Y&R Recaps: The week of March 9, 2015 on The Young and the Restless
Someone hit Abby over the head. Kevin discovered footage that indicated Austin had intended to expose the Abbotts and the Newmans in a documentary. Kelly told the police that her accusations against Phyllis had been lies. Billy asked “Gabriel” to be his best man.
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Monday, March 9, 2015

At Crimson Lights, Ben told Victoria that he'd noticed her reaction when Chelsea and Billy had announced their engagement. Victoria was puzzled when Ben explained that Billy's plans to remarry had upset her more than she'd been willing to admit. Victoria explained that it was human nature to have ambivalent feelings, but she insisted that Ben was seeing a problem that didn't exist. Victoria changed the subject and expressed her concern about Abby. Ben scoffed and shook his head in disgust, but Victoria explained that Abby was being shunned and needed emotional support. Ben agreed to be friendly the next time he encountered Abby.

At the Abbott mansion, Chelsea was fretting about the quickly arranged engagement party. Billy assured her that Jack would handle the arrangements. Chelsea cried that she needed access to her clothes, her accessories, and her jewelry. Billy suggested she embark on a shopping trip. Again, Chelsea protested and said she didn't have time to shop.

Billy, taken aback, asked, "Are you stressing about the engagement party, or is this about getting married? You haven't changed your mind, have you?" Noting Chelsea's angst about the trappings of a traditional wedding, Billy said, "So let's elope!" Chelsea replied, "I'm sorry, Billy, but I just can't do it." Billy worriedly studied Chelsea's face. Chelsea said they deserved a special wedding day to share with the people they loved.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Adam complained to Sage that Jack was supposed to have dissuaded Billy from marrying Chelsea instead of throwing them an engagement party. Sage was anxious about discussing her relationship with Adam. Adam, biding his time with Sage in order for both of them to inherit the Bingham estate, said he was aware of the meeting set up with the estate planner. Sage announced that Mr. Tipton, the estate planner, would no longer have a reason to monitor their relationship because she and Adam would be filing for divorce. Adam warned Sage that she wouldn't have a chance with Nick because he'd once again reunite with Sharon.

Sage told Adam that if they stayed married, it would spoil his opportunity to reunite with Chelsea before she married Billy. Adam mentioned the inheritance, but Sage noted that Constance had left her enough to live on. Sage added that there was more to life than money. Adam, recalling that he'd lost everything, became irate and reminded Sage that she was the one who'd arranged for him to be transformed into Gabriel Bingham. Adam yelled, "I can't do it without that money. I won't have a life!"

Mr. Tipton interrupted Adam and Sage's heated discussion. Sage greeted their guest and invited him to sit down. Mr. Tipton noted that Adam and Sage's relationship seemed tense. Adam mentioned the fire and said he and Sage had been displaced. Mr. Tipton said he wanted to visit the couple after they returned to their apartment. Mr. Tipton wrapped up his business and said he'd be in touch.

After Mr. Tipton left, Sage angrily eyed Adam and said, "I kept my mouth shut for a reason, and you're not going to like it." Sage explained that after she'd become aware of Adam's desperation, she'd realized that she was in the driver's seat. She added that getting the money would be nice, but she warned Adam that she didn't care about walking away if he continued to drive her crazy.

Sage warned Adam not to mention anything about her and Nick, not to take his frustrations out on her, and not to get worked up about Chelsea and Billy's engagement. Adam winced when Sage added, "You're going to send us both to jail." Adam said, "You don't tell me what to do." Sage replied, "I believe I just did." After Adam left, Sage smiled contentedly.

Adam returned to the Abbott mansion and visited with Billy after Chelsea left. Billy asked about the meeting with Mr. Tipton and said it had to have been difficult to put on an act. Adam said it was likely more difficult for Sage to pretend she was in love. Adam added that it wasn't an act for him. Adam said he hoped that soon it would no longer be just an act for Sage.

Billy said, "I hope it works out well for the two of you." Adam asked if Billy and Chelsea had set a date. Billy said they hadn't yet finalized all of their plans. Adam was surprised when Billy asked him to be the best man. Adam suggested that Billy ask Jack or a friend to be best man. Billy noted that if "Gabriel" hadn't saved his life, he wouldn't be able to marry Chelsea. Adam accepted Billy's invitation.

Chelsea ran into Sage at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Chelsea said she'd hoped to at least look over the menu for the engagement party. Sage noted that Chelsea seemed apprehensive about her marriage plans. Chelsea explained that she'd married Dylan McAvoy for the all the wrong reasons and had later married Adam Newman twice because she had truly loved him very much. Chelsea added that her marriage to Adam had ended tragically. Sage offered sympathy for Chelsea's loss. Chelsea's mood changed, and she brightly said, "This time, it's going to last!" Sage feigned agreement and nodded.

Abby stopped by Jabot's laboratory and lamented that almost everyone was angry at her about the affair she'd had with Austin. Abby sobbed and said she was in a dark place because she wasn't even allowed to mourn Austin. Ashley tenderly consoled her daughter. Ashley explained that she'd been in Abby's place. Ashley recalled that she'd become involved with ex-husband Cole Howard, a writer, before he'd ended his marriage to Victoria. Ashley said she wasn't proud of her past, but she wanted Abby to know that she'd been in the same predicament.

Ashley advised Abby to find a happy life without a man. Ashley also told Abby to earn Summer's forgiveness. Abby cried that she and Summer might never be able to reconnect. Ben stopped by. Ben lavished Abby with compliments about the marketing plans she'd developed. Ashley left. Ben continued to praise Abby's work. Abby was taken aback by Ben's sudden change in attitude and said, "Tell me what's really going on with this sudden onset of friendliness."

Ben admitted that Victoria had asked him to be supportive. Abby insisted that she'd never set out to sleep with Summer's husband. After Abby mentioned Austin's documentary work, Ben said that Austin had approached him, asking questions about the Abbotts and the Newmans because Austin had wanted an outsider's viewpoint. Ben said he'd opted not to participate because Austin's project had seemed more like an exposé about the local business titans. Abby insisted that Austin wouldn't have used her in such a way. Ben replied, "Abby, I wouldn't lie to you about this." Abby insisted Ben was wrong before she rushed out.

Ashley went to Crimson Lights and ran into Victoria. Ashley thanked Victoria for supporting Abby. Ashley said she'd assumed Victoria had instructed Ben to treat Abby kindly. Ashley added, "Even though you don't have a problem using my formula for your own gain, at least where Abby's concerned, we can be on the same side." Victoria replied, "You couldn't just say 'thank you,' could you?" Ashley appeared to regret her disagreeable response.

Ashley noted that she'd created the fragrance Victoria was about to release. Victoria said Ashley should be upset with Victor. Ashley apologized and acknowledged that Victor was the one who'd stolen Jabot's intellectual property. Ashley added that she'd had a rough morning with Abby. Victoria and Ashley pledged a truce and shook hands. Victoria vowed to support her sister and remain loyal to her family.

Victoria met up with Ben at the Jabot laboratory. Ben told Victoria about Austin's exposé on her family. Victoria replied, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Ben explained that to him, Austin had appeared to just be another kid with a camera. Ben recalled that Austin had approached him on Valentine's Day. Victoria cried, "As if his death wasn't tragic enough, Summer was devastated. Now we learn that he was making a documentary."

Ben said Abby had taken the news hard after learning that Austin had been using her. Victoria thanked Ben for being a friend to Abby. Victoria added that Ashley was also appreciative. Victoria admitted to Ben that she had been apprehensive about Billy's engagement. She assured Ben that she didn't yearn to reunite with Billy. Victoria added that she would always consider Billy to be part of her family because they shared children together. Victoria told Ben they wouldn't be able to move forward with their relationship if he couldn't accept her terms.

At the Abbott cabin, Summer opened the door to the armoire and peered inside. Summer was startled when she saw an image of Austin reflected in the mirror attached to the inside of the open door. When Summer turned around, she saw no one. She collapsed to the floor, crying, "No, no, no!" In a flashback, Summer recalled having argued with Austin about kissing Abby. Summer was startled back to reality when Kyle reached out and grabbed her arm.

Summer told Kyle she'd been remembering an encounter with Austin when Kyle had grabbed her arm. Kyle encouraged Abby to remember more about what had happened the night Austin had died. Summer recalled having seen Austin and Abby arguing before she'd drank the spiked punch. She cried that after Austin had held fast to her arm and refused to let her leave, she vaguely remembered holding the bookend. Kyle asked Summer if she remembered hitting Austin with the bookend, but Summer said she couldn't and didn't want to remember.

After recalling another memory, Summer breathed a sigh of relief. Summer cried that she definitely wasn't the one who'd killed Austin. Kyle asked Summer if she remembered seeing anyone else hit Austin. Summer shook her head, indicating that she couldn't. Summer moved toward the armoire. Startled, Summer suddenly noticed Abby's reflection in the mirror.

When Summer turned around, she saw Abby standing in the doorway. Abby said she had something to share about Austin, but Summer said she didn't want to hear it. Abby apologized to Summer and said she'd do anything possible to make amends. Summer slapped Abby's cheek and yelled, "I will never forgive you!" Kyle quickly whisked Summer away. Abby, holding her cheek, sobbed.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

In the confessional, Victor told an unseen person that he'd fought the war for decades, but it would eventually end, and Jack would be stripped of everything. He implored the person to be patient, and it would all work out.

At Crimson Lights, Avery informed Dylan she had a free evening for him that night, and she suggested they go out and have fun. He joked that people thought of him when they thought of fun, but she seemed unconvinced, and he considered it a challenge to prove he could be fun. Avery asked what "Mr. Fun" had planned, and he announced that they were going bowling. She said it sounded amazing, but her phone rang, and her expression fell as she thanked someone for letting her know. She cursed and told Dylan that she had to cancel their plans.

After Avery left, Joe dropped off a box at the coffeehouse, and Dylan asked if the contents were ticking. Joe swore that he was there in peace, and he announced that he'd checked out of his hotel. Dylan proclaimed that Joe leaving town was the best possible news he could hear, but Joe divulged that he was moving into a loft, and he'd pulled some stuff out of storage. Dylan inquired about Joe's Valentine's Day promise to Avery to leave Genoa City, and he demanded to know why Joe was staying. Joe vaguely stated that he had a business opportunity.

Joe promised he didn't plan to level any coffee shops, but Dylan suspected that Joe was still trying to push his way back into Avery's life, and he warned Joe to give it up. Dylan asked whether the box contained another lame piece of memorabilia, but Joe stated that he'd simply returned something that belonged to Avery. Joe was certain Avery would want what was inside, and he urged Dylan to take a look. Joe walked out, and Dylan stared at the box.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis fretted that she'd been trying to reach Summer all day, and Jack hoped Kyle was helping Summer through a tough time. Jack promised they would all be there for Summer when she was ready to let them in, and Phyllis anticipated that Victor would be there, too. Jack admitted he trusted Victor where Summer was concerned, and Phyllis remarked that she trusted Victor in a lot of ways, including getting the charges against her dropped. Jack referred to an old business axiom -- trust but verify.

Avery stopped by the mansion, and she relayed that the D.A.'s office had pushed up Phyllis' trial to the next day. Phyllis wondered how Christine had done that when she'd just lost her baby, and she couldn't believe Christine had found the strength to walk, much less go to court. Phyllis empathized with Christine, but she was certain that Christine was taking her grief out on Phyllis. Avery planned to ask for a continuance, but she cautioned that it would only be a delay.

Jack assured Phyllis that he had things covered, and Avery asked what was going on. Phyllis revealed that Jack and Victor were working together, and Jack explained that he was working his connections with congressmen and judges to go over Christine's head if she took the case to trial. Avery didn't like it, and she asked about Victor's role. Jack divulged that Victor claimed to have an ace in the hole, but he had no idea if Victor intended to hold up his end of the bargain.

Avery returned to the coffeehouse and panicked that the trial was happening too quickly. She planned to drown in coffee and devise a strategy, and Dylan asked if she was curious about the box. Avery observed that Dylan seemed more anxious about it than she did, and she declared that she didn't need any more knickknacks from her past with Joe, since she'd eradicated him from her life. Dylan assured her that he knew she had, and they kissed, but he turned the topic back to the box. Dylan wanted to know what Joe was trying to pull, and Avery reached over and opened the box.

Dylan asked what was wrong, and Avery pulled out a wedding dress. He commented that it was beautiful, but he couldn't believe Joe had left it for her, and he said she should return it. Avery firmly stated that she wouldn't send it back, and Dylan guessed that Joe had wanted to remind her of their wedding day. Avery said it didn't, and she revealed that it had been her grandmother's wedding dress, so she intended to keep it. Dylan understood, and Avery encouraged him to get past his perception that Joe was trying to break them up.

Dylan regretted that he'd lost it when he'd seen the moves Joe had been trying to pull, and Avery pointed out that she'd kept it together when she'd seen Dylan with Sharon. Avery recounted that she hadn't said a thing about Sharon having Dylan over for dinner, and Dylan defended that he'd just been a friend to Sharon after everyone else had turned against her. Avery said she hadn't let it affect their relationship, and Dylan countered that Sharon wasn't trying to break them up the way Joe was. Avery sarcastically remarked that Sharon would never interfere in someone else's relationship, and Dylan offered to take the box home for Avery. Joe watched from the patio as Avery kissed Dylan goodbye.

At the police station, Paul protested when Christine wanted to stay and put in some hours, but she argued that the hospital wouldn't have released her if she hadn't been well enough to work. He urged her to go home and rest, but she contended that she had pending cases. Paul pleaded with her to wait a day or two, but Christine declared that justice couldn't wait, and she'd already moved up Phyllis' court date. "She's finally going to get what's coming to her," Christine sternly pledged.

Paul insisted that Christine was in no condition to prosecute a case, but Christine snarled that she was more than ready to bury Phyllis. Paul encouraged Christine to give herself time to recover from the trauma, but she countered that stress wasn't an issue anymore, since there was no longer a baby involved. Paul thought Christine was taking out her anger toward Nikki on Phyllis, and Christine barked that it was time someone took the blame for what they'd done. She testily added that she couldn't count on Nikki being prosecuted for her actions, since she anticipated that Paul wouldn't let it happen.

Paul pointed out that he'd arrested Nikki, and Christine grumbled that Nikki was out on bail, but Paul reminded her that it had been the judge's call. Christine ranted that Nikki was free to live her life with the long-lost son Nikki shared with Paul, but Christine would never have that because Nikki had taken away her daughter. Paul told Christine to stop, and he tearfully stressed that he'd lost a daughter, too. Christine wished she could believe Paul, but she thought he couldn't see the facts clearly because Nikki was the mother of his son.

Christine complained that Paul sided with Nikki about everything, and Paul's voice trembled as he tearfully asked whether Christine thought he didn't want justice. Paul added that he also wanted his wife, and Christine replied that she was right there. Paul clarified that he wanted her to be healthy and strong, but she wasn't taking care of herself, and it was scaring him. He insisted that she needed time to rest and heal, but he worried that she was turning everything into anger, and they needed to get through it together. He begged her to let him take her home, but she wailed that she didn't want to go home.

Christine reiterated that she just wanted to go to her office and do her job, but Paul suspected she was running away from him. She confided that she was avoiding going home, since she couldn't handle seeing the nursery or the baby things they'd bought. Paul recognized that it was too soon, and he proposed that they stay at the Athletic Club until she was ready go home and put away their baby's things together. They cried and held one another close.

At the ranch, Neil adamantly told Nikki that he couldn't let her take the heat for something he'd done, but she pointed out that the Breathalyzer had proven she hadn't been drinking. Neil bemoaned that he kept reliving the moment when he'd grabbed the wheel, and he couldn't get the impact and the sound out of his mind. He continued that he'd been constantly drinking, and he couldn't eat or sleep, so he had to tell the truth about how Christine had lost her baby. Nikki ordered him to stick with their story, or he'd face manslaughter charges, but Neil worried that Paul was going after her.

Nikki surmised that Paul had overreacted because he was grieving, but she imagined she'd be cleared once he handed the case over to someone else. Neil argued that eyewitnesses had seen the car head straight for Christine, but Nikki reiterated that it had been an accident. Neil lamented that he was responsible for killing a baby, and Nikki warned that he'd be prosecuted if he told the police he had grabbed the wheel. Neil insisted he deserved it, but Nikki replied, "Do I?" She reminded him that she'd lied to the police to cover for him, and he had to stick to the story, or they could both end up in prison.

Victor arrived home, and Neil claimed he was there to check on Nikki after the accident. Victor mentioned that he hadn't seen Neil's car outside, and Neil explained that he'd taken a cab. After Neil departed, Victor questioned why Neil had really been there, and Nikki said she and Neil had gone through a horrific experience that they both felt terrible about. Victor continued to press her about what had really happened during the accident, and Nikki became incensed that Victor thought she'd swerved into Christine intentionally. Victor asserted that he'd never believe Nikki was capable of that, but he wanted to know if Neil had played a role in the accident.

Victor asked how Nikki had lost control of the car, and Nikki speculated that there had been some black ice. She swore she didn't know what had caused the accident, but she had been the one driving, so it hadn't been Neil's fault. Victor said he was worried about Neil, who had reeked of liquor, and Nikki admitted Neil had started drinking again after the plane crash and the end of his marriage to Hilary. Victor suggested that Neil get help from Alcoholics Anonymous, and Nikki revealed that she'd been taking Neil to a meeting when she'd had the accident.

Victor questioned whether Neil had been ready to get help, and Nikki disclosed that going to the meeting had been her idea. Victor asked if she and Neil had argued about going, and he theorized that an argument had distracted her. Nikki fibbed that there had been no argument, and she complained that no one would accept that it had simply been a horrible accident. Victor thought the story didn't make sense, and he implored Nikki to tell him whether Neil had been to blame.

Nikki said she didn't need Victor's help because she hadn't done anything wrong, and he told her not to get upset, but she reprimanded him for insinuating she was a liar. He promised to drop it, but he was worried about her health in more ways than one, since he believed there was something she wasn't telling him. Jack called Victor and said they needed to discuss their common interest, and the men made arrangements to meet at the club. Victor informed Nikki that if she intended to look for the booze, he'd had it all removed. After Victor departed, Nikki left a message for Neil, inviting him to attend a meeting with her.

At the Athletic Club, Lily asked Devon if he'd seen their dad, since she'd heard Neil had been involved a car accident. Devon worried that Neil had been drinking and driving, but Lily said Neil had been a passenger in Nikki's car, and Devon blamed himself for setting it all in motion. Devon said he'd never been deluded about the pain he'd cause Neil, but Lily coldly accused Devon of being willing to risk killing their father. Devon regretted that more people had been hurt by the fallout, and Lily admonished him for not considering how his and Hilary's affair would blow their family apart.

Lily advised Devon to take the accident as a sign to stop whining about losing Hilary and forget about her, since Hilary had been even more responsible than Devon had. Devon vowed to repair what he could with his family, but Lily predicted that Neil would never forgive Devon. Kelly approached and informed Devon that a VIP guest wanted to say hello to him at an event upstairs, and after he departed, she asked if Lily was okay. Lily didn't want to talk about it, and Kelly mentioned that Phyllis' trial was slated to start sooner than expected. Lily imagined that Kelly was worried about how it would turn out, but Kelly brightly stated that she wasn't worried at all.

Across the dining room, Jack sat down at a table with Victor, and he mentioned that Phyllis' trial had been moved up, so they didn't have a lot of time to solidify a plan. Jack demanded to know who or what Victor's ace in the hole was, but Victor thought it would be better for Phyllis if Jack didn't know. The men argued about their agreement, and Victor recalled that their plan for was Phyllis to be found not guilty. Jack refused to simply take Victor's word, since it had been a shifty commodity in the past, and as Victor looked over at Kelly, he steadfastly asserted, "Phyllis will walk. I guarantee it."

Neil chugged back a drink at the bar, and he ordered another. Victor approached and remarked that it had been nice of Neil to check on Nikki, and he admitted he was worried about Nikki, since things she'd said about the accident hadn't rung true. Neil played dumb, and Victor assumed that Neil knew Nikki had fallen off the wagon. Victor said it was a terrible thing when people started lying without thinking, and he suspected that Neil knew more than he was letting on. Victor warned that he wouldn't allow his wife to be prosecuted for something she hadn't done, and he hoped Neil wasn't withholding anything. Neil tossed back his drink and remained silent.

Victor asked about Neil's vision, and Neil replied that it wasn't 100 percent, but it was returning. Victor imagined that Neil had seen everything when Nikki had hit Christine, but Neil claimed he'd seen little because it had happened very quickly. Victor implored Neil to tell him about it when Neil remembered everything, and Neil stumbled to the door. Devon tried to help Neil, but Neil insisted on getting home on his own, and Devon said he didn't want Neil to get into another accident. Neil growled that it hadn't been an accident, and he divulged that he'd grabbed the steering wheel. "I killed that baby," Neil confessed.

Jack met Phyllis for a nice dinner to calm her pre-trial nerves, and Christine sauntered in and haughtily advised Phyllis to enjoy her last meal as a free woman, since she intended to put Phyllis away for the maximum sentence. Phyllis recognized that Christine was mourning a loss, but Christine warned her not to dare talk about the baby. Christine raged that Phyllis had tried to murder her rival, and she had a witness who would testify about the nasty, vicious things Phyllis had done. Phyllis said she hadn't done anything, and she asked if Christine was talking about Kelly. Kelly joined them and chirped, "That's right."

Jack huffed that Kelly's testimony would be a pack of lies, but Christine was confident the jury would convict Phyllis once they heard Kelly's story. Kelly announced that there wouldn't be a trial after what she had to tell them.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Devon helped the inebriated Neil get home. Neil protested -- he had asked Devon to drive him to the police station to confess. Hilary overheard Neil and wondered what he needed to confess to.

Neil wondered what "the cheater" was doing in the apartment. Hilary said she was there to gather her belongings -- she planned to get the rest of her things and "go." The drunken Neil said, "No. I'm going. I'm going to jail." Hilary asked Neil why he thought he was going to jail. Neil began to answer, but Devon interrupted him, telling Hilary that Neil's personal life was no longer any of her business.

Hilary looked at Neil and repeated, "What did you do?" Devon answered that Neil had married a woman whose lies "bordered on the sociopathic." Devon then ordered Hilary to leave. As Hilary turned to go, Devon asked her to leave her apartment key. Hilary said she wouldn't hand over the key until she learned what had been going on.

Devon pulled Hilary aside and handed her a money clip containing several hundred-dollar bills. When Hilary asked what the money was for, Devon replied, "For services rendered."

Neil stirred on the couch and, still drunk, said that Hilary could take the condo, the car, everything -- he didn't care. Neil blurted out, "I'm going directly to jail. As soon as they find out." Hilary interrupted, "Find out what?" Devon insisted that Neil didn't know what he was saying. Hilary once again asked Neil what he had done. Through tears, Neil replied, "I killed a baby."

Neil was passed out on the couch. Hilary wanted to know what Neil meant when he'd said that he had killed a baby. Devon tried to cover -- he told Hilary that people said all sorts of crazy things when they were drunk. When Hilary didn't buy that, Devon begged her to take the money he had given her and leave.

Hilary realized Devon wasn't planning on giving her information. She told him that she would find out on her own -- after all, Devon knew what she was capable of. Devon broke down and told Hilary that a drunk Neil had been responsible for the car accident that caused Christine to lose her baby. Hilary couldn't help but stop her "evil witch" act and tell Devon how sorry she was.

Hilary asked Devon, "What are we going to do?" Devon replied that "we" weren't going to do anything. Neil had his family for support -- and Neil's family no longer included Hilary. Hilary grabbed her luggage and left.

At the Athletic Club, Christine didn't understand why Kelly had said that Phyllis wasn't going on trial. Christine said there was going to be a trial, and Kelly was going to testify against Phyllis. Nervously, Kelly said that she couldn't testify, as she had been lying all along. Kelly admitted that she had made up the stories about Phyllis trying to poison her and Jack making love to her at the Underground.

Paul asked Kelly why she had lied. She replied that she had been desperate to hang on to Jack and had been trying to drive a wedge between Jack and Phyllis. Paul wondered if someone had threatened Kelly. Jack noticed that Kelly's eyes darted over to the right. He turned around and noticed that Victor was sitting in a nearby booth.

Kelly told Christine and Paul that no one had forced her to change her testimony. Paul warned Kelly to think carefully about retracting her statement -- Kelly could face criminal charges if she had filed a false police report.

As Victor listened in, Christine said that someone had to have gotten to Kelly and forced her to recant. Kelly insisted that no one had pressured her. She was disgusted with herself for everything she had done in an effort to regain Jack's affection. Jack ordered Kelly to remain silent.

Jack told Kelly she shouldn't be speaking with Paul and Christine without a lawyer. Christine grew frantic. She didn't know why Kelly would take the fall for Phyllis. Paul told Christine he needed to speak with her in private, and the Williamses walked away.

In the foyer, Christine told Paul that she knew Phyllis was behind Kelly's recantation -- and Christine wasn't going to allow Phyllis to get away with it. Paul felt that Christine was allowing her grief over losing their unborn child to cloud her judgment.

Jack warned Kelly that she needed to be careful about what she said to the police. Kelly told Jack that she wanted him to know why she had framed Phyllis. Phyllis snapped, "Because you're a lunatic." Kelly swooned, but Jack caught her before she hit the floor. Christine and Paul returned to the dining room, wondering what had happened. Jack roused the unconscious Kelly.

Phyllis demanded that Christine exonerate Phyllis and arrest Kelly. Christine said Kelly's retraction seemed a bit too convenient. There had to be more to the confession than a sudden attack of conscience.

Victor approached the group and, after expressing his condolences to Christine for having lost the baby, told her that being district attorney didn't give Christine carte blanche to write the rules. Christine told Victor that it wasn't really any of his business. Victor reminded Christine that she was an elected official, and he was a concerned citizen. Christine shook her head and said that something wasn't right.

Kelly told Paul to arrest her. Victor told Christine to drop the charges against Phyllis. Paul sighed and arrested Kelly for filing a false police report. After they were gone, Jack said that Kelly hadn't had a "crisis of conscience." He wondered what Victor had done to make Kelly confess.

Victor didn't understand why Jack wasn't happy that Phyllis had been cleared. Jack said he was happy -- but worried that Kelly might change her mind. Victor told Jack not to worry about that and reiterated that Phyllis had been cleared of all charges. He questioned if that was enough. Phyllis replied, "Yes. Absolutely." After Victor left, Phyllis asked Jack why he wasn't happier about the turn of events.

Jack said he was happy that Kelly had told the truth, but he knew what Victor was capable of. He told Phyllis that Kelly had been through a lot, and Jack blamed himself for that. Phyllis gently said that Kelly was finally out of their lives, and it was time for Jack and Phyllis to move on.

In the police station interrogation room, Paul started a recorder and asked Kelly to make a formal statement on the events surrounding her "poisoning." Kelly spoke about how she and Jack had fallen in love while Phyllis had been in a coma. According to Kelly, things had changed when Phyllis had returned to Genoa City -- Jack had broken off his engagement to Kelly and proposed to Phyllis.

Kelly said she hadn't been able to accept losing Jack and had started pulling stunts to make it appear as if Phyllis was a lunatic. Kelly confessed that she, not Phyllis, had spiked her own tea with antifreeze. Kelly then claimed to have erased all the security footage so nobody would know she had poisoned herself.

After the interrogation, Paul met with Christine in his office. He told her that Kelly's confession had been recorded, and they were going to have to drop the charges against Phyllis. Christine didn't say a word. She grabbed her purse and coat and stormed out of Paul's office, slamming the door behind her.

Victor visited with Kelly in the interrogation room. Kelly said she had done what Victor had wanted -- and Victor had better keep up his end of the deal. Victor looked at her and said, "You will get what you want -- and more."

At Crimson Lights, Summer told Kyle that she was still upset about Abby's "so-called apology." Kyle advised Summer not to be consumed with anger. Summer opened her compact and was rendered speechless when she saw that someone had, in lipstick, written, "I Saw What You Did," on her compact's mirror.

Alone at the Abbott cabin, Abby remembered the conversation she'd had with Mariah at the Valentine's Day party. Abby had begged Mariah not to tell Summer about Abby's affair with Austin. Abby also remembered Austin's memorial service and how Summer had reacted after realizing that Abby had slept with Austin.

Mariah showed up at the cabin, and she and Abby began their usual bickering. Abby wondered why Mariah had travelled to the cabin, and Mariah wondered about Abby's reason for being there. Abby reminded Mariah that the cabin belonged to the Abbott family. Mariah said she knew exactly why Abby was there -- the cabin was "the scene of the crime."

Summer sent a text message to Abby, Mariah, Noah, Courtney, and Kevin, asking them to meet her at the cabin. Abby wondered why Summer wanted to meet there. After Mariah snidely suggested that perhaps Summer had arranged for Abby to be tarred and feathered, Abby once again asked Mariah what she was doing at the cabin.

Mariah, obviously lying, told Abby that she had left her scarf there. Abby didn't believe Mariah would have driven all the way to the cabin just to pick up a scarf. Mariah said that, unlike rich people like Abby, "real" people had to keep track of their belongings because "we can't just go to Fenmore's and buy another one."

Abby said she had driven to the cabin to apologize to Summer for sleeping with Austin. Mariah wondered how that had worked out. Abby admitted that Summer had slapped her. Mariah smiled and said she hadn't thought "Snowflake" had it in her.

Summer, Kyle, Courtney, Noah, and Kevin arrived at the cabin. Noah wondered why Summer had summoned them there. Summer showed the group the sinister message that had been left on her compact's mirror, and she accused Abby of writing it. Abby insisted that she hadn't written the message -- either time.

Summer was angry that Kyle hadn't told her about the first message -- the one that had been written on the mirror in the armoire where Austin's body had been stashed. Kevin told Summer the first message had read, "I Know What Happened Here." Summer rushed to the armoire and opened the door. She saw that the first message had been erased. Kyle admitted that he had erased it. Summer wondered why Kyle hadn't simply told her about the first message at Crimson Lights. Summer wanted to know why he'd had her text the group, asking them to meet at the cabin. Kyle replied, "Because we're not leaving here until we figure out who did this."

Summer repeated her suspicion that Abby had left the messages. Abby said she hadn't had the affair with Austin in order to hurt Summer. Tearfully, Abby talked about her failed relationships -- how she had always wanted what she couldn't have. Perhaps, Abby said, she didn't deserve real love. When Abby finished, Mariah began slowly applauding and said, "Wow, Abby, if you can fake sincerity like that, then I absolutely believe you're lying about sending those messages."

Summer agreed with Mariah and told Abby that all she did was lie. Abby flipped out and left the cabin. Courtney and Kevin thought that perhaps someone had been, and still was, watching them. Kyle left to find Abby and escort her back to the cabin. He said that until they figured out what had been going on, they all needed to stick together.

Kyle found Abby having a cup of coffee at Crimson Lights. He played the sympathy card and told her that what she had done wasn't so horrible, but Abby saw through the ploy and realized he was trying to get her to confess to sending the lipstick messages. Abby became upset and thought that her partners in the cover-up probably thought she had killed Austin.

Abby threatened to go to the police and tell Paul exactly what had happened at the cabin. Kyle insisted that Abby stick with the group's cover story. Abby said that the story -- as well as the group -- was falling apart. Abby rushed out of the coffee shop.

Back at the cabin, Noah threw suspicion in Kyle's direction. Noah thought it was too coincidental that Kyle had returned to Genoa City just before Austin's murder. Summer defended Kyle, reminding an unconvinced Noah that Kyle had shown up to tell Summer about Austin and Abby's affair.

Summer didn't think Kyle was responsible for the messages. As a matter of fact, she thought Kyle was trying to convince Abby to admit that she had sent the messages. Courtney disagreed, saying that whoever had sent the messages was trying to control them using fear. Abby didn't fit that profile.

Mariah agreed with Courtney. Abby was dishonest and selfish -- but not pathological. Kevin ran down the list of suspects: the group that was currently at the cabin and the "mysterious watcher." Noah reminded Kevin that Fen had been at the party but had left soon after Austin's body had been discovered. Kevin told the group that Fen had needed to get back to school. Summer said she knew Fen well, and he had not been trying to hurt anyone when he had laced the punch.

Mariah chuckled and said that Summer was "the worst judge of men ever." Mariah and Summer began arguing. Summer accused Mariah of sending the messages. Noah tried to intervene, but the fighting intensified. Mariah said that perhaps Summer, in some "post-murder crack-up," had sent the messages. Summer tried to attack Mariah physically, but Noah and Kevin kept them apart.

After Noah and Kevin got Mariah and Summer to calm down, Courtney said the whole situation had gotten out of control. It was time for them to go to the police. Kevin, Noah, and Mariah wanted to know why Courtney would even suggest going to the cops. Courtney told them they were in over their heads, and the person who was "doing this" was dangerous.

Kevin proposed another theory of the crime. He thought that nothing that had happened was random -- starting with the way they had all reacted to the drug in the punch. Courtney said she had been thinking the same thing. Noah wondered if Kevin was suggesting that someone besides Fen had laced the punch. Kevin said that Fen had never expected everyone to pass out from the drugs.

Kevin continued. While they had been unconscious, Austin had been murdered and his body had shown up in a car. Soon after, the messages had begun. Kevin thought that someone had been watching them and plotting against them for a long time. As Summer asked, "Who would want to kill Austin?" they heard a rustling noise outside. Noah and Kevin ran out but saw no one. Noah said, "Someone was here."

Noah and Kevin walked back into the cabin. They told Courtney, Mariah, and Summer that they had seen footprints, but they didn't know whose they were. Summer started freaking out and said they needed to go to the police. Mariah said they hadn't gone to the police after Austin's murder in an effort to protect Summer. Summer reminded Mariah that, at that time, Summer had thought she had murdered Austin, but she no longer did.

Courtney wanted an explanation from Summer as to why she no longer thought she had killed Austin. Summer said she remembered having argued with Austin the night of the party. She also recalled picking up the bookend, but she had dropped it. She had never struck Austin.

Courtney said the new information from Summer strengthened Kevin's theory that whoever was sending the messages was the real killer. Summer repeated her plea to tell all to the police. Kevin told Summer that if the police learned that they had covered up a murder, they would all be in serious trouble. Noah felt the situation was getting out of hand -- he agreed with Summer that they should go to the police.

Noah, Courtney, and Summer stopped in Chancellor Park for a moment on their way to the police station. Simultaneously, the three of them eyed a seemingly lifeless body on the ground. Noah pushed aside the person's blonde hair -- it was Abby, her forehead covered with blood.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

At the hospital, Lauren said she was proud of Michael for making progress with his radiation treatment, and he glumly remarked that time would tell. She recognized that he was going through a lot, but she thought they had a lot to be grateful for. Lauren gushed that they had their family and one another, and she hoped he'd be cancer-free soon. She added that they had their whole lives ahead of them, but Michael didn't seem convinced. "Our whole lives," he muttered to himself.

At the Athletic Club, Michael spoke with Fen over the phone, and after he hung up, he told Lauren that Fen was worried to an extreme about Summer. Lauren commented that their son was very loyal, just like they were, and Michael noted that their loyalty had been tested. Lauren suspected something was troubling Michael, and he admitted he'd been thinking about what would happen after his treatment was finished. She declared that he would be cancer-free, but he said there were no guarantees it wouldn't return.

Michael remained concerned about the side effects, and he asked what Lauren thought her life would be like if she outlived him. Lauren replied that she'd thought about what his life would be like if he outlived her, but she didn't want to dwell on it, since no one was leaving anyone. She proclaimed that she'd never find anyone she loved as much as she loved him, but Michael fretted that his ability to perform sexually would be permanently affected. Lauren asserted that there were different ways to make love, but she didn't want to discuss it in a restaurant.

Michael excused himself to go to the restroom, and the bartender set down a drink in front of Lauren and flirtatiously remarked that he'd made it with blue curacao to go with her eyes. Lauren informed him that her eyes were hazel, but she was sure he used the line on all his female customers. They discussed what kind of drinks she liked as Michael returned, and the bartender walked away. Michael testily asked whether she could wait until he was incapacitated to start auditioning for his replacement.

Michael snapped that dumb, good-looking bartenders were Lauren's type, and she assumed he was acting like a "jackass" because he was in a lousy mood after his treatment. She barked that it wasn't okay to take it out on her, and she contended that the bartender had simply been interested in a good tip. Michael argued that she was a beautiful woman, and the last time he'd been emotionally unavailable, she'd turned to another man. He thought it would happen again if he became physically unavailable, and Lauren asked if he honestly thought she wanted to find someone else. Michael countered that it was about what she needed, and Lauren stormed off.

Lauren returned to the table and apologized, and she recognized that the radiation had taken a toll on him, but he'd been brave and stoic until then. She said she'd forgotten to consider how frightened he had to be, and she imagined that was why he'd said things he hadn't meant. She asked him to try not to go straight to the worst-case scenario, and he promised to try. She reached for his hand, and they headed home.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis called Avery and left a message to report that she had strange, surprising news. Meanwhile, Avery stirred in her sleep on her couch, and Dylan quietly entered with the box containing her grandmother's wedding dress. Avery awakened with a start and cried out, "No, I can't do it!" Dylan asked if Avery was okay, and she insisted it had just been an awful dream. He inquired about her exclamation that she couldn't do something, and she claimed she couldn't remember.

Dylan pointed out that he still had nightmares about the war, and Avery had always encouraged him to talk about them. Avery said she'd been dreaming about Phyllis being in prison, and everything had been dark and exaggerated. Dylan acknowledged that Avery was worried about the trial, and Avery lamented that she had very little time, so she felt helpless. She spotted the garment box and suddenly declared that she knew exactly what to do with the wedding dress.

Avery arrived to see Phyllis, who announced that Kelly had confessed to everything, so the charges against Phyllis had been dropped. Avery cheered that she'd no longer have to charge Phyllis for billable hours when they talked, and Phyllis wondered what they should talk about. Avery mentioned their grandmother, Harriet, and she presented Phyllis with the wedding dress. Phyllis loved the idea of honoring their grandmother, but she asked what made Avery think there would still be a wedding.

Phyllis explained that Jack had said and done things that needed to be fixed, and although she planned to marry him, she'd be out of there if she didn't hear what she needed to hear. Avery argued that Phyllis loved Jack, but Phyllis said that wasn't reason enough to get married, and she wanted to take her next marriage to the finish line. Avery offered to revisit the wedding dress when Phyllis and Jack made it official, and Phyllis suggested that Avery wear it at her wedding to Dylan. Avery vehemently said no, and Phyllis asked if they weren't getting married.

Avery confirmed that she and Dylan were getting married, but they had to get through a rough patch first. Phyllis was sure the dress would wait for one of them, but Avery disclosed that she wouldn't wear it because she'd worn it when she'd married Joe. Phyllis teased Avery for pawning off a loser dress on her, but Avery asserted that the gown was lovely. Phyllis recalled that none of Harriet's three marriages had worked out, and she suspected the dress was cursed. Phyllis thanked Avery for the gesture, but she thought they had to look to the future and not be stuck in the past.

Phyllis vowed to marry Jack, and she was certain Avery would marry Dylan, since they were lucky to have found men they wanted to spend their lives with. The sisters hugged, but Avery looked doubtful. After Avery left, Phyllis tossed the dress into the fireplace and lit a match. "To the future," she said to herself, and she set the wedding dress on fire.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Nick discussed Faith's sleepover that evening, and he thought their daughter had been adjusting well. Sharon asked how Summer was holding up, and Nick reported that Summer was devastated by both her husband's death and the revelation that Austin had been cheating on her. Sharon remarked that Austin had seemed truly in love with Summer, and she asked if Nick thought Summer would ever forgive Austin. Nick said yes, but he wasn't sure Summer would forgive Abby. Nick imagined Summer needed time to heal, and Sharon inquired whether Nick had healed enough to forgive Sharon.

Sharon said she didn't expect Nick to forget what she'd done or to forgive her anytime soon, but she hoped he was less angry than he had been. Nick replied that he was trying hard to put things in perspective, and Sharon said it was the best she could hope for. He asked how she had been doing with her medication and therapy, and she confirmed that she'd been doing everything she needed to be doing. He observed that she seemed to be in a good place, and she explained that she'd realized she wasn't a bad person but just a regular person who'd done a bad thing. She continued that she was starting to forgive herself with the help of a friend.

Sharon said she'd been feeling needed instead of needy, and Dylan entered the coffeehouse. Sharon stepped up to the counter for a refill, and Dylan sat down with Nick. Nick said he'd been meaning to talk to Dylan about Nikki, who had left him a message to say she'd needed to talk to him about something, but he hadn't been able to get in touch with her. Nick guessed that she'd simply called to reassure him that she was getting help from Alcoholics Anonymous, since her alcoholism was a constant struggle. Dylan remarked that it had been true of a lot of things lately, and he confided that there had been tension between him and Avery. Nick asked if the couple was okay, but Dylan wasn't really sure.

Dylan regretted that he'd let his temper get the best of him, but Nick thought Dylan had been justified in confronting Joe. Dylan was glad Avery understood him, but he sensed that something had been bugging her. Nick commented that exes tended to stir things up, and he stepped out to the patio to answer a call from Victoria. Sharon returned to the table and asked Dylan if everything was okay, and he pondered whether Avery had been pulling away because of him and not something else. He worried that perhaps Avery was afraid of him.

Sharon insisted that Avery knew Dylan would never hurt her, but Dylan pointed out that he had. Sharon contended that his anger stemmed from his past in the war, and Dylan realized that his past was an open book, but Avery hadn't talked much about hers. Dylan explained that he'd known Phyllis better than Avery when they'd been kids, and Avery's parents had kept to themselves. Dylan said he shouldn't be talking about it with Sharon, but Sharon said he'd just been thinking out loud with a friend, just like she had with him many times, and she didn't mind returning the favor.

Sharon remarked that childhood was a rough time for a lot of people, and she was sure Faith wouldn't look back fondly on that particular year when she got older. Sharon added that all they could do was move forward, and she advised that Avery would tell him if there was something he needed to know. Dylan agreed, and he assured Sharon that Faith would have lots of good memories because Sharon was a good mom. Sharon marveled that it was a nice thing to say, and he got back to work.

Sharon bumped into Avery on her way out, and Sharon said she hadn't meant to collide with Avery, but Avery mumbled, "You never mean to." Sharon left, and Dylan mentioned that Sharon and Nick had been there to discuss custody. Avery revealed that she hadn't been dreaming about the trial earlier, and she confided that she'd dreamed about taking a walk in the woods with Dylan, but the path had started to melt away. She continued that Dylan had fallen off a cliff, and he'd been slipping and telling her to hold on. Avery protested that they couldn't keep trying to save one another from falling off cliffs, and she needed to know if they were on solid ground. Dylan assured her they were, and they embraced.

In Chancellor Park, Courtney called the police station to report the attack on Abby, and she requested an ambulance. Noah tried to get Abby to wake up, and as she slowly regained consciousness, he asked her what had happened. Summer wondered if Abby's attacker had been the same person who knew how Austin had been killed. Summer displayed Abby's phone, and someone had written in lipstick on the screen, "Shut up or you're next."

In the Jabot lab, Ashley greeted Victoria, who said she was looking for Abby. Ashley surmised that Abby had gone home to get away from the people staring and whispering, and Stitch understood that Abby felt like a pariah, but he considered her to be a victim, too. Ashley argued that the affair had been just as much Austin's fault as it had been Abby's, and Victoria opined that Austin had been even more to blame because he'd been married. Ashley was grateful to Victoria for taking Abby's side, but she asked Victoria to leave as soon as she emptied her pockets. The women bickered, but Ashley received a call from Noah and worriedly asked if Abby was okay.

Outside Abby's hospital room, Noah reported that Ashley was on her way, and Courtney contemplated who'd attacked Abby. Noah guessed it had been the same person who'd written the messages, and Summer discarded her theory that Abby had left the notes. Courtney wondered who else could have known, since Fen was away at school, and Kevin and Mariah had been with her and Noah at the time of the attack. Noah said there had been one other person, and Kyle arrived and asked if Abby was all right. Noah huffed that the bigger question was where Kyle had been.

Kyle explained that Summer had sent him a text message about Abby being hurt, and Summer informed him that Abby had been hit over the head, just like Austin had been. Noah chided Kyle for leaving Abby alone, but Kyle said they'd had an argument after he'd questioned whether she'd written the creepy messages. Kyle added that Abby had wanted to go to the police, and Noah revealed that another message had been left on Abby's phone. Kyle pointed out that no one had known about Abby's desire to go to the cops, but Noah countered that Kyle had. Summer reminded Noah that he'd said they needed to stop blaming one another.

The group entered Abby's room, and Abby said the doctor had told her she'd been lucky, but she worried that someone wanted her dead. Courtney reasoned that if the perpetrator had meant to kill Abby, they probably would have, and Noah recalled that someone had been listening to them at the cabin earlier. Abby contended that they couldn't handle the situation themselves, but Courtney countered that they couldn't go to the cops. Officer Duncan walked in, and he ordered everyone besides Courtney and Abby out. Noah promised Abby he wasn't going anywhere, and Officer Duncan asked Abby to tell him exactly what had happened.

In the waiting area, Summer worried that they'd be in more danger than they already were if Abby said anything to the cops, and Ashley and Stitch arrived. Ashley darted into Abby's room, and Abby insisted she was fine. Courtney said Abby had just been giving a statement, and Abby claimed she'd been cutting through the park when she'd heard footsteps. She continued that someone had grabbed her purse, but she'd been clubbed over the head before she'd gotten a look at the person. She declared that it had been a completely random mugging.

Abby grumbled that she'd become a statistic, but Ashley said she could have been seriously injured. Officer Duncan found it strange that the attacker hadn't taken Abby's purse or phone, and Courtney reasoned that the culprit had run off when she'd approached with Noah and Summer. Courtney added that they'd been focused on getting Abby help, and she hadn't seen anything. Ashley wanted to have a specialist look at Abby's head injury, but Abby insisted she was okay. Ashley asked what Abby had been doing in the park alone, and Abby replied that she didn't want to talk about it.

Stitch asked Victoria if he shouldn't have said anything to Abby about Austin's documentary, but he was glad the project had been laid to rest. Victoria said Stitch couldn't blame himself for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Abby's attack hadn't had anything to do with him.

Summer called it a miracle that Abby had kept her mouth shut. Kyle suggested they all calm down and trust one another. Noah hesitated, but he conceded that Kyle and Abby were close, and he couldn't imagine Kyle hurting her. Summer surmised that someone outside their group had left the messages, and Kyle mentioned that Austin had been working on a film about business tycoons. Nick interrupted and inquired about Abby's attack, and he was relieved to hear Abby would be all right. Nick noticed that the group of young adults seemed to be together all the time.

Ashley emerged from Abby's room and reported that Abby would be released the next day, but she asked Stitch to take a look at her daughter for reassurance. Stitch entered Abby's room and examined her head, and she commented that the staff in the emergency room had said her head was made of concrete. Stitch inquired why she'd walked through the park alone, and Abby confided that she'd just gotten back from the cabin, where she'd last seen Austin before he'd been killed. "Killed?" Stitch queried.

Abby clarified that she'd last seen Austin at the cabin before he'd died, and she asked if Stitch was the grammar police. She ranted that people got killed in car accidents, and it was all the same in the end. Stitch was suspicious of how Abby had said it, and she attributed it to being tired. Ashley entered, and Stitch said Abby could go home the next day as long as she followed doctor's orders.

Stitch reported to Nick and Victoria that Abby was sleepy but coherent, and he asked to speak to Victoria. Nick went in to see Abby, and Stitch inquired whether Traci was still out of town, since he thought Abby shouldn't be alone in her mental state. He suggested that they had the space, and Victoria was touched by his generous thought for Abby to stay with them.

Kyle speculated that Austin's killer had been connected to the film Austin had been making, and Summer wondered if Austin had known something incriminating about Victor or Jack. Kyle suspected that there had been something in the documentary that someone hadn't wanted to get out, and Noah realized that although the person was outside their little group, it could have been someone in their families.

Friday, March 13, 2015

At Crimson Lights, Summer, Kevin, and Kyle watched a video Austin had made. In the video, Austin had recorded himself saying there were two kinds of people in the world -- those who did the right thing and got stepped on, and the ones who did the stepping with their designer shoes and entitled attitudes. In the video, Austin announced that his project was an examination of the second group, and he intended to show how money, power, and one's family name were all that mattered in Genoa City.

Austin quipped that the Abbott ego was only matched or surpassed by Genoa City's other royal family, the Newmans. He continued that the Newmans believed everyone could be bought, and they collected souls with one payoff at a time. He said he'd seen it up close at weddings and dinners, since his wife was a Newman, and he wanted to pick up the rock and show the worms and insects squirming underneath. Austin proclaimed that the Abbotts and the Newmans never bothered with the law or human decency, and it was time for the world to see the ugly truth.

A horrified Summer slammed the laptop shut and wailed that Austin had been working on the project when he hadn't been with her. Kyle imagined that Austin hadn't wanted her or anyone else to know about it, and Summer ranted that her husband had been having an affair and making a documentary about her family. She inquired how Kevin had found the video, and Kevin revealed that he'd spent all night hacking into the encrypted files on Austin's laptop. Kevin remarked that Austin had had a lot of hate to go around.

Kevin explained that he was still cracking the rest of the files, but Austin had obviously spent a lot of time on his pet project. Summer cried that Austin had ripped into their families, and Kyle voiced concern for her, since listening to Austin's voice had to be messing with her head. Summer compared the hateful way Austin sounded in the video to what he'd been like when he'd blamed Avery for his mother's death. She whimpered that she'd thought the hate had been gone because of her, and Mariah entered and barked that Summer's magic love hadn't been able to turn the "son of a bitch" into an angel.

Kyle ordered Mariah not to open her mouth before she knew what was going on, but Mariah snapped that Kevin had sent her the file already. Summer accused Mariah of giving Austin the idea to make the documentary, but Mariah scoffed at the idea that Austin had been forced to make videos and take Abby to bed. Summer retorted that Mariah was angry because Austin hadn't wanted her, and Mariah spat that Summer was upset because she hadn't gotten the husband she'd bought and paid for. Kevin reminded the women that they were on the same team, and Kyle said the point of watching the videos was to see what they were dealing with. Kevin added that they had to figure it out before someone else took a blow to the head.

Kevin assumed that the person who'd gone after Abby had been the same person responsible for what had happened at the cabin, and Mariah theorized that it had been Victor. Summer protested that he'd never do things like that, but Mariah argued that Austin had been gunning for Newman Enterprises and nailing Abby, so Victor might have taken him out. Summer doubted Victor had written the notes, and Mariah suggested that he'd hired someone to do it. Kevin contemplated whether Jack could have been behind the series of events, but Kyle insisted his father wasn't that type of guy.

Kyle said he had to make an appearance at Billy's engagement party, but he was reluctant to leave Summer. She advised him to try to act normal and not to do anything that would draw attention, and Mariah wryly suggested that Kyle ask if any Abbotts had committed murder lately. Kyle asked Summer to walk him out, and Kevin started to get back to work. Kevin told Mariah that Austin had recorded his every thought, and the footage might expose the killer.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley was stunned to hear that Kelly had confessed to everything, and Billy apologized for leading Kelly into their lives. Chelsea declared that the tricks and cons were over, and Phyllis remarked that with "Blondie" in a cell, Billy and Chelsea's engagement party was safe. Billy pointed out that there was always the expectation of "all hell breaking loose" at an Abbott event, and Jack wondered how long their luck would hold out.

Phyllis mentioned that Chelsea had offered to design an outfit for her, and Chelsea explained that she'd wanted to show her thanks for letting her and Billy stay there. Phyllis grumbled that the other houseguests were another story, but Jack said the Abbotts weren't in a position to judge other people. Ashley suggested that the couples plan a double wedding, but Chelsea insisted that Phyllis and Jack have their own special day, and she declared that she'd be happy to postpone her nuptials until after Phyllis and Jack wed. Phyllis said she'd moved back into the house, but a wedding wasn't necessarily in the works. Jack looked perplexed.

Phyllis told Chelsea not to worry about her and Jack, and Chelsea babbled that she shouldn't have assumed the couple was rushing to the altar, since no one should. Ashley asked what dates Billy and Chelsea were considering, and Chelsea blurted out that they had none in mind, but they would get there. Billy led Chelsea into the dining room to discuss the colors in a flower arrangement, but she was certain he didn't want to look at flowers. Billy pointed out that his family had gathered to pay tribute to their engagement, but he wondered if she really wanted to get married.

Chelsea insisted she wanted to marry Billy, but he recalled how he'd hemmed and hawed when he'd been reluctant to marry Chloe, and he offered Chelsea an out. She assured him that she was making wedding plans, had a notebook full of ideas, and loved and wanted him. They kissed, and she flatly told him to stop being stupid. He promised to try, and she said she needed to pick up her dress for the party.

Ashley apologized for putting Jack and Phyllis on the spot, and Jack acknowledged that they hadn't set a wedding date, but Phyllis added that they also hadn't made a decision to wed. Ashley observed that Jack seemed happy, and she wanted to keep him that way. Ashley sauntered off, and Jack told Phyllis that he'd thought they were back on track after what had happened at the Underground. Phyllis conceded that she was happy Kelly had confessed that she and Jack hadn't had sex, but he realized Phyllis still felt betrayed. Jack vowed to marry Phyllis, and he declared that he wanted to do it a month from that day.

Phyllis contended that there would be no wedding, and Jack countered that he wanted to marry her in three weeks. She said he was sexy when he was decisive, but she wasn't sure about their future. Jack replied that he was sure enough for both of them, and he pulled her close and said he loved her. He admitted that he'd screwed things up badly, but after everything they'd been through, he knew wasting even one moment was a mistake. Jack proclaimed that his goal was to make her feel loved, secure, and challenged every waking moment, and they'd fight and make up until the day they died. He added that all she had to do was say yes.

Jack refused to let Phyllis walk out of his life again, and she thought he sounded romantic but domineering. He suspected that deep inside, she was confident in his love, and she asked him to swear that he'd never give up on her. "I do," he responded, and she replied, "I do, too." He pulled her engagement ring from his pocket and slid it onto her finger, and they kissed. She declared it was official, but 30 days wouldn't cut it to plan a wedding. He said it wasn't about the window dressing but two people before God making a promise, and she told him to quit trying to make her swoon, since it was already working. He declared that she would be his wife by the end of April.

At the Athletic Club, Adam met with a contractor, who stated that the repairs on the penthouses would be completed first. Adam indicated that there was no rush to move back in, and he slid an envelope full of cash across the table and suggested the worker take his sweet time. The baffled contractor asked if Adam was paying him to go slower, and as a suspicious Sage approached, Adam told the man to do a good job within a reasonable time frame.

Sage asked if there was good news about the apartment, and the contractor apologized for the delay. Adam thanked the man for his hard work, and after the contractor left, Adam said it looked like he and Sage would be shacking up with the Abbotts for a while longer. Sage displayed a room key and announced that a suite had just opened up, but Adam told her to cancel the reservation. They bickered, and she suggested they end their joke of a marriage as she started to call Mr. Tipton's office.

Adam grabbed the phone away from Sage, and he told her to stop pretending that it hadn't been her idea to get married. She argued that the deal had been to stay married to Gabriel for three years, not an angry, bitter person like Adam. Sage refused to miss out on a chance with Nick because of Adam, and she questioned how Adam expected things to work out with Chelsea when they were about to head to Billy and Chelsea's engagement party. Adam huffed that Chelsea wasn't married yet, but Sage urged Adam to tell Chelsea who he really was in the hope she'd forgive him, and they'd all be free. Adam locked eyes with Chelsea when she entered the foyer.

Chelsea greeted "Gabriel" and Sage, and she explained that she was there to pick up her party dress from the boutique. Sage said she appreciated the invitation, and Adam considered it his duty as the best man to liven things up, but he realized Billy hadn't told Chelsea that he'd asked "Gabriel" to stand up for him. Chelsea grappled for a response, and Billy entered. Sage voiced surprise at Billy's choice of best man, and Billy declared that "Gabriel" was the reason Billy had a future with Chelsea, since "Gabriel" had saved his life.

At home, Victoria commented that Stitch was a doctor down to his shoelaces, and she found it hot that he'd invited Abby there to recuperate. Victoria received a text message from Victor, requesting that she call him in private, and she excused herself to deal with accounting. Abby descended the stairs, and Stitch asked about her symptoms. Abby compared them to what she'd gone through in her hard-partying younger days, but he asked what she'd meant when she'd said Austin had been killed. Stitch suspected there was something about Austin's death that she wasn't telling them.

Abby reiterated that Austin had been killed in a car accident, but Stitch mentioned that she'd sounded like she hadn't thought Austin's death had been an accident. Victoria returned to the room and offered to make Abby some food, but Abby said they didn't have to go out of their way to be nice to her, since she was sure Stitch hadn't expected Victoria's sister to be living there when he'd moved in. Victoria reported that it had been Stitch's idea for Abby to stay there, and she assured Abby that she'd be perfectly safe.

Stitch inquired whether Abby was afraid of someone, and she replied that she only feared real danger, like the drama between Ashley and Victoria. Victoria remarked that the stakes were high, and both she and Ashley would do whatever it took to protect their family businesses. They heard Katie cry over the monitor, and Abby moved to get her things, but Victoria urged her to relax while Stitch made some tea. Victoria left to tend to the baby, and Abby told Stitch to back off from the interrogation. He swore he was trying to help her, and he wondered why she couldn't see that.

Abby accused Stitch of arranging for her to stay there so he could ask her questions, and he countered that talking to her gave him a headache, but he truly wanted to help. She claimed that someone had attacked her because she'd been sleeping with a married man, but he was skeptical that anyone would go to such lengths over an affair, and he asked if her attack had been linked to Austin's death. She said she didn't know, but she was worried she'd end up like Austin. Stitch demanded to know how Austin had died, and Abby admitted that Austin had been murdered and that her friends had suspected she'd done it. Abby panicked that Stitch would tell the police, and she'd end up in prison, but he hugged her and promised he wouldn't let her be locked up for something she hadn't done.

Abby informed Stitch about the messages written in lipstick, and she freaked out that someone was waiting and watching. Stitch swore that no one would hurt her, but Abby fretted that the police wouldn't believe her after she'd helped cover up a murder. Stitch argued that there was someone with something to hide who would do whatever it took to keep it hidden, so it was time to get the police involved. Abby protested that she didn't want to end up dead, and she begged him to swear he wouldn't tell anyone. A clueless Victoria reported that the baby was asleep.

Abby realized she was late for Billy and Chelsea's engagement party, and Victoria offered to go with Abby, but both Stitch and Abby thought that would be bizarre. Stitch volunteered to drive Abby there, and Victoria received another text message, telling her that the results would be worth it. Victoria stepped out, and Abby voiced surprise that Stitch hadn't told Victoria everything. Abby wanted to leave Victoria out of it until she knew who was after her and the others, but Stitch implored her not to try to find out the identity of her attacker on her own, since she could end up with more than a bump on her head.

Later, Victoria called Stitch to let him know she had to run to the office for a bit with the kids, and he reported that Abby was safely at the Abbott mansion. As he arrived at Crimson Lights, he promised to wait for Victoria at home, and she stared at a photo of Billy. Kevin closed his computer when Stitch approached, and Stitch revealed that Abby had told him about the cabin, Austin, and the messages. Kevin asserted that Abby had been medicated out of her mind, but Stitch reiterated that he knew everything.

At the counter, Mariah recounted that Kyle had been Summer's boyfriend and then her brother, and she couldn't decide whether it was adorable or nauseating that he'd returned as Summer's white knight. Summer asked if Mariah was jealous again, since Mariah had thrown herself at Austin, but he'd chosen Abby. Mariah said they'd been discussing Kyle, and she spat that Austin had obviously had more passion and devotion to his documentary than he'd had for Summer. Mariah taunted that Austin had only married Summer to stay out of jail, and he'd only stayed married to her to get dirt on her family.

At the party, Jack welcomed Chelsea to the family, and he read aloud a note from Traci that congratulated Chelsea on joining the infuriating, unpredictable Abbott clan. Sage warned Adam to stop staring at the bride-to-be, and she offered to refill his drink in the hope he'd pass out. Billy reported that Jill and Colin would be late, and Chelsea mentioned that Anita and Jeffrey hadn't been able to make it. Adam chugged back his Champagne, and Ashley remarked to Billy that Phyllis was wearing her engagement ring. Jack asked if Sage and Adam were enjoying themselves, and Adam compared the party to Mardi Gras and crossed the room to get another drink. Jack warned Sage that she had no idea how to handle the new "Gabriel."

Abby insisted she was ready to celebrate responsibly, and Kyle asked if Abby had received his text message. Abby could only imagine how Austin had truly felt about her if he'd hated both her families, and she lamented that she'd been both an idiot and a target. Jack proposed a toast to the happy couple, and he proclaimed that marriage was a statement of hope and a promise to see the best in one another.

Jack continued that Billy and Chelsea were building a life together by sharing their work, home, and children, and he admired their promise to protect the love that bound their new family together. Adam bellowed that he felt like Jack was upstaging the best man, and he wanted to take the floor and toast the very happy couple, since there was something they needed to hear.

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