GREEN MACHINE: Spend St. Patty's Day recounting Rebecca Budig's best Greenlee moments

Posted Monday, March 16, 2015 3:27:43 PM
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GREEN MACHINE: Spend St. Patty's Day recounting Rebecca Budig's best Greenlee moments

In honor of St. Patrick's Day and Rebecca Budig's recent move to GH, we're celebrating everything green – or rather, Greenlee. Sure, it may be a stretch -- but these video clips are pure gold.

All My Children fans can't help but pinch themselves over the news that Rebecca Budig (ex-Greenlee Smythe) has been cast on General Hospital. It's basically a dream that the fan favorite, who's also known as the other half to Josh Duhamel's Leo du Pres and as Guiding Light's Michelle Bauer, will soon be blasting into Port Charles. Fans will have to wait until later this spring for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (i.e., her first GH appearance), but luckily, during the wait for her big GH debut, Soap Central is bringing out a clover field of Greenlee moments that made the soap community fall in love with the actress. Happy out!

Greenlee Descends Upon Pine Valley
Spoiled brat Greenlee Smythe made her mark the second she entered AMC's fictional town, Pine Valley. Her first ever scene involved her interrupting Becca and Scott's conversation and immediately making Becca feel like the scum of the earth -- a talent Greenlee was able to do to every woman during her twelve years on the show.

Greenlee and Kendall's Disastrous Dress Debacles
Nobody does catfight scenes better than Budig, whose Greenlee had her fair share of female-versus-female squabbles over the years. However, her fights with Kendall (Alicia Minshew) definitely take the cake. The two fought over all kinds of stuff, but they were most entertaining when their spats involved men and dresses.

G and K's Feud Gets the Shaft
As great as Greenlee and Kendall were as enemies, they were even better as friends. That's why they were able to fix their broken friendship so many times (though the same can't be said for Fusion's broken elevator).

Greenlee and Leo "Wine" About Getting Stuck Together
Remember the time that Leo and Greenlee got stuck in a wine cellar? So does Budig, who lists the scene as her all-time favorite, according to TV Guide. "We're at some party, and I'm trying to get Ryan, because I'm obsessed with him, and Leo comes down instead and we get locked in," she recalls of the storyline. "I'm furious, and he's pissed to be stuck in there, but we proceed to open up the wine and get drunk. It was so funny."

That Time When Greenlee Threw Leo and Laura a Wedding Shower
Greenlee was quite a troublemaker and caused quite a splash in Pine Valley, including one moment when she turned on the sprinkler system during Leo and Laura's (Laura Allen) wedding.

Soaking in Greenlee and Leo
We loved Leo and Greenlee's bubble bath bonding, and apparently so did Budig. "The bathtub scenes with Leo [were my favorite]," she told TV Guide. "Those were good, fun scenes."

The Infamous Kenlee Kiss
Way before Katy Perry crooned that she kissed a girl, Greenlee and Kendall kissed each other -- in front of the great Erica Kane (Susan Lucci), no less!

Greenlee Destroys Jack and Erica's Wedding
Greenlee was always a thorn in Erica's side, but probably no more than on the Enchantment exec's wedding day to Greenlee's father, Jack (Walt Willey). Much to Erica and Jack's horror, Greenlee barged in on the ceremony and announced that she objected to Erica and her union with Jack -- in so many ways.

Leo Dies While Rescuing Greenlee from Vanessa's Clutches
Greenlee and Leo's romance came crashing down when Leo rushed to save his love from his crazy mother, Vanessa (Marj Dusay), and ultimately ended up going over the falls during his rescue attempt. The moment resulted in fan tears that gave the gushing waterfall a run for its money.

The Time Greenlee Blew Juan Pablo Away
Not wanting to toot its own horn too much, AMC released a fun blooper video of a Greenlee/Juan Pablo (Tomy Dunster) moment that had Budig nearly in tears.

Greenlee Marries David in Massive Payback Plot
Never one for subtlety, Greenlee returned to town and revealed to all of Pine Valley (including Ryan) that she was still alive -- and would be marrying the evil David Hayward.

What are some of your favorite Greenlee moments? And do you hope to see the same kind of behavior from Budig's Port Charles character? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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