AMC star kicked off flight
Posted Thursday, June 04, 2015 12:37:07 PM
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AMC star kicked off flight
All My Children's Jennifer Bassey (ex-Marian Colby) got herself kicked off a flight!

Former All My Children star Jennifer Bassey is no stranger to mouthing off, having played the feisty character of Marian Colby for decades. But the actress took it to a perhaps over-the-top level when she reportedly gave a Delta flight attendant a piece of her mind in a not-so-polite way -- which promptly got her thrown off a flight.

TMZ reports that the actress was tossed off a plane headed from New York City to Indianapolis for being a "risk to the flight" after an altercation occurred between her and a flight attendant. According to Bassey, the mess started after she used the restroom shortly after boarding her flight. After exiting the facility, a flight attendant asked the actress if she intended to flush and also berated her for not washing her hands. Bassey claims she planned to use her own hand sanitizer once returning to her seat, but when the flight attendant later hovered over her and bumped her hand, she apparently flew off the handle and told the attendant to, well, it's better left unsaid.

Though the 72-year-old was kicked off the flight for her lewd comments, she wasn't arrested because, as the cops told TMZ, she hadn't physically assaulted anyone.

"It was all unfortunate, but I am a senior citizen who is petite and tiny," Bassey later told E! News. "How could I assault someone?"

Delta is reportedly looking into the incident, while Bassey says she hopes the attendant in question is fired.

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