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Monday November 1, 1999

Newman Enterprises

Paul stops by Victor's office at his request. Victor wonders when Chris will be returning and Paul says 10 days, 5 hours, and 14 minutes. The ironic thing is that Victor sent Chris to the symposium when his company was under siege, but he managed to get it back using his own expertise. Paul tells Victor that the last couple times he talked to Chris, she seemed different somehow. He can't put his finger on it. Victor asked Paul over to tell him that Chris would be a valuable asset to NE. Paul asks for a little time before Victor makes a job offer and Victor agrees. Paul says Nikki must be overjoyed that Victor has the company back. You two have something special. Victor responds to that with life is never perfect, is it Paul? Is something troubling you, Victor? Of course, Victor would rather not get into it, and Paul leaves.

Newman ranch

Vicki is lounging in the living room when Nikki comes home. Nikki mentions that Ashley said something that caused Nikki to rethink her reaction to Victor turning down the idea of a baby. Vicki tells her mom that the bottom line is Victor loves her, don't ever forget that. Vicki only hopes that someday she finds a man who loves her as much as dad loves Nikki. That makes Nikki all teary. Vicki starts off to bed, then wants to know what it was that Ashley said. Nikki blurts it out, then turns to see a hurt Vicki run upstairs.

Victor comes home to find Nikki staring out the window. Victor gets snotty with Nikki because she didn't hear him come in. Victor says they need to talk and Nikki agrees. She tells him what's wrong is her. It's about a woman getting older and wondering about the future. Nikki tells Victor she has been looking for reassurance about her role in his life. Victor kisses Nikki on the forehead and tells her he doesn't see her as getting older; he couldn't be more attracted to her. They embrace.

Sister dearest saga

Tricia paces her apartment waiting for Meg to call and cry on her shoulder about the big bad bra. She can't stand the waiting, so she leaves. Meanwhile, at Gina's Meg has changed handbags, but is still carrying the bra around. Ryan comes in to get something to go and spots the pensive Meg. Ryan is surprised to see Meg, he thought she was making dinner for Tony. Since dinner went OK, what is causing the mood Meg's in? Meg asks if they can talk confidentially. Ryan sits down. Meg starts to talk about Tony and herself in the third person and Ryan asks what happened. Meg claims nothing happened, but gets all emotional, then leaves. Over at the Dennison home, Tricia is looking for Meg and complains to herself she must be with Tony. "No she's not" Tony says as he walks in the unlocked door. The two snipe at each other about what they are doing there. Tony asks Tricia what her problem is. Meg comes home during the argument and hears Tricia say she has to protect Meg any way she can. Meg tells Tricia to get out. Tony gives Meg the calendar she left at his place and Meg tells Tony he'd better go. After he leaves, she looks at the bra again and wonders if she can believe him.

Abbott home

Leanna makes Jack's day by telling him she is meeting with her publisher to discuss a tenth anniversary edition of "Ruthless." Only it turns out Leanna approached them with the idea. Ash comes in to find Jack and Leanna in the living room kissing. Ash tells them they could get a room, but Jack says it's intermission. Ash asks if he's sure it isn't the grand finale. Ash just rolls her eyes when Jack walks Leanna to the door and kisses her good night. Jack won't kiss and tell, but he asks about Ash's love life because he's concerned about her. Ash speculates about Nikki and Victor while Jack hopes the marriage isn't in trouble for Nikki's sake. Jack says he loves Nikki very much and Ash comments that he hasn't felt that about anyone since. Ash tells Jack he has a lot to offer a woman, it would be a shame to let that go to waste (on Leanna). Although Jack has reservations, he hopes Ash finds the love of her life with Cole.

Upstairs Cole is looking over some articles for ideas for future projects when Mamie brings him some ginger peach tea. Mamie mentions that now the pressure is off, it would be a good time to get close to Ash again. Ash comes upstairs and she and Cole chit chat a little. Ash goes to get ready for bed, then the phone rings, but no one answers on the other end. Cole hangs up and says Vicki? Scene shifts to Vicki lying in bed holding the phone.

Diane's apartment

Brad finds the letter from the lab, but Diane grabs it out of his hand before he can read it. This just makes Brad more curious. Brad presses Diane to tell him what is in the letter. Brad tries to do a Victor imitation complete with "you got that", it's not curiosity, it could impact his future in a big way. Diane gives in and lets him read the letter. So Victor made a deposit in the sperm bank. Same day as the vasectomy, adds Diane. She was tempted to tell Nikki, but she hates Nikki too much. Brad asks she doesn't know? Diane counters do you think she does? Brad wonders if Victor has forgotten or isn't telling Nikki on purpose. Brad asks Diane if she is going to contact the lab. Diane responds by giving Brad the letter to do with as he sees fit.

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Tuesday, November 2, 1999

At the ranch Nikki and Vicki are talking about at first Nikki and Victor and Vicki is relieved that problems are solved with her mother and her father. Then they get into talking about Brad, how Vicki hates him, doesn't want to work with him, and Nikki doesn't know how he could still be a part of Newman Enterprises. The subject of Victor is brought up on the fact of Vicki and her business, and how Victor can be protective of his family. She doesn't like it in the business way ­ the way her father can be. Then the topic is switched, to Victoria and Cole, how Nikki had noticed that Vicki was stunned by the news that Ashley was hoping for the family thing to happen for her and Cole. Victoria demands to know what's going on with what Ashley said to her mother, and Nikki recites what Ashley said for the record, "I am hopeful that my husband and I will be starting a family soon." Vicki is stunned not believing a word, and says she's got to go to a meeting.

The Abbotts
Ashley and Cole are coming downstairs as Cole says, "We've got the hotel to ourselves this morning." Then they kiss, and they say they have to talk more and they arrange to meet at Gina's for lunch...they kiss and Ashley goes to get ready for work.

Marissa and Diane talk about the Halloween party that Marissa and Lynne went to ­ and Marissa apologizes for her attitude, about the letter ­ Diane doesn't says she took care of it.... And she looks over as Brad walks in and talks to Gina who tries to get gossip out of him and he's not budging...Gina seats him at a table, and Diane walks over and the two talk about the letter and what Brad intends to do with it then he teases her, and Diane doesn't like it he gets her mad and after offering to give it back when Diane wanted to know what's going on she wants him to confide in her his plans.... Diane tells him to keep it but to use the letter and use it soon.

Dennison House
Megan and Marnie talk about the bra dilemma and Megan doesn't know if she can trust him or not. Then Tony shows up and a fast thinking Marnie Hides the Bra behind the cushion of the couch, while Megan is not happy with Tony at first but comes to apologize to Meg for treating her sister that way the previous night and Megan doesn't blame Tony...he kisses her says I love you, and leaves.... Marnie comes out and Megan's on cloud nine and says she doesn't care how the bra got there.... She loves him so much.....

Tricia is going crazy wanting word on Megan if she knows about the Bra. The phone rings it's Grace, and Tricia tells her nothing about the Bra or from Megan. Then Ryan comes out, wants to know who was on the phone ­ Tricia says is was the nurse checking up on her..... Ryan tells her of the conversation that they had the night before re: Meg talked to him about something that Meg wouldn't confide in Tricia about. Ryan is Telling her that Megan thinks Tony might be cheating on her, but don't get upset that is the last thing they need right now. Ryan goes to work...The Grace shows up ­ Tricia mad cause Grace could have been caught ­ and Grace said she waited for Ryan to leave for work...they talk about Tricia and how she lost it with Tony last night and Grace said don't do that again or he'll get suspicious then Grace says maybe you should make peace with Tony a truce kind of and tricia doesn't like it at first but then sees Grace's point when she says it might get them on the better side when their plan follows through. Grace tells Tricia that she has been thinking about step two.

Paul and Lynne are looking for Mackenzie and Lynne has checked the hospitals and nothing has been found on Mackenzie. Brock and Kay walk in and ask if there has been any word. Paul says no. Kay mentions calling Mackenzie's Mother Amanda Browning, cause Brock thinks it's the right thing to do. Paul has Lynne look up the number of Amanda and then while Lynne is doing so Brock and Kay are left alone to decide if calling Amanda is the right thing. Brock did point out she might not be under that name any longer. Kay knows of the history of Amanda and Mackenzie. Mac wouldn't go back there, because of the stepfather. Lynne comes back having located the phone number, and Paul says do we make the call? Kay gives the green light and Paul calls but no answer. Paul says he's going to try calling her friends again having talked to Raul before saying that he'd be at the coffeehouse hoping she'd show up there. Brock and Kay wait for hopeful news.

Billy and Raul have it out that Raul is mad at Billy cause Billy didn't follow her after she confided in Billy and this wouldn't have happened. Billy stops as Nina walks in and orders breakfast for her and Mackenzie, and Billy calls her over introduces her to Raul and Billy tells her the story of Mackenzie and her father that her father is really alive and in Genoa City. Nina says I think you two better come with me, and tells Cody she'll be back for her order.....At Nina's Apartment, once there Billy and Raul check out the place and Mackenzie is no where to be found...Mac has disappeared after confiding in Nina about her father and how Nina never knew her father.

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Wednesday, November 3, 1999

At the Ranch:
Miguel comes in to the living room where Nikki is with a tray of breakfast for Victor. She says she'll take it up to him. Just then Victor comes down the stairs and says to put the tray on the table and they will devour it together. She says it's a wonderful day.

At the Restaurant:
Diane tells Brad he's pretty smug now that he has been armed with the information about Victor's sperm. She wants to know what he's going to do with the letter. He asks her if she made a copy. She says no, but she could still go to Victor and tell him she knows. Brad says if she did that, Victor would just scurry home and confess everything to Nikki. Then Diane says that she could always just go straight to Nikki and tells her that her husband has been keeping very important things from her.

Jabot Lab:
Olivia comes in to see Ashley saying she's sorry that it's taken so long for her to get back with the blood tests. Ashley asks what the hold up was ... divorce problems? She asks how Nate is taking all of this. Olivia says she really doesn't want to talk about it, let's talk about you. Ashley tells her that she and Cole have finally gotten back on track and she thinks things are going work out very well.

The Abbott House:
Victoria in telling Cole, please don't say you're having a baby to save your marriage. It won't work ... it's all wrong.

Meg's House:
Meg is standing there looking at the bra she found at Tony's ... she says to herself, "I'm not going to do this. I trust Tony." Then she throws the bra in the trashcan. Tricia walks in and Meg asks her what she's doing there. Tricia says she came to apologize for her actions the night before with Tony. Meg tells her that she was way out of line and she needs to just stay out of it. Tricia says she does this because she cares for Meg and doesn't want her to get hurt. Meg says Tony won't hurt her and Tricia says, "yes, but I have."

Chancellor Estate:
Billy comes in and sees Esther. He asks if he can hang out here just in case Mac comes back. Esther says of course he can, but she has to go to the market. In the background we see Jill listening to the exchange.

Paul Williams Investigations:
Lynn makes Katherine a cup of tea and tells her she should get some rest. Paul agrees and says they are worried about her. Lynn offers to take her home and Katherine says no. Lynn suggests that she should lie down on the couch in Paul's office and Katherine says ok, but I won't sleep. Lynn gets a blanket. Brock tells Paul he doesn't know how much more his mother can take, what with her trip to India and thinking he was dead and now Mac has run away. Paul reminds Brock that he hasn't had it all that easy either with the shelling and fighting in the village he was at in India. Brock says that Katherine wasn't the only reason he came back to Genoa City .. he couldn't stay there after what happened. Nina comes in and says she understands that Katherine was looking for Mac. Katherine comes in saying, "you KNOW where Mac is?" Nina tells them about meeting her at Crimson Lights last night and taking her home for the night ... and this morning she went to Crimson Lights to get breakfast and met up with Billy and Raul and they told her that Brock was alive ... they rushed back to the apartment and Mac was gone. Katherine gets very upset and wants to know why Mac would do this. They were getting so close. She should know that she could come to her grandmother with anything, but she chose to run away.

Back at Meg's:
Meg asks why are you apologizing ... got a guilty conscience? (no conscience at all in my book) Tricia says she's really sorry and wants to start all over again. You live your life and I'll live mine. Meg says "yeah right." Just back off a little and let me be happy. Tricia says she will. She asks Meg to come shopping with her ... she was in a store the other day and saw a dress that is just right for Meg. Tricia says she'll buy it for her as a peace offering. Besides she wants to spend some time with her sister.

The Store:
We see Grace lurking around pretending she's looking at stuff. She keeps looking at her watch and wondering what's keeping Tricia.

The Abbott House:
Cole asks what Victoria is talking about ... a baby? Where did you year that? Victoria says that Ashley ran into her mother yesterday and intimated that they were trying to start a family. Cole says he's not going to talk about this with her ... it's none of her business. Victoria says she's not leaving until she convinces him it's the wrong thing to do. He tells her to leave.

Back at the Restaurant:
Diane want's Brad to admit to her that he's in love with Nikki and wants to break her and Victor up. He says she's reaching. She says she knows she's right. She says he's in a position to drop a real bomb on Nikki. He says he won't hurt her like that. Diane says now she's sure he's in love with her. She wants to know what he's going to do about the letter. She says he'd better be careful what he does or he might be visiting Mrs. Newman in the maternity ward. He says he'll let her know what he's going to do about the letter later.

Back at the Ranch:
Nikki's telling Victor that it's such a wonderful morning after a very special night together. She says she's come to an understanding with herself and she's sure she won't be having any more mood swings. She's done some soul searching and she won't let it erode their relationship. He says that he's sorry that he was insensitive with her about having another child. She says that she has let go of that fantasy. He tells her he lover her and don't forget it ... he says she's a part of his soul and he adores her. They have a tearful hug.

The Lab:
Olivia tells Ashley that she's happy that she and Cole are back on track. Ashley tells Olivia that they may be trying to have a child. She's not getting any younger and the clock is ticking. Olivia asks if Cole wants a baby too and Ashley says she hopes so. Olivia says she hopes they are doing this for the right reasons. But she has doubtful look on her face.

Chancellor Estate:
Jill comes in and asks Billy why he's not at school. Billy asks why she's not at work! He says he's there to check on Mac -- she's missing. Jill says she took off because she's not really Brock's child and when she found out he was dead, she left because she didn't want to get caught. Billy gets mad at Jill and says that Mac really is Brock's. She's going through a lot right now because her father is dead. Jill says she'll land on her feet. Billy says that she's treated Mac like dirt ever since she came here and if she's gone for good, he'll blame her for it.

The Store:
Tricia and Meg walk into the store and Meg sees Grace and says to Tricia, "I thought you said this was a classy place"! (You go Meg!) Grace comes up and sweetly says hello and then says she's got to get back to work ... she takes two bras up to the counter and is saying to the clerk she can't decide whether she should go with the bra she usually wears (in one hand) or the new one (in the other). Meg is listening to this exchange. Grace decides on the new one, pays for it, leaves the other bra on the counter and leaves. Meg goes over and picks up the bra ... it's exactly like the one she found in Tony's couch, of course. You can see the wheels turning in her head. Tricia the snake is standing across the room with a wicked smile on her face.

Paul's Office:
He gets off the phone and Katherine asks to hear some good news. Paul says he's setting up a couple of P.I.'s and wants to get a sketch artist to do a sketch of Mac because there are no pictures of her. He says they have to take it one step at a time. Katherine asks where Brock is and Paul says he's out in the other office with Lynn. They go out there and find that Brock left and Lynn doesn't know where he went.

Abbott House:
Victoria says she's sorry for upsetting Cole, but she's worried about him and wants him to hear her out. She says that for the past few months she and Cole have shared a lot of feelings together. She says if she hadn't left the tack house that night they would have made love. They are getting close again. Cole says that he and Ashley have had some bad times but they are working through them. Victoria says that it's not the right time for a child. She knows it was a mistake getting pregnant when she did and it wasn't what God wanted. Cole says this situation is different. She says that if they have a baby just to help the marriage that some day the child will come between them and that's not fair to the child. She says it's ridiculous for them to have a baby now. She says she feels sorry for him -- bringing a child into a relationship that's already fallen apart.

Chancellor Estate:
Mac comes in a calls to see if anyone home ... no answer. She goes up to her room and brings down a bunch of her clothes. She picks up a picture of Katherine and says she's sorry. She's dressed in the same duds that she wore at the Center. Looks like she's going to bolt for good. Brock comes in and she turns around and stares at him and says, "who are you?" They stare at each other .........and the credits role.

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Thursday, November 4, 1999

At the meeting at Jabot, everyone votes on a new fragrance. They all choose the same one and begin to talk about packaging and pricing. Jill brings up some very valid points about the price. After the meeting, John, Ashley, and Jack discuss Jill's contributions to the meeting. John asks that they back off of her a little as she is going through a rough time right now. Jack reluctantly agrees.

Ross and Gary arrive at Victoria's office to show her the results from the photo shoot. Ross is upset because Gary didn't use any of his ideas for the ad. Gary tries to tell Ross it wasn't personal, but he did what he thought their client would like. Ross tells him that if she doesn't like it, then Gary will go down by himself. As it turns out, Victoria does like it and says she wants to move on it right away. Ross then tells her how "they" thought she'd be pleased and how hard "they " worked on it. When he leaves the room to make a phone call, Victoria asks Gary if it wasn't really all his doing. She tells him that modesty and honesty are good qualities to have, but he shouldn't let his work go un-recognized. As he looks up at her, Ross walks in and wonders what just happened between them. Later, he asks Gary and Gary tells him he is paranoid and he is only imagining that Victoria would have any feelings toward him.

As Megan notices the bra on the counter, she touches it briefly. Tricia pays for the dress and as they are walking out, Megan decides to purchase the bra as well. Later, at home she makes up an excuse to get rid of Tricia. As Tricia walks outside, she says to herself "It's for your own good, Meg." Inside, Megan takes the old bra from the trash and compares it to the new one. Same bra, same size. She starts to cry. When Tony shows up to see her he notices that something is wrong. She tells him she knows that the bra belongs to Grace. He is confused. She tells him how she ran into Grace at the store and found out about the bra. "What is going on Tony?" she asks. He says he is going to find out and runs out the door. When he catches up to Grace at her office she tells him she is glad to see him. He says he wonders if she'll say that when he gets through with her. A stunned Grace stares at him.

While Kay, Paul and Lynn are trying to figure out where Brock went, Mac is getting ready to leave the house. Brock comes in and she asks him who he is. He vaguely answers that he is someone close to Kay. He guesses that she must be Mackenzie and tells her that her grandmother has told him a lot about her. Mac decides to tell him that she is leaving so he can tell Kay and Kay will not worry about her. Brock mentions that he admires her for even thinking about Kay's feelings. When he was her age he never thought about her feelings. He mentions how different they are. Mac asks what that is supposed to mean and again asks him who he is. He tells her "I'm your father, Brock Reynolds, and I am not dead." A stunned Mac asks how this can be. He tells her it was a huge misunderstanding and that he actually did survive. He begins to cry as he looks at Mac. At the same time, Kay walks in and sees Mac. She runs to her and grabs her. Hugging her tightly, she thanks God over and over that she is still there. As everyone cries, Kay asks if they have met. Brock says "Yes Mother, I have met my daughter."

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Friday, November 5, 1999

MB brings Liv paperwork to sign. She refuses to, however, when she sees the word "adultery." MB states his case convincingly; it's his "duty" to protect her. He acknowledges, but minimizes his bad reputation. He just wants what's best for her and Nate. Meanwhile, Malcolm also worries about what MB will do to him on the stand (he's read some of MB's press clippings). After telling Callie he wants her to stay, they wish there was someone who could take the stand in his defense. Enter Neil. He blows Malcolm away by offering to speak on his behalf. He knows how "devoted" he is to Nate, plus he's a "good role model."

The Ranch
At the main house, Nick hugs Sharon and assures her he'll wrap up work in time for "open mike" at CL's. Sharon stays to ask Nikki to babysit. The two get a visit from Laird Worthington. He's there to tell Nikki he can't take the job she's offered. Nikki's surprised to hear that he and Victor are already acquainted. With apologies, and help from Sharon, they're able to convince him to plan a "magnificent wedding."

Tony blasts Grace; "stop with the garbage -- admit what you 'done'."But Grace is "in the dark" and has no idea what he's talking about. Bra? Tuesday? Checking her calendar, she claims to have been in meetings all day ("TPTB love" her work). Tony says he loves Meg, but even if she weren't in the picture, there was no future for him and Grace. He just doesn't "trust" her.

As Ash waits...again, Victor joins her. They both say their relationships are back on the right track. She thanks him for "being there" -- he says he always will be. Victor leaves, when Cole arrives. She talks about work, but is more "excited" about the prospect of a baby. "Please tell me you feel the same way"

Newman Enterprises
Neil and Ryan aren't too happy that Victoria went ahead without them, and hope the fan mail hasn't gone to her head. They decide it's just the Newman genes. Victoria goes to inform Brad. He's even less impressed, but the topic is soon Nikki. Victoria inadvertently confirms Brad's suspicions that Nikki has no idea about the Vic-sicles. Back in her office, Ryan sifts through the fan mail and comes across familiar stationery. Not liking the sounds of it, he thinks they'll throw it out. After he leaves, Victoria asks what's going on. In the last scene, Victoria's "biggest fan" types...."maybe you think I'm writing too often, but it makes me feel close to you."

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