Y&R Recaps: The week of March 19, 2007 on The Young and the Restless
Neil won the seat on the board of directors. Brad found Victoria in J.T.'s arms. Amber admitted to Cane that she had tricked him into marrying her. Jill and Katherine found proof that Cane was Jill's son. Jack asked Sharon to marry him.
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Monday, March 19, 2007

Sharon and Brad discussed the fact that Phyllis could use the knowledge of their past affair as blackmail in order to force Brad to vote in favor of the Clear Springs project as Jack has drawn it up. Brad felt that Neil, if he wins a board seat, would side with Victor, so Brad's vote wouldn't count anyway. However, Sharon was angry that Phyllis would win, but Brad was pacified by the fact that Phyllis wouldn't use the information against them if she succeeds in getting the funding for Clear Springs.

Nikki told Victoria that she planned to seek a seat on the Newman board and that she would vote against Clear Springs if she were to win a seat. Victor expressed his concern to Jack that Nikki would expect him to support her run for the board. When Jack voiced his apprehension about getting approval for Clear Springs, Victor assured him that it would work out in his favor. Later, when Nikki told Victor that Victoria was pleased to hear about her mother's plans to secure a seat on the board, Victor told her tersely that he had no plans to hold Nikki's hand across the boardroom table when they didn't agree on business matters. He explained that he wished the company to endure—not just for his children, but also for his grandchildren. Victoria later confided to her dad that it would not look right if he did not support his wife's candidacy for the board.

Phyllis told Jack about overhearing Sharon calling her a shameless hussy who'd stolen her husband when Sharon was talking to David. Jack begged Phyllis to let go of her animosity toward Sharon. Jack and Phyllis discussed the fact that Nikki planned to seek a seat on the Newman board. Jack reminded Phyllis that they would both have to work hard to ensure that Clear Springs would be approved because Nikki's vote could nix the deal, if she wins a seat on the board. However, Phyllis said she wouldn't be sure about that because anything could happen and that Jack would be surprised at who may offer support. Later, in Brad's office, Victoria told Brad about Nikki's desire to sit on the board. With Nikki on the board voting against Jack, along with Victoria's and Brad's "no" votes, they'd be assured to defeat Jack's project, Victoria told Brad, confidently.

However, Jack was surprised but pleased after he spoke to Brad in his office and found Brad eager to learn about the Clear Springs project plans. Jack explained that Clear Springs was more than just a development. The project, Jack assured, is an opportunity to revitalize a community and that investors and citizens alike could greatly benefit from it. When Victoria returned to Brad's office and found Jack and Brad talking together, she was surprised to learn that Brad was giving consideration to Jack's proposal. After Jack left, Brad explained that he was just hearing Jack out. Later, Phyllis and Jack discussed Brad's sudden change to side with Jack. Phyllis later paid a visit to Brad and told him about Sharon's bad-mouthing behavior. However, Brad assured Phyllis that he would go to any length to protect the people he loves. When he asked what he could do to change Victoria's vote, Phyllis suggested that he use his charm.

As Sharon was recalling her earlier conversation with Brad regarding the fact that Phyllis knew of their affair and planned to use the information as blackmail, Jack walked in. When Sharon asked him if he was worried about Nikki getting a seat on the board, Jack said that he wasn't particularly because he had just met with Brad, who had suddenly seemed to become supportive of the project. Jack even felt that perhaps Brad would vote against Victoria regarding the issue. Sharon told Jack that she hoped it would work out for him. Later, however, while Jack was telling Phyllis that Sharon was beyond harboring ill feelings toward her, Sharon was in Brad's office saying just the opposite. Brad told Sharon that he had to vote for Clear Springs in order to keep Phyllis quiet. When the two discussed their past affair, Brad admitted that he was not sorry that it happened.

Later, Phyllis confronted Sharon about the mean things she'd said about her to David. Phyllis also brought up the fact that she knew about Sharon's affair with Brad. Sharon apologized and pleaded with Phyllis not to tell Victoria because ruining another marriage would not be worth the risk. However, Phyllis told Sharon that she was being a hypocrite to criticize her for sleeping with Nick when she had slept with Victoria's husband. Phyllis, however, had the last word when she explained that Sharon was expected to convince Brad to vote "yes" for Jack's plan to fund the Clear Springs project. Victoria complained to Nikki that Brad was not agreeing with her regarding Clear Springs.

Daniel received a call of distress from Amber, who later came to his place seeking solace after it was discovered that Cane's DNA test failed to match Jill's. Amber whined that Cane wanted to leave America and go back home to Australia. When Daniel asked Amber if she loved Cane, she said she did, but she couldn't see herself leaving her home. Daniel asked Amber if she had told Cane about her hobby of posting risqué photos of herself on the Internet and chatting with men she didn't know. Amber defended her actions, explaining that she had begun her hobby long before her marriage. She felt that Cane shouldn't care since he has the real deal all to himself. However, Daniel was a bit surprised to learn that Amber had dated men she'd met online. Just as Amber was showing Daniel how to set up an anonymously-billed account on an online dating site, Lily returned home from class. She was surprised to find Amber with Daniel, who was supposed to be working on a term paper.

Jill and Gloria sought guidance from Lauren as they prepared for their roles on the reality-show "Extreme Catwalk." However, Gloria said that she and Jill would need to explore ways to make the show exciting. Lauren was amused when Gloria began practicing the brutal criticisms she planned to use on the show. Gloria said coming up with mean things to say was easy because she just pretended to be talking to Jack. Lauren played the part of the contestant as Jill bestowed praise as the fair judge, and Gloria barraged her with cruel insults as the harsh judge. As they were later toasting their future TV fame, Jack was meeting with Ji Min to order him to thwart Gloria's plans to appear on TV because he didn't want his family mocked. However, when Ji Min attempted to lure Gloria away to Holland to launch her perfume line, Jill managed to convince Ji Min to reschedule because she and Gloria had so wanted to fulfill their roles as TV judges.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lily and Daniel invite Amber and Cane to dinner. Daniel admits to Cane that Amber confided in him about the DNA test. Amber apologizes to Cane, telling him she didn't use his name, but Cane understands. Lily tells Daniel she didn't know he and Amber were such close friends. Amber and Cane return home and Cane begins searching for flights on the internet. Amber is bewildered when he mentions there is a flight leaving the next day.

Phyllis and Victoria discuss Nikki's campaign for a seat on the board of directors. Victoria is confident Nikki will get the seat and halt the Clear Springs project, but Phyllis is certain the project will go ahead as planned.

Brad surprises Jack by saying he will vote in favor of the Clear Springs project. Later, Sharon and Brad discuss how Victoria will react to Brad's voting against her. Brad thinks he can persuade Victoria to vote yes to Clear Springs, but Sharon has doubts, as she knows Victoria is very passionate about the architecture. Sharon apologizes for making Brad lie for her, but Brad tells her he has just as much to lose. He vows to keep their night together a secret.

At Newman Enterprises, Sharon and Jack run into Phyllis in the elevator as they are heading out for dinner. Phyllis tells Jack she has a lot of great ideas for his campaign and asks if she can join them. Sharon reluctantly agrees. At the athletic club, they discuss the campaign over dinner, and Sharon suggests Jack do a webcast. Jack thinks it's a good idea and Phyllis says she'll discuss it with David. Phyllis is hopeful that Brad will vote in favor of the project. Sharon seethes, knowing Phyllis is enjoying taunting her and Brad with what she knows. When jack excuses himself, Sharon threatens to tell Jack about Phyllis' blackmail. Phyllis doubts Sharon will, as it ill only hurt her, but Sharon has faith that Jack will understand.

Victor apologizes to Victoria for upsetting her earlier. Later, she and Brad join Victor and Nikki for dinner at the athletic club. They notice Jack, Sharon, and Phyllis dining together and Victor suggests someone go over to say hello. Victoria and Nikki quickly decline while Sharon and Brad exchange a glance from across the room. Nikki mentions her bid for a seat on the board of directors.

Jill, Gloria and Ji Min celebrate the two women's upcoming appearance on Extreme Catwalk. Jill and Gloria rehearse for their appearance in front of Ji Min. Jill is happy to have friends to distract her from missing her son. Jack comes over to say hello and isn't pleased to hear Gloria will be appearing on Extreme Catwalk. Jack excuses himself to take a phone call and Ji Min follows. Jack is furious with Ji Min for defying his orders and demands he stop Gloria from going on the show. Gloria tells Jill she sees an attraction between her and Ji Min. Ji Min returns to Gloria and Jill, his mood having changed after talking with Jack. Jill asks Ji Min how he can take Jack and his attitude. She and Gloria state their dislike for Jack, and Ji Min agrees.

At Jack's house, Jack and Sharon discuss his campaign and Jack warns her things will only get more intense. They talk about their relationship and about how happy they are together, and then Jack surprises Sharon by asking her to marry him.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Michael tells Kevin that J.T. will not be prosecuted for his attack on Kevin. Mr. Bardwell runs into J.T. and tells him that they are dropping the charges against him. He advised J.T. to take an anger management course and to apologize to Kevin. Daniel cannot keep himself from watching videos on Amber's website. Amber tries to talk Cane into not going to Australia. She then tells Cane if he's desperate to go now that he should leave and she will join him later. Katherine and Jill tell Paul that Cane and Jill's DNA test was not a match, and he can't believe it. He says the trail leads to Cane. Jill asks what they should do next in the search for her son. Paul says they need to find the family of the boy Jill raised as Phillip to find clues about her real son. Jill says that she would like to let ‘Phillip's ‘ family know that he was raised in a loving family. Paul tells Jill to put aside her hostility toward Katherine so they can focus on finding her son.

Amber visits Daniel and says that she needs his help. She explains to Daniel that Cane is wanting to leave toward Australia tonight and she doesn't know how to stop him. Daniel tries to convince Amber that moving to Australia might not be so bad. They then start talking about Amber's website and she tells Daniel that he and Lily should take pictures when they are intimate to spice things up. Cane stops by to see Jill and Katherine before he leaves for Australia. Jill is shocked that he is leaving.

Adrian questions J.T. about his always hanging out at the bar when Colleen is working. J.T. then tells Adrian that Colleen and bartender went on a date the night before. Adrian says that he is not involved in Colleen's personal life. Kevin and Michael confront Bardwell about dropping the charges against J.T. Kevin then grabs a glass bottle, holds it above his head and walks over to J.T. Michael stops Kevin before he can hit J.T. Lily visits Gina to plan a surprise for Daniel for completing his paper. Daniel explains to Amber that he loves Lily more than ever and that he can't picture his life without her.

Cane gives a boomerang to Jill and Katherine as a going away gift. Jill tries to convince Cane to take another DNA test. Daniel tells Amber that once she and Cane move to Australia and settle in that things will get better. Amber tells Daniel that when she married Cane she thought he was a Chancellor and that he would be rich. Daniel asks Amber if she only married Cane because of the money. She said ‘no', that she loves him, too, but that she wanted to be rich and that she doesn't understand how the DNA test didn't match.

Colleen complains to Lily that J.T. shows up everywhere she goes. Michael berates Kevin for causing a scene in front of the D.A., but Kevin says it was worth the look on J.T.'s face. Cane tells Amber that he sold his car and has enough money to buy her ticket to Australia. Amber tells Cane that he needs to return the ticket. She texts Daniel and tells him what happened. Daniel replies that she has two choices; she can leave with him or she needs to tell him the truth.

Jill gets a package from Cane's uncle in Australia. The letter says that Paul Williams told him about Jill being Cane's mother and that he thought Jill may enjoy some souvenirs from Cane's childhood. Jill tells Katherine that they cannot look through the items since they are family things and that they are not family. Adrian tells Colleen that he needs help organizing some slides. Rocky lets J.T. know that Adrian paid J.T.'s bar tab. J.T. grabs Adrian and tries to fight with him. Paul breaks it up and J.T. says that Adrian and Colleen are both liars. Michael doesn't want to leave Kevin alone because he is worried about him, but Kevin says he's fine and that Michael has work to do. After Michael leaves, Kevin throws Jana's serial killer book into the fireplace. Amber IM's Daniel and tells him that she is going to break up with Cane and not join him in Australia. Lily returns home with the surprise canola's for Daniel. He then tells Lily he has a surprise for her. When she opens the box it's lingerie. Daniel tells her they'll both enjoy it. Katherine digs into the box of Cane's things. She finds a picture of Violet wearing Katherine's ring and tells Jill that she doesn't care what the DNA test said, Cane is her son. Amber tells Cane that she is sorry, but she just can't go with him to Australia.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Victor asks Nikki to back out of running for the Newman board. • Sharon tells Dru that Phyllis is blackmailing Brad about their affair. Amber confesses to Cane that she tricked him into marrying her. Jill and Kay show Cane the photo of Violet that proves he is Jill's son. Nick and Nikki square off about the Clear Springs project. David is upset that Jack has asked Sharon to marry him. Nikki and Victoria are furious when Victor and Brad vote for Neil in the Newman board election. Jack announces his engagement to Sharon. Neil invites everyone to Indigo to celebrate his winning the board seat. Jill tells Kay that Cane will stay in town, but wants nothing to do with Katherine.

Friday, March 23, 2007

After the board vote, Victor wanted his family to join him at Indigo to congratulate Neil. Brad was more interested in going home with Victoria and making peace with her, but Victoria warned him to stay away from her. She and Nikki went to the club, where Victoria had taken a room for the night. Both women were furious and bewildered by their husbands' betrayal in voting for Neil instead of Nikki for the board. But after they vented, Nikki began to remind Victoria that there were more important things than business. After all, Victoria and Brad were expecting a child. Victoria said that she was too angry with her baby's father to think about that at the moment.

Nick was feeling guilty about having voted against his mother, but Phyllis assured him that Nikki would forgive him. Eventually, she'd see that this was best for Newman's business. Nick wasn't so sure, and he also didn't understand why Brad had gone against Victoria's wishes. He felt like there was something going on that he didn't know about. Phyllis dismissed his suspicions, saying she was sure that Brad, as an opportunist, was doing what he thought would be best for him in the long run. She wondered if Nick wanted to join the party at Indigo. Nick agreed to go, but he told Phyllis that he'd gotten a babysitter to spend the night with Summer. After the victory party, he had a room at the club reserved so they could have a more private celebration.

Victor went to Indigo, where he found Dru, Neil, Jack, Sharon, and David Chow celebrating. Brad also changed his mind and showed up, after he found out that Victoria wasn't going home. Just as Nick and Phyllis arrived, Jack told the group that he had an announcement to make. They weren't just celebrating Neil's new seat on the board or Jack's senate campaign. They were also celebrating the fact that Sharon had said yes to his proposal. While surprised congratulations were offered by most of the crowd, David Chow watched Jack with dismay. Nick and Phyllis also looked a little stunned by the news.

Victor had a word with David Chow, who told him that he'd warned Jack to withdraw his proposal to Sharon. Instead, Jack had gone through with it. Victor walked away and called Nikki, urging her to come to Indigo because there was more unexpected news. Victoria was surprised when Nikki said she was going to Indigo. Victoria warned that Nikki would be sending Victor the message that he could do anything and be forgiven. Nikki disagreed. She was sure Victor knew how furious she was and would not regard her presence at Indigo as surrender.

Brad tried to tell Sharon that Jack wasn't good enough for her, but Nick interrupted them. When Brad walked away, Nick asked Sharon if she was happy. She said she was, just as she'd also told Dru when they'd spoken privately a few minutes earlier. Nick warned Sharon not to set her wedding date on the same day as his. She said she was sure it would be a while before she and Jack got married. Nick kissed her on the cheek and wished her the best.

Phyllis also took a few moments to speak privately with Jack. Although it was clearly bothering her that Jack and Sharon had announced their engagement, when Sharon and Nick joined them, Phyllis was all smiles. She told Sharon she'd better be good to Jack. Later, Phyllis found herself alone with Brad and Sharon. When she wondered where Victoria was, Brad told her to cut it out. She knew how angry Victoria was about the way he'd cast his board vote. Phyllis said that Victoria would be a lot more angry if she knew the truth about Brad and Sharon. Sharon told Brad not to let Phyllis get to him.

When Phyllis and Nick were alone later, she brought up the subject of Jack and Sharon's engagement, wondering if it bothered Nick. He admitted that it did, and Phyllis insisted that it didn't bother her at all. Nick said it was just hard for him to forget that he was about Noah's age when Jack became his stepfather, and now Jack would be Noah's stepfather. Phyllis quickly changed the subject, saying she didn't want to talk about Jack and Sharon anymore.

When Neil and Brad spoke at the club, Neil thanked Brad for his vote. Brad said he had all the confidence in the world that Neil would always do what was best for Newman. Dru thought about Sharon's confession: that Phyllis had threatened Brad with exposure for his affair with Sharon if he voted for Nikki. After Brad walked away, Dru asked Neil if he was buying Brad's answers. Neil said he'd like to think that Brad respected him, but no matter what, he would never trust Brad Carlton.

When Nikki arrived, she was surprised to hear the news about Sharon and Jack. She bitterly told Jack that he was having a great day. It seemed like everything was going his way. Victor could see that Nikki was still angry with him. Then Brad came by to tell them that he was leaving. He didn't intend to let Victoria stay mad at him alone. He was going to the club to talk to her.

Paul and J.T. talked about J.T.'s earlier outburst at the athletic club, where the two of them were having dinner. Paul warned J.T. that if he didn't learn to control his temper, it would affect his entire future. J.T. said he was just tired of Adrian Korbel's smug attitude. He'd broken all the rules, but he wasn't going to pay for anything. Later, Paul spotted Maggie across the restaurant and went to join her. J.T. overheard Gloria talking to a waiter about sending a room service order up to Victoria. J.T. decided to deliver the food himself.

Paul and Maggie talked about what had happened with Sheila. He thanked her again for not getting him and Michael into trouble. Maggie said she'd done what she wanted to do. She, too, had made mistakes, and now they should just put it all behind them. Paul was happy just to be talking to Maggie.

In the meantime, J.T. had joined Victoria in her room. She told him all about the board meeting and Brad's vote. He told her about his suspicion that Adrian and Colleen were still seeing each other. Then he insisted that they put an end to the pity party. When J.T. found out Victoria was pregnant, he sat next to her on the couch and held her to try to make her feel better about Brad. Unfortunately, Brad came in just as the room service waiter was leaving and saw Victoria in J.T.'s arms.

Colleen and Adrian were working together at Crimson Lights because he insisted that being seen together in public in a purely student/teacher capacity would end some of the rumors about them. Colleen reluctantly agreed. Later, Adrian got a call from the dean. The investigation into his relationship with Colleen had been closed. He was now back on the tenure track in the GCU Art Department. Colleen was thrilled for him, and Adrian said it was even more important that no one know about them, not even Lily. Colleen said that she trusted Lily, but Adrian reminded her that Lily might tell Daniel. No one could know about them.

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