Jesse McCartney recalls working with All My Children legend David Canary

Posted Tuesday, May 26, 2020 6:04:34 AM

The Masked Singer contestant Jesse McCartney (ex-J.R. Chandler, All My Children) opens up about working alongside late actor David Canary, who played iconic Pine Valley twins Adam and Stuart Chandler.

Singer Jesse McCartney has been making headlines for coming in second place on The Masked Singer, where he was revealed to be "the Turtle" who competed in the show's third season. And soap opera fans will be happy to know that the performer, who got his start in the entertainment industry by playing All My Children character J.R. Chandler, has been discussing his time in Pine Valley during his flurry of current press coverage.

In addition to promoting his recent single, "Friends," McCartney has given several shout-outs to AMC, where he worked from 1998 to 2001. And in a recent interview with Digital Journal, he opened up about the pressure of learning lines for the soap and remembered some special moments with David Canary, who played J.R.'s titan father, Adam Chandler, and Adam's gentle-hearted twin, Stuart Chandler.

"All My Children certainly was a huge lesson for me in terms of learning the material, being quick, studying your lines, and not procrastinating. Soap opera actors don't get the credit they deserve," he says. "I worked with an actor named David Canary, who RIP, was one of the sweetest guys on the planet, and he was such a kind soul. He played my father, Adam Chandler, and not only was he the star of the show but he played his own twin brother, Stuart."

McCartney continues, "He had double the lines of any character on the show, and in my three years on the show, he never messed up a line even once. There was a time when David helped me when I was having a moment and I struggled with remembering my lines, so as a result, the soap world for me is very sentimental. Learning lines has now become something that I am good at because of that show and that moment. It takes a lot of practice."

For more from McCartney about his experience on The Masked Singer, how All My Children factored into the singing competition show, his new music, and what's next on his horizon, check out Soap Central's article here.

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