Jason Olive out as Frank Hubbard
Posted Sunday, January 12, 2003 10:51:01 PM
Updated Sunday, January 19, 2003 2:09:26 PM

Changes continue as All My Children's new head writing team puts their own spin on the show's storylines and the characters that make up its canvas.

A spokesperson for the show confirms that relative newcomer, Jason Olive (Frank Hubbard) has been let go from the show. Olive joined the cast as the son of former supercouple Angie and Jesse Hubbard in July. Frank's return to Pine Valley was part of then-head writer Richard Culliton's attempt to restore ties to All My Children's past. Culliton also brought back Tim Dillon around the same time as Frank. That character, too, was written off the canvas quickly.

Frank has not been without story since his return, however, the character's storylines have seldom been front and center. Frank was revealed to be the father of Mia's son as well as the videographer of a tape showing the near-death of Simone's brother.

Olive's release comes just a week after it was announced that J. Eddie Peck (Jake Martin) and the show would be parting ways.

While Culliton was credited for attempting to link present day AMC to its 33-year history, Gordon Rayfield, the show's recently installed head writer, appears to want to forge a new history for the show. Rayfield has introduced three new contract players - all new characters - in his first few weeks as the show's top scribe, (See related news story by clicking here).

"I have enjoyed working with the show and cast members," Olive said in a statement. "Great adventure awaits, and I am always in the breech."

Olive's final airdate was December 23.

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