All My Children's Susan Lucci discovered Andy Cohen before he was famous

Posted Thursday, October 17, 2019 12:51:55 PM

Long before he found success at Bravo, Andy Cohen was a journalism student at Boston University -- at which point All My Children actress Susan Lucci (ex-Erica Kane) gave him his big break.

All My Children's Erica Kane didn't have a lot of foresight when it came to the men in her life, seeing as how she was married umpteen times. But the same can't be said for the iconic character's portrayer, Susan Lucci. The beloved actress recently made a surprise appearance on Today, where it was revealed that she knew all about Andy Cohen's talent long before he and the rest of the world did.

Cohen, who is guest-hosting the show this week while co-host Jenna Bush Hager is out on maternity leave, was thrilled to see Lucci pop out from behind a screen and shared that he actually first met the soap opera legend when he was a broadcast journalism student at Boston University. He needed to do an interview for a news writing and reporting class and was beyond thrilled when Lucci actually responded to his interview request and met him for lunch.

Says Lucci of why she granted the request to the then-unknown-teenage Cohen, "[In his letter] he just jumped off the page, and I called my publicist and said, 'You know what? The first day I have a long lunch hour, I think I can do this.' And she said, 'Are you sure?' And I said, 'Yes. There's something about this [guy].'"

The actress goes on to explain that during their lunch, she declared that Andrew (as she called him) would go on to major success as a news anchor: "I was so impressed!"

Later on in the interview, Lucci shares that she is meeting with members of Congress this week to ask them to support research and education for women's heart health. The actress had a heart scare last year and has since become the national spokesperson for the American Heart Association and its Go Red for Women movement.

"A year ago, almost to this day, I had a scare and I got so lucky," she shares. "I want to pass that luck along and let women know to put themselves on their to-do lists and listen to your body."

Check out the full video of Lucci's Today appearance here and let us know how you feel about her visit in the Comments section below.

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