Beloved character shot and killed
Posted Sunday, June 17, 2001 7:54:12 PM
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Beloved character shot and killed

If you've come to this page, you're probably ready to find out which AMC character will lose his or her life. If not, this is your last chance to hit your browser's back button and read no further.

Last week the suspense began. Soap Central reported that one of All My Children's core characters would be shot and killed. By midweek, viewers were left to believe that Gabriel was the victim. However, he was found to be alive and well later in the week - although he was being held hostage by Ilene. Ilene, meanwhile, continued skulking the grounds of Wildwind looking for Anna. The only problem was that Ilene could not tell Anna and Alex apart and she didn't know that Anna was out of the country.

Hoping to lure Anna to the turret, Ilene wrote a note asking Anna to go to the turret. She signed the note with Gabriel's name. At the main house, Alex found the letter and presumably headed off to the turret. By a twist of fate, Gillian had already gone to the turret to retrieve some personal belongings.

This week, Ilene sneaks into the turret, aims her gun and pulls the trigger. Her back to Ilene, Gillian has no idea that she's about to be mowed down by an assassin's bullet. Tragically, Gillian will lose her life to the bullet. Sometime later, Ryan shows up at the turret and finds his princess with her eyes closed. He believes that she's asleep, but he soon finds a pool of blood beneath his wife. Gillian is raced to the hospital, but she is declared brain dead. Unable to say goodbye, Ryan leaves Gillian hooked up to a life support system.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Laura goes into cardiac arrest. Ryan eventually sees that Laura will die without a new heart and he makes the difficult decision to honor Gillian's request and donate her heart to save Laura's life.

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