Jack Scalia
Jack Scalia to make spring AMC exit
Posted Friday, March 7 1:48 PM

According to posts on his official web site, Jack Scalia (Chris Stamp) will be leaving All My Children this spring. The news comes just three months shy of the actor's second anniversary with the show.

Scalia joined All My Children in June 2001 as a janitor, who soon turned out to be an undercover federal agent probing Enchantment over alleged drug trafficking. The high-profile actor soon found himself involved in an on-screen romance with diva Erica Kane, played by Susan Lucci.

In his short time with All My Children, Scalia has seen three different head writers. The writer responsible for incorporating his character into the show left just a few months after Scalia hit the airwaves. Since that time, there has been an extended period of time in which Chris and Erica's romance has been "back-burnered." At one point in time, the couple was to have wed around Christmas or New Year's Eve of last year.

In recent weeks, Pine Valley District Attorney Jackson Montgomery, played by Walt Willey, has made it his mission to uncover the details of Chris Stamp's sordid past. It would seem that this past will be used as a tool to write Scalia's character off the show's canvas.

Scalia earned a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in 2002 for his work on AMC.

Scalia made his final AMC appearance on May 8.

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