Jesse McCartney out as JR

Posted Friday, October 05, 2001 9:52:58 AM
Jesse McCartney out as JR

In an effort to change the landscape of All My Children's teen sector, Jesse McCartney has been replaced as Adam "JR" Chandler, Jr.

As reported last month, the rumors of McCartney's exit started when AMC put out a casting call for a character by the name of Dan. According to a network-issued description, "Dan" was a teenager who comes from a broken home. When the casting call was issued, one network source hinted that Dan might not be a new character, but rather a recast of an already present Pine Valley resident using a fake name.

According to a show spokesperson, JR will be "aged" several years and, upon his return to the screen, will be in his late teens. When JR returns to the screen, he'll be played by newcomer Jonathan Bennett.

The decision to recast JR may not be popular with AMC viewers. In a recent WT? On the Spot poll conducted by Soap Central, 65% of poll respondents didn't want to see McCartney leave the role of JR.

In fact, McCartney's work was not just well received by fans, but also by his peers. The actor received a Daytime Emmy nomination this past year in the Outstanding Younger Lead Actor category.

"I had a wonderful time and substantial growing experience as an actor while I was [with All My Children]," said McCartney via his publicist.

McCartney will focus his post-AMC attention on his singing career with the teen group Dream Street. AMC viewers may remember seeing the group on the show when JR and his friends competed in a talent contest at Pine Valley High.

A first airdate for Bennett has not yet been announced.

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