Y&R Recaps: The week of June 4, 2007 on The Young and the Restless
Phyllis faked a fall and stayed at Sharon and Jack's home. Victoria learned that she was pregnant. Brad agreed to testify against Phyllis. Will confronted Gloria about the Jabot cosmetics tampering. Will suffered a stroke.
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Monday, June 4, 2007

Sharon was not pleased to learn that Phyllis had stayed at Jack's after she experienced a realistic and unnerving "encounter" with Nick in a disturbing nightmare. Phyllis expressed her worry and concern to a sympathetic Jack that she may soon be carted off to jail. When Sharon returned, she blasted Jack for neglecting to realize how detrimental it could be to have the media misconstrue Phyllis' presence in his home. Later, Phyllis and Sharon confronted each other at the office. Sharon explained that a second wife is not a welcome addition to her newly-created family. Later, Jack reluctantly told Phyllis that she could not seek sanctuary at his home again. A still miffed Sharon lunched with Brad and complained about her new husband having offered his home as a refuge for his ex-wife. Brad made Sharon a bit uneasy when he told her that she should consider getting out if she finds herself in a bad marriage. Brad also reminded Sharon that she had confided to him that he was the last person she thought of when she thought she was dying. Brad had a nasty run-in with Nikki when she lauded Brad's impending divorce over his head, but he quickly quieted her tirade when he mentioned that he still occupies a seat on Newman's board of directors.

Brad took Victoria aback when he demanded that she move out immediately. Victoria prepared to leave her home with one packed suitcase, and Brad told her that he'd ship the rest of her belongings in order to get her moved out quickly because Abby was coming to visit, and he didn't want the child to endure the strain of another divorce. Just after Victoria made reservations for the night at the club, J.T. stopped by Victoria's office and invited her to stay with him. Nikki didn't seem too pleased when she walked in unexpectedly and found Victoria in J.T.'s arms. After J.T. left, Nikki reminded Victoria that she had to be careful about her conduct in the office because what she does could be twisted and used to smear Nikki's campaign. Victoria was angered by Nikki's remark and suddenly doubled over in pain. Later, as Victoria and Brad icily argued over business issues, Victoria managed to hide her pain while Brad was present. But after Brad walked away, Victoria phoned J.T. and asked him to take her to the hospital. At the hospital, Dr. Okamura told Victoria that she was not sick. Victoria was stunned when the doctor told her that she is pregnant.

William couldn't get the images of Evan's and Gloria's slight-of-hand switcheroo movements out of his mind when he observed Evan, and then Gloria perform the same action when Gloria handed over the test tube to a lab technician. As Gloria made grandiose plans for their wedding reception, William's thoughts were directed to gathering evidence for the Jabot case. When William stepped out to take a call, Kevin presented his mother with a clock as a wedding gift. He warned her that, for her, time is ticking, so she should take care not to get caught. Kevin also reminded his mother that he had already given her a gift—a DNA kit. When Gloria asked to borrow money from Kevin to pay as extortion to Evan, he warned her that guys like Evan never give up. Just after Kevin left, Evan sat down at Gloria's table and threatened to tell William about the switched DNA evidence unless Gloria gives him some of William's D.A.-money. Gloria reminded Evan that she could report to her husband, the D.A., that she is being threatened. After Evan left, Kevin returned, and Gloria gave back the money she had borrowed moments earlier and insisted that Evan was gone for good.

When William returned to finish his lunch with Gloria, his fingers got tangled in Gloria's hair when he held her head to give her a kiss. Later, however, William slipped the strands of Gloria's hair he had intentionally plucked into a plastic bag and turned them over to the lab to have confidential, off-the-record DNA tests conducted.

Lily continued to avoid Daniel's calls. Phyllis met Daniel at Crimson Lights for coffee and the two discussed Daniel's predicament. Daniel admitted that he sometimes visits porn sites, but he denied that Amber had sent him the photo, and he swore that he had never cheated on Lily. Phyllis tried to run interference for Daniel, but when she tried to talk to Lily at the boutique, Lily not only blasted Daniel for being a liar, she also told Phyllis that having her as a mother isn't exactly a recommendation for Daniel's honesty.

At the office, Jack warned Daniel that he had to get his act together. Jack suggested that Daniel promise Lily to do whatever it takes to get his life together. However, when Daniel visited Lily at her apartment, she angrily told Daniel that he should get professional help before she slammed the door in is face.

At the boutique, Lauren told Amber that she'd run interference for her if customers mentioned the video-taped fight between her and Lily, and Amber promised Lauren that she would steer clear of Lily. However, the two had a bit of a confrontation when Amber tried to explain what had truly happened between her and Daniel regarding the photo. An angry Lily told Amber that every problem she's had with Daniel leads back to her. While Amber was talking to Lauren, a man named Garrett, who introduced himself to Lauren as Amber's cousin, told Amber that he wanted her back. Later, when Garrett encountered Amber at Crimson Lights, the two discussed Amber's pictures that were once posted on the Internet. The mysterious Garrett told Amber that he wouldn't leave town without her.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

David and Karen congratulate Nikki on being six points ahead in the polls. Karen notices the easy rapport between Nikki and David. Ben tells Jack that he needs to do something sinister to bring his poll numbers back up. Ben suggests that they throw hypothetical rumors about Nikki out there to stir up controversy about her candidacy. Phyllis suggests they start a rumor that Nikki doesn't have a problem with prostitution being legal in the Midwest. They start laughing and Phyllis trips and falls. Jack is especially concerned and wants to take her to the hospital. They call the doctor, who assesses that nothing is broken but she will need a few days of bed rest. Feeling forced into a corner, Sharon states that she can stay with them so that they can help take care of Summer. Karen tells Nikki that a rumor is going around that she supports legalized prostitution. Nikki says that is enough to make her want to start mudslinging against Jack. When Phyllis gets home, she has another vision of "maimed" Nick asking her where she's been. She tells him that she knows he's not real, but she can't live in the house if it's going to be haunted by him. Plum and Cane hit it off. Later, Plum tells Amber he's going to ask Cane if he can crash at their house. Amber asks Daniel if he can help her find Plum a place to stay. Kevin agrees to let Plum crash at his place. Victoria doesn't tell Brad or J.T. about her pregnancy, but does confide in Neil. Victoria wants to lighten her workload, and Neil readily agrees to pick up her slack. Victoria tells Brad that she's given Neil most of her job responsibilities which upsets him. J.T. invites her to move in with him. Phyllis asks Jack to get her a blanket. As soon as he's gone, she reaches over and picks up Summer with ease, as she is faking her injury.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Gloria and Lauren make plans for Gloria and William's wedding reception while at the coffee shop. Lauren gets a call, and while she's away Evan approaches Gloria. Gloria tells him that his tricks are getting old and that she has no more money to give him. Brad tells Colleen that he and Victoria are getting divorced. J.T. asks Victoria to move in with him. Nikki plans with her campaign managers on how to respond to Jack's ad's suggesting Nikki supports legalized prostitution. Sharon tells Phyllis that she is going to take good care of her while she's stuck on their couch with back trouble. Sharon tells Jack that she will be an adult about the situation with Phyllis to a good role model for Noah. Jack leaves for work and Sharon tells Phyllis to yell for her if she needs anything.

J.T. tries to convince Victoria to move in with him. Victoria tells J.T. that she can't move in with him. She tells him that his offer is tempting but that she's just not ready yet. J.T. tells her he's a patient man. As Evan eats Gloria's food, she asks him why he is there. He wants Gloria to give him some diamond jewelry so he can impress a widow he met. Lauren visits Phyllis at the Abbott mansion with gifts. Phyllis tells Lauren that Sharon is being nice to her. Lauren tells Phyllis that as soon as Gloria moves out of their place, Phyllis can move in. Phyllis tells Lauren how her life has taken such a turn since Nick died. Jack's campaign manager shows him a video that a hacker has placed on his web site making it look like Jack and the mafia plan to open casinos at Clear Springs.

William calls Sharon wanting to meet to go over Phyllis' trial. She says she's watching the kids and invites him to the house. William tells Gloria that Evan is wanted on credit card fraud. Victoria tells Brad that she wants him to resign from the Newman board of directors; that Nikki should have the seat. Jack confronts Nikki and accuses her of having his website hacked. A phone call comes in while they're arguing saying that divers have found the wreckage of the Newman jet. Nikki leaves a message for Victor about the plane wreckage being found. Jack calls Phyllis to let her know but Sharon won't answer Phyllis' cell phone.

Brad tells Victoria that he does not want to give up his seat on the board. Victoria tells him that he can keep his seat if he sells the properties he bought at Clear Springs to NVP at cost. Jack's campaign manager offers to suspend their campaigns for a week to give the Newman's some time to deal with the plane wreckage being found, but Nikki refuses to stop her campaign. Mr. Bardwell arrives at the Abbott mansion while Phyllis' phone continues to ring. Sharon tells William that they should speak outside so Noah doesn't hear them. Phyllis is out of sight on the couch but hears that William is there.

Sharon and William come back in the house and Sharon explains that Phyllis hurt her back and is stuck there. Phyllis asks what happened, Sharon says that she can't discuss it with her. David tries to talk Nikki into suspending her campaign for a week or two. Nikki is worried that if she does, Jack will plant more rumors on the internet. Victoria visits Nikki to tell her about the Clear Spring properties.

Colleen tells J.T. about Abby coming home. Brad calls her to tell her that he is going to pick Abby up at the airport. Colleen tells J.T. that for Abby's sake he should not get involved with Victoria too soon. As Evan is at Gloria's to get jewelry from her, William shows up with the police to arrest him. As he's being arrested, he tells William that Gloria paid him to stay in town so that he could make William jealous so he'd marry her. Gloria tells William that Evan is lying and that he threatened Gloria.

Jack shows up at the house and wonders why Phyllis didn't answer her cell phone. She explains that Sharon wouldn't let her answer it. Sharon comes into the room and Jack has her sit down. He tells them that they found the Newman jet wreckage. Sharon and Phyllis are both upset. Gloria tells Lauren that she has lost her husband. Lauren tells her that she is not going to lose William. She tells her that William loves her. William calls Gloria and asks her to meet him at the club.

Phyllis says she was stupid for hoping that Nick was still alive. Sharon tells her that there is nothing wrong with hope. Sharon says she doesn't want to know any details about the accident, and Sharon agrees. David joins Nikki at the club and is concerned about her. She tells him that she can't help thinking of Nick, that it's all she thinks about. Victoria shows up at J.T.'s house. She tells J.T. that they found the plane wreckage. She says that she kept thinking that maybe everything was a stupid mistake and talks about when Nick hid from her for hours when they were young. She says that it's not a joke, that Nick is really gone.

When Brad returns home from the airport with Abby, Colleen is there to surprise them. She asks about Noah and Victoria. They tell her she'll see Noah tomorrow, but they don't mention anything about Victoria. Brad tells Colleen later on that he'll tell Abby, just not tonight. Gloria is nervous when she meets William. William tells her that he would hardly take the words of a con artist over his wife. Gloria goes to look for the waitress and William makes a phone call to see if the DNA test results are in yet.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Michael surprises Lauren by making her a special breakfast. They love the idea that they are free from all the drama and problematic situations with Gloria. Michael says that he is happy that his mother is happy and not in jail. He hopes the marriage will last. They are interrupted by Gloria, who comes to get her things. As Lauren helps Gloria pack, Gloria tells Lauren how happy she is with William. Lauren is glad to hear that Gloria doesn't have any more ulterior motives regarding William.

When Gloria and William enjoy breakfast at the Athletic Club, William thinks about getting Gloria's DNA. Gloria sees that William is lost in thought. She hopes that he is only thinking happy thoughts about her. Gloria happily tells William that he will always have her complete devotion. He tells her that he loves her. Later, William's friend brings William the DNA test results.

Brad tells Victoria that he hasn't told Abby about their divorce yet. Victoria wants to talk to Brad about giving up his property at Clear Springs. Brad isn't happy about her proposal, he is angry that she would threaten his position on the board if he doesn't sell the property. When Bardwell comes to visit Brad at his home, Brad tells Bardwell that he will testify against Phyllis if Bardwell takes another deal. Brad knows that Bardwell needs him for the case.

Colleen isn't happy to hear that Adrian wants to write a story about her family. She agrees to let him write the story, but says if her father has any objection to the story, that Adrian cannot include it.

Nikki is shocked to see in a newspaper article that Jack has allowed Phyllis to move in. David tells Nikki that this is the ammunition that they need. Nikki and David giggle at the thought that Phyllis will single-handedly destroy Jack's campaign without their intervention.

Jack and Sharon decide to spin the story in the Chronicle and tell the reporter that they want Phyllis to fully recover. Phyllis says that the Abbott's have been extremely generous.

Lauren is happy to hear that Nikki wants Fenmore's to be a major department store at the Clear Springs project. But at first she isn't sold at the idea of having the current buildings renovated. Lauren said that when she visited the Clear Springs site that the location was completely dilapidated. Michael wants to make sure that Fenmore's would have a full inspection of the site. Michael and Lauren decide to discuss the deal and they will see them tomorrow. When Michael and Lauren leave, Victoria tells Nikki that she has more good news regarding the project. She is sure that Brad will sell his Clear Springs property to NVP at cost.

Nikki tells David that she is very grateful for his help. She hugs him and then when they look at each other, they start kissing.

Brad calls Jack with a business proposition. He tells Jack to meet him at the conference room to discuss. Jack goes to the conference room, and tells Brad that he knows that this is a bad idea. Brad tells Jack that he is willing to sell Jack all of the properties that he owns at Clear Springs.

Michael tells Phyllis that Brad cut a deal with the DA. He is going to testify against her.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Brad made an offer to Jack, saying he was willing to sell the Clear Springs property. Jack was suspicious of Brad's motives and wondered if Brad was just trying to get back at Nikki. Brad told Jack if he didn't want to make the purchase, there were other buyers who'd be interested. Jack said yes, but he wondered how Victoria was going to react. Brad admitted that he and Victoria were getting a divorce. Jack laughed and wondered what had taken her so long.

Nikki and David pulled away from each other after sharing a kiss. Both agreed that they'd been swept up in the moment and it could never happen again. They decided that from then on, they wouldn't meet unless Karen was there, too. Later, Karen arrived with some bad news. Sharon's grand jury testimony had been leaked to the press, and now there were more Newman family scandals in the news. It would be bad for Jack, too, however, since it was his wife who'd had sex with Victoria's husband.

Victoria was upset that her private life was all over the news. She ran into Sharon at the club and told her. Sharon was appalled to find out that her private testimony was now public. She went to Jack, who was also angry about it. Sharon pointed out that it had happened before he was married to her, but Jack said her scandal was his scandal. But he also told her that he didn't regret marrying her.

Michael went to deliver the bad news to Phyllis. Brad had changed his testimony, so now he and Sharon were both telling the truth about her extortion case. Phyllis wanted to know the worst that could happen. She could handle the fine, but she freaked out at the idea of getting a possible six-year jail sentence. Michael figured out that Phyllis was faking her back injury and tried to talk her into taking Summer to stay with Lauren and him. Phyllis refused; she said that she was going to win Sharon over, because it was her only hope of not going to jail.

Jack came home and told Michael and Phyllis about the grand jury leak. Michael thought it could possibly ruin the D.A.'s case against Phyllis, so it might work in her favor. After Michael left, Jack let Phyllis have it when she tried to blame Sharon for her predicament. He reminded her that everything that had happened, including Dru's death, could have been different if she hadn't blackmailed Brad. All he wanted to do was help Phyllis, but she had made that impossible. He also let Phyllis know that his loyalty now was to Sharon. They were making a family, and that was how he wanted it.

Victoria saw Brad in the elevator and let him know how unhappy she was about the public exposure. Brad had reached his limit with her, pointing out how for months everything he'd done had been to try to protect her from hurt and humiliation. She wasn't the only one who was suffering, but as usual, she thought only of herself. Later, Brad and Sharon ran into each other in the break room. Sharon admitted that she was having a rough time, but the worst part of it was feeling like she could damage Jack's campaign.

Later, Sharon went home to find Summer in a playpen next to the sofa where Phyllis was convalescing. She asked if Jack had brought it down, and Phyllis said he had. She tried to talk to Sharon, but Sharon said she just wanted to go upstairs. After Sharon left, Summer began to cry. Phyllis sneaked off the sofa and picked up Summer to comfort her. She wasn't aware that Sharon had come back downstairs and was watching how easily Phyllis picked up her daughter and bounced her around to soothe her.

Victoria couldn't believe it when she went to talk to her mother to try to get some comfort after the news of Brad's affair hit the airwaves. Instead, Nikki, David, and Karen only tried to figure out how to best spin the news so it wouldn't affect Nikki's campaign. Nikki agreed that Victoria should make a statement supporting Brad and suggested that the couple might even take a vacation together. Victoria furiously reminded her that she and Brad were getting a divorce. She wouldn't announce that, but she certainly wasn't going to pretend everything was okay. She walked out, leaving Nikki alone to strategize with her campaign managers. Karen noticed the tension between Nikki and David. Later, alone with David at the club, Karen brought it up. She warned him that nothing could happen between him and Nikki or the campaign could fall apart. David said everything was under control. Neither of them was aware that Jack was sitting a few feet away and hearing every word they said.

William came to Michael's, and Gloria could tell he was having a rough day. His head hurt, and he'd even had a moment of blindness in one eye. He asked for something cold to drink and some aspirin. When Gloria said she'd finish packing so they could go home, William told her that he'd solved the Jabot cream tampering case. Gloria tried to play it cool, but it became obvious that William had the DNA evidence that proved she was guilty. After he forced her to, Gloria admitted the truth, but she explained that she'd been the only one who was supposed to use the cream. It was never meant to be distributed. She tried to convince William to just drop it like he'd never learned the truth, but William said he couldn't live with that kind of lie. When Gloria became hysterical, William collapsed, holding his head. Michael arrived home to find William unconscious on the floor; Gloria hovering over him; and an ambulance on the way.

Victoria went to J.T.'s to vent about how furious she was with her mother. J.T. gave her a key to the loft, telling her that even if she didn't move in, it was always at her disposal to run to when she needed to feel safe. Victoria said the loft had already become that place to her. J.T. also made her laugh because he'd put up a dart board. He gave her a choice of three photos to throw darts at: Brad, Nikki, or Sharon. Victoria chose her mother's picture. Later, when she went to take a shower, J.T. took a business call. While looking for a pen to write down some information, he accidentally hit Victoria's purse and its contents spilled to the floor. He picked up Victoria's prenatal vitamins and stared at them.

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