Y&R Recaps: The week of November 30, 2015 on The Young and the Restless
Ian gave Patty money to start a new life in Paris. Ian was arrested. Billy was arrested for DUI. Judge Moxley reduced Adam's sentence to parole. Victor agreed to accept a cash infusion from the Santori family. Sage became emotional when she held Sully.
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Monday, November 30, 2015

In Jack's office at Jabot, Phyllis wasn't pleased when she learned that Jack and Kevin had traveled to Switzerland after Billy had created a false lead about a computer hacker. Phyllis said, "Billy, this plan of yours might give us some time to wrangle Ian Ward, but I am not a fan." Billy explained that after his and Phyllis' plan unfolded, "Victor wouldn't know what hit him." Phyllis replied, "I can't wait for that psychopath to be caught." Billy asked if Phyllis was referring to Victor or Ian.

Phyllis told Billy she hoped "they" might destroy each other. Victoria arrived and interjected, "And I thought the only one getting destroyed today would be Adam." Victoria asked Phyllis to elaborate about her statement. Phyllis named two cosmetics companies that had been cutting into Jabot's profits. Before Victoria stepped out to wait for Billy, she offered to accompany him to Adam's hearing.

After Victoria was out of earshot, Phyllis told Billy that he was playing with fire because Victoria had grown suspicious. Phyllis warned Billy that his obsession with revenge could easily backfire. Billy replied, "We're this close to having Victor where we want him. I'm doing this with or without you." Phyllis insisted they both needed to tread carefully, so no one they cared about might get caught in the crossfire.

After Billy left Jack's office, Topher, Ian's expert computer programmer, arrived. Phyllis greeted the timid young man and said she hoped he could recall a tidbit of information to help her find Ian. Topher said that he'd cut ties with Ian. Phyllis flirted with Topher and insisted she could be much more persuasive than Victor. Phyllis encouraged Topher to utilize his computer skills for good.

Topher seemed flattered by Phyllis' charms. Phyllis said, "Why don't we make you a big, strong hero right now. All you have to do is give me one iota of information that'll help us stop Ian." Topher said he and Ian had used an encrypted video-chat site to contact each other, but he'd never mentioned it to Victor. Phyllis asked Topher to help her create a video.

Using a camera phone, Topher recorded Phyllis' message to Ian. Phyllis first apologized to Ian for retaliating after he'd made her look like a fool. Phyllis admitted that Ian had been right about her desire to watch Victor suffer. She said Victor had suffered thanks to the Paragon Project. Phyllis, appealing to Ian's soft side, recalled how much she'd enjoyed the trout amandine he'd prepared for her.

Topher nodded to let Phyllis know her message should convince Ian that she was genuinely concerned. Phyllis warned Ian that Victor had set a trap and was out for blood. Phyllis pleaded with Ian to contact her. Topher told Phyllis that her message would surely get Ian's attention. Phyllis replied, "Ian is a tougher crowd and a lot more treacherous."

In a jail visitation room, Adam visited with Chelsea. Adam told her Victor had stopped by earlier. Adam said he was hopeful his father's deal might have been reinstated. Noting Adam's downcast mood, Chelsea asked Adam why he didn't seem happy. Adam replied, "Because I know my father." Adam explained that Victor's deal with the judge might not turn out in his favor.

Adam, citing Victor's past actions, told Chelsea he hoped his father hadn't given him false hope. Chelsea urged Adam to stay positive. Chelsea added that she and Connor desperately wanted him home and safe. Adam praised Chelsea's victory. He said, "You took on Victor, and you won!" Chelsea said she'd only reminded Victor that Adam had run into a burning building to save to Abby, Ashley, and Ben.

Chelsea told Adam that perhaps Victor had truly forgiven him and genuinely cared about him. Adam was unconvinced. He said, "Maybe this is Victor's way of grinding me into the ground for good." Chelsea encouraged Adam to think positively. Chelsea told Adam to believe that he'd return home to spend Christmas with her and their son.

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor and Michael enjoyed coffee and juice. Michael choked on his coffee when Victor said Adam's sentence would be reduced because the justice system would treat him fairly. Victor took a phone call from Judge Elise Moxley. She told Victor that she intended to let Adam's sentence stand. Judge Moxley explained that she was no longer bound by Victor's blackmail plan.

Victor scowled when Judge Moxley said she was willing to face the consequences should Victor publically release details about their past affair. Victor listened patiently when Judge Moxley said she intended to rule in accordance with the law based on presented evidence. After Victor's call with the judge ended, he told Michael he had a surprise witness. Michael warned Victor that both the judge and Christine frowned on surprises in the courtroom, but he promised to do his best. After Michael left, Victor made a phone call. Victor said, "Your family needs you."

In Paul's office at the police station, Cane stopped by and asked Paul and Christine if the forensics laboratory had discovered damning evidence on Joe Clark's hoodie. Paul said the lab had determined that Joe's DNA was on the hoodie. Cane said, "So you can arrest Joe for extortion and for trying to frame me, right?" Christine reminded Cane that a hoodie just like the one with Joe's DNA had been discovered in Cane's gym locker.

Paul pointed out that protocol hadn't been followed in obtaining the evidence. Christine noted that she'd already falsely accused Joe once, so evidence gathered to support charges would have to be rock solid. Paul pleaded with Cane to let the police handle Joe. Cane replied, "There's no way I'm going to let Joe get away with framing me."

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Joe approached Lily and asked if she'd join him for dinner. Lily declined Joe's invitations to join him for breakfast and for dinner. She claimed she was swamped with work. Joe, miffed, said, "What kind of game are you playing?" Lily seemed fearful. She shrugged and shook her head.

Joe recalled that Lily had been free to search his suite after her father-in-law had summoned him to meet downstairs regarding a business deal. Lily appeared nervous. Joe said he'd hoped to pick up where he and Lily had left off during their date. Lily admitted that she'd opened the safe in Joe's room to help Cane find the hoodie hidden inside. Joe claimed that Colin and Cane had planted the evidence. Joe added, "Cane discovers the damning evidence. You're the bonus witness. He probably almost forgave you for sleeping with me."

Later, at the Athletic Club's bar, Lily asked Cane about the hoodie. Cane explained that it was a match to the hoodie someone had been wearing at the ransom drop and contained traces of DNA matching Joe's. Lily replied, "So it's true? Joe tried to frame you?" Cane noted that though the hoodie was inadmissible as evidence, at least Paul believed him and would begin an investigation. Lily admitted that she'd told Joe that Cane had searched his room. Cane, frustrated, sighed.

Lily warned Cane. She said, "Joe knows you're onto him, and he's going to retaliate." Lily apologized to Cane for having made a mess of everything. Cane asked Lily if Joe was still interested in her. Lily replied, "I guess." Cane said he'd need Lily's help to clear his name. Cane told Lily that if Joe still believed she was on his side, he might slip and reveal helpful information. Lily asked Cane if he had forgiven her. Cane said that clearing his name was his first priority. Cane said, "Let's bring down Joe Clark." Lily agreed to help.

In Paul's office, Joe burst in and said, "I'd like to report a burglary." Paul asked for details. Joe said he hadn't time to inventory his belongings, but he reported that after he'd left briefly, he'd returned to find that someone, perhaps Cane, had ransacked his room. Paul reached into a drawer and grabbed the hoodie that was sealed inside an evidence bag. Paul plopped it on his desk and said, "Recognize that?" Joe said the "evidence" wasn't his. Joe insisted someone was framing him, not Cane.

In the courtroom, Michael arrived early and was surprised to find Billy and Victoria. Michael asked Billy not to hold a grudge because he'd chosen to defend Adam. In the hallway outside the courtroom, Victor had a talk with Abby. Victor said, "Your brother Adam is facing ten years behind bars, away from his wife and son. You can help spare him that if you're willing to testify on his behalf." Abby replied, "No way in hell. Adam killed Delia."

Victor reminded Abby that Billy had been criminally negligent when he had left Delia alone in a car at night. Abby suggested that Adam deserved to be cut loose after his involvement with the Paragon Project. Victor said that he'd never turned his back on any of his children. Victor noted, too, that Adam was her brother. Billy and Victoria stepped out of the courtroom. Billy interjected, "And Delia is your cousin."

Chelsea arrived and told Billy that Adam was sorry about what had happened to Delia. Billy said Victor believed his family was above the law. Christine arrived and listened as the others argued. Victor yelled, "What Adam did was accidental. You know it!" Michael stepped out and announced that the hearing was about to begin.

Abby, Victoria, Billy, and Christine entered the courtroom. Victor, referring to Billy, said, "I can't stand that man!" Victor told Michael that Abby wouldn't be testifying. After everyone took their seats in the courtroom, Judge Moxley entered. She glared at Victor. Christine addressed the judge first and said that Adam's ten-year prison sentence, while not adequate for causing the death of a child, would at least help Delia's family "get some closure."

Quietly, Victor turned to Abby and told her that her family needed her help. Michael addressed the judge and explained that Adam had left the scene of the car accident because he'd been unaware that he'd struck Delia. Michael noted that Adam, still seriously injured after being run down by a car days before, had left the hospital to save his wife and child from a fire at Newman Towers. Michael noted that even after Adam had learned that his family had been safe, he'd rushed into the inferno, with no thought of his own safety, to rescue others. Michael turned and looked at Abby. She nodded her head, indicating that she would testify.

Michael said, "I'd like to call Abby Newman to the stand. She's alive to testify because the defendant saved her life." Christine said the defense shouldn't be allowed to question a surprise witness who happened to be the convicted man's sister. Judge Moxley said, "I'll allow it." After Abby took the stand, she said that Adam had rescued her, her badly injured and unconscious fiancé, and her mother, all of whom had been trapped in an area where fire and smoke had almost ended their lives.

Michael pointed to Adam and said, "He had no moral obligation to risk his life, but this time, Adam didn't run." Abby replied, "He didn't run, and we're alive because of him. I'm very grateful." Abby became emotional and wiped tears from her cheeks. Abby agreed with Michael's claim that Adam had suffered enough and had learned from his crime.

While the judge retired to her chambers, Victor told Adam that Abby's testimony had strengthened his case. Chelsea was nearby when Victor asked Adam if he intended to honor the terms of their agreement. Adam said, "Signed and sealed." After the judge returned, she sympathized with the Abbott family's loss, but she explained that the defendant hadn't acted out of malice or cruelty.

Judge Moxley added that Adam had since demonstrated remorse and had acted heroically. The judge reduced Adam's sentence to five years of probation and a thousand hours of community service. Michael and Chelsea couldn't contain their joy. Billy and Christine expressed disapproval. Judge Moxley warned Adam not to break the law again. Christine hung her head in disgust.

After the judge exited the courtroom, Chelsea embraced Adam. Billy glared at Victor. Abby avoided direct eye contact with Victoria. Before Abby left, she apologized to Billy. Victoria took Billy aside and insisted that he put a stop to whatever he'd planned to do to retaliate against Victor.

After Topher left, Phyllis sat at Jack's desk. Peering at the screen of her laptop, Phyllis looked over the documents stolen from Jabot. When Phyllis noticed that someone had viewed her video, she said aloud to herself, "Yes! Gotcha!" Victor appeared in the doorway. He said, "Who exactly did you get?"

At Chelsea and Adam's apartment, the couple began pulling off each other's clothing. Adam noticed an undecorated Christmas tree. Chelsea replied, "It wouldn't be Christmas without a tree or without you here to decorate it." Adam noted that Chelsea had expected him to be freed. Chelsea said she intended to celebrate their family's life together. Adam said he intended to unwrap his gift early, and he removed Chelsea's dress.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

At the Underground, Faith stared at a digital photo of Sharon, Dylan, and the baby. Nick offered to do whatever Faith wanted to do that day, and she asked him to take her to see her mommy and her baby brother. Nick cited Fairview's strict rules about visitors, and he thought it might be too soon. Sage overheard and asked what it was too soon for, and she commented that the picture was beautiful. Faith chirped that Nick had promised that she'd get to see her new brother, and Sage stated that Nick always kept his promises. Sage insisted that Nick and Faith go.

At Fairview, Dylan checked on Sharon and the baby, and Sharon told him that their son was perfect. Dylan recognized that he had a lot to learn, but he hoped she would teach him all he needed to know once they got home. Dylan anxiously asked when Sharon expected that to happen, but she wanted to get Dr. Anderson's approval before she left. Dylan agreed to wait, and he promised that he wouldn't let anything spoil it for them.

Nick and Faith arrived at Fairview, and he thanked Dr. Anderson for letting Faith see her mom. The doctor reported that Sharon and the baby were doing well, so there was no longer any reason to restrict their visitors. Dr. Anderson peered in through the window at Sharon, Dylan, and the baby, and she gushed that they made a beautiful family. The doctor suggested that Faith go in while the doctor and Nick spoke outside.

Faith entered Sharon's room, but she was reluctant to get too close to the baby, since she feared giving him germs that would make him sick the way Christian had been. Dylan assured Faith that it would be okay, and he stood up so she could sit next to Sharon and the baby. Faith introduced herself to Sully as his big sister, and she mentioned that Nick was talking to the doctor in the corridor.

Outside the room, Nick said he'd thought he had been ready to see the baby, but he wasn't. Dr. Anderson reiterated that she was available if he wanted to talk to someone, and Nick indicated that he'd tried to work things out in therapy with Sage. Dr. Anderson suggested that he try therapy on his own, and he agreed that it couldn't hurt to talk to someone. Nick explained that he was happy for Sharon and Dylan, but it was hard not to feel jealous.

Dr. Anderson told Nick that it was only human to feel resentment, and Nick lamented that he'd never been able to introduce Faith to Christian. The doctor imagined that it seemed unfair, and Nick said it was even harder for Sage to try to move forward. Dr. Anderson stated that he wasn't responsible for Sage's happiness, and she advised him to grieve by leaning on other people. The doctor handed Nick her card, and she remarked that she had pretty strong shoulders if he needed one.

Dylan stepped into the corridor, and he invited Nick to see the baby, but Nick opted to let Faith spend some time alone with her brother. Dr. Anderson went to check on Sharon, and Dylan acknowledged that it wasn't easy for Nick to be there. Nick admitted that he wasn't ready for it, and Dylan inquired about Sage. Nick explained that she was trying to get better and move on, but it was hard. Nick complimented the name Sullivan, and Dylan said it had been Sharon's idea to name their son after his Army buddy. Nick was certain that Dylan would be a good dad, and Dylan hoped he was as good a father as Nick had been to his kids.

In Sharon's room, Dr. Anderson said the baby would need someone to sing and read to him when his parents were busy, and Faith excitedly offered to do it. Faith added that she'd already gotten something for Sully with Mariah's help, and she handed Sharon a gift bag. Sharon found a baby-themed ornament inside, and she gushed that she couldn't wait to hang it on the tree.

After Faith left with Nick, Sharon noted to Dylan that everything had worked out like Dr. Anderson had said it would, and the doctor heard her name as she reentered the room. Sharon explained that she'd been telling Dylan how grateful she was to Dr. Anderson for Sully's safe arrival into the world, and she wanted to take her son home. Dr. Anderson balked, but Sharon firmly declared that she'd made up her mind. The doctor abruptly excused herself to take care of something, and Sharon wondered what she'd done wrong.

Sharon worried that she'd offended Dr. Anderson, and Dylan offered to make sure there were no misunderstandings. Dr. Anderson returned and announced that there weren't any, and she handed some insurance paperwork to Dylan. The doctor picked up the baby and explained that she'd been waiting for Sharon to show that she was strong enough to take care of the infant, and Sharon had done so. Dr. Anderson handed the baby to Sharon and wished the three of them a long and happy life. Sharon thanked her and wished everyone was as blessed as they were.

Sage scurried around the bar to prepare for a packed crowd during an upcoming football game, and she contemplated adding new appetizers to the menu. Mariah advised against it when they were expecting their regular customers, but Sage insisted on providing classier options, and she reasoned that little changes led to more important ones. Mariah suggested that maybe Sage was taking on too much too soon, and Sage snapped at Mariah to mind her own business and stick to serving drinks.

Later, Sage apologized for biting Mariah's head off, and she swore that she was just doing what kept her good. Faith rushed in and squealed to Mariah that she'd gone to see Sully, and she rambled about how cute he was. Faith relayed that Sharon and Sully had both loved the ornament, and she couldn't wait to trim the tree. Faith blurted out that Dr. Anderson thought it was a good idea for her to stay with her mom and Dylan over the holiday break, but Sage lectured that Faith was being very selfish, since her father obviously needed her.

Faith whimpered that she hadn't meant to hurt her dad's feelings, and Nick told her that she hadn't done anything wrong. Sage regretted what she'd said, and she turned away in tears. Faith surmised that Sage was mad at her, but Nick explained that Sage was just going through a rough time. Nick asked Mariah to fix Faith a milkshake, and Mariah led the girl to the back room to fetch the ingredients. Nick sat down next to Sage in a booth, and she apologized for screwing up. Sage added that it was all her fault, just like everything else was.

Sage confided that when Faith had talked about staying with Sharon, it had made Sage feel like Faith was choosing Sharon's family over theirs. Sage wailed that she didn't want Faith to feel like she had to hide her excitement over becoming a big sister, and she was determined to make Faith understand. Nick tried to stop Sage, but Sage approached Faith, who said she didn't want to talk to Sage. Sage begged Faith to let her explain, but Faith replied that she didn't want to hear anything Sage had to say, and she asked Mariah if they could go out for milkshakes instead. Mariah and Faith walked out as Nick helplessly looked on.

At the penthouse, Adam and Chelsea began to have sex on the couch, but he pulled away and said they couldn't do it there. She assured him that Connor was with her mom, so they had the place to themselves, and she wondered if Adam was afraid that things were too good to be true. Adam replied that things were too good for just a quickie on the couch, and he suggested they take it upstairs. Chelsea and Adam continued their rendezvous in the bedroom, where they made passionate love.

Chelsea and Adam cuddled in bed after sex, and she asked if he was happy. He pointed out that there were no threats hanging over him, and he had a lifetime to look forward to with her. She proclaimed that things would only get better from there, and they started kissing again, but they heard Connor downstairs. Adam heard Connor call for "dada," and he marveled that it was the greatest sound in the world.

Downstairs, Adam promised Connor that no one would ever take him away from Connor and his mom again. A smiling Chelsea joined them and exclaimed that she was happy that they were finally a real family, and Adam pledged that no one would ever tear them apart again. Adam tried to untangle a string of holiday lights, and Chelsea envisioned everything that Adam would be able to teach Connor. Anita retrieved Connor to feed him lunch and discuss his bright future as a Newman.

Adam noted that they were all happy, and nothing was hanging over them for the first time in a long time. He made an exception for some mistletoe, and he held it over Chelsea's head as he kissed her. She pointed out that they did have something hanging over them -- the deal he'd made with Victor. Adam recalled that the day before, Chelsea had been singing Victor's praises and telling Adam not to underestimate Victor's love for him.

Chelsea warned that Victor always wanted something in return, and she imagined that Victor wanted someone who would take no prisoners when he went after the Abbotts. Adam professed his loyalty to Jack, and Chelsea recognized that Jack had filled a void in Adam's life, but she thought Adam no longer needed a substitute father. She guessed that Adam considered it a gift to finally feel like he was getting a real father-son relationship with Victor, but she implored him to remember that some presents had a price tag.

Adam said he felt he owed it to Victor and to himself to give a father-son relationship a fair shake, and Chelsea hoped Victor didn't disappoint Adam again. Adam said all that mattered was that he had her and Connor, and he picked up the mistletoe again and resumed kissing her. Anita reentered with Connor, and she told the boy to get used to a lot of kissing around there. After Anita left, Chelsea instructed Connor to hand the Christmas tree topper to his daddy, and Adam placed the star on top of the tree. Adam and Chelsea gazed admiringly at the festively decorated tree, and they wished one another a Merry Christmas and kissed.

In a motel room, Patty tore a bandage off Ian's neck, and he jokingly asked if she was trying to kill him. She chuckled and replied that she was the only person who wasn't, and she reminded him that she'd saved him. Ian commended Patty for her selfless bravery and her tender care, and she cooed that she would do anything for him. She offered to respond to Phyllis' video, but Ian wanted to do it himself. He remarked that Phyllis had set the trap, but he vowed to be the one to spring it.

At Jabot, Phyllis curtly reminded Victor that Newman's offices were on the third floor, and he suspected that she was working on a sensitive matter. Victor announced that he was there to talk to Ashley about his theory that Phyllis and "Billy Boy" were working on something that involved Victor. Phyllis revealed that she'd been trying to track down Ian, and she'd just received an alert that Ian had watched a video that she'd posted for him. She crowed that she'd set a trap, and Ian had taken the bait, so they could finally catch him.

Victor noted that Jack was in Switzerland, looking for the guy who'd supposedly hacked their companies' systems, even though Victor believed she and Billy had done it. Phyllis asserted that she and Billy shared a common enemy who they wanted to destroy, and she was ready to deliver payback. Her tablet chimed, and she played a video response from Ian. Ian said life had been dull without her ever since he'd escaped from the fiery inferno, no thanks to Adam. Ian invited her to his room at the Genoa City Motor Arms, and he said he'd be counting the minutes. Phyllis prepared to leave to meet Ian.

Phyllis claimed that she had to gain Ian's trust to get him to admit he'd been behind the Paragon relaunch, and she suggested that she and Victor go to the police together afterward. Victor reminded Phyllis that Jack didn't want her to use herself as bait to trap Ian, but she argued that she might not have that kind of opportunity again. Victor suspected that she and Billy were planning to get information about Paragon to use against Victor, and he wanted to see for himself what her intentions were.

Ian grinned when he saw a message that someone had viewed his video, and Patty said his plan was crazy. He assured her that there was a method to his madness, but Patty warned that Phyllis would notify the cops. Ian thought Phyllis was too smart to do that, but he expected her to show up with Victor. Patty complained that Victor was scary, and she asked if Ian was sure he wanted to see Victor. "In the worst possible way," Ian replied.

Ian handed Patty an envelope with a one-way ticket to Paris and a new passport. He provided her with the number for a Swiss bank account with enough funds to help her start a new life to thank her for saving him, but she refused to leave him when he needed her the most. Ian explained that she couldn't follow him where he was going, since revenge was bad for the soul, and he cared about her too much to drag her down that path with him. She worried about his soul, but he said he'd sold his soul to the devil years earlier. He pressed the envelope into her hand and urged her to go and live for both of them. They said goodbye in French, and she kissed his cheek before she headed out the door.

Later, Ian toyed with a fishing pole, and he mused that he had just the right bait and the perfect cast of the line to land a big one. There was a knock at the door, and he yelled that it was open. Phyllis entered, and Ian said it was wonderful to see her. She remarked that "Fred" looked good for a dead man, and he quipped that dead was the new 50, but she looked gorgeous. He invited her to call him Ian, just like all his enemies did, and he wondered if Victor was going to stand outside all night.

The door swung open, and a smirking Victor stalked in. Victor inquired whether Ian had been afraid he'd call the cops, and Ian countered by questioning whether Victor had been afraid that Ian would shoot him on sight. Victor noted that they'd each made their first move, and he asked what was next. Ian said his plans had literally gone up in smoke, and he was sorry that Victor and Phyllis had sought him out for nothing, unless they wanted to go ice-fishing with him.

Phyllis said Fred might be a made-up name, but she believed part of Ian was the stargazing poet who had encouraged her to love and trust her husband. She encouraged him to be that gentle man by telling them how to disengage the Paragon virus, but Ian doubted that they'd just let him walk out the door. Victor said it was more than Ian had given the people who he'd left to die in Newman Towers, but Ian countered that he'd been the only one left to die, despite everything he'd done for Adam. Ian cackled and guessed that Adam wanted to take Victor down all by himself.

Ian taunted that it had to sting for Victor to know that his own son wanted to destroy him, but Victor doubted it was true. Ian said Victor underestimated Adam, who was smarter than all of Victor's other kids put together. Ian pointed out that Adam wasn't afraid of competition and was extremely hard to kill, and Phyllis compared Adam to Ian. Ian remarked that he and Adam had a lot in common, but Victor stepped toward Ian and ominously stated that the only thing Adam and Ian had in common was their interest in Paragon. Victor ordered Ian to stop Paragon immediately.

Victor picked up Ian's knife, and Ian explained that it was for gutting fish. Phyllis commanded Ian to tell them how to disarm the Paragon virus, but Ian said he was no longer in control. Victor suddenly grabbed Phyllis and held the knife to her throat. Victor declared that he was in control, and he demanded that Ian kill Paragon, or Victor would kill Ian's "girlfriend."

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

In Ashley's office at Jabot, Victoria told Billy she suspected he was up to no good, although he vehemently denied it. When he asked her to stop giving him the third degree, she said she needed a good reason to believe him.

Outside Ashley's office, Abby was looking at a file when Ashley showed up. Ashley was surprised to see Abby, as Abby was supposed to be meeting with Stitch and the wedding planner. Abby suddenly remembered the meeting, but she wanted to first finalize a marketing plan. Ashley protested, telling Abby that her wedding was far more important. Abby changed her mind and left for the meeting.

Ashley entered her office in time to overhear Billy telling Victoria that she had nothing to worry about. Ashley wondered what Billy was talking about. Billy told her that everything was fine, but Ashley and Victoria remained skeptical. Billy wondered if either of the women had heard from Jack or Kevin about the alleged hacker in Geneva.

A suspicious Ashley asked Billy how he had learned of the Swiss hacker. Billy had a meeting to attend and told the women they needed to stop questioning him. He asked Ashley and Victoria to relax, reminding them that "we all want the same thing here." After he left, Ashley told Victoria that she didn't believe Billy -- and didn't think that Victoria believed him either.

Ashley didn't know how Billy could be behind the cyber attack because Billy was no IT genius. Victoria thought that he might have a partner -- Phyllis. Victoria had seen Billy and Phyllis as thick as thieves on a couple of occasions. Ashley was astounded that Billy might be working with Phyllis. Victoria said that she might have misconstrued whatever was going on between Billy and Phyllis. After all, Ian Ward was still alive, so perhaps Billy had nothing to do with Paragon.

Victoria fervently hoped that Jack and Kevin would find the hacker in Geneva and put an end to Paragon. Ashley agreed, but her gut told her that Billy wanted to hurt Victor, no matter the collateral damage. Victoria mentioned that, earlier that day, at the courthouse, Billy had been furious with Victor. Ashley said they weren't getting anywhere questioning Billy -- they had to find another way to get to the truth. Victoria replied, "There is another way, Ashley."

Victoria called the head of the Newman cyber team and asked about the lead in Geneva -- the lead about the Paragon virus. She hung up the phone. Ashley asked Victoria what she had learned. Before she had a chance to answer, Billy returned. Victoria turned to him and said, "You lied to me."

Quite angry, Victoria told Billy that she had spoken with the head of the Newman cyber team and had learned that no one from Newman IT had ever told Billy that a hacker in Switzerland was controlling Paragon. Billy said that didn't make sense and asked the women why he would send Jack on a wild goose chase. Ashley posited that there was only one explanation -- Billy wanted time to do more damage with Paragon. As if on cue, the electricity in the Jabot building went out.

Ashley and Victoria immediately accused Billy of causing the power outage. He insisted it had nothing to do with him. Ashley shrieked about the phones and the Internet being down. She stomped out of her office to try to find someone to "fix this." Billy said he would join her, but before he could, Victoria stepped in front of him, saying, "You're not going anywhere."

Billy insisted that he was not responsible for what was going on. The power returned, but when Billy said that everything was okay, Victoria replied, "Things are so far from okay! ... How could you do this?" Billy blurted out a quasi-confession, "Because of Victor! Okay?" Billy went on to explain that he wanted justice for Delia.

According to Billy, Victor didn't care about justice. Victor had pushed Adam to jump bail then had pulled a judge's strings so Adam didn't have to serve a prison sentence. He continued, "That is the kind of heartless man your father is. But he is not untouchable. And I had to do something." Victoria agreed that Billy had done something -- he had ruined any chance of them being a family again. Billy called after her as she left the office, but she didn't respond.

At the Underground, wedding planner Nona Richards was meeting with Stitch. Nona suggested exotic venues for a destination wedding. Stitch said that the decision would be Abby's. Obviously irritated that Abby was late, Nona told Stitch to advise his fiancée of the options. Stitch apologized for Abby's tardiness. Nona impressed upon him the importance of picking a venue from the plethora of places she had suggested -- any one of them could end up booked solid if Stitch waited.

Nona demanded that Stitch make a choice, saying, "Pick one. Now." He seemingly randomly pointed at a location on Nona's list. Abby dashed in and apologized for arriving late. Nona, packing her brochures and laptop and preparing to leave, snubbed Abby. Abby begged Nona to stay for a few more minutes, but before she headed out, Nona told Abby that Stitch had given her "plenty to go on."

Abby explained to Stitch that she had been help up at work. He sternly warned her that his decisions about the wedding were final -- he broke out in laughter, and Abby realized he was teasing her.

Nick and Sage talked quietly behind the bar at the Underground. Sage thought he was angry with her. Sage had upset Faith when she had rebuked the little girl for wanting to stay with Sharon, Dylan, and Sully over the holidays. Sage had accused Faith of abandoning Nick during his time of need.

Nick insisted he wasn't angry with Sage, although he felt she could have handled the situation differently -- after all, Faith was just a child. Sage snapped, almost sarcastically, that she would never learn what it was like to be a parent, as her baby had died.

Nick assured Sage that the incident with Faith would blow over. Sage felt terrible about scolding Faith but told Nick that she didn't like being criticized over her lack of maternal instincts. Nick swore that he hadn't meant to be critical, but Sage felt an argument brewing and stepped outside for some air.

Abby and Stitch approached Nick. Abby said she couldn't help noticing that Sage left rather quickly. Nick said that he and Sage had hit a rough patch in their marriage. Stitch asked Nick why Sage had left. Nick explained that Faith had been excitedly talking about her new baby brother, Sully, which had reminded Sage of Christian, the baby she had lost.

Nick said he didn't even want to tell Sage about Sully's christening, scheduled for the following day. Abby counseled that Nick and Sage would have to take things one day at a time. Nick feigned gratitude that Victor had given him time off from his job at Newman. Abby wondered what that meant. Nick told her that their father had pushed him out of the Newman family business. Abby wondered why Victor would make such a move, since Nick had been an asset to Newman Enterprises. Nick replied, "Not for what dad has planned, I'm not."

Stitch was confused. Victor was always trying to get his kids to be a part of Newman, and Stitch didn't know why Victor wouldn't want Nick around. Nick explained that Victor was planning all-out corporate warfare -- and there were other people who did "war" better than Nick. Abby wanted to know why Victor was on the warpath. Nick told her that their father thought that Billy was behind Paragon. Abby laughed, but then realized that Nick was serious.

Abby didn't want to get in the crossfire of another Newman-Abbott melee. Nick told Abby to be prepared because Victor was gearing up for a dirty fight. She realized that Victor needed Adam -- and that was the reason Victor had worked so hard to have Adam's sentence reduced. Stitch said that Victor's plan had worked. Aghast, Nick said, "Adam's out? That means dad is going to put his plan into motion. He is going to crush anyone who stands in his way."

Nick again implored Abby not to get involved in Victor's war. Indicating Stitch, Nick said that she had the perfect distraction standing right behind her. He told her to get involved in her wedding -- not the invitations or the floral arrangements -- but her future with Stitch. Nick said that was the only thing that mattered.

Abby and Stitch returned to their booth. Abby griped that she couldn't avoid being "sucked into this mess" if she kept working at Newman. In a denigrating tone, she said that Nick wanted her to get married, stay at home, and raise children. Abby wondered if that was what Stitch wanted. He said it was her decision, but she needed to dodge the craziness by telling both sides of her family that she was there to work.

Abby was pleased that Stitch knew she wasn't ready to walk away from her career. Stitch wondered what Abby's long-term goals were. He asked if she planned to continue working when they started a family. Abby seemed offended by Stitch's question. She asked him if he had posed the same question when he had been engaged to Victoria. Stitch could barely say, "No," before Abby said that she took her job just as seriously as Victoria did.

Stitch defused what could have turned into an argument when he told Abby she was overreacting to his question. She changed the subject from motherhood vs. career to boutonnières and place settings. She laughed when Stitch said, "What is a boutonnière?"

Adam, Chelsea, and Connor admired the Christmas tree that Adam, with some help from Connor, had trimmed. When Adam said that Christmas was still weeks away, Chelsea teased him, calling him a "Scrooge." He smiled then said he wanted to participate in every Christmas tradition, including the dreaded fruitcake. Chelsea felt that Adam's plans were, perhaps, a bit tacky. Adam grinned and said, "Now who's being a Scrooge?" Chelsea chuckled but said there was something she wanted the three of them to do. She advised her husband and son to don their coats and follow her outside.

Adam, Chelsea, and Connor, definitely in the Christmas spirit, went to Chancellor Park, where Adam jokingly teased Chelsea, who had joined a group of carolers, singing at the top of her lungs. Sage walked into the park and was stunned to see Adam -- she hadn't heard that he had been released from prison. Sage seemed genuinely happy that Adam, Chelsea, and Connor would be able to remain together as a family.

Adam asked Sage how she had been doing. She was clearly masking sadness, although she told him that everything was okay. Chelsea and Connor went off to get hot chocolate, leaving Adam and Sage alone.

Sage told Adam about her argument with Nick. She said she was having trouble coping with her grief -- she would feel fine, then a moment later she would be yelling at an innocent little girl who had done nothing wrong.

Adam tried to make Sage feel better. He told her that every person, at one time or another, said things he or she didn't mean. Sage didn't know what to do with the "hole" in her life. She wasn't able to think about anything other than Christian. Adam told Sage to share her feelings with Nick -- that Nick would listen. Sage said that she had shared earlier that day, and it had made everything worse.

Adam said that was how "these things" worked out -- things got worse before they got better. Sage feared that if she showed Nick the dark feelings she had inside of her, their marriage wouldn't survive.

Adam tried to console Sage. He realized how miserable it was to have to walk around, hiding her feelings, and pretending that she hadn't gone through the most horrible thing imaginable. Feeling Adam's empathy, Sage said that he really did understand. The mood lightened a bit, and Adam said that what she had with Nick was worth fighting for. Adam reminded her that if he and Chelsea had found their way back to each other, it would be a cinch for Sage and Nick to mend their relationship. The subtext was obvious when Adam put his arm around Sage and said, "Christian's father is suffering right alongside you."

Adam, Chelsea, and Connor returned to the penthouse, where Chelsea and Connor played by the Christmas tree. She noticed that Adam seemed a bit quiet. Adam told her that he didn't think he had helped Sage or given her any good advice. Chelsea asked Adam if he felt guilty. He snapped back, "Why would I feel guilty?"

Chelsea admitted that she felt guilty -- after all, she, Adam and Connor were one big happy family. Adam said that, while talking with Sage, he had remembered how he and Chelsea had felt after Chelsea's miscarriage. Chelsea thought that what Nick and Sage were going through was worse -- their son had actually been born then taken from them. Adam and Chelsea hugged.

Sage returned to the Underground. She stared at her wedding ring and, with a smile on her face, remembered Nick's marriage proposal. Nick emerged from the back room and apologized for their earlier argument. He explained that he was very protective of Faith, who had gone through more stuff than any kid should have to. Sage said she should be the one doing the apologizing.

Sage promised to be more sensitive to what Faith was going through. Nick appreciated the apology and Sage's understanding. She said not only did she understand, but she agreed that Faith should always be Nick's first priority. The couple hugged.

In Ian's motel room, Victor had Phyllis in a chokehold. He told Ian that he would kill her if Ian didn't kill Paragon. As Phyllis struggled to get free, Ian replied, "You want to kill her? Go ahead."

Phyllis, gasping for air, begged Ian to stop Victor. Ian, realizing that Victor might go through with his threat, ordered Victor to stop choking her -- Ian acquiesced and said that he would take Victor to the server. Ian put his arm around Phyllis and asked if she was all right. Victor, in no mood to hear Ian's ersatz sympathy, demanded that Ian take them to the server room.

Ian took Victor and Phyllis to a room filled with computer equipment. Victor asked if Paragon had been "born" in that room. When Ian answered affirmatively, Victor ordered him to "turn it off." Ian explained that he didn't know how to disable the computer virus, a remark that made Victor irate. Ian shouted that Paragon had a mind of its own -- or perhaps someone else was controlling the virus. Phyllis warned Ian to stop messing around because her life was at risk -- and so was Ian's.

Victor grabbed Ian's lapels and nearly lifted him off the floor, all the while shouting, "You shut that thing down." Ian begged Victor to let him go. As soon as Victor released him, Ian swore on his "well-traveled" soul that he couldn't shut the virus down.

Victor, walking toward the equipment, said if Ian couldn't stop the virus from spreading in the computer, then Victor would stop the computer. Victor picked up a laptop and smashed it on the floor. Victor shouted like a madman, threatening to destroy the whole room. He started yanking on cables as sparks flew everywhere.

Victor continued to destroy the equipment in the service room. He grabbed Ian again. Ian said there was no need for violence. Victor shouted, "There's never been a better reason for violence." Ian broke free and tried to bolt out the door. Some serious-looking gentlemen blocked his egress. Phyllis informed Ian that the men were federal agents -- there to arrest him. Victor told the agents to take Ian away. They handcuffed him while Victor and Phyllis looked on.

As the agents led Ian out, Victor said there would be no escaping for him "this time." Ian said, "If you think this is the end of the story, think again." The agents hauled Ian off. Phyllis looked at Victor and said that their plan had worked. Victor complimented Phyllis, telling her that she had played her part very well. Victor said he hoped he hadn't hurt her when he'd had her in the chokehold. Phyllis said Victor hadn't hurt her -- "this time" -- but she knew all too well the lengths he would go to remove any obstacle in his way. Victor replied, "And don't you forget it."

When Phyllis walked off, Victor called Adam, who was remembering the hospital visit when Victor had revealed he had learned that Adam was Christian's father. Victor said, "I've brought down Ian Ward and Paragon. Now the question is if you'll hold up your end of the bargain. You and I together will bring down Jabot. Right?" When Adam hung up, Chelsea, who had overheard part of the conversation, approached Adam. Adam said, "One day. One damned day. You were right all along. He is going to make me pay for my freedom."

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Nick was surprised to find Sage working at the Underground, and she mentioned that she had to prepare for three holiday parties that week. He said he'd expected her to take some time off, and she wondered if he preferred for her to be less involved at the club. Nick clarified that he wanted to spend time together, and he suggested that they take a trip to Lake Geneva to reconnect. She informed him that she'd seen the invitation to Sharon's baby's christening, and she figured that Nick was trying to distract her.

Nick explained that he hadn't told Sage about the christening because he'd thought she wouldn't want to go, and he didn't want to attend without her. She pushed him to be there for his family, but he insisted that she was his family, and he maintained that he wouldn't go without her. She agreed to go together, since it was an important day for his brother, and she didn't want to make it all about her. Sage bravely smiled and pledged to find a way to get through it, and Nick thanked her.

In the park, Nikki sympathized that Victoria was having problems with Billy again, and Victoria thought she and Billy wouldn't be able to work through them. Nikki understood what it felt like to have her loyalties split because Victor was at odds with someone she cared about, and Victoria groaned that the animosity between Victor and Billy was only getting worse. Victoria recognized that Victor's efforts to pull the strings at Adam's appeal had been sickening, but it hadn't given Billy the right to go after Newman, and she knew Billy had set his plan in motion before the hearing. Victoria complained that she was tired of the lies and deception, and she'd told Billy that it was really over that time. The women hugged.

Nikki recommended that Victoria not make any big decisions for a while, and Victoria wondered how Nikki had always forgiven Victor after reaching her limit with him time and time again. Nikki acknowledged that she'd also made her share of mistakes, and she'd pushed Victor to the limit more than once, but he'd always forgiven her, too. Nikki said she couldn't imagine her life without Victor, even though she'd been fine during her years without him. Nikki stated that being with Victor was a choice she'd made, and she would fight to be with him no matter what was going on, since he was worth it. Nikki believed that Victor truly had his family's interests at heart.

At the Athletic Club, Victor told Adam that he'd destroyed the Paragon virus by smashing the server to pieces. Adam lectured that it wasn't how viruses worked, but Victor insisted that his IT team hadn't been able to find a trace of Paragon afterward. Victor declared that they had the difficult task of rebuilding Newman Enterprises, and Adam questioned where they'd find the capital. Luca approached, and Victor introduced Luca as the gentleman who would help them do it. Adam was skeptical because he'd never heard of Luca before.

Luca mentioned Adam's good fortune to get out of a lengthy prison sentence, and he stressed that it was an advantage to have people around who could get things done. Victor stated that Luca's father was a successful businessman in Spain, and Luca excused himself when he saw Marisa walk in. Adam wondered if Victor knew enough about the Santori family to put Newman's future in their hands, and Victor reasoned that they needed the cash infusion, plus Luca would make sure that Marisa got out of town, away from Noah. Adam scoffed at the idea that Victor was concerned with who Noah was dating when the company was on the brink, but Victor refused to make the same mistake with Noah that he'd made with Victoria and "Billy Boy."

Adam wasn't surprised that Victor was trying to control his family, but Victor suggested that Adam show some gratitude for sitting there instead of in a prison cell because of Victor's desire to reestablish Newman. Adam added that Victor also had a desire to stick it to the Abbotts, but Victor insisted that he wanted to hand down his legacy to future generations. Victor maintained that family was the only thing that mattered in the end, and he thought Adam believed that as well, or Adam wouldn't have fought that hard to be with Chelsea and Connor.

Luca arranged for a car to take him to the airport after his meeting with Victor, and Marisa said he hadn't told her that he was going on a trip. He coldly stated that he was going back to Europe, since she'd failed to keep her end of the bargain when she had slept with Noah. He crowed that he'd made a lucrative deal with Victor for his family to purchase a stake in Newman, and once it was complete, he was off to the airport. Marisa demanded that Luca tell her where her daughter was, but he ordered her to go back to Noah, since Luca had accepted defeat. She received a text message from Noah, asking if she was going to the christening.

Luca returned to Victor and Adam's table, and he assured Victor that all the terms of their agreement would be met. Victor signed the paperwork and shook Luca's hand, and he left. Adam mentioned that he'd met Luca's wife, and she didn't seem like a person who took orders. Luca said he liked the challenge, and he was confident that Marisa would do what he wanted.

At Jabot, Phyllis read aloud that Ian was serving a 30-year prison sentence, and she remarked to Billy that at least one good thing had resulted from the mess. Billy grumbled that he'd driven Victoria away, and he anticipated that there was no way he'd get Jack to understand why Billy had sent him overseas. Phyllis imagined that Jack would be just as unhappy with her for baiting Ian after Jack had ordered her not to do it, but Billy noted that Victor had seemed perfectly fine with it. Billy suspected that Victor knew that he'd been the one who'd unleashed Paragon again, and Ashley overheard and announced that she knew, too.

Ashley chided Billy for hurting Jabot and his own family, but Billy countered that he'd needed to throw off suspicion, and the damage had been minor. Ashley blasted Billy for thinking that Victor wouldn't suspect him, and Billy spat that Victor had tried to convince Adam to run as if Delia's death had meant nothing. Billy continued that all he'd wanted had been to see Victor's world burn to the ground and have Victor experience the same sort of pain Billy had been through, and Ashley testily hoped it had been worth it. Phyllis demanded to know whose side Ashley was on.

Phyllis asserted that Victor had gotten what he'd deserved, but Ashley asked what Billy had accomplished other than hurting himself and those around him. Ashley contended that no motive could justify what he'd done, and it had broken her heart. Ashley added that she'd lost respect for him, and she was sure that Jack would, too. Ashley wondered how Victoria would react, and Billy revealed that Victoria was through with him, so he'd be seeing less of his kids.

Ashley bemoaned that there were more innocent victims, but Phyllis noted that Victoria had forgiven Billy for worse things before. Ashley pointed out that Billy had promised Victoria that he wouldn't go after her family, but he'd done it anyway. Phyllis encouraged Billy to go to the christening and speak to Victoria from the heart, and Billy reluctantly agreed to try one more time. After Billy left, Ashley confronted Phyllis about being in on the plot with Billy, since Billy didn't have the computer savvy to pull it off. Ashley predicted that Victoria would never forgive Billy, just like Jack would never forgive Phyllis.

Phyllis thought Jack would understand, but Ashley questioned why Phyllis would go behind Jack's back to get even with Victor. Ashley argued that Phyllis worked for her, yet Phyllis had given Victor every reason to go after Ashley's company, and she demanded to know why Phyllis had put Jack at risk. Phyllis hissed that Ashley had no idea what Victor had done to her, and Adam overheard as he appeared in the doorway. Adam knocked on the door, and Phyllis claimed that Victor had ruined her honeymoon.

Phyllis walked out, and Ashley mumbled that she knew why she'd never trusted Gabriel Bingham. Ashley told Adam not to expect a hero's welcome, and she imagined that it wasn't a coincidence that he'd shown up there after Victor had gotten him out of jail to help Victor take down her company. She suspected that Adam hadn't been willing to do it, and she considered it sad that Victor was coercing him in some sort of way. She added that she felt sorry for Adam, since she knew how it would end.

Ashley saw Adam as a victim, and she guessed that Victor would never forgive him for trying to destroy Newman. She expected Victor to use Adam to rebuild the company and then renege on all his promises, and she implored Adam not to trade one jail cell for another by letting Victor have control over him. She asked what Victor had on Adam.

At the church, Dylan gushed to Sharon that he'd never known it was possible to feel that much love for another human being, and he wasn't just talking about their son. He added that he was proud of her for working very hard to get there, and she credited him with standing by her while she'd done what she'd needed to do to be her best for him and their family. Faith ran in and exclaimed that she couldn't wait to see Sully. Noah and Mariah followed, and Sharon introduced Noah to his little brother. Noah received a text message from Marisa, and he abruptly left the church.

Marisa met Noah in the park, and she cried that Luca was going back to Europe without telling her where her daughter was. Noah assured her that Kevin would find Ava, but Marisa noted that the search was on hold while Kevin was in Switzerland, and she sobbed that all hope would be gone once Luca left town. Noah offered to talk to Victor again, but Marisa informed him that Victor had just signed papers to give the Santoris a piece of Newman. Noah pledged his love, and he promised to do everything he could to find Marisa's little girl. They embraced, and Marisa broke down in tears.

Marisa apologized for falling apart, and she thought she should go with Luca and give him what he wanted. Noah said Luca wanted her to believe that he was her only hope, but it was a lie, and Noah vowed to spend every dime he had to help her find Ava. Noah asked Marisa to trust him and believe in what they had, and she expressed her gratitude, but she thought there was no more time. She wailed that there was nothing more he could do when his family was on Luca's side, and she ran off. Noah yelled after her that he wouldn't give up.

Luca packed a suitcase in his room, and Marisa stormed in and declared that he wasn't going anywhere until he told her where she could find her daughter. He teasingly asked if she planned to stop him by shooting him, and she spitefully replied that she'd put a bullet between his eyes if she had a gun. He taunted that she still loved him, but she insisted that she despised him. She sobbed that all she wanted was Ava, and she begged him to help her find her daughter.

Luca said he wanted to be a family with Marisa and their daughter, and he believed that if they spent time together, Marisa would remember that they'd been good together once. He conceded that his family had poisoned things, but he was sure that Marisa still felt something for him. She claimed that he was right, and she caressed his face. She responded to his kiss, and he began to disrobe her.

At the christening, Abby and Stitch congratulated Sharon and Dylan, and Dylan told Stitch to say hi to his godson. Mariah remarked that she was amazed that Sharon had asked her to be the baby's godmother, and Sharon called Mariah the perfect choice. Dylan commented that it had taken a day like that to make him realize that he'd hardly known what joy could be like, and he encouraged Abby and Stitch not to wait too long to start a family. Abby and Stitch looked uncomfortable, and Stitch suggested that they get through their wedding first.

Faith asked if Nick would be there, and Sharon said she'd invited Nick and Sage, but she didn't know if they'd attend. Faith hoped her dad didn't show up with Sage, and she whined that Sage had yelled at her. Faith begged to move back in with Sharon and Dylan, and Sharon agreed to talk more about it after the christening. Victoria and Nikki arrived, and Faith ran over to hug them. Dylan wondered what had happened, and Sharon couldn't imagine that Sage had yelled at a child. Mariah overheard and relayed that Faith had been excited after visiting Sully, and Sage had snapped at Faith about being selfish. Sharon stared at Nick and Sage as they appeared in the vestibule.

Nikki fawned over the baby, and Victoria said it was great to see Sharon and Dylan that blissful. Sharon excused herself and asked for a moment with Nick, and she mentioned that Mariah had told her about the incident between Faith and Sage. She understood that Sage was going through a hard time, and she offered to spend more time with Faith if it would help. Later, Sage asked Nick if Sharon was upset about what had happened, but Nick reported that Sharon had offered to try to make things easier. Sage wanted to thank Sharon for her understanding and kindness.

Nikki said Victor would be there soon, since he loved babies and family rituals. Stitch was surprised to hear it, and Nikki conceded that Victor played rough with the big boys, but he melted around young children. Sharon confirmed that Victor was a softy with little ones, and Dylan imagined that Stitch would find out when he and Abby started having babies. Stitch squirmed when Nikki inquired whether it would be anytime soon.

Abby approached an emotional Victoria and suspected that her sister wasn't shedding tears of joy. Victoria remarked that when relationships got challenged, people had to put in hard work and fight their way to the top. Abby thought Victoria made it sound like spin class, but she thought relationships were supposed to be fun and easy, like the ice cream people enjoyed after the class. Victoria spotted Billy in the back of the church, and she stormed over to him. Victoria pushed him into the vestibule and refused to deal with him that day.

Billy contended that Delia had only gotten a scrap of justice, but Victor had taken it away. Victoria ordered Billy to leave, citing that the ceremony was only for family, and he reminded her that he was the father of her children. She told him not to ruin the day for Dylan and Sharon, and he ranted that he'd worked hard to get control of his loss and even preached forgiveness, but Victor was an egomaniac. Victoria spat that Billy had gone after her family, and he insisted that he'd had good reason, but she didn't want to hear his excuses. Billy asked whether she intended to just cut him out of her life, and Victor approached and said she could if she wanted to.

Billy asked what Victor was doing there, and Victor haughtily replied that he'd been invited, unlike Billy. Victoria stated that she'd said all she intended to say, and if Billy had a problem with Victor, he could address Victor directly. Victor stopped Billy from following Victoria, and he indicated that he knew what Billy had been up to. Victor added that he didn't need to do any damage to Billy, since Billy had thrown away everything near and dear to himself, and Billy had no one to blame but himself.

Dylan announced that the minister was ready, and Stitch and Abby began to round people up. Sage congratulated Dylan and Sharon, and she apologized for being out of line when she'd scolded Faith. Sharon said there was no need for apologies, and she was really glad Sage was there. Sage peered at the baby in Sharon's arms and asked if she could hold him.

Sharon gently handed the baby over to Sage and introduced him as Sully. As Nick looked on, Sage grappled with her emotions as she stared down at the infant.

Friday, December 4, 2015

At the penthouse, Chelsea asked Connor if he missed his daddy, and she assured him that Adam would always return home to them from then on. She added that they had Connor's grandpa to thank for it, and she unconvincingly stated that she wasn't nervous about what Victor wanted Adam to do in return.

At Jabot, Adam mocked Ashley's assertion that Victor had a vice-grip of doom over him, since he didn't feel a thing. Ashley believed that Adam was covering because Victor held all the cards, and she urged Adam to take control by telling her what Victor was holding over him. Adam scoffed at the idea that he had some deep, dark secret, and Ashley swore to protect his secret and help him deal with it if they were on the same side. She questioned whether Victor would do the same thing.

Ashley promised to treat Adam like an ally rather than a minion, but he was surprised that she could stand being in the same room with him, given their history. Ashley called Victor a vicious, bitter old man who'd hurt the people closest to him, and she cited herself and Adam as examples. She recognized that she and Adam would never be best friends, but she swore that she wouldn't hold a sword over his neck the way Victor did. Adam pointed out that it was common knowledge that Victor had helped him get out of prison, and he claimed that he was simply returning the favor by working for his father. Ashley told Adam to give her a call when he decided to be honest.

In Luca's hotel room, Marisa and Luca passionately kissed, and she started to unfasten his belt, but he pulled away. She asked what was wrong, and he recognized that she was only going through with it to get to her daughter. Luca wanted things to be real like they had been before, and he wouldn't let anything happen unless she wanted him the way he wanted her. He professed his love for her, and he admitted that blackmailing her into staying with him had been a mistake. He explained that he'd believed that she would remember how good things had been before his family had ruined everything.

Luca swore that he and Marisa could be good together again, and Marisa agreed that they'd had wonderful times, but she no longer felt the same way. Luca declared that it was over, since Marisa and her daughter needed one another. He cautioned that Marisa couldn't deal with the people who had Ava alone, and he offered to go and get their daughter back together. Marisa joyously threw her arms around Luca, and she excitedly asked how soon they could leave. Luca said he still had to make the arrangements, and he suggested that she tell Noah first.

At Sully's christening, Victor told Billy to blame himself for ending up alone, but Billy said he'd been through worse after Adam had run down Billy's little girl, so he could handle it. Billy found it ironic that Victor had worked hard to protect Adam when Adam was the one who Victor should be worried about. Billy warned that Adam wouldn't stop until he destroyed Victor, and he could relate to that desire. Billy walked out as Noah returned to the church, and Victor asked Noah to tell Nikki that Victor had an urgent business meeting.

Sage stared adoringly at the baby, and Nick called to her. Sage remained focused on the infant, and Sharon worriedly said Sage's name. Nick prompted Sage to return the tot to Sharon, and Sage tearfully apologized and ran out. Dylan assured Sharon that everything was fine, and Sharon wondered if they'd had the christening too soon. Dylan declared that Sully was part of the world, and their son deserved his own special day for them to celebrate being a family.

Noah informed Nikki that Victor had left on an urgent matter, and she was surprised. Noah explained that Victor had been arguing with Billy before Victor had followed Billy out. Nikki thought that couldn't be good.

Mariah blamed post-pregnancy hormones for Sharon's decision to name her as Sully's godmother, but Sharon said Mariah was bright, smart, and loving in her own special way. Sharon thought Mariah was warmer than she wanted to admit, and she loved Mariah the way she was. Sharon added that Faith and Noah also loved Mariah, and she was sure Sully would, too, so she wanted Mariah to accept the role. Mariah agreed, and Mariah gushed that her little brother was amazing. Mariah grumbled that she could drop-kick the doctor who had told Sharon that she'd miscarried, but Sharon was just grateful to have her family around her.

Paul admired the baby in Dylan's arms, and he passed along Christine's love. Dylan said he'd been worried that Paul might have been caught up in a case, but Paul replied that he wouldn't have missed the christening. Paul added that he hadn't been around to raise his kids, but he pledged not to miss one moment with his grandson. Sharon joined them and said she was happy Paul was there, and Paul observed that Sharon looked gorgeous, especially for a mom who'd just given birth. She chalked it up to being happy, and she recognized how lucky she and Dylan were.

Billy chugged a drink at the Athletic Club bar. Victor entered and watched as Billy told the bartender to keep pouring. Later, Ashley found a drunken Billy at the bar, and she admonished him for being wasted in the middle of the day. He joked that they all had to be good at something, and she testily asked when he'd grow up. He complained that she was no fun, and she reminded him that he had responsibilities to his children, his family, and Jabot.

Billy told Ashley to join him or to walk out, since she was a buzzkill. She asked the bartender to cut Billy off and put him in a cab, and she stormed out. Billy proclaimed that his buzz had officially been killed, and he told the bartender not to worry about a cab. He dropped his keys when he stood up to leave, and Victor watched from across the dining room as Billy picked up his keys and stumbled to the exit.

The minister began the christening, and he said it was his favorite job to welcome a baby into God's love. Victoria flashed back to standing next to Billy at Katie's christening. The minister said it was easy to see the love around the child that day, and Mariah and Stitch pledged to love and guide Sully as his godparents. Sharon promised to always love her son and be strong for him, and Dylan vowed to protect and nurture the boy. The minister baptized the baby and welcomed Sullivan Collins McAvoy to the world.

Friends and family gathered around the baby, and Nikki called Sully a perfect child. Sharon expressed appreciation to Nikki for being a loving grandmother, and Nikki regretted that Victor had been called away, since she knew how much he'd wanted to meet Sully. Noah received a text message from Marisa, asking to meet with him as soon as possible, and he took off. Paul proclaimed that it was a moment he'd never thought he would see, and it had been the biggest blessing in his life when he'd found out that Dylan was his son. Paul and Dylan hugged, but Paul stepped away when he received a call from the station. Later, Paul pulled Victoria aside and said there had been an accident involving Billy.

Victoria arrived at the police station, and Billy asked her what was going on. She inquired whether he knew why he was there in handcuffs, and he conceded that he should have taken a cab. She lectured that he hadn't, and he'd gotten behind the wheel instead. Billy countered that he was in one piece, and he hoped to see a flicker of relief on her face. Victoria snapped that she was glad someone from the club had stopped him before he'd pulled away, and she mentioned that Billy had hit a post. Billy replied that at least it hadn't been a little girl.

Victoria questioned whether Billy cared that people could have died because of Paragon, and Billy replied that he was fine with Victor losing everything, since Billy and Delia deserved justice. Victoria accused Billy of hiding behind his daughter, and she wondered what would have happened if Katie and Johnny had been in the car when Billy had gotten in to drive after drinking. She refused to let the kids be around him while he was self-destructing again, and she told him to take care of himself while she took care of the kids. He asked if she was going to take him to court to take his kids away from him.

Victoria said children needed security and protection, but Billy had been mad at the world since Delia's death. She understood that he was angry at Adam, but she couldn't let him jeopardize their kids, and she wouldn't apologize for protecting them. Billy vowed not to let her take his children from him.

Nikki joined Victor at the Athletic Club, and she wondered what urgent matter had kept him from being at the christening. Victor offered to apologize to Dylan to make her happy, and he explained that he'd wanted to be there, but he'd had an argument with "Billy Boy." He continued that Billy had run off, and Victor had followed, hoping to find out who Billy had been in cahoots with. Victor revealed that he'd found Billy inebriated at the bar, and he'd asked a waiter to follow Billy to make sure nothing bad happened.

Marisa raced over to Noah at the bar, and he asked what was wrong. She exclaimed that everything was finally right, since Luca was going to take her to see her daughter. Noah was skeptical, but Marisa insisted that while Luca had been acting cruel and cold, she'd discovered that the old Luca was still in there. Noah questioned how exactly she'd gotten the old Luca to emerge, and he asked her point-blank if she'd slept with Luca. Nikki and Victor spied the exchange.

Marisa swore that Luca had made the decision himself, and he hadn't wanted to have sex with her in return. Noah guessed that she'd offered Luca sex, just like she had with Marco. Marisa defended that her daughter was in danger, and she'd never pretended to be pure, but Noah had pretended to understand how much her daughter meant to her. Luca approached and asked if Marisa had told Noah the good news.

Luca told Noah to let Victor know that his family was looking forward to doing business together, but Noah retorted that Luca should tell Victor himself. Marisa excitedly looked forward to going to get her daughter, and Luca pointedly said goodbye to Noah. Noah approached Victor and Nikki's table, and he demanded to know if Victor's new business venture had something to do with Marisa leaving town. Victor noted that Marisa had walked out with a smile on her face, and it wasn't his problem.

Abby and Stitch rushed into Ashley's office, and Ashley reported that Billy had been arrested for driving under the influence, but no one had been hurt. Stitch guessed that Billy had gotten loaded because his relationship with Victoria had imploded, and Ashley sternly reminded Stitch that he wasn't part of the family yet. Ashley revealed that Billy had been behind the latest Paragon attack, and Abby lamented that her families were fighting amongst themselves as well as against one another. Ashley mentioned her talk with Adam about Victor holding something over him, and she pushed Abby to try to get Adam to open up.

Stitch incredulously asked if Ashley was asking Abby to spy on her brother to get information Ashley could use against Victor, and Ashley reasoned that Victor was launching an assault, so she had to be prepared. Stitch was stunned that Ashley was drawing up battle plans before the first shot had been fired, and she ordered him to take the judgment out of his voice. He lectured that she wasn't acting like the Ashley he knew, and he dared her to deny it. Abby reminded them that she had her own free will, and she refused to sidle up to Adam. Ashley pleaded with Abby to reconsider, but Stitch told Ashley to fight her own battles, since he and Abby wouldn't be part of it.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah carefully positioned Sully's carriage away from drafts and the espresso machine. Dylan noticed Faith's glum expression, and he offered her cookies, but she didn't respond. Sharon asked if Faith was okay, and Faith whined that her daddy had left because of Sage. Sharon explained that Nick and Sage were sad because they missed Christian, but with time and lots of love, they'd be all right.

Nick found Sage in the park, and he made small talk about the cold weather, but she said he didn't have to act like she hadn't made total fool of herself. He thought it had been too much too soon, and they shouldn't have gone to the christening, but she pointed out that she'd been the only one who'd lost it. Nick recognized that every person handled things in their own way, and he imagined what it had been like for her to hold Sully. Sage snapped that Nick didn't understand, or he would have let her hold her own son. Nick recalled going back to the hospital to see Christian after the fire and learning that their son had died, and he recounted that neither of them had wanted to see their little boy like that.

Sage wailed that she hadn't been thinking, and she regretted never holding her son. She added that she wished Nick could fix things, and she saw him trying to get her through it, but she didn't know how to do it with him. He suggested that they take one step at a time together, but she replied that she'd been alone her whole life, and that was the only way she knew how to get through it. She insisted that she just needed to be by herself for a while, and he stepped away. Moments later, Adam found Sage crying on the park bench, and he offered to take her home. She refused to go there, and he knelt down next to her and urged her to let him help her.

Nick returned to the church and sat in the last pew. The minister informed him that the rest of the family had already gone out to celebrate, and he asked if Nick had returned for another reason. Nick replied that he'd been looking for the minister, who said he'd be happy to listen. Nick asked how to help someone who didn't want his help.

The minister said he'd been surprised to see Nick and Sage at the christening, and Nick wished he hadn't believed Sage when she'd said she could get through it. Nick revealed that he'd lost a daughter years before, and he knew the pain didn't last forever, but he knew he could also drown in it. He pledged not to do that again, but he didn't know what to do, since he didn't know how to get through his grief while helping Sage get through hers. The minister advised Nick to hold onto his own strength, and when Sage was ready to let someone in, she'd need her baby's father more than ever.

Chelsea descended the penthouse stairs and was surprised to find Sage in her living room with Adam, who explained that he'd found Sage in the park. Sage mentioned that she'd tried to go to Sully's christening, and she didn't know why she'd ended up at the penthouse. Adam said Sage needed a friend, and Chelsea imagined the pain of seeing another baby that soon. Sage thanked them for trying, and she acknowledged that she wasn't the only person who'd lost a child, but she thought that no one understood what it felt like for her.

Adam volunteered to drive Sage home, but she said she couldn't face Nick yet, and Adam invited her to stay for dinner. Sage bemoaned that she'd done everything wrong with Faith, but Chelsea said Sage was being too hard on herself. Sage recognized that she'd punished people for trying to help her, and she hated herself for doing it. Adam suggested that Sage stay in the guest room, but Sage protested that he'd just gotten his family back together. Chelsea reasoned that she owed Sage for keeping Adam alive, and she welcomed Sage to stay.

Chelsea left to make up the guest room, and Sage was sure that Adam hadn't wanted to spend his day that way. He promised to be there for Sage, and he apologized in advance if he said anything rude. She said it was easier to talk to him than anyone else, and he guessed it was because he had her best friend's face. She thought it was something else, and he imagined it was because she'd seen him at his worst and helped him through it.

Adam said he was happy to do anything he could to help Sage, and she confided that she'd held the baby at the christening. She cried that Christian had never gotten a baptism, just a memorial, and there were many things her son would never have. Sage confessed that if she hadn't had to give Sharon back the baby, she never would have let the tot go. Adam pulled Sage into a hug as Chelsea returned and saw them together.

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American Idol alum Loren Lott joins Y&R
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