AMC's Jesse McCartney drops new single with soap opera-themed music video

Posted Wednesday, January 16, 2019 2:27:08 PM

All My Children alum Jesse McCartney (ex-J.R. Chandler) drops a new song called "Wasted" that comes along with a music video that pokes fun at soap operas.

Singer/songwriter Jesse McCartney is back on the scene with a brand-new single called "Wasted," and the actor -- who used to play All My Children's J.R. Chandler -- has made a soap opera-themed music video for his new song.

Directed by Jason Lester, the video for "Wasted" is a parody of the daytime genre that begins with the fictional title The Young & The Wasted. The video then shows McCartney as four different characters with bizarre soap-like names like Ricky Moonstruck and Brock Donahue as they live out their melodrama in an opulent mansion.

Some of the story points include a beautiful girl (Katie Peterson) with an incurable disease, murdering her father, and a biker telling her that the player she's seeing isn't who she thinks he is -- before the butler shoots him dead with an arrow.

While winning the hearts of daytime fans as AMC's J.R. in the late 1990s, McCartney rose to fame as part of the boy band Dream Street and later went on to establish a career as a solo artist. He has released several albums, including Beautiful Soul, Right Where You Want Me, Departure, and In Technicolor -- the latter being his last album, released in 2014. McCartney has also contributed to numerous Disney soundtracks, including A Cinderella Story, That's So Raven, and Lizzie McGuire Total Party!

"Wasted" is McCartney's most recent single, following his March 2018 release of the song "Better With You." He kicked off a North American tour on January 11.

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