Bruening out, Havins to follow soon

Posted Thursday, July 26, 2007 10:59:25 AM
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Havins to exit, be replaced on same day

Real-life couple Justin Bruening and Alexa Havins are both expected to exit All My Children by the end of the year. Bruening has already taped his final scenes with the ABC soap and Havins is expected to exit when her contact expires later this year.

Ending months of speculation, an All My Children spokesperson has confirmed that model-turned-actor Justin Bruening (Jamie Martin) will exit the show. Bruening has opted not to renew his contract with the ABC soap and his exit does not appear to be linked to the show's new writing team.

With AMC's Bruening and Havins exiting, what is the best casting decision?
 I'm not a Babe fan. Recast Jamie and have Babe leave town for good.   41% 
 Both characters are needed. Recast both Jamie and Babe as soon as possible.   24% 
 Jamie isn't really needed; Write him out and recast Babe.   21% 
 I think AMC should write Jamie and Babe out of the show together.   8% 
 Other   3% 
 I don't really have an opinion about the handling of Jamie and Babe.   3% 

Bruening's desire to leave All My Children hasn't exactly been a secret. The actor, who got his first big break as a model for Abercrombie & Fitch, has been the subject of exit rumors for the better part of 2007. During his four-year run with All My Children, some viewers have felt Bruening has been overly critical of his character and story - while other have said that the actor was merely echoing their own thoughts.

While Bruening is not the first actor to play Jamie Martin - he's actually number seven (eight if you count a pair of twins) on the roster. He is, however, one of the longest-running Jamies in AMC history. Bruening came aboard All My Children at a time when the show needed to "age" the character of Jamie; Jamie was aged from a high schooler to a college student. Other actors to have held down the part include Sean Marquette (1994-1998), Zachary Kady (1998-2001), Todd Harrison (2001-2002) and Micah Alberti (August 22, 2002 to August 2003).

Bruening is married to co-star Alexa Havins (Babe Chandler). Astute viewers will notice that the show's current storyline has Jamie and Babe once again getting closer. It is widely expected that this storyline could have facilitated an exit for both stars. However, Soap Central has learned that AMC is planning to recast the role of Babe in the event that Havins does, in fact, exit the show. Officially, there is "no comment" from ABC about Havins' impending exit, but a set source says that it's virtually a done deal that Havins will exit when her contract expires.

Bruening has already taped his final All My Children scenes. He will last air on Friday, August 24. At the current time, the show will not recast the role of Jamie.

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