Up close and personal with Cameron Mathison
Posted Monday, May 15, 2000 10:12:09 PM
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Encounter with Cameron Mathison


Those three little words pretty much sum up my day at the First Annual Cameron Mathison Fan Club Luncheon. The luncheon was held at Blondie's Restaurant in NYC on May 6, 2000. Cameron arrived promptly at 12 noon. He looked very delicious in a light blue shirt, which brought out his beautiful blue eyes, and khaki colored pants. He walked in with his own video camera and was filming the crowd. He went around the room to personally greet each and everyone there with either a hug and kiss or a handshake (the latter for the four men that were there). That was the beginning of four glorious hours with "Savory Lavery" (as depicted on one fan's sweatshirt).

Since this was the first fan club gathering, there was no real schedule of events. Cameron asked us all what we should do. He decided to table-hop to visit with everyone. Our table was the first one near the entrance, so Cameron sat with us first! The table consisted of me, my friend Marie, and our new friend Kathy who traveled all the way from North Carolina. Cameron took the empty seat next to me. HEAVEN! He stayed with us for quite a while as we discussed AMC, his recent visit to L.A. (he just returned that day on the red-eye) and various other things. I was amazingly calm as this gorgeous creature sat by my side. He posed for pictures with us and then moved on to the next table.

Since Cameron was visiting our table when the food was brought out, and obviously we weren't going to leave him for a second, by the time we got to the buffet, there was hardly anything left. The first two platters, which we believe held chicken fingers, were completely wiped out. Then there was platters of Blondie's famous chicken wings (a favorite of Rosie O'Donnell), a tray of cruditÚs and a pan of pasta salad. The trays were never replenished. Needless to say, we were still hungry when we left there later on. Some people were ordering more food for themselves at an additional fee. When Cameron finished his visits to all the tables, there was an auction. Items that were auctioned varied from old modeling photos, framed 11x14 pictures, Harlequin romance paperbacks in which he modeled on the covers, photo books, and an autographed (by several stars) AMC script from the 30th anniversary episode. The bidding went well and nothing was outrageously priced. All proceeds went to an animal rights organization. Each time Cameron walked the item over to the winning highest bidder, he gave them a kiss --- an added bonus! The last item to be auctioned was a Blondie's t-shirt. Fan club president Donna Baker unbuttoned Cameron's shirt for him (tough job!). He put on the Blondie's t-shirt and the bidding began. The winner was allowed to come up and take the shirt right off of his body. YOWZA! When the auction concluded, Cameron went to everyone's table again to sign the items they purchased in the auction along with anything else they wanted autographed. Again, ours was the first table he sat at to sign our stuff (next to me, of course!!). I purchased an 11x14 unframed picture of him (shirtless and flexing his muscles), along with 2 of the Harlequin books and a small photo album containing 28 great 4x6 pictures of him. I gave him a package of cookies that I heard he likes and he was so excited to receive them. We took a few more pictures with him before he moved on to the next table.

I forgot to mention another highlight, for me anyway. My mother, Lucille, who usually attends these AMC events with me was under the weather and was unable to come. I was at a pay phone speaking with her when I saw Cameron heading my way. I asked him if he wouldn't mind giving her a quick "hello" since she was ill and unable to attend. He was happy to oblige and spoke with her for a few minutes. She was so excited; she couldn't believe it was him on the phone. It totally made her day. I thanked him again later. He is such a sweet guy.

Our day was coming to an end and our man Cam had to leave. A few of us got some last minute hugs and kisses on his way out. We walked out the door with him for a final goodbye as we watched him walk down the street with his arms full with the gifts he received.

Aside from thanking Cameron for taking time out of his busy schedule to meet with all of us, I'd like to send a special thanks to Donna Baker for organizing this event and for giving us the opportunity to get up close and personal with Cameron. I've been to other fan events before, but never one for an individual celebrity. We appreciate that we were not given rules and limitations. Everyone was well-behaved and treated Cameron with the same respect and courtesy that he gave us. I look forward to attending the 2nd annual fan club luncheon next year!

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