Y&R Recaps: The week of February 14, 2000 on The Young and the Restless
Malcolm vowed to do everything in his power to protect Nate. Ashley spent the night with Christian. Nick and Sharon thought about expanding Crimson Lights. Callie decided to leave town. The police found another letter in Larry's jacket.
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Monday, February 14, 2000

Ashley is sitting at a table reading something and we see Victor being seated across the room. She looks up and sees him and picks up her stuff and goes over to sit with him asking if he is dining alone. He invites her to sit down. She asks if things are any better between him and Nikki. He tells her that he has moved out of the ranch. She asks if it because of Ramona and he says no. She asks if he intends to see her again and says he doesn't intend to talk to her about it.

The Ranch:
Katherine comes over to see Nikki and promptly tells Nikki she is imprisoned in her own home ... waiting around for Victor to make up his mind. Kay tells Nikki that she needs to get out and do things. Nikki asks what can she do. Kay says that she could start interior designing because she has done such a beautiful job with the ranch. Kay says that the offices at Chancellor Industries need to be redecorated and she wants Nikki to do it. She says that it's time for action.

Callie finally admits that she was married to Tray. She says she was vulnerable to him when she and Mal broke up when they were teenagers. Tray told her that he could make things happen for her career. Malcolm tells her that she sold herself out to Tray. She says it wasn't like that and Mal asks her to tell him how it was. She tells him that she was devastated when she lost him. Mal asks if it was on the rebound and she didn't love him. She says she really didn't love Tray. She says she doesn't want to talk about it, that it is in the past. Mal tells her that there is no way in hell that Tray thinks it is a part of his past. Callie shouts that Tray is crazy. Mal asks why she got involved with him then. He sees now that she was involved with Tray when she first came to Genoa City. She tells him that it was only with the contract. She tells Mal that Tray was trying to keep her a prisoner and she had thought that if she let him believe in his fantasies that he would help her get her first break in the business. Mal says that Tray made sure that she was tied to him. She is crying and tells him that none of this makes a difference.

Where Warton Works:
Victoria's bodyguard leaves the room but leaves the door ajar. Warton asks her if she's wired. Gary steps forward and says no. Warton asks if he is another "dick" and Gary says he's just a friend. Victoria offers him a reward if he will help them. Warton says he is not going back to prison and if they want to talk then they can talk to his lawyer. Victoria says to keep the lawyers out of it. Warton says he doesn't want to get stabbed in the back. Gary says that Victoria's offer would be made so that no admission would be necessary and why not hear her out.

A Restaurant Somewhere in Michigan:
Nina is sitting at a table frantically writing away in her notebook. Tomas comes in. She tells him how awesome it is to drive out in the country through small town and see different people doing different things. She says that she can see characters for a book everywhere. He picks up one of her books and an envelope falls out. He wants to know what it is and she tells him to open it. It is a Valentine card and he smiles. She looks at him and says, "so, will you?"

Olivia's Apartment:
She comes home and thanks Neil for watching Nate. He wants to know where she went. She tells him that she went to see Michael Baldwin and he asks why. She says she wants to get Malcolm's visiting privileges rescinded. He tells her that cutting Malcolm off from Nate isn't right. She says she should have listened to Baldwin from the start. Neil says that Mal is just as upset over what happened as she is and maybe he is ending things with Callie as they speak. She says that she can't take that chance

Victoria tells him that she wants to end this whole mess. Warton asks her how. She intimates that maybe he has a "friend" who is writing these letters and maybe he can reason with his "friend" to make him stop. He tells her that maybe reasoning won't be enough. She says that she will offer an incentive. He asks how much. She says $500. per week. He says he'd be more interested in a lump sum. Gary says that if they gave a lump sum that maybe his "friend" would want to visit the well time and time again, and they can't have that. Warton asks how long the incentive would last and Victoria says indefinitely. She says it would be paid in cash and hands him an envelope with the "first installment."

Newman Enterprises:
Sharon is looking for Nick and goes into the Boardroom and finds Victor's secretary Connie. Connie tells her that Nick is not there, but wants to ask her a question. Connie tells Sharon that every year at Valentine's Day, Victor has asked her to send flowers to Mrs. Newman. She knows that there are problems with them this year, but that Victor didn't tell her not to send the flowers this year. She asks Sharon what she should do. Sharon says to go ahead and send them anyway. She says it couldn't hurt the situation. Connie asks her about what the card should read.

Ashley asks Victor how he can say the separation had nothing to do with Ramona when he was in New Mexico for so many weeks. Vic says that it was business and it was a complicated situation. She asks him if he thinks things will improve between him and Nikki. He says he seriously doubts that they will get back together. Ash asks where he is staying and he tells her he is at a hotel for now. He tells her that Diane has offered to sell him back the penthouse. Ashley says that is generous of her ... what's the catch. He tells her that Diane will have three months to look for a suitable place to move to. Ashley asks him how he could do that and he says that Diane needs time. She says Diane only needs time to work on him to get back together. She tells Victor to watch his back. He asks her why she cares what happens to him and she says she worries about him.

The Ranch:
Nikki tells Kay that she will give the idea of decorating her offices some thought. Kay tells her to give some thought to her problems with Victor. She says that she and Victor belong together. Nikki says it is too late for that. She tells Kay that Victor has moved out of the ranch and that he is buying back his old apartment from Diane. She says Victor is starting a new life without her.

Malcolm wants to know why Callie didn't tell him about her marriage to Tray before. He says it wouldn't have mattered. She tells him that it's not that simple, there's more. Mal finally sees the light and asks her if she is still married to Tray. She cries and says yes and that she's sorry. She tells him that she has been trying to get a divorce. Mal yells at her that Tray has no intention of giving her a divorce. He cries that she is a married woman. She tells him she's married only on paper. He says that's not how Tray sees it and neither does he. Callie tells Mal that she was afraid of losing him and that is why she lied. He yells at her, "you couldn't lose me, but you could put my life at risk!" He says that she told him before that Tray and Sam are dangerous. He says he damned near died because of them and questions why she didn't warn him.

Victoria's Office:
Nick is calling all over the place trying to find out where Victoria is. He calls Ross, but all Ross knows is that Victoria wanted to talk to Gary privately so he left. Sharon comes in and he tells her that he can't find his sister. Sharon tells him not to worry that her bodyguard is with her. She tells him about the flowers that she and Connie sent to Nikki and she's worried about the card they enclosed. He says that maybe it might help the situation. She says maybe if that happens the situation between him and his father might improve too. He says that wouldn't be likely to happen.

Warton is suspicious. Victoria tells him the money can't be traced. He says he'll have to think about it. She says that she will leave the first installment for his "friend", but the he has to remember that the payments will only continue if she doesn't receive another letter from her fan. She leaves and he greedily counts the money with a malicious leer on his face.

Ashley tells Victor she's sorry for prying. Victor asks again why she is concerned. She tells him she only wants him to be happy. She says maybe he can mend the problems with Nikki and he tells her he thinks that their time has come and gone. Ash asks him if he really means that. He tells Ash that Nikki would have to show him how much she values their relationship. Ashley tells him that Nikki is probably out at the ranch thinking the same thing. She says one of them has to make the first move. Vic says that it won't be him because some things have happened that he can't live with.

Liv says she doesn't want to cut Malcolm out of Nate's life. Neil suggests that all she really wants is control. She says that she's Nate's mother and she should have control. He says that's what Baldwin told her. She says that they all thought it was wrong before, but now she doesn't. She tells Neil that little Nate is going to have nightmares about this for a long time and she is going to make sure nothing like this happens again. He reminds her that Nate and Malcolm have a very special relationship together. She says she has made up her mind and it is the end of the discussion. He tells her that he is there for her and leaves.

Somewhere in Michigan:
Nina tells Tomas that there is no big obligation attached to being someone's Valentine. He jokes about the headlines reading "Palimony Suite Nets Millions for Jilted Valentine." Cute. He says he'll be her Valentine and assumes that it's mutual. She says yes, but that he could give her a present. He says that's intriguing. She asks him to shave off his beard. He says that would be like asking him to cut off his nose. She says a beard is something to hide behind. He asks her if that is makeup on her face and she says a little. He says that his is a "little" beard. She tells him to keep his dumb beard and see if she cares. This whole repartee is quite whimsical and lighthearted. He says he is going to wash the dirt of the road off his hands and asks her if she will be there when he gets back. She smiles and says, "maybe."

Gary is having a drink at the bar and Ross walks in. Ross is in a snit about Gary cutting in with Victoria. Ross tells Gary that he is a hypocrite for saying that they shouldn't mix business with pleasure and then he's making time with Victoria. Gary says that's not what is happening. Ross says bull, and the waiter brings Gary's takeout order, which he pays for and tells Ross he will see him back at the office. Ross picks up his beer and thinks to himself that Victoria means too much to him and he can't let Gary freeze him out and he has to figure out how to get back in the loop. He smiles and says, "Warton ... he could be the key!"

Victoria's Office:
Nick is still calling people to find Victoria when she walks in the office. He demands to know where she has been. She says she doesn't want to get into it and he says no way, he knows that she went to see Baldwin. She admits that she did and says Baldwin admitted that Warton might be willing to deal. Nick gets really upset and asks her if she went to see Warton. He yells at her how dangerous Warton is. He tells her that Warton just might not be the stalker. She reminds him that he has been saying it was Warton all along. He tells her that she shouldn't deal on her own. She tells him she thinks she's solved the problem. He makes her promise that she won't see him again and she says ok. She tells him that some well-placed dollars might give them no further cause for concern. He asks if she paid Warton off. She tells him it's the cost of doing business. He tells her he wants her to be right, but that he just doesn't think that this is the end of it.

Somewhere in Michigan:
Nina is busily writing notes in her book and Tomas comes back from the Men's Room. She looks up at him and he has shaved off his beard, but left the mustache. She gets a huge grin on her face and scoots up on her elbows half way across the table to feel his chin. She asks him when he's going to shave off the mustache and he tells her not to push it. She says, "first you bare your chin and then you bare your soul, it's good for you!" He looks into her eyes and says, "you're good for me." They share their first kiss.

Callie tells Mal that she freaked out when Sam told her what he had done to Mal. Mal says that even though she freaked out, she didn't tell him the truth. He says that Tray tore up her contract, but not the connection to her. He asks her if she realizes that she put them all in danger. He tells her that she makes him sick. He grabs his coat to leave and turns around saying, "Olivia blamed you all along. Well what do ya know, she was right!" He slams out the door.

She takes her medication and the doorbell rings. It's Michael Baldwin. He comes in and tells her he has some information on the options she has regarding Malcolm's rights and that she will not be please with what he has to say.

The Ranch:
The doorbell rings and Katherine answers it. Flowers are delivered ... a huge bouquet of red roses. Kay hands them to Nikki who can't figure out who would be sending her flowers. Kay says to open the card. She does and it says something about "thinking of you on this day." Nikki shows the card to Kay, saying she doesn't know what to think now. Kay says that Victor is thinking of her and that the card is not from a man who wants to bury the past ... he wants to build a future with her. Nikki looks in wonderment at the flowers and then back at the card ... as the credits roll.

Tuesday, February 15, 2000

Victor calls Diane from his office and asks her to stop by. After hanging up the phone, he takes a look at the newspaper and sees the new ad for Brash & Sassy. Pleased with the outcome, he goes to see Victoria and congratulate her. When he arrives at her office, he runs into Nick. Taking advantage of the surprise meeting, Nick hands his father a proposal for the acquisition of a computer company. Victor tells him he'll need more information before making any decisions. Nick explains that he's done all of the necessary research, but Victor wants more. Frustrated, Nick lashed out and accuses Victor of punishing him for going against his wishes regarding the coffee shop. Victor denies the accusation and leaves. When he returns to his office, he finds Nikki and Diane there in the midst of a heated argument. While alone, the two women had compared notes and Nikki was furious to learn that Diane was staying at the penthouse with Victor. Diane, in turn, got Nikki to admit that she was the one who broke in to Diane's and stole the sperm samples out of the closet. Unaware that Sharon had sent them in an attempt to reunite the Newmans, Nikki tells Victor she doesn't understand why he would give her flowers then turn around and agree to live with Diane. She runs out before Victor can find out what she's talking about. After she's gone, Diane signs the papers authorizing the sale of the penthouse to Victor. Later, Nick, still angry from his run-in with Victor, goes to the coffee shop to see Sharon. He tells her he doesn't know how else to make amends with his father. Sharon encourages her husband not to give up. He admits to his wife that now that the shop is doing so well, he doesn't feel like it's a challenge anymore. When he overhears some customers talking about how long it took them to get there, he comes up with an idea. Over at Jabot, Jill, John and Jack hold their focus group meeting regarding a possible expansion. When it's over, John tells Jack that he's impressed that he backed off of Ashley and didn't push her to tell him where she was going. Obviously up to something, Jack turns down his father's invitation to dinner at Gina's and heads out. Later, he "coincidentally" shows up at the same restaurant as Ashley and Christian. At Michael's office, he and Olivia continue to discuss Nate's custody case. Michael tells Olivia that unless a police report is filed, she may never be able to prove what happened with Sam. Without the proof of the incident, she doesn't stand much chance of gaining full custody. Michael also reminds his client that a custody battle could involve putting Nate on the stand to testify against his own father....an event that could leave the little boy traumatized. Olivia agrees it's a big chance to take, but she has to do something. She heads over to confront Malcolm and finds Callie alone. Olivia asks Callie why they haven't filed a police report. She assures Olivia that she will, but she's waiting for Malcolm. After Olivia has a brief dizzy spell, she regains her composure and demands that Callie go to the police with her immediately. When Callie refuses, Olivia accuses her of being selfish and caring only about her relationship with Malcolm, not about Nate. After visiting with Neil and telling him about everything, including the fact that Callie and Trey are married, Malcolm returns home. His brother told him that Olivia had lost all of her patience and he had big problems. Now, as he approaches the door, Olivia tells Cassie she's taking Nate away from his father.

Wednesday, February 16, 2000

Victoria's Office
Victor walks in as Victoria is on the phone. When she gets off she asks if there is anything wrong. He states that he hopes not and hopes that the sales figures have gone up. He says he's seen the new ad and thinks it is much better than the first one. Victoria comments that they have gotten some positive feedback and the only thing they can do now is see what their customers think. Victor comments that they will be on top again and the sooner the better. Victoria comments that the last time they spoke he said that he wanted Brash and Sassy to make a strong showing now but that in the past he usually thinks in the long term and asks him why he's changed. Victor comments that there's nothing wrong with a vigorous rebound. Victoria wonders if he has a hidden agenda. Victor asks why she thinks sales went down. He says that when the ads with her first came out they were successful but when she pulled herself off the campaign sales went down. Why did she pull herself from the ads? It doesn't make any since to him.

Diane's Penthouse
Diane lets Brad in and comments that it has been a long time since they've seen each other. Brad tells her he's been keeping a low profile. What's up with her? She comments that she had a run in with her least favorite woman in the world. Brad guesses correctly that it was Nikki. Diane says that she knows he doesn't share her opinion of Nikki but that woman is a "thieving bitch." Brad tells her that he is not in the mood to listen to her foam at the mouth about Nikki. Diane comments that she's a thief and she's never going to forgive her for what she's done. Brad asks her what Nikki ever stole from her. Diane asks if Victor's sperm qualifies.

Malcolm's Apartment
Malcolm walks in overhearing Olivia's comment to Callie and asks her "what did you did you just say?" Olive says that she's going to go to court and strip him of his rights to see Nate. She comments that if he really loved Nate he would have gone to the police station to file a report to protect him and to make sure that it doesn't happen again. Malcolm tells Olivia that he is planning to file a report and she asks him when. She comments that it was a crime and you don't wait three days to go down to the police department to file a report and say, "by the way, a man attacked my girlfriend and my son." She says that if his son's safety was uppermost in his mind, he should have gone to the police immediately. Malcolm comments that he will go but that he has to deal with a few things around there first. Olive asks what could be more important than his son. She says that she's through talking to him and that she has no choice but to continue with her plans and as she's walking out and tells him to expect to hear from her lawyer. Callie comments that she doesn't believe Olivia means what she said. Olivia has come to her senses before and she'll do it again. Malcolm tells Callie to shut up and walks out and slams the door.

The Lodge
Jacks looks on as Ashley is dancing with Christian. Ashley comments that she'd almost forgotten what a great dancer he is. Christian says that holding her in his arms again makes him realize that it's going to be more difficult than he thought. She tells him that she's sure he'll find the strength somewhere. As she and Christian leave the dance floor she sees Jack and asks him, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Nick and Sharon's
Nick is holding a pair of wine glasses and a bottle of wine as Sharon comes out of Noah's room and he asks if he's asleep. Sharon comments that they are two for two because Cassie drifted off a while ago. Nick says, "Nice, now they can have some private time." Sharon asks if they are celebrating because Nick has brought out her favorite bottle of wine. He says maybe and Sharon tells him not to keep her in suspense and to tell her. Nick says, "Tell you what." Sharon comment that she knows some kids at the coffeehouse gave him an idea and she wants him to tell her and to stop being so mysterious.

Victoria's Office
Victor comments that Victoria hasn't answered his question. "What is the real reason she took herself off a successful campaign." Victoria counters with, "Lets stop talking about the ads and get to what's really going on." She tells him that eve since he got back he's been all over her and Nick questioning their judgment and questioning if they're not worthy to follow in his footsteps; that evidently his time away has made him raise some doubts. Victor says that he hasn't gotten where he is by never reassessing his position once in a while and that he never takes anything for granted. Victoria asks him what is his current assessment. Does he think that Nick is not board of director material anymore or if her judgment is so suspect that she would risk the financial security of her company all because she can't have her own way? She states that she finds it really insulting and that maybe she and Nick should do some reassessing of their own.

Diane's Penthouse?
Brad asks, "Nikki did what?" Diane tells him that somehow Nikki found out about the sperm sample, broke in and helped herself to it. Brad asks her if she's sure and Diane says that she didn't catch her red handed but it's gone; she had motive and opportunity even though she's not the only person who could have done it. She tells Brad that she had other suspects in mind, namely him. Brad asks why him and she tells him that she knows he didn't like the idea of her having it and being able to keep it away from Victor not to mention the fact that he was there when her hiding place was left open. Brad asks why she took him off the suspect list. She asks him if eh took her sperm. He says what I tell you I did. She counters with she'd assume he was protecting Nikki. Brad asks her what makes her so certain Nikki took it and she comments that the run in she had with her at Victor's office practically confirms it because Nikki was taunting her about it. She says that she knows Nikki did it. Brad asks if she said why she did it. Diane says, "Do I really need to explain it to you. It was because she didn't want me to have it." She knows that Nikki does have the sperm sample, she wonders what ideas are running through her If she was smart enough to store it somewhere, she could hold it over Victor's head. Brad comments that her head works in complex ways. She counters with, "Not as devious as your dear Nikki's."

The Lodge
Jack comments to Ashley that he's surprised to see her there. He just dropped by for dinner. He introduces himself to Christian. Ashley comments to Jack that he should find a table. Christian asks him to join them but says that he'll stay for a drink instead. Ash asks Jack if it's just a coincidence that he's there. Christian asks her why she's giving her brother such a hard time; she acts like he has an ulterior motive. Ash tells him that even though Jack may seem like only her brother, he's also her bodyguard, chaperon, and romance consultant and that he takes an inordinate interest in her personal life. Jack says that she did tell him that it was a business meeting; she tells him that she didn't tell him that and asks how the focus groups went. He tells her that he will have a report on her desk first thing in the morning. Jack states that it must have been a coincidence for Christian to show up in their little city.

Olivia's Apartment
As Olivia is lying on the couch there is a knock at the door. It's Malcolm. She tells him to go away. Malcolm tells her that he has been to the police station and a report has been filed. She tells him she doesn't believe him. He tells her to call and check for herself but that he's not leaving until they talk. She reluctantly lets him in. She asks him if Callie went too. Malcolm says no, but he's sure she will. Olive says she doesn't understand the choices he's made. Malcolm asks if she means Callie. Olivia says that she knows he loves her and that she's not passing judgment but that Callie has a lot of baggage and he doesn't see Callie the way she does. She tells him that she's not trying to keep him away from Nate but until she knows that Trey and Sam are out of the picture and won't be banging on his door, she has to take control because the kind of life he's leading doesn't give her any choice.

Victoria's Office
Victoria states that she's tried of her instincts constantly being judged. If he sees a problem with her decision making skills that maybe they should reassess the situation. Victor tells Victoria to calm down and stop overreacting. She asks him why he's so fired up about the ads and why it's so important that they trounce the competition. Is there some strategy she needs to know about? Victor says lets see what the numbers say and then they'll talk. Victoria asks if that's it and Victor yells yes and begins to leave. As he's walking out the door, Victoria tells him that he keeps pushing his family away and one of these days he's going to want them all back and she hopes he's not in for a rude awakening. She tells him that she feels a horrible gap growing between them and she doesn't know how to bridge it and (crying) asks for his help because she misses him a lot and in case he has any doubts, she loves him very much. Victor turns around and walks back to Victoria and gives her a hug and tells her that he loves her too and that he "feels just so damn lonely sometimes," and that he doesn't mean to be hard on her. He then walks out.

The Lodge
Ash asks Jack if he's finished with his drink. Jack wonders if Ash is trying to rush him off. Jack decides to skip dinner and go finish that report he promised Ashley. He walks over to the desk and asks the clerk about room availability. As the clerk begins to look the telephone rings. While he's answering the phone, Jack sneaks a peek at his computer and sees that Ashley has reserved a room. He tells the clerk that he changed his mind and then leaves.

Olivia's Apartment
Malcolm asks Olivia if she's determined to take his rights away regarding Nate. Olivia says that she wants him to have a relationship with Nate but she wants her son to be safe and he can't guarantee that. Malcolm tells her she's taking it too far and that they can work it out together. He tells her that he loves Nate and won't put him at risk. He says he won't let him stay at his place until the situation is resolved. He's not going to hurt him; she has his word on that. Olivia tells Mal his word is not enough because she doesn't trust his judgment. Liv says she doesn't understand why he didn't got to the police last night when Sam showed up or the next morning. Mal says he was meaning to but something came up. Liv asks what could have come up that was more important that your son. She then says not to answer, she knows, Callie. Did he not want to put her in the middle? She asks if he was trying to protect Callie. Mal says no. He says he wasn't trying to protect anybody unless he was protecting himself. Liv asks if there is something he hasn't told her. Mal says the last thing he needs is to talk to her about it. The important thing is that he filed a report; can she give the police time to track down Trey and Sam and put them behind bars. Liv tells Mal he's not answering her question. Why is he protecting Callie? What has she done? Doesn't he understand that these men are criminals and that she tied herself up with them? Who cares if they get arrested; that doesn't mean it's the end. Mal says Callie is not involved in anything illegal. He tells Liv that the whole situation is about Trey and Callie. Olivia asks what it is. Mal says its personal. Liv asks if he understands that Trey is a threat to Nate and to tell her what it is. Mal says okay and tells Liv that Callie was and is still married to Trey. Olivia asks what it means to the two of them and Mal says he doesn't know, he just found out himself. That's reason why he didn't go to the police. He asks her if she would be kind enough to give him some time before she makes any final decisions. He would like a chance to get the rest of his life sorted out. Nate runs in and says he had a nightmare, that the man was chasing him. She hugs him and tells him that it was a bad dream.

Diane's Penthouse
Diane asks Brad if he has anything to say. She assumed he'd jump to Nikki's defense but since he didn't it must mean that things haven't changed between the two of them. She tells him that if its any consolation she doesn't think Nikki will do anything with the sample since Victor has moved off of the ranch. Diane confirms that Vic repurchased the penthouse and that they will be staying there together until she finds a place of her own. She asks him to leave because Vic will be home soon and although she values their friendship, she feels they should be very discreet about their relationship.

Victoria's Office
Ross startles Vicki as he comes into her office. He apologizes and she asks him what he's doing there. He says he didn't expect to find her there he just wanted to drop off some reports for tomorrows meeting and thought she might want to read them first. She asks him if there is anything else. He says that he's feeling pretty helpless. She doesn't know what he means and he says the fan situation. He tells her that he's willing to do anything to help her end it but she must not have felt that it was a genuine offer and he's hurt because she hasn't come to him for help.

The Lodge
Ash and Christian are escorted into their hotel room. She tips the bellhop and Chris says that he's all for sexual equality but he's getting a complex because she's taking care of everything. She counters with the fact that it was her invitation. He says okay and they sit. He tells her he thinks she's right about her brother being overprotective. She says he's nosy and has always been that way. She said ever since she came back from her cruise he's been grilling her nonstop. Chris asks if he wants to know about the man she met on her cruise. Christian suggests they get a drink. Ash says, it's getting late, so lets just go to bed.

Abbott House
Jack walks in as John is sitting on the couch. He says that he's glad he's up so they can have a nightcap. John comments that Jack's in a good mood. Did he meet a woman? Jack says, "No, he saw Ashley." John wants to know how that happened. Jack admits that he overheard Ash making arrangements for a clandestine meeting at the Lodge and decided to have dinner there too. He says he met her mystery man and Ash introduced him saying he lives in Europe, she met him in Paris, and that he's a top exec for a major retail chain. John asks Jack how he could do something so foolish. He thought he had restrained from meddling in her life and spying on her. John worries that Jack might have ruined her evening. Jack assures him that he didn't and that he's pretty sure what he did is the last thing on her mind.

Olivia's Apartment
Olive is soothing Nate. Mal tells her that if he could undo what happened, he would. Liv tells Mal he just can't understand or see it but she sees it clearly. Callie lied the most horrible incredible lie a person could tell. Mal says not to make it bigger than it is. Liv says she knows what Sam and Trey are capable of so now she's got no alternative. She said the biggest mistake she made was giving him visitation rights the first time. Mal says he's going to fight her. Liv says go ahead, you won't win, you don't stand a chance and its only going to get ugly and painful all over again. Mal tenderly kisses Nate then leaves.

Sharon & Nick's
Sharon tells Nick to tell her what his plan is. Nick asks if she remembers when those kids said they wished that Crimson Lights would move to their town. He says what if it didn't have to. Why not have one of their own? Why not have a chain. They have more than just a coffee shop. They have a club for kids 21 and under which makes them unique. Sharon tells Nick that if it is his dream, then she wants to be a part of it in anyway she can. He has her full support. They kiss.

Victoria's Office
Vicki thanks Ross for his concern but assures him everything is okay. He doesn't agree as long as Warton is out there. Vicki says they shouldn't have to worry about him anymore. Ross says its wishful thinking; the guy is a thug and should be sent back to prison. She tells Ross that it's been a long day and she's going to go home. He asks if he can stay and jot a few more notes down, she says okay then leaves. Ross watches to see her leave, shuts her door, and then stares at one of her pictures, and then goes through her desk.

Diane & Victor
Victor is hanging up his coat as Diane walks in. She says hello and tells him she just cooked dinner and there's a plate in the kitchen for him. She comments that she knows he doesn't like playing house with her but he still has to eat. He tells her that he is quite capable of taking care of himself. She says okay and that she will try to be as unhelpful and unaccommodating as she can. Victor ignores her. Diane says she wants to apologize for the scene in his office but he doesn't care to talk about it. It was unpleasant then and would be just as unpleasant now. She senses that he has something on his mind. He says he always does. If she's referring to his private life he would care not to discuss it. She says she feels empathy for him since his life is up for grabs. He says that would hardly describe his situation and asked her not to judge or pity him because she is not in a situation to do neither. She's glad to know that he's not as at odds with the world as she thought. However, she says watching him she sees something. He says if looking at him bothers her then look the other way. He tells her he doesn't want her to pity him nor does he need her shoulder to lean on. She says she knows he doesn't like her right now. They've been thrown together by circumstance but she knows he felt different for her once and hopes they can be friends. She says goodnight.

Malcolm's Apartment
Callie guesses that Mal went to see Olivia. Mal tells Cal to leave him alone. Cal asks Mal not to shut her out. She says she knows he doesn't understand how she could have lied to him. She was afraid of losing him and she would have done anything to stay with him. Mal tells her she accomplished just the opposite. She asks him not to say that. Mal says they came so close this time. Cal asks if it's over. She asks if everything they have is lost. Malcolm says that what he has lost is his on thanks to her so forgive him if that's the only thing he can think of right now. Mal goes upstairs. Cal says to herself, "What is happening?"

Thursday, February 17, 2000

Still eager to convince Victoria that he can be trusted as much as Gary, Ross goes to see Warton at work. When Warton sees Ross at his locker he confronts him and the two argue. Ross uses the opportunity to antagonize Warton. Falling into the trap, Warton gives Ross exactly what he wanted and punches him. At the same time, Nick goes to see Victoria and tells her about his most recent run-in with Victor. Still angry and his father's refusal to let the coffee shop incident go, Nick tells his sister that they can no longer depend on their father. Not ready to give up on her family, Victoria urges Nick to hang in there and give Victor another chance. Later, Ross returns from his altercation with Warton and proudly informs Victoria that he has taken care of things and that Warton should be back behind bars by the end of the day. Elsewhere, Ashley confronts Jack for spying on her and her date with Christian. She admits to her overprotective brother that Christian is indeed the man that she met on her cruise, but that the relationship is going nowhere. Later, she goes back to Christian and thanks him for his help with her plan. While meeting with Gene from Desmond Industries, Michael considers the possibility of going to work for Gene as in-house counsel. As part of the deal, Michael would get to choose his own staff. Pleased with the prospect, Michael considers offering Christine a position. In the midst of another heated confrontation between the two, Callie tells Olivia that she is leaving town and that there is no reason to keep Nate away from Malcolm. She tells Olivia that punishing Malcolm for her mistakes isn't fair. Olivia isn't satisfied and places a call to Michael and continues her plan to sue for full custody. When Malcolm returns home, Callie again tries to explain her actions. Unwilling to listen, Malcolm tells his fiancÚ that he will never be able to forgive her for her deception. Sharon admits to Nikki that she okayed the Valentine's flowers with Connie. Upset initially, Nikki realizes that her daughter-in-law had the best intentions and forgives her.

Friday, February 18, 2000

Ashley and Christian meet again and she thanks him for pretending to be the man she was with on the cruise. She explains the man she really met was married and that, although he had been separated from his wife at the time, he had every intention of working things out with her when he returned home. At the same time, Jack and Jill are back at Jabot discussing Ashley and the fact that she hasn't arrived at work yet. Jill says that she couldn't care less what Ashley is doing with her personal life, but reminds Jack that if he wants the product expansion to go through, they need Ashley at work to create the products. Jack tells Jill to back off. The two exchange insults and end up kissing after Jack accuses Jill of needing more sex. When she leaves, Jack receives a phone call from Ashley. Jack apologizes for interrupting her evening with Christian the night before. Ashley says it's O.K. and then tells him that she and Christian have decided to just be friends. At their apartment, Ryan and a reluctant Tricia made love for the first time since her miscarriage. Afterwards, an elated Ryan goes to work and has a heart-to-heart with Neil while Tricia stays behind at the apartment with Megan. When Megan finds out what had happened, she is delighted for her sister and suggests that she and Ryan go away for the weekend. Not wanting to be alone with her husband, Tricia lies and tells Megan she can't go right now and leave her alone. Megan admits she is still grieving over the loss of Tony, but swears she'll be fine by herself for a couple of days. Tricia won't hear of it and says she and Ryan will have plenty of time to go away later...Megan is her priority right now. Elsewhere, Michael pays a visit to Chris at work and tells her about his latest business opportunity and how he'd like to bring her along with him. Christine says she's perfectly happy where she is, but Michael sees through her. He suggests that his adversary isn't getting the rush of the law where she is...she craves excitement and challenge and just needs to admit it to herself. At the same time, Paul visits Victoria at Brash & Sassy and finds out about her attempt to bribe Warton. Paul is furious that she went against his advice and even more angry when she tells him that Ross took matters into his own hands. She tells Paul how Ross went to see Warton at work, got into a fight with him, and is now planning on having him arrested on assault charges. Paul and Victoria go to stop things and arrive at the warehouse just as the police are reading Warton his rights. Victoria swears to him that she had nothing to do with it, but he doesn't believe her. As they prepare to take him away, Ross points out that there is a letter in Warton's jacket. As it falls on the floor, a stunned Victoria recognizes the envelope as that of the stalkers!

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