The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 29, 2004 on Y&R
Dru found out about Damon and Phyllis' affair. Kevin confessed his misdeeds to Lauren. Victor took his Jabot offer off the table. Abby told Victor that she had seen her mom on tape, telling her that Victor was her father.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 29, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, March 29, 2004

As Victor looks at the atrium window he mentions to Nikki that he is surprised that Sharon didn't get hurt worse when she fell. Nikki agrees with him. Nikki tells Victor that she is worried about Victor's meeting with Jabot. Victor tells her not to take it personal. When Nikki tells him that it is personal, the future of her career is at stake, Victor says he told Nikki not to invest her money into a loser's company. Victor asks her to promise that whatever happens during the meeting, that they not take this home with them.

Brittany assumes that the woman she met at the park is going to tell her that everything worked out in the end. The woman tells her that is not exactly true, that she dreamed to someday have a career and a family but she almost let her opportunities pass her by feeling sorry for herself. The woman tells Brittany that she is now going to night school and met a really nice guy, but that she wished it hadn't taken her so long. When Brittany tells the woman that her dreams were to some day be a performer, the woman wants to know why Brittany still doesn't pursue it. Brittany says that the kind of performer she was needed to have looks to make it. The woman says that Brittany won't know that for sure unless she goes and tries to get her job back herself. Brittany is excited for the advice and realizes that is what she must try to do.

When Brittany shows up at Marcino's she remembers how things used to be for her. Angelo watches her. When she notices that Angelo is there, she asks him where Bobby is. Angelo tells her that maybe it's not a good idea for Brittany to come around anymore. She is a good girl, he says, she never really belonged there in the first place. Brittany asks if she can talk to Bobby. Angelo tells her that Bobby has moved on, he's already been looking for another girl. Holding back the tears, Brittany says that information was something she needed to hear.

Abby walks in the room as Ashley watches the tape she made for Abby on her 16th birthday. Abby watches the tape and hears that Victor is her biological father. Not saying anything, Abby walks out of the room and shuts the door behind her. Colleen comes by and asks Francis if she can take Abby to the Athletic Club. Francis says it will be okay.

At the Athletic Club, J.T. tells Shiloh that he has never been to L.A. before. He says the first thing he has to do is put his toe in the Pacific Ocean just to say that he did it. Shiloh tells J.T. that he won't really have the time to do that. This business trip will be very important, Shiloh tells him. J.T. says that will be okay because Colleen will be there with him. Shiloh asks that Colleen not come this one time. J.T. is very unhappy about this information. When he tries to convince Shiloh, however, she tells J.T. that she doesn't like his attitude. Maybe they need to rethink this agreement. Just then Colleen comes and sits down next to J.T. "Are you giving this nice lady a hard time?" she asks J.T.

Olivia rushes over to see Jack, wondering what the urgency is. Jack says that ever since Ashley has come back to being her old self, she has no respect for anyone else. He complains about her being incorrigible at Jabot and what's worse, she has decided to tell Victor about Abby. Olivia says as Ashley's friend and as her doctor, she thinks it's the best decision Ashley can make. And if Jack tries to stop Ashley, he will live to regret it.

As Ashley puts away Abby's tape, Brad comes in their room and asks that Ashley cancel the meeting. With Jack and her unable to agree about Victor's settlement, the meeting might not go as they all hope it does. Ashley gets angry and won't listen to Brad's reasoning. She says she wants it to all be over now and is Brad going with her or will she see him at the meeting. Brad says he will go with her.

At the Jabot board meeting, everyone agrees again that they will accept Victor's offer. When Victor comes in, Jack still has yet to show. Victor asks where Jack is and Ashley tells him that Jack knows about the meeting, but that's up to him if he doesn't want to be there. John tells Victor that they have accepted Victor's offer of 75 million, all Victor has to do is sign the papers. Victor says he thinks his offer is a good one. Just then, Jack enters, saying that Victor's money is mere chump change. Everyone else gets annoyed and Ashley tells Jack to shut up. Victor says his offer is generous, but since Jack doesn't want it, they will have to duel it out in court. Jack will hear from Victor's attorney. Everyone is upset, except Jack, who is extremely pleased.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Victor rescinds his offer of $75 million at the Jabot board meeting, blaming Jack for turning it down. Jack proclaims that Vic never intended to honor the agreement anyway. Victor makes a new offer of $20 million. The Jabot board is infuriated by it and all of them tell him to take that offer and shove it. Her tells them they will see him in court then. Nikki chases after Victor in hopes of changing his mind. Jill tells Jack that she wishes Vic had taken the offer but once he didn't, and he had that smug look on his face, knowing how he had cheated them, she hated him for it. The board argues with Jack on how to get through the next few months. Jack thinks their talk of dumping Tuvia is premature.

Phyllis and Damon share a romantic day together at his apartment as he introduces her to Tantric.

Colleen interrupts J.T. and Shiloh at the athletic club. She is excited about going to LA with them. Shiloh leaves J.T. to tell her the news. He eventually breaks it to her that she isn't going to be coming but then changes his mind and wants to take her no matter what Shiloh says. Colleen argues that he has to do what his boss says and she will stay behind.

At Marsino's Bobby is missing Brittany and wonders how she's doing. Angelo slips that he knows Britt is 'fine'. Bobby figures he saw her and that he told her to take a hike. He runs out to find her.

Raul returns home and asks Brittney how her walk was. She tells him about meeting a woman in the park with Cerebral Palsy and how it has opened her eyes. She's been a fool and she kisses him. She wants him. He asks if she's sure and they go into the bedroom. Later they are surprised when Bobby shows up.

Nikki chases Victor back to the Ranch and tries to get him to change his mind. He pulls out the old arguments of "I told you not to get involved with Jabot/this is business" etc. He will use his resources to delay the court case until Jabot is bankrupt.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Nikki dropped the topic of the potential Jabot lawsuit against Victor when she heard that he was planning to meet with Ashley as soon as Ashley asked to see him. Panicked that he was about to learn the truth about Abby's paternity, Nikki tried to discredit Ashley in every possible way, saying she always had an agenda and showed an imperious attitude about Victor's time and attention. She really didn't want him to meet with Ashley at all, nor could she promise that her relationship with Ashley was ever going to be civil. Victor was bewildered by Nikki's vehemence and said that he had every intention of hearing Ashley out. The meeting had been agreed on before they ever met about the possible settlement and he was curious about it.

Ashley agreed with Brad when he told her that she and Jack needed to steer clear of each other. He suggested that he be the one who talked to Jack. But Ashley said her problems with her brother weren't uppermost on her mind. Brad correctly surmised that she still intended to tell Victor about Abby's paternity. He wondered if she'd considered all the ramifications of sharing that information. When Ashley insisted their marriage was strong, Brad said he wasn't worried about that. His concerns were more along the line of what role Victor would want to play in Abby's life, and if Nikki was going to become Abby's stepmother. Ashley said that she couldn't give him reassurances about how things would play out because it all depended on how Victor reacted. There was no way to predict that. Brad said he had faith in her, but he completely disagreed with her decision to tell Victor. After he left, Ashley called Victor at the ranch and made plans to meet him that night. When Nikki came downstairs, Victor told her about the meeting.

Brittany and Raul were interrupted before they could have sex by the arrival of Bobby. Although Raul repeatedly asked him to leave, Brittany finally persuaded Raul to give her some time alone with her old boss. Raul left to work out, and Bobby told Brit that he knew about her visit to Marsino's and what Angelo had told her. But Angelo wasn't telling the truth. Bobby was not looking for a replacement for her. In fact, he wasn't moving on in any way, because he had very strong feelings for her. Brittany told him it was okay. Angelo had been right, and Bobby should move on. It was better for her to stay with Raul. Hurt, Bobby told her she'd changed him. He would never settle for less again. After he left, Brittany stared sadly into space.

Raul ran into J.T. in the locker room and told him that things were looking up with him and Brittany. Although she'd rebuffed his advances early that morning, after going for a walk she'd come home and they'd been about to make love when Bobby showed up. J.T. was surprised that Raul left them alone at the loft, but Raul said he wasn't worried. He had faith in his relationship with Brittany. J.T. commiserated with Raul's physical needs, since he hadn't been active since getting involved with Colleen. Raul was surprised to hear that Colleen wouldn't be going to L.A. with J.T. and wondered if Shiloh disliked her. J.T. said Shiloh was just doing her job.

In the athletic club dining area, while Abby was in the kitchen with Gina, Colleen assured Lily that she didn't mind not going to California with J.T. She understood that he'd be busy and she'd be in the way. Lily suggested she could find other things to do there, and Colleen agreed, but said there would still be boring times of waiting for J.T., and J.T. would probably feel guilty about neglecting her. For everyone, it was best if she didn't go. Lily promised that she and Sierra would keep Colleen so busy that she wouldn't have time to miss J.T. Colleen looked pensive as she reflected that this was probably just the first of many times she'd be left behind, but J.T. had to take this shot at stardom.

Phyllis and Damon were basking in the afterglow of their tantric love session. Phyllis said she was a woman of experience, but Damon had definitely taught her something new. When he went upstairs to start the shower, in hopes that she'd join him, Phyllis answered a knock on the door to find a very startled Drucilla. Dru was obviously not happy about this new development, and she and Phyllis exchanged a few heated words. Dru didn't really believe that Damon was willingly involved with Phyllis until he came downstairs and held her in his arms and referred to them as a couple. She then asked to have a word alone with Damon, and Phyllis went upstairs, taunting Dru as she picked up her scattered underwear.

Neil was surprised when Vanessa came to see him. She had a proposition for him. He reminded her that he was a married man. Vanessa said it was business. Was Newman interested in hiring her to do the orchid hair-straightening research? Once Neil found out she had no contract or any kind of deal with Jabot, he was very interested. He promised to present her proposal to the powers at Newman. When he expressed his curiosity about how she'd get an orchid, Vanessa told him to leave that to her.

Thursday, April 1, 2004

Drucilla angrily blows out all of the candles in Damon's apartment as she waits for him to return downstairs from his shower. She sits down on the couch and finds Phyllis' underwear lodged between two of the cushions. Dru shudders with disgust. "Get down here, Damon!" she yells. When Damon finally comes down he tells Dru that he'd hoped she would have got the hint and left already. Dru tells Damon he is really playing with fire as far as Phyllis is concerned. She's the boss' wife. Damon says that he and Phyllis are consenting adults and they should be able to see each other if they want to. Dru says Damon's timing stinks and so does his choice. Why can't he go out with someone like Vanessa, who is single, not married and a sister? Damon gets angry and says that he doesn't pick people off of a laundry list. Dru informs Damon that he needs to put Phyllis back on the shelf, especially with their jobs on the line. Dru says that since Victor has taken his 75 million dollar offer off the table, Ashley is playing clean up and their orchid project is headed for the guillotine. Damon says that maybe its time they take this whole thing in a different direction.

Neil informs Nick about Vanessa's offer. He says that Vanessa told him she was under no contract with Jabot. She is a free agent. Nick likes the idea but says that he is not sure he can authorize it. Nick tells Neil that Victor has been threatening to find another CEO to take over his position. He asks for Neil's support. Neil says he will do his best to help.

After Nick leaves, Victor comes by and tells Neil he would like to talk to him. Victor tells Neil it was a good decision for him to bring him back. Neil thanks Victor for giving him a second chance. Victor says that Neil is the kind of person he has been looking for. He informs Neil that he is on a short list to replace Nick as Interim CEO of Newman Enterprises. Neil is honored that Victor would consider him. If he were offered, he would happily accept. Victor says he hasn't quite decided yet, but he will decide shortly. When Victor leaves, Neil is so happy he is practically dancing.

Kevin and Michael are sitting at the bar celebrating Kevin's newfound freedom. Kevin thanks Michael for bailing him out. He says he is a good brother. Michael says he wasn't the one who came up with the bond surety. Who then, Santa Claus? Kevin wonders. When Michael tells Kevin that it was Lauren Fenmore, Kevin is shocked and overjoyed.

Dru is waiting for Neil at the Athletic Club. When he shows up he can tell that she's down. She tells Neil that Victor took his 75 million dollar offer off the table. Neil hadn't known about this offer but says that Victor must have done it for a reason. Dru scowls. But when Neil tells Dru he might be offered the interim CEO position, Dru becomes ecstatic. Neil looks over at the bar and points out Kevin and Michael sitting together. The two go over and tell Kevin they are surprised he's not still in jail. Michael tells them as Kevin's lawyer, they better leave him alone. As they leave, Kevin says they are like evil vampires. Michael tells Kevin to show a little remorse. After all, he did do something to their daughter. Kevin admits that he probably should feel guilty. Michael tells Kevin that he doesn't need to go tell Lauren thanks, she already knows that Kevin is thankful. Kevin should leave Lauren alone. "Why would I?" Kevin thinks to himself. "Leave the love of my life alone? I don't think so."

Miguel invites Ashley into the Newman home. While Ashley waits for Nikki to come downstairs, she remembers how frightened she felt when Victor was holding Abby and wouldn't let her go in the delivery room. When Nikki comes downstairs Ashley tells Nikki she's not sure why she is there. Nothing Nikki says is going to change her mind about telling Victor that he is Abby's father. Nikki begs Ashley to let her be the one to tell Victor about Abby. Ashley is surprised, but when Nikki promises that she will tell Victor tonight, Ashley agrees and goes home. As Nikki waits for Victor to come home, she looks at the roses Victor gave to her and remembers how much he loves her. Nikki is frightened of what this will mean for the two of them and their family.

Friday, April 2, 2004

At the boutique, Lauren was on the phone with a distributor when Kevin came in. She hung up and asked why he was there. Kevin said that his night in jail had been terrible, and he wanted to thank her for putting up his bail. Lauren said that didn't mean she thought he was innocent or guilty. She just thought everyone deserved a fair shake. Kevin said that's what made her so special. Lauren promised him that if he told her the things that were bothering him, she wouldn't tell anyone. Kevin admitted that he'd had sex with Lily and had burned down Gina's. When Lauren got upset and described how many lives he'd affected, Kevin swore that he hadn't tried to electrocute Brittany. The things he'd done were all in the past and he was sorry for them. If she told the police, he didn't know what he'd do. Lauren assured him she was not going to break his confidence. But she needed to be alone to think about all he'd said. When Kevin left, Paul saw him and went inside the boutique. He figured out that Kevin had confessed something to her and insisted that she go with him to talk to the police. Lauren would not tell Paul the specifics of what Kevin had told her. She said that no matter how angry it made Paul, she was not going to repeat anything he'd told her to anyone.

At Marsino's, Bobby and Angelo got tough with Michael and threatened to throw him out when he came to get information for Kevin's case. Michael said that if they laid a hand on him, he'd press charges against them. It would also look bad to a judge and jury that they'd stonewalled his fact-finding efforts to defend his client. They finally described how the wiring had been set up. Michael said that proved nothing against Kevin. Bobby said that Kevin had been mad at Brittany because he thought she'd gotten him fired. Angelo said that Kevin had a little problem with the ladies. Michael said it seemed to him that Kevin was nothing more than a convenient scapegoat for them. Both men pointed out that it would have been illogical for them to hurt their biggest act and cause bad publicity for their business. Michael said he'd see them again, maybe in court, then he left.

Katherine went to see Nikki to tell her that Arthur had moved in. She could tell that Nikki was troubled about something, and urged her friend to confide in her. After making Katherine promise not to repeat anything, Nikki told her the story of Ashley's insemination and Abby's paternity. Katherine agreed that Ashley was behaving selfishly. Nor did she think Nikki should tell Victor anything. Instead, she needed to persuade Ashley to keep her mouth shut and not destroy everyone's lives. She warned Nikki to think about it and left.

Having talked to Jack, Olivia went to Ashley's house to question her decision to tell Victor the truth. Ashley said her mind was made up. It was the best thing for her to do for her own mental health. Did Olivia doubt that she was strong enough to deal with the fallout? Olivia said as Ashley's doctor, she believed she was strong enough. But as her friend, she had to wonder about the effect this would have on Ashley's life, as well as Brad's and Abby's. Did Nikki know about Ashley's decision? Ashley said that she'd agreed to let Nikki tell Victor. But now she was wondering what kind of spin Nikki would put on it. Maybe she should be there when Nikki told him.

At the health club, in a conversation with Victor, Brad summed up how clever Victor had been in his offers to Jabot. He'd gone to Jack with the offer of the 75 million knowing that Jack would reject his offer. But Victor would be able to make himself look good to a judge. Then he'd come to Jabot intending to taunt Jack into losing his temper, so everyone would blame Jack when Victor changed the amount to 20 million. Victor changed the subject to his upcoming meeting with Ashley, implying that Brad might not know about it. Brad said that he was fully aware of it. Victor said he didn't like to go into meetings and get blindsided. Maybe Brad should tell him what this was all about. Brad refused to tell him anything.

Victor went upstairs to the restaurant, where he found Colleen doing her homework. Abby came from the kitchen with apple slices from Gina. Victor offered to keep Abby company while Colleen took a phone call. After she stepped away from the table, Victor told Abby that he understood that she was shy around people she didn't know well. But he cared for her. When Abby asked why, Victor said it was because he cared very much for her mommy. Abby then told Victor that she'd seen her mother on TV saying that he was her daddy. Victor looked stunned.

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