Santos family "gains" a member

Posted Monday, April 09, 2001 11:02:50 PM

It's been making the Internet rounds for at least a week now, but Soap Central has been able to confirm that Rosa Santos, the youngest member of the Santos clan, will be returning to Pine Valley. Actually, she won't be returning because she already lives in Pine Valley. So let's just say that she's emerging from hiding.

Rosa was not yet in high school when he last saw her. Adding on a few years, Rosa should be somewhere around 10th grade. According to some reports, however, Rosa will have already graduated from high school. Apparently, the writers have aged the character to better suit their needs - and since Rosa hasn't been seen in quite some time, it makes it easier to get away with the aging process.

Catherine Gardner, the actress who created the role, will not be portraying Rosa this time around. It's unclear if the actress was offered a chance to reprise to role or if the casting department decided to move forward without her.

There's a great deal of speculation about what Rosa will be doing this time around. Most of her family is missing in action - her father, Hector, is dead, Maria is believed to be dead and Julia is still living in the witness protection program in California. It is possible that Rosa will give Mateo a storyline since Hayley will probably be unavailable for a little while. Kelly Ripa (Hayley), is due for maternity leave in the near future and her other gig with Regis takes up quite a bit of her time. Other speculation has Rosa being involved with Bianca or the upcoming drug storyline.

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