Y&R Recaps: The week of October 27, 2014 on The Young and the Restless
Nikki overheard Stitch mention to Maureen that he hadn't killed his father. Michael had a core needle biopsy performed. Chelsea was shocked when someone returned Adam's handkerchief. Victor learned that the hairbrush he'd had tested against Nick's DNA was Summer's.
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Monday, October 27, 2014

At the Newman ranch, Faith found a rhinestone tiara Nikki had once worn to a charity gala. Faith asked to borrow the tiara. When Nikki reached into her purse for a breath mint, Faith pointed out that her grandmother often used the mints. Nikki claimed that her new medication caused a bad taste in her mouth. Nick overheard the conversation about the mints and the medication. Faith hugged her grandmother and said, "I'm sorry you're sick, Grandma."

After Faith went upstairs, Nick cautioned his mother about subjecting herself to stress. Nick said he feared that facing the ugliness of her past had caused Nikki pain she desperately wished to escape. Nikki assured Nick that she was faring well. Nick noted that stress could prevail long after having endured a difficult situation. Nikki said she was fine. Nick admitted that Sharon had suffered a recent setback after Phyllis returned to town.

Nikki asked Nick if he and Sharon had set another date for their wedding. Nick announced that he and Sharon planned to wed on Halloween and focus on their family. He asked his mom how she'd managed to stick by Victor. Nikki admitted that Victor was a complicated man, but even so, she explained, she loved him and couldn't envision herself with anyone else. Nikki noted that she was out of danger because Ian Ward was behind bars, and she insisted that her stress levels had dramatically decreased.

At Sharon's house, Phyllis arrived for a visit and mentioned her accident. Phyllis said, "I remember, Sharon. I remember everything." Phyllis explained that she'd read online accounts about her tumble down a flight of stairs that had resulted in a traumatic brain injury. After confirming details with Jack, Phyllis recalled that she'd been on the phone with Jack when the accident had occurred. Phyllis added that she knew details about the incident the press didn't, and she asked Sharon if they'd seen each other at the event the day of the accident.

In a brief flashback, Sharon remembered having a conversation with Cassie at Cassie's grave. Phyllis had overheard Sharon talking to Cassie. Responding to Phyllis' question, Sharon claimed that she hadn't attended the charity event. Sharon added, "That's not where we saw each other." Phyllis demanded to know where they'd seen each other that night. Sharon said she'd talked to Phyllis at Cassie's grave and that Phyllis had claimed she'd heard everything Sharon had said.

Phyllis, addressing Sharon, said, "I wonder what that meant?" Sharon said she wished she could recall her secret because she feared hurting Nick. Sharon added, "If you know what the truth is, you tell me." Nick and Faith arrived, and Faith greeted Phyllis. Nick said, "What's going on?" Sharon, addressing Phyllis, said, "That's what I'd like to know. You still haven't told me why you're here."

Phyllis told Sharon and Nick that she wanted to discuss the relationship between Sharon and Summer. Nick explained that Summer had weathered difficulties. Nick added that because he could no longer play the same role he had when Summer was growing up, Sharon had stepped up to be a supportive female in Summer's life. Sharon offered to step aside for Phyllis' sake. Phyllis said, "A child needs both her parents."

Phyllis noted that Faith was reading Shadow in the Clearing. Phyllis recalled that the witch in the story stole a little girl and gave her to the woodsmen. Phyllis glanced up at Sharon and said, "The witch gets what's coming to her." After Faith went upstairs, Phyllis admitted how odd it was to see Nick with Sharon together because he'd been involved with Avery. Nick said that his breakup with Avery had been difficult.

Nick told Phyllis he was thankful that Sharon had helped him maintain his relationship with Summer. Phyllis said it was surprising to hear Nick talk about Sharon having helped him get over the shock of learning that Summer wasn't his daughter. Faith called out to Sharon, and she left the room. Nick, addressing Phyllis, said, "What are you up to? What's this really about?" Phyllis said her only concern was Summer. Phyllis added that if Sharon had played a positive role in Summer's life, then perhaps it was time to right some wrongs.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor sat down at Maureen's table and asked why she'd lied for Nikki and claimed that Nikki had been at a charity meeting. Maureen noted that she'd become accustomed to lying to an abusive husband. When Victor pressed her for an answer, Maureen admitted that she'd had reason to believe that a man had been upstairs in a room with Nikki. Victor assured Maureen that he had no reason to doubt Nikki's fidelity. Maureen, assuring Victor that she had no agenda, explained that she and Nikki had easily bonded. Victor warned that the quickest way to become his enemy was to hurt a member of his family. Maureen nodded that she understood.

At home alone, Nikki glanced at a bottle of vodka sitting on the liquor cabinet before turning her attention to a brochure about Alcoholics Anonymous. Nikki quickly hid the brochure in a pile of unopened mail when Victor arrived. Victor and Nikki argued about Paul and Dylan's plan to use her in a plot to capture Ian Ward. Nikki blasted Victor for attempting to ruin Nick's relationship. Victor replied, "Do I have to go through the whole litany of what Sharon has done to this family? I'm trying to protect our son from her."

Nikki told Victor that she'd assisted Paul in order to protect her family. Nikki accused Victor of being jealous of Paul's involvement. Victor warned Nikki not to ever engage in daring covert operations again without his knowledge if she wanted to preserve their marriage. Victor crossly added, "No more secrets!" Nikki asked if not keeping secrets applied to them both or just to her.

Nikki asked Victor if he thought she'd truly wanted to face her tormentor alone. Victor, livid, yelled, "You weren't alone, were you? How the hell do you think I felt when Paul Williams told me that something was wrong with you?" Nikki denounced Maureen's intrusion when Victor said the woman had lied because she'd believed that Nikki had planned a rendezvous with a man. Victor said he'd once trusted Nikki implicitly. Nikki said openness and honesty went both ways.

Nikki claimed she was late for an appointment and left. Victor, glancing at his contact list, considered phoning Nikki. Frustrated, Victor tossed his phone atop the pile of mail and knocked over the stack of papers. The Alcoholics Anonymous brochure landed in a chair. Victor picked up the brochure. He opened the literature, read it, and seemed upset.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria overheard Ben defending himself during a conversation with Dylan. Victoria agreed to sit down with Ben after she heard him explain that there was more to the story concerning his father's death. Ben thanked Victoria for posting his bail, but she said she wasn't the one who'd done it. Victoria recalled how she and Ben had been interrupted each time he'd tried to explain what had happened in his past. Victoria admitted that she wasn't sure she wanted to raise a child with a man who had a violent past. Ben, visibly frustrated, replied, "Give me a chance to make things right." Ben suddenly rose from his seat and left.

In the dining area of the Genoa City Athletic Club, Joe Clark was researching information on his tablet. He read information about Dylan being the owner of Crimson Lights. Cane took a seat at Joe's table. Cane questioned Joe about his extended visit to Genoa City and suggested that Joe was hanging around because of his ex-wife, Avery. Joe insisted that it was pure coincidence that the deal he'd been working on had led him to Genoa City.

Changing the subject, Joe told Cane that Lily had mentioned Cane's decision not to accept an offer from Victor. Cane admitted that there had been some personal complications involved with his decision not to return to the Chancellor side of the business. Joe replied, "Out of the shark tank, and you've got a good thing working here with Lily." Dylan showed up. Joe stood, shook Dylan's hand and said he didn't want their future associations to be awkward. Dylan said he knew that Joe's business dealings wouldn't keep him in town much longer. Joe left to take a phone call.

Dylan thanked Cane for not closing off the old bootlegging tunnel because it had led to Ian's capture. Cane apologized for sending Joe to Michael's office. Cane said he hadn't known beforehand that Joe had been married to Avery. Cane added that Joe seemed to be a good guy who'd put his failed marriage behind him. Dylan seemed uneasy.

After Dylan left, Cane questioned Joe about his business dealings. Joe handed his tablet to Cane. Cane glanced at the screen. Shocked, Can said, "Wait a minute. Dylan McAvoy and his business will be one of the losers in this deal." Joe insisted that it wasn't personal.

Dylan returned to Crimson Lights and sat down to talk to a distracted Victoria. Victoria said she'd attempted to avoid stress by not determining her baby's paternity but had driven herself crazy, nonetheless. Victoria admitted that bouncing back and forth between Billy and Ben wasn't the best plan. Victoria added that she wished Ben would be completely honest with her about his dad because she felt like there was something he wanted to tell her. Dylan insisted that Ben wasn't a murderer.

Victoria became confused when Dylan began talking about a man in a business suit. Victoria noted that Ben didn't even own a suit. Dylan admitted that he'd run into Joe Clark, Avery's ex-husband. Dylan said he was concerned about Clark's intentions. Victoria seemed concerned about Dylan.

Nikki showed up at Maureen's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Nikki said she'd had a difficult day. Nikki's eyes were drawn to a bottle of vodka sitting on a table. Maureen said she'd explained to Victor why she'd covered for Nikki and believed that Victor was glad to know that Nikki had a friend. Nikki explained that she'd lost her dearest friend and had no female acquaintances to lean on. Maureen poured a drink and insisted that Nikki take it. Nikki took a sip and explained that Victor had accused her of shutting him out. Nikki was interrupted by a knock at the door.

Maureen called out to her visitor, and Ben answered. He said, "Ma, it's me. I really need to talk to you." As Nikki quietly retreated to the bathroom, she told Maureen that she'd explain later why she didn't want Ben to know she was there. Ben asked his mother if she'd posted his bail after he'd been arrested for fraud. Maureen said she would've if she'd known because she'd do anything for her son.

Ben said, "I don't need money right now, Mom. What I need --" Maureen interrupted and told Ben that they couldn't discuss the matter. Ben replied, "Yes, we are. I want this over with." Nikki, still clutching her glass of vodka, listened through the cracked-open door. Though Maureen protested, Ben said, "I have to tell the truth about Dad's death."

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

In Maureen's room at the Athletic Club, Maureen said that Stitch was upset and that he didn't know what he was saying, and she suggested that they go downstairs to eat and talk. He replied that they'd talked ad nauseam, and he accused her of wanting him to keep living a lie. Maureen pleaded that she wanted what was best for their family, but Stitch declared that it was time for people to know that he hadn't killed his father.

Stitch maintained that Victoria needed to know the truth, but Maureen argued that he'd already lied about being in jail and taking someone's identity. Stitch pointed out that Maureen had told him to fight for what he wanted, and Maureen urged him to focus on the future and to forget about the past. He questioned how he could do that when it kept ruining his life, and he refused to lose Victoria and the baby after he'd already lost Jenna and Max. There was a thump in the bathroom, and he asked what it was.

Maureen claimed that the pipes were always making noise, and Stitch volunteered to check them out, but she stressed that nothing he said could wipe the slate clean. Maureen added that he could make things worse, and she urged him to think of Kelly. Stitch replied that he had every day since their dad had died, and Maureen advised him not to do anything rash. Stitch promised that he would take some time before he made a decision, and he left to go to work. Nikki emerged from the bathroom, and she incredulously mused that Stitch hadn't killed his father.

Maureen offered Nikki a drink, but Nikki demanded to know the truth about Stitch's father's murder. Maureen said that Stitch was having a hard time dealing with his father's death, since Maureen's husband had been abusive, and Stitch had only been a kid who hadn't been entirely responsible for what had happened. Nikki imagined that there had been evidence pointing to murder, and Maureen revealed that Stitch had confessed because he'd thought it had been the right thing to do, but it had been difficult for him to live with the consequences. Nikki wondered if the police would consider reopening the case, but Maureen flatly stated that it wouldn't happen. Nikki questioned why Maureen didn't want to clear her son.

Maureen insisted that there was nothing more Nikki needed to know, but Nikki was baffled about why Maureen wouldn't help Stitch. Maureen reasoned that digging into the past wouldn't help Stitch or Kelly, and Nikki swore that she was just trying to protect her family. Nikki sensed that Maureen was holding something back, and Maureen called it a private matter that she'd like to keep that way. Maureen picked up Nikki's drink and pointedly stated that she was sure Nikki understood, since Nikki had relied on Maureen's discretion. Nikki reluctantly agreed not to reveal anything about Maureen's conversation with Stitch.

Over the phone at Jabot's new laboratory, Ashley reported that the remodeling of the lab had been finished, and the new security system would be installed by the end of the week. She mentioned that she had a meeting with a patent attorney in Madison the next day and that she intended to take someone with her, and she received another call. Ashley set down a confidential file, and she went to get something from accounting. Victoria arrived and called out for Abby, and she was clearly impressed as she looked around the new facility. She spotted the file Ashley had left behind.

Ashley returned and found Victoria holding the confidential file, and Victoria explained that she'd expected to find Abby there. Victoria swore that she hadn't been looking in the file, and she referred to the work that had been done on the lab. Ashley stated that it had been overdue for an update, but Victoria remarked that Jabot had spared no expense, and she speculated that the company had invested a fortune in the new fragrance. Ashley curtly replied that Abby was in a marketing meeting and that Victoria could wait in the lobby, but Victoria said that she was also there to talk to Ashley about Stitch.

Victoria explained that seeing Ashley and Stitch in the park had made her realize something, and Ashley swore that her relationship with Stitch was strictly professional. Victoria found it strange that Ashley had hired someone with no professional experience as a chemist for a sensitive project, and Ashley pointed out that Stitch had a background in chemistry. Victoria noted that Ashley seemed to be able to look past what Stitch had done, and Ashley thought it was awkward that Victoria expected Billy's sister to say something that would convince Victoria to choose Stitch. Victoria said that the alternative wasn't to choose Billy, since he had moved in with Chelsea.

Ashley was surprised to hear that Billy and Chelsea were living together, and she speculated that he was still grieving for Delia and that he would eventually find his way back to Victoria. Victoria said that it was too late, and Ashley asked if Victoria was hoping that Ashley would tell her that Stitch was the right guy to be with. Victoria disclosed that Stitch had repeatedly asked her to give him a chance to make things right, but she had the feeling he was holding something back. Victoria added that she couldn't be with someone she couldn't trust, since that was what had destroyed her marriage to Billy, and Ashley pointed out that Stitch wasn't Billy. Victoria asked if Ashley knew something she didn't.

Ashley called Stitch a great chemist who seemed to be loyal and who loved his son, and she said that she trusted him. Ashley wondered if Victoria was looking for a reason to love Stitch, and she asked if Victoria had ever needed to look for one to love Billy. Victoria said no, and Ashley said that should tell her something. Stitch arrived, and Ashley covered by saying that Victoria had been looking for Abby. Victoria left to find her sister, and Ashley remarked that Stitch had managed to make his way into work. He confided that he'd had a crazy night, and Ashley commented that the beds in lockup were lumpy. She revealed that she knew he'd spent the night in jail, and she wanted to discuss his future with Jabot.

After Ashley presented Stitch with some choices, he asked if she was sure she wanted him to go to Madison with her, and she explained that she needed a chemist to review the patent with her. He said that he would have to check with Avery before he left town, but Ashley said that she already had, and it was fine as long as he didn't leave the state. Stitch realized that Ashley had been the anonymous party who'd paid his bail, and she reasoned that she couldn't afford to be stuck at a crucial point in the project. She asked if he was okay with the last-minute trip, and he replied that it was perfect timing to put some distance between him and Victoria.

Nikki poured herself a drink at the ranch, but she set it down and called Victoria. Nikki said that there was something she had to tell Victoria about Stitch, but Victoria replied that she already knew that he'd been arrested the day before. Victoria worried that Nikki sounded funny, but Nikki swore that she was fine. After they hung up, Nikki downed her drink.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren asked if Jill had seen their latest financial reports, which had shown a spike in sales during their in-store promotion. Lauren gushed that Madame Isadora had been the reason behind it, and Jill conceded that they'd seen a nice bump in business, but she contended that it hadn't been from the free psychic readings. Lauren referred to the positive comments about the readings on the Internet, and Jill huffed that she thought their customers had more refined tastes. Lauren revealed that they were in real trouble based on what the psychic had said.

Lauren claimed that Madame Isadora had warned her to be aware of a wolf in sheep's clothing with an Australian accent, and she quickly admitted that the psychic hadn't said that, but she advised Jill to keep an eye on Colin. Jill reported that Colin had been on his best behavior, and Lauren conceded that taking on Colin as a business partner had been a smart move. Lauren added that she couldn't remember the last time both she and Jill had been that professionally and personally content, and Jill realized that Lauren and Michael had spent some quality time together. Lauren remarked that she and Michael were in a good place after everything they'd gone through, and she wanted everyone to be as happy as they were.

Michael read information online about his upcoming core needle biopsy, and Kevin burst in and asked what Michael was up to, but Michael quickly closed his computer. Kevin asked what Michael didn't want him to see, and Michael fibbed that it was research for a case, so he couldn't discuss it. Kevin said that he was there to thank Michael for putting a rush on Mariah's annulment, and he wished that Mariah had expressed the same gratitude toward Kevin for keeping her safe while the police had been searching for Ian.

Kevin complained that Mariah only called him if she needed a date to a wedding or a ride on his Harley, and he asked if a distracted Michael was listening. Michael said that he'd been thinking about the case, since there was a lot at stake. Kevin asked if he wanted to talk about it, and Michael explained that he liked to be in control and prepared, but the case was unpredictable, and he wasn't sure he was ready for the outcome. Michael murmured that that it could be the toughest one of his life.

Later, Michael snapped at someone on the phone, and he tossed some paperwork off his desk. Kevin questioned when his calm brother had started behaving like a crazy person, and he urged Michael to talk about the tough case. Lauren entered and said that Michael could talk to her over lunch, but Michael said that he had to get to a deposition. She suggested that they meet later, and Michael claimed that he was tied up all afternoon, but he loved her and would see her at home.

Michael departed, and Lauren asked Kevin what had caused Michael's surly demeanor. Kevin relayed that a case had Michael tied up in knots, and Lauren noticed that Michael had left his briefcase behind. Her phone rang, and Kevin offered to take the briefcase to Michael. Outside the office, Kevin overheard Michael on the phone, saying that he was glad someone hadn't called his house, since he didn't want his wife to know anything.

Michael said that he'd see the caller soon, and Kevin noted that it didn't sound like Michael was heading to a deposition. Kevin handed Michael his briefcase, and Michael swore that he wasn't having an affair. Kevin accusingly said that Lauren hadn't wanted Michael to be unprepared for his meeting, and Michael begged Kevin to let it go. Michael exited, and Lauren asked if Kevin had caught Michael. Kevin pointedly replied that he had.

Lauren asked what Michael had said, and Kevin said that Michael hadn't wanted to be late for a meeting. Lauren mentioned that she'd put together a romantic surprise for that evening, and Kevin grumbled that he wasn't sure Michael deserved it. Lauren said that she couldn't blame Michael for having a prior commitment, and she hoped to take his mind off the case. After Lauren left, Kevin opened Michael's laptop.

At the doctor's office, Michael looked at a brochure about prostate cancer, and he asked Dr. Botnik what would happen after the procedure. The doctor replied that Michael would be sore for a few days, and he'd prescribe an antibiotic to prevent any infection. Dr. Botnik urged Michael to keep the worrying to a minimum until the results were available in a few days, and he went to prepare for the test. An emotional Michael paced around the room, and he received a loving text message from a clueless Lauren.

At the penthouse, Billy asked how his favorite fashion dummy was doing, and Chelsea replied that he'd better be talking about her mannequin. Billy said that he'd had to stop unpacking, since it had been harder than he'd thought it would be. He explained that he'd been certain moving in had been the right thing to do until he'd seen her closet, and he claimed that he'd called a charity to pick up the walls of clothes Chelsea never wore. Chelsea agreed to make a few changes, and Billy announced that there was one change he definitely wanted to make.

Chelsea wondered whether Billy wanted to install a giant slide in place of the stairwell or put in a frozen yogurt machine, but he said that the change was about the bed. She said that he wasn't getting her side, and she objected to any changes in the bedroom. Billy held up a fuzzy hat and asked what it was, and Chelsea divulged that she and Connor were going as Mary and her little lamb for Halloween. Billy protested that she couldn't subject her son to the humiliation, but she amorously asked who her little lamb would be if Connor wasn't. Billy said that he'd always been something of a black sheep, but he had a thing for bonnets and bloomers, since she'd be wearing them. They kissed.

Chelsea refused to change her mind about the costume, and Billy cautioned that she'd scar Connor for life if she dressed him up like a lamb chop. They discussed alternative Halloween costumes, but she decided to stick with the lamb outfit. Billy bleated that it was a "baa-a-ad" idea, and she groaned at the terrible joke, but he teased that it had made her want to admit she loved him. She looked uncomfortable and said that she had to get back to work, and he went upstairs to finish unpacking. Chelsea opened a drawer and took out Adam's handkerchief, and she headed out the door.

Chelsea lit a candle in a church, and she acknowledged that it was strange place to have a conversation with Adam. She wished she could be in one of their special places, like the farmhouse in Kansas, but she couldn't put the talk off any longer, and she said that she needed Adam to do something really important for her. Chelsea recalled the day Adam had given her the handkerchief, when it had served as "something old" at their first wedding. She found it funny that it had shown up in Connor's nursery, and it had reminded her of the life they'd almost had.

Chelsea said that she'd never thought she could find that kind of happiness with anyone else, but she had, and it was with Billy. Chelsea nervously laughed when there wasn't any thunder or lightning, and she sobbed that she had to let go to be free to live her life, but she couldn't do it if Adam haunted her dreams. She declared that she was ready to move on, and Adam would always be in her heart, but she couldn't deny the feelings she had for Billy. She said that she loved Adam, but it was time for her to say goodbye, and she placed the handkerchief next to the candle.

After Chelsea walked out, a hooded female figure appeared. The mysterious woman picked up the handkerchief and put it in her pocket, and she blew out the candle Chelsea had lit.

Billy called out for Chelsea, but there was no answer, and Jill arrived. Jill demanded to know what was wrong with him, since she'd just learned he was no longer staying at the Abbott house. She reprimanded him for not telling her he'd moved out, and Billy sarcastically stated that he should have put her first when Jack's life had been in upheaval after Phyllis' return. Jill questioned whether Billy had given up on the best thing that had ever happened to him in order to move in with the woman who'd been married to Adam. Jill asked why Billy had done it, and he replied that he wasn't exactly sure.

Jill took Billy's comment as an admission that he'd made a mistake, but Billy wouldn't discuss it further. She encouraged him to be honest with her, and he said that he didn't regret moving in because he had fallen in love with Chelsea. Jill suspected that he just thought he had fallen in love because he'd had his heart broken, but she thought he didn't know what he was feeling. Billy replied that the only heart he had questions about was Chelsea's, since she seemed to be holding back because of Adam.

Billy guided some deliverymen to the last bedroom at the end of the hall, and Jill disagreed with everything Billy was doing. Jill pointed out that Chelsea was still carrying a torch for the man who had killed Billy's daughter, and Billy said that he needed to convince Chelsea that her heart was in the wrong place. Jill thought that Billy's heart was still with Victoria, but Billy reiterated that his marriage was over. Jill wondered how over things would be if the baby turned out to be his, and she expected that Billy would want to be there for every moment of his child's life. Jill stormed off, and the deliverymen carried out the old bed.

Chelsea returned home as the men hauled the bed out, and she asked if that had been the change Billy had been talking about. He apologetically recalled that she'd said the bedroom was off-limits, but she replied that it was okay. He babbled that he didn't want her to think that he hadn't considered her feelings, but she told him to stop talking, since there was something she wanted him to know. "I love you, Billy Abbott," Chelsea proclaimed, and they kissed.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween décor was the order of the day at the Underground. Summer stopped by and Nick asked her how she felt about some of the monikers he had cooked up for his Halloween beverages -- "piña ghoul-ada" and "Blood-thirsty Mary" were two of his favorites. Things took a serious turn when Summer told Nick that Phyllis was never going to accept her marriage to Austin. Nick said that Phyllis' reaction couldn't have been that bad, but Summer informed him how Phyllis had "flipped out" when she'd learned that Austin had kidnapped Avery and shot Paul.

Summer told Nick that Phyllis had threatened to have her marriage annulled. Nick said that sounded just like Phyllis, adding that Summer shouldn't blame Phyllis for being concerned. He reminded Summer that he hadn't been exactly thrilled when he'd learned about Summer and Austin's marriage. Nick said that Phyllis loved Summer too much to allow Austin to break their mother-daughter bond.

Summer asked Nick if he and Sharon were planning to finish up their wedding vows. Nick informed her that he and Sharon were planning a small ceremony. He invited Summer, but in deference to Phyllis' feelings about Nick and Sharon's relationship, she decided that she would not attend. Nick smiled and said that he understood.

Summer was still concerned about Phyllis' reaction to Summer and Austin's marriage. She asked Nick if he would speak to Phyllis and tell her what a great guy Austin was. Nick was hesitant at first, but Summer insisted, and Nick acquiesced. Summer was so thrilled that she grabbed Nick's arm, dragged him to the exit, and informed him that they were going to the Abbott mansion so Nick could talk with Phyllis.

At the Abbott mansion, an irritated Phyllis asked Avery why neither Nick nor Jack had prevented Summer from marrying Austin -- the man who had kidnapped Avery and shot Paul. Avery explained that Austin and Summer had legally married before any of them had known about it and they had been unable to have the marriage annulled because Summer was of legal age to marry without adult permission.

Phyllis wondered why no one seemed to be particularly upset about the marriage. Avery informed her that Jack and Nick had been furious when they'd learned about the secret City Hall wedding, but they'd eventually accepted Austin and the marriage because they hadn't wanted to alienate Summer. Avery said that once Jack and Nick had put aside their anger and learned more about Austin, they'd realized that he wasn't a bad guy at all.

Avery continued to try to sell Austin and Summer's marriage to Phyllis, but she wasn't buying. As the sisters continued their conversation, Phyllis was stunned to learn that Paul and Nikki were Dylan's biological parents. Phyllis realized that Nick and Dylan were brothers.

Avery grew uncomfortable as Phyllis said that Nick had to have been devastated to lose Avery to Dylan -- a brother Nick had never known he had. Avery admitted that she had been with Dylan when she should have been meeting Nick at the altar but that Dylan had been going through a difficult time, having just learned his true parentage.

Avery reminded Phyllis that a lot had happened while Phyllis had been away, Phyllis remarked that most of the changes were "messed up." When Avery told Phyllis that she needed to accept the changes, Phyllis adamantly replied that she would never accept Nick's relationship with Sharon. When Avery insisted that Phyllis didn't have a choice, Phyllis replied, "Wanna bet?"

After Avery left, Phyllis looked through the photo album of Summer's wedding, and stared at the picture of Nick and Jack posing with Summer. Nick and Summer showed up. Summer told Phyllis that she wanted to have a family meeting, even though she, Nick, and Phyllis were no longer a family. Phyllis looked dejected as Summer spoke but perked up when Nick told Summer that even though they weren't blood relatives, he always wanted her to be happy.

Summer told her mother that she was happy -- with Austin. Nick chimed in, saying, "I never thought that would be possible, but..." Phyllis interrupted, telling them that Summer was using Nick to convince her to accept "this sham of a marriage," and their tactics wouldn't work. Nick asked Summer to leave the room so he could speak with Phyllis privately.

After Summer was gone, Phyllis pointedly asked Nick how he had been able to escort Summer down the aisle to marry "that felon." Nick lectured Phyllis, telling her that walking a daughter down the aisle was something that a father dreamed about. Phyllis said that she wasn't going to allow Summer to ruin her life -- and she wasn't going to allow Nick to ruin his either. Nick became irritated and informed Phyllis that he was going to marry Sharon the following day -- and there wasn't anything Phyllis could do to stop the wedding. After Nick stormed out, Phyllis mumbled to herself, "Don't be so sure."

At the Athletic Club, Cane was attempting to speak with Lily about arrangements for the club's Halloween party but he noticed that she was a million miles away -- he wanted to know why she was preoccupied. Lily said that Hilary was hiding something "huge" from Neil -- then blurted out, "Hilary is pregnant," as Neil entered, overheard, and demanded to know what was going on. Lily said that Hilary "could" be expecting and told her father that Hilary had been exhibiting classic pregnancy signs -- Hilary had seemed to be over-emotional and had seemed to be having trouble keeping her food down. Cane, clearly not happy with Lily's hypothesis, said that Hilary had probably just been suffering from jet lag.

As Cane shook his head in disbelief, Neil explained that Hilary had mentioned starting a family early in their marriage, and he had put her off. After his accident, Neil realized that life was too short to delay things -- and that Moses would love having a little brother or sister. As Cane seethed in silence, Lily said that Moses would be a great big brother. Neil added that Hilary would be an amazing mother. Unable to continue listening to Lily and Neil, Cane angrily blurted out that Neil couldn't have a baby with Hilary.

Cane apologized for his outburst but said that he didn't think that Neil and Hilary should start a family -- after all, only a few weeks had passed since Neil had asked Hilary for a divorce. Neil thanked Cane for his concern, but the thought of losing Hilary made him "never want to live without her again."

After Cane left, Lily told Neil how happy she was that he was finally dealing with his loss of sight and was no longer pushing away the people who wanted to help him. Neil told Lily that he was pleased that Lily and Hilary seemed to be forging a friendship. Lily wondered if Hilary would want to be her friend after learning that Lily had "spilled the beans" about Hilary's pregnancy.

At Jabot, Hilary was staring out a window, seemingly lost in thought. Jack told her that she should be proud of her business accomplishments on her trip to New York. Hilary reminded Jack that the only reason he had sent her to New York was because Neil had asked him to. Jack said that Neil had felt that Hilary needed some time away from Genoa City. When Jack asked Hilary if she had gained some perspective while on her trip, she remembered making love with Devon in her hotel room.

Kelly stomped into the office and, not noticing Hilary, demanded that Jack make a choice -- did he want to be with Kelly or did he want to be with Phyllis? Jack alerted Kelly to Hilary's presence with a nod of his head. Hilary adroitly excused herself, leaving Jack and Kelly alone. Kelly insisted that Jack tell Phyllis about Jack and Kelly's relationship. Jack said that he hadn't decided exactly how -- or when -- to tell Phyllis. Kelly thought that Jack's indecision might be easy for him -- but it was taking its toll on her.

Jack said that the moment he had seen Phyllis at the back of the church during Nick and Sharon's wedding, he'd realized that he was going to hurt someone. Kelly wondered if it was going to be her. Jack begged Kelly to believe that he still loved her. Kelly asked how he felt about Phyllis. When Jack replied that he would always have a place in his heart for Phyllis, Kelly said that she wanted a place in Jack's life. She wondered what Jack wanted.

Jack said that he wanted "no one to get hurt." Kelly told him that he needed to be honest with both her and Phyllis and needed to make a choice -- even if the choice was Phyllis and not Kelly. Kelly desperately demanded an answer. She implored Jack to say whether he wanted to be with Phyllis -- or with Kelly. Jack grabbed Kelly and began kissing her passionately. As Jack removed his suit jacket and pushed Kelly onto the couch, Avery barged into the office. Jack and Kelly jumped off the couch.

Annoyed and embarrassed, Jack asked Avery what she wanted. When she said she was there to discuss Phyllis, Kelly began walking out of the office. Jack kissed Kelly, seemingly for Avery's benefit, before Kelly left.

Avery told Jack that he needed to tell Phyllis about Kelly, saying the longer Jack waited, the more hurt Phyllis would be. Jack told her that he had been about to reveal his relationship with Kelly to Phyllis, but Phyllis had just learned about Summer and Austin's wedding, and he didn't want to upset her any further. Avery told Jack that Summer and Austin's marriage wasn't the only one Phyllis was upset about -- Phyllis was determined to stop Sharon and Nick's wedding -- and "God help anyone who stands in her way."

Bubbling over with happiness, Kelly went to the Athletic Club. Lily wondered what had caused Kelly's sudden good mood. Kelly told Lily about her meeting with Jack -- and how it had ended with the two of them nearly making love in Jack's office. Kelly smiled and told Lily that Jack's relationship with Phyllis was a thing of the past.

In a hallway at Jabot, Hilary waited for the elevator and was surprised when the doors opened to reveal Devon. He pulled her aside and said that he needed to ask her a question -- he wanted to know if she was pregnant with his child. Flabbergasted, Hilary informed Devon that she was not pregnant. Devon seemed saddened by that news and reminded Hilary of what they had fantasized about while in New York -- running away and settling down in a place where no one knew them. Hilary told Devon that she couldn't hurt Neil, but Devon insisted that their New York fantasies could become reality. Hilary told him that she'd dreamed about what might have been, but they needed to stay away from each other.

Devon said that they should keep their relationship a secret from Neil, but continue to see each other behind his back. Hilary quipped that Devon was forgetting something -- their affair wouldn't be secret because Cane already knew about it. Devon told her that Cane didn't want to hurt Neil any more than Devon did. Hilary was nervous that Cane would reveal their affair to Lily. Devon said that they needed to make Cane believe that Devon and Hilary were no longer seeing each other. Hilary signaled her agreement by smiling and gently caressing Devon's face.

Devon returned to the Athletic Club and was immediately approached by a frustrated Cane. He told Devon that he had just spent quite a bit of time listening to Neil telling the Ashbys how much he looked forward to his and Hilary's future -- a future that Neil might not have because of Devon. Devon told Cane that he had seen Hilary and learned that she wasn't pregnant. He then lied and told a skeptical Cane that he was never going to meet up with Hilary again. Cane said that if he learned that Devon and Hilary were seeing each other, he was going to tell Neil everything.

When Hilary arrived home after work, she saw that Neil had decorated the condo with bouquets of roses. She told Neil that he shouldn't have gone to that much trouble. Neil smiled and replied, "Nothing is too much trouble... for the mother of my child..." and rambled on about how he couldn't wait for their baby to be born. Hesitantly, Hilary told Neil that there had been a misunderstanding -- she wasn't pregnant. Neil, disappointed with that news, told Hilary that he wanted to give Hilary the family she desired -- and, kissing her on the forehead, said that he wanted to start trying that night.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sharon decorated the cottage for Halloween, and Nick nuzzled her neck and asked her to marry him. She nonchalantly replied that she had some free time that afternoon, and he said that it worked for him. They kissed, and he declared that he was glad they'd decided to break tradition by staying together the night before their wedding. Faith cried out for her mommy, and she whined that she couldn't go trick-or-treating without her tiara, but it had gone missing.

Sharon announced that she'd prepared another costume for Faith, and Faith ran upstairs to change. Nick gave Sharon a suspicious look, and she explained that she thought a zombie princess costume was too ghoulish for a child. Sharon groaned that getting married on Halloween made the day more hectic, but Nick swore that nothing would stop them from tying the knot that time. Nick went upstairs, and Sharon picked up Cassie's photo from the mantel and mused that she had a feeling something horrible was about to happen. There was a knock at the door, and Sharon believed that she saw Cassie in a gauzy white dress.

Sharon murmured Cassie's name, and Mariah removed her headphones and saw Sharon's stricken expression. Mariah concluded that Sharon was tense, and Sharon blamed her reaction on the costume. Faith ran in, wearing a Little Red Riding Hood costume, and Sharon gushed that she looked cute. Mariah wondered what had happened to the zombie princess outfit, and Faith explained that she hadn't been able to find her tiara. As Sharon helped Faith with her hood, Nick thanked Mariah for taking Faith trick-or-treating. Mariah told him to concentrate on having his marriage stick, since it would be nice to have something to believe in.

After Mariah and Faith left, Nick knowingly asked where Sharon had hidden the tiara, and Sharon replied that she was sure it would turn up sometime. Sharon bemoaned that Faith was growing up too fast, and Nick agreed that he wanted Faith to remain their little girl for as long as possible. He wondered if they were making a mistake by not going with the girls, since even though it had been his idea to have the wedding ceremony that day, perhaps they'd made it about the wrong things. Nick said that their wedding should be about the reasons they should be together, like the fact that his heart did a somersault every time Sharon walked into a room. He continued that he felt joy whenever she laughed, and he loved the way her eyes had sparkled when she'd seen Faith in her costume.

Nick joked that he would blackmail Sharon about the tiara one day, and she laughed. He wondered what else a man could ask for, and Sharon replied that she had to marry him that day because she couldn't wait to spend the rest of her life with him. Nick carried Sharon to the bedroom, and he commented that it would be the last time they'd make love in sin. He said that she was beautiful, and she responded that he made her feel that way, since no man had ever believed in her or stood by her the way he had. Nick declared that no man would ever love anyone as much as he loved her, and they made love.

Sharon descended the stairs and opened the door, and she told a cardigan-clad Mariah that it wasn't funny to dress up like Cassie. The girl insisted that she really was Cassie, and she said that she'd warned Sharon that there was no way to stop the truth from getting out. Sharon panicked and said that it couldn't happen that day, and Nick yelled for Sharon, who woke up with a start.

Sharon went downstairs, and Nick said that they had to get the show on the road. She wished that she hadn't fallen asleep, but he reminded her that they didn't need a lot of preparations. He surmised that she had pre-wedding jitters, but he assured her that they were pros at saying their vows, and he couldn't wait to get to the kissing part. Nick promised that nothing would interrupt their wedding again, and there was a knock at the door. As Nick greeted some trick-or-treaters, Sharon worriedly stared at Cassie's photo.

At the penthouse, Chelsea dressed up in her Halloween costume, and she and Billy explained to Johnny how trick-or-treating worked. Billy said that he needed to tell Johnny about how the holiday had originated from troubled souls trying to find peace, and he apologized for getting serious. Chelsea assured him that he didn't have to be sorry for being reminded of someone he'd lost. Meanwhile, someone left a box outside the front door.

Billy said that he'd learned to be grateful for what he had, like Chelsea and their kids, and that had been why he'd told her how he felt, even though she wasn't over Adam. She insisted that she was, thanks to Billy's persistence, and the doorbell rang. She excitedly anticipated giving candy to early trick-or-treaters, but all she found was the box at the door. Billy announced that he'd been waiting for a delivery, since he'd seen a Halloween costume for Johnny that he hadn't been able to resist.

Billy pulled out a monkey outfit, and Chelsea teased him for giving her a hard time for making Connor dress as a lamb. Billy maintained that Connor would be embarrassed by it, and Chelsea questioned whether going as a monkey was less embarrassing. Billy contended that it was the difference between being the king of the treetops or Easter dinner, and he thought that the monkey costume was cute.

At Crimson Lights, a mask-wearing Avery wished Dylan a happy Halloween, but he seemed to be preoccupied with going through the mail. He explained that the coffeehouse's lease was almost up, and he wondered how much the landlord would increase his rent on the renewal. Avery pointed out that Dylan had paid to put in new pipes, and Dylan said that he wanted to make more improvements. She was pleased that he was making plans, since it meant their troubles were behind them. She sensed that something else was bothering him, and he conceded that it was her ex.

Avery wondered why Dylan had a problem with Joe, since it had been years since the divorce, and Dylan referred to the tactless comment Joe had made about the bedside photo. Dylan added that he'd learned that Cane and Joe had worked on business deals before, and he suspected that Joe was there because he wanted something. Dylan explained that he'd envisioned Joe as a neglectful husband who had loved work more than his wife, and he'd thought Joe hadn't deserved Avery or loved her the way Dylan had, but he'd seen in Joe's eyes that Dylan had been the guy who had wrecked a marriage. Avery contended that there had been no marriage to wreck by the time Dylan had shown up in her life.

Avery testily told someone over the phone that they'd see one another in court, and she informed Dylan that Jeffrey's lawsuit against the hospital was moving forward with criminal charges. Dylan blasted Jeffrey for taking advantage of another man's problems, and Avery was glad to hear him jump to Stitch's defense. Dylan thought he sounded like a hypocrite, since he'd assumed the worst about Stitch, and he felt he should have known that there had been more to the story.

Chelsea and Billy arrived with Johnny and Connor, and she threatened to use her shepherd's crook if Billy made more bad jokes. Billy questioned whether she'd keep it on their wall to keep him in line, and Dylan overheard and asked if they were living together. Billy queried whether that was a problem, and Dylan said that it was just a surprise. Billy admitted that it had been a quick decision, but it had felt right, so he and Chelsea had seen no reason to wait.

Dylan went to get treats for the kids, and Chelsea followed him to the counter. He noted that both she and Connor looked happy, which was all he'd ever wanted for her, and she returned the sentiment. Dylan said that he was happier than he'd ever thought he could be, and Chelsea inquired when he and Avery would take the next step. Dylan replied that he wanted to be on solid ground first, and Chelsea pointed out that he had a thriving business. Dylan agreed that the coffeehouse was going in the right direction, along with the rest of his life, and Chelsea asked what he was waiting for.

After Billy and Chelsea left, Dylan imagined that the couple's cohabitation had been a shock for Victoria, and Avery asked how Dylan felt about it. He said it was complicated, but he was happy that he had the woman he wanted, and he was glad for Billy and Chelsea. Avery was thankful that Dylan and Chelsea had made peace, since they'd loved one another once, and she stated that feelings didn't disappear just because a marriage had ended badly.

Billy and Chelsea returned home with the kids, and she found an envelope that someone had slid under the door. Billy carried the boys upstairs, and Chelsea opened the envelope and pulled out the handkerchief she'd left at the church.

At the Athletic Club, Joe asked when Cane had become a bleeding heart, but Cane argued that Joe's project stood to destroy the livelihoods of people he knew. Cane understood that it was business for Joe, but it would be personal for Dylan and other small business owners who would be forced to relocate. Joe recalled that Cane hadn't blinked an eye at deals like that in the past, and Cane contended that he should have. Joe declared that there was only one motivating factor in business, and Colin overheard and responded that it was to make as much money as possible.

Colin asked how Cane and Joe knew one another, and Joe revealed that he and Cane had worked on deals in Chicago together. Colin called it the good old days when Cane had been in his element, and he bragged that he'd taught Cane everything he knew about business. Joe agreed that Cane was a great negotiator, but he said that Cane wasn't the reason he was there. Colin pressed for details about the project Joe was working on, and Jill and Lily entered with the twins, who were dressed in their Halloween costumes. Jill hissed to Colin that she could go as his executioner for Halloween.

Jill fawned over Joe, and he asked if she was connected to the Fenmore's stores. She explained that she and her sister owned the chain, and she excused herself to talk to her husband. Colin finished a call, and Jill chided him for insulting his son in front of a stranger. Colin declared that he was proud of Cane's accomplishments, and he only wanted to see Cane be the best he could be. Jill warned Colin not to lie to her because she knew he was up to something.

Joe talked to the twins about their costumes, and he asked if he could go trick-or-treating with them. Matty pointed out that Joe wasn't wearing a costume, but Joe proclaimed that he was a friendly hedge fund manager. Charlie remarked that it wasn't a good costume, and Cane took the kids to the kitchen. Joe told Lily that she had beautiful kids, and she asked if he had any of his own. He confided that his quest to be a good provider had led to his failure as a husband, but he would be a different person if he had the chance do it all over again. Lily hoped that someday, he'd meet a woman who would give him a chance to prove it.

Cane pulled Lily aside to talk to her about what Colin had been saying, but she told him not to worry about it, since she knew that Cane loved their family and that Colin was the one who was confused. Jill warned Cane that Colin was working Joe despite her warnings, and Cane went to rescue Joe. Lily asked if Jill had worked with Joe when she'd been at Chancellor, but Jill explained that real estate had been Cane's area. Jill remarked that deals at that level were a rush, and she hoped Joe hadn't been putting regrets into Cane's head. Lily replied that she believed Joe was jealous of what Cane had.

Colin asked about Joe's business deal, and Cane tried to discourage the shoptalk, but Joe said that he didn't mind. Colin suggested that Joe use Cane in some capacity, since he believed Cane had to be passionate and not just content with his work. Joe revealed that he was working on a commercial real estate deal in the warehouse district, since there were businesses there, but the business owners didn't own the buildings or the land. Colin thought it sounded like quite an opportunity, and Cane muttered, "For some."

Over the phone, Colin told someone that he'd found a way to get the money to pay off his debt, but he warned that Jill and her business weren't part of it. He quickly hung up when Jill walked by, and she observed that it had been the second time she'd caught him on a secretive phone call. She noted that he'd seemed very interested in Joe, and she cautioned Colin not to pursue whatever he was up to.

At the bar, Joe spoke with someone on the phone and said that it was a textbook transaction and that everything was going according to plan. Meanwhile, Dylan lashed out at someone on the phone for giving him no warning, and he angrily hung up. He relayed to Avery that the landlord was selling the building, and he had two months to clear out.

Victoria and Maureen separately arrived at the Jabot lab, both looking for Stitch, and Victoria mentioned that there had been something he had wanted to talk to her about that would change their future. Victoria thought Maureen could help her by explaining the circumstances around Stitch's father's death, but Maureen implied that if Victoria really loved Stitch, she would forgive him no matter what he'd done. Victoria replied that she'd thought she'd been wrong about Stitch when she'd found out what he had been keeping from everyone, but she was beginning to realize that perhaps she hadn't been. Victoria revealed that Stitch had admitted that there was more to the story, and she implored Maureen to provide more details about the night Stitch's father had died.

Maureen nervously said that they shouldn't even be in the lab, and she hurried out. Victoria chased after her and pleaded that they were talking about Maureen's son's future, and she begged Maureen to tell her what had happened. Maureen thought there was no point in opening up old wounds, but Victoria asserted that she needed to know everything, especially if Stitch was the father of her child. Maureen said that Stitch had lost everything that had been important to him, and she'd believed that having a child with Victoria could have started a new life for all of them, but she didn't want him to get his hopes up if Victoria couldn't accept his past.

Victoria reiterated that she needed to know the truth to stop blaming herself for falling for a man who was capable of such a crime. Maureen explained that even as a boy, Stitch had always wanted to help others, and that was all Victoria needed to know. Maureen stalked off, and Victoria left a message for Nikki, saying that she needed to know what else Nikki had wanted to tell her about Stitch.

A shirtless Stitch opened his hotel room door to Ashley, who said that they had an hour to kill before their appointment. He jokingly asked if she was wearing the new fragrance, and she flirtatiously inquired whether he had the sudden urge to kiss her. Stitch stifled a yawn and complained that he hadn't slept well, and Ashley referred to the distance he'd wanted from Victoria to tend to a family matter. He said that it was complicated, and Ashley advised him to shut out the voices and listen to what his heart told him to do.

Stitch said that his heart was telling him to do everything he could to restore Victoria's faith in him, but he wasn't the only one whose life would be affected. Ashley divulged that Victoria had sought her out to talk about Stitch, but Victoria had wanted answers that Ashley hadn't been able to give. Ashley pointed out that Stitch had led Victoria to believe that there was a big truth she didn't know, and she questioned why he wouldn't redeem himself if he could. Stitch regretted dragging Ashley into it, but Ashley argued that she'd hired him when no one else had because she'd seen qualities in him, and so did Victoria.

Ashley urged Stitch to tell Victoria the truth if he had a chance to get her back, but he remarked that Ashley had no idea what he'd been through. Ashley reminded him that she knew what it was like to take the blame for a crime she hadn't committed, and she theorized that he'd taken the fall for someone else. Stitch realized that Ashley would have stuck by her guilty story forever in order to protect her dad, and she was grateful that things had worked out without her having to do so. Stitch thanked Ashley and said that she'd helped him make his decision.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Michael returned home, and he set down his keys and the brochure about prostate cancer. Lauren called out that she'd been waiting, and he quickly placed his briefcase on top of the brochure. She emerged in a sexy nurse's outfit and declared that Halloween wasn't just for kids, and she amorously asked him to tell her where it hurt. Lauren offered to test Michael's reflexes or to go straight to a sponge bath, and he said that he loved the sound of both, but he couldn't.

Lauren purred that the nurse begged to differ, but Kevin knocked on the door and yelled that he had treats. Michael pointed out that Kevin shouldn't see her in the skimpy costume, and she went to change clothes. Michael testily answered the door, and Kevin handed him a bag of cookies. Michael inquired whether they had been frosted with more accusations of him having an affair, and Kevin confessed that he'd peeked at Michael's laptop. Kevin reported that he'd seen Michael's screensaver -- a photo of Michael and Lauren on vacation, looking happy.

Kevin thought Michael was clearly a fool in love, and he wondered why Michael would do anything to screw it up. Michael protested that he hadn't, but Kevin demanded that Michael respect him enough not to lie to his face. Kevin said that he wouldn't snoop anymore if the affair wasn't ever going to happen again, and Lauren overheard as she appeared in the doorway. Kevin claimed that they'd been talking about one of Michael's cases, but Lauren thought that she'd heard Kevin accusing Michael of something. Michael sternly stated that Kevin knew better, since Kevin had just called him a fool in love, and Kevin had been absolutely right.

Lauren questioned why Kevin was there, and he made a quick exit. Lauren stared at Michael, who said that he really was a fool for her, and she suggested that she slip the nurse's uniform back on. He said again that he couldn't, but she noted his choice of words, and she asked what was going on with him. Lauren pointed out that she could ignore what she'd heard, but she preferred to talk about Kevin and Jill's accusations that Michael had been seeing someone else.

Michael asked if Lauren was suspicious because he couldn't take her to bed, and he noted that they'd had some spectacular nights and days lately. She countered that distance and disconnection had followed, and she clarified that she was only asking if there was something he was keeping from her. He begged her to trust that he loved her and what they had, and he said that she'd know how much he loved her if she could see inside his head and his heart. Lauren tearfully replied that she thought she did, and he told her not just to think it but to know it. He swore that everything would be all right.

Faith and Mariah arrived at the ranch in their Halloween costumes, and Victor hugged Faith and said she looked beautiful. He sent Faith to get some homemade candy from Bonnie, and Mariah wondered if Victor was grumpy because Nick and Sharon were making it official that day, but he informed her that he hadn't known. She suggested that he send more champagne to congratulate the couple, and he growled that it wasn't going to happen. Mariah inquired whether he meant the champagne or the wedding.

Mariah asserted that Nick and Sharon wanted to get married, so it would happen, and she urged Victor to accept it. Victor huffed that Mariah had sent him on a wild goose chase to Sweden to test Nick and Faith's DNA, and Mariah pointed out that there were labs in the United States. She defended that she'd only reported what she'd heard Sharon say in her sleep, and she asked if it was a bad thing that Faith was Nick's daughter, but Victor contended that the test had only proven that Sharon was hiding something else.

Faith returned with her candy, and Victor suggested that she stop by later to show her costume to Nikki. Faith replied that she couldn't, since she'd be at the wedding, and Mariah prompted Faith to thank Victor. As Faith and Mariah headed to the door, Victor warned that Mariah was making a mistake by taking Sharon's side. Victor reviewed the DNA test paperwork, and he removed the hairbrush and the wine glass from a shipping box and set them on his desk. He grabbed his coat and left.

At the cottage, Nick adjusted his tie, and Sharon descended the stairs in a robe. He said that he knew the wedding wouldn't be formal, but he thought she was pushing it, and she explained that she wanted her dress to be a surprise. He pointed out that a surprise at their last attempted wedding hadn't turned out well, but she promised that it would be a nice surprise -- and the only one allowed that day.

At the Athletic Club, Summer asked if Jack was alone, since she'd thought Phyllis was supposed to be there. Summer worried that Phyllis might be with someone who would spill a secret, but Jack replied that Phyllis was in the restroom. Meanwhile, Phyllis called Nick, and she asked if she'd caught him before he ruined his life. Sharon asked who was on the phone, and Nick fibbed that the call was about a delivery at the Underground. Nick told Phyllis that he wasn't going to do it, and she questioned whether he meant marrying a disaster. He vowed not to let Phyllis blow up his wedding again.

Phyllis said that it was important that she talk to Nick, since she'd been going back and forth, and nothing was making sense. She pleaded with him to hear her out before the ceremony, and he coldly stated that it was good to know she hadn't changed. After Nick hung up, Phyllis muttered to herself that she had been trying to save him. Jack approached and suggested that they head back to their table, but she said she wasn't hungry. He revealed that a special guest had joined them, and Phyllis hugged Summer, who remarked that they were finally breaking bread like a normal family.

Phyllis asked why no one had told her that Summer would be there, and she grumbled that she was sensing a pattern. Jack thought they could use the time to talk about Summer's marriage, and Phyllis inquired where the kidnapper was. Jack warned Phyllis that her comments were counterproductive, and Summer asked if Phyllis' conversation with Nick about Austin had helped. Phyllis groused that Nick was too busy making an honest woman out of Sharon, and Summer didn't know whether she should be worried or relieved that Phyllis was being her usual snarky self. Jack sensed that Phyllis' mind was somewhere else.

Phyllis complained that she was off her game, since playing catch-up was starting to mess with her head. Summer wondered if they should call the doctor, but Phyllis thought she just needed to sort out a few things. Abby approached and loudly over-enunciated as she greeted Phyllis, and Jack reprimanded Abby, but Abby reasoned that she hadn't been sure what state Phyllis was in. Abby said that Phyllis looked amazing, just like the people who had been at the wedding had said. Phyllis wondered why Abby hadn't been at Nick and Sharon's wedding, and Abby revealed that she'd left early because Victoria had gone into false labor.

Phyllis was stunned that Victoria was pregnant, and Jack informed Abby that they couldn't give Phyllis too much information at once. Phyllis asked if Summer and Abby were going to the wedding that day, but Summer said that she'd had enough of Mariah. Phyllis asked who Mariah was, but Summer vaguely stated that Mariah was just a girl. Phyllis wondered if anyone was taking the wedding seriously, and Jack argued that Nick and Sharon were two adults who were making an informed decision. Summer made an excuse to leave, but Phyllis pulled her close and said that she loved Summer more than the moon. Phyllis promised that everything would be okay, and a confused Summer replied that she loved Phyllis, too. As Jack walked Summer to her car, Phyllis gripped Summer's phone in her hand.

Phyllis requested that Abby fill her in about what she'd missed, and Abby resisted the urge to gossip. Jack returned and cut Abby off, and Phyllis explained that she'd only seen online articles, but she needed real dirt. Phyllis reminded Abby that they'd never pulled any punches with one another, and she dared Abby to try to blow her away. Abby rambled on about her dating history, and she mentioned that she'd been engaged to a gorgeous guy who'd been fixated on a girl who had pretended to be a grown Cassie. Phyllis was shocked, and Jack warned Abby to give Phyllis time for things to sink in, but Abby observed that Phyllis was hardly crumbling.

Jack explained that Mariah was Cassie's twin, but no one had known about Mariah's existence. Phyllis realized that Sharon and Nick had another child again, and she guessed that was how Sharon had reeled Nick back in, while Summer had been "benched." Jack decided that they'd reached the limit on looking back, and he asked Phyllis not to fight him. Phyllis requested a moment alone, and she insisted upon taking a cab home. Jack objected, but Phyllis demanded that he let her have control over something, and she sauntered off.

Jack worried that when Phyllis was at a disadvantage, she didn't give up until she had the upper hand. Abby said that he'd flirted with disaster by taking Phyllis to the place where Kelly lived and worked, and Jack explained that he'd made sure Kelly wouldn't be there. Jack felt awful about how Kelly felt and how Phyllis would feel, and Abby sympathized with both Kelly and Phyllis. Jack confided that he thought Phyllis was keeping something from him.

Noah arrived at the cottage in a suit, and he threatened to wear sweatpants the next time if the wedding was postponed again. Nick swore that there would be no more delays, and Noah told Nick that he wasn't worried about Sharon anymore, since Nick and Sharon being together worked. Faith asked if the men were ready, and she and Mariah appeared in the dresses they were going to wear to the wedding. They all turned and watched Sharon walk down the stairs in a simple but elegant dress, and Sharon declared that she had no superstitions.

Nick called himself the luckiest man on earth, and Noah grabbed his camera to take pictures. Mariah started to go upstairs to get Sharon's purse, but Noah teased her for trying to sneak out of being included in family photos, and Mariah stayed. After playfully posing for shots, the group prepared to leave, but Sharon told everyone else to get going while she checked her hair. Once alone, Sharon gazed at herself in the mirror and smiled, and she found Victor at the door.

Victor announced that he was aware of Sharon and Nick's plans to make another attempt at a wedding, and Sharon commended him for responding honestly instead of pretending to be happy for them. Victor huffed that the wedding was a mistake, and he reminded her that she'd asked for his help to uncover her secret. Sharon asserted that she'd tried everything she could to remember, but she and Nick had moved on together. Victor said that he was there as a father who loved his son, and he didn't believe that she was entering the marriage without any concern that she'd hurt Nick again. He implored her to call off the wedding, but Nick entered and proclaimed that the wedding was going to happen no matter what.

Victor pressured Sharon to tell Nick about her concerns, and he insinuated that she had a nagging feeling that the wedding was a mistake. Sharon retorted that her only mistake had been opening the door, and she declared that Nick loved her and that they'd be happy. She hoped that Victor could accept the marriage for Nick's sake, but otherwise, she didn't "give a damn." Victor recalled that Nick had always accused him of not wanting Nick to be happy, and he predicted that Nick wouldn't get what he wanted if he married Sharon. Noah and Mariah entered, and Noah cautioned Victor not to ruin the celebration.

Victor warned that they'd all be in more trouble than they'd bargained for if the wedding took place, and he stalked out. Faith asked what her grandpa had said, but Mariah distracted her by marveling at how in love Sharon and Nick looked. Sharon asked Faith to retrieve her purse from upstairs, and Nick asked if Sharon was okay. Sharon replied that she was fine because of Nick and her children, and she noted that Mariah's actions had shown that she liked them. Mariah weakly protested, and Sharon acknowledged that Mariah had never had a real family, but they all had one another. Sharon praised Mariah for opening up and letting them in, and she said that she was proud of Mariah.

Mariah recounted that someone had asked why she had stayed, and she hadn't wanted to admit it, but the truth was that Sharon had taken a chance on her, even when Mariah had been no one to her. Sharon countered that Mariah had never been "no one," and Mariah continued that she'd seen that Sharon looked after her kids, so she was on Sharon's side, whether Sharon liked it or not. An emotional Mariah took a deep breath and started to leave to make sure everything was ready, but Sharon insisted upon a hug first. Sharon said that she was on Mariah's side, and she added that it meant a lot that Mariah was part of the family.

Faith handed Sharon the purse, and she insisted on getting a bouquet. Noah took Faith to pick out something special, and Sharon commented to Nick that they had amazing kids. Sharon realized that their children really wanted them to be together, and Nick said that the wedding was for the whole family. She gushed that it really felt right, and he said that it felt perfect. They kissed, and Nick received a text message. He relayed that Summer wanted to meet him at the Underground to give him a gift to carry at the wedding, and Sharon urged him to go. Phyllis saw Nick's reply that he'd meet "Supergirl" at the bar.

Nick suggested that Sharon accompany him to the Underground, but she said that he and Summer deserved a moment, since they'd worked hard to get back to a good place. Sharon said she'd meet him at the justice's office, but Nick insisted that they go together as a family. He added that after the ceremony, it would be just him and his bride, and they kissed. Nick departed, and Sharon responded to another knock at the door. "Trick-or-treat," Phyllis ominously stated.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah ran into Kevin, who wondered why she wasn't at the wedding. She reported that things had been getting too warm and fuzzy at the house, and he offered to be her date again. She said it was a small ceremony, but she appreciated the offer, and a frazzled Lauren arrived and pulled Kevin aside. Lauren was sure that she'd heard him mention an affair, and she knew he hadn't been talking about a case.

Kevin insisted that Michael had been going on about how much he loved Lauren just before she'd walked in. Lauren pointed out that she'd loved Michael when she'd made a horrible mistake with Carmine, and she had a terrible feeling she'd lose Michael. Meanwhile, Michael called Dr. Botnik and said he was in discomfort from the biopsy, and he asked if there was any way to speed up the test results.

At the ranch, Victor looked at the DNA test file again, and he set it down when Summer entered and called out for him. They hugged, and she said she was thankful he'd helped her mom to wake up, but she was concerned that Phyllis didn't seem like herself. Summer explained that Phyllis was still her mom, but something seemed different, and she theorized it was a side effect from the treatment. Summer reported that something was driving Phyllis to distraction, and Victor wondered what it could be.

Summer said that Phyllis was wrapped up in her own head, and it had seemed like Phyllis hadn't heard what she'd said, but then Phyllis had suddenly hugged her and said she'd loved Summer. Victor asked if Phyllis had said anything in particular about anyone, but Summer suddenly spotted her hairbrush and asked what it was doing there. Victor was stunned that the hairbrush was hers.

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