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Monday, February 2, 2004

Grace shocked Sharon by telling her that Cameron Kirsten was her boyfriend. She was extremely upset that she (or anyone else, for that matter) had heard from him. She implied that Sharon could have something to do with his disappearance, just for payback, so she came to their home first. Sharon told her she didn't know what she could add, and asked why Grace felt something bad had happened to Cameron. Grace told her she was worried because ordinarily Cameron would have told someone where he was going, but that no one had heard a word from him. Sharon told her the situation was disturbing, that she barely knew Cameron, and she did her best to tell the police everything she knew. Grace shuddered when she heard Sharon refer to Cameron in the past tense, and Sharon apologized for being insensitive. She asked how long Grace planned to be in town, and Grace told her she was staying until they got some news about Cameron's whereabouts. As she got up to leave, she wrote down all of her contact numbers and told Sharon to call her if she heard any news.

Sharon immediately called Michael to come over to talk to him about Grace. He asked if she felt Grace suspected anything, and Sharon told him she didn't, but that she was the last person she wanted to know the truth. Michael tried again in vain to convince Sharon the best thing she could do would be to turn herself in to the police, as the evidence was stacking up. He also reminded her how the weather was changing, and the likelihood of the body turning up was growing. This made Sharon snap, telling him to either help her come up with a game plan or send her the bill and get out of her house. She told him she had to do something now—today—that the body couldn't be found.

Jill and Arthur continued to talk. They spoke briefly about her "legitimacy," and Arthur apologized if he had made her reveal more than she was comfortable. Jill went on to tell him the entire story about how she and Katherine met so many years ago, and ended the story with the stroke. Arthur told her he wasn't sure what he could do to help, and Jill told him to help Katherine stop drinking. She told him she needed a reason to keep living and stop drinking. He promised he would think about everything she said and that he would stay in touch. After he helped her with her coat, he sat down, shocked, saying, "Dear God, is it possible?"

Olivia came downstairs after checking on Ashley. She told Brad there was no improvement, but that he shouldn't give up hope. He told her he would do anything to get her back, regardless of the cost. He went on to say that Victor was on his way over; that he was going to tell him the truth about being Abby's father. Olivia asked if he was certain he was ready to do that, and Brad told her he was scared. He was nervous because he felt once the truth was out, that Ashley would want Victor in both hers and Abby's lives. Olivia told him Ashley was mentally ill right now, and there was no telling how she was going to feel once she felt better. Brad disagreed, telling Olivia it was possible that Victor was the only man she had ever loved. They were interrupted by the doorbell—Victor was there. Olivia said a quick hello and left the two of them alone. Brad updated him on Ashley's situation, and then Victor got up to leave, thinking that was the reason Brad summoned him. Brad stopped him, saying he wanted Victor to talk to her and that he would go and get her. Victor agreed under one condition—that Brad not be in the room, so they could talk freely. Brad agreed and went on his way upstairs. He stopped, turned around, and went back and told Victor there was something he wanted to tell him.

Panicked, Neil was on the phone trying to find another orchid when Dru came rushing in. She immediately asked about the orchid, and Neil told her Phyllis was storing and protecting them. Dru asked what the timetable was—she was anxious to be the one to get the orchid to Jack. Neil told her the whole thing was basically out of his hands, which made Dru snap. He confessed that he made the deal, but that Phyllis never signed off on it. Dru told him he was supposed to convince her, and started kissing up to him to convince him further. He told her he just couldn't be sure what she was going to do.

At the Abbott's, Diane was on her way out, and gave Jack a hug. Phyllis picked that moment to walk in and sarcastically said how nice it was that Jack missed her so much. Both Jack and Diane told her nothing was going on, that the hug was innocent, but she didn't buy it. She told them the moment she left town, Diane was on her way over, and Jack quickly snapped back that Phyllis wasn't exactly available to offer him support. After Diane left, Phyllis told Jack coming home was a mistake. They argued about Jack's betrayal and he more or less apologized and told her he still loved her. She told him she had to go, and said goodbye. He asked what she planned to do, and she told him she wasn't sure. She went back to her hotel room and flopped down on the couch, saying out loud what a bad day it had been. She glanced over and noticed one of the orchids was gone and got up and rushed over to the vase. Then she froze, when she heard Diane's voice, asking if she was looking for something.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Sharon realizes that the chances of her being tied to Cameron's death are good. She decides to move the body so that they won't tie him to the motel she was spotted out. Michael begs her to not do it and turn herself in but she once again refuses. Later Nick shows up to pick up a forgotten briefcase. The couple shares a romantic moment. Later Sharon has Miguel get the MBW ready for her and tells him to make sure the trunk is empty.

Carlton House:
Brad tells Victor that there's something he needs to know before they go forward with their plan to help Ashley. Brad doesn't go through with it and brings Ashley down. His visit cheers her up and she begins to understand that something is wrong with her. She doesn't know why but she feels sad. He talks her through it and she comes to realize that her baby died.

Colleen wakes J.T. She's been calling him for days. Why hasn't he responded? He harshly tells her that he's had other, more important things on his mind. He fills her in on Britt's electrocution at Marsino's. He decides to change the subject to Valentine's Day.

Phyllis' Hotel:

Phyllis threatens to call the cops on Diane until Diane points out that Phyllis is guilty of the same crime. She advises her to be quiet and listen to Diane. She is there for Jack. He loves Phyllis and she, reluctantly wants to get them back together. She knows he wants Phyllis but for some reason Phyllis is resisting. She can't believe Phyllis constantly sided with NE. She wonders if Phyllis is ready to repair the damage. Diane points out that she could have easily given the orchid to Jack and been the heroine. But she knows his heart belongs to Phyllis. She won't give him the orchid...Phyllis will.

Winters' Apt:

Dru is livid when Neil starts to back peddle on his promise to get an orchid for her. Her job is on the line. She warned him not to ever double cross her. She wonders if he and Phyllis were in cahoots all along. He is hurt by that accusation. Dru comes around and believes that Neil was telling the truth. Sadly, she sees her career is over and it's largely his fault. She won't forgive this.

Health Club:

Michael stumbles on a lunching Jack. Jack is on cloud nine with the news of Victor pleading guilty. Jack reveals that an officer of the court will be asking him about both Michael and Victor and his recommendations for sentence. Jack is not interested in hurting Michael but will go after Victor's throat. Jack also tells him that Jabot will be suing Vic civilly to the price of 9 figures. Michael then asks about Phyllis but Jack doesn't want to talk about that. Mike advises him to focus on winning Phyllis back.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Phyllis couldn't believe her ears when Diane insisted that she didn't plan to give the orchid she stole to Jack. She was holding it as insurance until Phyllis gave Jack the other orchid, thereby saving Jabot as well as her marriage. Phyllis was sure that Diane had an ulterior motive. Maybe she wanted to use the other orchid to get leverage at Newman. Diane wouldn't reveal what she intended to do with the orchid. Maybe she needed her head examined, but she was giving Phyllis the opportunity to fix things with Jack because she merely wanted to see Jack happy. Phyllis didn't agree to anything and ordered Diane out of her hotel room.

Sharon flashed back on all the things that had happened since New Year's Eve, from Cameron telling her to meet him at the motel to her recent conversations with Michael. She admitted that Michael had been right. She should have gone directly to the police after killing Cameron. But now it was too late. She was doing what she had to for Nick and their family. She had no choice, especially now that Grace was sticking her nose into it. Sharon pulled up behind the motel and got out at the dumpster. After brushing snow off the sheet-covered body, she put it in her trunk. Before she could get in her car and leave, the motel clerk saw her in the alley and yelled for her to stop.

Victor and Ashley continued to talk about the fog she'd been living in. She said she was grieving the loss of her child, but all the details were sketchy. Victor said she seemed to be running from something, but she had to face her problems, no matter how painful they were. She hadn't responded to anyone but him for some time, including Abby. When she heard Abby's name, Ashley seemed to have a realization. She asked Victor to leave, telling him that she needed to think. She embraced him, promising never to forget him.

Brad saw their embrace and came into the room. Ashley thanked Victor for coming to help her. Victor said that it had been Brad's idea. After he left, Ashley told Brad that she understood how much he loved her and what a risk he'd taken. Brad said that anything was worth getting her well. He wanted her to talk to Olivia and Wesley, and Ashley smiled and made a joke about them shrinking her head. Brad was happy to see her smile again. It was clear that he felt he was losing her to Victor, but Ashley had something else on her mind. She'd decided that it was time for her to tell Victor the truth about Abby. That was the key to her getting well; she needed to confront her history in order to move beyond it.

Anita was stressed out and upset while waiting for her chance to see Brittany, and snapped at Frederick and Raul. Raul left them alone, and Frederick told his wife how terrific Raul had been throughout this ordeal. Anita said all she'd wanted was for them to get her daughter out of Marsino's. She wasn't surprised to hear that Frederick had cut off their line of credit and blamed him for not backing off. But most of all, she blamed Bobby Marsino for using their daughter to crawl a few inches out of the gutter.

Olivia came to tell them Brit's condition. Her hands would heal fine and she should regain full use of them. The other burns on her body didn't seem to be as bad as they'd feared. But in spite of having had an excellent plastic surgeon, it was very likely that her face would be scarred. Anita was devastated and later wondered if Brittany was going to survive this. She knew her daughter would live, but she hadn't exactly been raised to overcome adversity. Frederick told her that no matter what, they needed to maintain a positive attitude around Brittany. Anita agreed, and they walked toward the nurses' station to find out when they could see their daughter.

Bobby arrived at the hospital, and Raul warned him away from Brittany's parents. He then asked Bobby for more information on who he thought was guilty of rigging the pole at the club with electricity. Bobby was reluctant to talk at first, but finally admitted that the police said there was no way it had been an accident. It had been carefully contrived by someone who knew what he was doing. Bobby insisted that Angelo wasn't involved. He thought it was Sal trying to impress their boss. Raul wanted to know who the boss was. Bobby said it was just someone who'd helped him get the club started and still had money in it. But if Sal was guilty, Bobby would kill him himself. Before Bobby could tell Raul anything else, Anita and Frederick walked out of the waiting room. Anita hurled herself at Bobby, beating his chest and screaming.

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Thursday, February 5, 2004

Just as Sharon is putting Cameron Kirsten's body in the trunk of her BMW, the man who saw her with Cameron the night she killed him tries to stop her. He wants to know what she's doing there. Sharon asks him what it's going to take for him to forget that he ever saw her. He says he would rather have sex with her than take her money. Trembling, Sharon makes up a story about her pimp making trouble if he wouldn't just let her go. The man says fine, and tells her to just leave. Sharon starts her car and drives away, talking to herself. As she looks into the rearview mirror she sees Cameron's face in the mirror. She shakes her head deliriously and a cop turns on the sirens, pulling her over.

Victor comes home from his visit with Ashley and has a drink. Nikki comes downstairs and Victor tells her that it was Nick's goal to humiliate him. Victor says Nick is just some young punk trying to bring someone down who does the same things any prominent businessman would have done. Victor tells Nikki the only remorse he feels is for the pain he's cost Ashley. Nikki wonders why Victor is bringing up Ashley. He admits that Brad had asked him to come and see Ashley to get her out of her depression and that he went, and she seemed to be better. Nikki asks if getting Ashley out of her depression is really the reason he went to see her. Victor is surprised and wants to know what she means by that. Nikki admits she feels insecure about his feelings for Ashley and that she is afraid of losing him.

Brad is surprised that Ashley wants to tell Victor about Abby and tries to talk her out of it. He says that Victor and Nikki are going through a lot lately and that this might destroy their marriage. He says that a lot of people's lives are at stake. Ashley doesn't care; this is what she feels she has to do. Ashley realizes that Brad may think that this is a means of getting out of their marriage, and she says that that is absolutely not true. Ashley says she is more in love with Brad now than ever for what he has done for her.

Anita is outraged when she sees Bobby at the hospital, and Raul and Frederick try to stop her from hitting him. Olivia comes in and wonders what's wrong, and Anita tries to calm down. Olivia says that Brittany has asked to see her mom. When Anita goes into the hospital room and sees Brittany all wrapped in bandages she looks troubled. Brittany is happy to see her mom and apologizes that Anita had to come back from Houston because of her. Brittany asks her mom if she really has only a bruise on her face. Anita admits that it may be a lot worse than that. Brittany wants to know if her face is any worse than her hands. Anita says she doesn't know, that a plastic surgeon that has previously preformed miracles had worked on her. Brittany wants to know if she needed a miracle. She also tells her mom that she's worried about Bobby that it was only an accident and he has been blaming himself.

Diane goes to the bar and sees Dru. Dru asks Diane if she has been having man trouble, and Diane says her trouble has to do with a certain redhead. Dru is curious and asks if Diane knows whether Phyllis still has the orchids or not. Diane tells her that she knows that Phyllis has one orchid that she hopes she will give to Jack, and she has the other. Dru tries to convince Diane to give her the other orchid, but Diane laughs at her, and says she needs it for insurance. Dru and Diane both do not think that Phyllis will give Jack the orchid.

Jack comes to see Phyllis after she calls him. He thinks that she is going to ask him for a divorce, and she offers him the orchid. He is in shock, and they appear to reconcile. Phyllis says she knows that this doesn't mean her slate has been wiped clean, but she hopes he can forgive her. Jack says he is surprised that she is the one to give him the orchid-and so soon. He didn't expect this. Phyllis tells him it doesn't really matter why she decided to give him the orchid, whether she was forced to give him the orchid or not. Jack believes she means she was forced because she wants to reconcile their marriage.

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Friday, February 6, 2004

Christine called her apartment from the boutique to talk to Danny. She wanted him to wait for her there; she was bringing home a surprise for him. When she arrived, she had all the necessities for a romantic evening together. Danny poured them some wine and began to rub her shoulders. When Christine made him sit next to her and gave him a passionate kiss, Danny pulled away. Even though they were comfortable and familiar with each other, before things went any further, there was something he needed to tell her.

Sharon drove away from the motel trying to decide what to do with Cameron's body. A policeman pulled her over because one of her tail lights was burned out. He offered to look in the trunk, but Sharon promised she'd get it taken care of immediately so he let her drive away, warning her that she was in a bad part of town. Nick called her on her cell phone to let her know he was on his way home from Chicago. He'd gotten finished with his business early, but had already sent Wally back with the jet, so he was taking a commercial flight. He teased her about being out shopping and told her that he should be home in a couple of hours. Sharon fervently expressed her love before he had to hang up to catch his flight. As her panic rose, Sharon imagined she saw a bloody Cameron in the seat next to her and screamed. She calmed herself by remembering happier times with Nick and their children. Finally she pulled behind a building, looking for a place to drop the body and stopping her car. A group of gang members pulled up behind her and Sharon screamed as they pulled her from the car.

Brad opened the door to Victor, who he'd summoned to the Carlton house. He told him that Ashley had experienced a breakthrough and had gone out for a while. Victor was pleased, since that was what they'd been hoping for. Brad said he'd risked his marriage to try to get Ashley well. Wasn't Victor concerned about the effect all of this would have on his marriage? Victor was annoyed and wondered what Brad was getting at. Brad said Nikki couldn't be happy about the bond between her husband and Ashley. Victor was offended and said that he and Nikki had overcome many obstacles. He wished only the best for the Carlton marriage, too. He then walked out as Brad brooded about Ashley's decision to tell Victor the truth about Abby.

Nikki was annoyed when Ashley arrived at the ranch, telling her that Victor wasn't home. Ashley said she wasn't there to see Victor. She needed to tell Nikki that she'd decided to tell the truth about Abby. She had to do it to save her own sanity, and Victor had warned her to stop running from her problems. Nikki told Ashley she was being totally selfish. Victor was facing a possible prison sentence, he'd been publicly humiliated by his son, and all Ashley could think about was herself. She'd started this mess by stealing Victor's sperm and getting pregnant. And when Nikki had found out, Ashley had begged her not to tell Victor the truth. Now she was begging Ashley to keep that information to herself. Ashley said that she loved Brad, and she didn't understand why Nikki thought her marriage was so fragile that it couldn't withstand the truth. She believed that Victor loved Nikki; why didn't Nikki believe it?

Bobby went to see Brittany, who told him again that she didn't hold him responsible for what had happened to her. It had been an accident. She knew Bobby would never hurt her, nor would he let anyone else hurt her. Bobby didn't tell her the pole had been rigged to shock her. Once she was sure that he believed she wasn't blaming him, she admitted that she was scared. Her mother had told her that her face was scarred. Bobby told her that she was beautiful and always would be. When Olivia came in to change the bandages, Bobby tried to leave, but Brittany asked him to wait.

Outside Brittany's room, Raul was waiting for his chance to see her when Angelo showed up. He warned Raul that Bobby was going to be in big trouble with their backers if he didn't start focusing on business and get over Brittany. Raul could help by keeping his girlfriend at home. When Raul questioned who was behind the attack on Brittany, Angelo reiterated what Bobby had been telling Brittany. They didn't hurt women and kids. It was part of their code. Raul became angry with Angelo, and Olivia came from Brittany's room in time to hear their raised voices. She asked who Angelo was, and Angelo said he was just a messenger. He'd delivered his message to Raul: Be smart. As he skulked out, Olivia told Raul that they were about to change Brittany's bandages, and Brit wanted both Raul and Bobby to be with her.

Raul followed Olivia into Brittany's room, where he and Bobby spoke reassuringly to her as the nurse began unwinding her bandages. As the horrible wound on her face was revealed, Olivia flinched while Raul and Bobby tried not to react too strongly to what they were seeing.

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