The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 15, 2004 on Y&R
Kevin was arrested on charges relating to Brittany's electrocution. Michael helped Kevin as Kevin's attorney. Paul suggested that Lauren see a psychiatrist. J.T. and Colleen realized that his record contract would change their relationship. Phyllis turned to Damon for comfort.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 15, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, March 15, 2004

Jon, Ashley, Brad, Nikki and Jill wait for Jack to come downstairs to discuss Victor's offer. As Jack comes downstairs he realizes what's going on. Jack and Ashley exchange cold glances. Jill tells Jack that Jabot desperately needs money and Nikki says that Victor has paid his dues. Jack doesn't want to hear any of it. He wonders if even Brad is against his decision to refuse Victor's offer. Brad admits that he too, thinks it would be best to take the money, even if he does want revenge on Victor. Jack tries to argue but Jon has the last word. They are going to accept Victor's offer. Jack storms out, sarcastically muttering that Victor didn't even have to sweat to get what he wanted.

J.T. sees Colleen at the coffeehouse and thanks her for getting him backstage to see Smokey Robinson. Colleen tells him that maybe someone like Smokey could convince him to change his mind about Shiloh's offer. Colleen says that if J.T. doesn't take the offer because he is afraid, he will probably live to regret it. J.T. finally gives in and tells Colleen that he is lucky to have her. When she takes off for class J.T. is about to call Shiloh when he sees her come in to the coffeehouse. He tells her to bring her coffee to his table. As she sits down she asks J.T. if he has changed his mind. J.T. says that he has, and Shiloh enthusiastically shakes his hand, welcoming him to Beachfront Records. She begins to tell him all the details about what the record will entail. J.T. wonders how he will do all that and still go to school at the same time. Shiloh says that won't be possible, he will be coming back with her to L.A.

Brittany is remembering the moment she was electrocuted when Raul comes downstairs. Raul tries to talk to her, but Brittany is far away. Raul suggests maybe he ditch school and hang out with her. Brittany tells Raul that he needs to quit it with the pep talk. She doesn't blame anyone for this except the one person who did this to her. Raul tells her not to worry, that the police are on the case. Brittany wonders how Raul knows so much, and Raul reveals to her that the police may have a lead. Kevin Fisher. Brittany is surprised. As Raul leaves he says he will see her after class. Brittany asks him where else would she be?

At Marsino's Angelo is happily pouring alcohol with this great new deal he just got. Bobby tells Angelo that he better not be buying stolen liquor. Just as he says that Detective Weber comes in and agrees with him. Weber asks if he can search the place. Bobby agrees and when Weber returns Bobby asks if he still thinks that Kevin Fisher is the one who did this to Brittany. Angelo tells Bobby not to bother asking, cops wont tell you anything. When Bobby tells Angelo to stay out of it, Angelo mentions that he had seen Kevin at Marsino's after Bobby had fired Kevin. He had been holding a bag. Bobby says that Angelo needs to tell him these things.

Lauren sees Michael at the coffeehouse at sits down to talk to him. She says seeing him now reminds her of that night. She says she knows in her heart that Kevin would have never turned the gun on her but that if Michael hadn't shown up when he did, Kevin might not be alive today. Michael is surprised that Lauren feels that way; he says most people who talk to him about Kevin think that Kevin should be convicted without a fair trial. Lauren asks what Kevin was like when he was growing up. Michael says if Kevin hadn't had such a hard life he might have been a different person. When Kevin was younger he was smart and funny, he had a lot of potential. But now Kevin is only a shell of what he used to be. Lauren says he may be guilty for what he's done, but that doesn't make his life any less valuable. Michael says that Lauren has a good heart, could she possibly try to get Paul to go a little easier on him? Lauren says she'll try, but she can't make any promises.

Brittany goes to see Kevin with her face covered up in her jacket. Her eyes are visible and when she asks Kevin if he knows who she is, he asks if it's Marilyn. "You can call me Brittany now," she tells Kevin, as she goes into his apartment. Brittany shows Kevin her face and screams at him. She tells him that he must be proud of his work. Kevin shakes his head in horror and tells her that he isn't the one who did this to her. Brittany keeps saying that he is the one to blame and how could she believe him anyway since Kevin is a pathological liar. She is hideous and it's all Kevin's fault. All the blame she is placing on Kevin seems like it is getting to be too much for him. Then Detective Weber comes to the door with another search warrant. Brittany covers herself and runs out.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

In the Abbott dining room, Ashley and Nikki talk about them out-voting Jack, forcing him to accept Jack's offer. Ash changes the topic to Abby's paternity. Nikki is furious that Ashley still wants to pursue this. Ashley insists that this is the only way for everyone to move on. Would it be so horrible if Victor was involved in Abby's life? Nikki fears the world will end if this comes out but Ash isn't concerned over either marriage. She tells her to stop seeing a crisis where there isn't one. Ashley will tell Victor the truth.

In the living room Jack and John argue over the board's decision. Jack wonders if the money from Vic is still on the table. John asks him to join everyone and make the decision unanimous. Jack refuses to even be present in the meeting. He refuses to even discuss it further with his father. Later Ashley and Jack argue over her coup at the meeting. He vows that it is not over. She tells him to let go of the hatred but he counters that it was her soft-spot for Victor is what drove her agenda and she doesn't even see it. Jack wonders how far she'll go. He won't stop there either. He will continue to fight this every step of the way. Jack has reinstated the hair-straightening product over her objections. He's pulling rank. She wants a war; she's got one he spits at her.

At Crimson Lights J.T. is startled to learn Shiloh expects him to drop out right now in order to move on with his recording career. It seems so sudden. Shiloh assures him it is the right move. They discuss the next few steps over the next few months (present original songs, hire a band, recording songs and shooting a video). By this time next year his whole life could be different. Shiloh doesn't like the look J.T.'s face suddenly takes at that thought. She promises him that he will still be the same sweet guy. She will also be there for him the whole time. Colleen sees them together and is excited to hear the good news. Shiloh heads out to get the ball rolling. Colleen is startled to learn J.T. will be heading to LA for a few months at least.

Lauren surprises Paul at his place to play hooky. He can't take the day off as he is backed up in work. All his effort has been put on Kevin causing him to neglect his other clients and he needs to fix that. Lauren doesn't get why K would go after Brittany. Paul suggests for Lauren to go to a councilor to get over the trauma she suffered at Kevin's apt. She needs to stop worrying about him.

At Kevin's apartment, the police search for proof that Kevin electrocuted Brittany. Webber presses Kevin about the day of the accident. He admits to being upset and blaming Brittany for Bobby firing him but he NEVER even thought about hurting her. He confesses to having once asked out Brittany but her rejection didn't bother him. He refutes that his apprenticeship with an Electrician means nothing. Webber tells him they have found a few things and he arrests a paNikking Kevin.

Michael drops by the Newman ranch to see Victor. He came by to thank Victor for his advice about Kevin. Victor is isolating himself from the public in order to move on. He is thinking about his community service. Michael tells him it is possible to reinvent yourself. Victor will re-evaluate his life.

Jill and Brad go over her meeting notes in her office. Jill fears that things are about to go south for the whole company unless something changes. They worry that Jack will turn John or pull rank and refuse Victor's offer. They also discuss Ashley's recovery and Victor's part in it. Jill believes Ashley knows how good she has it with Brad. He has been the perfect husband. She reminisces how she found him and hired him as the Abbott gardener. A very tempting gardener but she drops the subject since he is a happily married man. Jill worries that something bad is on the way and hopes Jabot can weather it.

At the Loft J.T. and Colleen discuss his possible recording future. He will drop his negative thinking but dreads telling his parents. Since Spring Break is coming Colleen wonders if she can go to LA with him. They both realize that things will change.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Jill was happy to come home to find Katherine in a jovial mood. They joked around for a few minutes, then Jill told her how rough things were at Jabot. Katherine warned Jill not to let it get to her; high blood pressure was a health threat to women. Jill couldn't believe they were talking as mother and daughter. She was also glad to hear that the reason Katherine was looking so well was that Arthur had treated her to a day at the spa. She was sure that it also had something to do with Katherine not drinking. Katherine reminded her that drinking was something she was dealing with and the battle wasn't won. She said she had news for Jill, and just then Arthur arrived to help her share it with their daughter. Arthur was going to move in! Jill was annoyed and asked him if he'd listened to a word of their earlier conversation on that topic.

In a meeting with Dru and Damon, Jack told them how things had gone at the board meeting. After Ashley's victory, it was even more important that he know the two of them were his allies. Both promised to do whatever they could to support him. With that in mind, Drucilla went to Jabot and talked to Ashley. Although she tried to seem very sincere in discussing her concern for the Abbott family and how their disagreement over Victor was tearing them apart, Ashley smelled a rat named Jack. She told Drucilla to butt out and walked out on her.

Damon went home to find that Phyllis had used his "hidden" key to let herself into the apartment. He could tell she wasn't in a happy mood, and she told him that Gina and Danny had been surprisingly supportive of her desire to see Daniel. Unfortunately, Daniel refused to see her. In fact, he'd even told his father that he wouldn't come to Genoa City if he was going to have to see her. Phyllis broke down and wept in Damon's sympathetic arms. When he assured her that he was on her side, she gave him a grateful kiss that quickly turned passionate.

Christine went to take Paul some papers that she'd found in the apartment that he might need for his taxes. While she was there, Paul got a call from his contact at the police station telling him that Kevin had been arrested. Christine admitted that she knew about Kevin through Michael. Paul scoffed about Michael's involvement with Kevin, sure that he was trying to keep a guilty man out of jail. Their talk turned to Christine's job, and when he complimented her on her handling of the Newman case, including keeping Victor out of jail, he jokingly said that if he was ever charged with commercial bribery, he wanted her to handle his case. Christine flew into a rage, insisting that she hadn't gone easy on Victor because of who he was. Paul apologized, and Christine said she wasn't sure about the job she'd taken. Her first case had been so draining; being a prosecutor might not be for her. For now, she'd stick it out. Paul offered his support no matter what choice she made.

Kevin was freaking out that he'd been arrested for Brittany's electrical incident. He kept saying he was innocent and wanted to know who'd said he was at Marsino's again that day. He said he hadn't gone back after Bobby fired him. Webber wouldn't tell him who the witness was. Every time he talked about putting Kevin in jail, Kevin got upset again. Finally Michael arrived and demanded to know why Kevin was being questioned without his attorney present. Webber reminded him that he was having his own legal problems; he might not be an attorney much longer. Michael said he'd cross that bridge when he came to it. He also asked when he could post bail. Webber told him they hadn't even processed him yet, nor had they gotten any response from Washington on his prints. Michael accused him of deliberately slowing down the process. He asked for a few minutes alone with Kevin, during which he warned Kevin not to say anything else to the police without him present. Kevin begged Michael to keep him out of jail.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

The entire CBS daytime lineup will be pre-empted on Thursday, March 18th and Friday, March 19th for coverage of NCAA basketball. These pre-emptions were planned for and there will be no lost episodes.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, March 22nd.

Friday, March 19, 2004

The entire CBS daytime lineup will be pre-empted on Thursday, March 18th and Friday, March 19th for coverage of NCAA basketball. These pre-emptions were planned for and there will be no lost episodes.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, March 22nd.

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