Y&R Recaps: The week of September 2, 2002 on The Young and the Restless
A gloved hand placed a can of turpentine in the shrubs outside the Abbott pool house. Ashley made a video telling Abby that Victor was Abby's biological father. Victor and Nikki were married. Raul was finally able to move one of his toes.
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Monday, September 2, 2002

Due to coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, all CBS soaps were preempted today. These breaks were planned for in the storyline development and there will be no "lost" episodes. Broadcasting will resume tomorrow where Friday's shows concluded.

Tuesday, September 3, 2002

The show started out with a bang, with Nicholas' fist coming right toward the camera and landing on Diego's face. Diego, caught totally off guard, was defenseless against Nicholas' fit of rage and was on the floor before he knew what hit him. Victoria rushed out to try to pull Nicholas off of him, but he shoved her away, telling her to leave him alone because he didn't want to accidentally hurt her. He yelled at Victoria that she doesn't really know Diego; that he'd been sleeping with his wife. Victoria looked positively stunned and was momentarily dumbfounded and visibly shaking. After giving Diego a piece of her mind, she yelled to him to get out immediately, which he did. Both Nicholas and Victoria emotionally discussed how the situation had affected the both of them, and how sad they both were. While trying to make sense of the situation, Nicholas surmised that Sharon was jealous of Victoria and Diego, which implied there was more than just lust going on-that Sharon had feelings for Diego. Victoria was most upset by the fact that she had repeatedly asked Diego about his involvement with Sharon, only to be lied to time and time again. They were both devastated and did their best to comfort one another.

Ashley began to make another mother-daughter video for Abby. She was about to launch into a subject she said that "Abby would want to know, need to know," when Brad walked in. He told her that he felt somewhat uncomfortable about her making the videos, as they seemed to him to be focusing on the negative. Ashley protested, saying that she felt she was being realistic, not pessimistic. She suddenly became nauseous, and Brad rushed to get medication for her. She said she still wanted to go the wedding, and was pleased to not have Brad argue with her about it.

As Chris handled the invitation to the Newman wedding, she decided to ask Michael to escort her. At first Michael protested, pointing out that he wouldn't likely be welcome, and that people may get the wrong idea if they see them together. She ignored his protests and convinced him to go with her. Meanwhile, while Isabella and Paul were getting dressed for the nuptials, she asked him how he would feel about potentially seeing Chris. Mildly irritated, Paul told her he felt much more negative about the fact that Chris is close to Michael because he doesn't trust him. The couples end up arriving at the wedding at almost the exact moment, and while Chris is off taking a phone call, Paul took the opportunity to confront Michael. He asked why Michael was there, but didn't get a chance to say much more before Chris returned. Highly annoyed, she tells Paul to mind his own business and to leave her alone.

Jack confronted Diane about her new petition to not allow Phyllis to be alone with Kyle. Visibly angry, he told her she should have at least discussed it with him before making such a harsh decision. Diane defends herself by telling Jack that there is a side of Phyllis he doesn't know, and that she is afraid of her. She also told him if she witnessed a change in her concerns about Phyllis, she would change the petition. Jack insists there is no proof Phyllis would hurt Kyle, and Diane reminds him of Phyllis' violent tendencies. They agreed to disagree and Diane went back to the pool house to get Kyle ready to go to the wedding.

Victor received a barrage of phone calls at the penthouse. The first was from ex-wife Julia, wishing him well on his wedding. The next call was from Lorie Brooks, apologizing for her behavior and also wishing him well. She asked him if he was certain about his decision and when he told her he was, she backed off. They ended the conversation with Victor telling her he held no ill will toward her. His last phone call was from Neil, who told Victor he had seen the news of the wedding in the paper. He also told Victor he was in rehab working on his problem and that he planned to turn his life around. Victor was genuinely glad to hear from Neil and told him to keep in close contact with him. Upon hanging up with Neil, the phone rang again-the doorman to tell him a courier was on his way up. It was a telegram from Hope, another ex-wife, congratulating him on his big day.

Sharon sat around the living room wondering if Nick would ever forgive her when Cassie came in to show her mother her dress for the wedding. Sharon encouraged her to go up to the main house, and Cassie went up to Nikki's dressing room where she and Katherine were having a sentimental conversation. Nikki asked Cassie where Sharon and Victoria were, becoming concerned about the late hour. Sharon was still in their living room crying when Victoria and Nicholas both walked in to confront her.

Wednesday, September 4, 2002

Larry saw Diego at Crimson Lights and asked him about his black eye and bruised face. Diego diverted him by telling him the news about Raul's car wreck and physical condition. Larry offered any kind of help that might be needed because he thought Raul was a good kid. Diego said if that was the only disaster of his life, it might be manageable. After more questioning from Larry, he admitted that he'd done an idiotic thing that had caught up with him, perhaps costing him his relationship with a girl who was special to him. When he said that he just felt like hitting the road, Larry told him that he couldn't do that because of Raul, and Diego agreed. After talking some more, Larry was encouraged to hear that Diego wasn't giving up hope and was going to try to make things right with the woman he cared about because they were incredible together. After Larry left, Diego wondered aloud how he could make everything up to Victoria.

Sharon was dismayed to see Victoria and Nick at the door. The more she tried to convince Victoria to leave, so she and Nick could talk privately, the angrier both Newmans became. Nick reminded her of how holier-than-thou she had been when he'd been unfaithful to her, but now she wasn't perfect anymore. She needed to endure some of the same treatment she'd given him when she'd made him crawl to her for forgiveness. He lashed out at her verbally for what she'd done with Diego, and all her lies afterward, refusing to hear any explanations, while Victoria watched. When he was interrupted by a phone call from his father, demanding to know where his best man was, Nick grabbed his tux and prepared to meet Victor at the Colonnade Room. Sharon expressed her disbelief that he expected her to go to the wedding and pretend like nothing was wrong. Nick told her she needed to get it together, because nothing was going to spoil the day for his parents. He said they were all going to put on the best show of their lives.

After Nick left, Victoria expressed her anger to Sharon. Sharon told her that she took full responsibility for the mistake she had made. She said it had been a confusing time, full of pain, and she'd acted like she was obsessed by turning to Diego for support and comfort. But she insisted that it had only happened once, before she and Nick reconciled, and nothing had happened between her and Diego since. Victoria wasn't buying it, reminding Sharon that she hadn't acted normally any time Diego was around or his name came up. She then repeated Nick's threat that Sharon had better get it together and not ruin Victor and Nikki's wedding day.

Nikki and Victor spoke briefly on the phone, excited that their big day had arrived. While consultants helped her get ready, Nikki showed Cassie the earrings her sister Casey had sent because she couldn't be at the wedding. Just as she began to get really worried because Victoria and Sharon hadn't shown up, Victoria walked in, agreeing with Cassie that Nikki looked beautiful. Nikki told her that Douglas Austin had called with congratulations. Victoria told them that Sharon had a couple of things to do, so they should all leave for the Colonnade Room and meet her there. Cassie and Noah would be going with them.

Jack worried to his father that he couldn't find Phyllis, explaining that she and Diane had had another run-in, and Phyllis had left, furious. As they talked, someone wearing gloves was placing a can of turpentine next to the pool house. Later, in the pool house, Diane assured Kyle that they would be starting a new life soon.

Phyllis came home and exchanged a terse conversation with Jack. She was tired of him always falling for Diane's tricks. He assured her that he'd already put in a call to John Silva to deal with the petition that Diane's attorney had filed. Phyllis went upstairs to get ready. When she came back down later, Diane hobbled in with Kyle. Diane took a look at Phyllis's revealing red dress and sarcastically referred to it as "tasteful." Phyllis, equally sarcastic, said she was glad Diane liked it. After asking Diane if she trusted her to take Kyle upstairs to Jack, Phyllis did so. When she came back, Diane was still there, saying she had an idea Phyllis wanted to talk to her. Phyllis warned her that she didn't know who she was dealing with; when she was pushed, she would push back. Diane asked if that was a threat. Phyllis assured her that it was a promise. Jack came down the stairs, and Diane told him that Phyllis had threatened her again. Jack attempted to make peace. Diane suggested that since they would be home late, she would leave a bag with Mrs. Martinez so Kyle could stay with them overnight. As for herself, she'd been having nightmares so she intended to take a sleeping pill and get some rest. Phyllis assured her they would give her regards to the Newmans, and Diane sweetly told her to do that.

Olivia was surprised to hear the angry undertone in Brad's exchange with Ashley at the Colonnade Room. When Ash excused herself to the restroom, Brad explained that she'd been feeling ill all day. He didn't think she should be at the wedding, but when it came to Victor, Ashley wouldn't hear reason. Olivia chided him for being jealous. Brad assured her that he knew Ashley loved him and was committed to their marriage.

Leaving the restroom, Ashley saw Victor come in. She tried to dodge him, but he called her name. They spoke briefly. He told her how beautiful she was, because he didn't see the wig, but the whole picture. She thanked him and wished him well. He expressed concern that she might not be feeling up to the wedding, but she assured him she was fine. After they parted, she ran into Jack, who was talking to Isabella and Paul. When the couple left them alone with Kyle, Jack admitted that he was feeling besieged by the situation with Phyllis and Diane. After offering Jack her support, Ashley went to Brad and confessed that he was right. She shouldn't have come because she wasn't feeling well. She asked Brad to take her home.

Paul taunted Michael for being at the wedding, saying if he were Christine, he'd run screaming from the Colonnade Room. Michael assured him that Chris was working on a hot case so kept being called to the phone, but each time she returned, she always came back to him. Paul said he couldn't figure out why, and Michael said that didn't surprise him, since Paul was completely clueless. Later, Michael got dragged into a remote corner by Phyllis, who was furious about the petition Diane had filed to keep her from being alone with Kyle. Michael disclaimed all knowledge of it, telling Phyllis he would never have advised it. He said that what he really wanted was for Phyllis and Diane to make peace and to keep him out of it. Phyllis felt betrayed by him and called him spineless. She said that she felt like she was going crazy.

Isabella overheard Michael and Phyllis talking and called Diane. She'd been surprised to see Kyle with Phyllis and Jack, wondering why Diane had gone along with it. Diane said she had her reasons, and asked how Kyle was doing. Isabella said that Kyle was fine, but Phyllis didn't look very happy. Diane said she thought Phyllis was a threat not only to Kyle, but to her. As she expressed her fears, the can of turpentine was shown outside the pool house. Later, Isabella and Michael passed each other. He told her to muzzle her husband, and she warned him to stay out of Paul's way or he'd regret it.

Nikki told Victoria how beautiful she looked in her matron of honor dress. She kept fretting because Sharon wasn't there yet. They both seemed relieved when Sharon came in, her hair and makeup done, carrying her dress. While she got ready, Victoria left. Nikki wondered why Sharon didn't seem like herself, and Sharon said she was all thumbs. Nikki said she'd been afraid, since both Victoria and Sharon had been missing earlier, that there had been some problem because of the strain that had existed between them recently. Sharon assured her that no one would do anything to mar Nikki and Victor's wedding day.

Victor was equally concerned about Nick, who seemed to be juggling too much as he was getting into his tux. He demanded to know what was wrong with him. Nick said that everything was fine. He told him how happy he was that he and Nikki were remarrying. They were interrupted by Victoria.

Nick went to see his mother, asking Sharon to leave them alone. Nikki asked her son if Sharon was okay. He said that she just had stage fright because this was such a big day for them--for all their family. Nikki hugged him and told him that he and Sharon couldn't have given her and Victor a better wedding present than the promise of another grandchild. Nick struggled to keep his composure for his parents' sake.

Victoria was very emotional as she helped her father with his tie. When Victor said that he was happy to hear about her and Diego, Victoria's eyes filled with tears. She suggested that they keep their focus on Victor and Nikki, saying that they were making all her dreams come true by remarrying. When Victor asked if hers were tears of joy, she nodded yes, then hugged him, her face full of hurt about the discovery that Diego and Sharon had lied about having sex.

Thursday, September 5, 2002
by Ruth

At the hospital, Mac talked to Raul about college -- she nervous about it, he deciding to assume the worst so that he wouldn't be disappointed if he never ended up walking again. She mentioned what Brittany had done to him and wished that she could have prevented it. He told her that she couldn't have changed anything -- he was in love with Brittany and, no matter what had happened, he still loved her in his heart. Soon Brittany came to the door and Mac tried to kick her out. She sat down at Raul's bedside and told him that she loved him and how awful she felt. She was trying to get some response from him when the doctor asked the girls to leave. He tried to see if Raul had any feeling in his feet to no avail. Raul strained, though, and was able to move one of his toes.

Before the wedding, Victoria covered for her brother with her dad, and Nikki told the girls how much their love meant to her on this special day. After that, Sharon had to leave the room. Michael Baldwin told Chris that she made a mistake bringing him there, but she pinched his cheek and told him that they were going to have fun. Jack found Phyllis after taking Kyle to the sitter, as she gobbled down food and finished off a glass of champagne in one gulp. He wondered why she was so antsy and said, "Don't worry, it will be over soon." She looked surprised and asked, "What will be over?" He answered, "The wedding, of course! Now let's go sit down." It was obvious that Phyllis' mind was elsewhere. . .

Ashley told Brad that she wanted to go home and that she wanted Olivia to take her. He was surprised and upset about it -- so was John Abbott when he found out. But she would hear of nothing else. Before they left, though, she sat down to rest and witnessed a touching scene between Victor and his young grandson, Noah. She spaced out for a bit there and wouldn't tell Olivia what was going on when asked. The women went to Ashley's home and the sitter and Olivia were dismissed.

At the Colonnade Room, the wedding party approached one by one. First Noah, then Cassie. Sharon entered, trying to smile, while Nicholas gave her dirty looks and tried not to look at her. Victoria approached her father exchanging happy smiles, then the stunning bride, Nikki. She looked a little apprehensive and vulnerable, but on top of the world. She and Victor exchanged their personal vows -- touching to say the least.

Ashley sat down with her baby and the video camera again. She explained to her daughter the circumstances of her decision to have a baby and told her that she had to tell her who her biological father was in case something happened to her. She explained that no one else knew this information, not even her true father. She repeated that Brad was a wonderful father and tears came to her eyes as she questioned one last time whether or not she should do this. Then, just as Brad had come home looking for her and was walking up the stairs to find her, she told her daughter that Victor Newman was her biological father. . . .

At that same moment, the preacher told Victor that he could kiss his bride and white rose petals fell from the ceiling upon the bride and groom and all the guests. The couple kissed passionately and the crowd clapped in congratulations. . . .

Friday, September 6, 2002

Due to coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, all CBS soaps were preempted today. These breaks were planned for in the storyline development and there will be no "lost" episodes. Broadcasting will resume on Monday where Thursday's shows concluded.

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