Eden Riegel opens up about possibly reprising Bianca for the All My Children reboot

Posted Tuesday, December 07, 2021 1:38:56 PM

If and when Pine Valley is a go, Eden Riegel says she would most definitely step back into the role of Bianca Montgomery for the All My Children reboot -- and she says another famous Kane woman would also be on board!

All My Children fans did a celebratory chicken dance worthy of Tad Martin when Susan Lucci revealed that she would be open to reprising her role as Erica Kane for the show's possible primetime reboot. Well, those same fans might just wanna go full throttle and throw on a chicken suit after they hear this next bit of fun Pine Valley news: beloved actress Eden Riegel, who played Erica's daughter Bianca Montgomery would also be willing to board the remake!

In an interview with Soaps, the actress reveals that while she hasn't received a phone call from producers Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley Santos) and Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo Santos), she would definitely be interested in signing on if they did give her a call.

"I know that it's still in development and it's more of a reboot of the show, I think, so when it goes, it will focus more on the younger, sexier members of Pine Valley," the actress shares. "But I do know if they ever want the Kane women to make a cameo or a couple of appearances, me and Susan and Alicia [Minshew, Kendall Hart] would be so on board!"

As AMC fans know, the soap opera ended up recasting the role of Bianca, so Riegel wasn't the last actress to wear the character's shoes. However, a lot of viewers will always associate the character with Riegel, who reveals that, unlike a lot of fans, she was not heartbroken when another actress stepped into the role in 2010.

"Bianca is bigger than me -- it always has been. I wasn't the first Bianca, I wasn't the last Bianca. It's how it should be," she explains. "I begrudge them nothing because I think I was on The Young and the Restless [as Heather Stevens] when they [recast], so they had to. They wanted to tell more stories with her... and I bear no ill will whatsoever. I'm just glad I got a little piece of Bianca."

For more from Riegel about her experience playing Bianca and why she felt she wasn't a good fit on Y&R, check out her full Soaps interview here. And if you need more proof that Bianca Montgomery is an iconic character, you can stream the special classic "Biancapalooza" episode of Soap Central Live, which reunited Riegel, Christina Bennett Lind (who took over the role from Riegel), and at least one very special guest. If you'd like to listen to it later, visit our Soundcloud page and bookmark it for later.

soapcentral ˇ Biancapalooza on Soap Central Live

How would you feel about Eden Riegel reprising her role as Bianca for an All My Children reboot? If the show comes to fruition, which AMC characters would you like to see be involved, and what storylines would you love to see? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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