AMC casts "baddest bad guy" Vlad
Posted Friday, March 01, 2013 1:03:48 AM
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AMC casts 'baddest bad guy' Vlad
All My Children's next villain has now been cast. Alfredo Diaz has been cast in the role of Vlad, a character the actor describes as the "baddest bad guy" around.

Actor Alfredo Diaz has booked the role of All My Children's new, mononymic recurring character, Vlad.

Though little is known in the way of storyline at this point, it doesn't look like Vlad will be giving anyone a case of the warm fuzzies.

"I just booked a recurring role on All My Children," Diaz announced on Twitter. "So so happy! I'll be playing Vlad. I will be the baddest bad guy"

Indeed, the initial casting call for the role described Vlad as "willing to get down and dirty to get what he wants" and the "brawn behind a covert operation."

All My Children is also casting one of Vlad's associates named Uri, who is slightly older than Vlad and is described as a businessman.

Since the casting call, many All My Children fans have speculated that Vlad and Uri might be code names for members of the Marick family.

The role of Vlad is recurring.

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