WATCH: Find out which Hollywood heartthrob asked Kelly Ripa out on a date during his AMC screen test

Posted Friday, September 23, 2016 10:28:16 AM
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Terrence Howard asked out Kelly Ripa during AMC screen test

All My Children alum Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley Santos) shares which Hollywood actor asked her out on a date during his screen test for the ABC soap.

Bold men know there's really no such thing as a wrong time to ask a beautiful lady out on a date. Just take Empire and Iron Man star Terrence Howard, who decided that it was a-okay to ask Kelly Ripa out on a date -- right in the middle of his screen test for All My Children!

The actress-turned-host of Live! With Kelly shares that Howard had no shame trying his luck with the blonde when she used to play AMC's Hayley Santos.

"I screen tested him for All My Children, I'm going to say 25 or 26 years ago, and in the middle of the screen test, he asked me out on a date -- to the point where I looked down at the script, I was like, 'Did I forget my lines?!'" she says with a laugh. "Isn't that funny? It's Terrence. That's Terrence! He's like, 'You know what? I'm in the middle of a screen test, but I'm gonna ask this girl out. She looks desperate.' [Laughs]"

Check out the clip below then let us know what you think about Howard's no-fear attitude about putting the moves on Ripa.

What do you think about Terrence Howard boldly trying his luck with Kelly Ripa? What character would you have loved to see the actor play on AMC? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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