Amanda Baker is headed back to AMC

Posted Monday, June 01, 2009 2:28:38 AM
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Amanda Baker is headed back to AMC

Amanda Baker will reprise the role of Babe Carey beginning this week. Her character, however, remains very much dead. Instead, Babe will appear as a vision to David -- and possible other Pine Valley residents. Baker debuted on All My Children in October 2007. She exited the show a year later.

Amanda Baker (Babe Carey) will reprise the role of Babe Carey this week. Fans hoping for a miracle resurrection may be in for a disappointment. Baker will be appearing as a ghostly vision in a handful of episodes.

Last October, All My Children viewers were glued to their television sets a series of tornadoes cut a path through Pine Valley. Babe was forced to make the difficult decision to sacrifice her own life for that of her son's. While Little A survived, Babe later succumbed to the injuries she'd sustained when a wooden beam pinned her to the ground.

A show source told Soap Central that Baker knew that she'd be leaving the show for several months prior to her actual exit.

Baker tells Soap Opera Digest that she said "yes in a heartbeat" when contacted by the show about a possible return. The actress will get the chance to interact with her on-screen father, Vincent Irizarry (David Hayward). Irizarry returned to All My Children after Babe had died and the only previous scenes Baker shared with Irizarry were as a dead body.

Baker makes her first of several appearances on June 4.

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