Jordan Lane Price
Newcomer Price cast as Celia, not Miranda
Posted Tuesday, February 19, 2013 12:18:37 PM
All My Children has cast one of its first roles for the series' Internet reboot. Newcomer Jordan Lane Price will join the show in a role that will be aged since that character last appeared on-screen.

All My Children has cast one of its first new performers under the oversight of Prospect Park. Newcomer Jordan Lane Price has joined AMC as one of the show's new core, high school students named Celia Fitzgerald.

"So I'm pretty much beyond excited to start work... #PineValley, here I come :) #AMC," Price wrote on Twitter.

The show's new casting director, Alison Goodman, responded, "[C]ouldn't be happier! Just remember me when you are a big freakin star!"

Though the show has yet to comment, Soap Central has learned that Price has been cast as an aged Miranda Montgomery. All My Children had originally put out the casting notice for Miranda in January under the name "Charlotte."

When All My Children returns to the airwaves, the show will have jumped five years into the future. That was necessary, according to numerous actors attached to the project, because many of the performers who were part of All My Children's ABC finale in 2011 are no longer available to continue with the show. To read why this time jump is a good thing, click here.

It is expected that the majority of AMC's younger set -- Miranda, A.J. Chandler, Kate Martin, Spike Lavery, and Emma Lavery -- will be aged for the reboot.

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