Report: Marcy Walker to leave AMC
Posted Monday, June 14, 2004 1:38:47 PM
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Report: Marcy Walker to leave AMC

For several weeks, rumors of Marcy Walker's (Liza Colby) so-called impending exit from All My Children have quietly made their way around the Internet. Now, an article about these rumors has fanned the flames -- and many are questioning if the Emmy-winning actress will, in fact, be leaving Pine Valley.

Walked originated the role of Liza Colby on All My Children in 1981. Back then, Liza was a crafty and troublemaking teen who found herself sharing her boyfriend -- Tad Martin -- with her mother. After three years with AMC, Walker left the show in 1984.

Immediately following her run on All My Children, Walker set up shop on the NBC soap Santa Barbara. During the show's seven-year run, Walker amassed three Daytime Emmy nominations and was named Outstanding Lead Actress in 1989.

After the cancellation of Santa Barbara, Walker checked in for a two-year stay on CBS's Guiding Light as Tangie Hill along with appearances in a handful of made-for-television movies.

In September 1995, Walker was lured back to All My Children and resumed her scheming ways as Liza Colby. Liza was a front burner character for several years, breaking up the marriage of Tad and Dixie before ending up as another of Adam Chandler's many wives. In recent months, however, Liza had been seldom seen and her tough-as-nails persona has all but disappeared.

Talk of Walker's exit first started to trickle through the message boards when it was announced that her on-screen sister, Amelia Heinle (Mia Saunders), was leaving the show. Soap Opera Weekly and TV Guide articles have both mentioned these rumors -- and talk of Walker's exit has now heated up.

A spokesperson for All My Children stated that it is not show policy to discuss the contract status of its performers.

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