Cady McClain flips the script, goes behind the camera
Posted Sunday, September 22, 2013 12:22:25 PM
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Cady McClain flips the script, goes behind the camera
All My Children favorite Cady McClain has stepped behind the camera for the first time, and the result is the short film, Flip Fantasia. The two-time Emmy winner is already at work on her next project. McClain first appeared on AMC in 1998. She also appeared on As the World Turns.

Soap fans are already familiar with the magic that Cady McClain (Dixie Martin; ex-Rosanna Cabot, As the World Turns) brings to the screen. But now the two-time Daytime Emmy winner is stepping behind the camera to hone her skills as producer and director. Her first film, Flip Fantasia, is now online and has been receiving positive reviews.

So what is Flip Fantasia?

"It's funny, and heart breaking, surreal, and spiritual. It's full of color and pain. It's everything I love," McClain says.

The film's official Facebook page takes the description a bit further, noting that Flip Fantasia is "about love, about death, about real people, flawed people, hurt people, young people... but mostly about love."

Flip Fantasia stars Christopher Gabriel Nunez, Julie Lucas, Eden Marryshow, Gil Zabarsky, and Clinton Lowe.

McClain is already hard at work on her second film, "The World of Fuh."

The short film contains strong adult language and adult situations, so it may not be safe for work -- and it is definitely not intended for children.

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