LaRue, Callahan expecting first child
Posted Saturday, June 16, 2001 9:29:47 PM
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LaRue, Callahan Expecting

For nearly four years AMC fans have speculated about the possible return of Eva LaRue (ex-Maria) to All My Children. In fact, soap magazines have had a field day with the story, having emblazoned their covers with "exclusive" news about LaRue's possible return on numerous occasions. The most recent chatter about LaRue's reported interest in returning came in December 2000.

Well here's one thing that soap fans will not have to wonder about - LaRue and husband John Callahan (Edmund) are expecting their first child in December.

The news quashes more rumors that LaRue will be returning to the show in the near future. Obviously with a baby on the way, LaRue is focusing all of her attention on her pregnancy. Something else to note is that LaRue was not asked to reprise her role during the "Heaven" scenes that will hit the airwaves next month (see related article in our News section).

So does that mean that Maria isn't really dead -- or did the writers simply forget or neglect to invite her back? An insider says that the first scenario is much more likely -- and that the writers don't want to paint Maria as dead just in case LaRue decides to return to the show later (or the role is recast).

Also nixed are reports that John Callahan is leaving the show. Callahan remains under contract with AMC and he and LaRue live in New Jersey. An online rumor had said that Callahan was moving to California to be with his wife.

Since leaving AMC, LaRue has appeared in an ill-fated UPN sitcom, starred in several television movies, and appeared as a panelist on Match Game.

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