First airdate set for Thorsten Kaye's extended return

Posted Sunday, August 15, 2010 10:15:03 PM
First airdate set for Kaye's return

Fans of Zach Slater are soon going to be seeing a lot more of their favorite character. Thorsten Kaye will return to All My Children for an extended run beginning in late October. Though the actor will appear for several weeks, it won't be the full-time return that some viewers have been waiting for.

As first reported by Soap Central last month, Thorsten Kaye's (Zach Slater) recent short-term return to All My Children was just the beginning. AMC viewers can expect to see the Emmy-nominated actor back this fall for an extended run on the ABC soap.

"We'll have Zach back for a much longer period of time in October and November," co-head writer David Kreizman told Soap Opera Digest.

Kreizman's statement is just one in a series of uncharacteristically public statements made by ABC to make sure that fans know that they, too, want Kaye back on-screen.

The sticking point in a permanent return to All My Children seems to be three familiar words: location, location, location. Kaye has previously gone on record stating that he doesn't want to be in Los Angeles, where AMC films, for extended periods of time when his partner, Susan Haskell, and children are living in New York.

"I am not the kind of dad who wants to be 3,000 miles away from my kids," Kaye told the New York Daily News last year.

Thorsten Kaye joined All My Children in May 2004. He return is set for October 22.

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