Marcy Walker makes "final" appearance this week
Posted Sunday, September 26, 2004 4:08:23 PM
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Marcy Walker makes

Marcy Walker (Liza Colby) makes what could very well be her final appearance on All My Children this week. As reported previously by Soap Central, Walker's contract with the show was not renewed.

Walker, a Daytime Emmy winner in 1989 for her work as Eden Capwell on Santa Barbara and also a nominee during her stint on AMC, has been a member of the All My Children cast for a dozen years. Walker first joined All My Children in 1981 and remained with the show through 1984. She later returned in September 1995 and has been with the show since.

In recent months, Walker's on-screen time has been limited. In fact, it's been quite some time since the actress was featured in a front burner storyline. Internet chatter claims that the network turned their attention away from actresses "over 40" to focus on the more advertiser friendly "under 30" crowd.

Jennifer Bassey (Marian Colby), another actress that was cut from contract status in recent years, makes a return to help usher Walker off the show.

While ABC execs hope that the actress will remain with the show on a recurring basis, the actress has so far not accepted the offer. There are new reports, however, that Walker may be warming to the idea.

Walker last airs on September 28.

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