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About the AMC Family Trees
The Who's Who section is designed to help Pine Valley viewers keep track of characters on the show. Find out who's related to who, how many times someone has been married, and what pesky crimes a character committed. Plus, get a brief character history to summarize that character's time on the show.
Welcome to Soap Central's All My Children Family Tree section. In this section you will be able to browse through genealogical breakdowns of some of the most prominent family in AMC's history. While we strive to include information about all of the past and present Pine Valley families, but that is not always possible based upon information that is available. However, you will find that the "trees" listed here are more than extensive.

Each Family Tree provides detailed history of marriages, relatives, and children for all the members of the given family. When available, you'll be able to further your research by visiting the indepth character profiles from the Who's Who character profiles section.

At the bottom of each Family Tree page you will find a "Key" box that will explain all of the abbreviates and codes found in the tree. You'll also find a "Branching Out" section that will allow you to swing from one Family Tree to another.

Understanding the AMC Family Trees
Some of the family trees have a tendency to really branch out. But don't blame us! It's those wacky Pine Valley citizens and all of their marrying and cheating ways that make the trees so bushy!

Here's a look at a portion of the Santos family tree as well as an explanation on how to read the chart.

Hector Santos

m. Isabella Santos
    c. Maria Santos
        m. Edmund Grey

According to the tree, Hector Santos married Isabella. This is represented by the letter "m". As you move down the tree, you see that with Isabella, Hector had a daughter, Maria. This is represented by the letter "c" which stands for child. Continuing with Maria, you see the letter "m" pop back up. This means that she married Edmund.

Some of the names on the trees are linked to our Who's Who in Pine Valley character profiles. To receive full details of that character's life, simply click on the link.
The AMC Family Trees
Below, you will find an alphabetized listing of past and present All My Children families. Simply highlight the name of the family that you'd like to learn more about and that family will display on your screen.

If you believe that information is missing from a given tree, please submit that information to us through our Feedback section. Additionally, if there is a family whose family tree is not present and you'd like to help create that tree, please use the Feedback form to let us know.

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