AMC star Jennifer Bassey engaged; hear her inspiring love story

Posted Monday, November 07, 2016 5:55:34 AM
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AMC star Jennifer Bassey engaged; hear her inspiring love story

All My Children alum Jennifer Bassey (ex-Marian Colby) found love after loss with actor George Bamford, and the couple's engagement tale is a tearjerker.

When Jennifer Bassey's husband of 30 years, screenwriter Luther Davies, passed away in 2008, the All My Children alum didn't think she'd find true love again. After all, how could it be possible to strike romantic gold twice in one lifetime? But much to her surprise, she's on the path to marriage with Law & Order alum George Bamford -- and the sequence of events that led to Bamford proposing to Bassey is one for the books.

Shortly after Davies passed away, Bassey sought refuge by taking a grief recovery course. Though it was a long process, Bassey was finally able to face the world and was so inspired by her lessons, she enrolled in a training course to help other people mourning loved ones. What she didn't know was that taking part in the class would eventually lead her to her second chance at love.

Years after Bassey took the training course to help people with grieving, a friend introduced her to 73-year-old Bamford, who was having a difficult time after losing his wife of 50 years to cancer. Bassey reminded him of the importance of not self-isolating and gave him her phone number with the intention of helping him through his dark days. And though neither knew it at the time, the chance encounter led to the pair falling in love.

"Two and a half years later, here we are," Bassey tells People of her recent engagement. "I never dreamed when I met George it would turn into this -- that we would [develop] feelings for one another. I thought I had 30 great years with someone else, and maybe I won't meet anybody again, and that's okay. But it just happened."

Bassey recalls that she felt an instant connection to Bamford, similar to the feeling she experienced when meeting Davies. "When you're supposed to be with a person, it's very natural," she explains. "And from the first minute we met, it was very comfortable. It's almost like a past life experience -- we've been together before and this was supposed to be happening."

Bamford felt the same and just recently proposed to the actress in Waikiki, Hawaii. Wedding plans haven't been set, but the couple is considering flying to Indianapolis -- where Bamford's daughter lives -- for their nuptials. "We'll probably fly there and have a small wedding," Bassey says. "And then come back to New York and have a party with friends."

As for their love story, both Bamford and Bassey hope their tale inspires others.

"I want people to have hope that there is someone else out there," Bassey says. "Don't give up. Put yourself out there. Get into a grief group. Try to heal yourself, don't isolate. And be open. Be open to anything that comes your way. Because there's no reason you have to be alone the rest of your life no matter how old you are."

For more from Bassey and Bamford about their engagement and future plans, check out People's original article here.

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