WATCH: All My Children alum Jesse McCartney entertains fans during coronavirus quarantine

Posted Monday, April 06, 2020 7:26:42 AM
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Singer Jesse McCartney (ex-J.R. Chandler, All My Children) and his fiancée Katie Peterson are surviving the coronavirus lockdown by filming silly Instagram videos which they've titled The Quarantined Couple.

Everyone is dealing with the mass stay-at-home orders brought on by the coronavirus pandemic in different ways. Many people are watching soap operas (as proven by the genre's rising ratings), some are starting podcasts (like these soap stars), and others are coping by making funny videos, like All My Children alum Jesse McCartney (ex-J.R. Chandler, All My Children).

The popular singer is quarantining with his fiancée, Katie Peterson, and the couple has decided to keep fans entertained by posting a series of videos detailing their lockdown experience on Instagram.

"We figured while we are going to be in such close quarters together, we might as well make light of it and try to give people a good laugh," McCartney tells People about the videos, which they've titled The Quarantined Couple. "We really enjoy being creative, so this was the perfect opportunity to do that organically."

The videos include skits of the couple dancing, reading, napping (with McCartney stealing most of the blanket), and just trying to get through the general boredom of quarantine that couples around the world are experiencing.

"I'm sure tons of couples, who are also now quarantined together, can relate to some of the skits and hopefully these provide even just a minute of entertainment while we all get through this crazy time," the singer says.

McCartney's first three quarantine videos are posted below, but fans should check out his Instagram page in the days ahead to see if he and Peterson post more.

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Day 1 with @katielaurapeterson

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Day 2 with @katielaurapeterson Tag the ppl you'd like to be quarantined with! #TheQuarantinedCouple

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Day 3 with @katielaurapeterson

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McCartney got his start in the entertainment business in the late 1990s, playing Adam Chandler's son J.R. on All My Children. While starring on the ABC soap opera, the young actor rose to fame as part of the boy band Dream Street and later went on to establish a successful career as a solo artist. His discography includes the albums Beautiful Soul, Right Where You Want Me, Departure, and In Technicolor.

As Soap Central previously reported, McCartney and Peterson have been dating since 2012 and became engaged in September of 2019.

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