DILLON Family Tree
Trevor Dillon (deceased) (died in 2005)
Arlene's brother; see below.

m. Janet Marlowe (married 1991; invalid)
    c. Amanda Maureen Dillon (born 1992)
    Legally adopted by Natalie.
        m. Joseph "Jake" Martin, Jr. (Married: June 11, 2009)
            c. Trevor Dillon

m. Natalie Marlowe (deceased) [Mmarried 1992; died 1993)
    c. Tim Dillon (born 1986)
    Natalie's son by Alex Hunter, legally adopted by Trevor.
    c. Amanda Maureen Dillon (born 1992)
    Trevor's daughter by Janet, legally adopted by Natalie.

m. Laurel Banning (deceased) (married 1995; died 1996)

m. Janet Marlowe (dissolved by his death)

Arlene Dillon
Trevor's sister; see above.

a. Adam Chandler Sr.
    c. Hayley Vaughan
        m. Will Cortlandt (deceased) (married 1992; died 1992)
        m. Alec McIntyre (married 1995)
        m. Mateo Santos (married 1997; invalid)
        m. Mateo Santos
            c. Lorenzo Hector Santos (2001)

m. Harry Vaughan (deceased) (died 1991)

m. Adam Chandler Sr. (married 2000)
    c. Unnamed Child (deceased) (miscarriage; 2000)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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