share Megan's good news. As she stares out the window she remembers Tony coming to her about the letter from the D.A. and trying to protect Meg. She is about to leave Ryan a note when Grace enters. Trish tells Grace the news about the charges being dropped against Meg and Tony. "Dropped?" Grace repeats, not believing what she just heard. Trish assures her it is true, Keith heard it from the D.A. himself. Grace is relieved. She realizes then that that was why Megan showed up at her apartment earlier. Trish should have known. Grace is sure that nothing will keep them apart now. Trish sees this as a "disaster in the making." Grace agrees, but says that Meg and Tony don't see it the way they do.

Raul and Mac are excited about the concert. Mac has never been to a concert and owes it all to Raul. Billy arrives and announces that it is "show time." Billy tells them that his mom trusted him. He adds that "you've just got to know how to handle parents, what to tell them and what not to." As they head out the door, Billy says to himself "Please don't let Mom find out about this."

Thursday, August 12

After the meeting is over, Nick and Victoria begin to talk about Brad staying with the company. They are both angry and cannot understand what is going on with Victor for keeping Brad on. Nick calls Victor's office and asks him to come to Victoria's office so they can talk with him. He is busy but agrees to meet with them. Once he arrives in the office, they begin questioning him about keeping Brad in the company and Victor becomes testy, saying that he has his reasons. As they continue to question his reasons (while saying that they don't question his judgment), he tells them that he resents their attitude and lack of confidence in him. He says that he did not grow stupid while stuck in the desert. He says that he has a plan and so far, the plan is progressing according to his schedule. He leaves them but the kids are not satisfied with his explanation, especially Nick. He says that as always, their dad will not listen to them---at least not to him. He leaves it up to Victoria to convince him otherwise.

Megan and Tony come up for air and Megan wants him to tell her that he loves her. He doesn't want to say the words; he reminds her of the bad luck that happened the first time he said those three little words. She says that all the bad luck is behind them now. She keeps on at him until he gives in and says that he loves her.

Nikki walks into Victor's office and finds it empty. She is writing a note to him when Bradley comes into the office. Right away, Brad begins making moves on her and she tries, weakly, to fight him off. She warns him that Victor could come into the office at any time and he wouldn't be pleased to find Brad there. On the contrary, Brad informs her, he and Victor are now working together again. Nikki is shocked and can't believe it. He tells her to ask Victor; he will tell her that it is true. She then says he won't like to see the two of them together like this but it doesn't worry Brad at all. He says that he would welcome Victor seeing them together. As he tries to get her to leave with him, he tells her that she is still as vibrant and alive on the outside as always, but he guesses that inside, she is feeling old and tired. He says that she can never have with Victor what she could have with him. He is amused at Nikki's discomfort even when she walks out of the office because he knows that he has flustered her.

Tricia is in Ryan's office when Grace comes in with some papers. They talk about Megan and Tony. Tricia thinks that something is going on with Grace and Tony but Grace sets her straight. She says that nothing is going on even though she would like it to happen. Tricia says that between the two of them, they could keep Megan and Tony apart; she even hints that by keeping the two apart, she could have Tony in her life again. Grace plays it cool but she is definitely interested. When Ryan arrives in the office, Grace leaves. Ryan wants to know why Tricia is suddenly friendly with Grace and tells her that she can't be trusted because she is in deep with the "other side." She tells him that the charges have been dropped against her sister. Now they are free to concentrate on their own lives and the baby. She tells him that she is so happy about the baby. He admits that he isn't yet comfortable with the idea of becoming a father, but he is getting closer to that acceptance. He tells her that he loves her and asks her never to doubt that.

Katherine visits Sharon to tell her how happy she is that the court case turned out in her favor. She tells her that she has a teen-aged granddaughter and she doesn't know how to help her and keep her from running away. She mentions that she doesn't have a father in her life and a teen needs a father. Sharon assures her that she will give the girl all the love that she needs and she will be a good grandmother to her. While they are sharing tea, Cassie comes into the room and says that she is almost ready to leave. Kay is taken by her beauty and manners. She asks where Cassie is going and Cassie tells her that she is going to a sleepover with her friend Elizabeth. But first, she says, her mommy has promised to stop by Crimson Lights to say goodnight to Nicholas. When they are alone again, Kay compliments Sharon on being such a good mother.

Victor returns to the ranch only to have Nikki rant at him about finding Brad in his office. She asks him if it is true that Brad is working for him again. He answers that it is. He then tells her that he had a run-in with the children about that. He angrily says that they had the audacity to question his decision-making. Nikki says that she also wonders why he would rehire Brad after all that he has done. He jumps on her, telling her that he resents the implication that he doesn't know what he is doing. He assures her that he is capable of running his business without any help from her.

Tony is alone when Keith pays him a visit. He says that he wants Tony to stay away from his daughter. He admits that he showed some class by going to the District Attorney, but he was right when he said before that he and Megan weren't right for each other. Tony doesn't appreciate his attitude and tells him so. He says that he is well aware that Keith doesn't feel that he, a man who loves his daughter and would do anything for her, isn't good enough for her because he works for a living and gets grease under his fingernails. He knows that Keith would choose a lesser person as long as he was a member of their social set whether or not he would care for Megan well or not. Keith says that one thing he knows is that his daughter will never be with Tony. Tony says that Keith is going about this all wrong; his high-handed attitude will only push him and Megan closer together.

Back at the estate, Katherine remembers her conversation with Sharon and wonders where Brock is. She says that she doesn't even know if he is still alive but if he is, he doesn't even realize that he has a daughter.

Friday, August 13

Victoria warns Brad that although he may have tricked her father into keeping him around at Newman Enterprises, she will be keeping a close eye on him. He says he will look forward to it. Her first warning is "Stay away from my mother!" He tells her that they have become friends and they will remain friends. She tells him again that she is not falling for his game and he had better stay away from Nikki. She quickly leaves the table.

In Chicago, the concert has ended and while waiting for their friend Kevin to buy a t-shirt, Mac and Billy argue about just about everything. It doesn't matter what one of them says, the other one takes offense to it. Finally they are ready to go and they discuss whether Billy should call Jill or not. He says he thinks they can make it back by 1:00 but he wants to go now because it looks like it is going to start raining any minute.

Ashley is out by the pool when Cole joins her. They are snuggled up enjoying a romantic evening when Jack shows up and demands to speak to Ashley alone. Cole doesn't like being interrupted and says he is sure this can wait until the morning. Jack insists and they go back and forth for awhile. Finally Ashley and Jack fill Cole in on the counter offer with Victor. Cole realizes that if they buy back Jabot it will have to be done with personal funds and he warns Ashley to think about this before she does anything for Jack. Jack gets upset and he and Cole start to argue some more. When Ashley asks Cole to let her have one minute with Jack, Cole tells her he is tired of this and leaves.

Jill runs into Keith at Newman Enterprises. They haven't seen each other in a long time. She invites him to dinner. After dinner they go to Jill's house for a nightcap. She tells him about Billy being there for the summer. They talk about the trials of raising teenagers. She remembers how well they have always been able to talk and tells him she misses that. He kisses her and says he misses that too. Jill is all smiles as she walks him to the door and says goodnight. As they kiss on the front porch the phone starts ringing in the background. A moment later as Jill goes back inside she hears Esther on the phone. Esther hangs up and tells her there has been an accident and Billy is in the hospital.

At Crimson Lights, Nick is walking around checking the place out. Sharon and Cassie come in for a minute before Sharon has to go and drop Cassie at a friends house for the night. Nick tells Cassie that the place is closing. Sharon remembers that she and Nick have spent a lot of time there. Later, when Sharon gets home from dropping Cassie off, she finds that Nick has music playing and candlelight all over the house. They cozy up on the couch and he asks about her day. She tells him about Kay coming by and that she has a granddaughter. He doesn't want o talk about his day so he kisses her. He kisses her hand and when he looks at her ring he remembers the day he proposed to her. He asks her if she remembers where he asked her to marry him. Crimson Lights! They met there too and she is sad that it will be closed down. He tells her he has been thinking.............he could buy it!

Victor and Nikki are arguing about Brad. Suddenly, he says that instead of arguing they should be acting like newlyweds! They kiss passionately. He asks her to dance. He turns on some music and they start to dance. This is the same music that Brad turned on when he brought her home the night Victor returned. Nikki remembers the dance she shared with Brad that night. Victor tells her that Jack Abbott and Brad Carlton will never come between them. He has them right where he wants them and they will soon get their dues. Nikki steps back and asks Victor what he would think about having another child.

After Cole leaves, Jack berates him to Ashley. She tells him not to insult her husband. What is so important that it can't wait anyway? Jack wants to talk about the offer. He can't decide what to do. If he waits Victor out he could lose it or Victor could make it worse. He decides he is going to take the deal. Ashley says that she has been running some numbers and she isn't so sure that they could pull it off financially. Jack says he will find a way to come up with the money, even if he has to rob a bank.

Meanwhile, Cole goes to the bar at Gina's for a drink. He doesn't notice Victoria there until he has already ordered. He rolls his eyes and asks if there is no such thing as a private moment in this town! Victoria tells him she was there first so he'll have to find his own bar. Since he has ordered he'll stay. She slides right over next to him and they chit chat for a minute. When she finds out it is Jack who has him in a bad mood she says she can relate to that. They both try to get information from the other one but neither will give any. They decide to talk about something else. Victoria gets quiet and then tells him she wonders how things would be different if Eve had lived. She thinks about her everyday. He tells her there could be other children. She says "Not with you." When he starts to say something she gets up and runs out.

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